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Chapter 323

Who gives you the courage!

Dustin Zhou walked towards Zhang Lun and his son step by step.

Although from beginning to end, Dustin Zhou’s expression on his face was very flat, even with a hint of indifference.

However, Zhang Lun and his son felt a very powerful sense of oppression from Dustin Zhou at this moment.

This kind of oppression, like a hammer, kept hitting them, making their minds turbulent, and they couldn’t even give up the thought of running away.

“I warn you, don’t mess around. This is the Zhang family. If you dare to mess around, be careful not to get out!” Zhang Lun is a bit more than Zhang Tao. At this time, facing the strong pressure from Dustin Zhou, he still Able to cry threats.

It seems that as long as it is in the Zhang family, no one dare to do anything to him, otherwise the Zhang family’s thunder revenge, not everyone can bear.

“Some people really think they are some big people. It’s about this time. You still want to threaten me.” Dustin Zhou sneered and looked at Zhang Lun and his son with extremely indifferent eyes, as if the father and son were in his eyes. It’s nothing, it’s a dispensable existence.

“I just said that you can’t get out of bed for ten days. Your nursing home has done it. Now it’s your turn!” Dustin Zhou said slowly. When he said the last word, he suddenly raised his leg and kicked directly. Zhang Lun.


With a loud noise, Zhang Lun was kicked out, until he hit the wall, and then stopped.

When he slipped from the wall to the ground, the whole person was already shocked.

At this moment, Zhang Lun’s eyes were dull, and he muttered to himself. The frightened expression on his face didn’t seem to dissipate, and he still stayed on his face.

But Zhang Tao saw his father kicked by Dustin Zhou, and he was so scared that he passed out.

When Su Wei and the others saw this scene, they hummed coldly, and snorted a few times at the father and son.

During this period of time, they were so angry with the father and son that they were already suffocated with anger.

Had it not been for Dustin Zhou to say before, let them restrain their temper, it would have exploded long ago.

While Zhang Jie watched from the side, he only felt a burst of joy in his heart.

But then, a sorrow came to life.

Looking at my uncle and cousin, when they wake up, they will surely upset the Zhang family.

“It’s said that if you don’t get out of bed for ten days, how can you be missing? Even if you faint, you must be neat and tidy.” Dustin Zhou said softly, and then walked to Zhang Tao’s side and kicked directly. On his calf.

“Crack!” There was a sudden click.

But Zhang Tao, who was fainting, still heard a muffled noise.

When everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, they were speechless.

Especially as Dustin Zhou said just now, the family is neat and tidy.

If Zhang Tao knew after waking up, he would definitely curse loudly.

“Zhang Jie, there shouldn’t be any problems with this, don’t worry, I acted very well and didn’t really hurt them. After all, I said, let them not get out of bed for ten days.” Dustin Zhou looked at Zhang Jie and smiled lightly.

“They have disturbed you these few days. Let’s leave today, and you will inform me when the plan starts later.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou took everyone along and left Zhang Jie directly.

Many people in Zhang Jie were very curious when they saw this group of people. When they asked about the origins of Dustin Zhou and others, they came to the other courtyard and saw a group of people lying on the ground, especially Zhang Lun and his son. The pot is out.

For a while, the Zhang family was in chaos.

At this time, Dustin Zhou and everyone had checked into the famous five-star hotel in Xiangxi, Kaiyuan Hotel.

Everyone opened the room and after tidying up, they all gathered in Dustin Zhou’s room.

During this period of time, everyone in the Zhang family was really not very comfortable, and they all felt resentful, and wanted to talk to Dustin Zhou.

And Dustin Zhou listened quietly to the people’s talk.

“Well, I see, you have been wronged during this period of time, but it is worth it. How much wrong you have suffered in the Zhang family before, you will gain a lot later.” “And, this time I will bring you here. Xiangxi will not let you go for nothing, but stay in the hotel these few days and don’t go anywhere, just wait for my notice.” Dustin Zhou smiled and said with relief.

What they didn’t know was that at this moment, Zhang’s family was already in a mess.

