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Chapter 61

Dustin Zhou’s words were unanimously approved by Enderia Shen and Hu Ye.

Both of them are determined people, and at this time, they can see the situation clearly.

So I also support Dustin Zhou’s decision.

“Since Brother Zhou thinks so, let’s do it. Since it’s propaganda, I can do a lot.” Tiger Lord said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and nodded, his heart was also determined.

As far as he knows, the name of Tiger Lord is not just a glorious hotel.

In addition to the hotel industry, in the advertising industry, there are many other industries, Tiger Lord is involved.

“Tiancheng Advertising is the second advertising company in the city, and it is also a company under my name, so it should be able to help.” Hu Ye said and nodded to Brother Pao.

Brother Pao also immediately walked aside and started to make a phone call.

“I have no problem here. Mingyang will immediately put in the promotion and jointly promote with related partner companies.” Enderia Shen took a deep look at Dustin Zhou and nodded in agreement.

There is basically nothing worthy of disagreement on this matter, and the opinions of several people are almost the same, so they all made a decision quickly.

“In that case, Chuanzi, you inform Zhao Bing and the others to let the factory work harder. Three days later, I want the whitening factor mask to be fully launched!” Dustin Zhou said confidently.

“Yes, Brother Yang!” Chuanzi was shocked and extremely excited.

“There is still an important question right now. Everyone knows that in the cosmetics industry, in addition to the quality of the product itself, the choice of spokesperson is also very important. I don’t know what Mr. Shen and Hu Ye have in mind or who they are?” Dustin Zhou has a bright mind. A move, said suddenly.

But at this moment, both Enderia Shen and Hu Ye were dumbfounded.

They have been focusing on the production of whitening factor masks before, and they have not even noticed this at all.

Now that Dustin Zhou suddenly raised it, they also had nothing to do, let alone who they chose.

“It’s simple, let the company’s planning department pick one, and then let them talk about it soon?” Enderia Shen was taken aback for a while, then said lightly.

In her opinion, although this matter was sudden, it was not a problem and could be solved easily.

“All right, but I still have some requirements for the spokesperson. I will tell them later.” Dustin Zhou had no choice but to do so.

He really didn’t expect that a few people didn’t pay attention to the issue of spokespersons, and now they suddenly mentioned it, there is really no good solution for a while.

However, Dustin Zhou is very relieved of the planning and publicity department of Mingyang.

With their abilities, solving this problem is simply a breeze.

Next, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, Hu Ye

I inspected the production conditions of the two factories together, which is a consideration in my heart.

…… Two days later, the company became famous.

“Zhou, the people from Tiancheng Advertising Company are here.” Sara Ye gently knocked on the door of Dustin Zhou’s office and reminded softly.

“Okay, I see, let them in.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, closing the file in front of him, and rearranging his expression.

“Mr. Zhou, hello, I am Ma Shu from Tiancheng Advertising.” Soon, a crisp voice rang.

Dustin Zhou looked up and saw a woman with a ponytail walking in slowly, with a faint smile on her face.

This is a beauty!

Perhaps because of the advertising industry, this woman named Ma Shu is very delicately dressed, with very light makeup on her face, but she does not lose her grace.

This was just a momentary thought in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

But soon, Dustin Zhou put this idea aside and began to take it seriously.

“Hello, please sit down.” Dustin Zhou nodded.

“Zhou, this is the ad copy designed by Tiancheng Advertising according to your requirements. Please also take a look.” Ma Shu handed the document to Dustin Zhou and entered the subject directly.

Dustin Zhou took the file and looked at it carefully.

Basically, this ad copy is made based on some of the characteristics and utility of the whitening factor mask compiled by Mingyang.

Although there is no finished product display, Dustin Zhou can already think about what the advertisement will look like after it is shot.

“Very good, just follow this one.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his tone also relaxed.

