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Chapter 479

“Since it is a discussion and cooperation, it is natural that professionals will come. I will not intervene and let Mr. Sun come.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, nodding to Sun Yue.

And Dustin Zhou said so, so the next thing, let Sun Yue take over.

However, Dustin Zhou still has some doubts. Since he is asking Sun Yue to negotiate, who will the Zhang family discuss?

“Hehe, since it’s Mr. Sun, please come to the meeting room, I’m ready.” Old man Zhang Taiyan said with a smile, and stood up slowly with a cane.

However, at this moment, his body still trembled slightly. Obviously, his previous weakness had not been fully healed, so he exerted force for a while, and was a little unstable.

Dustin Zhou saw this scene keenly, and he knew in his heart that he naturally knew that Grandpa Zhang Taiyan was unsteady because he had not fully recovered from the poisoning.

If it was before, Dustin Zhou found that the old man was unsteady, maybe

I’m going to take the initiative to help me.

But now it’s different. Since the old man Zhang Taiyan has not fully recovered, but he tried to pretend to recover and he was intact, he must have his own intentions.

And he did all this just to show Dustin Zhou that he was very healthy.

In this case, the old man would naturally not want Dustin Zhou to see some flaws.

Old man Zhang Taiyan walked very slowly. For nearly ten minutes, a few people came to the meeting room.

At this time, there were already several people in the conference room, all dressed very formally.

In the middle of the conference room, Zhang Ying was sitting in a frenzy with a serious face, while the people around him were all quiet, and their faces were also cautious, afraid to make a mistake, for fear that they would provoke the second master of the Zhang family.

The moment Dustin Zhou and Mr. Zhang Taiyan walked in, Zhang Ying stood up quickly, and the others also stood up instantly, looking at Mr. Zhang Taiyan with a solemn expression.

“Father.” “Patriarch.” Zhang Ying walked over immediately and supported Zhang Taiyan.

“Why? I’m not old enough to need someone to help me, let go.” However, the old man Zhang Taiyan’s face was stern, and he yelled at Zhang Ying, pushed Zhang Ying’s hand away, and walked into the meeting room. go with.

Dustin Zhou watched this scene, his mouth raised slightly, but he felt more amused in his heart.

The two men acted too bluntly, and they knew it was fake.

All this is just the pretending to be strong by the old man Zhang Taiyan, who wants to be tough in front of Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t point it, and there is no need to point it.

Since the old man Zhang Taiyan wanted to be so concealed, then let him go, anyway, for Dustin Zhou, it has no effect.

However, looking at the situation in the conference room, Dustin Zhou also knew.

All this, I am afraid that the old man has already prepared for it, whether it is the cooperation negotiation with Dustin Zhou or some of his decisions, I am afraid that he has already known it.

Soon, everyone did it in stages.

The representative sent by the Zhang family was Zhang Ying, which surprised Dustin Zhou.

It stands to reason that things like the Zhang family should be taken care of by the boss Zhang Lun.

You know, Zhang Ying is responsible for the Zhang family’s cosmetics industry. To be fair, Zhang Lun should also be responsible for the media industry.

However, when he thought of what happened to the Zhang family during this period, Dustin Zhou understood it all at once.

Zhang Tao poisoned the entire Zhang family, and as Zhang Tao’s father, Zhang Lun may not have participated, but the responsibility of lax discipline is set.

In this case, it is reasonable to deprive Zhang Lun of some of the powers in the Zhang family.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, it was naturally the professional Sun Yue who negotiated.

Dustin Zhou was not very interested in the content of the discussions between the two parties.

Anyway, they have communicated and exchanged before, and they have a general consensus on the content of the discussion.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou himself is also one of the three directors of the East China Sea Media Industry Association, and Sun Yue is on behalf of the East China Sea Media Industry Association to negotiate with the Zhang family, and the two can be regarded as a cooperative relationship.

After the talks between the two sides, Dustin Zhou also had time to observe everyone from the other side.

After all, this time the Zhang family let Zhang Ying take the lead, and at the same time sent several elites in the media industry.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, Sun Yue was the only one.

However, Dustin Zhou discovered that despite the gap in the number of people between the two sides, it seemed that the Zhang family was overwhelmed by the crowd, while his side was much weaker.

But in fact, Dustin Zhou discovered that several elites in the media industry in Zhang’s family were negotiating with Sun Yue on some issues.

Even if four or five people argued with Sun Yue together, they were always refuted by Sun Yue with nothing to say.

This point makes Dustin Zhou find it interesting.

Could it be that the level of these people from the Zhang family is so low?

Four or five people together, can’t argue with Sun Yue?

However, Dustin Zhou turned to think about it, this may also be because Sun Yue himself has a deep prestige in the Donghai media industry, and his professionalism is also very tough.

