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Chapter 614

Good jasmine coffee shop, just on the pedestrian street, but it’s far from the Liushi branch and Liushi beauty, there are hundreds of

At a distance of meters, just at a corner of the pedestrian street.

At the Liushi Beauty and Liushi branch, you can’t see a good Jasmine Coffee shop at a glance.

Five minutes later, Shen Hai came to the coffee shop. After entering, he looked around and suddenly saw Ye Fang in the corner deck.

Confident, generous and charming.

As always, Ye Fang just sat there quietly, as if it were a magnet, which always attracted the attention of many people, and even struck up a conversation.

Watching Ye Fang reject a man who approached him, Shen Haili adjusted his clothes and walked over.

He was extremely curious and wanted to see what Ye Fang wanted to say when he saw him.

However, the more Shen Hai approached Ye Fang, the more weird he felt in his heart.

He could feel that as he walked towards Ye Fang’s deck, many eyes in the coffee shop looked at him.

Moreover, Shen Hai could feel that these eyes were almost all men’s eyes.

Because from these gazes, he felt a trace of contempt, disdain, and jokes.

With a big smile in his heart, Shen Hai probably already guessed why there are so many eyes looking at him.

These people probably all failed to strike up a conversation with Ye Fang. Seeing that they were walking towards Ye Fang, they thought they were the same people who wanted to strike up a conversation with Ye Fang.

However, Shen Hai would not care about these things.

He walked to Ye Fang and sat down directly.

“Waiter, a cup of coffee.” Ye Fang reached out his hand and ordered a cup of coffee for Shen Hai.

And this move made everyone in the coffee shop stunned.

They just stepped forward and wanted to start a conversation with Ye Fang, even if they wanted to get a contact method, that was great.

However, everyone returned without success, without exception.

The most important thing is that no one can talk to Ye Fang for more than three sentences.

Everyone who can drink coffee here is a person of taste and quality.

If you fail to strike up a conversation, naturally you won’t be cheeky and rubbing hard in front of Ye Fang.

And everyone just thought Ye Fang was a cold woman and disdain to talk to ordinary men.

The appearance of Shen Hai, even walking towards Ye Fang, was seen by everyone.

At that moment, everyone laughed at Shen Hai’s uncontrollable ability in their hearts, and wanted to approach them like them, but the results were not all the same.

However, no one will come up to remind Shen Hai. After all, everyone has been embarrassed before. Now it is a happy thing to be able to see others making a fool of themselves and being rejected when they strike up a conversation.

However, when Shen Hai sat opposite Ye Fang, Ye Fang didn’t say anything, instead ordering Shen Hai a cup of coffee.

This makes everyone in the coffee shop, whether it is a man or a woman, whether it is a customer or a waiter, all are stunned


“Waitress?” Ye Fang frowned and shouted again.

But this time, the waiter reacted and quickly adjusted a cup of coffee and delivered it to Shen Hai.

“It seems that President Ye is still as popular as ever, and he will attract countless eyes no matter where he goes.” Shen Hai chuckled lightly, and did not directly ask Ye Fang what he was looking for.

After all, if Ye Fang contacted herself and had to discuss here, there must be something important.

But the more so, Shen Hai felt that he couldn’t be eager.

Otherwise, he would be at a disadvantage, in a passive situation, everything may be subject to Ye Fang’s restraint.

“Why, is President Shen also the same as those people, what bad thoughts do you have?” Ye Fang smiled faintly, and there was no wave on his face. A pair of beautiful eyes just looked at Shen Hai’s face and moved directly away. .

Shen Hai smiled slightly, and did not follow Ye Fang’s words.

The two seemed to be in a match, and neither of them spoke first.

Time passed by every minute.

Shen Hai and Ye Fang sat opposite each other, and both of them remained silent.

This situation made everyone else in the coffee shop dumbfounded.

Are you two sitting together, just not talking?

For a long time, Shen Hai couldn’t sit still anymore.

He has been out for such a long time and has not returned to the store, which is likely to cause a gap between Wang Wei and the others, and even doubt.

And without knowing what Ye Fang was looking for, Shen Hai didn’t want to be suspected by Wang Wei and others for nothing.

