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Chapter 662

In fact, it is not just Liu Xue who is worried about Dustin Zhou.

Many people in the lobby on the first floor were also worried about Dustin Zhou.

Although they could do nothing about what Li Mingfeng did, they were still very happy to see someone willing to stand up and hope that someone could really stop Li Mingfeng’s evil deeds.

But now, it seems that Dustin Zhou is not the opponent of Li Mingfeng’s two younger brothers, and everyone can’t help but feel nervous.

If Dustin Zhou couldn’t stop Li Mingfeng, then, I’m afraid no one here can stop Li Mingfeng.

And the evil deeds under Li Mingfeng’s name will be added again.

This is not what everyone wants to see.

“Boy, if you are to blame, I will blame you for taking care of your nostalgia. Even our Li Shao dare to take care of things. I’m so impatient to live.” With a cold cry, Li Mingfeng’s two younger brothers punched and rushed to Dustin Zhou’s front. , Almost in the next second, he can directly hit Dustin Zhou and beat Dustin Zhou away.


“Ah!” And Liu Xue even closed her eyes, not daring to look at Dustin Zhou.


“Ah!” Suddenly, there were two muffled noises, and two screams suddenly sounded.

Liu Xue only felt as if something was rolling off her side, and she also heard the exclamation of everyone in the lobby on the first floor.

Could it be that Dustin Zhou has been beaten by them?

Liu Xue was startled, and quickly opened her eyes to look over, her eyes widened, and she froze in place.

Dustin Zhou stood on it well, still blocking Li Mingfeng’s way.

And Li Mingfeng’s two little brothers, at this moment, all rolled down the stairs, and collapsed to the ground, looking extremely tragic.

A little brother had broken his hands and slumped on both sides of his body, limp on the ground weakly.

The other younger brother was directly unconscious.


At this moment, the entire lobby on the first floor of the Mountain Mist Club became quiet.

All the people looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou looked so thin and could defeat Li Mingfeng’s two younger brothers so easily.

At the same time, some people on the second floor also noticed the situation here and were shocked.

Many of them had recognized Li Mingfeng, and they were already surprised.

However, they did not expect that in Donghai City, there would still be people who would dare to oppose Li Mingfeng, and they were not from those super-big families.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou was like a lunatic in their hearts.

“If this person is not a lunatic, then he is an idiot.” Such an idea has quickly surfaced in everyone’s hearts.

Although Dustin Zhou seems to have defeated Li Mingfeng’s two younger brothers now, he has offended Li Mingfeng. In the East China Sea, he will never end well.

At this moment, some people even expected that when Li Mingfeng returned home, he would definitely use the resources of the Li family to clean up Dustin Zhou with ease.

In addition, for Li Mingfeng, the grandson who has always liked Grandpa Li, everyone can already imagine what Dustin Zhou’s result will be.

At this moment, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, apart from amazement, there was only a deep regret.

“I always don’t like to use hands, but if someone forces me, I don’t mind making a shot once.” Dustin Zhou patted his sleeves lightly, as if he had just hit someone with dust on his sleeves.

His expression was indifferent, and there was almost no reaction to what happened just now, as well as everyone’s reaction.

Dustin Zhou was condescending, still looking at Li Mingfeng and Liu Xue.

At the beginning, Dustin Zhou asked Liu Xue what happened.

If Liu Xue is being coerced, then he is an acquaintance, and since Liu Xue had taken care of Zhou’s mother before, Dustin Zhou would help.

But like

If these people are Liu Xue’s friends, or if Liu Xue is willing to fall, then Dustin Zhou will not take action and will only choose to sit on the sidelines.

After all, all this

It was Liu Xue’s own choice.

She must bear the corresponding consequences.

However, before Liu Xue had any reaction, this Li Mingfeng murmured at Dustin Zhou, and his younger brothers kept clamoring.

This let Dustin Zhou know that Liu Xue was being coerced.

