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Chapter 1091

Enderia Shen disappeared! Dustin Zhou has made up his mind. He will never soften his heart and give any of these thanks to the family. A little chance. Now that he has exposed his identity, he must completely sever ties with this group of Xie family members. It’s the same as funny. They bullied himself for so long before, and now they expose their identity, they come to kneel and lick themselves. Just forgive them? How could there be such a good thing in the world! Dustin Zhou gave Master Tiger a wink, “Master Tiger, those who called me by name just now, deal with it.

“Master Tiger didn’t make any ink stains, and he waved his big hand directly, and a few people in black immediately came and pulled the Xie family down. The rest of the Xie family didn’t dare to breathe. For a long time, Only then did the Xie family pluck up the courage to say, “Mr. Zhou…Mr. Zhou, I said, it won’t happen, how can we say, now it’s a family!

“Do you still want to start with your own people?”

“You have succeeded now, and you will become famous. It doesn’t matter if you let our relatives follow the prosperous and prosperous, do you still want to attack us?”

“These Xie family members seem to be very aggrieved. After learning Dustin Zhou’s identity, they were still secretly excited. Because they thought that the good day is finally coming, but what is going on now? Dustin Zhou, unexpectedly. I want to turn my face with them! This makes it really difficult for them to accept.

“Dustin Zhou sneered. This ending is difficult for the Xie family to accept, but for Dustin Zhou, what he did was peace of mind. This group of beasts, all day long thinking about sitting and enjoying their lives, if they really fulfill them, this world What’s the axiom of “Yes, from the blood level, I am married to Mira, you

It is indeed my relative.

“But your group of things, have you really regarded me as a relative?”

“You can’t live by yourself, the reason is very simple.”

“For the sake of our former relatives, I can let you go today.”

“The reason why so many people came here today is to let everyone testify to me. Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are husband and wife.

“If anyone wants to stop me, just do it. Of course, I won’t be polite.”

Dustin Zhou’s expression is very simple and clear. His purpose for calling so many people today is to prevent all villains from making trouble. He can forgive these selfish thank family members, but this group of thank family members should not ask him Get any benefit here. “That’s it, let it go.

“Dustin Zhou took Mira Xie’s hand and walked towards the door. This time, no one stopped him anymore. And it is estimated that in the future, there should be no more people who dare to trouble Dustin Zhou in Donghai City. Dustin Zhou left. Later, after Sun Qiankun was arranged to send Mira Xie’s mother to the hospital, the Xie family was basically separated here, and those relatives did not dare to call on Mira Xie’s idea. As for Mira Xie’s mother, Dustin Zhou did not follow him. What she communicated with, that woman is really a fool. But Dustin Zhou believes that Mira Xie should be able to persuade her mother without the encouragement of those relatives. The next thing is much simpler. Because Dustin Zhou exposed his own. His identity, even his job at Mingyang Company, has become a lot easier. Moreover, Li Dahai helped him take care of it. After Li Dahai became familiar with Mingyang’s business, Dustin Zhou basically didn’t need to go to the company. Just kidding, who would dare not give Mingyang’s face now? In addition, Li Dahai is indeed a capable person. It didn’t take long for Mingyang to completely leave Dustin Zhou and operate. Dustin Zhou, The daily task is to accompany his wife and mother at home. During the period, she was urged by her mother to have several children. Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie did not agree to this question for the time being. After all, Dustin Zhou looks stable now, but he did not reply. Before arriving at Zhou’s house, his life could not be said to be completely stabilized. For a child, he had to choose another time. Except for this matter which was a little bit disputed, Dustin Zhou’s life seemed to be close to perfection. But I don’t know why, recently Dustin Zhou’s heart always vaguely felt that something was very wrong. It seemed as if there was an empty space. What was wrong? Dustin Zhou didn’t understand, but he sometimes flustered inexplicably. One day, Mira Xie woke up early

After putting on makeup, he went out without saying hello to Dustin Zhou.

But her actions still awakened Dustin Zhou, after all, Dustin Zhou’s hearing is still very keen.

“I’m going to the company,” Mira Xie gave Dustin Zhou a shy look, “Oh, you go back to sleep, you should have been exhausted last night.” “You don’t need to go to the company, but I have to go, obedient, go back to bed. “Hehe, I’m a poor man. I don’t need to rest. I’ll go to the company with you and have a look.” Dustin Zhou also said with a smile.

But Mira Xie still didn’t let him follow. The reason was simple. She had a meeting that was particularly urgent and she didn’t have time to wait for Dustin Zhou to wash and change clothes.

