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Chapter 299

Meet up!

No one thought that the Zhuangshi door guard would suddenly get into trouble at this time.

And looking at it this way, the strength is strong, and it is definitely not something ordinary people can contend.

Seeing this scene, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen suddenly slowed down in breathing, staring at the front with wide-open eyes, and felt very nervous in their hearts for fear that Dustin Zhou would be injured.

On the contrary, Niu Chuan is very calm.

He knew that this sturdy door guard looked very powerful, but in fact he had no momentum, but his strength was average, Dustin Zhou was enough to deal with.

The crowd around the audience also exclaimed again and again.

As people living nearby, they naturally knew about these two guards.

They have also seen these two guards tidy up some irregular people, so they still know a little about the strength of the strong guards.

“This tall tiger is sturdy, and his strength is pretty good. It’s no problem to clean up seven or eight gangsters alone!” “I just don’t know if Dustin Zhou can handle it. If he can’t handle it, I’m afraid he will be seriously injured.” , But he was too arrogant, thinking that he could be invincible like a bodyguard. It seems that this time, he is going to pay for his arrogance!” “This…” Everyone stared before they finished their words. With big eyes, he looked at the scene inconceivably.

In their view, the strong gatekeeper Gao Hu is still quite capable, and he can handle seven or eight gangsters alone, not to mention Dustin Zhou looks a little gentle, not like a person who knows how to fist.

Although Dustin Zhou knocked the tall and thin guard back with a punch before, the tall and thin guard was far inferior to Gao Hu.

However, at this moment, Gao Hu, who they thought was very powerful, blasted out with a punch, but was firmly held by Dustin Zhou, unable to move forward, unable to retreat, and was stuck there for life.

This scene is really shocking.

Just now Gao Hu suddenly attacked him, obviously he was going to control Dustin Zhou, so his punch was very strong.

Everyone thought Dustin Zhou couldn’t take it down, but they didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would take Gao Hu’s punch so easily, and even control him to advance or retreat.

Mira Xie and Enderia Shen also took a long breath, feeling relieved.

“You!” Gao Hu’s eyes widened, his eyes were cracked, and he looked at his fist incredibly.

He was received with such a powerful punch, and he seemed to be in trouble now.

Gao Hu wanted to withdraw his fist, but found that no matter how he did it, how hard he used it, his fist couldn’t be pulled back.

And he wanted to continue bombarding the people standing in front of him, but he couldn’t make any progress.

“You just have a little strength? That way, but you can’t keep me!” Dustin Zhou snorted, slowly exerting force on his hands, and suddenly a huge force was transmitted to Gao Hu’s hands.

“Ah! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Let go!” Gao Hu shouted, his neck

The upper veins are all visible, his face is flushed, his eyes are wide-eyed, his face is hideous.

Dustin Zhou didn’t look very strong, but his strength was great. He slowly released his strength, so that Gao Hu only felt that his fist, together with his entire arm, seemed to be stranded in a jack. An irresistible force swept his whole body. Arms.

“Could this be your arrogant and stinky mouth? Or, do you think there is the Chen family, I dare not take you?” Dustin Zhou was indifferent, lifted his foot, and kicked directly towards Gao Hu’s chest.


With a loud noise, Gao Hu was kicked directly, hitting the pavilion behind, and then stopped.

“Stop!” At this moment, a cold drink came from the Chen Family Manor.

Such a big thing happened outside, causing such a big disturbance, and the person involved was the guard of the Chen family, how could the Chen family not know.

A group of people rushed out of the manor, angrily and aggressively.

When Dustin Zhou saw the person coming, his eyes slowly narrowed, and the person who came out turned out to be Shao Chen.

Dustin Zhou also knew that this Chen Shao’s real name was Chen Shao.

“Chen Shao, someone is making trouble!” “Chen Shao, you must call the shots for us!” When the two guards saw Chen Shao, they immediately cried out crying.

They knew that they couldn’t deal with Dustin Zhou, and if Dustin Zhou was cruel, he might just abolish them.

