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Chapter 1

The scorching heat slowly came from the back, and the hot and humid breath soaked in the ears, “The first time?”

The unfamiliar breath lingered in the ear, making people tremble, but he did not dare to speak.

Ana Lin seemed to feel the man pause, and then his voice sounded again, “It’s too late to regret now.”

She clenched her hands nervously and shook her head, “I don’t regret–“

She was eighteen years old, just in time, but…


The tearing pain made her tremble in the man’s arms.

In order to retain the last trace of dignity, Ana Lin bit her lip without speaking. In addition to the fear she brought to her for the first time, there are also from this man. She can clearly feel his powerful physique and amazing power. .

He doesn’t seem to be tired, and powerfully captures every inch of her skin. This night is painful and long…

Finally in the middle of the night, the man got up and went to the bathroom. Ana Lin dragged his tired body to get up, put on his clothes and walked out of the room.

Downstairs in the hotel, standing a middle-aged woman introducing her business, saw Ana Lin come out and handed her a black bag, “This is your reward.”

Ana Lin almost didn’t hesitate, and immediately took it. With the money, she rushed out quickly, even ignoring the physical pain and just wanted to go to the hospital quickly.

The unlit days made the corridor very quiet. There were two stretchers on the floor in front of the operating room. They were not sent to the operating room because they did not pay.

Ana Lin was heartbroken and choked, “I have money, I have money, I will help my mother and brother…” She choked up and handed the money to the doctor. The doctor took a look and asked the nurse to count. , And then called the medical staff to send the injured to the operating room.

Not seeing them push her brother in, Ana Lin rushed forward, grabbed the doctor and begged, “And my brother, you save him…”

The doctor sighed, “I’m sorry, your brother is out of help…”

Hopeless? !

It seemed like a thunderbolt, and the head hit Ana Lin’s head fiercely, making her eyes dark…

It hurts, her chest seemed to be stirred by a knife, and she sat on the ground with painful convulsions and spasms. Eight years ago, when she was ten years old, her father abandoned her mother and sent her mother with .yun to this place. Unfamiliar foreign countries.

Later, my younger brother was born and was found to be suffering from autism when he was three years old. He was already struggling with life. The younger brother’s illness made it worse. She and her mother worked odd jobs everywhere for others, and they were still able to live, but it was a car accident. There is no money, no human touch abroad, let her realize what is desperate.

Forced to be helpless, she maimed herself and failed to save her brother.

There is a kind of pain, no hysteria, just make people feel, it’s uncomfortable, breathing is difficult, the sky is gray, but you must accept it, and accept it with a smile, because she still has a mother.

Mom needs her.

After treatment, my mother’s health improved, but she broke down when she knew that her brother had died.

It was Ana Lin, hugging her, crying and saying, “Mom, you still have me, live well for me.”

During the month in the hospital, Ida Zhuang often sat on the side of the bed in a daze. Ana Lin knew that she missed her younger brother. If it wasn’t for herself, she might have gone with her younger brother. She was expelled from school because she had to take care of her. , But my mother’s injury has improved.

She walked into the hospital with food and walked to the door of the ward. When she raised her hand and just wanted to open the door, she heard the sound inside——

She knew this voice well, and even though it had been eight years, she still remembered clearly how he forced her mother to divorce him.

After sending them here, I have never seen them, but what does it mean to appear here today?

“Ida, you and Mrs. Zong’s family were in love with sisters at the beginning, and you made a baby k*ss. It stands to reason that your daughter should marry your daughter…”

“Randall Lin what do you mean?!” Ida Zhuang was thin, despite his injuries, struggling to beat him, is he still a human?

Put her and her daughter in this unfamiliar ghost place, and never care about their life and death. Today, she wants her daughter to marry?

“The young master of the Zong family is also the son of your good friend. He is well grown. You know the family of the Zong family. You will only enjoy blessings if you marry…” His voice fell down after speaking.

The young master of the Zong family is noble, and he looks like a talent, but a month ago, he was bitten by a poisonous snake when he went abroad to do errands. He was paralyzed, unable to move, and inhumane.

To marry in the past is to stay alive.

“I’m married.”

Ana Lin suddenly opened the door and stood at the door, her hand gripping the lunch box in her hand tightly, “It’s fine to marry, but I have a condition.”

