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Chapter 965

The crowd who had originally planned to disperse gathered again because of the words of the water girl.

Dustin Zhou wanted to scold his mother.

It was not because the water girl wronged him, but because the water girl was so accurate in guessing!

He just made up his mind to follow the water girl at night!

The water girl said again, “If you are a good person, you must not be afraid to see Uncle Shakuai.” “Let Shakuai see if you have a history of crime, otherwise I always think you are not a good person.” Dustin Zhou was annoyed by these words and wanted to vomit blood, but the crowds onlookers recognized it, and even good-hearted people had already called.

“Young man, don’t try to escape. So many of us are watching.” “That’s right, if you are really not a weird uncle and have never done anything to a little girl, then you don’t have to be afraid at all.” “If If you are scared, it proves that you are indeed purposeful, indeed a weird uncle who wants to do some bad things to the water girl!” Everyone said.

It is true that Dustin Zhou has not committed a crime. It is impossible to catch him directly, but he is at least a

A potential threat.

Everyone felt that he might be a bad person, so it was not too much to ask the arrester to investigate whether he had a history of crime.

Ten thousand alpacas rushed past Dustin Zhou’s heart.

He is not afraid of the shadow leaning, after all, he has never done anything bad, and even if the arrest is about to catch him, he must be released in a very short time.

But this doesn’t mean that he is willing to squat there all night!

You know, no matter what the reason is, if you squat in there for a night, you will probably be labelled after you come out.

Moreover, he could completely imagine how Enderia Shen would laugh at himself after he came out.

There is also the uncertainty of the Xu family. If he really squatted in today, no one knew whether the Xu family would take the opportunity to do something disgusting.

So Dustin Zhou really didn’t want to squat there all night, but in the current situation, he couldn’t just run away.

At the critical moment, Enderia Shen appeared.

“Everyone, I’m really sorry, this is my husband, which is causing you trouble.” Enderia Shen said sorry to the crowd of onlookers.

“Huh? Does this guy have a wife?” “Wife is still so beautiful, maybe he shouldn’t be a strange uncle.” “If there is such a beautiful wife, he should be a strange uncle, that’s not as good as a beast!” After seeing Enderia Shen Those who were about to make a call put down their mobile phones one after another, and Dustin Zhou was depressed again after seeing this phenomenon.

This is really the age of looking at faces. There is obviously no basis for a beautiful beauty, but everyone is willing to believe what she said. Who do you say is reasonable?

More importantly, Enderia Shen hasn’t even explained anything, but when she appeared, many people directly removed Dustin Zhou’s label as uncle blame.

The reason is simple. In the eyes of most people, the strange uncle must be the kind of greasy uncle who cannot marry a wife all the year round and lives in a small dark rented house or a young man with mental illness.

A young man like Dustin Zhou with such a beautiful wife would definitely not be a strange uncle.

Hearing the discussion from the person next to him, Enderia Shen was also stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t help but say, “No, no, my husband is not a strange uncle, he is normal!” “When I saw this girl this time, he did admit his mistake. It’s just a human being. There used to be a girl in our community who looked very much like this girl. My husband often played with that girl, so she admitted her mistakes.” “Sorry, sorry to trouble everyone!” Enderia Shen said again.

Hearing her explanation, the crowd had no doubt at all, and soon the crowd went straight

The connection fell apart.

Enderia Shen also had a dark face and pulled Dustin Zhou together.

“What are you doing, you really want to abduct that little girl from someone else!” After arriving in a no-man’s place, Enderia Shen said with an unhappy expression by pulling Dustin Zhou’s ear.

“If it wasn’t for my old lady, you would be dead today, don’t you know! Don’t hurry up and thank this president!” The emperor of warrior’s ears are not so good, Dustin Zhou didn’t have any expressions at all, and instead said with a gloomy look, “No. , I am the kind of person who abducts and sells little girls.” “I really know that girl, but she doesn’t seem to remember me anymore.” “Huh? Do you want to cheat when your mother is a three-year-old baby? Me?” Enderia Shen asked, curiously leaning forward to study Dustin Zhou’s ears.

It’s strange, doesn’t this guy have pain nerves?

Doesn’t this ear hurt just like that?

Her whole body was lying on Dustin Zhou’s body, and her warm and soft body made a close contact with Dustin Zhou, “You said you really know that little girl, why doesn’t that girl know you?” , How could you become friends with a seven or eight-year-old girl? Do you think I would believe this?” Enderia Shen muttered while studying his ears.

