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Table of Contents

Chapter 1010

This is Dustin Zhou’s image in the hearts of the Xu family.

In the current super hall, almost all the people in the Xu family gathered, from the high-level leaders of the Holy Spirit Patriarch Xu to all the ordinary disciples, and they are now basically in this hall.

However, in front of all these people, Dustin Zhou put on a look like no one else, eating and drinking red wine freely, by the way, he also asked Xu Shengsheng, what can you do with me?

I have passed the last hole card of your Xu family. Now, what do you use as your enemy?

Xu Shengsheng’s face froze, and he realized that Dustin Zhou was already invincible!

At first he just saw Dustin Zhou, just subconsciously gritted his teeth because he hated Dustin Zhou too much.

But now that Dustin Zhouyi reminded him, he suddenly discovered that Dustin Zhou had broken through the last test of their Xu family!

The test of the emperor was their trump card, and it was also considered by the Xu family to be the only way to defeat the emperor of warriors, but now Dustin Zhou walked out of it easily.

This means that their Xu family was completely defeated by Dustin Zhou. From then on, there will be no possibility of turning over!

“You, what do you want!” Xu Shengjing shivered subconsciously, and then asked.

“What do I want?” Dustin Zhou stared at the wine glass in his hand for a while, then put the glass back on the table and said, “I don’t know, I haven’t figured it out yet.” “But, I remember, you Xu family There is also an elder in my hands, the elder who tried to kidnap my mother.” “We have to negotiate and talk about it later. Now if we have time, you should send someone to pick up your elder first.” Dustin Zhoucong I stood up on the chair, glanced at the people of the Xu family, and showed a bright smile, “Enjoy it, the party can’t stop.” “Farewell, remember to send someone to redeem your elder when you have time! Dustin Zhou waved his back to them and said.

Dustin Zhou had been walking for a long time, but the whole hall of the Xu family was still quiet.

For a long time, someone said carefully in a low voice, “What does he mean?” “What does it mean that we should enjoy it, and the party can’t stop?” “Could it be that our Xu family’s life is not only long, let us hurry up?” Enjoy the last part of this life?” Someone guessed.

As soon as this guess appeared, the entire hall of the Xu family exploded in an instant.

It’s just too right.

How do you think Dustin Zhou means this?

Everyone turned their eyes to Xu Shengsheng, hoping that the Patriarch could stand up and give them an explanation at this time.

But Xu Shengsheng only has a gloomy face, he is also rooted

I didn’t know how to explain everything in front of me.

Is Dustin Zhou really going to destroy their Xu family?

He didn’t know, he only knew that if Dustin Zhou really meant this, their Xu family would have no means to resist.

“Patriarch, what does the elder he said just now, what does it mean?” At this moment, a lady in a cheongsam in the crowd asked.

The lady in cheongsam was also a core high-level member of the Xu family, and she was also one of the people who followed Xu Shengsheng to the door to greet Dustin Zhou.

Now she asked, “What the hell is going on? Which elder once went to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother and is still caught by him?” Xu Shengjing glanced at her and said impatiently, “This is your home. My old man, Xu Lingshi, I once asked the waste to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother. Who knew that the waste was caught by Dustin Zhou.” Xu Shengsheng said impatiently.

The two martial masters of the Xu family who were sent to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother were Xu Mira and Xu Lingshi.

These two old guys are also brothers. Before Dustin Zhou came back, he touched Enderia Shen’s villa and was about to go in to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother, but he was stopped by Enderia Shen.

For this reason, they also seriously injured Enderia Shen. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Dustin Zhou rushed to kill Xu Mira angrily, and finally turned Xu Lingshi into rubbish and handed it to Niu Chuan.

In fact, the Xu family never knew about this.

Because they never thought that Dustin Zhou would be the opponent of the two martial masters.

Later, when they found Xu Mira’s body, they realized that something went wrong.

They only knew that Xu Mira was dead, but they didn’t know where Xu Lingshi was.

Now they knew that Xu Lingshi was in Dustin Zhou’s hands, and Xu Mira was also killed by Dustin Zhou himself.

This news made Xu Shengjin’s original bad mood even more irritable.

And he was irritable, and that lady was in a bad mood. You know, it was her husband who was captured by Dustin Zhou!

“Patriarch, I think you should give me an explanation!” The lady said with a gloomy face, “Why did my husband kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother, I have never heard of it!” “Why do you want my husband to do it so dangerous? Things!” the lady asked coldly.

