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Chapter 1070

“I think you are a smart person. You should be very clear about how to choose now.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

His meaning is very obvious.

You can choose to fight, whatever you want, we don’t care anyway, you can hit someone when you think of it, you can call for help if you want, all will follow you.

As long as you can do it.

And Dustin Zhou very wisely chose the sentence “I think you are a smart person”.

It was the excitement of this sentence that made this gang leader directly discard the last line of psychological defense.

Who doesn’t want to be a smart person!

It’s not bloodless, just because I’m smarter!

In fact, this is the case many times.

People with bad character may have the last perseverance and a little bit of pride in the depths of their bones.

For example, if you catch a scumbag, if you must insult his personality, when he is about to lose his life, it may actually arouse his last little self-esteem.

He didn’t even want his life, just to keep his last bit of pride.

This kind of situation is very common, and people like to call this kind of situation “people will die and their words will be good.”

It means that a person who has been bad for a lifetime, who has been shameless for a lifetime, may be holding the attitude of atonement when he is dying, or perhaps remembering that he was once a kind and frivolous teenager, in order to maintain his last pride, Choose desperately.

Therefore, in order to avoid this from happening, even when facing a very rubbish scum, don’t deliberately stimulate him.

The lion fights the rabbit, still needs to do its best, and this is the case with Dustin Zhou now.

He could not wink the gangster leader and directly force him to tell the story behind the scenes, but in that case, if the gangster leader feels that he can’t live anymore, he will directly inspire the last one.

With a little bit of blood, what should I do if I would rather die than betray the instructions behind the scenes?

In that case, Dustin Zhou would not be happy, because his final goal was not the leader of the gangster, his real goal was to instigate behind the scenes.

Only by catching the instructions behind the scenes, can he make a little wave in his heart.

That’s why Dustin Zhou gave up punishing the gang leader, which put pressure on him and at the same time gave him a very clear choice.

Under Dustin Zhou’s guidance, the gang leader barely hesitated, so he directly touched his phone.

“I can confess that it is Mr. Li, Mr. Li Changhe and Mr. Li who made me trouble you!” The gang leader said, “I will call him over now, but after I call him over, you can guarantee my safety. Is it?” the gang leader asked.

Why would he abandon his principles and betray Li Changhe directly?

The reason is simple, he wants to live!

If Dustin Zhou didn’t give him hope of alive, then he wouldn’t want to betray.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Sorry, we may not have time to pay attention to you, and will not deliberately protect your safety.” A frustration flashed across the face of the gang leader, and just wanted to say that if this were the case, then I couldn’t give President Li called, you can find it yourself.

Before he said these words, Dustin Zhou continued, “But I should be able to guarantee that after you call that Li Changhe over, he should be very busy too, and I probably won’t have time to talk to you.” Li Changhe?

Dustin Zhou still has an impression of this guy.

Wasn’t it the last time the Donghai cosmetics industry exchange meeting was held, that Mr. Li, who colluded with the security of the Brilliant Hotel, deliberately wanted to embarrass himself?

Dustin Zhou directly kicked him out that time, it can be said that that kick directly kicked him out of the cosmetics industry in Donghai City.

Dustin Zhou can imagine that the current company of Mr. Li should have gone bankrupt.

So he should hate himself very much, so he asked these gangsters to make trouble for himself. Thank you, everything seems to be a matter of course, Dustin Zhou feels that he can understand.

However, understanding belongs to understanding, the price still has to be paid!

Just like those on death row, they also want to escape from prison.

To put it bluntly, to survive, no one wants to die, everyone can understand this kind of thing, right?

But to understand is to understand, shooting still requires shooting, which is the same thing.

I can understand that you did this for a reason, but I do not accept your approach.

After all, I understand how you feel. Do you want to understand how I feel?

The gang leader’s eyes lit up and he immediately understood what Dustin Zhou meant, and immediately dialed Li Changhe’s phone.

“Mr. Li, hurry up and come to the famous company!”

Said confidently, “Their manager Shen is about to kneel down with me, and now I have to ask for it!” “But I really don’t know what to ask, or you can come and take a look!” The bully leader has a nose and eyes. Said.

This kid is really a talent in deceiving people!

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up.

Li Changhe over there was excited when he heard it.


Is there such a good thing?

That Enderia Shen, just like that?

Sure enough, this trick of my own is really easy to use!

Li Changhe was proud of his wit, in fact, when he just used this trick, he was thinking whether Enderia Shen would directly beg for mercy and admit his mistake.

