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Chapter 950

Seeing Lord Wolf also completely gave up on himself, Hua Chenyu threatened directly.

This kind of person is a typical bullying and afraid of hardship.

Hu Ye and Dustin Zhou were already clearly on the opposite side of him, so he didn’t have any temperament towards Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye, he was simply afraid.

Afraid that Dustin Zhou would beat him.

But Lord Wolf is different. Lord Wolf has been very polite to him so far, so he decided on Lord Wolf.

If Lord Wolf doesn’t care about him, he will threaten Lord Wolf severely.

Of course, this approach can only deal with fools.

If Lord Wolf was a fool, he might really turn around at this time and stand in front of him again.

But unfortunately, Lord Wolf is not a fool.

Lord Wolf did stop and turned around.

“What did you say?” Lord Wolf asked.

“If you don’t help me stop them today, I will kill your whole family!” Hua Chenyu continued to threaten.

Lord Wolf smiled, smiling happily.

“Hu Ye and they dare to beat you, you are so good to them, crying father and mother.” “I’m just being kind to you, you treat me like this?” “You are forcing me How many slaps you too?” Lord Wolf looked at Hua Chenyu with a playful expression.

He seems to have never noticed that this young master of the Chinese family is so stupid.

Does it really have no IQ at all?

He came over, raised his hand and slapped Hua Chenyu, “Are you still killing my whole family?” Hua Chenyu was stunned, covering his face in disbelief.

How come even Lord Wolf started smoking himself?

“You, do you dare to hit me?” he asked.

In this scene, when Dustin Zhou beat him

So similar.

Of course, the results are similar.

Lord Wolf not only slapped him a few times, but even kicked him to the ground.

“I’m the one who beat you! Are you still killing my whole family?” “Believe it or not I’ll take your dog’s life now?” Lord Wolf said viciously.

This sentence finally made Hua Chenyu feel terrified.

He had never been so wronged before, and finally couldn’t help crying.

Today, he is a bit miserable, and the ones who have been beaten are a little bit underwhelming.

“I, I was wrong, Lord Wolf, please forgive me, I will not retaliate against you.” Hua Chenyu cried and said.

“Why don’t you say that and it’s over?” “You have to be beaten by others to speak well? Are you not forcing others to beat you?” Lord Wolf said with some intent. The feeling of rich second generation is really cool.

After kicking Hua Chenyu’s feet fiercely, Lord Wolf threw off a threat, “If I dare to beat Master’s idea, Master will kill you at all costs!” According to Hua Chenyu’s character, I heard this. After saying this, he really didn’t dare to fight Lord Wolf’s idea after eight achievements.

Because he is indeed a bully and afraid of hard work, he only bullies those who let him bully. If anyone does not let him bully, he will treat the other person as a grandfather.

Lord Wolf was gone, and only Hua Chenyu was left to face Dustin Zhou and Lord Tiger.

“Master Tiger, Zhou, Mr. Zhou, when will you still hit me?” Hua Chenyu asked weakly.

“When you hit, you have to ask yourself.” Dustin Zhou sat down casually on the sofa and said lightly.

“Ask me?” Hua Chenyu pointed to his nose, “Does it work if I said it? It’s almost the same now if I want to say it, so I don’t need to fight anymore.” “That won’t work.” Dustin Zhou shook his head. .

Hua Chenyu almost vomited a mouthful of old blood.

I said it doesn’t count, let me say a hammer!

But he didn’t dare to say this, and he asked pitifully, “What the hell do you have to stop hitting me?” “Of course it is to solve the problem. It is not the purpose to hit you. We are here to solve the problem.” Dustin Zhou said again.

He found that this Huachenyu was really a wonderful work, since they entered the villa until now, this Huachenyu has never asked them what they are here for.

Of course, this was because he didn’t understand Hua Chenyu’s worldview, so he felt that he was a strange thing.

For Hua Chenyu, it doesn’t matter at all why Dustin Zhou and the others came.

No matter what you are here for, it’s over if you drive out!

He did indeed do this, so he called Lord Wolf.

However, Lord Wolf is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent and has already slipped away.

But now Huachenyu still feels why Dustin Zhou and the others came here

It doesn’t matter, because he has already lost.

What are you going to do if you lose?

Kneel down and apologize, admit your mistakes, lose money, and apologize!

As long as the coaxing partner is happy, he is not wrong!

This is his worldview, there is no right or wrong in the world, only the strong and the weak.

As long as he is strong enough, even if he does all the bad things that humans can imagine in the world, he is also the incarnation of justice in the eyes of everyone.