Randall Lin looked at the door and saw this daughter who hadn’t seen her for eight years. She was in a daze for a few seconds. When she was sent to her, she was still a ten-year-old child and has grown into an adult. She has fair skin but thin skin. It’s serious, a small face is not as big as a slap, and it’s dry, as if it’s not well developed.

The youngest daughter of the family is likable.

The unbearableness in her heart is reduced a bit, after all, she is not so good-looking, even if she marries an inhumane husband, she will not be too wronged.

After thinking about it this way, Randall Lin didn’t realize that there was anything wrong, “What are the conditions?”

“I want to go back to China with my mother and return all the things that belong to my mother. I will promise you to marry over,” Ana Lin repeatedly clenched his hands and slowly calmed down.

Although not in China all the year round, she had heard of the clan family in City B when she was a child. The family is huge, with hundreds of billions of wealth. The young master of the clan family is naturally noble. Ana Lin doesn’t think such a good thing can fall to her. Young Master Zong’s family may be ugly, or he may be physically defective.

But even so, it is a good opportunity for her to return to China, and to take advantage of it, she can also regain her mother’s wealth that she used to marry.

“Yanyan…” Ida Zhuang wanted to persuade her that important marriage matters should not be joking.

She has already suffered a lot with herself, and she can’t make her even lose her marriage.

When Randall Lin heard this, he was worried that Ana Lin was persuaded by Ida Zhuang not to marry, and said quickly, “Okay, as long as you are willing to marry, let you return to China.”

“Where’s mother’s dowry?” Ana Lin looked at her nominal father with an extremely cold voice.

When Ida Zhuang married him, he did have a lot of dowry, which was a lot of money. Now it hurts Randall Lin to take it out.

“Dad, my sister should be very beautiful. She should have something better. If you marry a man with a physical defect, her life will be over. What’s more, you and my mother are already divorced. You should return it to her. Lin family’s money.”

Randall Lin dodges his guilty conscience and dare not look at her.

How could she know that the young master of the clan family was a bad master when she spent all the years abroad?

Where did Randall Lin know that Ana Lin was just a guess.

Thinking that she was going to marry an abnormal man, Randall Lin gritted his teeth, “I will give it to you when you get married.”

How could his little daughter marry an inhumane man?

No matter how noble, it is no different from a useless person.

Randall Lin is not so uncomfortable thinking of here.

But I hated Ana Lin a little bit again, and just wanted to pick up money from him.

Randall Lin glanced at her coldly, “Your mother didn’t raise you well, she doesn’t understand a bit of politeness!”

Ana Lin wanted to say, is your father not responsible? I didn’t care about leaving her here.

But she couldn’t say at this moment that her bargaining chips were too weak, and it was not good for her to anger Randall Lin.

“Get ready and go back tomorrow.” Randall Lin flung his sleeve and left the ward.

Chapter 2

“Yanyan, marriage is a life-long event, and your mother doesn’t allow you to do this.” Ida Zhuang knows Ana Lin’s intentions.

Ana Lin put the lunch box on the bedside cupboard, brought it out, and said, “I am not married to an outsider, not your friend’s son.”

“She passed away very early. I don’t know anything about her son. Even if you break your promise, I want you to marry someone you like instead of using marriage as a bargaining chip. That way, I would rather stay here for the rest of my life.”

the person I like?

Even if she met later, she would not be eligible.

She lowered her head, it didn’t matter who she married, the important thing was to recapture everything that was stolen.

Ida Zhuang failed to persuade Ana Lin to change his mind, and they returned to China the next day.

Randall Lin disliked their mother and daughter and didn’t let them enter the Lin’s door. Instead, let them rent a house outside. When they got married, Ana Lin could go back.

It just so happened that Ana Lin didn’t want to go back. When she went back, her mother had to face the child who broke her marriage. Instead of being uncomfortable, stay here.


Ida Zhuang was still worried, “Say, if this is a good marriage, it won’t fall on you, even if Mrs. Zong and I had a relationship.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to discuss this with her mother, so she changed the subject, “Mom, hurry up and eat something.”

Ida Zhuang sighed. It was obvious that Ana Lin was unwilling to talk about it. She suffered along with her, and now she has to sacrifice even her marriage.

