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Chapter 863

Originally, when he heard that the Xu family only sent four martial masters, Dustin Zhou also made some small calculations in his heart, and wanted to eat these four martial masters in one go.

After all, there are dozens of martial arts under my own hands.

With the existence of Grand Master, it is very easy to eat the other four martial masters!

It can be said that there is no need to pay any price, not to waste a soldier!

And the loss of four martial masters is definitely a heavy blow to the hidden family of Xu family!

This is an absolute good opportunity!

Can be the first to take advantage!

After hearing the identities of the four martial masters, Dustin Zhou was silent.

Because the identities of the four martial masters are too special, once they are eaten, it is likely to arouse the anger of the entire Xu family!

At that time, Xu Jiake will not send out four or five martial masters, they are very likely to send all martial masters!

The decisive battle begins directly!

But for Dustin Zhou, this is definitely not what he wants to see, because what he wants is to consume the Xu Family a little bit, suppress the Xu Family from all aspects, rather than start a decisive battle now.

So now, when it’s not the time for a decisive battle, he can’t eat these four martial masters in one go.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou also expressed his thoughts.

After hearing this, Hu Ye and Xu Wei also nodded frequently, thinking that Dustin Zhou’s words were very correct and their considerations were perfect.

“But in this case, we are in an embarrassing situation.” Tiger Lord said his inner worry, “We can’t do anything with these four martial masters, but they have no scruples and can investigate at will. By that time , They have caused us more than a little trouble.” The tiger master said it is also very reasonable, the four martial masters, this is absolutely equivalent to the full strength of a first-class family!

If they are allowed to do whatever they want in Donghai City, God knows what kind of trouble they can cause, or what important information they can investigate!

In this way, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye fell into a very passive position!

“Of course we can’t let them investigate as they please. Even if we can’t eat them all in one go, we can make them have a little accident.” “Or create a false impression to make them misunderstand our true strength, which can prevent them. They continue to investigate, and by the way they can eat up part of their strength!” Dustin Zhou said calmly, as if he had planned.

“Could it be that there is a better way for little friend Dustin Zhou?” Xu Wei’s eyes lit up, his body leaned forward slightly, showing an expression of expectation.

“I can’t say how good it is, but for now, I think this choice is best for us.” Dustin Zhou nodded modestly, and then said his inner plan.

After listening, Hu Ye and Xu Wei also showed the same smile.

Especially Xu Wei, looking towards Zhou

Yang’s eyes changed differently.

This was the first time, he felt that he needed to re-examine Dustin Zhou.

… After discussing with Hu Ye Xu Wei, Dustin Zhou left the Brilliant Hotel.

The next place he was going was to go to Su’s house and start implementing the plan he had just agreed on.

At the same time, in the Hengfeng Building, Xu Fengtian and the three worshippers and Xu Di were sitting in the living room.

This is a super luxurious large suite arranged by Ren Feng. The living room alone is dozens of square meters, which is equivalent to an ordinary house.

But everyone in the Xu family didn’t pay a penny, they just sat here grandiosely, without the slightest guilt in their hearts.

After all, for them, Ren Feng is a dog at their disposal. They don’t need to pay any price for a dog, and the dog has to show them the best things.

“What do you think is the credibility of Ren Feng’s words?” Xu Fengtian said first.

Everyone was shocked, but Xu Fengtian’s first sentence was this.

It seemed that he didn’t intend to trust each other at all.

But in that case, why did he pretend that he hadn’t noticed anything in front of the cover?

“Great worship, what do you mean by this? Do you also doubt that Ren Feng?” Xu Di asked.

After all, when he was in front of Ren’s cover, he was the one who made the most trouble. If Ren Feng didn’t explain it honestly, he would kill Ren Feng on the spot.

At that time, Xu Fengtian was still worshipped to stop him.

If Xu Fengtian also doubts Ren Feng, why stop Xu Di?

Other offerings also cast doubtful glances. Most of their thoughts are similar to Xu Di.

“Of course I don’t believe in Ren Feng, and I can basically confirm that Xu You’s disappearance definitely has something to do with Ren Feng.” “But because of this, I pretended to believe in Ren Feng.” Xu Fengtian With a mysterious smile, it seemed quite planned.

“What’s the big offering? What do you think?” asked another offering.

Xu Fengtian nodded, and said what was in his heart.

He believed that if Ren Feng had betrayed their Xu family, and even Xu You’s disappearance had an inevitable relationship with Ren Feng, then they would definitely not be able to ask what the result would be.

Because Ren Feng knew very well in his heart that once he betrayed the Xu family, there would only be one end, death!

