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Chapter 1049

How can there be such a blackmailer, it is two hundred million with one opening!

What kind of number do you think two billion is? Is that just a talk?

In the entire Donghai City, how many people can give out 200 million at will?

If that person can give out two hundred million casually, he is definitely not an ordinary person, he must be a disciple of a certain super family!

The rich second generation of that level, Chang Wei can’t afford to offend him!

It’s like Su Wei. If he needs two hundred million in case of something, he can really get it out?

But you have to apply to the family. Even the Patriarch of the Su family will come forward for this kind of thing.

Change to the ordinary rich second generation, even if his father is worth 200 million, it is impossible that all of it is working capital!

There are two hundred million in circulating funds, and people would not be willing to give it all to you!

Therefore, the master who can blackmail out two hundred million must be worth more than several billion.

And those who are worth more than a few billions can’t be ordinary rich people, who don’t have a wrist or anything, it is impossible to hold these property, such a person, Chang Wei can not afford to offend!

what happened?

Chang Wei looked at Liu Qingshi, “You asked him two hundred million?” Liu Qingshi still didn’t understand what happened, and nodded innocently. “Yes, Brother Wei, you can just ask for it boldly. The kid is very rich, and his worth is over ten billion. Two billion is not a big deal to him!” “Is worth over ten billion?” Chang was shocked.

In Donghai City, is there a young man worth over 10 billion at such a young age?

Or does it mean that his family’s assets have exceeded tens of billions?

The family’s assets exceed 10 billion, so it must be a second-rate top family!

“Do you really know him?” Chang Wei asked suspiciously.

The reason why he dared to come was because Liu Qingshi told him that Dustin Zhou had no background at all, that is, Liu Qingshi was born as a child and had no father since he was a child.

But now, he is a bit suspicious. Without any background, how could he be worth more than ten billion?

“Of course I know, this guy is really our kid,” Liu Qingshi explained hurriedly, “Brother Wei, let’s tell you, this kid was beaten by me every day when he was a kid, but I don’t know where he learned a bit of kung fu in the past two years. , I’m becoming bullish now.” “Otherwise, I

My brothers can’t call you.

“I was beaten by you every day when I was young?”

“Chang Wei glanced at Liu Qingshi with some suspicion, and then looked at Dustin Zhou. If this is the case, then Dustin Zhou might really be just a silly and rich old hat. Otherwise, he was treated like Liu Qingshi every day when he was a child. Scum and bullying, now Liu Qingshi and the others are still alive and kicking? They had been trampled to death long ago! He carefully looked at Dustin Zhou, wondering if Liu Qingshi’s words were true or false. Dustin Zhou seemed to see what he was thinking and smiled. Said, “Yes, what he said is true.

“When I was young, I was really bullied by him every day.”

Hearing these words, Chang Wei’s courage suddenly became a little bit stronger. Just kidding, what is there to be afraid of a person who was often bullied by a scum like Liu Qingshi before! If Dustin Zhou is really a ruthless person, then Liu Qingshi and others would have It’s over! “Boy, are you worth tens of billions?

“Chang Wei squinted his eyes and asked another question. Shouldn’t this group of people be fooling around here? How could a tens of billions worth of people ruin the street. But Dustin Zhou nodded. This action, There was a touch of greed in Chang Wei’s heart. He had a bold idea in his heart. This shouldn’t be a missed opportunity! Maybe Dustin Zhou is really a billionaire with no skills? Just proficient. He has a little ability to do business, but in fact, he does not have the ability to hold this tens of billions of worth. It’s just because he already has tens of billions of worth, so other people will fear him, which leads to his current position is very stable. If this is the case, then he is really developed this time! He can suck Dustin Zhou alive! He will do everything possible to find Dustin Zhou’s trouble in the future, until he owns all Dustin Zhou’s money! In fact, Chang Wei is very good. I have thought about it a long time ago. Why do some people stand at the end of life when they are born. Are those people really better than him? Not necessarily, those people are just because they have that dazzling identity, so Other people will follow him, and he will have no pressure or challenge. If he is worth billions, his performance will not be worse than other people! Now before him, there is such a chance It turns out that there is such a value in Donghai City that has exceeded tens of billions, but it is still a silly existence! Chang Wei’s eyes flashed with fiery heat, and he licked the corner of his mouth and said, “Ten billion is worth, then It’s hard to say, kid, it’s impossible for this thing to be one hundred and eight million dollars today. If you can’t put out one billion dollars, this thing will not be finished today.

“One billion! Opening your mouth is five times that of Liu Qingshi and the others!”

