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Chapter 1037

Dustin Zhou laughed openly, glanced around slightly, and finally settled on the camp of Xu family.

Xu Shengsheng showed a look of horror, “Impossible, absolutely impossible!” “This is an emperor-destroying rune, a rune designed to deal with the emperor of warriors, how could Dustin Zhou survive!” Hu Ye, Niu Chuan and Su Weina Bian was excited, “Sure enough, it’s impossible to stop Brother Yang with that kind of small means!” “Boss is mighty!” “Mr. Zhou is really a dragon and a phoenix, I didn’t mistake him!” Dustin Zhou looked towards him. The Xu family’s camp said, “The old thief of the Xu family, I came out alive, what do you have to do? Let’s do it together!” “At the beginning, I Dustin Zhou and your Xu family had no grievances and no grudges, but you have troubled me again and again. Even want to put me to death. Today, we will work out the new and old accounts together!” “Oh, Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect that I really underestimated you. I can survive the threat of the Emperor Destruction Rune. “But so what? You don’t look at how you are now injured, can you still hold the next few talisman?” Xu Shengming gritted his teeth and said.

Dustin Zhou’s aura was a little frightening, and Xu Shengjing was indeed greatly frightened.

But he still believes that Dustin Zhou will definitely lose!

Their thousands of years of foundation and heritage of the Xu family cannot be defeated by Dustin Zhou alone!

Xu Shengsheng didn’t talk nonsense, and directly took out a few more talismans and threw them towards Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou smiled up to the sky, “Good come!” He grabbed forward with one hand, and the talisman shattered with a dazzling white light!

“This, how is this possible! That is the violent killing talisman! How could it be directly caught by him with one hand!” Xu Shengjing panicked, the level of the violent killing talisman is the same level as the Emperor Destroying talisman. !

The same talisman that could threaten the life of the emperor of warrior was directly caught by Dustin Zhou with one hand!

“Herculious rune!” “Ghosting to destroy the emperor rune!” “Ten thousand swords return to one rune!” Next, the rune in Xu Shengming’s hand slid toward Dustin Zhou like a bean.

Unfortunately, it’s useless.

It’s useless!

Still useless!

Every talisman was easily crushed by Dustin Zhou with one hand!

Even though Dustin Zhou at this time looked very bad, the wound on his body was still bleeding, and he was limping when he walked, but the corner of his mouth still had a cruel smile.

In Xu Shengsheng’s eyes, Dustin Zhou at this time was more like a demon!

Why, what is this!

He was obviously injured like that, why does he still possess such a powerful force!

Xu Shengjin finally felt unprecedented fear and despair, as if no one in the world could save


“Patriarch Xu, is there any other means? Continue to use it?” Dustin Zhou said with a sneer.

“Devil! Devil! You are the devil! You are definitely not a human!” Xu Shengming let out a scream, and fled into the Xu family compound in a panic.

Although he knew that there was no point in escaping into the Xu family compound, he still wanted to escape. That compound was the place where he had survived for decades and the place where he had been sheltered for decades. He felt that as long as he escaped, , I am safe, this is a subconscious behavior.

And Dustin Zhou was not in a hurry, just followed step by step, watching the other people in the Xu family also fled in.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about anything anymore. In fact, with his strength, he would have failed long ago.

Although Xu Shengsheng is a rubbish, the foundation inherited from the Xu family for thousands of years is really not a joke. Mom provokes Dustin Zhou’s talents, and it is impossible to fight against the talisman Xu Shengsheng throws.

He should have died under the background of this huge family.

The reason why he survived was also based on the family background… and also the family background of the Xu family.

When Dustin Zhou came to the Xu family last time, he entered the test of the emperor.

During the test, he met the ancestor of the Xu family and told that ancestor the current situation of the Xu family.

Based on these circumstances, those ancestors speculated that the Xu family had come to an end, and even if they could defeat Dustin Zhou now, they were destined to not live long.

In order to keep the Xu family alive, he decided to help Dustin Zhou and let Dustin Zhou win the battle. The condition is that Dustin Zhou must watch them Xu family can leave an incense.

At that time, that ancestor gave Dustin Zhou a space-time ring, and there were many formation talisman in the ring.

Just now, Dustin Zhou used the things in the ring to fight the talisman Xu Shengxing thrown over.

It’s just the effect on the surface, as if he had grabbed the talisman with one hand.

This situation gave Xu Shengsheng a lot of psychological pressure, so he ran away.

