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Chapter 818

Especially when I saw the six martial masters behind Dustin Zhou, two of them had been to the Su family, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng respectively. They worshipped Sunan Tian, ​​two worshiped Su Changhen and four worshipped Su Changge. One after another, his eyes turned to the three worshipping Southern Jiangsu.

“The third child, these other four?” The second worshipper Su Changhen said in a deep voice. There was a faint guess in his words, but he was not very sure. After all, he did not come when he lived in Cuihu last time.

“There are two people who came here the last time, and the other two are new ones. They have never seen them before.” The Three Envoys of Southern Jiangsu said with a solemn expression.

His eyes flicked across Niu Chuan, Zhou Feng, Xu Fengli and Xu Fengfan, and fell directly on the faces of the other two new-faced martial masters, and he was extremely surprised.

Southern Su

I have only seen Dustin Zhou three times in total.

For the first time, in the Su family, Dustin Zhou said that he had conflicts and conflicts with the Xu family and wanted to cooperate with the Su family to fight against the Xu family. At that time, Dustin Zhou had two martial masters by his side.

For the second time, living in the Shenglong Pavilion in Cuihu Lake, facing the claims of the Sun family and the Ding family, Dustin Zhou’s words to destroy the Xu family shocked everyone. At that time, there were four martial masters around Dustin Zhou.

For the third time, I also lived in the Shenglong Pavilion in Cuihu. Now, there are six martial masters around Dustin Zhou!

For Dustin Zhou, it seems like the master of martial arts is not worth any money at all, as much as he wants.

When he thought that Dustin Zhou had only two martial masters to call, Dustin Zhou brought four martial masters. When Southern Jiangsu thought Dustin Zhou had only four martial masters, Dustin Zhou brought six more martial masters… Breaking the expectations of Southern Jiangsu again and again, making Southern Jiangsu no longer underestimate Dustin Zhou as it was the first time and the second time.

No one knew how many martial masters there were around Dustin Zhou, Su Nanfang simply couldn’t think of it.

The more this happens, the more curious about Dustin Zhou’s true identity and background.

The four worshiping the mood at the moment, others don’t know, but Dustin Zhou saw a hint.

He deliberately delayed for half an hour before coming to the Shenglong Pavilion, just to suppress the momentum of the Su family, let them know a little bit, don’t say anything.

And when he first came in, in addition to seeing Su Shiming taking the lead to get up and greet him, his gaze was still paying attention to the four worshippers of the Su family.


Therefore, Dustin Zhou saw all the reactions of the four worships just now.

Dustin Zhou naturally knew that the Four Great Enshrinements were shocked this time.

Dustin Zhou was secretly happy, and it seemed that his layout this time had achieved good results.

This time, before coming to Avaria, Dustin Zhou had been thinking about bringing a few martial masters there.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided to bring six martial masters.

In addition to the four people brought out last time, this time, Dustin Zhou brought two more martial masters from the tiger master.

Xu Fengwei, Xu Fengdu.

There are a total of six martial masters, this kind of strength is enough to compare with the top of the road family.

“Sorry, something was delayed.” Dustin Zhou shook Su Shiming’s hand and quickly apologized.

No matter what the reason, they are really late this time.

And being half an hour late, so many people from the Su family waited here for half an hour, really shouldn’t.

Dustin Zhou apologized very sincerely, and Su Shiming felt a little relieved.

He was really worried that Dustin Zhou would be arrogant, not treating their Su family as partners, but as cannon fodder.

In that case, Su Shiming might have to draw a clear line with Dustin Zhou.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou’s attitude was not bad. He apologized as soon as he came up, and Su Shiming felt a little better.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” After some greetings, both sides took their seats.

On the Su family’s side, Su Shiming=As the Patriarch, naturally sits in the middle. As the future Su Family Patriarch, Su Wei sits behind Su Shiming, and the four major consecrations sit on both sides of Su Shiming.

Opposite them, Dustin Zhou sat in the middle, Hu Ye sat beside Dustin Zhou, and six martial masters sat on either side of Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye.

This time, in addition to bringing over six martial masters, Dustin Zhou still found Lord Tiger.

Originally, Dustin Zhou wanted to find one of Xu Wei and Xu Ran.

But Xu Wei and Xu Ran are not easy to show up at this time, and they are easily recognized by the Xu family.

So they asked Lord Tiger to come with Dustin Zhou.

Plus Tiger, there are only eight people on Dustin Zhou’s side.

It can be said that this time, Dustin Zhou did not bring any other people.

After all, discussing the destruction of the Xu family is a very confidential matter, and it is not suitable for too many people to know.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect you to bring so many people over. Patriarch Su is really…” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and glanced at the dozens of Su Shiming core members behind Su Shiming, a little speechless.