“What do you mean? As a member of the Xu family, is there any reason to do things for the Xu family?” Xu Shengming glared at her and said without showing weakness, “Everyone has their own mission. Let Lingshi kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother, that’s just one of our means of warfare. Do you have any comments?” “If you have any comments, go and rescue the Lingshi!” “You, you are shameless!” The lady roared and rushed forward like To tear Xu Shengsheng, “You

Lost my man!

“It can be seen that the lady was very upset. After all, Dustin Zhou was caught by his husband. And Xu Shengsheng’s mood was not much better than her. You know, the whole Xu family is almost finished! Vixen, even dare to do something to him! Xu Shengjin was also angry, “compensate your man?


I am a man myself, so I will pay myself to you!

“Come here, take her into my room!”

The meeting is over!

“Xu Shengsheng coldly ordered. This time, the entire Xu family was completely blown up. That noble lady, but the wife of a core elder of the Xu family! Standing, Xu Shengming actually wanted to bring her into the room! Everyone’s face! Isn’t this a mess! A young man stood up and shouted heartbreakingly, “Mom!

Can not be done!

None of you are allowed to hurt my mother!

“Xu Shengsheng, you are a beast!”

Quickly let my mother go!

“Call me!”

“Xu Shengsheng directly ordered, and he himself is on the verge of collapse, no matter how much he can take care of. “Don’t be the Patriarch!”

“Patient master, think twice, those are the wives and children of elder Xu Lingshi, the master must keep them alive!”

Everyone admonished. Xu Lingshi, still very well-placed in the Xu family.

Chapter 1011

If you want to perish one person, you must first make him crazy. The Xu family now reveals it. This sign. After deceiving Dustin Zhou, they first tried to humiliate Dustin Zhou with some inferior means. After Dustin Zhou counterattacked, they immediately became angry. They completely lost their sense of measure, and even directly said their last hole cards. Then they were pitted by Dustin Zhou. It took 2 billion yuan to watch Dustin Zhou enter the test under Dustin Zhou’s initiative. Then, these two fools didn’t wait for Dustin Zhou to come out of the test, so they went straight to their skin and started the party. Dustin Zhou successfully returned from the test, and the entire Xu family was in chaos. No matter from which point of view, the entire Xu family revealed a rotten aura of doomsday. Their carnival, their anger, in fact It was an almost crazy expression. This once behemoth, in the view of the first-class family or top power in Donghai City, was almost a god-like existence, and the hidden family that claimed to be detached from the world, in fact, had long lost his previous look. Of course, Dustin Zhou doesn’t know about these things anymore. Now Dustin Zhou has already returned to Donghai City. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning, and it’s definitely too late to go to bed. Anyway, for him, who has become the emperor of warriors, he should take a bath. It is also dispensable. He went back and took a shower casually, then ate something, turned on the phone and checked the news, waiting for Enderia Shen

Phone call.

About 8 o’clock, Enderia Shen called. Today’s industry exchange meeting will be held at 9 o’clock.

As for the duration, this is not certain, it is likely to last two or three days.

Because it is of great importance, it is related to the market division of the cosmetics industry in Donghai City.

To put it bluntly, if any special situation arises at this meeting, and there is a dispute over interests, many bosses may go bankrupt.

Of course, bankruptcy is also for the bosses of small companies whose own strength is not enough, and there will be no problems with companies that are known as leading companies.

“Dustin Zhou, where are you? I’ll drive to pick you up.” Enderia Shen’s voice came from the microphone.

“Okay, I’m at home now.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and agreed to let Enderia Shen pick him up.

He didn’t have a car anyway, although he ran very fast… But in a big city all day, he ran over and ran over, so he could easily get on the news.

Dustin Zhou ordered a take-out for his mother. I have to say that the take-out brother is very good now. Before Enderia Shen arrived, the take-out had already arrived.

Dustin Zhou took the takeaway and gave it to his mother upstairs. At this time, Zhou’s mother had also washed up.

“Are you going to work again today?” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s takeaway, Zhou Mu said meaningfully.

Dustin Zhou nodded, “Well, there is something in the company.” “No need to explain to me, I believe you.” Mother Zhou looked up at Dustin Zhou, then opened the takeaway package, “You grow up and have your own The world is over, you don’t need to report everything to me.” “But you must remember that if you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, or if you encounter any danger, you must tell me, I can’t even connect with my son when I don’t know how it disappeared.” Dustin Zhou was speechless.