Two hours after Dustin Zhou and the others left the Zhang family, Zhang Lun, Zhang Tao and his son, as well as the dozens of nursing homes, all became sober.

“A**hole! I’m going to kill you!” Zhang Lun’s first words when he woke up were full of murderous, his eyes were red and bloodshot.

Zhang Tao’s face was stiff, and his eyes were full of anger.

The two of them, father and son, were beaten to death by Dustin Zhou alone.

At this time, Zhang Lun and his son also discovered something wrong with them.

“Ah! My legs! What’s wrong with my legs!” Zhang Tao tried to stand up, but found that his calves couldn’t get any strength at all. Looking down, he found two strong plasterboards on his calves.

At this moment, Zhang Tao suddenly understood, and his heart was suddenly furious!

He remembered that his legs were obviously good before.

“Master Zhang Tao, your leg was broken by the man named Dustin Zhou.” At this moment, a fellow said, and the face of the fellow was shocked when he thought of Dustin Zhou’s determination and fierceness at that time.

“Da! Da! Da!” Suddenly, a sound of footsteps and a sound of wood hitting the ground came.

“Patriarch is here!” “Patriarch, you

But we have to call the shots for us!

“That’s right, Patriarch, you see that we are all injured now, it won’t be better after ten and a half months!”

“The nursing home near the outside saw the people coming, and they cried. Zhang Taiyan walked over with a blank face, turned on a crutch with a dragon head, looked majestic, and turned a blind eye to the crying of many injured nursing homes. “Father!


My leg was kicked off, grandpa, you must avenge me!

Zhang Lun and his son also looked sad and indignant. They are the father and son of the Zhang family’s family, and they are very hopeful that they will inherit the Zhang family’s business in the future. But now, their father and son have been injured by the same person at the same time. Laughing generously. “Who gave you the courage?

“Zhang Taiyan ignored the complaints of Zhang Lun and his son, and went straight to the first seat. After sitting down, he looked at his son and grandson. But what is surprising is that Zhang Taiyan did not care about their injuries, but looked serious. “Father…” “Grandpa, what do you mean by that!”

That person is with Zhang Jie, they just want me and my father to make a fool of myself!

Grandpa, Zhang Jieli communicates with outsiders. He must teach his family a lesson!

“Zhang Tao didn’t understand, so he just complained blindly. “I’m asking you, who gave you such courage to say that to him?”

“Zhang Taiyan slammed his crutches to the ground and sternly reprimanded. “Grandpa, they are all Zhang Jie’s friends and friends. Is there any big background? Besides, Zhang Jie asked those people and said they were invited to help, but they just There is nothing to do, how can such a person have a background!

“Zhang Tao refused to accept it and spoke sophistry. “It seems that you have forgotten about Jiang’s Jiangbei!”

Chapter 324


Jiangjia Jiangbei?

As soon as Zhang Taiyan’s words fell, everyone was quiet and looked at the owner with wide eyes.

The Jiangjia Jiangbei incident has long been spread throughout Hunan, and they naturally wouldn’t know it.

But they only heard that Jiangbei had offended a person, and then he was abolished in the public, and he would not be able to recover.

When this news reached the Zhang family, many people in the Zhang family simply did not believe it.

At that time, Zhang Tao was disdainful, thinking that Jiangbei was only relying on the Jiang family’s talents to dominate and blessing, and others could still directly abolish him if they didn’t give the Jiang family face.

“Grandpa, do you think those people will be like the people who abolished Jiangbei? You look at them too highly. If it weren’t for Zhang Jie’s support, how dare he be so arrogant in our Zhang family!” Zhang Tao was angrily and hummed. It hurts, while cursing.

It seems that he has become like this. In addition to Dustin Zhou and those people, Zhang Jie also has a great responsibility.

“Yes, father, in my opinion, if it weren’t for Zhang Jie to come, and bring some indiscreet friends to our Zhang family, nothing like this would happen, and they would dare to commit crimes in my Zhang family. Presumptuous!” Zhang Lun also said sharply.

