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Chapter 6

Phillip Zong frowned, feeling deceived.

In the living room, Ma Yu has got up to prepare breakfast,

Seeing Ana Lin wearing pajamas, sitting on the sofa alone, smiling, “How did you sleep last night?”

She thought Phillip Zong would not come back with Bai Zhuwei last night. Hearing the movement at night, she got up and took a look, knowing that Phillip Zong came back last night and slept in the room.

This is the wife appointed by the wife for the young master. It is naturally good. The young master is finally married and Wanda, who has been taking care of him, is also happy.

Her tone and face were too enthusiastic, inexplicably ambiguous.

Ana Lin withdrew stiffly and smiled, “It’s pretty good.”

“Then you hurry up, change clothes, I will prepare breakfast, and eat later.” Wanda walked into the dining room and started to make breakfast.

Ana Lin looked down at her pajamas, the clothes she brought were still in the room.

The men inside should get dressed now, right?

She stood up and walked towards the bedroom, standing at the door, she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

No one responded.

She knocked again, but no one responded.

In desperation, she tried to open the door. The door was not locked from the inside. She opened it as soon as she pushed it.

It’s just that the moment the door was pushed open, was like a winter in December, with the cold wind and the shivering people.

The man sat on the edge of the bed, staring coldly at a piece of paper.

That paper–

Soon Ana Lin saw clearly what he was holding in his hand, and then saw a mess on the ground, a sense of humiliation of being spied on for privacy, she ran in, grabbed it, and questioned, “Why are you? , Do you understand privacy when you read other people’s things without their consent?”

Ha ha.

Phillip Zong sneered, “Privacy?”

He looked at him with a nonchalant smile, “You have a wild species in your stomach. Marry me, come and talk about privacy with me now?”

“I–I–” Ana Lin wanted to explain, but couldn’t find a suitable explanation for a while.

Phillip Zong stood up, his steps were not hurried, slow, and rhythmic. Each step approached two points like atmospheric pressure, and the black cloud rolled over his sharp eyebrows, “Say, what is your purpose?”

Want him to be a cheap father and become the first eldest grandson of the Zong family?

The previous transaction was just her expedient measure?

The more I think about it, the darker his face becomes.

Ana Lin pursed his lips, trembling body, and kept moving back, covering his abdomen with his hands, for fear that he would hurt the child in his abdomen, “I didn’t intend to hide from you, we are just a trading marriage. I didn’t say it, there was absolutely no purpose.”

Phillip Zong’s tone was inexplicably eerie and intimidating, “Really?”

Ana Lin protects her lower abdomen, and withdraws her body calmly, holding on to her composure, “Really, how can this kind of thing be fooled? If I have any wrong thoughts, I won’t die. Besides, if I’m really lazy, Mr. Zong, I think Mr. Zong also has the means to kill me?”

Although her movements were small and light, Phillip Zong still noticed it, and his gaze swept over the abdomen she was protecting.

The gaze was fixed on her face, “Why is the premise not clear?”

Phillip Zong didn’t believe her so easily.

She protects the hands of her abdomen and slowly clenches tightly. This child is too unexpected for her, but she is a relative who is related to her by blood. She has lost her brother, so she wants to give birth to this child.

From now on, the three of them can depend on each other as before.

Thinking of that night, she couldn’t help but tremble, and the cold sweat on her palms burst out, “I, I just learned about it not long ago.”

She didn’t even dare to tell Ida Zhuang that she didn’t dare to put the check-up list in the hospital because she was afraid that Ida Zhuang would find it.

Unexpectedly, it caused such a big disturbance.

Let Phillip Zong suspect her impure motives.

She was only eighteen years old, and she actually—

How disorderly is your private life?

Phillip Zong’s face was so gloomy, he warned, “This month, give me some peace and let me know that you are doing something–“

“No, absolutely not, I must stand by myself, if I do anything out of the ordinary, leave it to Mr. Zong’s disposal.” Ana Lin promised quickly.

Even if he can’t get his trust, he can’t make him doubt his motives.

She was in a predicament, and if there were more enemies, it would be too bad for her to regain things.

Phillip Zong stared at her, looking closely, as if judging the credibility of her words.

Knock——At this moment, Mother Chen came over, “Breakfast is ready.”

Phillip Zong narrowed his eyes and restrained his anger, “Clean up the ground.”

Turn around and go out.

