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The story of The Rise of Abe Chou Novel has many aspects to it. One fascinating facet of human destiny on this earth is that humankind’s status keeps on changing. As the adage goes everything changes. This change of fortunes and riches is a constant in everyone’s life.

Read the Rise of Abe Chou novel story in this article and find out how this adage stands true. You will find someone having nothing suddenly gets all the riches of the world. What changes does this turn of tables bring to his life? Will he be able to take this as a stepping stone and move further up or just be embroiled in the complexities of newly discover wealth?

The Rise of Abe Chou

This world extends its veneration and gratitude based on the status of the people. The haves get all the admiration and dignity of the world. On the other hand, the have nots are poor as well in terms of dignity and respect.

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. While others have to struggle with their life for the next meal. In such an unjust world, equality and lack of suffering for all is a distant dream, only seen by the lunatics in the deep utopian slumber.

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The Rise of Abe Chou Novel

The Rise of Abe Chou story is about a man named Abe Chou. He along with his mother has seen nothing except poverty and depravity. Soon after he graduated from college he had nothing but to start a minor job at a firm.

But soon after marriage and shifting to his in-laws. He has washed his hands of his dignity and respect as well. As soon as he graduated from college a girl asked him to marry her. This woman was in love with someone else for more than three years.

But at the end of the college year, she fell out with her boyfriend over various differences. He wanted to move abroad while she wants to stay in the home country in her home town and start a business. At last, they failed to mend their ways. He took the path to abroad and she stayed back.

Out of frustration and anger, she proposed Abe Chou, the poor lad who was pursuing her in college. But this handsome guy who is nothing in front of his wife when compared for beauty and wealth has to make a sacrifice. He is asked to become a Live-in son-in-law. Which he accepts.

After moving to his in-laws he has not seen a day of dignity in this three year period. Meanwhile, an ailing mother is there he must be looking after. But now she is suffering from severe Uremia and needs constant medical treatment.

His meager wage is not enough to pay for mother’s treatment. Thus forced to ask for money from his wife. When you read The Rise of Abe Chou, it becomes evident that the wife does not treat her man as she should. His failure to succeed in life has given her nothing but disappointment.

Moreover, she was not really in love with him when she decided to marry the man. It was an act in revenge to tell her ex-boyfriend that she could live without him. But her ex- has never forgotten her. He has been pursuing her since his return from abroad.

A successful business manager with a strong family background he wants his girlfriend back. But she has been ignoring him since then. Abe Chou novel tells us that to make the matters worse his mother’s medical expenses are increasing day by day. He has no option but to borrow money from wife.

Already, her business is not in a good shape and she desperately needs a loan to save the business otherwise all the handwork of years will wash away. Though she never treats Abe as she should but still she treats him better than her family members. As soon as she takes out 10,000 Yuan to give to Abe her mother snatches the money back.

The poor son-in-law has no choice but to return to his mother empty-handed. As he reaches the hospital, The Rise of Abe Chou book reveals that someone has paid all the treatment money. The nurse at the desk hands him over a file. In it a mobile phone and a bank card. When the mobile is switched on, a video call gets connected and on the other side is an old man with a piece of strange news.

“Mr. Abe your father has died and you are to inherit the company owned by him”, old man explains.  A trillion-dollar company with branches all over the world. This is an unbelievable revelation for him.

The Rise of Abe Chou Read Online

He has been through the mess so far in this life. He has seen the lowest of lows and the depth of abject poverty. But now it dawns upon him that his father, not a million, not a billionaire, but a trillionaire never bothered to find out in what state his son and wife were.

In anger, he rejects to take responsibility of the vast business. But sooner or later he will have to return to what belongs to him. As the circumstances around him are conspiring against him. Sooner or later his wife will be forced to gravitate toward the rich suitor and his mother would not live long without the proper treatment.

So how the world for him change when he gets his hand on the trillion-dollar riches. Would he be able to win the heart of his wife? Would he be able to manage these large sums of money? Find out in The Rise of Abe Chou readme novel.

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Read The Rise of Abe Chou

Are you looking for The rise of Abe Chou Novel Pdf or book or a source to read it online? Here we are with all the chapters of this novel. You can start reading from this website. You will be provided all the chapters from beginning to start.

The Rise of Abe Chou is a novel worth reading. It tells us a story of hope and courage. A person’s character is tested when he or she has nothing. So how should a person act when they get everything?

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