It can be seen that this Chang Wei is still somewhat ambitious.

I also know more about routines.

It takes a billion to open your mouth, and maybe not necessarily a billion.

In the end, it may be 500 million or 300 million. Anyway, it will definitely not be less than 200 million.

And Liu Qingshi and Liu Qingchao’s kind of gangsters, he said two hundred million, and then he insisted on two hundred million until he died. To be honest, this behavior is a bit stupid.

However, whether it is a routine or a silly head, it is destined to be meaningless in front of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou sneered, “Brother Wei, I think you have misunderstood something.” “I am worth tens of billions, but I didn’t plan to give you any money.” “I didn’t plan to give you any money.” Dustin Zhou Said with a smile on his face.

“Boy, you fool me!” After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Chang Wei suddenly became angry.

This kid dared to play him!

“It seems that you don’t know the horror of my brother Wei!” Chang Wei wiped his sleeves, and walked toward Dustin Zhou with a gloomy expression.

“I heard that you are good at fighting, right? Is that the reason you think you can not give me money?” “I will tell you today, what is called being able to fight!” “Also, I’ll tell you, wait until I get started. After that, it won’t be the price, so consider it yourself!” Chang Wei is still very confident about reaching out.

After all, he has been in the underground world all year round, and he also knows the monkeys of the Brilliant Hotel.

The people at the Brilliant Hotel are basically warriors. Although they are not martial masters, they are all real warriors who have separated from the category of ordinary people.

Although Chang Wei is not a warrior, he often mixes with monkeys. He can also be said to be an invincible existence among ordinary people.

Chapter 1050

After spending so long in Donghai City, Chang Wei has never encountered an opponent!

Because he is at a very low level, at his level, he is a symbol of invincibility!

This also led to his expansion, always feeling that he could challenge a higher level opponent, dreaming that one day he could jump up and become a real boss.

Now, this opportunity is in front of him, how could he easily let it go!

Chang Wei did not take any weapons and went straight to Dustin Zhou.

“Boy, I’ll give you a chance. It’s too late to admit your mistakes.” “Otherwise, you’ll be done if you wait for me to do it.” “Then you quickly let me kill me, I’m begging you.” Dustin Zhou was a little bit uncomfortable. Said patiently.

Why are these people so inked?

Hit if you want, what are you talking about!

“Looking for death! You didn’t seize the opportunity yourself!” Chang Wei roared, raised his fist and struck Dustin Zhou.

It’s just a rich soil bun

, He absolutely can’t stop his punch!

Chang Wei thought in his heart, like this rich person, the body is very poor, if he punches, even if he does not die, he will be half disabled!

Even if this punch is dismissal, Chang Wei doesn’t feel that he is making a heavy punch. For a rich person like this, you must threaten him with the greatest fear in order to let him be honest and obedient!

A hideous look appeared on his face.


But the next moment, his face changed suddenly.

Because Dustin Zhou even caught his fist with just one finger.

“That’s it?” Dustin Zhou said disappointedly, “With this strength, you dare to say that the whole Donghai City is all yours?” Originally, he still placed a little hope for Chang Wei.

But from the moment Chang Wei shot, Dustin Zhou knew that this kid was over.

There is no momentum at all, just an ordinary person at all!

Therefore, he only used one finger to catch Chang Wei’s fist.

A finger caught Chang Wei’s fist. This scene frightened Liu Qingshi’s younger brothers.

Including the two younger brothers that Chang Wei brought by himself.

These people, they all know how powerful Chang Wei fights.

The most famous battle was Chang Wei’s fight against Laifu.

Laifu is also a well-known gangster in the underground world of Donghai City. He is even a professional boxer.

Because of the boxer’s origin, Laifu immediately attracted great attention when he entered the underground world. It was in the limelight for a while and directly overshadowed Chang Wei, who had been in Donghai City for a long time.

At this moment, Chang Wei couldn’t help but shot.

That battle attracted a lot of people’s attention, and everyone felt that Chang Wei would definitely lose.

After all, Laifu is a professional boxer!

But the facts shocked everyone’s demands. Chang Wei’s fight against Laifu was simply a one-sided attack!

The fist of a Laifu professional boxer can break a brick with one punch, but when he confronted Chang Wei with his fist, Chang Wei broke his fist abruptly!

This shows how fierce Chang Wei’s fist is.

And Liu Qingshi, also known as Chang Wei at that time.

As soon as they arrived, they saw Chang Wei playing fortune, especially the scene of the fist colliding, which deeply shocked their hearts.

