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Table of Contents

Chapter 1013

Make things difficult for Dustin Zhou at the Brilliant Hotel?

This is really playing a lantern in the hut, looking for sh*t.

Just as Dustin Zhou was planning to have a good time, Enderia Shen on one side took out the phone.

Enderia Shen didn’t think too much, just thinking that since the security guards wanted identification, then he could prove it.

Moreover, the security guard even gave a specific way to prove his identity, and Enderia Shen couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

Moreover, she really knew who Li was always in the security guard’s mouth.

Li Changhe, in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City, can be regarded as a big man.

This Li Changhe only emerged later. It was precisely because he hugged the thigh of Mingyang Company, and through finding relationships, he obtained a very large agency right for Mingyang Company.

Through his own operations, he gradually became the largest agent of Mingyang Company. Such an identity is very strong in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City.

After all, all companies now, if they want to eat, basically have to sell products from well-known companies.

It can be said that whoever can get the most goods from Mingyang Company is the most powerful person under Mingyang Company.

Of course, no one can shake the position of a famous company.

Therefore, Li Changhe is well-known in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City, and Enderia Shen happens to have his phone number.

Without thinking about it, Enderia Shen directly dialed Li Changhe’s phone, “Mr. Li, are you at the Brilliant Hotel now?” Enderia Shen asked, she was driving the speakerphone, so other people could hear Li Changhe’s voice. “Huh? It’s Mr. Shen, yes, I’ve arrived at the Brilliant Hotel, haven’t you arrived yet?” Dustin Zhou covered his forehead somewhat speechlessly.

He didn’t expect Enderia Shen to move so fast.

But it doesn’t matter, since it has been opened up, let Enderia Shen just say it.

To find this place, Dustin Zhou has a way.

“That’s Mr. Li. I’m also at the Brilliant Hotel now, but the security at the door wouldn’t let us in.” “Said we must know you before we can enter.” Enderia Shen said very honestly.

Dustin Zhou sighed silently, how could this woman be so stupid?

Just as Dustin Zhou had imagined, after Enderia Shen finished speaking, the other side of the phone became quiet.

Before Enderia Shen could respond, he asked on the phone, “Hey, Manager Li? Are you still Manager Li?” After a while, Li Changhe’s voice came over the phone.

Along with his voice, there was also a faint laughter.

And Li Changhe’s own voice also carried a faint smile, “No, Shen, how could you be stopped by security?” “You are Manager Li, why can’t you even get in the hotel door? Doesn’t the security know you?” Hearing that Li Changhe’s first reaction was not to help him get in, but to laugh deliberately, Enderia Shen could barely reflect what happened.

But now she realized that it was a bit late.

Li Changhe continued to laugh, “You are the famous President Shen, the first person in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City, which security guard dares to stop you!” Enderia Shen knew that he was fooled, and said angrily, “Then I won’t I see, anyway, the security guard said that he would let me in unless I know you. Mr. Li, come and pick me up. Otherwise, we can’t go on this meeting today.” Don’t go to this cosmetics industry exchange meeting. , It is also impossible, because this matter is of great importance, even Enderia Shen dare not release the pigeons easily.

Although Mingyang Company is strong, if she offends the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City because of this, the price will not be affordable even for Mingyang Company.

Therefore, although Enderia Shen had a little threat in his tone, he did not dare to say too much.

And Li Changhe over there obviously didn’t mind Enderia Shen’s threat at all.

Continue to say in an indifferent tone, “Haha, don’t be angry, President Shen, I’ll go down and pick you up, I’m just curious about this.” Enderia Shen hung up the phone angrily, and watched Xiang Security, “Can we go up now?” The security also shook his head with a strong smile on his face, and said, “It’s not okay now, how do I know that you really called Mr. Li instead of You just dialed a number to fool me?” “You didn’t mean that Mr. Li will come down

Pick you up?

Then wait for Mr. Li to pick you up.

“The security guard said. Obviously, in front of the security guard, after Li Changhe came down, he inevitably mocked Enderia Shen again. At this time, Dustin Zhou also quietly sent a message out. Soon, Li Changhe was down. , With several other cosmetics company bosses behind him. Just when he came to the lobby, when he was far away from Enderia Shen and them, Li Changhe’s proud voice rang, “Haha, Shen, I’m so sorry, you Say how can you stop a security guard?