I don’t know when it started, Zhou Mu seemed to realize what she was doing now.

It is actually very dangerous to participate in the battle of these super families every day.

Although Dustin Zhou never said it, Zhou Mu seems to have had this awareness a long time ago. In these days, she has reminded Dustin Zhou to be careful.

To make Zhou’s mother at ease, Dustin Zhou could only say, “Mom, there is really nothing wrong with this time, that is, the company asked me to have a meeting, and Enderia Shen came over to pick me up after a while.” Hearing this, Zhou’s mother counted as that. Just relax.

As a mother, she hopes that her son will be successful, but at the same time, worry is inevitable.

When she heard that Dustin Zhou was indeed dealing with company affairs, she immediately became happy.

Soon, Enderia Shen arrived and said hello to Zhou Mu, and the two returned to Maserati.

As soon as Maserati drove a short distance, Enderia Shen’s face showed a hesitant expression, and he kept looking at Dustin Zhou with weird eyes, as if there was something he wanted to say.

“President Shen, isn’t it? Just say what you want to say, is it necessary to be so sneaky?” Dustin Zhou said with a wry smile.

Enderia Shen was not hesitating either. She organized her language while driving, and asked, “Dustin Zhou, what did you do last night?” “Huh? Last night?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback.

It was really exciting last night. He spent a whole night in the test of the Xu family, and even experienced life and death several times.

But how could Enderia Shen know this kind of thing?

Why does she ask?

Dustin Zhou had some doubts.

“I didn’t do anything, so I slept at home.” He lied.

“Sleeping at home? Are you with such a big card? When you sleep at home, let people fly a helicopter to pick you up?” Enderia Shen said jokingly.

Dustin Zhou finally understood this next week. It turned out that the Xu family sent a helicopter to pick up his affairs last night and revealed it to Enderia Shen.

Actually, Enderia Shen didn’t think much, she was just very curious about who Dustin Zhou was in contact with.

There are people flying a helicopter to pick you up during the commute, shouldn’t you be so exaggerated?

“Hehe, that’s because a rich woman took a fancy to me and took me to her house last night.” Dustin Zhou said deliberately.

Although he knew Dustin Zhou was joking, Enderia Shen still felt uncomfortable.

“I’m called a rich lady if I drive a helicopter? I can afford a helicopter, but I just don’t want to buy it!” “You are too unpromising. If someone else drives a helicopter, you will go with them, or I will buy one too. Helicopter…” Enderia Shen didn’t finish her words, because she found her reaction was too agitated.

Dustin Zhou gave a smirk, “Why, why are you buying a helicopter? You have to pick me up too? I said you are jealous?” “I’m shameless,” Enderia Shen’s face was slightly flushed and tough He retorted, “Who eats your jealousy, my mother is not worth it for Sister Mira Xie.” “I didn’t expect you to be such a scumbag.” “How come I’m a scumbag…” Dustin Zhou was speechless.

The two quarreled for a while, and soon the car came to the door of Brilliant Hotel.

The location of the Donghai Cosmetics Industry Exchange Conference is set in the Brilliant Hotel. After all, the scale of this conference is not small, and the location must be taller.

Chapter 1012

Brilliant Hotel is also one of the top hotels in the entire Donghai City.

After all, the tiger master behind him, that force is amazingly powerful.

The master of the Xu family branch, his subordinate

With more than 20 martial masters, this power is enough to slap any super power in Donghai City. Those so-called first-class families are simply not enough!

Dustin Zhou was considered an old acquaintance of this place, and he immediately felt relieved. After parking the car, he walked in front of Enderia Shen and walked out into the hotel.

According to Enderia Shen’s description, this time they have contracted the entire 22nd floor of the Brilliant Hotel. Even for the Brilliant Hotel, it is considered a rare big customer.

The two came to the door, and when they were about to walk in, they were stopped by a security guard at the door.

“Stop, what are you doing!” a security guard said righteously.

Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback.

There are so many new things these days. When I enter and leave the Brilliant Hotel, I can still be stopped?

How does this tiger master manage his men?

Isn’t the trouble last time trouble enough?

However, Dustin Zhou quickly understood that these two security guards looked like two new faces, and they probably didn’t know themselves.

It’s fine if you don’t know it, and you need to be true to the two security guards, so you can directly explain your intentions.

“We are here to participate in the Donghai cosmetics industry exchange meeting. There should be an appointment in your hotel, which is on the 22nd floor.” Dustin Zhou said.

