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Chapter 326


Right now, Zhang Taiyan was speaking, and Zhang Lun didn’t dare to procrastinate, so that day, he sent someone to find out where Dustin Zhou and the others lived after they left Zhang’s house.

“Go, this time, we must invite them back!” Kaiyuan Hotel.

Dustin Zhou and his party are now gathering in Dustin Zhou’s room.

“Have you checked it out?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

“Brother Yang, I’ve checked it all. They seem to be from the Zhang family.” Niu Chuan stood by the window, raised a corner of the curtain, his eyes fell out of the window, and saw a few people sneaking around outside.

They had just checked in at the hotel, and then they packed everything up, and they were about to go out to play, when they suddenly realized that they seemed to be targeted.

In order to prevent accidents, Dustin Zhou asked everyone to return to the hotel immediately and be on guard.

Although with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan’s strength, there is no need for such guard.

But there are still many people who have no power to restrain the chickens, and they are all invited by Dustin Zhou to help, it is impossible to put them in a dangerous situation.

“A member of the Zhang family?” Dustin Zhou frowned, a little puzzled.

“Damn it, do the people of the Zhang family still want to kill them all and let us leave Hunan province?” Su Wei scolded angrily.

For so many days in the Zhang family, he was quite angry.

Especially Zhang Tao went to the other courtyard where they lived from time to time, arrogant and domineering, looking high above him.

How could Su Wei endure this?

He is in the East China Sea, but he is the only son of the Su Family Patriarch. In the future, the entire Su Family will belong to him. When has he been so wronged?

Therefore, the contradiction between him and Zhang Tao has been the deepest.

And Zhang Tao continued to harass them because of Su Wei.

Now, they have all left the Zhang family, but the Zhang family has even sent people to follow them, which is simply presumptuous.

“Zhou, I think this Zhang family is a bit too much. Don’t you know how arrogant their attitude was when we were in Zhang family.” Wang Dalu was also indignant.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, if it weren’t for your invitation, we would never have come to this place. We would be so angry. If we were in the East China Sea, we would have to ask his Zhang family to know well. Not everyone is arrogant. Qualified!” Zhou Hao waved his fist, gritted his teeth.

Others also agreed.

After all, the anger received in Zhang’s family is true, and now Zhang’s sending someone to follow them is also true.

“The Zhang family won’t follow us for no reason, do they want revenge?” Enderia Shen was flexible in mind and soon thought of a possibility.

After all, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were in Zhang’s family, but they injured many people.

Especially Dustin Zhou hurt Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son. If the Zhang family wants revenge, it is absolutely possible.

I can’t see that although Dustin Zhou injured them, Zhang Jie was on the side at that time. Even if Zhang Lun and his son wanted revenge, Zhang Jie would explain the situation.

“Mira Xie said earnestly. She hardly speaks much, but at this time, she is also rare to have a serious look. “This is hard to say. To me, that Zhang Jie doesn’t look like a good person, otherwise we would suffer from Zhang Tao in Zhang’s family.” So much anger, he must have not reacted!

Su Wei looked upset, and seemed to have resentment towards everyone in the Zhang family. After all, he was in the East China Sea, the young master of the Su family, and almost no one would treat him like that. “Brother Yang, someone is here, it’s the Su family. Father and son.

Suddenly, Niu Chuan said in a deep voice. At this moment, Dustin Zhou was also a little surprised. He did his own hands, he knew that Zhang Lun and his son couldn’t get out of bed and walk like ordinary people in ten days. His eyes flashed. Dustin Zhou looked as usual. “Don’t worry, since they dare to come, let’s see what they want to do!

Dustin Zhou said lightly. “Boom!



“Soon, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll go!”

Su Wei snorted coldly, got up and went to open the door. “What are you doing here?”

“Opening the door, Su Wei saw Zhang Lun and his son appear outside the room at a glance. At this moment, Zhang Lun and his son were carried over. “We want to see Dustin Zhou and let him come over.”

“Zhang Lun’s face was very ugly, and he said coldly. “Huh, that’s a big tone, thinking this is your home?”