… Time passed quickly, very quickly, one hour passed.

Dustin Zhou didn’t even react. He just held his chin and squinted for a while, and the arguing between the two sides had become very quiet.

“Is it over?” Dustin Zhou whispered. He has never been interested in such negotiations.

However, in the next second, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

He subconsciously raised his head and glanced at the people, and found that the faces of the people sitting opposite him were very ugly and gloomy, as if they had encountered something sad.

This… Dustin Zhou turned his head to look at Sun Yue and found that Sun Yue’s expression was very calm, and he was finishing some of the documents in his hand.

Hehe, it seems that in this negotiation, Sun Yue has gained a lot of advantages.

Dustin Zhou thought to himself.

“Okay, let’s stop here today. When I go back, I will think about it and find some time for the second round of negotiations.” Sun Yue said with a smile, stood up slowly, and reached out to Zhang Ying very confidently. Right hand.

This is the gesture of a winner.

Although the details of the cooperation have not been finalized, there is no doubt that Sun Yue has the upper hand in today’s negotiation, and there is still no small advantage.

“We still hope that Mr. Sun can think about it. This is Hunan Province, which is different from the East China Sea, the environment is also different, and the resources of the media industry are also different.

If Mr. Guo Sun blindly followed the method in the East China Sea, he would most likely fall into the sand.

“Zhang Ying said coldly, with a trace of unwillingness on his face. But helpless, the Zhang family sent four or five elites to the negotiations this time, but in front of Sun Yue, there was not even a trace of initiative. The questioning panicked, and sometimes I couldn’t even speak….

Chapter 480

the hostile Ling sister! “Haha, well, today I am just acting as a contact person to help you get in touch, since I didn’t talk about it today, so let’s find the next time, I won’t stay here any longer.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and didn’t plan to talk to anyone anymore. After saying goodbye, he planned to leave Zhang’s house and return to Changsha. Anyway, Christmas is coming soon, the branch opening in Liushi, and the image ambassador. The propaganda activities of the company are about to begin. Next, there are a lot of things that need to be busy and worry about, Dustin Zhou does not have much energy to deal with this can be said to be inseparable from the cooperation negotiations. … On the same day, Dustin Zhou will return Arrived in Changsha. And Sun Yue, because he wanted to have further negotiations with the Zhang family, so he stayed in Xiangxi. However, this time, Sun Yue did not obey the Zhang family’s arrangements and stayed in the Zhang family, instead choosing to stay in a hotel outside After all, the two parties are now negotiating, and the outcome of the negotiations will directly affect the status and voice of the two parties in the subsequent cooperation matters, as well as the obligations and responsibilities that should be fulfilled. So at this time, Sun Yue Living in Zhang’s house is very inconvenient, and it is also very inconvenient for him to collect some information. What kind of operation Sun Yue will perform next, what kind of movement will be made, Dustin Zhou does not know, and will not pay attention to it for the time being There is less than a week before Christmas. Alas, in this week, even if Sun Yue reached an agreement with the Zhang family and confirmed the cooperation, there was no way to start the activity immediately. And Dustin Zhou had already been with Zhang Taiyan before. I said that I borrowed Zhang’s media channels to prepare for the next promotion of Mingyang’s image ambassador. Changsha, let’s zero water. This time Dustin Zhou and Zhang Xinyi, the store manager of Mingyang’s flagship store, met Jiang Yan. The reason why I am not in the flagship store is that the flagship store is too eye-catching and easy to be seen, which can cause various potential threats. The Zero Point Water Bar is different, it is quiet here, and Dustin Zhou only learned about it not long ago. , This place turned out to be Ling’s place. According to Dustin Zhou’s guess of Ling’s identity, the Zero Point Water Bar is extremely safe. At least, no one in Hunan dared to make trouble here. “This is the propaganda plan we prepared. You can see if there is

What is inconvenient, tell me, I can adjust it.

Dustin Zhou handed the propaganda plan to Jiang Yan, and said with a smile. At this moment, sitting across from him was Jiang Yan, and beside Jiang Yan, the one who was very wary of Dustin Zhou’s face was Sister Ling. Sister Ling. His big eyes are like monitors, constantly dangling on Dustin Zhou’s face, seeming to want to write down all Dustin Zhou’s expressions, and then analyze it to see if Dustin Zhou has any bad ideas. Dustin Zhou is also a little guilty about sister’s harsh gaze, but more often, it’s a bit dumbfounding. Please, after all, I am married, should I be so vigilant? Dustin Zhou wants to speak loudly to sister Ling, I have been married, and my wife is not much more conciliatory than Jiang Yan, and even better than Jiang Yan in some respects. I don’t feel bad about Jiang Yan, please don’t worry about Jiang Yan. But this Dustin Zhou could just think about it in his heart, and it was impossible to say it, and he also felt that as long as he had nothing wrong with him, he would naturally not care about Sister Ling’s gaze. On the contrary, if he cares about Sister Ling’s gaze very much. , Doesn’t it mean that he is really impure towards Jiang Yan. Does he have any other thoughts? “Hehe, there are some activities that need your cooperation, but I also seek your opinion. After all, we negotiated the conditions, even The contract does not specify what you must do.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, avoiding Sister Ling’s gaze. Although he didn’t mind Sister Ling looking at him vigilantly, he didn’t want to look at Sister Ling’s gaze. Dustin Zhou always felt strange with such hostility. Well, I see. Let me take a look. As long as the activity is not too weird, I should have no problem. Anyway, I have been at home for this period of time, and I have some time.