Feeling the softness in front of him, Dustin Zhou was a little worried for a while, but still gritted his teeth and said, “No, I don’t know how to explain this, but you can ask Niu Chuan, we really know that girl, she It’s called Bingyue.” “I don’t know why, Bingyue doesn’t seem to know me anymore, so I plan to follow her home after a while.” Dustin Zhou said to himself. The plan in my heart was said.

Anyway, this action is going to leave for a while, and he can’t accompany Enderia Shen at all, so I have to say it sooner or later, so it’s better to take this opportunity to say it directly.

After Enderia Shen heard it, he was directly stunned. He stared at Dustin Zhou with big beautiful eyes, “You, it turns out that you are really a weird uncle, and you still have to follow people at night!” “Dustin Zhou, I shouldn’t You rescued it, it turns out that everyone didn’t blame you!” Dustin Zhou is completely speechless next year, how can he not even believe in Enderia Shen?

He didn’t know how to explain to Enderia Shen, and he simply kept silent, “Let’s not discuss this, okay, I will take you home now.” “Okay Dustin Zhou, you are going to chase me now, right? Chase me away. I’ll follow that little Lolita in the future, you’re a strange uncle!” Enderia Shen pointed to Dustin Zhou’s nose and said, “I won’t go!” “Things are really not what you think!” Dustin Zhou was also a little helpless.

“Really?” Enderia Shen showed his arms

Suspicious expression, “I don’t believe it, unless you take me with me.”

Chapter 966

There are many reasons to track Bingyue.

For example, Bingyue is really important to Dustin Zhou. His ability to jump from a normal person to become the emperor of warriors is all due to Bingyue.

And because of this reason, Bingyue disappeared out of thin air, whether it was dead or alive is still unknown. For Dustin Zhou, this is definitely a knot in the heart.

There is such a little girl, she is very cute, she looks like a little loli, but she has to put on the posture of a little grown-up, old-fashioned appearance.

But it was such a girl whose whereabouts became unknown in order to improve Dustin Zhou’s strength.

Dustin Zhou is not a white-eyed wolf without feelings, this kind of thing is of course a knot in his heart.

So he must reveal Bingyue’s true face, and at the very least, he must determine whether she is doing well.

Also, the little girl Bingyue is so strange that Dustin Zhou always felt that she had some kind of secret connection with herself.

For example, in the cave of the holy mountain, the bedroom Bingyue passed by with him, and the photo of the woman in it, Dustin Zhou always felt like he had seen that woman.

At that time, Bingyue said that the woman was her mother.

He wanted to clarify the truth of all this, because he discovered that there are still many things in this world that he has not been able to touch.

Before going to the holy mountain, Dustin Zhou absolutely did not believe that there was any way in this world that could turn a normal person into the emperor of warriors.

After all, Dustin Zhou had heard from Niu Chuan that there were only a few people in the world, the emperor of warriors.

Now that common sense was broken, Dustin Zhou realized that his knowledge was too short.

So he longed for a higher level of contact, and intuitively told him that there must be more secrets hidden in Bing Yue’s body.

These are the reasons why he followed Bing Yue, but he couldn’t explain these reasons to Enderia Shen, so in Enderia Shen’s eyes, he became a strange uncle.

Ten thousand alpacas rushed past Dustin Zhou’s heart.

“Hey, let’s not make trouble, OK, and go home obediently, I am definitely doing business.” Dustin Zhou said seriously.

“Do business? What you call doing business is to follow Little Lori at night?” Enderia Shen asked rhetorically.

Dustin Zhou had lost his temper with this sentence. Although he had many reasons, he couldn’t say those reasons.

I have no choice but to admit it. Isn’t it just taking Enderia Shen together? It’s not a dangerous thing, just take it with you.

With the strength of the emperor of his warrior, even if he really encounters any trouble, he is afraid that it can be solved very easily.

So Dustin Zhou nodded and agreed.


The next step made Enderia Shen happy.

Lie directly on Dustin Zhou’s face and kissed him.

This mouthful stunned Dustin Zhou. Was it such a feeling that the hot and soft lips stuck to his face.

And Enderia Shen turned his head a little shyly.

Fortunately, the sky gradually darkened, and her shyness was not very obvious.