The boss can be seen when you meet?

Su Wei looked disdainful and was very upset with Zhang Lun’s tone. “Huh!

My dad is the young master of the Zhang family. He came to see you in person to give you face and not to shame.

Zhang Tao was full of anger. Hearing Su Wei’s words, he couldn’t help but yell softly. “Fart!”

Who on earth let us leave the Zhang family before?

Now I want to see the boss again, no way!

Su Wei snorted coldly, cursed, and closed the door directly. “These people are really arrogant, even more arrogant than I am in the East China Sea!”

Su Wei returned to the room with a look of disdain. “Hehe, after all, this is Xiangxi, and only their Zhang family is a big family. It is normal to have such arrogance.

Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and said lightly. “Dustin Zhou, what do you think they have come to see you now?”

“Enderia Shen asked softly. Dustin Zhou didn’t speak immediately, but thought for a while. “It should be the head of the Zhang family who spoke.

“Dustin Zhou can only think of this right now. When he saw Zhang Jie’s performance in the face of the father and son, Dustin Zhou knew that in the Zhang family, Zhang Jie’s line of speech might not have much power. But it would be able to bring Zhang Lun and his son to find him. For himself, it is only possible for Zhang Taiyan to speak.

“What do you think of the big guy? If we don’t want to see them, we will ignore them, wait for a few days and go back to the East China Sea!” Su Wei said coldly.

“Wait a few more days.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Boom!” At this moment, there was a loud noise.

“My father came to see you in person, Zhou, you unexpectedly asked you to miss it, who gave you the courage!” An extremely arrogant voice came, and Zhang Lun and his son rushed in directly under the help of the nursery. It was also knocked away by them.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou and the others’ expressions turned gloomy.

These people dare to break through!

“Presumptuous, who let you in!” Su Dawei was angry and stood up abruptly, pointing at Zhang Lun and his son in an angry voice.

“There is no place for you to speak here, Dustin Zhou, let me tell you that my father came to you today because he wanted you to come back to Zhang’s house. I have some misunderstandings, so I can explain it clearly.” Zhang Tao said calmly, full of lofty expressions. .

“Explain clearly? How to explain clearly? Is it the so-called explanation to break in like you?” Dustin Zhou raised his head, slightly narrowed his eyes, and said coldly, looking at Zhang Lun and his son.

He thought that even if the father and son were arrogant and domineering, they would still be in the Zhang family.

But he never expected that they would come to the hotel arrogantly and forcibly smashed the door.

“Dustin Zhou, I apologize for today’s behavior. Please go back to Zhang’s house first. I will give you a satisfactory answer!”

Chapter 327

who do you think You Are!

(1) Zhang Lun’s eyes tightened, his hands hung on his side, clenched into fists, but he quickly recovered.

He can’t walk on the ground alone now, just like a disabled person.

The same is true of his son Zhang Tao.

All this is due to Dustin Zhou.

Originally, no matter how bad the Zhang family was, they would retaliate against Dustin Zhou.

But now, Zhang Taiyan actually asked them to personally invite Dustin Zhou and his party to return to Zhang’s house.

Zhang Lun originally thought that when he and his son Zhang Tao came in person, Dustin Zhou and his party would at least feel that they had face and would give a smile.

It’s just that he never thought that Dustin Zhou would be so shameless.

Moreover, a hairy kid who used to antagonize his son before dared to be so presumptuous.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t think you can be unscrupulous if you abolish Jiangbei in Changsha, you know, this is Xiangxi, not Changsha, and my Zhang family is not comparable to the Jiang family!” Zhang Lun said coldly, although Dustin Zhou before The matter of the abolition of Jiangbei was told by Zhang Ying and confirmed by Zhang Taiyan, which surprised Zhang Lun.

But when he calmed down, after careful thinking, he quickly changed his mind.

Dustin Zhou could abolish Jiangbei in Changsha, and the Jiang family had nothing to do with him, it was Jiang family incompetence.