“Oh, by the way, I don’t know if your Tiancheng advertisement has a good candidate for the spokesperson?” Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of this question in his mind and asked directly.

In Dustin Zhou’s impression, general advertising companies will recommend some more suitable celebrities or well-known personalities as spokespersons based on the characteristics of their products.

And Tiancheng, as the city’s second largest advertising company, naturally should not omit anything in this regard.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Zhou, we did have some co-stars in Tiancheng advertising, but this time, no one is willing to accept this advertisement.” Ma Shu looked a little strange, looked at Dustin Zhou, and stopped talking.

“What’s the matter? If you have any issues, you can just say it directly, don’t need to hide it.” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

For this publicity, Mingyang’s endorsement price is not unreasonable, and even inviting some top talents, there is room for negotiation.

There is no reason why no one wants to accept it?

“Zhou, Tiancheng has cooperated with many domestic celebrities. Here is the list of celebrities we have worked with. The top batch is all clear.

Indeed, he refused to accept this cooperation.

Ma Shu hesitated for a moment, took another file from his bag and put it in front of Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou opened the file and saw the content on it, his face instantly gloomy. Even if he doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, it is. I have heard about some famous celebrities. In this document, those celebrities who explicitly refused to cooperate are almost all well-known throughout the country. And those who did not refuse, even Dustin Zhou has not heard of each other’s name several times. may!

It’s impossible for the rewards we give to attract these stars. Is there any place where communication is not good?

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, with a very serious tone. In the cosmetics industry, in addition to the quality and effect of the product itself, the choice of spokesperson is also important. Even some cosmetics are not as good as other brands in quality and effect, but the spokesperson is good. , Sales will also show explosive growth. And if the whitening factor mask does not have a perfect spokesperson, at the beginning of the promotion, it is already a bit shorter than other brand masks. “It’s not a question of compensation, Mr. Zhou, I heard Many of them accepted the invitation of another cosmetics brand, so they couldn’t cooperate with us.

Ma Shu explained carefully, watching Dustin Zhou’s reaction secretly. After hearing this, Dustin Zhou was indeed stunned for a moment. The first reaction was that he encountered a strong enemy. But after thinking about it, there are no so-called secrets in the cosmetics industry. , Which brand is going to release a new product, almost all know beforehand. But this time, he didn’t get any news. “Miss Ma, you can try to communicate with these big-name celebrities again. We are here tomorrow. The side will give you the final feedback.

Chapter 62

After sending off Ma Shu, Dustin Zhou sat in a chair, lost in thought.

This incident has always made him feel very uncomfortable, like a fishbone, stuck in his throat, making him unable to breathe smoothly.

“Sister Ye, ask the people in the planning department and the propaganda department, how are their current tasks progressing?” After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided to check again, dial the office phone, and ask Sara Ye to ask about the company’s internal situation.

Soon, Sara Ye came to Dustin Zhou’s office.

Only this time, Sara Ye’s face was also very ugly.

“Mr. Zhou, things are not good.” “The news from the Planning Department and the Propaganda Department. The celebrities they were going to communicate with had originally agreed, so they had to sign a contract, but they all went back overnight.” The propaganda department knows that those stars who rejected our company all accepted the invitation of another company to endorse the platform for their company’s products.” Sara Ye’s face was solemn, and his eyes were also faintly angry.

Having been in this industry for many years, Sara Ye has seen many intrigues and knows some of them.

Just judging from the information she found, she could keenly detect that an undercurrent surging conspiracy was being accumulated.

“Sure enough, do you know which company is going to list the new product? Why didn’t we get it at all?” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, tapping his finger on the desktop, as if thinking something.

“Not yet, the other party has done a good job of keeping secrets. There hasn’t been any news about it until now, but one thing is not hidden.” Sara Ye said with a solemn expression.

“The time for the other party’s new product to be on the market is the day after tomorrow. It is the same time as our whitening factor mask!” In an instant, Dustin Zhou stood up abruptly, his chest rising and falling, trying his best to suppress his anger.