As long as this is known, it is enough for Dustin Zhou.

“Boy, you’re fine, do you know who I am, you have been against me again and again, don’t you think I can’t help you?” Li Mingfeng looked sullenly, his two little brothers were caught Dustin Zhou almost settled it with one move, which shocked him, and he was even more jealous of Dustin Zhou.

Li Mingfeng knew the strength of his little brothers.

It is no exaggeration to say that Li Mingfeng knows that his little brother is placed in any underground boxing ring, even if he can’t get the first place, he will at least be among the top ones.

Many times before, Li Mingfeng encountered troubles, and it was his little brothers who took care of them. This guarantees that Li Mingfeng has done so many bad things, but he is still safe.

But now, the two younger brothers he relied on were actually killed by Dustin Zhou.

This is a master!

At this moment, Li Mingfeng felt a strong fear in his heart.

He knew that his little brothers could no longer guarantee their safety.

If Dustin Zhou is a stunned boy and doesn’t know the severity, if he makes a wanton move, he might really hurt himself.

Therefore, Li Mingfeng definitely said his identity, so that Dustin Zhou was afraid and retreated.

At that time, Li Mingfeng might not hold Dustin Zhou accountable.

“Boy, you are dead, you dare to offend Li Shao, tell you that we Li Shao is the eldest master of the Li family in the East Sea. To offend Shao Li is to offend the entire Li family.” “Yes, and, this woman looks like she is Your friend? Or your concubine? If you mess around, if something happens to her, it’s all your responsibility!” The two younger brothers who controlled Liu Xue.

At this moment, he also looked solemn, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, full of jealousy.

Those two people who were killed by Dustin Zhou with a single move were about the same strength as theirs.

Dustin Zhou was able to kill those two individuals with one move, which means that Dustin Zhou could also kill them two with one move.

Therefore, they cannot help being careless.

“This little brother, I advise you not to be nosy. This is the eldest of the Li family in the East China Sea, and the grandson he loves the most. If you offend him, you are in the East China Sea. Ah, little brother, everyone is a person of identity. Don’t be impulsive for a woman and do things that you regret. When the time comes, even if you want to regret it, it’s too late.” “Little brother, take advantage of it. Now, Li Shaohuan

For the sake of not blaming you, please quickly apologize to Shao Li and leave immediately. Shao Li will not blame you.

“… And in the lobby on the first floor, even many people on the second floor started to persuade them.

Chapter 663

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou can kill two Li Mingfeng in a flash with such a random move. The younger brother’s people are definitely not ordinary people, at least their status and status are similar to them. And such a person, for a woman like Liu Xue, to conflict with Li Mingfeng and form hatred, that is very unwise. In their view, the best solution is for Dustin Zhou to immediately apologize to Li Mingfeng. I think Li Mingfeng will not be too prosecuted. After all, the two sides have not really broken out conflicts, it is not counted as enmity. At this moment, even Liu Xue always thinks that everyone’s persuasion is right, and there is a thought in her heart that she has caused Dustin Zhou. When she looks at Dustin Zhou, she is full of apologize, and she is full of guilt. “Mr. Zhou, this is myself. Don’t worry about things, I don’t want to bother you…” Liu Xue’s voice was very low, his mood was very low, and there was still a faint sobbing. “Boy, you heard it too, and all the chicks said about it. It has nothing to do with you. If you are acquainted, get out now, I will not hold you accountable.

Li Mingfeng looked smug. He just said casually, and immediately so many people stood up to speak for him and asked Dustin Zhou to apologize. This shows that so many people know that Li Mingfeng is not such an offending person. Power, this is the position of the Li family in Donghai City. “Liu Xue, am I the one who has no responsibility in your eyes?

Dustin Zhou said lightly, his expression was not turbulent, but when he looked at Liu Xue, there was such a moment of warmth. This silly girl, when she was in a crisis, even thought about his safety. But, although Liu Xue Having said that, but this is not something Dustin Zhou needs to consider. Since he has taken a shot, he has never given up halfway. “Or, do you think he can embarrass me?