At the moment, it seems that only Chen Shao can deal with Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you mean?” Chen Shao naturally saw Dustin Zhou too, and suddenly became angry, and sternly snapped.

Before he wanted to reconcile with Dustin Zhou, so his attitude softened.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t know what was good or bad, and wanted to make him kneel and apologize.

But today, Dustin Zhou went so far as to make trouble outside the Chen Family Manor and injured two guards.

If he doesn’t give Dustin Zhou a severe lesson today, this incident will definitely have an irreversible impact on the reputation of the Chen family.

In the future, people will say that the Chen family has been beaten up, and they dare not put a fart.

“It’s not interesting, just give Chen Shao and the Chen family a meeting gift. These two guards are arrogant and domineering. They are pretending to be invincible. Under the guise of the Chen family, they don’t know how many bad things they have done. I will help you solve them. The family has been killed.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, not caring at all.

As soon as the voice fell, the surroundings became quiet.

The two guards looked at Dustin Zhou with a sullen face, the pain in their bodies and the panic in their hearts made them unable to move.

The onlookers looked dumbfounded, secretly sighing that Dustin Zhou’s words were beautiful, and they were also very confident.

Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou and resisted the anger in his heart.

He saw Niu Chuan and knew that even if the Chen family’s guards were on the same side, he might not be able to win the opponent.

And it is likely to cause more trouble.

In that case, the reputation of his Chen family is really going to be seriously damaged.

“Huh! They are members of my Chen family. If there is any fault, my Chen family will deal with it, and no outsiders need to interfere!” Chen Shao snorted and looked at the two guards, a fierce flash in his eyes.

“Take them down, I don’t want to see these two people again in the future!” With a command, Chen Shao rushed out two people behind him and led the two guards down.

The two door guards didn’t have any Fan Keng ability at all, and both of them showed horrified expressions on their faces.

Everyone did not stop speaking.

First, this is the Chen family’s business.

Secondly, these two guards must have done a lot of bad things, and their reputations are already stinking.

While Dustin Zhou watched this scene, he kept silent, but sighed secretly that the Chen family still had some means. The two guards would definitely not end well, especially if he and the Chen family reached a cooperation.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing in my Chen family?” Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou, with some guesses in his heart, but still some doubts.

He made a settlement before, but was angered by Dustin Zhou’s unreasonable request.

But now Dustin Zhou is actively looking for the door, is it for reconciliation?

If this is the case, then his Chen Jiake will take a good look.

After all, it was him Chen Shao before, and it was his Chen family who wanted to cooperate with Dustin Zhou.

But now, I am afraid that Dustin Zhou wants to cooperate with the Chen family.

The positions of the two sides have been switched.

“Isn’t it because Shao Chen invited me? If I remember it wrong, then I will leave now.” Dustin Zhou said lightly and turned around immediately.


Chapter 300

Chen Li!

Dustin Zhou had just turned around, before taking a few steps, Chen Shao shouted in a deep voice.

Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou, as if he didn’t say this, Dustin Zhou really wanted to go back, and his heart suddenly became gloomy.

“Is this your sincerity? If you don’t say anything, you must leave?” Chen Shao was angry, but in order to prevent Dustin Zhou from leaving another disagreement, he still held back his anger.

Dustin Zhou slowly turned around and looked at Chen Shao with a smile.

This time he came to Chen’s house, indeed he came to seek cooperation.

However, does the Chen family also need to cooperate with him to get rid of the Jiang family’s control?

Therefore, there is no such thing as an active party or a passive party.

Strictly speaking, even Dustin Zhou could ignore the Chen family and refuse to cooperate with the Chen family.

It is impossible for the Jiang family to prevent Dustin Zhou from leaving Changsha.

However, if the Chen family wants to get rid of the Jiang family’s control, they must interfere with external forces!

“Sincere?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and slowly walked towards Shao Chen, staring at Shao Chen’s eyes.

At first, Chen Shao could still look directly at Dustin Zhou, but gradually, feeling his eyes dry, he avoided Dustin Zhou’s gaze.

“What kind of sincerity do you want? Isn’t it sincere if I solve two scumbags for you Chen Family? Isn’t it sincere if I abolished Jiangbei?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically.