Jiang Yan opened the publicity plan and looked at it, with a faint smile on her face. She looked very easy-going, without the arrogance of a big family lady. And this is why Dustin Zhou looked at her with admiration. If Jiang Yan Like some ladies from big families, they have a bad temper and self-righteousness. They think that they are from a good background, so they despise others, and even speak harshly. Then Dustin Zhou doesn’t look down on her at all. “Huh, Xiao Yan’er, you have to look carefully. Nowadays, people are very bad, and they explicitly and secretly design traps for the victim, just to squeeze the value out of others. If there are any traps in this propaganda plan, you still have to carefully distinguish.

“Sister Ling said suddenly, her mouth curled slightly, obviously she was dissatisfied with Jiang Yan’s softly speaking to Dustin Zhou. At this moment, Zhang Xinyi’s face turned red and she hurriedly wanted to explain, but Dustin Zhou was surprised by Dustin Zhou.


“We are very sincere, and, this time, we are also thinking about using the next Christmas to do some activities, and the opening of a branch in Liushi. As for whether there will be any problems and traps, it is better to Sister Ling, take a look?” Dustin Zhou stopped Zhang Xinyi and looked at Sister Ling with a smile, and said casually.

Dustin Zhou looked open and let her look at the propaganda plan, causing her mouth to twitch.

What she said just now was just a casual talk. If Jiang Yan could be wary of Dustin Zhou, it would be good.

But I didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so direct, without disguising it, and even bluntly let him check the plan.

Sister Ling was a little speechless at this moment. She didn’t really have any doubts about Dustin Zhou, but she was a little upset at the closeness between him and Jiang Yan.

Moreover, Jiang Yan seemed to have a good impression of Dustin Zhou, and seemed not to be wary of anything Dustin Zhou said, and even obeyed.

This gave Ling sister a kind of treasure that she had cherished for many years, and she felt that she might be stolen at any time by a little thief. Her heart was very impatient and unhappy.

“Hmph, I’m just warning you, don’t think of any horrible idea, in front of me, it won’t work at all!” Sister Ling gave Dustin Zhou a stern look and gave a cold snort, her tone was very bad.

And Dustin Zhou and Ling sister felt the same as their enemies, which made Zhang Xinyi and Jiang Yan very helpless.

“Well, sister Ling, don’t think Dustin Zhou is so bad, just a few very simple activities, no problem.” Jiang Yan stretched out her hand and closed the plan, and softly persuaded her.

To her, Sister Ling is a big elder sister, who cares for her like her elders.

Chapter 481

And Dustin Zhou is a man who suddenly appeared in her life.

This man has the same characteristics as many other men, but the feeling for Jiang Yan is completely different from those men who have been in contact with before, whether they are ordinary people, some self-proclaimed elites or nobles.

It’s like, the destiny arranged for them to meet in this place in Hunan Province, because they know each other about the Jiang family.

This feeling is very vague, and Jiang Yan can’t explain it clearly.

Moreover, she would not mention this feeling to others.

But she can feel that Dustin Zhou is not hostile to herself.

From beginning to end, Jiang Yan never felt any hostility from Dustin Zhou.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou treated Jiang Yan like an old friend and felt very comfortable.

“You, you just trust others too much. Sometimes I really worry about you being sold, and I have to help others count the money.”

Jiang Yan has said so, so Sister Ling is naturally not good to say more, but some people who hate iron and steel nodded on Jiang Yan’s forehead, her tone was also very uncomfortable, and she felt betrayed.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while.

Why does this sister Ling have so many dramas? Could it be that in her mind, some love dramas between men and women have been formed, accompanied by the grievances between the family, and the mutual cherishment between the girlfriends, and the unruly Man… For a moment, Dustin Zhou even felt that he might have been thought of as a negative character by Sister Ling in her mind. Even in the drama of Sister Ling’s brain, he did not know how many times he had died.

“Don’t worry, Sister Ling, I know it in my heart.” Jiang Yan smiled and comforted Sister Ling again. She knew that Sister Ling did this, and she said it was for her good, so she didn’t think that Sister Ling was so much. Nosy, on the contrary, there is a feeling of being loved.