“Mr. Ye, I don’t know what is going on with you looking for me.” Shen Hai was no longer silent, and asked in a deep voice.

No matter what Ye Fang wants to say or what he wants him to do, Ye Fang has the upper hand now.

With the general trend leaning to Ye Fang, Shen Hai alone was unable to change anything.

“President Shen, I want to know what you think in your heart now.” Ye Fang looked at Shen Hai and said seriously.

“Mr. Ye, what do you mean by this, I don’t quite understand?” Shen Hai said in a deep voice, he couldn’t understand Ye Fang’s true intentions.

“Mr. Shen, I won’t be dumbing you anymore. I can tell you from a person in charge that Wang Wei asked Kong Hui, a young man from the Kong family, to help him deal with Dustin Zhou, but Kong Hui failed and he was severely taught by Dustin Zhou. Pause, I personally came to apologize, you don’t know this, right?” Ye Fang said directly.

As soon as he said this, Shen Hai only felt a moment of anger in his heart, and was stunned.

He didn’t expect that Ye Fang didn’t say anything else, and would directly release such a depth bomb.

Kong Hui failed, was severely taught by Dustin Zhou, and even came to apologize in person?

He didn’t know the news, nor did Wang Wei and others.


Moreover, listening to Ye Fang’s tone, she seemed to have known it a long time ago.

That being the case, Kong Hui must have not told Wang Wei.

Because they were in the office almost all day today, Shen Hai himself did not see any calls Wang Wei received.

Now think about it, as a young Confucian family, Kong Hui was asked by Wang Wei for help to deal with Dustin Zhou, but he failed, and he was given a severe training by Dustin Zhou, completely losing face.

Kong Hui definitely didn’t want to see such a result, and he didn’t want to admit it.

It would be fine to apologize in front of Dustin Zhou, but for Wang Wei, Kong Hui had no need to tell him.

Thinking of this, Shen Hai understood everything in his heart.

He didn’t doubt the truth or intention of what Ye Fang said to him.

Shen Hai only knew that they had been waiting for news from Kong Hui all day, and until now, there was no news from Kong Hui.

But Ye Fang knew the news, and it was such a result.

You can’t go wrong.

Only with such a result can they be in line with their current situation.

“This…” For a while, Shen Hai thought a lot in his mind, a little confused, and his expression a little stiff.

Kong Hui was defeated by Dustin Zhou, so naturally he would not continue to help Wang Wei.

Without the help of Kong Shao, Wang Wei is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, even if he adds a few of their partners, he is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all.

Now their best ending is to let Liushi Meizhuang shut down, and then they leave Hunan province one by one and return to the East China Sea to run their own businesses in the East China Sea with peace of mind.

However, Dustin Zhou would let them return to the East China Sea so safely.

” Even if they return to the East China Sea, can they still run their own business with peace of mind as before?

You know, the headquarters of Mingyang Company is in the East China Sea, and Dustin Zhou can use more power in the East China Sea than in Hunan Province.

At the very least, as far as Shen Hai knew, the Su family, the first-class family in the East China Sea, fully supported Dustin Zhou.

This full support is much more stable and sincere than the support of the Zhang Family in Hunan Province.

At the very least, the Su family will not be like the Zhang family, because for some other reasons, they will tear up their previous promise to Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 615

“So, I asked your true thoughts in your heart, just want to give you a choice.” Ye Fang said with a smile, seeing Shen Hai’s expression change, she was very satisfied.

In other words, Ye Fang had long expected that Shen Hai would have such a reaction after hearing the news.

“Give me a choice?” Shen Hai’s expression became solemn again.

Although I don’t know what kind of choice Ye Fang wants to give herself, since Ye Fang

That said, it means that he has not reached the end.

Even if Wang Wei was liquidated by Dustin Zhou, Shen Hai still had a glimmer of hope and possibility of self-help.

“Mr. Ye, just say it straight.” Shen Hai said earnestly, looking at Ye Fang with a hint of gratitude.

Shen Hai can understand that such an opportunity is definitely not that simple to get, and the first thing Ye Fang thinks of is himself, which makes Shen Hai feel a little relieved.

At the very least, choosing to stand with Ye Fang before, even if only for a short time, is valuable.