At this time, he must remain strong so that he can be in an advantageous position in the next contact and negotiation.

And this is Zhou Shaohua’s suggestion.

Dustin Zhou naturally understood that his understanding of the Chen family must not be as deep as Zhou Shaohua.

Even if I read the materials of the Chen family, he has not been deeply involved in Changsha for more than ten years. Even Zhou Shaohua, who has dealt with the Chen family, has a deep understanding of the Chen family.

“You…” Chen Shao was extremely angry and wanted to scold him, but halfway through his words, he resisted not continuing, but glared at Dustin Zhou.

“There are things that I can’t tell you, take me to see your father!” Dustin Zhou ignored Chen Shao’s anger, but said lightly.

He immediately waved to Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and Niu Chuan, and walked directly into the Chen Family Manor.

And Shao Chen didn’t stop him, and the others didn’t stop him.

They naturally realized that the person in front of them came to Chen’s house for a major event, and maybe even Chen Shao didn’t have the qualifications to participate.

Seeing Dustin Zhou enter the Chen Family Manor, the crowd around the audience was also amazed.

They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so hard-hearted when facing Chen Shao.

Didn’t he know that the Chen family is becoming stronger? In Changsha, only a few families can suppress the Chen family.

“It’s really young and promising. Is the sky in Changsha going to change?” “I don’t know, anyway, old man, we don’t have this kind of courage.

People at home dare to swagger outside, even hit people outside Chen’s house, haha, this is interesting.

“I just don’t know what happened to him when he arrived at the Chen family. I remember that the Chen family and the Jiang family should get married…” … Dustin Zhou didn’t know the thoughts of the people outside, and didn’t want to know. At this time, Dustin Zhou had already arrived in the manor. Pass through a long corridor and go straight into the front hall of Chen’s house. This is a yard of nearly 100 square meters, which separates the scenery from the outside of the manor from the inside. At this time, a middle-aged man is sitting in the upper part of the front hall. Man. Dustin Zhou looked up, and suddenly felt a sense of majesty coming straight at him. He raised his eyebrows, and Dustin Zhou looked at him without showing shyness. After a while, the middle-aged man laughed and took the initiative to look away. Is Dustin Zhou?

“The middle-aged man scolded coldly. Before Dustin Zhou could speak, he continued to shout. “You abolished Jiangbei?”

Don’t you know that he is my nephew?

You said, how should I punish you!

After the man finished speaking, a dozen people rushed out from the side. Everyone stared at Dustin Zhou and his party with cold eyes. It seemed that as long as the man gave an order, they would rush forward without hesitation and take Dustin Zhou and his party directly. Down. “Nephew?

The nephew after a few generations is worth the anger of the Chen family’s head?

Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, disregarding the people around him. He looked at the man directly, and he secretly said so. The middle-aged man in front of him is the head of the Chen family, Chen Li. Chen Li and the Jiang family are actually separated from each other. I have been relatives of three generations. So, in fact, the marriage relationship between the Chen family and the Jiang family is actually very weak. And this is the main reason why the Chen family has been seeking to get rid of the Jiang family’s control. “Besides, I abolished Jiangbei. Isn’t it exactly what you want to see, the head of the Chen family?

Dustin Zhou laughed, his expression calm. Chen Li stared at Dustin Zhou and looked at it for a long time. Then he laughed, raised his hand, and everyone immediately retreated. “I have the courage, no wonder I dared to abolish Jiangbei and treat my son. You’re so welcome. I heard that you want Chen Shao to kneel down and apologize to you.

I apologize to you for him, and hope you can forgive me and forget those unpleasant things. What do you think?

“Chen Li smiled, his tone was very kind, it seemed that he was really discussing with Dustin Zhou, and it was a pleading tone. But Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart. This Chen Li seemed to have a kind tone, but every sentence, Every word has a deep meaning. He apologized to him as the head of the Chen family instead of Chen Shao. Can he still refuse? He can ignore Chen Shao, because Chen Shao’s decision does not represent the Chen family’s decision. But he cannot Ignore Chen Li’s decision, because Chen Li can really represent

Chen family.