Afterwards, Jiang Yan handed the propaganda plan back to Dustin Zhou.

“Let’s proceed according to this plan, but if there are any activities, it is best to notify me one day in advance so that I can make some preparations.” Jiang Yan said with a smile. She has no opinion on this propaganda plan and thinks it is quite reasonable.

“Okay, but now the more important thing is probably to shoot a short promotional video the day after tomorrow. At that point, Zhang Xinyi will communicate with you at that time, and then the opening of the Liushi branch at Christmas.” Dustin Zhou casually flipped through it. I looked at the publicity plan and made some arrangements for the two recent activities.

The importance of these two activities is self-evident.

The shooting of the short promotional video is, for Jiang Yan, for Mingyang Company, it is a first appearance in the entire Hunan market, allowing people in Hunan Province to have a more comprehensive understanding of the existence of Mingyang Company.

This can be regarded as the cornerstone, laying a foundation for all the actions recorded by Mingyang.

If the publicity short video is well shot and the publicity effect is good, then it is of great significance to the famous company.

The opening of the Liushi branch on Christmas Day is of great significance to Mingyang’s branch project in Hunan Province.

What is the effect of the branch project? The sales situation on the opening day of the Liushi branch and the sales situation in a month or so will determine everything.

“Well, I have no problem here.” Jiang Yan nodded, indicating that there was no problem.

But two very simple activities, for her, it is not a problem.

After talking about the event and publicity, everyone immediately relaxed a lot.

Even the tension and restraint on Zhang Xinyi’s face disappeared instantly, but she seemed relaxed and natural.

Zhang Xinyi herself can be considered as a very good woman, although in front of Jiang Yan, she does not appear to be so outstanding, even

So, it is easy to be robbed of the limelight and attention by Jiang Yan, but in Hunan Province, she can be regarded as a big beauty.

After calming down, Zhang Xinyi, who frequently smiled, talked with Jiang Yan and Ling sisters more smoothly.

At the very least, from Dustin Zhou’s perspective, Zhang Xinyi talking to Jiang Yan, even talking and laughing, could not arouse sister Ling’s dissatisfaction and interference.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou really took a look at Sister Ling.

At the same time, a somewhat weird thought suddenly appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

If you are worried that Jiang Yan will be deceived by bad guys, and have been careful, even interfering with Jiang Yan and strangers, or people who are not so familiar with each other, then why does Sister Ling not interfere with Zhang Xinyi now?

You know, like Dustin Zhou,

For Jiang Yan, Zhang Xinyi is not so familiar.

Even Jiang Yan and Dustin Zhou are more familiar with each other.

However, once she talked to Jiang Yan, Sister Ling was full of dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, it seems to be just against him.

If you have to tell a difference between Dustin Zhou and Zhang Xinyi, then one of them is a man and the other is a woman, and there is a natural difference in gender.

And this is probably the reason why Ling sister’s attitude is different.

Because Zhang Xinyi is a woman, she doesn’t have any thoughts about Jiang Yan, and she doesn’t act on Jiang Yan, so she is not in the range that Ling sister needs to be vigilant.

And Dustin Zhou is a man, because of the nature of a man, there may be an indiscriminate idea about Jiang Yan, and he still has the strength and possibility to put it into action, so he was targeted by Sister Ling.

The reason for this different attitude lies in whether there are some threats to Jiang Yan.

This threat is not a threat to personal safety, but whether it is possible to soak Jiang Yan away.

And the person who cares about such things is still a woman.

Even if Dustin Zhou is a pig’s brain, he has guessed some of the possible reasons.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou trembled abruptly, and quickly got rid of this thought from his mind.

However, when he looked at Sister Ling again, his eyes always had a weird look.

“What are you looking at? Be careful. I goug your eyes!” Sister Ling was keenly aware of Dustin Zhou’s gaze, and said viciously, she also stretched out two fingers, pretending to face Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

However, Sister Ling didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was thinking at the moment.

If Sister Ling knew what the consequences would be, even Dustin Zhou could hardly imagine.

… The shooting of the short promotional video went smoothly. The news from Zhang Xinyi made Dustin Zhou feel a lot relaxed.

When I was at the Zero Point Water Bar before, I faintly guessed some of Ling’s feelings for Jiang Yan, and Dustin Zhou deliberately avoided contact with Jiang Yan.

Whatever can be done by others, let others do it.

In the subsequent shooting of the short promotional video, Dustin Zhou arranged for Zhang Xinyi to follow Jiang Yan throughout.

Now the short promotional video has been shot, and the editing and effect processing afterwards can be completed in one day.

Next, it is time to wait for Christmas when the branch of Mingyang Company in Liushi opens.

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