So the matter itself is not important. What matters is who won. This is that he did not pay attention to what Dustin Zhou and the others came for this time.

Hearing Dustin Zhoumeng’s question now, he was stunned.

“Solve things? Solve something, do you want money?” He asked with a confused look.

Several black lines appeared on Dustin Zhou’s forehead.

He had never seen such a weird person!

“We don’t need money!” Dustin Zhou said viciously, “Don’t you even remember what you did?” “A Chong, tell him!” Dustin Zhou said to A Chong who was on the side.

A Chong stood up, “Three years ago, the girl you brought into the men’s bathroom at the Brilliant Hotel.” A Chong said.

“Girl? What girl? I take the girl into the toilet every day, which one do you mean?” Hua Chenyu asked.

When he said this, he even looked innocent, as if what he said was a trivial matter.

But to Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye, it sounds like the behavior of beasts!


Relying on his identity, how many girls did this guy hurt?

So far, this guy has lived well in the world. Is there really justice in this world?

When the driver on one side heard it, he also looked desperate.

He hurt the driver’s little niece and almost destroyed half of the driver’s family, but for Hua Chenyu, this was just a small matter in his daily life.

Is this kind of animal really qualified to live in this world?

Dustin Zhou thought that there was nothing to explain about this matter at all. Looking at Hua Chenyu’s appearance, even if he brought the driver’s niece in front of him, he could not recognize that this girl had been hurt by him.

After all, he has hurt too many girls, it is impossible to remember everyone.

So just don’t explain anything, just slapped it to death.

But at this time, the ancestor of the Hua family came.

Chapter 951

Just when Dustin Zhou looked impatient and wanted to slap Hua Chenyu to death, the Hua family ancestor arrived in time.

“The old man came in time,” Dustin Zhou said, narrowing his eyes.

To be honest, the time of this old man’s arrival was too coincidental, and he arrived when Hua Chenyu immediately ran out of ammunition and food.

Dustin Zhou even suspected that the Chinese ancestors

This grandson is under surveillance.

If this is the case, then this Chinese ancestor is not a good thing.

Because this meant that the ancestor of the Hua family knew everything his grandson had done, no matter what Hua Chenyu did or encountered, he saw it in his eyes.

Therefore, when Hua Chenyu was in desperate situation, he appeared because he knew that his grandson was in danger.

Then, when Hua Chenyu was doing something bad, he should also know it, but he didn’t choose to appear.

Things became more and more interesting.

The ancestors of the Hua family are probably more than 80 years old, but they seem to have the demeanor of the immortal spirit, and they can be said to be stronger and stronger when they walk along the road.

As soon as he entered the door of the villa, he shouted in a full-fledged voice, “Yu’er, what’s the matter?” “Why is the door of the house broken? If it is broken, I don’t need someone to repair it.” But judging from the sentence The ancestor of the Hua family didn’t seem to know that Hua Chenyu was in danger. The reason why he appeared here was just a coincidence.

Therefore, he didn’t even know why the door of Huachenyu Villa was broken.

But is this really the case?

When the ancestor of the Hua family came to the hall, his eagle-like sharp gaze quickly scanned the entire hall, passing by Dustin Zhou and others.

“Grandpa, grandpa, you can count as coming! If you don’t come, you won’t be able to see my grandson!” Hua Chenyu hurried over and threw himself into the arms of the ancestor of the Hua family.

A touch of pampering flashed in the eyes of the ancestors of the Hua family, and he touched Hua Chenyu’s head and said, “My dear grandson, why can’t I see you? Did something happen to you?” He saw Hua Chen clearly The wound on Yu’s body instantly turned gloomy.

He raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou and others again, “Who are you? Did you hurt my grandson?” He glanced over, with endless coercion. After touching this gaze, don’t talk about the driver and A Chong. Such an ordinary person, even a martial artist like Tiger Lord, feels like a mountain is pressed against his chest, and can’t breathe dull.

This Chinese ancestor is definitely a strong one!

Moreover, it was not just a suppression of strength. As soon as the two sides met, a strong spark burst out in the atmosphere. The first round was actually just a contest of momentum.

Obviously, in this round, the Chinese ancestors won!

Just like outside rumors, the ancestor of the Hua family is a symbol of justice. As long as he stops there, he carries a powerful aura of justice.

The reason why Lord Tiger is so weak in the ancestors of the Chinese family is because the aura of the ancestors of the Chinese family is too strong, and it has little to do with strength. He carries a kind of upright and strong self-confidence.

The light makes it impossible to look directly at him and dare not confront him.

Under such circumstances, after hearing the question from the ancestor of the Hua family, Lord Tiger didn’t even know how to answer for a while.