After Mira Xie left, Dustin Zhou’s heart became even more empty.

At this time, he thought, he should simply go back to the company and take a look.

On the way to the company, when Enderia Shen’s Maserati was driving, Dustin Zhou remembered why he always felt empty inexplicably during this period.

Enderia Shen.

He seems to have not seen Enderia Shen for a long time.

It has been two months since I thanked my family last time.

In these two months, Dustin Zhou spent one month training Li Dahai. During that month, he still went to the company frequently.

But in that month, Enderia Shen had never been to the company.

Later, Dustin Zhou also never went to the company, and he even lost the opportunity to meet Enderia Shen.

It seems that the connection is lost.

Enderia Shen, I don’t know when, as if disappeared out of thin air.

Dustin Zhou suddenly panicked. He stepped on the accelerator vigorously and rushed to the familiar and unfamiliar company at the fastest speed.

Everything here is still the same, and everyone here greets him enthusiastically.

His former assistant, Sara Ye, also sat in the position of vice president at this time. After seeing Dustin Zhou, he said jokingly, “Hey, this is not our president Zhou. Why is there so much time to come to the company today?” Dustin Zhou was not in the mood. I was joking with her and asked straightforwardly, “Where is Mr. Shen?” “What is Mr. Shen?” Sara Ye asked, “Where is Mr. Shen in our company?” “Even in the management, there has never been a last name. Shen’s such a person.”

Chapter 1092

Dustin Zhou was stunned by Sara Ye’s answer.

what’s the situation?

Even if Sara Ye hadn’t seen Enderia Shen for a while, Dustin Zhou had made this preparation, saying that Enderia Shen hadn’t come to work for so long.

But this Sara Ye’s answer was obviously that she didn’t know Enderia Shen.

No, what are you kidding, do you know Enderia Shen?

Even if you don’t know me Dustin Zhou, you can’t help but know Enderia Shen!

Dustin Zhou asked, “Who is the chairman of our company?” This famous company must have a chairman, and everyone in the world should understand that the chairman of Mingyang company is Enderia Shen.

But Sara Ye’s answer was very firm, “The chairman of our company has always been Lin Ziyulin, isn’t it?” “Zhou, what happened to you today? Are you confused?” Sara Ye looked at Dustin Zhou with curiosity and asked. Tao.

Lin Ziyu?

Hearing Sara Ye’s answer, Dustin Zhou only felt chaos in his mind.

What the hell?

What is that Lin Ziyu?

Mingyang has always belonged to Enderia Shen!

Where did Lin Ziyu pop out?

Dustin Zhou stared at Sara Ye for a while, then suddenly pushed her away, and then ran towards the chairman’s office in strides.

There is no one in the chairman’s office, but the information on the desk is messy, which means that someone worked here not long ago.

Dustin Zhou froze for a moment, then walked to the desk, grabbed the information on the desk and glanced at it.

The chairman’s signature of each document is written with the name of Lin Ziyu.

Dustin Zhou suddenly panicked.

He stumbled out of the chairman’s office, looking at this familiar and unfamiliar company in a daze.

There was also a secretary standing at the door, but the secretary of the chairman obviously knew Dustin Zhou. Although he was curious about Dustin Zhou’s actions, he didn’t ask anything.

Dustin Zhou took the initiative to find him, “Is the chairman’s name Lin Ziyu?” “Zhou, Mr. Zhou… Our company’s chairman has always been Mr. Lin, is there any question?” the secretary replied cautiously.

Any questions?

The problem is big!

Dustin Zhou grabbed the secretary and wanted to educate him on how to behave.

But when he saw the secretary’s horrified eyes, Dustin Zhou felt soft again.

He understood that this matter was not the secretary’s fault, and that there is no point in educating him.

“Where is Niu Chuan?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

Now, in this entire company, he can’t find anyone he can trust.

Zhou Feng has returned to Zhou’s house since the last incident.

In other words, in this entire company, the only person Dustin Zhou feels is a little reliable is Niu Chuan.

“Captain Bull should be in the security room,” the secretary replied.

Although Niu Chuan is just a security captain, everyone knows that he has a good relationship with Dustin Zhou and Lin Ziyu, so these chairman’s secretary or Mingyang company’s senior management personnel basically know Niu Chuan.

Dustin Zhou went straight to Niuchuan’s office.

Fortunately, Niu Chuan was in the office. After seeing Dustin Zhou, he raised it in surprise.