“They are aiming at us, who is it?” “I’ll go to Mr. Shen, Sister Ye, you immediately let the Planning Department and the Propaganda Department assemble on standby, there is a tough battle waiting for us!” With a low groan, Dustin Zhou immediately cleaned up Things, go to Enderia Shen’s office.

“Mr. Shen, things are not right!” Dustin Zhou pushed open the door of Enderia Shen’s office without any warning, and his breathing suddenly stopped.

At this moment, Enderia Shen was wearing fitness tights, and his hair was tied into a ponytail and hung behind his head.

And she was bathed in sweat, and her fair skin shone faintly in the sun.

“What’s wrong?” Enderia Shen stepped off the treadmill, took a sip of water, and asked calmly.

“Mr. Shen, this is the feedback from Tiancheng Advertising and our company’s planning and propaganda department.” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help looking away, and handed the organized documents to Enderia Shen.

But to his surprise, Enderia Shen did not

Instead of taking over his files, he sat back in his chair calmly.

“Is it about the spokesperson?” “You all know?” This time, Dustin Zhou’s turn was surprised.

He is solely responsible for the propaganda work this time.

Whether it is the docking from Tiancheng Advertising, or the management and coordination of the internal propaganda department and planning department of the company, he is responsible for it.

In other words, any news about this propaganda mission will be delivered to Dustin Zhou firsthand before being delivered to Enderia Shen.

“This matter is not a secret. This is the information of the other company. Take a look.” Enderia Shen sneered, and directly pushed a document on the desktop directly in front of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou opened it and his pupils shrank instantly.

Because he saw the person in charge of the other company from the file.

That was a person he knew very well.

Edward Shen!

“Are you curious why it was him?” Enderia Shen said lightly when he saw Dustin Zhou’s surprise.

“What’s going on? Mr. Shen, you should have brought back all the missing whitening factor mask samples last time?” Almost immediately, Dustin Zhou thought of being secretly taken away from the factory by Edward Shen. A sample of the whitening factor mask.

Only through those samples can Edward Shen have the ability to analyze some data and composition, and then in such a short time, he founded a new company and quickly launched this mask.

“I thought I took them all back, but this kid was born to that woman, and he had already arranged for someone to study the samples.” At this point, Enderia Shen was also helpless.

She didn’t expect Edward Shen to move so fast. Not only did she steal the original formula of the mask, she even deliberately chose the time to fight the whitening factor mask.

“Fortunately, Dustin Zhou thought deeply. You modified the formula slightly so that the two masks were not exactly the same.” Thinking of this, Enderia Shen couldn’t help but admire Dustin Zhou.

After that incident, Dustin Zhou made a decisive decision and added a very rare herb to the original mask formula, which not only made the mask softer, but also had a 10% better effect.

“Mr. Shen, those are not the key points. The point is that our publicity work is completely suppressed in terms of spokespersons.” “Those celebrities uniformly accepted Edward Shen’s invitation and refused our invitation. Overwhelm us with the spokesperson!” Dustin Zhou said very seriously.

He is well aware of the importance of spokespersons, and he also understands the ability of spokespersons to guide consumers.

Once the whitening factor mask does not have the advantage of the spokesperson, it will have no advantage when faced with competing products with a difference of only 10%.



The office is quiet!

Only the sound of Enderia Shen tapping the tabletop rhythmically moved.

“I remember that Mira Xie of Yueji Beauty is your wife, right?” Suddenly, Enderia Shen asked an irrelevant question.

Dustin Zhou looked confused, but he nodded slightly and admitted that this is no longer a secret after all.

“If you really can’t find a good spokesperson, then let your wife be wronged and let her be the spokesperson. I think he will not be worse than those stars.” But then, Enderia Shen’s words, Dustin Zhou was completely stunned.

“What? President Shen, you! How can this be done?” Dustin Zhou didn’t get over it for a while, feeling helpless to argue.