But here is Xiangxi, with his Zhang family in it, not to mention Dustin Zhou who is unknown to him, even if people from the other four major families come here, they must honestly abide by the rules of his Zhang family.

“That is, Zhou, you wounded so many people in our Zhang family, and you also injured me and my father. The bill has not been calculated with you. Don’t be ignorant of praise, hurry up with us!” Zhang Tao is also there Sneered aside.

Their father and son came this time, although they were in Zhang’s family because the old man gave the order to die, but when facing Dustin Zhou, they still maintained a high attitude.

And they didn’t really pay attention to Dustin Zhou at all.

If Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan can fight, can they still fight against the entire Zhang family?

For a while, the room was extremely quiet.

The corners of Zhang Lun’s and his son’s lips raised slightly, with arrogant expressions, staring directly at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

And Su Wei and others all stared back.

“Boss, these people are too bloated. They are almost laughing at me. In the East China Sea, who would dare to talk to you like this?” Su Wei disdainfully said, despising the Zhang Lun father and son in front of him even more.

“That’s right, Mr. Zhou, in my opinion, this family is too presumptuous and doesn’t recognize our status at all. What are we going to stay here for, why don’t we just return to the East China Sea.” Zhou Hao also whispered.

Although he is not a big deal in Donghai City, he is also very upset by being so despised by Zhang Lun and his son in Hunan Province, in Xiangxi, and in the Zhang family.

Wang Dalu

Although he didn’t speak, his expression already showed such a meaning.

And others have done the same.

After all, when he came before, Dustin Zhou told them that this time he was here to help the Zhang family, and they would get a lot of benefits when they came to help.

But now, the benefits are not seen. They have been in the Zhang family for more than ten days, and now they are blocked in the hotel room by Zhang Lun and his son.

This feeling of being despised makes everyone very unhappy.

“Stop talking big words, who do you think you are? Don’t think that Jiangbei can be abolished, how great it is, and no one in the entire East China Sea dares to offend him?” Zhang Tao sneered, pointing at Dustin Zhou with a look of disdain.

“Where is the East China Sea? It’s also your turn to raise yourself up here.” “Dustin Zhou, my patience is limited. If you don’t come back to Zhang’s house with me today, don’t blame me for doing it.” Zhang Lun’s face was gloomy. , Although he did not believe that Dustin Zhou and his party had any identity.

But right now, these people are all calm, as if they really didn’t put Zhang Lun in his eyes, and didn’t put Zhang Family in his eyes, which inevitably made Zhang Lun a little bit suspicious.

“Haha.” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou gave a chuckle, slowly raised his head, looking straight at Zhang Lun and his son, with an indifferent expression.

“He, Su Wei, is the only son of the Su Family Patriarch of the first-class East China Sea family, and the future Patriarch of the Su Family, and the Su Family is no worse than your Zhang Family.” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou pointed to Su Wei and said lightly.

When Su Wei heard this, he was immediately excited, raised his head, his face was full of triumph, and he looked at Zhang Lun and his son with contempt.

When Zhang Lun and his son heard this, they were startled and looked at Su Wei suspiciously.

Although they are in Xiangxi, they still have some understanding of Donghai, a city on the same level as Hunan Province.

And the Su family is indeed a famous first-rate family in the East China Sea, not much different from his Zhang family.

It’s just that Su Wei in front of him, how he looks, doesn’t look like the future Patriarch of the Su family.

But their father and son did not dare to despise it. In case it was true, then Su Wei looked like a little brother in front of Dustin Zhou, then who was Dustin Zhou?

“He, in just one month, brought the company from the brink of bankruptcy, and achieved a monthly income of hundreds of millions.” Dustin Zhou pointed to Wang Dalu and said slowly.

“He, the scale of the company is billions, and the scale is still expanding.” Dustin Zhou pointed to Zhou Hao and said.

… Next, Dustin Zhou introduced almost everyone on his side.

All the people who were introduced by name had their heads up and their chests tall, and they looked like you.

And Zhang Lun and his son are now a little confused, their faces are a little dazed, and their hearts are shocked.