Because in empathy, if he is Enderia Shen, facing this situation, it seems that there is no good solution.

If you don’t fight, things will only get worse, and the impact on the company will increase.

Even if you reported it to the arrest, these people did not commit any serious crimes. They were arrested for a few hours before they were released again, and they were released to continue making trouble for you!

Just ask if you are afraid!

For a word of mouth company, this trick is absolutely fatal!

So Li Changhe had long felt that there would be an effect, but he did not expect this effect to come so suddenly.

this is amazing!

“Okay, I’ll be there soon, you let that Enderia Shen wait for me!” Li Changhe promised and ran off in a hurry.

And here, Dustin Zhou casually gave orders to let others clean up the hall, and then he and Niu Chuan Zhoufeng, together with the gang leader, went straight to the door and waited for Li Changhe’s arrival.

About twenty minutes later, a Lamborghini parked at the door of Mingyang Company. Li Changhe jumped out of the car and ran towards the door of the company violently.

When he came to the door, he suddenly saw four people standing side by side at the door of the company.

He was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed, “Hehe, isn’t this Mr. Zhou?” “Dustin Zhou, you are arrogant with me again! Didn’t you be very arrogant the last time? He asked Lord Tiger to come out to testify to you!” How is it? You still have to stand at the door obediently and wait for me?” Li Changhe was very proud, because he subconsciously thought that Dustin Zhou was here to meet him.

But Dustin Zhou only smiled slightly, did not speak, and looked at the gang leader.

Niu Chuan did break all the bones of the bullsh*t leader before, but Dustin Zhou had already connected it to him just now.

The purpose is to let this gang leader beat Li Changhe at the door of the company and then bring him into the company.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s identity can’t be done on Li Changhe directly at the door of the company.


Therefore, he glanced at the gang leader.

Li Changhe also glanced at the gang leader, perhaps, he wanted to compliment him.

But the gang leader directly punched him.

Chapter 1071

Li Changhe was stunned by the punch.

What the hell?

This gang leader, obviously he sent over to find the famous company in trouble!

Why did you punch him?

“What are you doing? Don’t you want to live anymore?” Li Changhe roared angrily.

“Do you want to live, do you think you have the final say?” The gang leader sneered and kicked Li Changhe’s belly again.

“I’m just hitting you, what can you do?” Li Changhe raised his head in disbelief.

He still doesn’t understand what happened.

But he vaguely realized that the gang leader had rebelled.

If he defected, will the famous company still have trouble?

Would Enderia Shen still let himself make any requests?

The answer is obviously no. Li Changhe finally realized that he was fooled. It was a pit at all.


He is alone, and now there is no one of his people in this famous company. Didn’t he come here to look for death?

“Okay, you dare to hit me!” Li Changhe dropped a threat and wanted to drive away, “Okay, you wait for me!” “Don’t forget, you are just a small street gangster, and I am The big boss with a worth of over 100 million has offended me, so don’t want to confuse me in the future!” Li Changhe’s words are very emboldened. In this society, money is always king!

In fact, it is mainly divided into circumstances, and the two things, money and force, are complementary to each other.

When your money reaches a certain level, military power is worthless in your eyes. Similarly, if your military power reaches a certain level, money is also at your fingertips.

It’s like the Chang Wei that Dustin Zhou met two days ago.

Chang Wei is also a gangster, but at first he thought Dustin Zhou was just a multi-millionaire, he didn’t have to fear at all, and even thought of a way to take Dustin Zhou’s wealth as his own.

That’s because his gangsters have a relatively large array, and he is an invincible gangster among ordinary people, enough to threaten a multi-millionaire.

But the gang leader in front of him is different. He originally had a dozen people under his hand, and Li Changhe, who was a big boss with a worth of over 100 million yuan, changed the positions of both sides.

Li Changhe could use money to kill this gang leader.

After hearing Li Changhe’s threat, the gang leader’s eyes did indeed flash with fear.

But Zhou Feng on the side kicked him gently, and he quickly reacted.

Worth over 100 million?

is it a lot?

Do you know these two masters standing behind me

, How much money are there?

In fact, the head of the gangster was not going to do anything to Li Changhe at the beginning.

He can call Li Changhe to trick him. Although the two sides have hatred, this hatred can still be mediated.

But if the gang leader hits Li Changhe, the two sides will really fall into an endless position.

He was afraid of Li Changhe’s revenge, so the initial condition was only to agree to deceive Li Changhe… until he understood Zhou Feng’s worth, he instantly changed his mind.