Hu Ye, Xu Mira, Niu Chuan Su Wei and others also chased after him.

“Mr. Zhou, be careful!” Just as Dustin Zhou was about to chase into the Xu family compound, Lord Tiger said, “After entering the Xu family compound, it is very likely that it will arouse the protection of the family!” Xu Mira also has a face. worry.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Do you think I would care?” Originally, Lord Tiger had planned to go back.

Because of today’s battle, it can be said that it was a great success.

The Xu family suffered heavy losses, and they can wait to return to recuperate and recover.

But after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Lord Tiger’s heart suddenly ignited a boiling war!

“Okay, let’s listen to Mr. Zhou, and never retreat!” Tiger Lord growled.

Sheng, walking in front of Dustin Zhou, kicked open the door of the Xu family compound.

Dustin Zhou appeared in front of the Xu family with a seriously injured figure, and smiled at them.

“Go in.” Dustin Zhou said softly, and the group walked directly into the Xu family compound.

But everyone in the Xu family felt deep despair at this moment.

At this moment, the door of the Xu family compound suddenly disappeared automatically, and he closed it fiercely!

At the same time, the air in the entire Xu family compound seemed to thicken, and the buildings in the courtyard were shaking violently.

“No, the guardian formation seems to be about to start!” Hu Ye said.

Dustin Zhou calmly looked ahead, “Come on, taking this opportunity, I also want to see what kind of power this guardian formation is like?” In the entire Xu family courtyard, the air is brought into the courtyard. The building trembles for about three minutes. During this period, all the true energy is violently instilled into the Xu family compound.

In fact, the shaking of the building is also caused by the instillation of such qi.

After about three minutes, these shaking stopped, and in front of Dustin Zhou and the others, three figures condensed.

Three figures in Xu’s robes!

Chapter 1038

Seeing this scene in front of him, even Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.

The three big men in front of them seemed to give people a great feeling.

It seems that it has been out of the category of the emperor of warriors.

Three masters in the realm of immortals?

There are still three in the realm of the fairy master!

Even Dustin Zhou lamented the power of a thousand-year-old family.

Unexpectedly, this legendary guardian formation actually summoned three ancestors of the Xu family, and also the ancestors of the fairy master realm!

It seems that Dustin Zhou has broken through the emperor of warriors with his own efforts, as if he surpassed everyone in the Xu family.

But in fact, in front of the Xu family’s background, he is as weak as a baby who has just learned to walk.

Now, there is really no fun.

A wry smile flicked across Dustin Zhou’s mouth.

On Xu Shengsheng’s side, he became excited instantly.

“This is the robe of the Xu family! This is the ancestor of the Xu family!” “Ancestor, you have to save us!” Xu Shengming stumbled and ran over.

And here, Dustin Zhou and others’ faces suddenly turned pale.

“Mr. Zhou, this time, we should be completely out of play.” Hu Ye said with some frustration.

“Don’t talk nonsense, boss, we should still have a way!” Su Wei looked at Dustin Zhou expectantly.

A self-deprecating smile crossed Dustin Zhou’s mouth.

He said faintly, “The strength of these three old men, any one of them far exceeds mine by a lot. If you want to win, it is basically impossible.” “But even the three immortal masters With my current strength, it is not very difficult to protect your whole body and retreat.” “Remember, when I let you run for a while, you will run without looking back. Don’t worry about anything, I I will open the door for you!” Of course it is impossible to deal with the three immortal masters with Dustin Zhou’s strength. He can only be killed by a spike.

But if you want to resist these three immortals for an instant with the treasure in the space ring, you can still do it.

This is why Dustin Zhou is so confident and dared to step into the Xu family compound.

Of course, how to do it depends on what the three old men think.

After all, Lord Tiger and the others can be regarded as the blood of the Xu family!

This Xu family’s guardian formation is the three ancestors of the Xu family’s immortal master level. For Dustin Zhou, it has both his advantages and his disadvantages.

The disadvantage is that these three old men are so desperate. If the three immortal masters stop there, Dustin Zhou doesn’t need to do anything at all, knowing that he can run away is already very good.

The good thing is that they also have people from the Xu family, these three old men, really might not be on Xu Shengsheng’s side!

At this time, Xu Shengsheng was kneeling on his three

In front of an ancestor, crying about Dustin Zhou’s evil deeds, “An ancestor, that guy, relying on his own strength, he must kill our Xu family!” “It is the grandson who is not filial, and the grandson does not have the strength to guard the Xu family!” The holy spirit’s crying nose burst into tears. It seemed that he did have the potential to act like a baby with his elders.