These people in front of them had been in Zhang’s house for ten days before, but their father and son didn’t give them anything.

It looks good, but it makes things difficult for many times.

But now, they know that all these people have a great background.

The only son of the Su family owner like Su Wei, the future Su family owner will go to a company with assets of more than 100 million yuan like Wang Dalu.

Almost each one is taken out alone, and it has a certain influence in the East China Sea, and it can also make a fortune in Hunan Province.

At this time, Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao’s gazes towards Dustin Zhou have changed, from the arrogance and contempt at the beginning to the solemnity now.

A bad idea slowly arose in their hearts.

So many important people listen to Dustin Zhou alone, so who is Dustin Zhou?

“And she, the president of Donghai Yueji Beauty, the company is billions in size, my wife.” Dustin Zhou did not stop, but then introduced Mira Xie.

“Enderia Shen, the president of Donghai Mingyang Company, has nearly 10 billion assets.” “Chen Xin, the only daughter of Asher Chen, the owner of Donghai Yinhu Club.” Dustin Zhou gave Enderia Shen and Chen Xin a final introduction.

At this time, Zhang Lun and his son opened their mouths slightly, and they couldn’t speak at all.

If we say that some people before, except Su Wei can make their father and son feel more fluctuating, other people just surprised them slightly, and didn’t take it seriously.

So now these last three women shocked Zhang Lun and his son.

Chapter 328

who do you think You Are!

(2) Famous company, Zhang Lun and his son naturally know that the cosmetics company, which has been in the limelight recently, has swept the country with two products once it went on the market.

The cosmetics industry is also one of the main industries of the Zhang family. Naturally, he has paid attention to famous companies.

It can be said that a well-known company alone can be compared with the Zhang family.

The person in front of him turned out to be the president of a famous company.

The father and son felt regretful when they thought of Zhang Tao molesting Enderia Shen before.

If nothing happened before, and they would talk to Enderia Shen well, they might be able to get close in the future.

In this way, it is a beautiful thing for Zhang Family and Zhang Tao.

But now, looking at Enderia Shen’s expression, the expressions of Zhang Lun and his son became gloomy.

They hadn’t heard of Chen Xin’s name, but Asher Chen of the East China Sea Mountain Mist Club was like a legend.

After all, Zhang Lun and his son wouldn’t know the names of top figures in the East China Sea.

This person turned out to be Asher Chen’s only daughter?

And Asher Chen can rest assured that his only daughter will come out with Dustin Zhou?

For a while, the hearts of Zhang Lun and his son sank to the bottom of the sea.

They have already planned and prepared.

Dustin Zhou was able to abolish Jiangbei in Changsha, and the Jiang family also had nothing to do with them, which means that Dustin Zhou and his party definitely have some background.

And this background at least made the Jiang family a little jealous.

Otherwise, Jiang’s family wouldn’t be silent after two unsuccessful attempts.

But because of this, Zhang Lun and his son didn’t think Dustin Zhou’s background was so strong.

After all, if Dustin Zhou’s background is really very strong, it would be impossible for the Jiang family to have made the previous two shots.

However, the result seemed to be beyond their expectations.

They don’t know Dustin Zhou’s background, but the background of those who followed Dustin Zhou has greatly shocked Zhang Lun and his son.

These people, gathered in Hunan Province, are a force that cannot be underestimated, even comparable to the five big families, but they are all surrounded by Dustin Zhou now.

Zhang Lun, Zhang Tao and his son looked at Dustin Zhou with gloomy faces, waiting for him to continue.

They knew that Zhang Tao couldn’t tell the identities of these people for no reason. There must be something to tell them.

The others also looked at Zhang Lun and his son amusedly, and they also looked at Dustin Zhou, wanting to know what Dustin Zhou meant.

After a moment of silence, Dustin Zhou’s eyes suddenly rose, and there was a chill on his face.

“So, who do you think you are? Dare to speak like this in front of us? Who do we need you to face?” “I don’t know how to promote? So what?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, every word, like a hammer , Banged hard on the hearts of Zhang Lun and his son.