“In this case, let me just say it straight. Although Kong Hui is defeated by Dustin Zhou, he will definitely not continue to help Wang Wei in the future. Without Kong Hui’s help, with Wang Wei’s ability, Liushi Beauty will not It may compete with the Liushi branch.” “And waiting for Wang Wei is the closure of the Liushi Beauty Makeup.” Ye Fang said with a light smile, with a calm expression, without a trace of surprise, as if all of this was in her expectation. Among.

“But, I don’t want Wang Wei to leave Hunan Province so easily and return to the East China Sea.” When he said this, Ye Fang’s attitude suddenly became cold, and his tone was full of chill.

At this moment, Shen Hai was also caught off guard.

He did not expect that Ye Fang would have such a side, and he was still targeting Wang Wei.

Could it be that Wang Wei forced Ye Fang to keep Ye Fang’s grudges down to now?

Shen Hai didn’t know, but this did not prevent him from understanding Ye Fang’s meaning.

I don’t want Wang Wei to leave Hunan Province so easily and return to the East China Sea.

In other words, I just want to make Wang Wei suffer.

At the very least, Wang Wei must be unforgettable and unforgettable. Even if he returns to the East China Sea, he must be a low-key person.

“Then what can I do.” At this time, without Ye Fang’s words, Shen Hai also understood. Ye Fang asked himself, probably what he wanted to say.

I want to use my convenience around Wang Wei to make a plan for Wang Wei.

In this case, Ye Fang said that he would give himself a choice, and Shen Hai would naturally not give up.

At the very least, no one will give up an opportunity to choose again.

“Very well, this is the Shen Hai I know.” Ye Fang smiled lightly.

Next, Ye Fang said some of her plans, but she did not say what position she was in this plan.

Ye Fang just asked Shen Hai to guide Wang Wei to think and do some things, and then Ye Fang would finish the rest.

What Ye Fang said was very light, as if this plan was an extremely ordinary plan.

However, listening to Shen Hai’s ears made him feel fuzzed.

Sure enough, a woman is aggressive, no one can compare it?

Wang Wei is only with Ye Fang

Opinions were divided, and the methods were tougher. At this time, he was facing such a well-designed planning trap by Ye Fang.

This made Shen Hai panicked.

Fortunately, I didn’t stand on the opposite side of Ye Fang from the beginning.

Otherwise, Shen Hai had to doubt that this plan would very likely fall on him.

Just thinking about it, Shen Hai felt a bit dry and dry, and his back felt cold, and even the eyes of other people in the coffee shop seemed to be malicious.

“That’s it, Quan should punish Wang Wei for his arrogance.” Ye Fang smiled faintly, and then left directly.

As Ye Fang left the coffee shop, Shen Hai could clearly feel that many people in the coffee shop sighed softly and looked a little lonely.

Even a few people kept looking after Ye Fang until Ye Fang disappeared.

After checking out, Shen Hai immediately returned to Liushi Beauty.

After coming out for so long, if Wang Wei asked, Shen Hai would have an excuse to answer.

However, what surprised Shen Hai was that not only did Wang Wei not inquire about his absence for so long, but even Ding Junfeng, a nosy person, and other people did not care.

However, Shen Hai saw a trace of sadness, shock, incredible, and a trace of depression from their faces.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Hai couldn’t help asking.

It didn’t take long for him to leave, at best, it didn’t take half an hour. How come everyone seemed to be a different person, and each one looked depressed, as if something bad happened.

“President Wang called Kong Shao just now and asked about the result…” Ding Junfeng didn’t finish speaking, and his face suddenly became lost again.

When Shen Hai heard it, he immediately understood.

Everyone must have been waiting impatiently, so Wang Wei asked Kong Shao to call and ask about the results.

And Shen Hai, who had just learned the result from Ye Fang, naturally knew at this time. Wang Wei called and asked about the result, and naturally there was no good result.

However, Shen Hai could not show that he already knew the result.

“How is the result? Did Kong Shao succeed?” Shen Hai asked with a look of excitement and expectation.

This expression is naturally disguised by him, otherwise, if it is another expression, it is likely to attract the attention of others.