“Since the Patriarch has said so, I am naturally willing.” Dustin Zhou smiled.

“Sit down, please!” Chen Li smiled slightly and gestured for Dustin Zhou to sit down in the front hall.

Dustin Zhou was not polite, byte strode up, came to Chen Li’s lower position, and sat down directly.

This time, he is a guest, so naturally he will not be so impulsive.

“Listen to Chen Shao, do you want to cooperate with our Chen family?” Chen Li asked with a smile.

“Oh? Did Chen Li tell you that? But, I listened to him saying that the Chen family wanted to cooperate with me.” Dustin Zhou asked, with a puzzled expression on his face, he glanced at Shao Chen again and again. Shook his head.

“Hehe, I’m afraid you have a wrong memory. What is my Chen family? How could I actively seek cooperation with you? Do you think that if you just destroy Jiangbei by yourself, you can let the Chen family put down your face and actively seek cooperation with you?” Chen Li shook his head and said lightly, but his words were full of vigor.

Dustin Zhou smiled on his face and didn’t speak immediately, but he sneered repeatedly in his heart.

This Chen Li said beautifully, but he was actually testing him Dustin Zhou.

What Chen Li meant was that the power of the Chen family was here. If you want to cooperate, what is your confidence in Dustin Zhou?

Just relying on one to abolish Jiangbei is not qualified to discuss cooperation with Chen Jiaping.

“I’m from the East China Sea.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Since Chen Li wanted to test, Dustin Zhou simply put out an identity first and let Chen Li think about it.

“Oh?” Sure enough, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, Chen Li’s eyes lit up, and he immediately looked towards him, his expression condensed, and he looked carefully.

Chapter 301

Give you a chance!

Dustin Zhou was not surprised by Chen Li’s reaction.

After all, compared to Changsha, Donghai City, whether it is economic market or other, is better.

Combined with all Dustin Zhou’s previous performances, it can be seen that he must have a very good background in Donghai, even an extraordinary background.

Otherwise, how could an outsider dare to abolish the Jiang family in Changsha without fear.

“As far as I know, Donghai doesn’t seem to have a big family surnamed Zhou.” Chen Li’s eyes flashed, looked at Dustin Zhou, and laughed softly.

No one knows what he is thinking at the moment.

“The world is so big and there are so many things that you can’t see from the surface.” Dustin Zhou said indifferently.

There are only a few powerful families in Donghai City, and with the energy of the Chen family, you can find out with a little inquiries.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t worry at all. After all, sometimes what he saw with his eyes might not be true.

With his current energy, the resources that can be mobilized in the East China Sea are not much different from a big family like the Sun family.

“Then I’ll be straight to the point. Since you want to cooperate with our Chen family, at least you have to show your ability. For now, I haven’t seen it yet.” Chen Li said in a deep voice, and did not worry about Dustin Zhou’s identity. .

He was convinced that what Dustin Zhou said was reasonable, and sometimes what the eyes did see was not true.

Just like his Chen family, and Jiang family, is it really only the strength shown on the surface?

And today Dustin Zhou will appear, which is also expected by Chen Li.

The last time Chen Shao went home, he told Chen Li about the situation. At that time, Chen Li concluded that Dustin Zhou would definitely find the Chen family.

However, Chen Li did not expect that Dustin Zhou would make such a big noise in front of the door when Dustin Zhou came to Chen’s house.

In this way, the Jiang family would definitely know.

Therefore, there is not much time for him to delay. Chen Li should reach a cooperation with Dustin Zhou in the shortest possible time, and then send Dustin Zhou out of Changsha before the Jiang family takes offense.

In that case, after the Chen family is inside and Dustin Zhou is outside, they can attack the Jiang family together, tear a hole, and give the Chen family a chance to escape from the Jiang family’s control.

“Hehe, cooperation, it’s nothing more than showing off their respective strengths, and then weighing each one.” Dustin Zhou smiled, his eyes calm.