Ana Lin had chopsticks in her hand, but she had no appetite, and she was disgusted.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Ida Zhuang asked concerned.

Ana Lin didn’t want her to worry, and lied that she had no appetite by plane.

Put down the chopsticks and entered the room.

The door was closed and she leaned against the door panel. Although she had never been pregnant, she had seen Ida Zhuang when she was pregnant. She was sick and couldn’t eat.

And she has this symptom at this time.

It’s been more than a month since that night, and her period was ten days late–

She did not dare to continue thinking, that night was already very humiliating, not for mother and brother, she would not betray herself.

She shivered…

“You are pregnant, six weeks.”

After leaving the hospital, Ana Lin still had the doctor’s sentence that you were pregnant.

After Ana Lin came to the hospital to check with Ida Zhuang, it turned out to be like this. She was in a mess and didn’t know what to do. Give birth or kill?

Her hands couldn’t help covering her lower abdomen, although she was accidentally and even insulted, she was a little bit reluctant.

There is the joy and expectation of being a new mother.

She looked in a trance.

Back at the residence, Ana Lin installed the B-ultrasound sheet before opening the door.

However, Randall Lin was also there, and her face sank.

What is he doing?

Randall Lin’s face was not very good either. It seemed that he had waited a long time because he hadn’t seen her, and said coldly, “Go and change a dress.”

Ana Lin frowned, “Why?”

“Since you want to marry into the Zong family, you and the young master of the Zong family will always meet.” Randall Lin glanced at her up and down, “Are you going to meet him so shabby? Want to lose my face?”

How does the pain feel?

She thought that betraying herself and the death of her brother had already made her numb.

But when I heard Randall Lin’s relentless words, my heart still hurts, not numb.

He sent himself and his mother to a poorer country in the West, and he did not care about her.

Where does she get the money?

If she had money, how could her brother die because of delayed treatment?

Her hands slumped to her side clenched into fists.

Randall Lin seemed to think of this too, his expression was slightly embarrassed, “Let’s go, the clan family should be here, it’s not good for them to wait.”

“Yanyan…” Ida Zhuang was worried, but still wanted to persuade Ana Lin to live in Ana Lin. She had lost her son and now wants to take good care of her daughter. Money is no longer important.

I don’t want my daughter to step into the Lin family again, or the Zong family.

The rich family is complicated, and I don’t know what kind of man the young master of the Zong family is.

She is worried.

“Mom.” Ana Lin gave her a comforting look, which made her feel at ease.

“Hurry up.” Randall Lin urged impatiently, afraid that Ana Lin would change her mind, and pushed her a bit.

Randall Lin can’t like her, and Ana Lin has no feelings for this father.

In eight years, all the blood and affection have been consumed.

Ana Lin’s dress was too shabby, and it was the clan family who met again. Randall Lin took her to a high-end women’s clothing store and bought her a decent dress.

Upon entering the store, a service staff came to receive him. Randall Lin pushed Ana Lin forward, “She can wear it.”

The waiter looked her up and down, and probably knew what size she was wearing, “Come with me.”

The waiter took a light blue long dress and handed it to her, “You go to the fitting room and try it.”

Ana Lin took it and walked towards the fitting room.

“Ah Hao, do you have to marry a woman from the Lin family?” The woman’s voice was faintly aggrieved.

Ana Lin suddenly heard the sound and looked towards the room next to him. Through the crack in the door, Ana Lin saw a woman holding her arms around the man’s neck and acting like a baby, “Will you not marry another woman?”

Phillip Zong looked at the woman, seemingly helpless. This was the marriage that his mother had arranged for him, and he should not go back.

But thinking of that night, he couldn’t bear to disappoint her, “Did it hurt that night?”

More than a month ago, he went abroad to a backward country to investigate a project, and he was bitten by a poisonous snake. The snake was very venomous. If he didn’t vent on a woman, he would die from the heat.

It was Bai Zhuwei who made his antidote.

He knew how he couldn’t control himself at the time.

It was said that the woman was in pain for the first time, and he never pityed, but one can imagine how much she hurt.

But she was so forbearing, she never made a sound, just trembling in his arms.