There is such a strong one in this world!

One punch broke the fist of a professional boxer!

Liu Qingshi once thought that Changwei was invincible.

But now, Chang Wei’s full blow was actually blocked by Dustin Zhou with a finger!

What’s happening here!

how can that be!

That’s a punch that can break the fist of a professional boxer!

Dustin Zhou, what kind of powerful existence is it?

Dustin Zhou’s move will bring Liu Qing

They were completely frightened.

Only then did they fully understand that they and Dustin Zhou were not at the same level at all.

But to say the deepest feeling, it has to be Chang Wei.

He was a person who fought with Dustin Zhou personally, and he could clearly feel how big the gap between him and Dustin Zhou was.

“No, no, it’s impossible.” Chang Wei said, shaking his head.

“Are you a warrior?” The only possibility he can think of is that Dustin Zhou is a warrior.

It is absolutely impossible to be an ordinary person.

Because he Changwei is invincible among ordinary people!

Dustin Zhou nodded, be regarded as acknowledging his identity.

“So, now, do you still care about me asking for money?” Dustin Zhou asked.

A fright flashed across Chang Wei’s face.

But soon, this fear was replaced by other emotions.

He rolled his eyes.

The opponent is indeed a warrior.

But presumably, it shouldn’t be such a powerful warrior, otherwise, Liu Qingshi and the others would not survive until now.

That thing will be easier.

Isn’t he just a warrior, he knows a warrior too!

The monkey of the Brilliant Hotel is a warrior!

Moreover, Chang Wei also knows that in the Brilliant Hotel, there are a lot of great people above the monkeys, and even have the existence of the martial master!

Warrior, master!

To be honest, Chang Wei didn’t understand what these four words meant, but he knew that the martial master was very powerful and could be called invincible!

So, what if Dustin Zhou is a warrior?

He Changwei is not nobody!

“Hehe, boy, I can’t see that you are indeed a tough bone, but don’t think, so I can’t help you.” “Have you heard of the monkey brother in the Brilliant Hotel? Do you believe me a call? Can you call Brother Monkey over!” “If you are acquainted, I advise you to give me money now!” Chang Wei threatened again.

This time Dustin Zhou was taken aback.

He didn’t expect that the little rubbish in front of him, Chang Wei, would even know the people from Brilliant Hotel!

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what to say for a while, this Donghai City is really small!

Can anyone have anything to do with Brilliant Hotel?

Moreover, his relationship with the Brilliant Hotel is still very good, which makes Dustin Zhou a little bit painful.

“Come on, call someone from the Brilliant Hotel over to see me.” Dustin Zhou said painfully, “If your relationship is strong enough, maybe I will actually give you money.” It seems, yes. It’s time to talk to Master Tiger.

The people in this brilliant hotel are too mixed!

The last time I ran into a woman when I was doing a taxi by myself, that woman had something to do with Brilliant Hotel.

Although every time is not the Brilliant Hotel’s own

People did something wrong, but every time they got involved with the Brilliant Hotel, Dustin Zhou felt that it was time for Master Tiger to reflect on it.

In fact, this cannot be blamed on Lord Tiger, after all, Lord Tiger was born in the underground world, and his brothers are indeed mixed, this situation is normal.

Chapter 1051

There is a theorem in this world called the six-person circle.

According to the data, this is an experiment conducted by a very authoritative psychologist in the world.

The status of this psychologist in the world is very high, equivalent to a master in this field. People who can know him will of course be very high.

One day, on a whim, he sent an email to a strange mailbox.

The content of the e-mail is very simple, roughly means please forward this e-mail to the person with the highest psychological attainments among the people you know.

The email address he sent was completely entered indiscriminately. In other words, there is a 99% chance that the person he sent is an ordinary person. After all, 99% of the people in the world are Ordinary people.

Then the email returned to him after six forwardings.

The psychologist found it very interesting. After doing several experiments again, he found that this email needs to be forwarded at most six times or less before returning to his place.

The meaning of this experiment is that even if you are a very, very ordinary person, if you want to find the peak person in a certain field, you only need to pass six transfers.

This kind of thing seems very unbelievable to think of, but in fact this is a conclusion drawn after many verifications.

For example, you are just an ordinary person now. If you want to find the best mathematician in the world, you only need to find the person you know with the highest education.

Then through him find the mathematics professor of his university or the doctor of mathematics in their college, in short, the person with the highest degree of education knows the most accomplished person in the field of mathematics.

Jump to the next level, and basically enter the realm of a real mathematician.

Then jump down again, after at most six times, you can find the top mathematician in the world.