As soon as Phillip Zong left, Ana Lin’s legs became weak. She supported the low cabinet behind her and took a long time to regain her strength. She knelt down and picked up the clothes scattered on the floor.

Seeing the B-ultrasound in his hand again, tears fell, dripping on the paper and fainted.

She wiped her face, she couldn’t cry, she couldn’t cry, it was a sign of weakness.

She can’t be weak, both her mother and the children in her belly need her.

Fold the paper up and put it in the bag, put on clothes and go out.

There is no one in the restaurant. There are empty coffee cups and empty plates on the table. He should have eaten well and left.

Ana Lin breathed a sigh of relief, and it was really depressing to get along with that man.

She went to the table and ate.

After breakfast, she went out and said she was going back, she was afraid of pretending to be worried about herself.

As soon as he entered the door, he was pulled by Ida Zhuang and asked, “The young master of the Zong family–“

“Mom.” Ana Lin’s tone was very heavy, she didn’t want to say more about this, “The other person is very good, don’t worry about me.”

Ida Zhuang sighed, her daughter has her own opinion when she is older, and she doesn’t like to hear her say more, she couldn’t help but feel lost, “I just care about you.”

I’m afraid that man will treat her badly.

Ana Lin hugged her. She didn’t mean it, but confronted Phillip Zong and convinced him that she was exhausted and felt tired.

“Mom, I’m just a little tired, I didn’t mean it.”

“I know, Mom didn’t blame you.” Ida Zhuang followed her back, seeming to feel her exhaustion, “If you are tired, go to sleep.”

Ana Lin nodded. Although she didn’t want to sleep, she did feel exhausted. When she returned to the room, she fell asleep unconsciously.

At noon, ZhuangIda made a meal and asked her to get up to eat.

Sitting on the dining table, Ida Zhuang served his daughter a meal, “I made your favorite fish.”

Ida Zhuang felt guilty for his daughter. Although he gave birth to her, he failed to give her a beautiful childhood and let her suffer along with her.

Ana Lin glanced at the sweet and sour fish made by her mother on the table. It had a faint sweet and sour taste. She loved to eat it before, but now she smelled it and her stomach was rolling fiercely.

She couldn’t hold back, well—


Ana Lin didn’t have time to explain, covering his lips, and went into the bathroom with a mind, retching on the side of the sink.

Ida Zhuang was worried and followed. She was the one who came over. Watching her daughter’s reaction, her face paled, but she didn’t believe it very much. Her daughter was conservative and honest, and she had never had a boyfriend in school. She loved herself very much.

Ida Zhuang’s voice trembled a little, “Yanyan, what’s wrong with you?”

Ana Lin’s body suddenly stiffened, her hands clasping the edge of the sink kept tightening, she decided to have this child, then Ida Zhuang would need to know sooner or later.

She turned to look at her mother, and mustered her courage.

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”

Ida Zhuang couldn’t stand firm for a while, and stepped back, a little unbelievable. She was just eighteen.

Chapter 7

“What’s the matter?!” Ida Zhuang asked, seeming to understand something in an instant, “Isn’t the money compensated by the perpetrator?”

She was injured in a car accident. She spent a lot of money on her son’s funeral. Before returning to China, she gave herself some money, saying that the perpetrator paid for the remaining money.

Ana Lin didn’t know how to speak, it was too difficult to speak.

Her silence is clearly acquiescence, how could she, a girl, raise the money, Ida Zhuang was heartbroken and couldn’t believe it, “You, have you betrayed yourself–“

She grabbed Ana Lin’s wrist and said, “You can’t give birth to this child. Come to the hospital with me now!”

“Why?” Ana Lin tried to shake her hand away.

“You give birth, this life will be ruined!” She can’t give birth to this child. She is already married. If people know, she will be ruined.

“Mom, please, let me be born.” Ana Lin cried and begged.

Ana Lin begged Ida Zhuang not to let go, but was determined.

Ana Lin was taken to the hospital that day.

Ana Lin said if she didn’t go, she threatened with death.

Ana Lin had to go. The flow of people was required for various inspections. When Ida Zhuang went to get the test sheet, she was sitting on the bench in the corridor alone with her hands covering her belly.

Tears couldn’t stop falling.

Sad and helpless.