The faces of Zhang Lun and his son were extremely pale, they looked at Dustin Zhou’s indifferent expression, and their hearts were suddenly blocked.

Just before, they looked arrogant and shouted that their father and son should come over and invite Dustin Zhou and his party back to Zhang’s family. It was to give them face, and it was Zhang’s charity.

And Zhang Lun and his son were even more open to let Dustin Zhou and the others not know how to raise them, otherwise they would have to do it.

But now, after Dustin Zhou said the identities of these people, Zhang Lun and his son opened their mouths slightly, but they couldn’t speak at all.

Faced with a group of people who are not weaker than the Zhang family, they can’t even think of doing it.

The people on Dustin Zhou’s side, Su Wei and others, were extremely happy in their hearts.

All along, their reporter Dustin Zhou said when he first came to Hunan Province, they asked them to keep their identity secret.

Therefore, although everyone has been irritated during the ten-odd days in the Zhang family, they have not revealed their identity.

And now, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to speak out, and he severely frightened Zhang Lun and his son, which made everyone feel bad in their hearts.

Zhang Lun opened his mouth slightly, but could not speak at all.

He knew in his heart that if these people in front of him really told Dustin Zhou and had that kind of identity, then his Zhang family would definitely not be able to provoke them.

Zhang Lun knows a lot about the current situation of the Zhang family.

In Hunan Province, the Zhang family was faintly suppressed by the other four major families. If at this time, they really had enmity with the forces behind these people in front of them, then for the Zhang family, it would undoubtedly be a frustration between the back and the back, and the gain would not be worth the loss.

However, as Zhang Lun’s son, it is natural for Zhang Lun to have this awareness, otherwise he would not have the support of so many people in the Zhang family to compete for the position of the head of the family.

But Zhang Tao is different.

Zhang Tao has been spoiled and spoiled since he was a child. In the Zhang family, he is like a prince. In the whole of Xiangxi, no one dares to criticize anything. He has long been used to living a life as he pleases.

Although he was a little surprised at the identities of Dustin Zhou these people, it was nothing more.

No matter how strong someone else’s status is, what about it?

This is Hunan Province, this is Xiangxi, it is his Zhang family’s bowed head, it is his Zhang Tao’s site, everyone else, whether it is a dragon or a tiger, must cross and squat.

“Dad, this Zhou surname is so nasty that he dared to threaten us! If we don’t teach them a lesson, where is the prestige of my Zhang family, if others know about it, then they will definitely think our Zhang family is weak and deceived!” Zhang Ao glanced coldly at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, and also at Su Wei and others, and finally stayed on Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and Chen Xin.

This gaze is full of greed and desire.

Zhang Lun was taken aback, obviously thinking about what his son said.

But Dustin Zhou’s face was cold, and he got up, straight

Another slap on Zhang Tao’s face.

This was too sudden, Zhang Tao was not prepared, and the nursing homes supporting him were not prepared either.

Therefore, Zhang Tao was slapped directly by Dustin Zhou and fell backward and fell straight to the ground.

“Ah! It hurts! It hurts!” Zhang Tao’s leg injury was still not healed, and it was even more painful after being dealt with like this, and couldn’t help crying out.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing!” Zhang Lun only reacted at this time, and suddenly glared at Dustin Zhou, before sternly.

“Dad, I want to kill him, I want to kill him!” Zhang Tao fell to the ground and also shouted in pain, his tone full of anger at Dustin Zhou.

“I don’t like the look in your eyes very much, so this is just a small lesson. If you don’t know where your eyes should look, you don’t need these eyes.” But Dustin Zhou replied coldly. , Did not take Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao’s words to heart at all.

Just now, Zhang Tao looked at him and Su Wei and others with contempt, Dustin Zhou could bear it.

However, Zhang Tao looked at the third daughter of Mira Xie so greedily, this was something Dustin Zhou could not bear.

But Dustin Zhou’s words made Zhang Lun stunned immediately.

This is a threat!

Naked threat!

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