But when he saw Enderia Shen’s firm gaze, his heart melted.

“What if I were to add another me? After all, our first stop was only in the city. I think, with the looks of me and Mira Xie, it shouldn’t be bad, right?” But Enderia Shen was resolute and even added himself to it. .

“Mr. Shen, is this not so good?” To be honest, Dustin Zhou had some intentions.

After all, judging from the current situation, Edward Shen must have spent a lot of money to get those stars to choose him.

The remaining stars, whether in terms of fame or appearance, are not even comparable to Enderia Shen and Mira Xie.

With this calculation, it seems that there is no problem in doing so.

Chapter 63

On a new day, the entire Donghai City is waking up from the short dark night.

In the morning light, many people have left their homes, ready to go to school or work.

But they suddenly discovered that today’s Donghai City is very different from the previous Donghai City.

Almost in all conspicuous locations, whether it is the bus body, or the bus battle, or the taxi light board, or the huge LED screen on Daxia.

Almost all places that can be seen are doing the same thing today.


For people in Donghai City, advertising is not uncommon, and it can even be said to be accustomed.

But like today, this is the first time that the city has shown large-scale advertisements.

“Look, isn’t that FFF Tiantuan? It turned out to be them, I like them so much!” “Yes, and, isn’t that Zhang Ziyan? She is not too young, why is her skin so good?” Also, there are many more…” Everyone found many stars in the advertisement, almost all of them can be recognized at a glance.

“What are they doing? Are they endorsing the mask?” “It seems to be true. The whitening storm mask is a new product. There seems to be a store near my house.” “Is this a new brand? Why haven’t you heard of it before?” I don’t know, but FFF Tiantuan has endorsed it, then I will definitely buy it!” More and more people saw these advertisements, attracted the attention of the stars, and deeply remembered the whitening storm mask.

But then, another advertisement appeared, which once again made everyone’s eyes shine.

“Wow, who are those two women, they are so beautiful!” “They are really fairies!” “Oh my God, those two seem to be the president of Donghai’s famous company Enderia Shen. Last time I seemed to have seen it from a distance. She, I didn’t expect her to be so beautiful!” For a time, the broadcasting of two advertisements set off a boom in Donghai City.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou kept seeing advertisements on his way to the company. He couldn’t help but smile. The whitening storm mask was obviously a counterfeit made by Edward Shen and the others.

The whitening factor advertisements were all shot by Tiancheng advertisements. Although Dustin Zhou was very satisfied with the results, he was also bitter about the process and no one dumped it.

In fact, after Enderia Shen put forward that idea, Dustin Zhou rejected it immediately!

After all, whether it is Enderia Shen or Mira Xie, both of them are the presidents of their respective companies. Asking them to show up and shoot publicity advertisements is not good.

If you let outsiders see it, you don’t know what you will think.

What’s more, although Dustin Zhou felt that the two of them looked attractive, they were still not as well-known as those famous stars.

The advertisements taken are not necessarily recognized.

The most important point, with Dustin Zhou’s recognition of Mira Xie, she would definitely not agree with such an absurd idea.

But what surprised Dustin Zhou was that when he mentioned it casually to Mira Xie, Mira Xie simply asked a question and directly agreed.

“Will Enderia Shen also come out in person?” Thinking of Mira Xie’s expression when he asked himself this question, Dustin Zhou felt a chill in his heart, as if being stared at by something.

Famous company.

The entire company is in a highly intense operation.

The comprehensive promotion of the whitening factor mask means that this mask will be on the market to compete with other brands of masks.

When Dustin Zhou came to the company, he saw a strong feeling of tension on everyone’s face.

“Sister Ye, go tell everyone, don’t be nervous, work slowly, but always pay attention to the investment in advertising, and always pay attention to the number of facial masks sent to major sales points from the factory.” Seeing so much People were nervous, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help tensing some nerves.