“However, the Chen family mainly remembers one thing. The reason why I am here today is not to have to cooperate with your Chen family in order to leave Changsha.” “I am here to give you a chance for the Chen family to be able to The opportunity to break free from the Jiang family’s control.” “So, you don’t have to make any tentative moves.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and looked at Chen Li quietly without worrying. He knew that compared to him, Chen Lihe Chen Family

Should be more anxious.

After all, the abolition of Jiangbei has become an opportunity, and their Chen family can use this opportunity to do many things.

For a while, the entire front hall was silent.

Chen Shao stared at Dustin Zhou angrily, his eyes almost emitting sparks, but because Chen Li hadn’t spoken yet, he dared not speak without permission.

If Dustin Zhou angered Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou left directly in a rage, then he Chen Shao could not bear the responsibility.

Therefore, Chen Shao turned his attention to his father Chen Li.

Chen Li was silent, resting one hand on the table, and lightly tapping the other hand on his knee, as if thinking about something.

For a long time, Chen Li

He relaxed his eyes and looked up at Dustin Zhou again, gradually showing a smile on his face.

“It seems that you are already prepared. If I disagree, you should be able to leave Changsha by yourself.” Chen Li said softly, apparently still somewhat skeptical of this judgment.

After all, Dustin Zhou offended the Jiang family. How could they leave Changsha under the watch of the Jiang family?

Dustin Zhou didn’t answer, but smiled faintly.

Chen Li’s brows instantly eased, and he already knew this.

Dustin Zhou did have a way.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for anyone in Changsha to face the threat of the Jiang family so calmly.

“If you want the Chen family to pay, at least you should show something. Otherwise, I don’t know you at all. How can I cooperate with you?” Chen Li said in a deep voice. These words actually indicate that he is ready to cooperate with Dustin Zhou. Up.

And when Chen Shao heard this, his heart trembled slightly.

He knew that his father had already made a decision, and, unlike what he had expected before, the Chen family had the initiative. This time, it seemed that Dustin Zhou had taken the initiative.

“You’ll see it.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, got up and was about to go back.

“You are leaving now, Dustin Zhou, are you scared?” Chen Shao couldn’t help but asked coldly when seeing Dustin Zhou leaving.

He thought Dustin Zhou was scared. After all, Chen Li asked Dustin Zhou to show some strength first. This was a relatively reasonable request.

However, Dustin Zhou did not give any practical promises, so he had to go. Chen Shao naturally thought that Dustin Zhou was afraid.

“Fear? In my dictionary, there is never the word “fear”. Don’t you want to see if I am qualified to cooperate with you? Tomorrow is the three-day deadline mentioned by the Jiang family, and you will see it then. Dustin Zhou said lightly, and then left with everyone.

At this moment, only Chen Li and Chen Shao were left in the front hall.

“Father, do you really think he has this ability?” Chen Shao looked at Chen Li and asked seriously.

When I was in the hotel before, I saw Dustin Zhou calmly facing the Jiang family. He thought Dustin Zhou was really confident, but he wanted to find some information about Dustin Zhou, but he couldn’t start.

“It wasn’t that you first told me that cooperating with him might be a good opportunity to get out of the Jiang family’s control? Why, now I don’t have confidence?” Chen Li looked at his son and asked back.

“However, we don’t even know his details, plus the noise made today is not small, the Jiang family will definitely know. If the Jiang family is prepared, we will never succeed by then!” Chen Shaoshen The voice said, at this time, he was already a little disappointed.

The situation of the Chen family is a big problem that has existed since his ancestors.

And his father Chen Li succeeded him

At the time of the Lord, the Chen family was already overwhelmed and had to leave the Jiang family.

However, it is easy to say, but how difficult it is to actually operate.

Chen Li has worked hard for most of his life without any results. He can only keep accumulating strength secretly, and when the opportunity comes, he will be in trouble instantly.

“Didn’t he say that he is from the East China Sea. Seeing that he is so confident, he must have a lot of deeds in the East China Sea. Please check it out.” Chen Li told him that when Chen Shao left, he looked forward. His eyes suddenly became far-reaching.

“There seems to be only one chance.”

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