Bai Zhuwei liked him, he always knew, but he never gave her a chance.

The first is not loving her, and the second is because his mother made a marriage contract for him.

But she was always by his side quietly, and after that time, he felt that he should give this woman a name.

Until now, he still remembers how intense the redness was.

Bai Zhu leaned on his chest, his eyes drooping slightly, and he gave a shy grunt.

She likes Phillip Zong. She has been with him as a secretary all these years, but she is no longer a virgin. She can’t let Phillip Zong know how much a man cares about the purity of a woman. She knows too well, so that night She spent a fortune through the residents of the town and found a clean girl to deliver to the room.

After the girl went out, she went in and made an illusion that she was her that night.

“If you like the clothes here, just buy a few more.” Phillip Zong rubbed her hair and spoiled.

“That is VIP, you can’t enter, you go to the one on the right.” The waiter reminded Ana Lin.

In this high-end clothing store, the fitting rooms are all independent rooms, while VIP is more upscale. There is an inner room in the fitting room where you can try on clothes, and the outside room can be used by friends to wait or rest.

“Oh.” Ana Lin took the clothes and walked towards the room on the right.

Changing clothes in the fitting room, Ana Lin was still thinking about the man and woman just now, and they seemed to have the Lin family in their conversation.

Could it be that man…

Chapter 3

After getting dressed, Ana Lin came out of the fitting room and looked to the fitting room on the left. The door was already closed.

“It fits your temperament.”

The waiter was very wink, and basically looked at the person, so he could pick out the clothes that suit the person. Ana Lin put on a light blue long skirt to make the skin whiter. The waist tie outlines a slender waist. Some are too thin, but the cheeks are already exquisite.

Randall Lin saw that it was appropriate and went to pay for it. Only after seeing that she found a dress of more than 30,000 yuan, but thinking that she was going to see the Zong family, he gritted his teeth and paid, with a cold voice, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin had already realized his ruthlessness, and the coldness at the moment still made her heart dull and painful.

She lowered her head and got into the car behind him.

Soon the car stopped in front of the gate of Lin’s villa.

The driver opened the door to Lin Guo’an, he bent down, and Ana Lin followed.

Standing at the door of the villa, she was in a daze for a few seconds. When she and her mother were not as good as dead because of her brother’s illness, her father and the little third child were living happily in this magnificent villa.

Her hands clenched tightly.

“Where are you doing?” Randall Lin didn’t feel anyone following him. After looking back, he saw her standing at the door in a daze.

Ana Lin hurried to keep up, and when the servant said that the Zong family hadn’t arrived yet, Randall Lin asked her to wait in the living room.

There is a piano in the living room next to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Seidel, made in Germany, is very expensive. Her mother bought her for her fifth birthday.

She liked it when she was very young. She started to learn piano when she was four and a half years old. After being sent away, she never touched it again.

He stretched his hand up, familiar and excited.

She put her index finger on the piano key and pressed it lightly. With a pounding sound, a melodious and crisp sound came out, because she hadn’t played it for a long time, and her fingers became a lot stiffer.

“Who allowed you to move my things?!” A clear voice with anger sounded behind her.

Her stuff?

Ana Lin turned around and saw Lin Yuhan standing behind her, aggressively, remembering that she was one year younger than herself, seventeen this year, inherited the advantages of Elvira Shen, and looked good.

It’s just that the look of his teeth and staring at the moment is a bit hideous.


They broke their mother’s marriage, and with the money, now even the gifts that mother gave themselves have become hers?

She slowly clenched her fists, telling herself over and over again not to be impulsive, not to be agitated, because now she was not able to take back what belonged to her.

She will bear it!

She is not the little girl who was sent away by her father eight years ago and could only cry, now she has grown up!

“You—Is Ana Lin?!” Lin Yuhan reacted. Today is the day when the Zong family came, and his father took the mother and son back to the country.

Lin Yuhan still remembered that when Randall Lin sent Ana Lin to go abroad, Ana Lin knelt on the ground and hugged Randall Lin’s leg, begging him not to send her away.

“Dad, wasn’t he very happy to take you back?” Lin Yuhan put his arms around his chest and looked at her contemptuously, “Don’t be proud, get you back, but to marry you into the clan. It is said that the man—”

Lin Yuhan sneered while covering his lips.

