Take My Breath Away: Bai Cha’s Chines Novel

Take My Breath Away is a story that teaches the reader self-worth. In our lives at times, we are put in situations by the vagaries of life where the identity is questioned.

If we are given every precious object in the world and denied the dignity and recognition. Such a treatment would definitely make us look worthless in our own eyes too. Who are we, what are we? The answers to these questions lie in how people treat us. What would you do, if you are nonexistent in the eyes of someone who is the most important person in your life?

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Take My Breath Away

Meaning to our life on earth is given by the interactions and relations with other people. Be it in the form of friendship, relations of birth, or associations of choice.

This title takes us to a world where someone is denied the recognition, while all the else is provided plenty. Be it the wealth, material, or life amenities. This not-so-interested in material excesses and access feels a vacuum in life that needs fulfillment.

The person who has been ignoring her this whole time feels and recognizes the mistake. What is going to happen now? Would he be able to win her trust?

Take My Breath Away Novel

This is about a University Girl and her uncommon life story. She was forced into marrying someone by her father a few years before her death. Having not been aware of the whereabouts of her mother, who soon after the birth left the child and her father, she was compelled to listen to and succumbed to her father’s wish. Thus at the age of tinder 18, this girl became the wife of someone unknown.

The person she became the wife of, was someone she never knew about. Never saw him before but was going to marry him now. In an unusual turn of events, she became the spouse of someone in the most unusual way. Her husband did not attend the wedding. The photos of the marriage had to be edited to place the husband figure alongside the bride.

Though she never felt the absence of the person she was married to. It nevertheless brought an excess of material wealth to her. She could afford to live in one of the most luxurious houses, drive a super expensive car, and buy and enjoy any of the facilities and merchandise she could think of. Take My Breath Away Chinese Novel by Bai Cha tells us this is not enough.

No matter what you are given. The human psyche is such that it years for what it cannot get. The vacuum left by the absence of the partner is becoming unbearably wide for this girl who is about to celebrate the 21st year of her life.

Though she has got admission to one of the best universities in her city. She is far removed from studies. It is something that cannot instigate her brains into taking it seriously. 

Thus this beautiful girl makes a decision in Take My Breath Away Bai Cha. It is time to part ways with the husband of three years, who has not even bothered to consummate the marriage. It has been decided now, a divorce on her 3rd wedding anniversary, on her 21st birthday, it must be the birthday present she wants to treat herself to.

On the other hand this man. He is one of the richest heirs of a large business empire. Women, according to him are a waste of time. It is not his nature to approach the girls who are dying in scores for his company. His time and affection.

Yet his own wife, she has no interest in the luxurious life, the excess of money. The female lead of Take My Breath Away Novel by Bai Cha has a totally different nature.

But as soon as the papers are delivered to the lawyer, who is the only link between the husband and wife, the things start to twist in the most awkward way. The man has not come face to face with his life partner in the last three years.

But on her birthday, he is the one she’ll kiss in order to fulfill the game of truth or dare. Both unaware of each other’s identity come face to face in the most awkward possible way. In the next couple of days, the multiple encounters ensure they hate each other and judged one another in the worst possible way.

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha

This handsome rich man has never forgiven a girl who tried to cross him. Not cognizant of her identity, he really wants her removed away from him, as far as possible. So what is going to be the fate of this girl who has provoked him in the worst possible way? Will she be thrown into to sea? Would he find out who this girl is? Will she get the divorce or will this set a stage for a love story that all the other couple envy?

The only way to find all this out is to read the complete story.

Take My Breath Away Webnovel

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