“That’s right, Patriarch, this kind of person simply didn’t put our Zhang family in their eyes. They must teach them a tough lesson!” “Yes, there is also Zhang Jie. It’s too foolish, and you must treat him too. Give a severe lesson.” “Zhang Ying’s godson has nothing to do, so I should reprimand him!” … And many Zhang family members also agreed, with angry expressions on their faces, wishing to put Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie all ruthlessly Take a hard lesson.

There was no change in Zhang Taiyan’s face. He looked at everyone in the hall coldly, but he sighed softly in his heart.

On the surface, these people seemed to be for the dignity and face of the Zhang family.

But in fact, it was just an opportunity to criticize Zhang Ying and his son under the pretext of Dustin Zhouyi.

Zhang Taiyan is very clear in his heart that this is always the case for big families like the Zhang family, wherever competition for the position of the head of the family is involved.

Just like the Jiang family, Jiangbei was abolished. Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang, the second generation of the Jiang family, not only did not express much anger, on the contrary, they might be ecstatic in their hearts.

Because Jiangbei was abolished, Jiang Xingfang, the second-generation elder of the Jiang family, lost the qualification to compete for the position of Patriarch, which is a good thing for the two brothers.

“Father!” At this moment, Zhang Ying arrived late, with a very angry expression on his face.

It is impossible for him not to know that such a major event happened.

And he asked Zhang Jie about the whole thing the first time, and after hearing it, he was even more angry.

“Second, you dare to show up, what about your son? He colluded with outsiders,

We are hurt like this, what do you say!

Seeing Zhang Ying appearing, Zhang Lun asked in a preemptive voice, not giving Zhang Ying a chance to speak, and wanted to clarify the whole thing. “Zhang Ying, you know you know it right?”

“That’s right, Zhang Ying, look at your good son, who actually colludes with outsiders and commits crimes in the Zhang family. Will he collude with outsiders in the future and take all of the Zhang family as his own!”

“Zhang Ying, you must give an explanation for this matter!”

“… Everyone also accused Zhang Ying one by one. For a time, in the entire front hall, except for the nursing homes, almost everyone was accusing Zhang Ying, and only a few people were silent and did not say anything about this. Express opinions and opinions on the matter. “You guys!

You guys…” Zhang Ying was stunned by this scene. He came to tell his father about the whole thing, and wanted his father to find Dustin Zhou and them. But, he came, and he didn’t say a word, these people. Just aim the gun at yourself, and will not give him a chance to refute. “Father, this is slander!

Zhang Ying was helpless and could only yell at Zhang Taiyan. The situation is very obvious right now. Zhang Lun is dominant in the Zhang family, and there are many Zhang family children to support it. So now almost everyone is in favor of Zhang Lun. The final decision is still Zhang Taiyan alone. “Slander?

Second child, I ask you, did those people Zhang Jie bring to Zhang’s house?

Zhang Lun asked coldly. “It was brought by Zhang Jie.

“Zhang Ying paused and echoed. “Well, we people, did they hurt us?”

And it’s still in the Zhang family, so arrogant assault, do you have anything to justify?

“Zhang Lun took a step closer and asked fiercely. At this time, Zhang Ying knew that her elder brother Zhang Lun wanted to use this incident to target herself. And all his spearheads were directed at Dustin Zhou. They. As outsiders, Dustin Zhou and the others naturally did not get the understanding and support of the Zhang family. In this way, they used the pretence to deal with Dustin Zhou and his party, and in fact, it was aimed at Zhang Ying’s group. “Father, Zhang Jie’s group.” Has my friend ever made trouble in Zhang’s house for so many days?

Why is there a disturbance today?

And will he hurt his eldest brother?

Is there nothing strange in this?

“Zhang Ying took a deep breath and asked coldly. At this moment, he looked extremely serious. And the reason why he was so arrogant is because when he asked Zhang Jie what happened just now, Zhang Jie revealed to him that Dustin Zhou and the others came to cooperate with the Zhang family. The most important point is that Zhang Jie revealed that Dustin Zhou had already had conversations with Zhang Taiyan and knew each other’s existence. In addition to the current situation, almost everyone was in

Aiming at him, Zhang Ying, but Zhang Taiyan sat in the main seat and didn’t say a word, which made Zhang Ying more confident.