But he knew that now is just the beginning, and the most nervous time is when the mask is officially launched.

At the same time, in Junfa Company, it is also in a state of high tension at this time.

Charlie Chen didn’t even sleep all night, always instructing the various departments of the company to step up the spread of the whitening storm mask.

“How is the situation now? Do all the stores have sufficient supply?” “Also, is there any news from Shao Shen? You must cheer up. As long as you can suppress the well-known company’s whitening factor mask today, I Send you a big red envelope!” Charlie Chen looked at the busy company employees and said with excitement.

To be honest, he did not expect that Edward Shen would take care of him in this way and let him act as an agent for the sale of the whitening storm mask in Donghai City.

And what excites him the most is to be able to defeat the well-known company’s whitening factor mask and defeat Dustin Zhou in return for humiliation.

“Dustin Zhou, you wait for me, I must see what you will be like when Mingyang is defeated!” At this time, Edward Shen had just left the Shen family.

After reporting today’s events to Shen’s father and Shen’s mother, he was confident.

This time it was not he decided to compete with the facial mask of the famous company, but the whole Shen family decided together.

Since the last time Shen Weiyan and his son Edward Shen were humiliated in the Brilliant Hotel, they have been dissatisfied and have been planning how to recover the scene.

The mask has undoubtedly become an important breakthrough that they value!

“Ms Wang, have you settled Chen Tianhou and Zhao Tianwang? If you haven’t settled it yet, don’t come to see me!” Edward Shen made a call and faced the other

One side was a heavy scolding.

“Shen Shao, don’t worry, if I’m on the go, no matter what the queen of heaven, I will bring you a lot of them to the East China Sea.” A gloomy voice came from the phone, full of flattery.

“Very well, I want to show that b*tch Enderia Shen, who offends me, Edward Shen, what will happen? Also, you must arrange for the major news media. Today, I will make Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou famous. !” Edward Shen sipped hard, and then hung up the phone.

And Dustin Zhou still doesn’t know that Edward Shen has secretly planned a conspiracy against the famous company.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Hu Ye, all sitting quietly in Enderia Shen’s office.

As for Mira Xie, she is planning to make up for herself and spread the whitening factor mask in Donghai City.

“Haha, President Shen, I didn’t expect that you would make such a big sacrifice, and you would actually take the stage to shoot the commercial, and I admire it!” The tiger master laughed, and sincerely extended a thumb to Enderia Shen.

As a superior, Hu Ye was also very surprised by Enderia Shen’s decision, but he also strengthened his determination to cooperate with Mingyang.

With such a vigorous and resolute leader, the famous company must have greater development. At that time, Hu Ye will naturally get more cooperation opportunities and resources.

“The time is coming, let us take a look now, two masks, who can be better!” Dustin Zhou looked at the time, and there were only a few minutes left before the scheduled time of the mask sale, nine o’clock in the morning.

Soon, it was nine o’clock.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, feedback has come back. Donghai City sold 3,000 sets in one minute!” Soon, Sara Ye walked in with excitement and announced the information.

Throughout Donghai City, all sales points of whitening factor facial masks have established a complete sales network. Each set of facial masks sold will be recorded on the network file.

The Mingyang company can directly and quickly inquire from within the company.

Chapter 64

“Five minutes, fifteen thousand sets!” “Ten minutes, twenty thousand sets!” “Half an hour, fifty thousand sets!” … Sara Ye kept going back and forth between the Propaganda Department and Enderia Shen’s office, reporting all a series of data. .

The mood of Dustin Zhou and the three people gradually eased.

In the current cosmetics industry, when new products are generally launched on the market, they usually only sell about 100,000 sets a day.

As for the whitening factor facial mask, it took only half an hour to sell 50,000 sets.

It is conceivable that 100,000 sets will be sold in a short time.

“Haha, it seems that we succeeded this time!” The tiger master laughed loudly, looking very excited.