“I really didn’t expect that President Shen, our famous company, would not even be able to enter the gate of the Brilliant Hotel!”

As Li Changhe said, he came to them. Enderia Shen looked at the security guard, “Standing, we can go in.”

The security nodded, and then looked at President Li, “Here, President Li, this woman really knows you.”

The security guard showed a arrogant expression to Enderia Shen, but bowed his knees to Li Changhe. This contrast was immediately compared. Li Changhe did not rush to leave, but looked at the security guard, “Hey, this is not Xiao Song.” , You said, why did you stop President Shen so carelessly?

The security guard smiled slightly, his face was not red, and his heart was not beating. “Then I don’t know that she knows Mr. Li. If I know that she is your friend, then I must treat her as a guest of our brilliant hotel. Let her in.

“But it’s not too late, I already know, you can go in.”

“The words Li Changhe said are very comfortable. Look, what is a card face! If you don’t know me, you won’t even be able to enter this hotel! And after you know me, you immediately become a guest of the hotel! Nodded in satisfaction, looked at Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou and said, “Okay, it’s all a misunderstanding. It’s okay now, let’s go in.

Although Enderia Shen was upset, he nodded and walked inward with his leg raised. But at this time Dustin Zhou spoke. “Hold on.”

Dustin Zhou squinted at Li Changhe, “You said you are President Li, are you President Li?

What proof do you show?

” “what?

“Dustin Zhou’s words stunned Li Changhe.

Chapter 1014

Li Changhe knew Dustin Zhou, and at the same time, he also believed that Dustin Zhou must have known himself. But he never regarded Dustin Zhou. In my eyes, after all, he is now talking to Enderia Shen. That is the chairman of Mingyang. What is Dustin Zhou? He even dared to make things difficult for Mingyang’s chairman. How could he put Dustin Zhou on this project? The person in charge puts his eyes on it? So, when he heard Dustin Zhou’s question, he suddenly laughed.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, what do you mean?” “What does it mean that I am not Mr. Li? Who am I if I am not Mr. Li? Who in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City does not know me, Li Changhe? This, I must Everyone can prove it for me!” Li Changhe was proud of his face, “It’s Dustin Zhou. To put it bluntly, it’s just a project leader in the company. Speaking of it, there are more people who don’t know you. “What do you mean by asking me to prove it now?” Enderia Shen also looked at Dustin Zhou with a puzzled expression.

Although he knew that he had been tricked by Li Changhe, Enderia Shen was also very upset.

But she also recognized that, after all, this is a game set up by others, and the preparations have been made long ago. She and Dustin Zhou just broke in without knowing anything, and it must be a loss.

So although Enderia Shen was upset, he didn’t plan to care about this matter. He planned to suffer from this loss, but he didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was doing now?

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou didn’t panic, smiled faintly, “It’s very simple, the security guard said just now that we can’t prove our identity, so we can’t enter this brilliant hotel.” “What else to say. You must know Mr. Li, that is, to prove your identity. It’s the same thing, right.” Dustin Zhou said.

Li Changhe admitted, “Yes, is there any problem with this? Now I am here, so this security guard has also let you in. Doesn’t this prove that I am Manager Li?” Li Changhe looked at it with contempt. He said to Dustin Zhou, “Zhou, don’t you want to retaliate against me, because you can only enter the Brilliant Hotel for the sake of my face, which makes you feel a little uncomfortable?” Hearing these words, everyone laughed Up.

This is indeed a very embarrassing thing. After all, it must be very embarrassing for the chairman and project leader of a dignified company to not even enter the door of the hotel.

Dustin Zhou still didn’t panic, “You’re right, I’m really upset in my heart.” Dustin Zhou didn’t get any ink, and admitted directly, “But it’s not because I have to look at your face to enter the hotel.” I really can’t even enter the door of the hotel. I need your help to enter this hotel. Not only will I not be upset, but I will also be very grateful to you.” “The point is that things are not like this. The security guard united and wanted to make things difficult for us.” “What nonsense are you talking about!” Li Changhe’s face suddenly changed. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to bring this kind of thing to the table.