He started, “Brother Yang? Why are you here?” “Come on, sit down and have a cup of tea. You haven’t come to the company for a long time.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and signaled Niu Chuan not to be so troublesome.

Then he went straight to the subject and stared at Niu Chuan’s eyes and asked, “Chuanzi, tell me honestly, what is the name of the chairman of this company?” Dustin Zhou stared at Niu Chuan’s eyes, hoping to see his eyes. See a strange change.

But it’s a pity that Niu Chuan’s expression was only slightly surprised and puzzled about Dustin Zhou’s question.

Obviously, this is a very normal reaction.

“Brother Yang, why did you suddenly ask like that?” “The chairman of our company must be Lin Ziyulin, don’t you even know her?” Niu Chuan replied with a very natural expression, it seemed that Did not deliberately hide anything.

Niu Chuan did not lie to himself, even he completely forgot about Enderia Shen.

At this time, even Dustin Zhou himself was a little skeptical, is it possible that there is really no such person as Enderia Shen in this world?

Did I remember it wrong?

But how can I remember it wrong!

Enderia Shen blocked the knife for himself!

Enderia Shen almost sacrificed his life in order to protect his mother!

For that woman, how could Dustin Zhou forget, how could he remember wrong!

But what went wrong?

Why is it like the whole world, he is the only one who still remembers Enderia Shen?

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were hollow, he collapsed on the sofa in Niu Chuan’s office, and a feeling of weakness surged up.

Because at this moment, he suddenly found that he could not start.

Enderia Shen seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

Even if he is not reconciled, he doesn’t even know where the problem is, or who his opponent is, how can he struggle?

“Brother Yang, tell me, what happened?” Niu Chuan obviously saw that something was wrong and asked with some concern.

For Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou had nothing to refute.

He told Niu Chuan honestly, “I always thought that the chairman of Mingyang Company was Enderia Shen.” “I walked with her to this day, and built Mingyang Company from a small and unknown company into what it is today. Scale.” “As for the Lin Ziyu you are talking about, I really don’t have any impression.” Dustin Zhou said distressedly, “Can you imagine? A very important person to me, she disappeared out of thin air.” “Then someone I didn’t know came out to replace her.” After listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, Niu Chuan fell into silence.

After a long time, Niu Chuan said quietly, “Brother Yang, although theoretically, I absolutely believe in you.

“You can’t make up such a joke to make me happy, and at the same time, you are the most powerful person I have come into contact with.

“In theory, you should be able to see the truth more clearly than me, than everyone in this company.

“But I really can’t agree with what you said.

“The Enderia Shen you mentioned, I don’t even have any impression of it.”

“If you want me to say, between the two of us, either one of us is crazy, or one’s memory has been modified.

“Dustin Zhou’s eyes suddenly lit up. Memory modification. If someone can do this kind of thing, then everything now can be explained. Someone must have done this kind of thing!

Chapter 1093

As for who the opponent is, it is also very easy to guess. This inexplicable Lin Ziyu, this Lin Ziyu who replaced Enderia Shen, even if she did not do all this, I am afraid that it will not be related to her! Dustin Zhou is like this. Thinking, immediately ran back to the chairman’s office. “Where did President Lin go?”

Dustin Zhou asked the chairman’s secretary. Seeing Dustin Zhou who had gone and returned, the chairman’s secretary was a little confused. But he answered honestly, “The chairman should have visited the factory today.

“Zhou, if you are looking for Lin, I will let her know now. Of course, you should also have Lin’s phone number.”

“The secretary said. At the same time, I was slandering in my heart. How did you do this this week? Is it so troublesome to find Mr. Lin? The two of you have such a good relationship. If you find Mr. Lin, do you still need to pass through us? Dustin Zhou’s eyes suddenly Bright. By the way, the phone! Not for that sh*t Lin Ziyu, but for Enderia Shen. There should be Enderia Shen’s contact information in his phone! Thinking of this, he immediately took out his phone and called up the address book There is no Enderia Shen. There is only one note for the contact information of the President. The real name shown below is Lin Ziyu. At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s Three Views are a bit broken. He can guarantee that his mobile phone is always on his body.了. Even if the other party can modify the memory, is it possible that he can modify his phone’s address book? Maybe the other party has a hacker… Dustin Zhou didn’t struggle with this. Since he can’t find Enderia Shen, it doesn’t matter. Lin Ziyu That’s okay. He took a deep breath and pressed Lin Ziyu’s dial-up button. Seeing the screen of the phone being connected, Dustin Zhou always had an unreal feeling. Finally, the call was connected, and Dustin Zhou just turned it on. The phone was placed in the ear, and before speaking, a familiar voice came from the other party. “Hey, it’s not

Is our great Zhou President?