Or if you want to find the richest person in the world, you can also jump up to six times.

So, on the surface, Dustin Zhou seems to have nothing to do with Chang Wei, but if Chang Wei really wants to be close to Dustin Zhou, it is actually not that difficult.

He happened to know someone from the Brilliant Hotel, which made Dustin Zhou feel painful, but in fact, this is a very high probability of happening, not necessarily a coincidence.

Because in a sense, Dustin Zhou also belongs to

People in the underground world, but Liu Qingshi and the others found Chang Wei, Chang Wei found the monkey at the Brilliant Hotel, and the monkey called another person, and the next person would probably call Lord Tiger directly.

Dustin Zhou was able to get involved with this Chang Wei precisely because he was caught in the six-person cycle.

But at this time Dustin Zhou didn’t know this theorem.

Special only felt Dan’s pain. Unexpectedly, this Chang Wei had something to do with his acquaintances again, so he quickly asked him to call.

Chang Wei over there saw that he didn’t work well after reporting the monkey’s name, so he decisively picked up the phone.

After all, Dustin Zhou also said that if he could really call someone from the Brilliant Hotel, then he might really make money.

What is there to consider?

That’s two hundred million!

Soon, he connected to Monkey’s phone, “Brother Monkey, that’s it, I’m in trouble, come here.” “If things go well, I will give you 20 million!” Chang Wei gritted his teeth. Said.

From Dustin Zhou’s extortion of 200 million, he only gave the monkey 20 million, which was a bit too much.

The monkey didn’t know how much Chang Wei Guan Dustin Zhou wanted, but he hurried over when he heard the amount of 20 million.

“What’s the matter, Chang Wei? Who is bullying you?” The monkey’s appearance is exactly the same as Chang Wei, except that he didn’t bring his little brother.

Chang Wei hurriedly pointed to Dustin Zhou, “It’s his monkey brother. This kid is a tough guy and a warrior. I really can’t deal with him!” The monkey looked at Dustin Zhou, squeezed his fist and said, “Boy, are you also a warrior?” Dustin Zhou tilted his head slightly, and said with a smile, “What about you? Are you from the Brilliant Hotel?” “Heh, it seems you have heard of the Brilliant Hotel!” “Then what are you going to do now? Apologize to my little brother directly, I can spare you not to die!” The monkey said very proudly.

The name of the Brilliant Hotel is pretty good!

Their glorious hotel is a well-deserved underground king in Donghai City!

There is absolutely no one who dares to provoke!

But Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Forget it, I don’t bother to do it with you, so, you can call some people who are stronger than you, maybe I can consider giving you the money.” “Boy, You fool me!” The monkey suddenly became angry.

What did he work so hard to do?

Before you start, let yourself be called someone, which is obviously looking down on yourself!

So he immediately became angry, and directly raised his fist and hit Dustin Zhou viciously.

Of course, Dustin Zhou still took this punch with a finger.

Chang Wei, Liu Qingshi and others behind him swallowed uniformly.

It’s too exaggerated!

Especially Liu Qingshi and others.

They came here aggressively

Dustin Zhou’s trouble was beaten.

It didn’t seem to work, so they called the eldest brother who they thought was omnipotent.

Then their eldest brother was also beaten, and his fist was blocked by a finger.

The eldest brother couldn’t do it, so he called the elder brother of the eldest brother.

In the end, he was hit by a finger!

What is this called!

Now, Big Brother’s Big Brother is called Big Brother again.

Liu Qingshi and the others are a little numb, thinking that this eldest brother’s eldest brother will not be beaten by Dustin Zhou!

The monkey still chose to call people, this time he called, is a real martial master!

The martial master of the Brilliant Hotel, who can walk sideways in the entire Donghai City!

Xu Yilei!

Xu Yilei knew Dustin Zhou directly.

But he still doesn’t know that Dustin Zhou was the one that the monkey provoked.

He has a better relationship with the monkey in private. The monkey is equivalent to his little attendant. Now that he heard the monkey saying that he had encountered difficulties and that he had tens of millions of benefits, he ran over.

But after coming, he found something was wrong.

Why is this place so familiar?

It seems that some big man lives here.

Who is it?

By the way, it is Dustin Zhou!

Xu Yilei felt a little uneasy, but he still felt that it should not be so unlucky. The monkey offended Dustin Zhou?

Probably not, Dustin Zhou is the emperor of warriors!

If the monkey offends him, how can he still have a chance to call himself?

It should be dead long ago!

But the more he went forward, the more he found something was wrong.

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