“Do you guys, don’t you know that just not long ago, Jiangjia Jiangbei offended these people because of his words, and was then directly abolished by them?” Zhang Ying saw that Zhang Taiyan had not expressed his position, and the anger of other people did not dissipate. , Suddenly decided to launch a big fire fight.

Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, the entire front hall fell silent again.

Everyone looked at Zhang Ying incredible, with doubts in their eyes.

“What you said is true?” At this moment, an old Zhang family who had not spoken asked in a deep voice, with the same solemn expression.

“Of course it’s true! For this reason, the Jiang family has dealt with these people twice, but they have returned to no avail. Just ask, is this kind of person the eldest brother in your mouth?” Zhang Ying is categorical. Said.

At this moment, many people already believed Zhang Ying’s words. After all, they only need to inquire about such a major event to know that Zhang Ying could not tell lies.

At this moment, the faces of Zhang Lun and his son had changed.

They never thought that Dustin Zhou and the others had this background, which was completely different from their previous investigation.

Especially Zhang Tao, his face has turned into pig liver color at this moment.

If all of this is true, then Jiangbei will be dismissed because he teased those women.

“This is impossible!” Zhang Lun shouted at this moment.

His expression was a bit hideous, his eyes widened, and he stared at Zhang Ying unkindly.

“Second, don’t talk nonsense. If they really have such a skill, how could they come to my Zhang family to eat and drink?”

Chapter 325

Dead order!

“Huh! What did they do when they came to Zhang’s house for more than ten days? Moreover, there are only two men and three women who have come from Changsha.” “You think that these few people can Is it disturbing the wind and rain in Changsha?” “What’s more, that person’s surname is Zhou. When did we have a big family surnamed Zhou in Hunan Province?” Although Zhang Lun was unable to move, he still stood up slightly with the support of his servants. He looked around at everyone, very sharp.

At this time, many people also began to doubt.

Although Zhang Ying said that he has a head and a face, the possibility of actually becoming a reality is very small.

Not to mention that there is no such Zhou surname in Hunan, but how can those people be able to deal with the Jiang family’s revenge!

“Yes, what the eldest master said is reasonable. If this is true, then they don’t need to come to our Zhang family to help for so many days, and they don’t do anything at all.” “Yes, look at them. The state of the sky clearly came to relax. It was in the name of Zhang Jie to come to our Zhang family to cheat and cheat.” “Patriarch, think about it, even if our Zhang family ranks second in the Hunan province, but alone When facing the Jiang family, there was no guarantee of victory. What’s more, there were only a few people on the other side. This was simply impossible!” … Suddenly, many people began to doubt and denied what Zhang Ying said.

And they all turned their eyes to Zhang Taiyan, letting him, the Patriarch, make the final decision.

“You guys!” Zhang Ying also had nothing to say, he was just talking about it, but everyone was still obsessed with it.

That being the case, he didn’t want to speak either, and let Zhang Taiyan decide everything.

“Okay, don’t talk about it.” Zhang Taiyan glanced at the people coldly, a look of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, the voice of Dustin Zhou sounded in his mind.

Although he had never met Dustin Zhou, when Dustin Zhou contacted the Zhang and Chen family, he was calm and calm, which left a deep impression on Zhang Taiyan.

But when he thinks of his children and grandchildren, Zhang Taiyan feels disappointed.

Right now, among the children and grandchildren, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying are both competing and planning for the position of the head of the family. The structure is too small.

And Zhang Tao is completely a dude, and he doesn’t have the kind of grace that a big family child should have. On the contrary, there is no qualitative playfulness all day long.

It seems that only Zhang Jie can make do with it.

However, in comparison, Zhang Jie is not only mediocre, and it is qualified to be a patriarch.

But it is almost impossible for him to open up new territory.

“I already know about this. Now you are almost focusing on the position of my Patriarch, where there is no time to pay attention to the outside world.