Remembering that Ana Lin was going to marry an inhumane and unable to walk, he couldn’t help but gloat.

Marriage is a lifetime event, marrying a man like that will be ruined in this lifetime?

Ana Lin frowned.

At this moment, the servant came over, “The people of the clan are here.”

Randall Lin personally greeted the entrance.

Ana Lin turned around and saw the man who was pushed in in a wheelchair. He had profound features and a handsome face. Even when he was in a wheelchair, he would not dare to look down upon him.

Isn’t this face the man she saw flirting with women in the fitting room?

He turned out to be the young master of the Zong family? !

But in the fitting room, she clearly saw that he could stand up, still holding the woman with her arms around, and there was no problem with his legs.

what happened?

She hadn’t figured out why this man was pretending to be lame, Randall Lin called her, “Xin Yan hurry up, this is the young master of the Zong family.”

Randall Lin shrugged his shoulders with a compliment, bowed his waist and smiled flatly, “Zong Shao, this one is just talking.”

Randall Lin regretted that the dignified family elder and young master, but his appearance became disabled.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on Ana Lin, his brows furrowed as he looked young, too thin, and somewhat malnourished.

This is the marriage set by his mother for him. In addition, his mother passed away. As a son, he could not violate the agreement. Therefore, after he was bitten by a poisonous snake when he went abroad, he released news saying that the poison had not been lifted, and he was disabled. Inhumane, just want to make the Lin family regret it.

Unexpectedly, the Lin family did not regret it.

Phillip Zong was silent and his face grew gloomy. Randall Lin thought he was dissatisfied, and quickly explained, “She is still young now, just over eighteen, and she must be a beautiful woman after she has grown up.”

Phillip Zong sneered in his heart, but the beauty didn’t notice it, but felt unusual, and even though he was a’crimp’, she wanted to marry her daughter to him.

His brows were cold, and the arc of the corners of his lips seemed meaningful, “I went abroad to do errands and accidentally hurt my legs. I’m afraid I can’t walk on the ground, and I can’t perform my husband’s duties–“

“I don’t mind.” Ana Lin answered immediately.

Randall Lin promised her that she would return her mother’s dowry as long as she married into the clan family. Even if she entered the house the first day and divorced the next day, she would still agree to it now.

At this moment, when the time is digested, Ana Lin wants to understand all the things in it. It is obvious that he can stand up, but when he comes to the Lin family, he is in a wheelchair. It should be because that woman doesn’t want to fulfill the promise and wants The Lin family regretted this marriage first.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Randall Lin would sacrifice her unfavored daughter to finish the agreement.

Phillip Zong squinted at her.

Ana Lin’s back was chilled by him, and her heart was bitter. Why would she be willing to marry into the clan?

If she doesn’t agree, how can she return to China, how can she regain what she lost?

She pulled the corners of her lips and smiled. Only she knows the bitterness and astringency of her lips. “We have set a baby k*ss since we were young. I should marry you whatever you are.”

Phillip Zong’s eyes sank two more points, and the woman’s mouth was very good at talking.

Randall Lin didn’t hear anything wrong, and asked tentatively, “This wedding day—”

Phillip Zong’s expression changed rapidly, and finally he was calm, “Of course, according to the agreement, this is set by the two companies a long time ago, how can we break the contract.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, condensed his thoughts, did not dare to see him, obviously he was dissatisfied with this marriage.

I agree now, but because of an agreement.

“That’s good.” Randall Lin was happy in his heart. It is naturally a good thing to use a daughter who is not outstanding to be married to the clan family.

Although the Lin family is also rich, it is nothing compared to the Zong family. No, compared to the Zong family, they are sharks and dried shrimps.

Can’t be compared together at all!

Randall Lin bent over and whispered, “I have already prepared dinner for someone, so I will stay here for dinner before leaving.”

Phillip Zong frowned, his ugliness of being prosperous and respectful was disgusting.

“No, I have something to do.” Phillip Zong refused, Milton Guan pushed him out. When passing by Ana Lin, Phillip Zong raised his hand to signal Milton Guan to stop, he raised his eyes, “Miss Lin Are you free?”