This is a very dangerous signal!

If you don’t even have the courage to speak in front of others, let alone fight each other.

At this time, Dustin Zhou spoke, his voice was not as strong as that of the ancestors of the Hua family, and even a little flat, but with pride that was neither humble nor humble.

The aura of the ancestor of the Hua family is like a mountain and the sea is like a rainbow, while Dustin Zhou’s aura is like an iceberg, it seems that only a little trace is revealed on the sea.

But in fact, under the sea, that is the huge and terrifying true face of the iceberg. That is Dustin Zhou’s absolute pride and confidence!

No matter how turbulent your waves are, as an iceberg, I stand still!

“Senior Hua,” Dustin Zhou gave a calm salute first, and then said, “Unexpectedly, it shocked you. Here I first declare that your grandson is indeed like this.” Dustin Zhou’s voice was very calm. , And even some polite language.

But listen carefully to what he said, but you know how tough his attitude is, it is simply arrogant!

Let me first declare that your grandson is indeed like this!

This is a provocation at all!

The ancestor of the Hua Family was also taken aback for a moment, apparently he did not expect that under his strong aura, there would be such a tenacious existence.

“Oh? Who are you?” The ancestor of the Hua family asked curiously.

“I’m just a grassroots. Why, should the patron saint of the East China Sea, the ancestor of the Chinese family, think about the identity of the other party before doing something?” Dustin Zhou smiled shallowly, “I just say what I want to do. Just do what you want. Is it necessary to find out who I am?”

Dustin Zhou’s remarks can be said to have directly grasped the initiative of communication.

The ancestors of the Hua family suddenly fell into a passive state.

“Interesting, interesting, it’s been a long time since I saw you as an interesting young man.” The ancestor of the Hua family laughed loudly.

Suddenly, his face became cold for a moment, and then he looked at Dustin Zhou sullenly, “Boy, don’t play with your meaningless cleverness in front of me!” “I tell you, I know more about the truth than you. As the ancestor of the Chinese family, I am the incarnation of absolute justice. Nothing in this world can affect my principle of doing things. No matter what your status is, it is not good!” “I ask who you are, just pure curiosity. That’s all, it has nothing to do with this matter!” “I don’t need you to teach me how to do things!” The ancestor of the Hua family said viciously, his aura becoming stronger again.

But Dustin Zhou is still as calm as

Water, “That’s the best.” “I don’t know what the old Hua family is here for this time?” “This is Master’s house. This is the villa my grandson bought. Of course I will come if I want to come!” I glanced at the eyes, “It’s you who appeared here without my grandson’s permission, right? You destroyed the door at the door.” “The person who destroyed my property and injured my grandson, you are ready to pay accordingly Is it the price of yours?” The ancestors of the Hua family said, while dissipating all of their aura.

In the beginning, the two sides were just a contest of momentum, but now, the ancestors of the Hua family are obviously ready to do it, so they exude all the strength and aura of their bodies, and crush them toward Dustin Zhou and others.

Chapter 952

After feeling the temperament of the ancestor of the Hua family, Lord Tiger almost fainted directly.

The emperor of warriors!

This was the first thought in Lord Tiger’s heart.

Because this momentum is too strong and too strong, it is not something that the martial master can have.

This breath clearly surpasses your martial master.

In other words, the strength of the ancestor of the Hua family is higher than that of the martial artist, so it can only be… the emperor of martial artist!

A bitterness flashed in Lord Tiger’s heart. He did not expect that this ancestor of the Chinese family could be so powerful.

In this small East China Sea city, there is such a great god hidden, worthy of being called the patron saint.

“Now, even if I kill you, you should have no complaints.” The ancestor of the Hua family said lightly, “You have to pay the corresponding price if you do something wrong.” “There is darkness in your heart. Is there a problem with the execution of the destruction by justice?” After releasing his aura, the ancestors of the Hua family were too lazy to talk nonsense with Dustin Zhou and the others.

The reason is simple, with his strength, it is enough to erase everything!

It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong.

He only needs to obstruct himself and obstruct himself, all of which are obliterated and the matter is over.

“I feel wrong.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou spoke again.

It is still that calm.

The ancestors of the Hua family were shocked. Under his aura, some people kept calm and calm!

how can that be?

Could it be that the young man in front of him is also the emperor of warriors?

No, no, this is absolutely impossible!

The warrior emperor of the entire China has a name and a surname, and he can count the existence of the top leaders. It can be said that he knows all of them.

But he never remembered such a young emperor of warriors.

If there is such a young warrior emperor in this world, then the entire Guwu world should have been subverted long ago!