As long as you say it is a death, how would Ren Feng choose?

Of course, I won’t even be able to say even if I’m killed!

If a person doesn’t even want his life, what else would he be afraid of!

Even if they pressed with the mentality of killing Ren Feng, the conclusion would not have any clues!

So the big worship simply pretended to believe Ren Feng’s words and came

One will count!

In this way, Ren Feng will lower his inner vigilance, as long as he is alive, he will definitely expose his flaws!

“It turned out to be like this!” Xu Di and the other three enshrines suddenly understood a lot.

“The Great Dedication really looks forward!” The Three Dedications clung their hands and said with a smile, “Should we send someone to monitor Ren Feng’s old man now?” Everyone also nodded. According to Xu Fengtian’s analysis, they now want to What you should do is to keep an eye on Ren Feng.

But at this moment, there was a knock on the door.

A young man walked in and came to Xu Fengtian and whispered a few words softly.

Xu Fengtian walked away the young man, and then stared at the door with a deep gaze, “You don’t need to send someone to monitor Ren Feng, I have already arranged it.” “The young man just now is the one I sent to monitor Ren Feng, you guessed it. What did he say?” “What did he say?” Everyone was curious.

“Ren Feng, that old man, sent someone to deliver a letter to Dustin Zhou!”

Chapter 864

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked!

They had only suspected that Ren Feng had betrayed them.

But when they heard the news, shock and anger quickly filled their brains.

That Ren Feng really betrayed them!

How dare he!

You know, he betrayed the Xu family!

The Xu family, a hidden family!

Who is qualified to make him go and take refuge even if he betrays the sleet?

They now know that it is Dustin Zhou.

That said, Dustin Zhou, who wanted to join forces with the Su family to destroy the Xu family.

It’s so funny that he betrayed the Xu family and went to join Dustin Zhou. Does Ren Feng really think Dustin Zhou can destroy the Xu family?

A deep mocking look appeared in the eyes of Xu Fengtian and the three elders.

“It seems that Ren Feng really doesn’t know good or bad. Our Xu family has raised him for so many years. He actually went to join Dustin Zhou.” “Does he think that Tickle will be our Xu family’s opponent?” Xu Fengtian snorted coldly. With a sound, he directly spoke out the thoughts in his heart.

“You don’t have to be angry with the big offerings, I’ll take someone to kill Ren Feng,” Xu Di stood up directly. He had already seen Ren Feng not pleasing to his eyes. “It’s just a mere Ren Feng. Our Xu family can raise him. I can easily make him disappear!” “I want him to understand what it is like to betray the Xu family!” Xu Di said, he must walk towards the door. After all, in his opinion, he would kill Ren. Feng is really just a matter of turning over.

Just do it, there is no need to worry.

“Xu Di, don’t be impulsive.” Xu Fengtian stopped Xu Di again.

This time, Xu Di was even more confused.

Before Xu Feng

If the sky stopped him, there was still a reason for it, after all, Xu Fengtian was going to make plans.

But now, Ren Feng has been exposed, what is the use of keeping him?

The matter is already clear, shouldn’t what their Xu family do is to remove all obstacles?

Dispose of Ren Feng first, and after catching Dustin Zhou and Su’s family, won’t everything be resolved!

In Xu Di’s eyes, this is what they should do now.

With the status of the Xu family, they should also act like this!

Other elders should definitely do this, after all, in their opinion, whether it is Dustin Zhou or Ren Feng, they are all ant-like existences.

Now that it has been found out, it’s better to just crush it.

But Xu Fengtian shook his head, “Don’t worry, Dustin Zhou even dared to say that he would destroy our Xu family. Presumably it shouldn’t be a fool.” “Ren Feng is not a fool. He knows a little about our Xu family. Under the circumstances, I even dared to take refuge in Dustin Zhou, so our goal now should be to first investigate the true background of Dustin Zhou.” Xu Fengtian is very cautious.

Although he also ended up saying that Dustin Zhou was talking big, but he still wanted to investigate clearly before proceeding.

Knowing ourselves and knowing the enemy will win every battle. As long as all the secrets of Dustin Zhou are cleared out, their Xu family can win the victory with the least cost.

So they decided to pretend that they don’t know anything for the time being, and start the investigation with Dustin Zhou.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had already arrived at Su’s house.

“Big brother, you are here again.” Su Wei greeted him first, and kept looking behind him, “Where is the master? Didn’t the master come with you?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and touched his head. , “Is your father at home? I’ll tell him something business.” Su Wei’s face sank slightly when he heard this, and nodded.