Can it hurt me too?

Dustin Zhou’s words were very quiet, but their power was extraordinary, like a bomb, exploding on the calm water. Everyone was stunned. Li Mingfeng, the crowd in the lobby on the first floor, the crowd on the second floor, everyone. At this moment, all eyes widened, staring at Dustin Zhou. Some people, with different faces, looked at Dustin Zhou, with a thoughtful look. Some people showed disdain, thinking that Dustin Zhou was just a bluff. This is an irresponsible statement. There are people who look at Dustin Zhou as if they are looking at a fool. In their eyes, Dustin Zhou will say

In this case, it is no different from a fool or an idiot.

You know, Li Mingfeng is the eldest grandson of the Li family in Donghai City, the grandson he loves most, and his heart.

The Li family in Donghai City, working in the foreign trade industry throughout Donghai City, has accumulated a huge family base. Although it is not as good as the first-class families, such as the Su family and the Sun family, in Donghai, it is still a family that cannot be underestimated.

And now, Dustin Zhou actually said that Li Mingfeng could not embarrass him at all.

If this sentence is known to those who know the strength of the Li family, they will surely laugh out loud.

“Boy, you have successfully angered me. I have decided. Even if you kneel and apologize to me now, I will not let you go. I advise you not to leave the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. Otherwise, yours The destination is to feed the fish in the Huangpu River!” Li Mingfeng’s face was grim, his eyes flushed, and Dustin Zhou’s gaze had a fierce look.

He is not telling lies. The Li family definitely has such strength. It is not difficult for a person to sink to the bottom of the Huangpu River to feed fish.

And now, Dustin Zhou in the Mountain Mist Club, in front of so many people, treating him as nothing, this is simply disdain for Li Mingfeng and the Li Family.

For this, neither Li Mingfeng nor the Li family would easily forgive it.

“This guy has a big tone.” “Yeah, who is he? The person who can stand on the second floor is definitely not an ordinary person, but I don’t seem to have seen him before.” “Isn’t he from another city? Cross the river and dragon, right?” “Hmph, even if it is the river and dragon, here, offending Li Mingfeng is equivalent to offending the Li family, even if it is a dragon, you have to lie down!” … Everyone exclaimed and talked to Dustin Zhou. One after another, began to guess Dustin Zhou’s identity.

“What is my destiny, I don’t know, but your destiny will definitely not be any better.” Dustin Zhou looked at Li Mingfeng with a cold eye, and a cold breath instantly swept Li Mingfeng’s body, causing him to subconsciously hit him. A shiver.

In a second, Dustin Zhou suddenly disappeared from where he was. In the blink of an eye, Dustin Zhou appeared in front of Li Mingfeng, stretched out a hand, and squeezed Li Mingfeng’s neck.

Li Mingfeng hadn’t reacted yet. When he saw Dustin Zhou’s face in front of him, no more than five centimeters away, he suddenly panicked and wanted to shout, but suddenly found that his neck was pinched by Dustin Zhou.

Li Mingfeng suddenly felt short of breath, his face flushed instantly, tears appeared in his eyes, and blue veins burst out on his neck.

It seems that as long as Dustin Zhou uses a little more strength on his hands, he can directly choke Li Mingfeng to death.

This scene happened too fast.

Li Mingfeng did not respond

Should come, other people did not react even more.

When everyone discovered the abnormality, they were already shocked to speak.

No one knows how Dustin Zhou did it.

They didn’t see Dustin Zhou moving at all, as if he had moved to Li Mingfeng in an instant, and then pinched him.

“Now? Do you still think that my home is to feed the fish in the Huangpu River?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, looking at Li Mingfeng as if looking at a dead person.

Fortunately, this is a society under the rule of law. If it were in ancient times, people like Li Mingfeng would have never known how many deaths.