In fact, in work and life, especially in the workplace, it is very normal that some tactics will happen.

But if you don’t

If there is evidence, it is best to eat this dumb loss.

After all, you have no evidence. If there is no evidence and you still talk nonsense, the consequences may be more serious. This Dustin Zhou, doesn’t even understand this rule?

Li Changhe immediately looked at Dustin Zhou with a righteous and awe-inspiring attitude, “Zhou, you have to speak for evidence. Do you have any evidence?” “If you don’t have any evidence today, then your remarks are obviously slandering me! “Your famous company is so powerful, so you can bully our partners casually? This is the attitude of your famous company?” “If Mapo has this attitude, then all of our partners today are not Will promise, you famous company, can you survive in Donghai City alone?” Li Changhe put a big hat on Dustin Zhou.

At the same time, a smug flashed in his eyes.

On the surface, he looked like a righteous victim, but in fact, he was happy.

This Dustin Zhou, what a fool!

He even brought this kind of handle to his eyes!

If he didn’t embarrass Dustin Zhou at this time, then he would simply be sorry for what Dustin Zhou said just now!

And Enderia Shen was also anxious at this time.

The reason why she chose to suffer from this dumb loss was that she was actually afraid of this situation.

But what is Dustin Zhou doing?

I managed to endure it with great difficulty. This incident was completely over. Why did Dustin Zhou make the matter up again?

In fact, Mingyang Company is not afraid of Li Changhe. In other words, in the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City, no matter who it is, as long as it is a single person, it is absolutely impossible to be an opponent of Mingyang Company.

The leading company in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City is not a joke, but the key issue is that no matter how powerful a well-known company is, it cannot stand alone against the entire industry!

This is why Enderia Shen is afraid of Li Changhe.

And now, as expected, because Dustin Zhou was not convinced, Li Changhe used the entire industry to suppress them.

And the people behind Li Changhe also screamed, “That is, Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, you have to give us an explanation for this matter!” “What’s going on, it’s obviously that you two can’t get in.” When you come to the Brilliant Hotel, the little security guards put you in because of Mr. Li’s face, how can you go back and forth?” “Do you have evidence? If there is no evidence, then it is bullying, we won’t Promise!” Suddenly, it can be said that the sentiment is exciting.

Enderia Shen panicked completely and could only look at Dustin Zhou with helpless eyes.

But even at this time, Dustin Zhou still had a calm expression.

Everyone stared at him with angry gazes, looking like the enemy.

Dustin Zhou

Just smiled faintly, and then said, “Evidence? I really don’t have that kind of thing.” Enderia Shen said coldly.

Other people’s eyes became even more angry.

Dustin Zhou went on to say, “But I think I don’t need that kind of thing at all.” “If there is no evidence, it is planted! If you are so tough without evidence, none of us will agree to it!” “You famous company , Are you sure you are going to be against our entire industry?” Dustin Zhou was immediately rebutted by others before he finished speaking.

Dustin Zhou glanced at him lightly, and then said, “If you insist on thinking that way, it doesn’t matter.” “If you think I’m against all of you, then I can admit it too.” 1010 Five

Chapter 1015

Dustin Zhou’s words challenged everyone’s limits time and time again.

Why is this person so crazy?

Don’t you really put the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City in your eyes?

Really think that if everyone in the industry targets him, he can survive with only a small well-known company?

“Zhou, what do you mean on earth? You are so unreasonable in these words?” Li Changhe said with a gloomy face.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so hard-hearted.

It stands to reason that he has incited everyone to stand on his side. No matter how angry Dustin Zhou is, he should bow his head and admit his mistake at this time.

But this guy has a deadly attitude. What does this mean?

Just this little thing, is it really as if the fish die?

Am I just a little pitted on you?

Can you let me die?

As for trying hard because of this little thing?

Li Changhe was a little panicked.

The reason is simple. Although they seem to be crowded and powerful this time, they actually didn’t dare to really tear their faces with the famous company.

In other words, if Mingyang is in trouble with the cosmetics industry in Donghai City, Mingyang will definitely not survive for long.

This is ironclad. There can be no company in Donghai City that is so powerful that it can survive alone.