Shen Hai’s disguise was very successful, but when he said this, other people’s faces became even more ugly.

“No, moreover, Shao Kong said that he would not help us anymore.” Ding Junfeng’s expression was extremely ugly, almost crying, and his voice also brought a hint of crying.

It seems that as long as one doesn’t hold back, he will cry out.

“What? This…what can we do about this!” Shen Hai was greatly “shocked”, his expression changed.

Huan, just like everyone else, became depressed, as if everything was gone, feeling empty in her heart.

“Well, since Shao Kong doesn’t want to help us, then think about what we should do next.” Wang Wei looked dark, but it didn’t seem to be affected much.

However, when he raised this question, everyone was silent.

Yes, without Kong Shao’s help, they would never be Dustin Zhou, an opponent of Mingyang’s headquarters.

Not to mention, just the Liushi branch on the opposite side cannot be solved by them.

“Otherwise, let’s go back to the East China Sea. Let’s just transfer this store out.” “I think so, we waste enough time here in Hunan Province. After all, our family business is still in the East China Sea.” “President Wang At this time, you should be more decisive.” …… As everyone said, they said that they had returned to the East China Sea, and it was not one person, but three people.

At this moment, only Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng, and Shen Hai have not expressed their views.

However, Shen Hai glanced at Ding Junfeng, and he could see that Ding Junfeng was a little moved by what the other three said.

After all, compared to other people, Ding Junfeng was beaten by someone. This is definitely a very bad experience and memory.

“President Wang, I think, let’s make preparations and return to the East China Sea, leaving the green hills, and don’t worry about not having firewood.” In the end, Ding Junfeng still expressed his thoughts.

“Shen Hai, what do you think?” Wang Wei retracted his gaze and looked at Shen Hai, who had not expressed his opinion, with a faint expectation in his eyes.

“President Wang, I don’t think it’s time for us to return to the East China Sea.”

Chapter 616

Just as Shen Hai finished speaking, the office quieted down in an instant, and everyone looked at him in surprise.

For everyone, the mood at this time is the most depressed time.

Without Kong Shao’s help, they would not be Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all.

Right now, it seems that the only way to go is to leave Hunan and return to the East China Sea.

Moreover, most people, including Ding Junfeng, had the thought of returning to the East China Sea.

It can be said that there is no need for Wang Wei to speak, even if Wang Wei objected, everyone will not stay in Hunan Province for too long.

However, Shen Hai’s words were like smashing a huge boulder on the calm water surface, causing a huge wave, making the entire water surface no longer peaceful, and ripples suddenly occurred.

“Shen Hai, what are you talking nonsense? Hurry up and shut up!” However, Ding Junfeng yelled directly and was about to come up to hold Shen Hai so that he would not talk nonsense.

At this moment, Ding Junfeng’s face was even more ugly.

The faces of other people are also different.

However, their eyes on Shen Hai became full of meaning.


After all, everyone is the leader of a company, and there is more or less, a little thought.

They want to leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea, but they feel that there is no future in fighting with Dustin Zhou here, and there is no benefit.

However, what Shen Hai said now made everyone feel active again.

Does Shen Hai have any good ideas to bring their store back to life?

The crowd was puzzled, silent, looked at Shen Hai, and then at Wang Wei.

In the office, I am afraid that only Wang Wei’s face is calm at this time, and there is even a hint of joy in his eyes.

He didn’t expect that he just asked casually, Shen Hai actually said different opinions from others.

This coincides with Wang Wei’s mind.

After all, it would be really shameless to roll back to the East China Sea so badly now, and in the East China Sea, Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company are more influential.

As long as Dustin Zhou and Mingyang promote a little bit of Wang Wei’s badness in the East China Sea, Wang Wei and his company are likely to fall into the abyss.

Wang Wei can still think of this.

But now, Wang Wei did not expect that with so many people, only Shen Hai understood his mind and put forward such a different opinion.

As for other people’s opposition, or even wanting to stop Shen Hai from continuing to speak, it was nothing in Wang Wei’s eyes.

“Enough, don’t talk, Shen Hai, you continue to say, why can’t we return to the East China Sea now?” He pressed his hand and motioned everyone to shut up, Wang Wei put his eyes on Shen Hai’s face, his eyes full of encouragement , Let Shen Hai continue.