After all this

This is the first time he has set foot in the cosmetics industry and also the first time he has cooperated with Mingyang.

At first it was just a small cooperation, but because of Dustin Zhou, Master Tiger only increased the cooperation.

Originally, he didn’t think about achieving any significant achievements, just for the relationship with Dustin Zhou and paving the way for future cooperation.

But now, the whitening factor mask can be said to be a big success, which naturally makes him excited.

After all, this shows that he has liked Dustin Zhou, not a wrong choice.

After all, from start to finish, Dustin Zhou is responsible for the entire whitening factor mask project.

Now that he has succeeded, Dustin Zhou will naturally take the lead.

“Don’t worry, this is just the situation on our side, but also to look at the situation of the copycat mask.” However, Dustin Zhou was not very excited. Instead, he sat calmly on the chair and meditated.

…… At this moment, Junfa Company.

The sales data of all whitening storm masks in Donghai City are gathered here.

“President Chen, we have sold 20,000 sets in ten minutes!” “President Chen, 30,000 sets in fifteen minutes!” “President Chen, half an hour, it’s almost 50,000 sets!” The same, A series of data were constantly placed in front of Charlie Chen, dazzling him.

These sales data, in the past, he could not imagine.

You know, on the whitening storm mask, they don’t have much cost at all. All the money sold is almost profit.

According to the current price of the mask, one set costs 599 yuan, and 50,000 sets, which is nearly 30 million.

This is more than all the capital of his Junfa Company!

“Great! Hurry up and send a message to Shen Shao!” Charlie Chen laughed and told Edward Shen the news.

“How is the situation over there?” However, Edward Shen was not as excited as Charlie Chen imagined. Instead, he calmly asked the other party’s sales data.

“Mr. Chen, I have someone I know who works in Mingyang. Just now, they reported back data. In half an hour, the other party sold 50,000 sets of masks, which is more than ours.” At that time, Charlie Chen’s assistant said carefully.

Although his voice was very small, Edward Shen still heard clearly on the other end of the phone.

“Less than them? How could it be less than them? Charlie Chen, how do you do things? You can’t do this little thing?” Edward Shen was furious, slapped a palm on the table, and suddenly knocked a tea cup down. “With a sound, it fell to pieces.

And Charlie Chen was also shivering, and laughed again and again.

“Shen Shaoxian, this is just the beginning. Our facial masks are selling cheaper than theirs. More and more people will find this and choose our facial mask. Two hours, two hours later, we must Will surpass him


Charlie Chen was full of sweat on his forehead, and promised again and again. “Okay, then I will give you another two hours. If you still can’t exceed them in two hours, then this opportunity will have nothing to do with you!”

Edward Shen dropped a word fiercely and hung up the phone directly. “Bang!

“The moment Edward Shen hung up the phone, Charlie Chen slammed the phone forward and smashed it directly on the assistant’s head. Suddenly, the assistant’s head was smashed with a wound, and blood flowed out. “Just you.” Talking!

Did I let you talk?

From now on, you are fired!


Charlie Chen looked savage and vented all the anger he had received from Edward Shen on his assistant. “Quick, let the people in each store work harder!”

If it is not a well-known company, they will all deduct wages!

“… And at this time, the entire Donghai City is in a carnival. Especially for women, two facial masks are listed at the same time, so that they are like a treasure. The brilliant effect, unique publicity, and so many celebrity endorsements, The whitening storm mask suddenly became the first choice of all young girls. And the promotion of the whitening factor mask, because of the relationship between Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, made them have many admirers in Donghai City, and they also supported them. And because these people are usually all They are more mature women, so their purchasing power is much stronger than that of young girls. This will make the sales of whitening factor masks better than whitening storm masks at the beginning. As time goes on, every moment People who are concerned about the launch of these two facial masks have almost all started with a set. But there are still many people who come here and are hesitating which one to choose. At 12 noon. Mira Xie is busy at the flagship store of Yueji Beauty, she She and her employees have never had time to drink water, and now they are a little tired. “Mr. Xie, great. Our facial masks are selling so well, and our company will definitely get better!