“Oh, guest on the 22nd floor, I did hear such a thing.” The security nodded.

Just when Dustin Zhou thought there was nothing wrong, the security guard suddenly changed his words, “But how do you prove that you are the guests who came to the 22nd floor meeting?” Dustin Zhou was stunned again.

How does he feel that these two security guards are targeting him?

No, it’s not your fault that you don’t know Master, but if you are targeting Master, it’s your fault!

Dustin Zhou laughed angrily, “Proof? Dude, when do you need a customer to prove it when you get in and out of this hotel?” “If you really have this rule, then I won’t say anything, but your Brilliant Hotel has never This is the rule.” “If I am not a guest on the 22nd floor, then I will be driven down when I go to the 22nd floor, so you can make irresponsible remarks with me here?” It is a large-scale high-end hotel, but just like an ordinary star-rated hotel, you basically don’t need any credentials to enter and exit.

At the very least, you don’t need any vouchers to enter and exit a lobby. Otherwise, with such a large hotel and such a large passenger flow, everyone has to line up to produce a certificate. How much time is wasted?

At the time when Dustin Zhou was arguing with the security, many guests had already entered and exited, and the security did not ask those people what credentials they wanted.

The point is, if Dustin Zhou wears sloppy clothes,

Forget it, this security guard can be regarded as a snobbery who looks down on others.

But the suit and leather shoes that I wear today are surrounded by beauties in luxury cars. What do you mean by me?

Dustin Zhou really couldn’t understand how he had offended the security guard.

But the security guard was plausible, “What is it that you are not a guest on the 22nd floor and you were driven down.” “Who knows what you will do when you go in, our security is not to prevent all uncontrollable things from happening? Huh?” “I don’t think you look like a good person. If you don’t produce a proof today, you don’t want to enter the hotel!” The little security guard said loudly and forcefully, so Dustin Zhou didn’t know how to refute it for a while.

He looked at Enderia Shen behind him, “What’s the situation? Is there any pass for our exchange meeting?” Enderia Shen also shook his head blankly, “No, it was originally an industry exchange meeting. Everyone is acquaintance. What is the access card for?” The whole Donghai City is just that, if it is the same industry, in fact, everyone knows each other, so there is no need to worry about unrelated personnel getting in.

Therefore, all those who go to the 22nd floor today do not actually have a pass.

In other words, even if Dustin Zhou wanted to prove that he was on the 22nd floor, there was no way to prove it.

What proof do you show?

The meeting itself does not require identification!

Dustin Zhou looked at the security guard, and simply returned the question, “Brother, since you said that you need an identity certificate, then you tell me, what kind of proof do you need to show that you can count as admitting that I am a guest on the 22nd floor? Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes and asked. At this time, he had actually noticed that the security guard was definitely aimed at him.

Why target yourself?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, but there must be a purpose.

It’s actually very simple to ask about this purpose. Just look at what the other party wants to do.

Therefore, he returned the problem.

Sure enough, after hearing Dustin Zhou’s rhetorical question, a surprise flashed in the security’s eyes.

But the surprise was quickly concealed by him, and then he put on a thoughtful expression.

“Hmm… You said you were a guest on the 22nd floor, right? That’s a coincidence. Among the guests on the 22nd floor this time, I really know Mr. Li, since you said you are also on the 22nd floor. A guest, you should know Mr. Li too.” “As long as you can call Mr. Li over or prove that you know Mr. Li, I can trust you.” After listening to the security guard’s words, Dustin Zhou smiled faintly. .

He finally knew what the security guard had made.

To put it bluntly, this security guard should be a pawn, a real one

The chief ambassador behind the scenes is the same President Li.

As for why Mr. Li asked the security to stop them, the question is simple.

Everyone is here to participate in the industry exchange meeting. Everyone is a classy person with a reputation and identity. It must be very simple to get in and out of a hotel.

What does it mean if you can’t even get in the hotel?


Isn’t it a shame that such a big boss can’t even get in?

That President Li clearly wanted such an effect. Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen could not even enter the gate of the Brilliant Hotel.

Want to enter the gate, but also call him.

In this way, after the industry exchange meeting starts, he will win a lot in terms of momentum.

In everyone’s eyes, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen became a joke.

When negotiating, the momentum will naturally be much weaker.

It turned out that it was the idea. Soon Dustin Zhou had a decision in his heart. This time, he must let the president Li not be able to eat it!

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