He realized that he was too naive, and in front of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, he was like an innocent child.

Every time Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan came to talk to his father or worship the elders, he didn’t understand what they were talking about.

He just wants to learn kung fu from Niu Chuan, so it feels a bit like a family.

“I’ll take you there, boss.” Su Wei agreed and turned and walked.

He told himself from the heart that he should have matured.

In addition to learning Kung Fu, you should also pay more attention to the situation at home.

Only in this way can we enter the world of big brothers as soon as possible, so that we can get in touch with Niu Chuan more and learn Kung Fu better!

Under Su Wei’s leadership and Dustin Zhou was already a frequent visitor to the Su family, he came to the chamber very smoothly and met Su Shiming.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, why are you here this time?” Su Shiming, who has already decided to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, has an attitude

It is very kind.

Dustin Zhou nodded, sat down casually, and threw out a word straightforwardly.

“The Xu family appeared.” Just this sentence made Su Shiming, who had just sat down, almost never fell off the chair.

Has the Xu family finally appeared!

At any rate, he was the head of the family. Su Shiming quickly stabilized his mind, and said solemnly, “How many people are they here?” This is what Su Shiming cares most about. The Xu family is a hidden family with terrifying strength and all the martial masters in the family. More than twenty people.

Such a family, if they send out more than a dozen martial masters at once, then Su Shiming will be big.

“Patriarch Su don’t have to worry, they are only four martial masters this time.” Dustin Zhou said with a relaxed expression.

And hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Su Shiming also relaxed.

Only four people came, that’s easy to say.

There were four martial masters in their Su family, and Dustin Zhou’s side only exposed six of them. The martial masters who came out of the Xu family this time seemed unlikely to pose a threat to them.

They don’t need to be nervous at all.

“What are Mr. Zhou’s plans? Are we going to make the first move? Eat these four martial masters?” This was Su Shiming’s first thought, and when he said this, his heart was extremely excited.

Eating four martial masters in one breath will be a heavy blow to the Xu family!

In this confrontation, they directly got the chance!

But Dustin Zhou shook his head and said his reasons. The four members of the Xu family couldn’t move.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s explanation, Su Shiming also fell into deep thought.

These four martial masters can’t move, what should I do?

Is it possible to let them do whatever they want in Donghai City?

“Of course not. Since the people of the Xu family have already appeared, then I will not let them go back without paying any price!” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, his face showing absolute confidence.

Next, he said the plan he discussed with Lord Tiger.

After Su Shiming heard it, he nodded again and again. Indeed, Dustin Zhou’s plan was indeed the most appropriate when he couldn’t kill the four martial masters in one go.

Nodded immediately and agreed.

Next, just wait for the four members of the Xu family to get the bait!

Chapter 865

After the discussion, Dustin Zhou left the Su family directly, because he had to make arrangements for the next thing.

Su Wei sent him out, and when he was parting, Su Wei looked at Dustin Zhou solemnly.

“Big brother, can I stay with you for a while?” “Huh? What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou looked at Su Wei with interest.

He stayed well at Su’s house, and suddenly wanted to follow

What do you do by your side?

“Because I followed you to Hunan Province before, I think I have learned a lot, but now when I return to the Su family, I feel as if I have been isolated, which makes me very uncomfortable!” Su Wei said decisively.

Although he is the future Patriarch of the Su family, Su Shiming and a few big red maple leaves are now in the Su family, and many things will not be told to him at all.

Others deliberately concealed it from him, even if he was willing to participate in those things, he couldn’t do it.

In this way, he might as well follow Dustin Zhou directly.

“Alright.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and agreed directly.

“Report to the people in your family, as long as they agree, you will follow me.” Su Wei happily called Su Shiming.

Of course, Su Shiming did not refuse, because it was a good thing for him, and he placed a watcher beside Dustin Zhou in an open manner.

As long as Dustin Zhou has any trouble, Su Wei can tell Su Shiming the first time!

“Big brother, where are we going now!” Su Wei, who got the consent of the Su family, asked Dustin Zhou excitedly.

“Go home, layout.” Dustin Zhou smiled mysteriously.

Su Wei did not ask in detail either. After all, as long as he followed Dustin Zhou, he would know what Dustin Zhou’s specific actions were.

It’s just that they hadn’t returned to where Dustin Zhou was going, and they were suddenly stopped by a car.

Dustin Zhou drove Enderia Shen’s Maserati, and the car that stopped them was a Ferrari.

A young man with red hair walked off Ferrari with a woman in his arms.