“Liu Xue, come here.” Dustin Zhou looked at Liu Xue and spoke lightly.

“Boy, let go of Li Shao quickly, do you want to die?” “Hurry up and let go of Shao Li, otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude to this chick!” The two little brothers also panicked at this time, grabbing Liu Xue, thinking To force Dustin Zhou to let go of Li Mingfeng.

“It seems that your two subordinates are very unconvinced, or are they trying to watch you have an accident?” Dustin Zhou remained unmoved, just pinched Li Mingfeng’s hand and slightly increased his strength.

“You… trash,… hurry up and let go…” Li Mingfeng suddenly panted and shouted intermittently, his face flushed even more.

Hearing Li Mingfeng’s words, the two younger brothers immediately let go of Liu Xue.

“Mr. Zhou.” Liu Xue was no longer imprisoned, and trot two steps behind Dustin Zhou, breathing a long sigh of relief, but the next second, her mood became tense again.

Liu Xue knew that the reason she was able to be free was because Dustin Zhou controlled Li Mingfeng.

However, unless Dustin Zhou killed Li Mingfeng, with Li Mingfeng and the strength of the Li family, he would definitely find Dustin Zhou trouble.

Chapter 664

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. These people still don’t pose a threat to me.” Dustin Zhou could hear the worry in Liu Xue’s tone, and he couldn’t help feeling a little warmer.

At least, Liu Xue was worried about herself.

“I have released the person, you let me go.” Li Mingfeng kept slapping Dustin Zhou’s hand, wanting Dustin Zhou to let go.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t want to choke Li Mingfeng to death. He pushed Li Mingfeng back and forth again and again with a hard hand.

“Are you really going to live with my Li family?” Li Mingfeng, who was supported by his two younger brothers, panted, the blush on his face was slowly dissipating, but the handprints on his neck would not dissipate for a while. .

Finally, breathing became much easier, Li Mingfeng glared at Dustin Zhou, and roared in a low voice.

Li Mingfeng was very angry at this moment, he couldn’t wait to throw Dustin Zhou into the Huangpu River to feed the fish now.

But he knew that by relying on himself and these two little brothers, he would not be Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all.

But as Li

The eldest grandson of the family, before today, when did his Li Mingfeng suffer such humiliation?

Even though he was refuted, he was threatened by being choked.

If such a thing is spread out, Li Mingfeng feels that he will be laughed at by others.

Most importantly, this will damage the Li family’s face.

What Dustin Zhou did was not only humiliating Li Mingfeng, but also a challenge to the Li family.

“Can’t you live with the Li family?” Dustin Zhou looked at Li Mingfeng with an indifferent expression and said coldly.

“The Li family deserves it too?” Boom!

Dustin Zhou said this sentence very seriously, and his voice was not small, causing an uproar in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse in an instant.

The people in the lobby on the first floor, and the people on the second floor rushing to see the excitement, all eyes focused on Dustin Zhou.

Who is this person?

How dare he say such a thing?

What confidence does he have to say such a thing?

Doesn’t he know the consequences of saying this?

“You!” Li Mingfeng didn’t know what to say anymore. The Li family, who had always been proud of him, was so despised by him.

This is clearly a challenge to the Li family.

“Hehe, Li Mingfeng, what are you grinding here? It’s been so long since you’ve been out, haven’t you resolved it?” At this moment, a soft voice came from the second floor.

When everyone looked at it, they saw a young man, followed by seven or eight people, walking towards Li Mingfeng.

And the person speaking is the leader among these people.