“I didn’t mean anything else just now.” Enderia Shen said with a guilty conscience.

“Oh, just just kiss me, don’t you mean it?” Dustin Zhou said with a smirk.

“Dustin Zhou, you go to die!” Enderia Shen hammered two punches on his chest, and the incident passed quickly.

It was already evening when they came to the square, and it didn’t take long for the sky to be completely dark.

“I’ll go out to help you stare, let’s call,” Enderia Shen said with some excitement, “Don’t forget, your current identity is a strange uncle, and you can’t appear in that square anymore.” Dustin Zhou thought it was really that way. For one thing, when I was in the square just now, most people thought he was a strange uncle who wanted to abduct little girls.

If it hadn’t been for Enderia Shen to come to the rescue, Dustin Zhou would have been twisted into prison by the group of people.

If he went out to look for Bingyue’s traces now, he would definitely doubt him again if he was seen by others, so he agreed to Enderia Shen’s plan.

Enderia Shen walked out, watching Dustin Zhou speechless for a while, “Big sister, you don’t blame uncle, you don’t need to be so nervous, OK?” “Ah? Oh,” Enderia Shen reacted and smiled embarrassedly. “Yeah, I only knew Uncle Wei. I didn’t blame Uncle. I don’t need to blame.” “I definitely don’t blame Uncle either!” Dustin Zhou’s desperate voice came from behind, but Enderia Shen couldn’t hear it anymore.

Because she is so excited now.



It was the first time she experienced these words that would almost only appear in the novel.

In fact, Enderia Shen certainly knew that Dustin Zhou could not be a strange uncle.

Even if Dustin Zhou didn’t explain, she absolutely believed that Dustin Zhou had a valid reason for following Bingyue.

The reason why she insisted that Dustin Zhou was the uncle blame, plainly speaking, the purpose is to stay, staying can act with Dustin Zhou.

Although Dustin Zhou has always treated her very well, Enderia Shen has always had an illusion that she is getting farther and farther away from Dustin Zhou.

This made her a little scared and a little flustered. She wanted to truly enter Dustin Zhou’s world. She was interested in everything about Dustin Zhou and told her intuitively that there must be many secrets hidden in Dustin Zhou’s body.

This is why she stayed because she wanted to see what Dustin Zhou did


Soon, she returned to her original position.

Because it’s getting late, most people have gone home to eat, and the figures in the square are gradually sparse.

While pretending to stroll aimlessly, Enderia Shen scanned every place he could see with the corner of his eye, trying to find the trace of Bingyue.

It’s strange, is that girl already gone?

Enderia Shen almost finished walking the entire square, but she never saw Bingyue’s shadow, which made her a little disappointed.

If Bingyue had left, then their plan to follow Bingyue today would have failed.

The so-called tracking, it must be the eyes can see the target, and then quietly follow up to be called tracking!

This Bingyue has already left. They only have one way to catch up. Dustin Zhou can smell the scent of Bingyue with his nose, and then follow Bingyue’s scent all the time… Then it’s not called stalking. It’s called tracking!

The point is that Dustin Zhou is not a dog either, it is impossible to find out the smell of Bingyue with his nose!

Just as Enderia Shen was thinking about it, an innocent voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Big sister, I think you have been around this square for half an hour. Are you looking for someone?” Ninety-sixth

Chapter 967

Although the voice sounded very good, naive and insulting, and did not seem to have any malicious intent, Enderia Shen felt that the hair was terrifying, and he was shocked in a cold sweat.

Is it because this voice appeared too suddenly?

Enderia Shen thought in surprise, then turned around and saw Bingyue looking up at her.

Why is this little girl like a ghost?

This thought arose in Enderia Shen’s heart. She obviously turned around the square for most of the time without finding Bingyue’s shadow, but now, Bingyue suddenly appeared behind her.

Enderia Shen always felt a little horrified, but common sense told her that it was impossible, so she forced herself not to think too much, but squeezed a smile at Bingyue, “Hehe, sister is not looking for anyone. “My sister just ate and wandered around here. This is normal, right?” Enderia Shen said, pointing to those walking nearby.

Not long after it got dark, most of the people were still eating dinner, and those who appeared in the square now were basically those who had dinner earlier and came out for a walk.

Therefore, Enderia Shen’s behavior did not appear to be very abrupt, and her explanation was quite satisfactory.