Chapter 4

Although it is a question, it gives a tone that cannot be rejected.

Ana Lin nodded, seeing his appearance, he had something to say to her.

It just so happened that she wanted to talk to him.

Randall Lin glanced at Ana Lin warningly, “Be more reasonable.”

Don’t offend people before you get married. Seeing Phillip Zong’s indifferent appearance, he should be dissatisfied with Ana Lin, but it’s always good for the Lin family to be a relative of the Zong family and for the company’s business. , Also helps.

I don’t want Ana Lin to mess up the marriage.

Ana Lin pretended not to see it, and walked out behind Milton Guan.

She too understands what Randall Lin pays attention to, his confidence, will she help him after marrying into the clan?

Just because he is her father?

But does he consider himself a daughter? Do you know how she spent the past eight years?

Ana Lin’s thoughts fluctuated suddenly, her head hit a hard’wall’ and her thoughts returned, and suddenly raised her head, she found that impeccable face, close at hand, was looking down at her.

Sure enough, he can stand up.

In other words, her guess is correct.

Ana Lin’s scalp was numb when she was seen, she forced her to look up at him calmly, “You pretended to be lame on purpose?”

The corner of Phillip Zong’s eyes was pressed, and he narrowed slightly. He felt unhappy about being seen through his mind. His tone was not high or low, but it was shocking enough, “Why do you want to marry me even though I am a lame? What do you think of me? Money, think To be a rich wife?”

Ana Lin only felt that when he saw him, the skin and flesh under the bones were filled with bursts of chill, and the whole heart seemed to be held tightly by invisible hands. It was difficult to breathe, but the face was calm and relaxed, “I I made a marriage contract with Mr. Zong when I was two years old. Did I know money and the benefits of being a rich wife when I was two? Just let the two mothers make you for me?”

She paused, as if she was calming down, “When I was two years old, Mr. Zong was ten years old, eight years older than me, do I despise you for being old?”

Oh, Phillip Zong sneered, this woman is more than capable of saying, she is clearly witty!

The mouth is amazing!

Is he old?

There was a smell of gunpowder in the air.

His eyes met, sparks flew everywhere, and no one would give in.

Ana Lin’s hand hanging by her side was clenched tightly into a fist. The purpose of her marrying into the clan was only for Randall Lin’s promise to return her mother’s dowry.

Not to be an enemy of this man, she softened her tone and lowered her posture, “Mr. Zong, I know you don’t want to marry me, but it’s not a bad idea–“

She deliberately stopped to look at Phillip Zong’s face, his expression fluctuated very slightly, but she still caught it.

“Mr. Zong, let’s make a deal.” Ana Lin said. She didn’t really want to marry into the Zong family. She would agree, but she wanted to come back from abroad and take back what belonged to her mother and her.

“Heh.” Phillip Zong chuckled lightly, seemingly ridiculous and absurd. Talk to him about a deal?

Ana Lin swallowed a mouthful of water, and a cold sweat appeared on his back because of tension. Phillip Zong was very tall. She saw that he was going to raise his head, “I know, you pretended to be lame because you want the Lin family to regret this marriage, and I will agree. I have my difficulties.”

This made Phillip Zong interested.

“What do you want?” Since it is a deal, there must be conditions.

“One month, one month of marriage, I will divorce you.” One month is enough, as soon as she gets her mother’s dowry, she divorces him.

Phillip Zong frowned, “This is the deal you want to talk to me?”

“Yes, we must get married in this marriage. This is an agreement between the two mothers. We cannot break the contract. This is a respect for them. However, after we got married, we had different personalities and divorced naturally, so there would be no breach of the contract. You also don’t have to spend a lifetime with someone you don’t like. There is no harm to you, only benefits—”

Speaking of this, Ana Lin’s tone became slower, “I think Mr. Zong should have someone he likes, so he can do everything possible to let the Lin family break the contract, right?”

Phillip Zong’s face sank sharply, he was quick and cruel, warm and angry, “I didn’t see it, he was quite smart.”

Yes, he wanted to give Bai Zhuwei a name. He was touched by her youthfulness and tolerance.

Phillip Zong fixed her gaze on her pretendingly calm face, “How about you, what good will this month of marriage do you?”

Phillip Zong doesn’t think that she only thinks about herself.