“Who is that? So arrogant?” “You don’t know this? That’s Cai Xiong from the Cai family in the East China Sea. I heard that he just came back from abroad, but I didn’t expect to show up here.” “The Cai family? That’s not the Li family Is it a family of the same level?” “Yes, look at the person behind Cai Xiong, that is Sun Hao of the Donghai Sun family, that is really the Sun family of the first-class family.” “Hey, it’s just a sideline of the Sun family.” It’s nothing more than an influential member. There is no sense of existence in the Sun family at all, and I can only follow Cai Xiong and others to find a sense of existence.” … When everyone saw the incoming person, they suddenly exclaimed, and for a while, they talked a lot. .

No one thought that Li Mingfeng from the Li family and Cai Xiong from the Cai family would appear in the Mountain Mist Club today, and it seemed that they were here together.

A Li Mingfeng may not be Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

However, Cai Xiong is not necessarily so.

Dustin Zhou glanced at the person who spoke, and a strange color flashed under his eyes.

He also heard what everyone said just now, and naturally knew that this person was Cai Xiong, a member of the Cai family.

As for the Cai family, Dustin Zhou knew it.

If the Li family is the top level of the second-rate family in the East China Sea, not many people dare to provoke them and their status is high.

Well, this

The Cai family is about to be promoted to the first-class family in Donghai City.

The Cai family is stronger than the Li family in terms of status and strength, and even the existence of the Su family.

What made everyone look solemn at the moment was that the Cai family was different from the Li family.

The Li family is mainly engaged in foreign trade, but the Cai family is a family of martial arts, which has been passed down for hundreds of years.

Moreover, the Cai family has great influence in the East China Sea, even in Beijing, and in many places abroad.

This Cai Xiong is different from Li Mingfeng.

If Li Mingfeng is a dude who only knows how to eat and drink, then Cai Xiong is a ruthless person.

Cai Xiong is a tall man, and his muscles can’t cover it.

Even if he is wearing clothes, he is bulged up high by his muscles.

Dustin Zhou looked at Cai Xiong, and he felt a little pressure from this Cai Xiong.

This surprised Dustin Zhou.

It can be said that until now, there are very few people who can make Dustin Zhou feel the pressure.

Even in Hunan Province, when facing that Jiang Feng, Dustin Zhou did not have such pressure.

And Jiang Feng, according to Niu Chuan, is already very close to the realm of the martial master.

So, now, does Cai Xiong have the strength of a martial master?

Dustin Zhou shook his head in his heart. He didn’t think that Cai Xiong had reached the realm of a martial master.

If Wu

Grandmaster Zhe breaks through so well, then it’s worthless, won’t have that much influence, and the number will not be so small.

Dustin Zhou even noticed that behind Cai Xiong, there was a person who looked very familiar.

Dustin Zhou just recalled it in his mind, and immediately recognized who this person was.

Sun Hao, the Rocket Girl Sanxiao was only assassinated at the concert when she was holding a concert in Donghai.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t found it in time and blocked it in time, then the consequences of the three little ones would be unimaginable.

And that matter, until now, has not had a result.

But Dustin Zhou knew that Sun Hao was the most suspicious.

After all, at the time of the concert, Sun Hao was ridiculed by Sister Yang.

As the Sun family, although they are just an insignificant collateral member, Sun Hao thinks that Sister Yang is mocking and mocking him.

So, that time, Sun Hao’s disgust was the biggest.

However, there has been no evidence, and no one cares about this matter.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that after such a long time, he would see Sun Hao here.

When Dustin Zhou looked at Cai Xiong and Sun Hao, Cai Xiong’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

What happened here is obvious to the two people who collapsed under the steps.

Cai Xiong just glanced at it, and he probably knew what had happened.

What’s more, Liu Xue’s face was still a little bit worried behind Dustin Zhou.

It must be the kid Li Mingfeng who was upset and wanted to treat Liu Xue badly.

But it happened to be met by Dustin Zhou.

Looking at the intimacy between Liu Xue and Dustin Zhou, they should have known each other.

In just an instant, Cai Xiong had thought of many things in his mind. Around Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong had already guessed the ins and outs of the matter.

“This friend, I’m Cai Xiong. Give me a face. How about this matter?”

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