How can you call me, a big man who manages everything?

“Relaxed, joking, ridiculing. Regardless of the voice, tone, or speaking habits, they are exactly the same as Enderia Shen. Dustin Zhou’s heart settled down instantly. At this moment, he subconsciously thought that the caller was Enderia Shen.” Mr. Shen, where are you.

Dustin Zhou said. “Shen, President Shen?”

What is Mr. Shen?

Dustin Zhou, who are you calling? Call me here!

“The other party said in an angry voice. Dustin Zhou was stunned. Only then did he think that when he dialed this number, the number noted was Lin Ziyu. An unnamed rage surged up. This counterfeit was actually returned. Dare to question yourself? “Okay, okay, it’s not Manager Shen, right? You’re Lin Ziyulin?

“Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and asked, “So, where are you now?”

I will go to find you immediately!

“The other side of the phone did not show any weakness, “Dustin Zhou, what do you mean?”

“Go back and spend two months of a fairy life with your wife and you don’t know me, right?”

I am not Lin Ziyu, who am I!

“I’m inspecting the factory now, but I’m going back soon. Just tell me if you have any problems!”

“Let’s meet and say, you’d better come back as soon as possible!”

Dustin Zhou coldly hung up the phone. The other party’s tone didn’t seem to have any flaws. It sounded full of grievances, because Dustin Zhou didn’t know her, so he was wronged. At this moment, Dustin Zhou also panicked for a moment. If it’s really himself Did you remember it wrong? What if this Lin Ziyu is really the Enderia Shen in my memory? What about the girl who has spent a long period of downturn with herself, is willing to shield herself and can give her life for herself? If I face her with this attitude now, what hurt is actually the Enderia Shen in my memory? Is this possible? This thought made his heart a little flustered. However, this idea was still quickly caught by him. It’s impossible, the woman Enderia Shen, she will never remember wrong! It must be this Lin Ziyu, what method has been used to modify other people’s memories and erase the existence of Enderia Shen. The current Enderia Shen, no He knows where he is still suffering. He must find a way to rescue the real Enderia Shen! Dustin Zhou thought so. Soon, the chairman’s office, Dustin Zhou and Lin Ziyu sat opposite each other, and everyone else was kicked out of this floor. Now There are only two of them on the entire top floor. “Dustin Zhou, what are you going crazy today?

“Lin Ziyu on the opposite side frowned and asked with some discomfort. Dustin Zhou stared at the woman blankly, and didn’t show up for a long time.


He was shocked again.

Not because of other things, but because of Lin Ziyu’s looks.

Not to say how beautiful this Lin Ziyu looks…Of course, the beauty is also very beautiful, which can be called a top beauty, even in the entire Donghai City, it is difficult to find the second woman who surpasses her in appearance.

But Dustin Zhou wasn’t surprised at her beauty and couldn’t speak, but because this Lin Ziyu was exactly the same as Enderia Shen.

“Are you sure you are not Enderia Shen?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Neurotic!” Lin Ziyu frowned, “Dustin Zhou, did you come to the company today to talk about such boring things?” “What the hell are you doing? Enderia Shen, who the hell is that? “Are you sure, you didn’t joke with me?” Dustin Zhou asked seriously again.

Could it be that Enderia Shen’s memory has also been modified?

However, that is completely unnecessary!

This Enderia Shen stood in front of him intact, now he just forgot his name, and mistakenly thought that he was Lin Ziyu… Then what is the picture of the person who revises his memory?

“Dustin Zhou, I’ll tell you again, I’m not in the mood to make a joke with you!” Lin Ziyu said, “Are you okay after all!” “If it’s okay, you can go home and live with your wife in the two-person world. Don’t feel guilty about the company. Thanks to you, the company’s current operation is very stable.” Lin Ziyu is obviously really angry.

For a while, Dustin Zhou should not say anything.

He was thinking very clearly, when Lin Ziyu came back, he directly tortured to extract a confession and asked her where she came from.

Unexpectedly, this Lin Ziyu was exactly the same as Mr. Shen Bi’s, which made him involuntarily dispelled this idea.

Because he felt that Lin Ziyu was almost exactly the same as Enderia Shen.

It’s nothing more than a name change.

But is it so important to change things like names?

The name is just a code name!

Dustin Zhou fell into entanglement.

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