Ana Lin’s heart is tight, can’t you say it’s for her mother’s dowry, right?

But if he doesn’t give a reason, he doesn’t seem to believe it.

“My mother attaches great importance to this marriage contract. Her health is not very good, so I don’t want to disappoint her.” When she spoke, her eyes slightly avoided, because she lied and her mother didn’t want her to marry into the clan.

Phillip Zong’s tone was inexplicably eerie and intimidating, as if she could see through her mind, “Really?”

Ana Lin was like a thorn on his back, his eyes were too sharp, as if he could penetrate people’s hearts, when she was at a loss as to what to do, the phone in his pocket rang.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, took out the phone, saw the name displayed on it, his expression softened, turned around to answer the phone, and seemed to think of something, turning around, “Since it’s a month, we don’t need to have a wedding.”

Ana Lin has no choice but to agree, “Okay.”

On August 12, Milton Guan came to pick up Ana Lin.

There is no ceremony, no wedding, only a marriage certificate.

Ana Lin didn’t have much mood swings, because she knew very well that this was a transaction that everyone needed.

If it weren’t for a baby k*ss, I’m afraid they would not have an intersection.

Soon the car stopped in front of a villa.

Under the sun, the magnificent stone building covers an extremely wide area.

“Go in.” Milton Guan posed a pleased gesture.

She was neither enthusiastic nor ingratiating to her. He was quite satisfactory. He should know the marriage between her and Phillip Zong and just fulfill the agreement.

Not the real Zong Family Young Lady.

Although the house is big, there are not many people, there is only one servant, and Milton Guan didn’t introduce much, so they took her to the house and left.

Ana Lin is a little uncomfortable.

“This is the young master’s residence. I am Yu’s mother who takes care of his life. You can call me that.” Yu’s mother led her to the room. “If you need anything, just tell me.”

One month was not very long, Ana Lin brought her own daily necessities, although she might not trouble her, still said, “Okay.”

Yu’s mother opened the door and turned to look at her. She wanted to say something to her, and finally sighed, “The young master may not be back tonight. Today is Miss Bai’s birthday.”

Although he didn’t have a wedding, it was his wife in name. Today, it was their first day of marriage. He was with other women outside. Wanda Yu felt that Ana Lin was pitiful. Just when she entered the door, she was caught by Zong Jing. Hao is so cold, wouldn’t it be worse in the future?

Chapter 5

Ana Lin seemed to have guessed why Wanda was, and smiled at her without explaining.

She and Phillip Zong are just a deal, and she has no right to interrogate his private life.

Ana Lin felt a little more at ease when he was not there.

Ana Lin entered the room to see the furnishings of the entire bedroom. The decoration style is unique, black and white, simple and neat, luxurious but not vulgar, elegant and unique.

“This is the young master’s room.” Wanda smiled. Since they are married, they are husband and wife, so they naturally want to sleep together.

Ana Lin opened his mouth, but found that he couldn’t speak, so he nodded in agreement.

The first night she slept in a strange place, it was difficult to sleep. She leaned on the bedside and browsed 58 city on her mobile phone, preparing to find a job. Only with a job can she be safe, take good care of her mother, and give the child a future.


Ana Lin actually saw someone recruiting translators. It’s not surprising that translators are recruited. What’s strange is that they need to know the A language.

Country A is the country she was sent to by Randall Lin. It is very backward and located in the tropics. Not many people learn the language of that country. The languages ​​circulating in the world are the languages ​​of relatively developed and powerful countries.

The salary is good.

So she left personal information.

Then put down the phone and lie down to sleep.

The moonlight pouring down in front of the window, like falling silk, soft and gentle, in the dead of night.

The woman on the bed fell asleep unconsciously, a beam of white light poured into the courtyard from the outside, and a Maybach came in from the outside and stopped.

The door opened, and a stalwart figure stepped out of the car. He stepped into the house, his steps were not as steady as usual, and a little vain.

He pulled his neckline, his mouth was dry, and entered the room, he poured a glass of water, his hard apple tumbling continuously, his dark pupils covered with scarlet drunkenness, he finished the water in the glass. A lot of the burning sensation in his throat was relieved, and he drank a lot of white wine during social entertainment. Bai Zhuwei had his birthday, and he drank a few glasses of red wine.