“Ah Hao, I’m fine, don’t be so nervous, just a little bit of burns.” Bai Zhu smiled slightly, wearing a black tight skirt, which wraps his body in a concave and convex shape, and a suit jacket on his shoulders. Phillip Zong wears The white shirt, the cuffs are tucked, revealing strong arms.

Looks worried, “Scald, bad treatment will leave scars.”

Bai Zhuwei’s body leaned into Phillip Zong’s arms, “If there are scars, will you despise me?”

“All nonsense!”

Bai Zhu giggled slightly, knowing that Phillip Zong was not a superficial person.

This voice–

Ana Lin slowly raised his head, and saw that in the corridor, Bai Zhuwei came slowly relying on Phillip Zong.

The match looks like a pair of bi people.

She is like a clown, she lost her innocence at a young age, and she had a child with an unknown father in her belly.

When she saw her in a daze, there was a look of surprise in her eyes.

“The next patient.” The door of the operation opened, and the nurse was standing at the door. Behind him was a young woman, clutching her abdomen and walking out of it, her mouth still muttering, “Painless person~liu, why return him~ Mom~ it hurts so much?”

Phillip Zong’s eyebrows are frowning, and his eyes are fixed on Ana Lin’s face. When he is in front of him, he still shows how much he cares about the child in his stomach. After turning his face, he will come to be a person~ Liu?

He sneered in his heart!

Bai Zhu slightly followed Phillip Zong’s gaze and looked over–

The moment I saw Ana Lin, there was such a sense of familiarity, but I couldn’t remember where I saw it. She looked at Phillip Zong, “Do you know her?”

“I don’t know.” Phillip Zong raised the corners of his lips coldly.

For Ana Lin, Phillip Zong gave her a lot of labels in her heart. Her private life was chaotic, and she became pregnant at only 18. While showing maternal love in front of him, she had an abortion.

Scheming boy!

“Have you figured it out clearly?” The nurse repeatedly confirmed.

Ana Lin didn’t want to be seen in his embarrassment. Even though he was unwilling, heartache, and helpless, he nodded, “I figured it out clearly.”

“Then come in with me.”

Ana Lin lowered his head, not looking at anyone, and followed the nurse into the operating room. The door in the operating room closed, isolating everything outside.

Bai Zhu was slightly disturbed, she felt Phillip Zong’s anger, stretched out her hand to hold his arm, and said softly, “Ah Hao.”

Phillip Zong coldly said, “Let’s go.”

Bai Zhuwei held his hand tighter, looked back at the closed operating room, and then looked at Phillip Zong’s reaction. It was not like he didn’t know him, but after having been with him for so long, there had never been a woman beside him.

She knew this very well, who was that woman just now?

Why is he so angry? !

“Ah Hao, that girl just now…”

Phillip Zong hugged her and didn’t want to talk about this topic, “For those who don’t matter, don’t take it to heart.”

Bai Zhuwei could only shut his mouth, even if he was curious, he didn’t speak.

In the operating room, Ana Lin flinched after seeing those cold instruments. No, she couldn’t abandon this child, no!

“Lie down.” The doctor gestured.

“I won’t do it.” Ana Lin shook his head, turned and ran.

She ran fast, she was too flustered and didn’t pay attention to the road ahead, and she ran into a man who was crowded oncoming.

She covered her forehead and apologized again and again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry—”

“Ana Lin?” Rios He looked like her, not sure, and tried to ask.

Chapter 8

Ana Lin slowly raised his head, saw the man’s face clearly, and said in surprise, “Doctor He.”

With a group of people standing behind him, Ana Lin was even more surprised, “You, why are you here?”

The younger brother had autism, he was shown by Rios He, and they knew each other after coming and going.

Rios He smiled gently, before opening his mouth, the dean of this hospital spoke, “Doctor He came to our hospital as a forum.”

Rios He is a well-known psychologist, especially for autism.

“How about you, why are you uncomfortable here?” Rios He asked.

Thinking of her mother’s resolute attitude, Ana Lin trembled.

“Yanyan!” Holding the checklist in his hand, Ida Zhuang hurried over from the other side of the corridor and came back. Hearing the nurse said she was running, Ida Zhuang was startled and saw her shouting excitedly.

Ana Lin pursed her lips, her nose is sore, “Mom–“

Rios He said to the dean standing beside him, “You go back first, I have something to do.”

“If you have something to do with Dr. Ho, we won’t bother you. I sincerely invite Dr. Ho to work in our hospital. If you have any requirements, please mention it. I will try my best to satisfy.”