But in the same way, if the cosmetics industry in Donghai City loses the leader of the famous company, the assets of the entire industry will drop significantly, which means that everyone’s assets will shrink, and a large number of them will even go bankrupt.

No one is willing to take this risk, they just want to take a little advantage in the momentum, but they never want to make this matter to the extent that both sides suffer.

The reason why they were so arrogant before was because they thought Dustin Zhou would not dare to quarrel with them easily…This is like having two people of equal strength, both of whom can pose a great threat to each other.

These two people, to a certain extent, also

Enemy and friend, there is cooperation and competition. At this time, one of them played a little carefully and touched the other’s head.

Then the other person got anxious, holding a knife and was about to fight the person who did it.

Brother, I just want to touch you!

Although it’s a bit of a small advantage, but the strength of the two of us is comparable, are you going to work hard because of this?

You can’t even touch it!

So everyone was at a loss for Dustin Zhou’s reaction, and suddenly they didn’t know how to respond.

At this time, Dustin Zhou spoke again, “First of all, I don’t have the idea of ​​bullying or despising anyone, and I don’t want to be an enemy of anyone present.” “But if there is a fool who thinks just opening his eyes and saying If you can bully me by talking nonsense, then you don’t have to think about it, I can tear my face with you.” “Because people like you have no value in cooperation.” “It’s like this so-called Mr. Li, this rubbish, trying Using this kind of mentally handicapped method to take advantage of the scum, my attitude is so clear, I don’t need any evidence, I just know that he is playing smart.” Dustin Zhou’s words left everyone speechless.

Because no one thought that Dustin Zhou would say such words.

Completely disobey any rules of the world, just act on their own heart.

In fact, everyone present knew that this was a clever trick of President Li.

The current situation is that they are relying on the number of people, just to bully you blatantly.

This situation is actually very common in real life.

When most people encounter this situation, they can only silently suffer a dumb loss. For example, Enderia Shen. This is also human nature, but Dustin Zhou stubbornly went back. This unreasonable means of playing cards suppressed everyone. .

Finally, someone couldn’t help but speak.

“Zhou, I still think it is a bit inappropriate for you to do things like this.” “You keep saying that you are the righteous party, and that it is the cleverness of President Li.” “But you have no evidence. Your behavior is completely overlord. Behavior.” “If you do the same in the future? If you don’t have any evidence, just say that you are the right one. Even if you are really wrong, what should we do?” “All things must be evidence, This kind of precedent must never be opened!” That person’s speech caused Mr. Li to give him a thumbs up.

It’s simply too good to say, let’s see how Dustin Zhou can quibble next!

“Why? Unhappy?” Dustin Zhou glanced at him, “Unhappy, you can go.” “I am such a person. You think I am not good enough. You can’t cooperate with me at all.

“I believe everyone knows what the facts are. It’s not that I’m just, I’m just. The most critical issue lies in everyone’s heart.

“If my behavior is really hegemonic, do you think I have not paid the price?”

No, I paid a heavy price, and that price is called credit.

“If my behavior is really hegemonic, even if someone is unwilling to compromise with our famous company this time, what about next time?”

“Dustin Zhou’s words are already very clear. If you take out a small method, it may really be seamless and a little cheap, but your image has also left a conclusion in the hearts of everyone. So, In fact, you have to pay a price for doing anything. Therefore, Dustin Zhou does not need to play hegemony. If he really does this, he will naturally pay the corresponding price. As for whether these words can convince others, it doesn’t matter. It’s important. “If any of you think Dustin Zhou is not a person worthy of cooperation, you can leave now.

“Even you can treat this as a kind of declaration of war by me against you. I don’t care.

Dustin Zhou said lazily. As soon as this sentence came out, the audience fell into silence, because this sentence completely represented Dustin Zhou’s determination. There was no controversy before them. There were only two choices. Or, believe it. Dustin Zhou. Either make Dustin Zhou an enemy. This is a very difficult choice. In fact, the reason why this industry exchange meeting was held was mainly because Mingyang’s position in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City was too extreme. All cosmetics companies either cooperate with famous companies or go bankrupt. There are only two choices. For most companies, it is extremely passive, so this conference is in fact, the theme of this conference, It is also a meeting where all companies unite to weaken the influence of the famous company.

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