This time, it was not a major event, just a conversation between the two parties, there was no need to make everyone aware.

Dustin Zhou thought to himself, this time he came, all actions have been very low-key, root

Not many people knew that he came to Avaria.

What he didn’t know was that Dustin Zhou could easily get the attention of others now because of saying things like destroying the Xu family.

When he came to Avaria, as long as he was seen by one person, he would soon spread to all families in the East China Sea.

When Dustin Zhou said this, Su Shiming also realized this, and his face suddenly turned red.

“I didn’t think it over carefully, Xiao Wei…” Su Shiming said apologetically, and then began to give orders to Su Wei.

Su Wei’s expression suddenly changed. Although he wanted to argue, he nodded and agreed after facing Su Shiming’s inconclusive eyes.

Next, under the arrangement of Su Wei, the future owner of the Su family, the dozens of core members of the Su family left the Shenglong Pavilion with Su Wei. Outside Manager Guo would arrange a temporary rest place for them.

Soon, there were only eight people from Dustin Zhou’s side and five from the Su family’s side in the Shenglong Pavilion, looking very deserted.

“Okay, now I can finally rest assured, I will introduce you to you.” “This is Lord Tiger, this is Su Shiming, the head of the Su family.” Dustin Zhou introduced each other to Lord Tiger and Su Shiming.

“Master Tiger?” And the title of Master Tiger also made Su Shiming and the Four Great Enshrines puzzled. They seemed to have never heard of Master Tiger.

However, since Dustin Zhou had introduced him, Su Shiming stood up very easily, said hello to Lord Tiger, and shook his hands.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly. He looked at the expressions of Su Shiming and the Four Great Envoys, and he knew that they would not think of who the Tiger Lord was for a while.

But it’s okay, after they go home, I’m afraid they will still remember.

And since Lord Tiger can open a five-star hotel in the East China Sea, there must be some means. In addition, Lord Tiger has been able to run through the rivers and lakes in the East China Sea before, and his popularity must still be there.

As long as Su Shiming checks it carefully, he will be able to find out.

Chapter 819

“Patriarch Su called me before, don’t know what the hell is going on?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

In fact, Su Shiming called him before, and some questions have already been said on the phone, but at that time Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything. He said frankly that he would stay in Avaria today.

And now, for the sake of initiative, Dustin Zhou still mentioned it again, letting Su Shiming take the lead.

Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, and the Shenglong Pavilion instantly became quiet.

Su Shiming glanced at Dustin Zhou, and knew Dustin Zhou’s careful thoughts.

Su Shiming is not a fool, he can become the head of the Su family, he naturally has his own wisdom.

When calling Dustin Zhou before, he already asked some questions on the phone.

But Dustin Zhou did not answer at all.

But now, Dustin Zhou seems to know nothing, so Su Shiming asks again, it is obvious that Dustin Zhou wants to take the initiative.

But Su Shiming doesn’t matter anymore.

Apart from other things, in the matter of faintly competing with the Xu Family, Dustin Zhou’s current strength has already been shown by six martial masters.

And their Su Family is only four martial masters.

Therefore, this time, Dustin Zhou should take the initiative.

“I want to know, Dustin Zhou, what exactly is your plan to destroy the Xu family that you said before.” … Su Shiming said the question asked before.

This time, everyone heard it all.

The four great worshipers of the Su family looked at Dustin Zhou with solemn expressions, and they all wanted to know what Dustin Zhou had confidence in.

If it were just the six martial masters around him, it might not be enough.

Several people in the Su family didn’t know if Dustin Zhou could bring out more martial masters.

If there are more martial masters around Dustin Zhou, then they will also have at least one bottom in their hearts. When facing the Xu family, they will not be flustered.

in contrast,

If Dustin Zhou had only these six martial masters around him, even if they reached a cooperation and formed an alliance, they would not be the opponent of the Xu family at all.

Rather than colliding head-on with the Xu family and losing ground, it is better to think about the future, or explain and clarify what Dustin Zhou said before, and show the Xu family a reconciled attitude.

“Haha, it’s very simple. It means literally. I have already had a conflict with the Xu family, and it is almost inevitable. Last time, the Xu family had sent a martial master to make trouble for me, but I took it down and wanted to come. The Xu family should already know it by this time. I am afraid that they will send a martial master to deal with me again. When the Xu family sends someone out again, that’s when we face the Xu family head-on.” Dustin Zhou said with a chuckle, without taking Xu at all. Family is one thing.

The Xu family is of course a hidden family, powerful.

But so what?

Is the strength behind Dustin Zhou weak?

It is true that if he only relies on Dustin Zhou himself, he has only two martial masters to rely on, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng.

But now it is different, he is not fighting alone.

The first is the support of the Xu Family Fenmai, which far exceeds the support of ten martial masters, which has increased Dustin Zhou’s confidence by more than half.