Although the employees are busy, they are very happy when they look at the crowded customers in the store. “Yes, don’t worry, your beauty makeup will get better and better!”

When this event is over, I will definitely send you a big red envelope!

“Mira Xie also cheered up the staff at the right time. “Look, there is a star on the opposite side of the whitening storm mask.”

“Oh my god, it turned out to be Zhao Xiaodao!”

I like the song he sings best!

“Let’s go take a look, if it’s late, we won’t see it!”

“Oh my god, my friend said that the flagship store of the whitening storm mask invited Chen Tianhou and Zhao Tianwang. The scene is already crowded, let’s go!

“But soon, I don’t know who screamed first, and then the whole shop exploded. Then, everyone screamed.

Ran outside the store.

After Mira Xie discovered the abnormality, he hurriedly followed up and discovered that all of these customers had flocked to the opposite whitening storm mask sales point.

“What’s going on?” Mira Xie frowned lightly, and he suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart.

“It’s not good, Mr. Xie, the other side invited a celebrity to attract everyone away. Now there is no one in the shop!” An employee ran back crying and told Mira Xie what had happened.

“What! How could this happen? Send a message to Mingyang and ask them what the hell is the other party doing!” … Mingyang.

The rising data makes everyone excited.

They are even secretly imagining how much bonus the company will give out after the final result comes out.

“It’s not good, the data of all sales points have all declined, and it has fallen sharply!” “No, the data on the whitening storm mask is rising wildly!”

Chapter 65

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, the situation is not right!” Sara Ye opened the door of the office, walked in solemnly, and distributed the data files that had just been sorted out to Dustin Zhou.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows, asked suspiciously, and then opened the file.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou’s heart slammed, and his whole heart beat quickly.

“What is going on? Why does this happen?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

And Enderia Shen and Hu Ye have also read the data, and they both have serious faces.

The data shows that from 12 o’clock noon, the sales data of the whitening factor facial mask sales point began to fall across the board.

And half an hour later, that is, at 12:30, there was almost no data entry at all sales points.

In other words, at 12:30, all facial mask sales outlets in Donghai City did not sell a box of facial masks.

This is simply impossible.

But it happened again in front of everyone.

“Quickly check! Be quick!” Dustin Zhou knew that he couldn’t wait, he had to quickly figure out what happened.

“Zhou, this is a message from the flagship store of Yueji Beauty.” At this moment, the publicity department sent a message.

And this is exactly what Mira Xie sent here!

“Dustin Zhou, the other party seems to have invited a lot of celebrities and attracted all customers.” Although it was just a simple sentence, the information revealed was not small.

For a while, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and Hu Ye fell into silence.

To be honest, they really didn’t expect this trick at all.

Dustin Zhou just thought that the other party would invite those celebrities to promote it in the advertisement, but he did not expect that the other party would invite the celebrities to the line.

In this way, beautiful

The promotion of the white factor mask is basically not competitive.

“Brother Zhou, it seems that the other party is determined to drive us to a dead end this time.” After reading this, Lord Tiger smiled bitterly.

At this time, everyone present knew that they had nothing to do.

In the face of the opponent’s method, there is almost no countermeasure without preparation.

What’s more, those celebrities have already been paid for by Edward Shen, and it is almost impossible to make any form of publicity for the whitening factor mask.

“No, we can’t just sit back and let the Propaganda Department and Planning Department contact those stars who have not been dealt with by the other party. Even if the price is higher, it doesn’t matter!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

At this time, if they do nothing, they are surrendering, and there is no possibility of reversal.

But this is not what Dustin Zhou hopes to see.

… On the other side, Junfa Company.