Must hug these two thighs!

Li Changhe is a fart!

Therefore, the request for the blasting of Li Changhe was made by the gang leader himself.

“You want to retaliate against me?” the gang leader asked.

“Yeah, why, your kid did this kind of treachery, do you want to continue to mess around in the future?” Li Changhe asked back.

“Just wait for me, I don’t believe you can hide in this famous company for a lifetime!” Li Changhe also knew that the current self is definitely not the opponent of this gang leader.

So after saying this, he just strayed, “You can wait for me honestly!” “I won’t wait today, what can you do?” A cold snort came from behind Li Changhe .

The gang leader went up and kicked him to the ground, “I want to take revenge on Master, so let’s talk about it if you can leave here safe and sound today!” Dustin Zhou, Zhou Feng and Niu Chuan had already turned and left.

The gang leader here directly pressed Li Changhe’s arm and dragged him into the famous company.

Even if someone with a heart saw this scene and even took a video, Dustin Zhou and the others can explain that this gang leader has nothing to do with Mingyang.

It is even said that the gang leader attacked the famous company.

It has nothing to do with the famous company!

In this way, the gang leader directly dragged Li Changhe in and threw it into a warehouse. Dustin Zhou, Zhou Feng and Niu Chuan appeared again.

“You guys, what are you doing?” Li Changhe finally knew that he was afraid at this time. “I warn you not to mess around!” “I suggest that you still don’t do some dangerous things. I was dragged into a famous company, but there are many things. Everyone has seen it!” Li Changhe threatened several people with a vigilant look.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, did not directly refute anything, but found a place very casually and did it.

“What’s the matter? I know now that I’m afraid? Why did I go to you early?” Dustin Zhou picked up a bottle of drink and said while turning the drink in his hand.

“Mr. Li, we don’t seem to have any deep hatred, do you want to stare at our famous company?” “In the beginning, you tried to embarrass me and Mr. Shen and wanted us

Can’t even enter the gate.

“At that time, we didn’t offend you, and then I kicked you out of the league. This is also a very natural thing. We are cleaned up. Why are you still looking for us?

“Dustin Zhou definitely didn’t intend to let this Li Changhe go, but he also wanted to know what kind of mentality Li Changhe had to trouble him. If there is still medicine to save, then punishment will be given. Relatively speaking, it is lighter. If this guy is determined to find trouble for himself, then Dustin Zhou will definitely not let him go.

“Li Changhe sneered, “Dustin Zhou, why do you say that we are cleaned up?”

Do you know that after you kicked me out of that association, my company went bankrupt?

“I just made things difficult for a little while, but you ruined my entire company. You said we cleaned up?

“Why do we make a cleanup? You owe me!”

That’s why I have to continue to trouble the famous company!

What Li Changhe said was impassioned, as if he was really aggrieved. But Dustin Zhou laughed angrily after hearing these fallacies, “Before you built a home by a famous company, so you were not grateful, but instead Thinking of making things difficult for us.

“Later, we just cancelled the cooperation with you, and you can’t survive on your own. What does this have to do with our famous company?”

Chapter 1072

“It is your own business whether your company can survive, and whether our famous company is willing to cooperate with you is also the freedom of our famous company.

“You said, what reason do you have for thinking that our famous company owes you?”

“Dustin Zhou was really angry with this guy. How could there be such a person in the world? You give him a bite of food, and he bites you back, and then you decide not to give him food, and he will hate you, and I intend to retaliate against you. But in fact, such people in life are really not too few. After Dustin Zhou got angry, he quickly figured it out. For such a person, there is no need for unnecessary dialogue. “Dustin Zhou, you Don’t tell me these are useless, I want me to forgive you, unless your famous company continues to assign me 50% of the agency rights!

“Otherwise, I will never let you go!”

“Li Changhe said cursingly. Is that true? Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Since you said that, then I won’t talk nonsense to you.”

“Agency, no.”

“If you want to trouble the famous company, I will accompany you at any time, as long as you can afford the corresponding price.”

“For example, this time, I will take one of your arms first, and if there is another time, then I will take both of your arms, yourself

Let’s weigh it.

Dustin Zhou stood up and walked outside. The next thing, naturally someone would do it. But at this time, Li Changhe stopped him again. “Dustin Zhou, stop for me!”

You can’t do this!

Do you know who my father is!

Do you know what my family does!

“How do you think I got the agency rights of the famous company before?”