Rios He said gently, “I will consider.”

“Auntie, let’s go outside and talk about it. It’s not appropriate here.” The hospital is full of people who are not suitable for talking.

Ida Zhuang also knows Rios He. Sometimes when he sees a doctor for his son, he can’t get enough money, and it’s all because of Dr. He.

Ida Zhuang respected him very much.

So he held Ana Lin’s wrist tightly for fear that she would run away again.

Just out of the gate of the hospital, Ana Lin knelt in front of Zhuang Ziyan, “Mom, please, Xin Qi is gone, let me keep him?”

Rios He frowned, what do you mean? Soon he reacted again, his eyes rested on her abdomen.

Seeing the checklist in Ida Zhuang’s hand, it was almost clear that she was pregnant.

Shocked, incredible.

He wanted to know what was going on, but now is not the time to ask.

Ana Lin rarely cried in front of Ida Zhuang. Even when her younger brother died, she cried secretly, and she never shed tears in front of Ida Zhuang.

Ida Zhuang didn’t force her, but she gave birth to this child, does she have a future?

It is said that being a mother is stronger. Judging from her appearance, it is difficult for her to give up. Ida Zhuang sighed, “Let’s do it with you.”

After speaking, she turned around and left, feeling uncomfortable, not knowing how to face her daughter.

Ana Lin slowly squatted down, people were pretending, but tears were surrendering. She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t help it. The backlog of hurt and pain eroded her heart and lungs.

Before returning to China, he found them before he knew that they had returned to China, and her brother died in a car accident.

He didn’t know what happened during this period.

Rios He squatted down and gave her a back. When this girl met her, she was a teenager, but she was already very sensible, taking care of her younger brother and mother.

Once, he saw with his own eyes that her money was only enough to buy two meals. She gave her mother and younger brother the meal. She obviously didn’t eat it, but told Ida Zhuang that she had eaten it.

Being sensible is distressing.

Rios He stretched out his hand to touch her head to comfort her, but before his hand fell, Ana Lin suddenly raised his head and looked at him, “Thank you for your previous help. I have money in the future and I will definitely return it to you.”

Rios He’s hand paused on top of her hair, slowly grasped the palm, retracted, and said with a smile, “Fool, those are my voluntary help, no need to pay back.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “You are kind, but I remember.”

If you have the ability, it will be returned.

Rios He helped her up, “Where do you live, I will see you off.”

At this time, Ana Lin was worried about Ida Zhuang, so he nodded and said his address.

When Ana Lin pushed the door and got out of the car, Rios He asked her, “Will you go back in the future?”

Ana Lin turned around to look at him, shook his head, “Not going back.”

Finally came back.

Ana Lin returned to the residence and saw Ida Zhuang sitting on a chair, wiping tears, her heart seemed to be torn by something.

Ida Zhuang wiped his tears and didn’t look at her, “I’m fine, you can go back.”


“It’s my mother who didn’t take care of you.” Ida Zhuangg wiped his tears, but there were still after he wiped it, and he couldn’t stop it.

Ana Lin rushed over and hugged her, mother and daughter, hugging each other and crying bitterly, venting the pain in each other’s hearts.

After a long time, they calmed down. Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang talked about their transaction with Phillip Zong, so that she should not worry about herself.

Ida Zhuang was shocked, how can marriage be a trifling matter?

Although she does not approve of any transactional marriage, but her daughter is pregnant and her body is unclean, presumably the man in the clan can’t accept it either. That’s fine.

She will take care of her daughter in the future.

In the evening, Ana Lin returned to the villa. Phillip Zong was not there. After dinner, she walked around in the courtyard of the villa, taking a walk to digest food, and seeing the surroundings of the villa.

Later, when it was too late, she went back to the room, but feeling thirsty, she poured a glass of water into the kitchen.

After drinking half a glass of water, when Ana Lin was about to go back to the room to sleep, there was a sound of twisting the handle on the door of the room, and the next door was pushed open.

Immediately, a tall figure stepped in, followed by a bright figure, coming out from behind him.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment.

Unexpectedly, Phillip Zong brought the woman he liked back so late.

Bai Zhuwei was also taken aback when she saw her, wasn’t this the woman who was in the hospital that day?

She raised her head to look at Phillip Zong, his sharp profile face, with cold lines.

Why was he angry that day?

Related to this woman?