He, who had been drinking well, also became drunk.

He took off his jacket, threw it on the sofa, and entered the room without going to the bathroom.

There is no light in the room, the light is very dim, and he is familiar with the position of the bed.

Lie down directly.

Ana Lin felt movement in her deep sleep, but soon became calm again. She rolled up and continued to sleep.

early morning.

The strands of light, like bunches of shiny golden threads, illuminate the entire room.

On the bed, the woman curled up in the man’s arms, sleeping soundly.

Like a couple, sweet lovers.

The man’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he opened his eyes slowly. After a hangover, he only felt his mind was heavy and needed to be refreshed. When he raised his arm, when he wanted to get up, he found that his arm was held down by something.

He turned his head and saw a woman nestled in his arms.

The girl’s black hair is like a waterfall, and the silk is smooth on his arm, her cheeks are white, her eyelashes are curled up, like butterfly wings, her pink lips are slightly opened, and she breathes evenly.

His gaze slowly moved down, slender neck, delicate collarbone, and undulating chest. She leaned on her side, and through the neckline of her pajamas, she could vaguely spy on her looming seduction.

Her breath fluctuated up and down, and it was a bit seductive.

His Adam’s apple involuntarily rolled up and down, even if it was an impulse that Bai Zhuwei had never experienced, at this moment he actually reacted to this woman who had only seen it twice.

His brows were frowning, he seemed very unhappy with this uncontrolled physical reaction, but he couldn’t look away.

In his sleep, Ana Lin dreamed that he was on the African savannah and was stared at her by a fierce lion, as if he was going to eat her.

She woke up from her dream.

However, the moment I opened my eyes, what came into view was a pair of pupils, deep, but composingly calm.

The brain is blank for a moment.

She opened her eyes suddenly, covered her chest, and said incoherently, “You, why are you in my bed?”

The man calmly retracted his gaze and slowly opened the quilt, “This is my bed.”

Ana Lin wanted to open his mouth to refute, touched the environment in the room, and swallowed when he reached his lips.

“Didn’t you go to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday? Why did you come back?” Ana Lin got off the bed and stood aside.

The tone was a little questioning.

Yesterday, I heard from Yu’s mother that he would not come back at night, so he relaxed his vigilance and slept a lot, so he didn’t even know he entered the room.

She actually slept with this man yesterday.

When I think of sleeping in his arms last night, my cheeks are so hot.

She drooped her head.

Phillip Zong unbuttoned his shirt. He didn’t take off his clothes last night. There was still alcohol on his clothes, and it was uncomfortable to stick to his body crumpledly. He glanced at the woman standing by the bed at a loss, the curvature of his lips. A little bit of fun, “Is it important to have a wedding night for my girlfriend on her birthday?”

Ana Lin, “…”

This is a deal. They are not a husband and wife. Which kind of bridal chamber is a flowery night?

Phillip Zong took off his shirt.

Ana Lin quickly turned his head, the man undressed in front of her.

Since that night, she has particularly rejected men, especially close contact with men.

She panicked, “Me, I’ll go out first.”

After talking, he ran out of the bedroom.

Phillip Zong didn’t pay much attention, untied the belt and went into the bathroom.

He needs to take a bath and wake up.

The sound of rushing water came out from the bathroom. About an hour later, the smoke with the fragrance of shower gel floated out. After the shower, his short dark hair was slightly damp and scattered, and his slender figure was wrapped in a white bathrobe. The body is slightly open, the honey-colored skin and firm chest muscles are looming, exuding a masculine charm that cannot be underestimated.

He stepped to the closet, opened the closet, and when he was about to take out the clothes, he found a strange bag with sunflowers printed on it.

His action is that woman’s? With flowers printed, how could that woman be so naive?

And you’re welcome, and put her things in his wardrobe.

He frowned slightly, took out his clothes and put them on, and accidentally touched her bag while putting on the hanger.

The zipper was not closed, and everything in it fell out after falling like this, simple clothes and daily necessities.

He squatted down, and when he just wanted to pick it up, he found a B-ultrasound sheet——

Ana Lin, female, 18, early pregnancy, 6 weeks.

That woman is pregnant?

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