“Zhang Taiyan said coldly. At this moment, everyone bowed their heads and did not dare to speak, for fear of being named by Zhang Taiyan at this time. Even Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying brothers did not say a word. Whoever listened to Zhang Taiyan’s words You will know that what they are talking about is the two brothers. “Zhang Ying is right. The one who injured you today is called Dustin Zhou, and the person who abolished Jiang’s Jiangbei is him!

“Zhang Taiyan said lightly, seeming to be talking about a trivial thing. And this sentence once again shocked everyone in their hearts. It turned out to be true! They really abolished Jiangjia Jiangbei! At this moment, Many people looked at Zhang Ying and panicked in their hearts. If all this is true, then Dustin Zhou and the others showed up in the Zhang family and left Changsha, which means that the Jiang family can’t help them. At this moment, Zhang Lun’s father and son’s There is really a trace of fear in their hearts. They don’t dare to imagine how they should live their lives in the future if they become like Jiangbei. “Dustin Zhou, this little guy, I have spoken to him, I know the behavior of this little guy.

“Zhang Taiyan once again gave everyone a shocking news. Zhang Taiyan actually spoke to Dustin Zhou? How could this be possible! At this moment, everyone was full of suspicion. Before that, they had no idea who Dustin Zhou was, and Dustin Zhou came. Zhang Taiyan had never seen him at all when he was in the Zhang family. But, why would Zhang Taiyan say that at this moment? Could it be… In an instant, many people thought that perhaps Zhang Taiyan had met Dustin Zhou before. In this case, they had told Dustin Zhou before. All the slander of the group is untrustworthy, but it makes them leave a bad impression in Zhang Taiyan’s heart. For a time, many people looked at Zhang Lun and his son, and they were very unkind. If it weren’t for Zhang Lun. Father and son justified their words, how could they belittle Dustin Zhou and his party and leave a bad impression in Zhang Taiyan’s heart. “Zhang Lun, since people left Zhang’s family because of you, then I don’t care what you do, I must rebuild them. Please go back to Zhang’s house!

“Zhang Taiyan said lightly, but his words were full of seriousness. “If you don’t come back, don’t you!”

After Zhang Taiyan finished speaking, he left without even looking at Zhang Lun and his son. At this moment, everyone trembled. They knew that Zhang Taiyan was very serious, and he did what he said. If the Lun father and sons don’t go back to Dustin Zhou and his party, then they really don’t want to come back to the Zhang family. In other words, if things are not done, then they will give you the position of Patriarch of the Zhang family. , Don’t do that!

“Yeah, who knew they were

It’s the people who abolished the Jiang family and Jiangbei!

“Even the Jiang family has nothing to do with them. I think our Zhang family may not be able to deal with them!”

“It’s all Zhang Tao, who is so arrogant and arrogant on weekdays, he even molested him on Dustin Zhou’s head. Isn’t this the light of a lantern in the toilet?

“Hey, let’s go, let’s go back, we must ask this matter carefully and figure it out!”

“… Soon, many children of the Zhang family left one after another. Before leaving, almost everyone looked at Zhang Lun and his son, then shook his head and sighed deeply. Zhang Lun, Zhang Tao, father and son, their faces at this time They were so gloomy and stiff. Not only did they endure the physical pain, but also the humiliation in their hearts. And they hated Dustin Zhou, Zhang Jie, Zhang Ying, and even Zhang Taiyan more and more. “Dad, isn’t it? Are we really going to invite those people back?

Zhang Tao was very unwilling. He roared in a low voice and looked at his father with a hint of expectation in his eyes. He hoped his father could have any good solutions. “Is there any other way?”

You didn’t hear what your grandpa said just now, please don’t come back to them, and we won’t go back to Zhang’s house!

“Zhang Lun was in a very bad mood at the moment. Hearing his son say this, he suddenly became unhappy. After all, when such things happen, his son has repeatedly provoke those who live in Zhang’s family. Moreover, Zhang Tao was the first to molest Dustin Zhou. The few women around him aroused Dustin Zhou’s anger and started working on them. Zhang Lun couldn’t help thinking that if Zhang Jie was his son, he could get to know Dustin Zhou in advance and make friends with them, then he would definitely compete for him. The position of Patriarch provides a very powerful foreign aid force.

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