Women’s minds are always sensitive, but Phillip Zong’s abnormality makes Bai Zhuwei wary of Ana Lin.

“Well, I’ll go back to the room first.” Ana Lin didn’t want to be an annoying light bulb.

“Wait.” Phillip Zong looked at her with a heavy gaze. She was wearing a conservative pajamas, with a white skirt extending to her ankles, with two thin white arms exposed, and she looked a bit pure.

Just thinking of what she did, I felt a little more disgusted, “Zhu Wei, is the owner of this place other than me, you know what I mean?”

Ana Lin felt that he was unnecessary. She never regarded herself as the master here, so why bother?

“I know, then I’ll go to sleep.” Ana Lin turned around and walked towards the room.

“Miss Lin.” Bai Zhuwei looked at her, “I’m sorry.”

Ana Lin was confused and looked at her in surprise.

Her face was deeply apologetic, “Although you and Ah Hao have a marriage contract, but Ah Hao and I have known each other longer than you. If it weren’t for you, it is me who married today. We are in love, so –“

“So what?” Ana Lin thought this woman was strange.

She knew her identity well and did not hinder them.

Why did she say these?

“I just think you are married to Ah Hao, but Ah Hao doesn’t love you because of my relationship, so I feel guilty for you.”

“No need.” According to normal people’s thinking, shouldn’t this awkward relationship not interfere with each other?

Do this, in order to brush her kindness in front of Phillip Zong?

Inexplicably, Ana Lin has no good feelings for her.

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes and stared at her face, “What is your attitude?”

Ana Lin pursed her lips. What her attitude, she just wants to spend this month peacefully, get what belongs to her, and leave.

It’s this woman, it’s weird, to talk about this.

How should she answer?

“How do you want me to answer?” Bai Zhuwei said, she couldn’t take it down.

Chapter 9

“How do you want me to answer?” Bai Zhuwei said, she couldn’t take it down.

Do you want to say, I’m sorry, shouldn’t I have a marriage contract with Phillip Zong and broke you up?

So much hypocrisy.

And the marriage was decided by the two mothers, what should she do?

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes and stared at her, stepping under his feet, unsteadily, unconsciously, a depressive atmosphere filled invisibly, Ana Lin involuntarily stepped back, “I didn’t provoke you?”

Bai Zhuwei came up and took his arm, “Ah Hao, don’t be angry, I’m not good, I shouldn’t say this, she just walked in, I shouldn’t have come, you should rest early, I will go back first.”

“You shouldn’t go here.” Phillip Zong held her wrist back upstairs.

Bai Zhuwei was filled with joy. Although Phillip Zong had already indicated that he would be with her, he never had any thoughts about her.

Phillip Zong’s behavior today made her overjoyed.

After all, it wasn’t her that night. Only when a substantial relationship really happened could she firmly grasp this man’s heart.

Ana Lin didn’t look up, just turned and entered the room silently.

Bai Zhu turned her head slightly, just in time to see the back of Ana Lin entering the room, thin and slender, she suddenly found that it was very similar to the back of the girl that night.

That night, she overcame the jealousy and hatred in her heart and got a virgin for Phillip Zong, which was already her greatest limit. She didn’t want to see what kind of girl it was, lingering with Phillip Zong.

Only when the girl left, she hurriedly saw the thin figure.

No wonder she has been weird, seeing Ana Lin feel familiar.

It turns out that this familiarity didn’t come out of thin air.

The thought that the woman that night might be Ana Lin, Bai Zhuwei was panicked.

She must not let Ana Lin stay with Phillip Zong.

Close contact, so as not to let Phillip Zong discover clues.

After all, it was a woman who had been intimate with him.

Entering the room, Bai Zhu slightly disregarded his restraint, hugged Phillip Zong’s thin waist, buried her head in her arms, and said softly, “Ah, let me be your woman again.”

Speaking of her k*ss, Phillip Zong’s expression condensed slightly, but he did not have the impulse that a normal man should have for Bai Zhuwei’s initiative.

Except that night, he had no desire for her!

Just when Bai Zhuwei’s lips were about to touch his, he turned his head and Bai Zhuwei’s k*ss fell through.

“It’s late, go to bed early.” Phillip Zong pulled the collar which wasn’t tight, feeling a little irritable.

As for the irritability, he didn’t know anything about it. Being irritable himself should be impulsive to her without a man, which made him feel abnormal.