But Bingyue shook her head, “Lying is not a good boy, big sister, we just met a while ago, how could you come out after eating so soon?”

“Also, what about the big brother you just called away, the big brother you called his husband, why didn’t he come?” Enderia Shen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said that this bear kid is really wrong So foolish, I even knew that I didn’t come out for a walk, counting the time.

But she still found a reason for herself, “That’s because my sister eats fast, because my sister wants to lose weight, so she eats very little, so she just went out for a walk.” “The brother you mentioned, he has not finished eating. Well, so I stay at home, understand?” Enderia Shen touched Bingyue’s head and said, secretly proud of his cleverness.

I am simply a genius, I can think of such a perfect reason!

Not only the answer was perfect, but also all the logic, and even used one question to answer Bingyue’s two questions. There is simply no way to be smarter!

Enderia Shen thought in his heart.

At this time, Bingyue spoke again, “Oh, that’s it.” “Sister didn’t lie to me, right.” “I thought my sister was looking for me, and then my brother hid secretly not far away. After my sister found me, my brother came out and followed me secretly.” Bingyue looked very innocent when she said this.

It seemed that I was just guessing casually, and I was even disappointed that I didn’t guess.

But after Enderia Shen heard these words, he felt that his three views were broken.

Is this really just an ordinary little girl.

Enderia Shen now seriously doubts that Bingyue knows all the truth!

The purpose of including myself in the square is to find her.

Even Enderia Shen felt that Bingyue must still know where Dustin Zhou was hiding.

Otherwise, her guessing out of thin air is too accurate, right?

Suddenly, Enderia Shen didn’t know how to answer Bing Yue.

Because she felt that her every move could not hide in front of this little girl.

In fact, Bingyue had already seen through her perfect lie.

She was speechless and could only stare at the little girl in front of her blankly.

“Sister, why didn’t you speak? I guessed it.” Bingyue tilted her neck again, and looked at Enderia Shen curiously.

“No, no, haha, how is it possible,” Enderia Shen said flusteredly, “My sister really just went out and wandered casually, my brother is also at home, how can my brother follow you, he is not a strange uncle.” Enderia Shen can only He explained in a panic and hastily, and then made a haha ​​and turned and ran, “Um, I didn’t tell you little sister Ha, my sister is going home, my brother is still waiting at home.” On the way back, Enderia Shen walked. Turn around

, Saw Bingyue standing there quietly, looking at her with his head tilted.

She even felt that there was a strange smile on Bingyue’s mouth.

It’s weird!

Looking back now, Enderia Shen still felt a cold sweat, especially when she was leaving, when Bing Yue was standing there quietly, the people walking nearby seemed to have not noticed Bing Yue’s existence at all.

What do you think is wrong!

Enderia Shen said to Dustin Zhou, “That little girl is absolutely extraordinary! Let’s go back quickly, don’t come into contact with such a person, it’s really scary!” There is no doubt that Enderia Shen is an atheist.

But today, she has shaken her own values.

More importantly, she herself couldn’t tell what was wrong.

It was a strong feeling, as if a pair of eyes were staring at her in the dark, staring at her all the time.

She didn’t have any substantive evidence to prove that Bingyue was abnormal, because nothing too weird happened. If she told the psychologist about it, the psychologist would definitely tell her that these were all psychological effects.

Is it really a psychological effect?

Enderia Shen was a little skeptical, but the creepy feeling was too obvious!

She told Dustin Zhou in shock, but Dustin Zhou just looked at her with a faint smile on his face.

“Done?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Say, that’s it.” Enderia Shen swallowed and said.

“No, do you understand what I’m talking about? That little girl is terrifying. Let’s stop following her, okay.” Enderia Shen emphasized again.

She suddenly felt that Dustin Zhou didn’t take her words to heart.

In fact, Dustin Zhou did not take her words to heart. He smiled slightly and said, “I know all these things you said. It’s nothing strange.” “Didn’t I tell you to go home? , How are you now? I don’t want to chase it anymore.” Enderia Shen nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Stop chasing, let’s go home, OK!” Dustin Zhou smiled suddenly, “No, I was going to chase this kind of thing, but you must stay here, I didn’t force you “Let’s go, we will meet the little ghost girl together.” Dustin Zhou took Enderia Shen’s hand and walked out.

Enderia Shen was taken aback for a moment and let out a scream, but he was still pulled out by Dustin Zhou.

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