I tell you, your famous company must give me a face, and I am someone you can never afford to offend!

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou’s footsteps really stopped. Of course, it was not that he was afraid of Li Changhe. It was something that Dustin Zhou remembered was very interesting. Yes, with the character of Li Changhe, he used to How did you get Mingyang’s agency rights? Mingyang’s agency rights, Dustin Zhou has strict review regulations, and a useless scum like Li Changhe can never become Mingyang’s agents. But in fact, Before that, Li Changhe was the largest agent of Mingyang Company. Who was so courageous to hand over the agency of Mingyang Company to Li Changhe without telling himself and Enderia Shen? “Come on, say Let’s talk about it, are you in a well-known company?

“Dustin Zhou returned with a smile on his face and said. “Haha, Nei Ying, I don’t need that kind of thing!”

“Li Changhe said with a sneer, “Just tell you that, except for you and Enderia Shen, the management of the entire famous company is basically my internal response!”

“Because I have money!”

Do you understand that being rich can make ghosts punish you?

Even if this matter is discovered by you, you should also close one eye. You shouldn’t offend me at all, because I am the man you can’t afford to offend!

” “Is it?

“Dustin Zhou became interested, but he did not expect that this Li Changhe’s tone could be so loud. The entire famous company, except for him and Enderia Shen, were all his internal responses? At this time, Niu Chuan raised his hand, very honest. Said, “Brother Yang, don’t listen to his nonsense, I am not his internal answer.

Zhou Feng also expressed his opinion, “Neither am I!”

Dustin Zhou glanced at Niu Chuan, and said somewhat irritably, “I know.

“Of course, Niu Chuan could not be Li Changhe’s internal response. The entire company that Li Changhe said was his internal response. It should be just an exaggeration. But at this time Li Changhe looked at Niu Chuan with doubts, “You who is it?

Are you also the management of a famous company?

“I am the security captain of the famous company!”

“Niu Chuan said righteously, even with some pride in his tone. Zhou Feng:

“I’m the deputy captain of the security!” “Captain of the security! I’m doing it… I’m buying what you two security captains are doing, you give me a roll.” Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng were inexplicably belittled, and then stood confused again. Back to the original place.

Dustin Zhou continued to talk to Li Changhe, “Interestingly, how many people in our company you bought, I don’t really care, but I want to know how rich you are?” “Can you buy the employees of my entire company? “Dustin Zhou asked with a smile.

Cut the grass to get rid of the roots!

Dustin Zhou asked this because he wanted to know who Li Changhe’s real background was.

It’s very simple. If you want this Li Changhe to no longer trouble himself, then take his backstage down!

Why is Li Changhe so arrogant?

He just said it himself, because his father is very rich.

What if his father never has money anymore?

Will he make trouble for himself in the future?

The answer is no, Dustin Zhou suddenly understands a truth now.

Sometimes, a person endlessly and unreasonably troubles you and disgusts you, but it’s just because you are too kind to him.

Li Changhe was so grateful that he felt that Dustin Zhou had ruined his company, so he kept finding trouble with the famous company.

But if Dustin Zhou had done it directly last time and destroyed him and his father’s company together, then there would be absolutely no such trouble today!

Therefore, this time Dustin Zhou will never keep his hands!

At this time, Li Changhe did not realize what Dustin Zhou was thinking.

Even if he knew it, he would laugh at Dustin Zhou’s short-sightedness. How could his dignified Li family son be defeated by someone like Dustin Zhou?

“Since you want to know so much, then I will tell you compassionately, don’t let your legs feel soft after listening!” Li Changhe sneered, “I am worth more than one billion!” “But you know me. Who is your dad? My dad is Li Dahai! The gangster in the clothing business in Donghai City, known as the richest man in the East China Sea, Sanye Li!” Li Changhe said with a smug face. He felt that Dustin Zhou would be scared after hearing the name. It’s soft!

The richest man in the East China Sea!

Called the richest man in the East China Sea!

Dustin Zhou was stunned for a moment and looked at Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng behind him, “Is there anything like the richest man in Donghai City?” Niu Chuan shook his head, and Zhou Feng also said, “Don’t look at me, I just came to Donghai, so nothing You know!” “But it sounds like the richest man should be very popular, otherwise, how could he be called the richest man?” Dustin Zhou was also a little confused. When did the East China Sea pop up the richest man?

Li Dahai, in the clothing business?

How rich can you be?

Could it be that the Sun family and the Su family still have money?

But why never

Have you heard of it?

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