Secondly, the cooperation and alliance with the Su family made Dustin Zhou more powerful and strengthened again.

The help that the Su family can provide to Dustin Zhou is far more than the four martial masters, as well as the Su family’s influence in the East China Sea and the industrial layout.

These can all strike the Xu family from multiple dimensions.

“I’ll tell you the bottom line first, that is, you don’t have to worry about the martial masters, not to mention that the number of our martial masters must exceed Xu’s family, but at least it won’t be worse.” Dustin Zhou said calmly, with a complete set in his chest. The appearance of the Su family was stunned.

They were also very confused about Dustin Zhou’s words.

Don’t believe it, the martial masters that Dustin Zhou brought out one after another are actually placed here, from two, to four, to six today.

No one is sure, next time, there will be eight, ten, or even more.

But believe it, they all know what kind of existence the Xu family is, and the Su family is not on the same level as the Xu family.

In terms of psychological pressure, everyone in the Su family is still burdened a lot.

Among other things, if this step is wrong, the Su family may be overthrown.

As for Dustin Zhou, even if he went wrong, he would leave the East China Sea and try to make a comeback again.

The two sides carry different things.

The Su family has concerns, but Dustin Zhou does not.

However, now such a very good opportunity is in front of everyone, if they give up, it would be a pity


The four great worshipers of the Su family glanced at each other, and they all saw deep hesitation from the bottom of each other’s eyes.

No one can quickly make a decision that will affect the future of the Su family at this time.

Even if Su Shiming is the Patriarch of the Su family, he can’t do it. The four major worships are the foundation and pillar of the Su family, and neither can they.

“Hehe, I know what you are worried about. Actually, I can tell you with certainty that I am looking for your Su family to cooperate and want to add the fighting power of four more martial masters. The decades of the Su family’s layout in the East China Sea have given the Xu family another dimension of blows, distracting the Xu family’s energy.” “I’m not talking big, you see the six martial masters beside me, except Niu Chuan. He and Zhou Feng, the other four are, in fact, all of Master Tiger’s people, and I think there will be no less than this number of martial masters under Master Tiger’s hands.” After speaking, Dustin Zhou stretched out two fingers, one With a calm face, he said as if he was holding the winning ticket.

Two fingers.


Both Su Shiming and the four major offerings of the Su family were shocked.

The eyes of the five of them all looked at Lord Tiger.

Real people don’t show their faces.

They didn’t expect that of the six martial masters around Dustin Zhou, four of them were all of the tiger masters, and Dustin Zhou also said that the number of martial masters under the tiger masters was no less than twenty.

What concept is this?

Could Lord Tiger come from another hidden family?

Su Shiming was surprised and looked at Hu Ye and Dustin Zhou’s gaze.

Before, he wondered why Dustin Zhou would suddenly say such things as destroying the Xu family.

You know, even if the three major families of the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family unite, they are still a little brother in front of the Xu family.

Su Shiming always thought Dustin Zhou had some other confidence, but until just now, Su Shiming still had a trace of doubt in his heart.

But now, Su Shiming’s heart suddenly opened up.

If what Dustin Zhou said was true, then more than twenty martial masters, plus the four martial masters of their Su family, might not have no chance of winning against the Xu family.

Chapter 820

“Really?” Su Shiming’s eyes lit up and asked in a deep voice.

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s words were a tranquilizer.

No less than twenty martial masters, what a strength this should be, even if you are facing the Xu family of the hidden family, twenty martial masters, that is enough.

However, Dustin Zhou said just now that the four martial masters around him were all under Lord Tiger.

In other words, those no less than twenty martial masters should also come from Lord Tiger.

So, who is this Tiger Lord?

Although he was puzzled, Su Shiming had no trace in his heart

After the decision has been made, when I go back, I will definitely look up the sacred Tiger Lord.

And now, to have a good relationship with this tiger master is also a very important factor.

“Of course, when did I say panic?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his expression very casual and calm.

“I think this should give you a lot of peace of mind, at least, I won’t make fun of myself, am I? The Xu family is a hidden family, and even a first-class family like your Su family can’t stand it. Exist, I am a lonely person, and I only have a part of Mingyang Company’s shares in my hand. Can I rely on a little share of Mingyang Company to compete with the Xu family?” Dustin Zhou said, very casual.

“Indeed, relying solely on a part of the shares of the famous company is nothing at all, but when do you estimate that the Xu family will send someone again?” Su Shiming pondered for a moment, then figured out many things and asked in a low voice.

This is what Su Shiming wants to know.

Knowing when the Xu family will send someone out to deal with Dustin Zhou again, they will be better

Make preparations so that they won’t be at a loss when the Xu family sends people over.