“Hey, let me down quickly, how did you drive!” Hong Mao slapped Dustin Zhou’s Maserati arrogantly.

“How did I drive?” Dustin Zhou was helpless, opened the car door blankly, and got out of the car.

“Boy, I advise you to speak with respect! I said that you can’t drive, but you can’t drive, understand?” Hong Mao reached out to pat Dustin Zhou’s face.

He looked at Dustin Zhou as unpleasant!

As the core disciple of the Sun family, he always does what he wants in Donghai City.

This is not today when Ferrari was driving along the street with his woman, and suddenly a Maserati appeared next to him and passed him easily.

This made Hongmao anxious. He hurriedly accelerated to the front of Maserati, and then suddenly decelerated again, deliberately blocking Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou obviously didn’t mean to drag him with him, every time he used technology to overtake him, and then returned to normal speed.

But this behavior completely angered Hong Mao. In his opinion, Dustin Zhou was provoking him, even mocking him!

So he stopped Dustin Zhou with the greatest hostility, and reached out

Going to slap Dustin Zhou in the face!

But before his hand touched Dustin Zhou, he was abruptly stopped.

It was not Dustin Zhou who caught him. Dustin Zhou didn’t move at all, still staring at him blankly, his eyes full of disdain.

It was Su Wei who caught the red hair, and his face was full of anger.

“What are you, you dare to do something to the boss?” Su Wei shouted angrily.

“Dare to stop me!” Hong Mao wanted to get angry too, but when he turned his head, he was stunned when he saw Su Wei’s face. “Su Wei?” This Hong Mao obviously knew Su Wei.

“Red hair?” Su Wei was also taken aback, and recognized the red hair in front of him.

After seeing this scene, Dustin Zhou was planning to give Su Wei a face and let go of the red hair in front of him.

But Hong Mao sneered, and the disdain in his eyes grew thicker.

“Heh, it turned out to be you rubbish, what? You Su family, dare you to do anything to our Sun family?” Su Wei’s face flushed instantly when he heard these words.

No one in Donghai City knows that their Su family is only a ten-thousand-year-old second among the first-class families!

And the real number one, the uncrowned king of Donghai City, is the Sun family!

When he was in college, as the young master of the Su family, Su Wei was very distinguished.

But he still has to be suppressed by Sun Tian everywhere!

In the same way, the red hair in front of me is exactly Su Wei’s classmate in high school!

At that time, Hongmao bullied Su Wei all day, and even after so many years, Su Wei still had some psychological shadows when he saw Hongmao.

This is like that story. A little elephant is tied with an iron chain. The little elephant is not strong enough to break free of the iron chain.

But when he grows up, he can easily break free of the iron chain, it will still not break free, because that iron chain is the psychological shadow of the elephant, it will think that it will never be able to break free of the iron chain!

This is how Su Wei is now, because he was bullied by Red Hair when he was in high school, and he thought he would never surpass Red Hair in his life.

“Hehe, why don’t you speak?” Seeing Su Wei’s reaction, Hong Mao became even more arrogant.

“I dare to do something to Master, who gave you this courage!” “Did you forget how Master beat you in high school?” “If you forget, I don’t mind letting you revisit it!” In the future, Hong Mao raised his hand to slap Su Wei.

Regarding the beating of Su Wei, he did not take it seriously, and even thought it was justified!

But this time, his hand was caught again.

Dustin Zhou caught it.

“I said, are you people in the Sun family so confident?” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

“What kind of thing are you! Didn’t you see that your master has bowed his head in front of Master!” Hong Mao suddenly exasperated!

He thinks

Feeling aggrieved, he was about to hit Dustin Zhou at first, and Su Wei grabbed his wrist.

Now he was going to beat Su Wei, Dustin Zhou grabbed his wrist again.

You guys are living here!

Hongmao was very angry, and he felt that Dustin Zhou was nothing, at best, he was just a little brother following Su Wei.

But the next scene completely shattered his three views.

“Pop!” there was a sound.

It was a crisp slap in the face.

Dustin Zhou actually slapped him without saying anything!

Hong Mao clutched his face in shock and looked at Dustin Zhou.

How dare he!

How dare he slap himself!

Doesn’t he know who he is?

As soon as he wanted to say something, he heard Dustin Zhou sternly say to Su Wei.

“Su Wei, what’s the matter with you!” “Why are you scared by this kind of rubbish? What are you doing?” “Don’t even have this determination? If you really want to prove something, take this rubbish first A few slaps!” This… rubbish?

Hong Mao was a little shocked, this guy even compared himself to rubbish!

And Su Wei slapped himself!

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