Bai Zhuwei clenched his hands tightly, feeling aggrieved on his face, “Ah Hao, do you dislike me—”

“Don’t think about it.” Phillip Zong muffled his voice and put his arms around her shoulders, “rest here tonight.”

Bai Zhuwei is a woman. She understands too well what it means for a man to be uninterested in her.

She lay down on the bed obediently, but her eyes were red, and the tears rolled in her eyes, but they never fell.

That obviously wronged look, and so forbearing.

Phillip Zong’s heart moved slightly, and she was so forbearing that night, no matter how much he tossed, she never said anything.

My mind became softer, covered her with a quilt, and sat on the side of the bed, “Don’t think about it, when I have the status, I… will definitely want you.”

Bai Zhu nodded slightly. She has been around Phillip Zong for a long time and has some understanding of his temperament. Even if she doesn’t love him, he will be responsible for her due to responsibility.

Phillip Zong took off his coat and stepped out of the room. He went downstairs and threw the coat in his hands on the sofa. Then he sank into the sofa, his slender legs leaned on the coffee table and his head leaned back on the back of the sofa. , Looks a bit tired.

early morning.

When Ana Lin washed, dressed, and walked out, Phillip Zong sat at the dining table and watched Today’s Finance. Bai Zhuwei seemed to know him well and made him a pot of black, thick hot coffee.

Wanda had already prepared breakfast, Ana Lin reduced her sense of presence, did not say anything, sat at the end of the table, distanced herself from them, and drank porridge with her head down.

Wanda served the fried egg, looked at Ana Lin’s unpromising appearance, frowning, she was the one who was famous, why was she so humble in front of Xiaosan?

Wanda deliberately aloud, “Madam, you should sit at the bottom of the young master.”


Ana Lin looked up.

Phillip Zong also put down his financial newspaper.

All eyes were stunned, Ana Lin shuddered when she thought of the man last night, looking at herself so coldly.

When Phillip Zong was very young, his mother passed away and Wanda took care of him.

He respected the old man who took care of him.

So Wanda spoke casually.

In his marriage, they all got what they needed. Ana Lin felt that he shouldn’t disturb his private life. After drinking the last porridge, he smiled, “I’m done, you eat slowly.”

Through last night, Ana Lin felt that Phillip Zong cares about Bai Zhuwei, so she should be more interesting.

As if there was a scourge chasing her behind, she walked fast.

Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin’s hastily back, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Bai Zhu restrained his thoughts slightly and said in a low voice, “Maybe I am here, she is not very comfortable with it, in the future–“

Phillip Zong put a glass of milk in front of her, “She will leave in a month.”

Bai Zhu lowered his eyes slightly, this month was too long for her.

Ana Lin returned to the room, turned on the phone, and got a reply to the message.

Let her go for an interview. When Phillip Zong and Bai Zhuwei leave, Ana Lin also walked out of the villa to take a taxi to go for the interview.

Wanyue Group, a towering building, magnificent!

Ana Lin stood in front of the building, took a deep breath, and walked in.

She did not graduate from university and it was not easy to find a suitable job, so she wanted to apply for the opportunity to succeed in this job.

The interview area was full of people, all of them in formal wear, holding resumes in their hands, and seemed to be fully prepared for the interview, while Ana Lin looked a little out of place in a white t-shirt and jeans.

It’s not like coming for an interview.

Ignoring the strange gazes she cast from time to time, she stood quietly and waited.

It took nearly an hour to call Ana Lin.

Washing dishes and delivering newspapers cannot be used as work experience. She has no academic qualifications, so she did not make a resume.

The interviewer frowned slightly about her work experience, “How can you speak country A?”

After all, this is not the word of the public.

The recruitment has been suspended for a long time, and there are no applicants.

Ana Lin thought of the past, and held his hand tightly, “Where did I live? In order to better communicate with the locals, I deliberately learned the language, writing…”

This voice–

Bai Zhuwei holding the document in his hand, passing by the interview area, hearing this familiar voice, looking for a reputation, she saw Ana Lin, her heart suddenly stagnated.

Chapter 10

She even knows the A language.

If she was not sure before that she was the girl that night, now she can be sure!

“Secretary Bai?” The subordinates did not understand why she suddenly stopped and reminded, “The meeting is about to begin.”

Bai Zhuwei handed the documents in his hands to his subordinates, “You take the documents to President Zong first, and I will be there in a while.”