“I don’t know when. If it is not enough to calculate by time, it will probably be like this for a day or two. Maybe, now we are discussing things here, and the Xu family are waiting outside. It is not impossible.” Dustin Zhou Said with a chuckle.

In fact, the Xu family should indeed have sent someone over within these two days.

Counting from the time when Xu You was taken down, it has been nearly ten days, enough for the Xu family main line to react.

And they now have little time to prepare in advance.

However, compared to Su Shiming, Dustin Zhou would appear calmer.

People from the Xu family’s main line will definitely find him, because that piece of jade is something that the Xu family’s main line is determined to get.

In addition, the Xu family probably also knows that Dustin Zhou and the Su family are cooperating, and they have also said that they want to destroy the Xu family.

Therefore, this time, the person sent by the Xu family is definitely different from the one person sent by Xu You at one time.

The Xu family must take into consideration the joint situation of Dustin Zhou and the Su family.

In other words, this time, the Xu family dispatched five martial arts masters, all of which Dustin Zhoushao had less counted.

“But we don’t need to worry about the number of martial masters now. The Xu family will send people, naturally soldiers will come to cover, and the water will cover the earth. What we need to consider now is to suppress the Xu family in other dimensions.” Dustin Zhou Shen Sheng Said.

If there is anything that can make him so diligent, then it is probably suppressing the Xu family outside of force.

The Xu family is a hidden family, and naturally there is no shortage of martial masters at the level of force.

As a hidden family, the Xu family has existed for hundreds of years. It stands to reason that it has a profound background, and there should be many industries outside.

However, according to what Xu Wei said, the Xu family did not have as many industries as Dustin Zhou imagined in the dunya.

The Xu family is at best an investment status and role. In fact, there are very few industries in which they operate.

As for Xu’s large family, daily expenses are provided by some fixed families.

For the Xu family, those families are attached to the Xu family’s name. The families discovered in the duny world can use the Xu family’s name to a certain extent, and their development abroad will be more or less smooth.

Seizing this, Dustin Zhou thought of many possibilities.

Since the Xu family’s industry in the East China Sea is insufficient, they are born, and they want to feed a huge family, they must need enough and strong enough industries to support.

And this is Dustin Zhou’s idea of ​​a way to suppress the Xu family in reality.

“In fact, although the Xu family is a hidden family, there are really not many industries in the duny world, and even the scale of the famous company cannot be taken out by the Xu family…” Dustin Zhou said slowly, turning Xu

Some of the status quo of the home is said.

However, Dustin Zhou did not say that there had been internal fighting more than ten years ago, and the Xu family is now divided into two.

For one thing, it would easily arouse Su Shiming and the others’ suspicion. After all, the origins of so many martial masters under Hu Ye would be difficult to say clearly for a while.

The more mysterious, the more effective.

Otherwise, if you tell Su Shiming that the Xu family has fought in the first place and divided into two, then Su Shiming and the others will easily associate the tiger master with the Xu family’s internal fighting. Then, Su Shiming and the others will be able to guess the tiger master. The mystery of their origins naturally disappeared.

This is not a good thing for Dustin Zhou.

… After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, everyone was silent for a while.

Several people like Dustin Zhou already knew about this situation, so there was no change in their expressions.

However, Su Shiming and the Four Great Enshrines looked at Dustin Zhou with a look of surprise, shocked in their hearts.

After all, what Dustin Zhou just said was the status quo of the Xu family.

The Xu family is a hidden family. The status quo of the entire family must be kept strictly confidential, and it is impossible to let it out casually.

Since this is the case, how did Dustin Zhou know the current situation of the Xu family?

Su Shiming suppressed the shock in his heart, his gaze looking at Dustin Zhou was already a bit wrong.

From the first time I saw Dustin Zhou, every time I saw Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou brought him surprises and surprises. It seemed that every time Dustin Zhou appeared in his field of vision, it would bring him shocking and unexpected things. .

And this time, obviously, the same is true.

For someone who can explain the current situation of the Xu family in such detail, Su Shiming does not believe that Dustin Zhou does not have enough cards and background.

And the more so, Su Shiming’s heart is more relieved, thinking that this time, maybe they can really destroy the Xu family.

After the Xu family is destroyed, the benefits that the Su family can get, I am afraid ordinary people can’t imagine it.

“If that’s the case, what do we need to do? Dustin Zhou, just say it, there is not much time left.” Su Shiming said in a deep voice, and simply handed over the initiative to Dustin Zhou and let him arrange it.

And the four major consecrations looked at each other, and there was no opinion.

Indeed, at this time, Dustin Zhou clearly knew more about the current situation of the Xu family, and naturally he could arrange it more appropriately.

Otherwise, if they are allowed to come, they are likely to make mistakes.

“Okay.” Dustin Zhou nodded, it is indeed the best choice for him to arrange it right now.

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