Without a very good reason, even if Wang Wei had the intention, it would be impossible to restrict the other partners.

After all, they now have no shares in Liushi Beauty, and they can leave at any time.

But with Wang Wei’s ability, there is no way to threaten them.

Everyone has returned to the East China Sea. The eldest brother is not the second brother. Why do you Wang Wei point fingers at us?

Even now, Ding Junfeng was faintly dissatisfied with Wang Wei’s meaning, and he had his own ideas and decisions.

“President Wang, don’t listen to Shen Hai’s nonsense. Even Shao Kong has nothing to do. He is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent. What good can he do. If he has, why didn’t he say it long ago and have to wait until now?” Ding Junfeng’s expression After a change, he was very anxious, and quickly scolded.

“President Wang, I now seriously suspect that Shen Hai is actually Dustin Zhou’s spy who inserted us here. You know, Shen Hai was very close to Zhao Cheng and Ye Fang before. Now Ye Fang is cooperating with Dustin Zhou, Zhao Cheng We have returned to the East China Sea. He is the only one who will stay with us. If there is no plot, I will definitely not believe it!” Ding Junfeng said in a cold voice.

Just looking at Shen Hai, it became colder and colder.

He just said those words casually, just trying to find a reason and excuse to stop Wang Wei from listening to Shen Hai.

However, after Ding Junfeng finished speaking, he suddenly realized something.

What I said is quite likely to be correct.

Shen Hai was the spy that Dustin Zhouan had inserted on their side.

Otherwise, the relationship between Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng and Ye Fang.

When Ye Fang and Zhao Cheng left one after another, Shen Hai still calmed down without a trace of complaint.

It stands to reason that Ye Fang and Zhao Chengdu have left. Shen Hai, who has the best relationship, should also leave Liushi Beauty in indignation like the two of them.

But Shen Hai did not. On the contrary, during this time, Shen Hai did not put forward any effective suggestions.

But now, Shen Hai is suggesting that Wang Wei should not return to the East China Sea.

What’s your intention?

Ding Junfeng asked, calming down the office.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Shen Hai.

There are some things that everyone didn’t notice at the beginning. After all, at that time, everyone was standing in the same boat.

But now, the boat is about to capsize, and everyone has to find a way out.

At this juncture, Shen Hai stepped up and comforted everyone with righteous words and told everyone not to find a way out. The boat will not capsize and will continue to sail on the water.

Who would believe such nonsense?

Wang Wei’s gaze flickered, and the gaze that looked at Shen Hai became more subtle, completely different from the attitude just now, the contrast was too great.

“You! Ding Junfeng, did I offend you before? You actually framed me like this!” Shen Hai was furious, his face was red and staring at Ding Junfeng, a fierce stern flashed under his eyes, and he wished to rush forward, fist and let Ding Junfeng go. inverted.

And this shocked Ding Junfeng. The shadow of being hit before has not completely dissipated. Seeing Shen Hai’s gaze, Ding Junfeng subconsciously thought of being beaten up by someone that day, and the scars on his body until Now, a trace can still be seen.

“Mr. Wang, let me ask, I am sorry for you, and Ding Junfeng and I have no grudges in the past, and have no grudges recently. I advise Mr. Wang not to regret the East China Sea. Naturally, I have an idea. Otherwise, don’t I want to return to the East China Sea. Is it? Or, are you really so willing to admit defeat and give up the market in Hunan Province?” Shen Hai shouted, with a loud voice, trying to express his aspirations.

He didn’t expect that he hadn’t really said the so-called suggestion, and Ding Junfeng would buckle such a big hat at him.

Dustin Zhou’s spy?

If Wang Wei really believes this, Shen Hai feels that he might not be able to get this Liushi beauty makeup today.

And Shen Hai this

The remarks also made Wang Wei’s doubts disappear a little.

Although he was still a little strange, he could understand Shen Hai’s thoughts.

“Then tell me, why should we not start to Kaixiang Province and return to the East China Sea now, Kong Shao is defeated by Dustin Zhou, do we still have hope of comeback?” Wang Wei asked in a deep voice.

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