“Shen Shao, didn’t you say you should give me time?” Charlie Chen said anxiously, his tone of voice was cautious, and he didn’t dare to speak loudly.

“Give you time? Huh! Charlie Chen, you said that two hours will be able to overtake the whitening factor mask, but I gave it three hours, what was the result?” “Since you can’t do it, then I have to do it myself. “Edward Shen’s tone was cold, without a trace of emotion.

“Then Shao Shen, say yes…” Charlie Chen’s heart sank. He knew what Edward Shen had said and would basically not change it.

So he was cautious, wanting to see if he could make Edward Shen show mercy to his men, after all, this time.

He also did a lot of things for Edward Shen.

“Just do you still want remuneration?” “It’s good, as long as you get things done this time, and the famous company has suppressed me, 30% of the profits will be given to you.” “But now, you have No chance!” Edward Shen left a cold sentence and hung up the phone.

But Charlie Chen was holding the phone, his expression changed.

“A**hole! Who do you think you are? If it weren’t for me, you could put the whitening storm mask on the market so quickly? Now that you turn your face, you turn your face!” Charlie Chen was very angry, and directly swept all the things on his desk to the floor, in the office Ranted frantically.

The other employees of Junfa Company could only watch outside with fear, no one dared to go in and see.

After all, the assistant who was just fired is a good example.

However, Charlie Chen’s anger had no effect, and it had no effect on Edward Shen’s decision, and Edward Shen would not even know it.

… On Dustin Zhou’s side, after issuing the order, the Propaganda Department and the Planning Department immediately took action to contact those stars who had not been dealt with by Edward Shen.

“Dustin Zhou, do you think we have a chance this time

How many?

“There is no expression on Enderia Shen’s face, but there is a little bleakness in his eyes. “I don’t know. The other party is too sudden this time. There is no news beforehand. It seems that your brother is determined. To deal with us.

Dustin Zhou shook his head and smiled bitterly. Edward Shen’s action really surprised him, and he didn’t have any preparation at the same time, so when the matter came, he seemed a little panicked. But Dustin Zhou didn’t stop thinking for a moment. Since the other party is fully propagating. Suppress the whitening factor mask, and even attract customers to their stores, then there must be other places that look a little weak. And that is the breakthrough point for Dustin Zhou’s counterattack. “Dustin Zhou, Shen, the propaganda department have all contacted , No one agreed to promote it for us.

At this moment, Sara Ye walked in with a solemn expression and said very bad news. Inviting other stars to promote it was the first and most direct way Dustin Zhou thought of to compete with each other. But it was very Obviously, with such a big gap in the situation, those celebrities will not take the risk to promote the whitening factor mask that seems to be defeated. “Or, do we think of a way from the price?

“The price of a set of whitening storm mask is 599 yuan, while ours is 799. I think we can reduce the price.

Lord Tiger pondered for a long time and said slowly. “No!

“Almost instantly, Dustin Zhou rejected Tiger’s idea. Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, not knowing why he was so excited. It’s just the price. Under the current circumstances, is there any other way besides the price? “The price must never be changed!

“Think about it, if we revise the price now and the mask is cheaper, what would the people who bought the mask before at the original price think?

“Dustin Zhou’s words are like a hammer, making everyone awaken. “Once the customers who buy at the original price are resisted, it will inevitably trigger a wave of returns. At that time, even if the Jade Emperor descends, I am afraid that we will not be able to save us.

Dustin Zhou said coldly. “Sorry, but I was not thoughtful.

“After figuring out the seriousness of the matter, Master Tiger apologized again and again. The atmosphere in the entire office became solemn again. “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, there is good news!”

“The store’s sales data has picked up, and it’s still rising!”

At this moment, the propaganda department yelled suddenly, which attracted the attention of all the company. “What’s the matter?”

“Dustin Zhou frowned, and quickly looked at Sara Ye and asked her to ask what happened. “Zhou, there seems to be a celebrity promoting our mask!”

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