The three old men also frowned, and one of them asked, “How many generations of Patriarch are you in the Xu family?” “Back to the ancestors, grandson is the 32nd Patriarch of the Xu family!” Xu Shengming Said honestly.

“Thirty-two generations? Thousands of years later, the Xu family has fallen to such an extent? Is even the strength of the Patriarch so unsightly?” The old man’s eyes seemed to reveal loss.

Then, he looked at Dustin Zhou again, “Junior, who are you? Why do you want to offend my Xu family?” Dustin Zhou grinned, “Who can say this kind of thing, I said if your Xu family offended me? Can you let me go first?” He didn’t honestly tell the three old men what happened.

Because it is not necessary at all.

What are you kidding about, what is the meaning of this big guardian formation?

Isn’t it just to protect your family from extinction!

Dustin Zhou said this, because your Xu family asked me for trouble first, so these three old men could just ignore it?

Watching Dustin Zhou slaughter the younger generation of the Xu family?

Hell if it is so!

Therefore, no matter what reason Dustin Zhou said, these three old guys would not let him go.

It’s better not to waste your tongue.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the old man didn’t get angry, but smiled slightly, “You are a wise man.” “Besides, cruel and cruel, we can force the Xu family’s guardian array out. We will definitely not let you go. “Since you are a smart person, you should also know that you can’t run away.” “Now, do you choose to commit suicide? Or do you want us to do it?” The old man asked lazily.

Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t talk nonsense with them, they naturally didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Dustin Zhou. After all, they came out to solve the problem.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou is the “problem.”

No matter what Dustin Zhou said, from their point of view, it was dead.

Moreover, they felt that Dustin Zhou should also have this consciousness, so he asked, Dustin Zhoujie did not mind suicide, and they saved it.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “I’m sorry, I didn’t plan to accept either.” “Although you won’t pay attention to the reason for the conflict between me and the Xu family, but the reason for the conflict between him and your Xu family, I think you should I’m very interested.” Dustin Zhou pulled the tiger master behind him.

“Take a closer look, the blood of this person, is there

Are you familiar with it?

The three old men were taken aback for a moment, and then after a little sense, their eyes widened. The Xu family bloodline on Lord Tiger’s body is so pure! Even a little more pure than Xu Shengsheng’s bloodline! After all, Xu Shengsheng was originally born. It should be the Patriarch, and the Patriarch should be Tiger’s father Xu Shenglong! In this way, in terms of blood, Tiger Tiger is the absolute first successor, so the blood line is a little more pure than Xu Shengsheng! “What’s this? What happened!

“The expressions of the three old guys changed. Obviously, facing the purest blood of their Xu family, they couldn’t just sit idly by. Lord Tiger saw this situation without any ambiguity. The cause and effect of the incident were all told. After listening to the three old guys, they immediately looked at Xu Shengsheng with gloomy faces. “Old ancestor, ancestor, don’t believe this guy’s bloody mouth!

He completely lied to you!

At this time, Xu Shengsheng showed his acting skills comparable to that of a movie king, “How could I do such a thing?”

These are all he lied to you!

“This Xu Tianhu is the biggest sinner of the Xu family. He brought outsiders to subvert our Xu family!”

Chapter 1039

“Old ancestors, you must believe me. I have worked hard to manage the Xu family for decades. If there is no credit, there will be hard work!” “You can say that I am incompetent, that my cultivation base is not good, and that I have not guarded well. Family, but you definitely can’t question my sincere heart towards the Xu family!” I have to say that Xu Shengsheng’s acting skills are really good, no wonder he was able to fool the old man of the Xu family so well that he directly killed him. If Tiger’s father hadn’t known the truth of the matter, and just looked at his acting skills, even Dustin Zhou would have believed a little bit. That guy is called a very affectionate man!

As for Master Tiger, he even began to doubt his life, thinking whether he was really wrong.

But no matter how you think about it, he is right!


This old thief!

Hu Ye suddenly became angry.

And Xu Shengsheng’s performance over there is not over yet, “My ancestors, I did make a mistake, that’s why this situation happened in the Xu family.” “But we brought people from other surnames to subvert our Xu family and destroy everything in the Xu family. Yes, but it is Xu Tianhu!” “Even if you want to punish me, you absolutely can’t spare him! Now we have no one in the Xu family!” Xu Shengsheng has been emphasizing the miserable situation of the Xu family. The purpose is nothing more than That is to accuse Tiger Lord of the crime.

