Entangled Love After Divorce: Chinese Novel Read Full Story Online

Are you looking for a reading that takes you through a real-life story? Then we recommend Entangled Love After Divorce. A Chines Novel that you can read online for free. Here we have reviewed the novel for you. Read the synopsis and find out what the full story is about.

From the very beginning, the female lead in the story has to bear the vagaries of life with forbearance. Now she is in a relationship that is not ideal for any onlooker. But for her, to go through the miseries is what written in her book of fate.

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The realness of this novel will make you uncomfortably familiar to the sufferings of people around us. Or maybe it touches the wires of your life-story sometime. So this is a story that carries all the ingredients to take you on a journey of emotions and feelings that are relatable and convincingly near to reality.

Entangled Love After Divorce Novel

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This is the story of a girl who is the only hope for her feeble mother. The family of two have nobody else but each other come what may. Her living father, who is to say the most, the biological father, is worth nothing.

He is the one who treated his wife badly. Made her days and nights hell and she endured that long ordeal. Until he himself decided to get rid of this daughter and her mother. In this way, they finally escape this abusive captivity.

As it is true for life, suffering always accompanies a human in one way or another until death. Yet for the duo of this mother and daughter, the days of abject suffering are over. But not everything is comfortable for them still.

Entangled Love After Divorce Novel Full Story

The story begins with the girl having to go through an intimate act with a stranger in exchange for money. This is not the first choice for the girl. But she must act fast to save her family and this is the best way for her to arrange the money.

This ordinary looking girl has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. With a bright innocent face, her facial features do not strictly follow the definition of beauty. But she carries a magical aurora that entangles the people around her, an innocence that brings the emotions of care and comfort in the hearts.

She has arranged the money for her ailing mother who is in the hospital along with the young brother who is suffering from a brain disease since very young. Yet, despite her all-out efforts to secure the finance, she is late. Her brother has breathed his last and there is her mother only who must be taken care of.

After so many long years a man figures appear in their life. He calls himself her father. But she has no memories of him. He convinces her that he is sorry and wants to mend his ways. But, there is a method in his apology. This so-called father has returned to their lives with a hidden purpose. He wants his daughter to marry someone.

She is getting attracted to the sweet-talking father’s traps. But her astute mother is well aware of her husband’s shenanigans and timely warns the daughter to stay away from becoming part of his plans. But the daughter has other reasons to acquiesce to her father. She wants to improve the life of herself and her mother’s and there appears to be a way in the plans of her father.

This person she has to marry is a differentially abled man. He lost his leg from a snake bite and living a life of a cripple. She has decided to compromise, but with a condition. The father must return the possessions of her mother and she will marry that disabled man. The father has no reason to say, ‘No’.

This shows how selfless the girls in Entangled Love After Divorce is. She has compromised with her body before only to save the mother and her deceased brother. Now for the sake of comforts for mother, she decides to bet on her whole life ahead.

On her first date with her husband-to-be, she finds that the man is not as bad and ugly as she thought. A handsome looking young man with a missing leg. He seems to like her too, but he has a condition as well. They will be married only for a month and then divorced. She agrees to the term.

They get married and according to the condition they get the divorce after a month. But soon they realize that they are missing something special in their respective lives. During the last thirty days or so, they have been in each other’s company. It is not hard to convince themselves that they have planted love in each other’s hearts.

Will they return to each other? Feeling sorry for turning the faces away or just compromise and move on to get healed through time? A real attention-grabbing love story that takes the reader on a vacillating journey of emotion. Entangled Love After Divorce Chinese Novel does not disappoint the reader when it comes to the expression of emotions and display of human sentiments.

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Entangled Love After Divorce Read Online

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