“Then you come over tomorrow.” Because there are very few people who know the language of this country. Although Ana Lin has no work experience, it is enough for her to know the language of Country A.

Ana Lin stood up from the chair and leaned slightly, “Thank you.”

She happily walked out of the interview room, behind her, as soon as she came out, Bai Zhuwei walked in.

“The woman just didn’t meet the application requirements, she can’t ask for it.”

“Although she has no work experience, she will—”

“What I said is useless, isn’t it?” Bai Zhu snapped slightly.

She is Phillip Zong’s secretary, and even Phillip Zong’s girlfriend. She might become Zong’s young grandmother. Who dares to offend?

Although the interviewer felt it was a pity, he responded.


Ana Lin came out of the building with joy. I feel I have seen the hope of life.

Life is on the right track little by little.

She stopped the car from the side of the road and went to Lin’s house.

Soon the car stopped in front of the Lin’s villa, and she paid to get off.

She walked in at a steady pace.

In the living room, Elvira Shen was wearing silk pajamas and sitting enchantingly on the sofa.

Seeing Ana Lin raised delicate eyebrows, “Oh, this is not Ana Lin.”

Ana Lin’s gaze fell on Elvira Shen’s wrist. The jade bracelet she wore was frowned. She had seen it in her mother’s jewelry box when she was a child, and her mother said that it was left to her by her grandmother.

Now it fell into the hands of Elvira Shen.

Ana Lin suppressed the rolling inside, “I’m here to find Randall Lin.”

Elvira Shen fiddled with her delicate nails, without raising her eyelids, “Marrying a lame man, I must have a good life, right?”

“Well, don’t bother you.” Ana Lin said lightly, and asked again, “Is Randall Lin there?”

Elvira Shen raised her eyes and looked at Ana Lin and turned it over, “It’s like a flat eggplant, and the cripple of the Zong family doesn’t look down on you, right?”

Ana Lin couldn’t help but sneered. At this moment, she was a little grateful to Phillip Zong for deliberately pretending to be lame, so she had a chance to come back.

If you know that Phillip Zong is not lame, will you regret not marrying your daughter?

As far as men are concerned, Phillip Zong is indeed handsome, capable and rich.

How many women are flocking to them.

Randall Lin was not there, she didn’t want to waste unnecessary words with Elvira Shen.

She turned and left. When she reached the door, a car drove up from the side of the road and stopped at the door. Ana Lin knew the car and it belonged to Randall Lin.

Soon the driver pulled the door, Randall Lin got out of the car and saw Ana Lin standing at the door, thinking that she might have come to ask for Ida Zhuang’s dowry, his face sank, and before she could speak, he said something. Want your mother’s dowry, yes, you have to do something for me.”

Ana Lin frowned, “You said that as long as I marry into the clan, you will return my mother’s things!”

Randall Lin snorted coldly, “Why do I want you to marry into the clan? Because it is helpful to the Lin family, especially in career!”

Ana Lin was trembling with angrily, “How can you say nothing, are you – still a man?!”

“Sure enough, it’s something uneducated!” Randall Lin’s face was ugly, “I am your father, did you just talk to me like this?”

Ana Lin feels cold, body cold, heart colder!

He turned back!

“If you want something, tell Phillip Zong, give me the right to develop Repulse Bay, and I’ll give it to you.” After saying that Randall Lin passed her into the courtyard, and stopped a few steps away from Ana Lin.” That piece of land is very important to me. As long as you persuade Phillip Zong to give it to me, I will return all the things your mother brought here, including the piano that your mother gave you as a birthday present.”

Ana Lin never expected that Randall Lin would be so shameless!

Ana Lin didn’t believe him at all because he didn’t keep his promises so much.

If you want to get those things back, I’m afraid I can only find another way.

Ana Lin narrowed his eyes. The land he wanted was in Phillip Zong’s hands…

If she wants to grasp Randall Lin’s weakness, it seems that she has to work hard on her’newly married husband’.

But how does she start?

Although the two are husband and wife, they are stranger than strangers.

Ana Lin didn’t think of a way when he returned to the residence, but received a call that he was not accepted.

“Didn’t you tell me to go to work tomorrow?” Ana Lin said anxiously.

“Sorry, we can’t admit you, you don’t meet our admission requirements.” After speaking, the other party hung up.

Ana Lin looked at the phone and didn’t recover for a long time.

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