After finally waiting for him to finish crying, one of the three old men said faintly, “First of all, you have to understand one thing.” “The Xu family in your mouth, from our perspective, is actually completely It’s not the same thing.” “You are both the Xu family. No matter which side wins, it is actually the victory of the Xu family. There is no thing that can be destroyed or destroyed.” “In this matter, there is only right or wrong. You don’t have to emphasize that kid’s crimes all the time.” The other two old men also nodded.

It’s not how big the pattern of the three of them is, but the position they stand in determines that they will definitely have this kind of thinking.

In other words, they are all old monsters who have lived for thousands of years. To them, Lord Tiger and Xu Shengming are only descendants.

Therefore, no matter who wins, whoever enters the Xu family in the end does not really matter to them.

The important thing is whether what Tiger Ye said is true.

“I think your acting skills are really bad, but I have to say that you are bad. If you don’t have a certain discernment in front of you, you must be deceived by you.” It was this trick that fooled your father.” Another old man said.

It turned out to be able to see through Xu Shengsheng’s acting skills at a glance.

At this time, Xu Shengsheng was completely stunned.

His acting skills of acting like a baby

It was demolished by others!

Only then did he realize that although the old man in front of him was also his ancestor, he was no longer the doting

His dad.

“In fact, we don’t need to expose your lie. It’s already too obvious. Now, do you mean to redeem your sins?” said the third old man.

Xu Shengsheng was completely stunned.

Originally thought that the appearance of his three ancestors would be his life-saving charms, but now, these three old men turned out to be his life-saving charms.

He gritted his teeth, stood up and walked back step by step, “You three old guys, would rather believe the words of an abandoned child than me. I am the head of the Xu family!” “I will go now. Burned your ancestral hall!” Xu Shengsheng ran back like a madman.

But before he ran two steps, he was caught back by an invisible force.

Want to escape in front of the three immortals?

What a joke!

The next thing was much simpler. The three old men didn’t do anything to Xu Shengsheng, but handed him over to Lord Tiger.

Of course, Hu Ye would not be merciful, so Xu Shengming, the head of the Xu family, who had dominated the East China Sea for decades, stayed in his home forever.

And the reason for his failure in the end was because of the lies he was best at back then.

He sat as the head of the house through lies, but in the end also lost his life because of the lies.

This may also be a kind of retribution.

As for Lord Tiger, he was appointed by those three ancestors to become the thirty-third generation head of the Xu family.

Being handpicked by the ancestors, naturally there will be no opposition from anyone. After taking office, Lord Tiger did not drive out the people who had worked on them before, but promulgated a new reward and punishment mechanism.

As for Dustin Zhou, the three old men warned him a little, telling Dustin Zhou not to kill their Xu family easily in the future…Such words, Dustin Zhou has the right to ignore them.

Frighten anyone!

After these three old men came out this time, they would have to wait at least a hundred years before they came up!

A hundred years later, can Dustin Zhou still be just the emperor of warriors?

Therefore, these three old men’s threats and warnings are meaningless to Dustin Zhou.

The three old men probably knew that their warnings would have no effect, but after a symbolic mutter, they disappeared.

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s most important thing was to repair his injuries.

When his injury was repaired, a stranger came to the Xu family.

Sun Qiankun!

The old boy didn’t know whether it was Zhuge Liang afterwards or what happened. He even rushed over with the six martial masters of the Sun family.

At this time, Dustin Zhou remembered that in the previous Xu family camp, there seemed to be a junior from the Sun family…Sun Shengjie!

Sun Shengjie at this time is hiding in the corner

Luoli shivered.

Ever since Xu Shengsheng tried to escape, he knew that he must be finished.

But at that time, nobody noticed him, so he hid quietly in a corner.

When I wanted to go out, I found that the Xu family had arranged a general defense. There were a large number of guards standing at the door. These personnel were the original Xu family’s main line, as well as the martial masters brought by the tiger master. .

Although both sides fought hard in the battle not long ago, most of them were also seriously injured.

But if Tiger Master entered the Xu family, there was no need for them to fight anymore, and most of them were able to stand up and move around and act as temporary guards.

In fact, there is really no need to guard them now. These people are just trying to maintain a simple order.

But this unintentional act caused Sun Shengjie to hide in the corner and dare not move.

Now, most people have forgotten him, but this also means that he may have to hide in that corner for a long time… At this moment, Sun Qiankun came.

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