So he dispelled his doubts. Although he did not understand why Dustin Zhou was immune to his aura, he believed that Dustin Zhou

Yang cannot be the emperor of warriors.

“What’s the problem with you? What’s wrong?” The ancestor of the Hua Family asked insidiously, while slowly approaching Dustin Zhou.

As long as Dustin Zhou spoke, he slapped it directly.

“It’s very simple. You said you wanted to destroy us because we hurt your grandson and destroyed your property.” Dustin Zhou said calmly. Just after he finished speaking, the ancestor of the Hua family suddenly slapped him. come.

This slap carries the power of surpassing the martial master, even a piece of marble will be shattered by the shot on the spot!

But Dustin Zhou seemed to have seen nothing, and grabbed his palm with a hand.

Then, in the shocked gaze of the ancestor of the Hua family, he continued without haste.

“You said that because we were wrong first, we represent evil, and you represent justice.” “But you are simply taking it out of context. Why did we harm your grandson? Was it for no reason? Before that, you Has his grandson ever done anything wrong?” “Could it be that he represents evil, and we represent justice, that’s why all this happened now?” Dustin Zhou asked lazily.

But what he said, the ancestors of the Chinese family could no longer listen.

It’s very simple, because it doesn’t really matter what Dustin Zhou is talking about.

The important thing is that Dustin Zhou is actually better than him!

And it’s not a little bit strong!

Just now, it was his full palm, and it was a sudden sneak attack, which was so easily picked up by Dustin Zhou!

This made the ancestors of the Hua family panicked.

He met such an opponent for the first time!

So when he saw Dustin Zhou’s calm face, he panicked.

The aura on his body gradually weakened.

“I, I…” He stammered trying to explain something, but facing Dustin Zhou, he didn’t know what to say.

“You don’t ask right or wrong, don’t ask what happened, and you directly conclude that we are the evil side, but you are the righteous side.” “What does this mean? Justice and evil? Can you make a conclusion in one statement?” Dustin Zhoulen He asked, “Or, justice and evil are determined by whose strength?” Dustin Zhou said, the aura of the emperor of warriors burst out!

In an instant, a majestic aura enveloped the entire hall!

Under this aura, the aura of the ancestors of the Hua family is like a dying fish and shrimp!

The stars dare to compete with Haoyue for glory!

Dustin Zhou raised his sword eyebrows, and stared at the ancestor of the Hua family condescendingly, “Is this what you call justice?” The ancestor of the Hua family was completely speechless.

Because he understood very well, he lost, and lost too thoroughly.

In terms of strength, he is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all


This made him feel desperate, but also terrified.

In this world, how could there be such a young emperor of warriors?

Moreover, he has never heard of it!

“I lost.” The ancestor of the Hua family said convincingly.

Hu Ye also cast a surprised look at Dustin Zhou.

Only when he personally feels Dustin Zhou’s aura can he truly appreciate Dustin Zhou’s strength.

It’s almost unfathomable like the vast universe!

In the face of this force, Hu Ye couldn’t even raise the mood of resistance at all. If he was standing opposite Dustin Zhou now, then he would not do anything at all, and would directly admit defeat.

The ancestor of the Hua family had the same choice as him. After a moment of silence, the ancestor of the Hua family knelt directly in front of Dustin Zhou.

“I was wrong, Master Xianshi, and I asked Master Xianshi to let me go!” “Master Xianshi?” This time it was Dustin Zhou’s turn and was stunned.

He didn’t understand why the ancestors of the Chinese family called himself that way.

“Difficult, aren’t you a fairy teacher?” The ancestor of the Hua family was also stunned.

He is the emperor of warriors himself, and he can crush the existence of the emperor of warriors. He must be an immortal master. Why would Dustin Zhou look blank?

Dustin Zhou understood what the ancestors of the Hua family said. It turned out that he was called an immortal master at the level above the emperor of warriors. This was a blind spot of Dustin Zhou’s knowledge.

But Dustin Zhou knew very well that he himself was not a fairy master at all, but a warrior emperor!

As for the reason, it was too simple, because what he had was the heart of the emperor, and it had nothing to do with the fairy master.

As for why he was able to hang the ancestors of the Hua family, the ancestors of the Hua family didn’t know this very well. They thought Dustin Zhou was simply crushing the realm, but Dustin Zhou was very clear.

The ancestor of the Hua family was not the emperor of warriors at all, because in the body of the ancestor of the Hua family, he could not feel the heart of the other emperor at all.

The heart of the emperor means absolute pride and self-confidence. Those are two things different from strength. These things are not reflected in the ancestors of the Hua family.

He can only be regarded as a half emperor at best.

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