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Chapter 545

(2) Wang Wei looked at Ye Fang, a trace of pride flashed in his eyes.

Before today, he had always thought that his biggest opponent was Ye Fang.

After all, Ye Fang, as the second largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, has only a little less shares than Wang Wei.

Once she finds someone to unite, she will overtake Wang Wei in an instant.

However, the situation today surprised Wang Wei himself.

Although Ding Junfeng’s statement was a bit unexpected, the result did not exceed Wang Wei’s expectations.

After all, he had a lot of exchanges and communication with Ding Junfeng when he was planning to build the Liushi branch before.

As for the other partners, I’m afraid they saw the situation suddenly turn to Wang Wei, so they made a decision after weighing them.

At the moment, there are still three partners left. Among them, Ye Fang, the second largest shareholder, is the most important.

If Wang Wei can win Ye Fang’s support, then even if Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng object, the situation will not change. The Liushi branch will eventually be controlled by Wang Wei.

At that time, the two of them will do their best to wait for the dividends and not to interfere in the business of any branch.

Therefore, Wang Wei decided to persuade Ye Fang.

After all, in addition to being the second largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, Ye Fang also has a lot of energy in the East China Sea, enough to threaten Wang Wei.

“Miss Ye, you are a sensible person. You should be able to see the current situation clearly. You can only protect your rights if you stand with us. Otherwise, it’s just that.

Dustin Zhou’s tool man is nothing more.

“Wang Wei continued to persuade, with a very sincere tone, as if he was really thinking about Ye Fang. “Hmph, Wang Wei, I didn’t expect you to have such a mindset. Do you think that your talents are more than Zhou Zong.” Is it strong?

Or do you think that the Liushi branch is in your hands and can develop better than the flagship store or the headquarters of Donghai?

“Ye Fang snorted coldly, glanced at Wang Wei coldly, without any taboo, and directly broke Wang Wei’s careful thinking. “Besides, you have these supporters, and you have more than half of the shares in your hand. I agree. Disagree, what’s the difference?

“Ye Fang said very firmly, indifferently, and didn’t mean to make peace with Wang Wei at all. In an instant, the empty banquet hall was quiet. Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng looked at Ye Fang in surprise, they thought Ye Fang and Ye Hui Standing on Wang Wei’s side, I was very worried at first. But now it seems that Ye Fang could not be on the side of Wang Wei. This comforted the two of them a little bit. However, what Wang Wei did was The two of them were already on guard. Wang Wei’s expression was indifferent, and when he saw Ye Fang reject him so resolutely, his heart was suddenly furious. If he hadn’t wanted to maintain his image in front of a few other people, he would have cursed him a long time ago. A Ye Fang, under such circumstances, is not aware of advances and retreats, and is ignorant of current affairs. He is simply looking for death. Wang Wei has decided that after he takes full control of the Liushi branch, he will be the first to clear Ye Fang. At least, Let Ye Fang have no power in his hands, and let her become an idler. “Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng, how about you two?

Agree or disagree?

“Ye Fang didn’t have anything to talk about, so Wang Wei turned his eyes to the remaining two. But this time, his expression was not as sincere and kind as before, and it was more of a layer of frost. Since Ye Fang refused. Himself, then Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng are not that important to him. They agree, but they are just icing on the cake. They oppose, and they can’t change the ending. But Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng are a bit hesitant now, and their faces are also It’s very ugly. The current situation was something they hadn’t anticipated before. For a while, it was inevitable that they were a little confused. It was only after Ding Junfeng and several other partners expressed their opinions that they realized that it was Wang Wei who wanted to win them over. The two people’s faces were dark and unclear, and their hearts were entangled. They knew that no matter what their attitude was today, they couldn’t change the facts. If they agreed, naturally everyone would be happy, and they could have a lot of benefits with this Wang Wei. And if they object, it will not change the fact that Wang Wei already controls the Liushi branch.

We can borrow Dustin Zhou’s power.

However, Dustin Zhou did not show up at the celebration banquet tonight, which is undoubtedly sending a signal.

That is, he left everything to Wang Wei to do himself.

Therefore, this point is also minimal.

“We…” Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng had difficulty choosing between the two options.

“I object.” At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

The faces of Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng, and the other three partners changed suddenly.

But Ye Fang, Shen Hai, and Zhao Cheng looked back with joy and quickly turned their heads.

Several partners saw Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Niu Chuan slowly walking in, and beside them, there were three dejected people walking in.

Dustin Zhou’s face was calm and cold, as if nothing happened just now.

“I’m against it.” Dustin Zhou walked to Table 1, looking at Wang Wei calmly, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised, as if he was talking about a very ordinary little thing.

“Zhou, why are you back?” Wang Wei’s face was so ugly that he didn’t even dare to look directly at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, and after measuring his eyes slightly, he asked in a deep voice.

When he saw the three dejected people, his face changed in shock, and his chest was constantly rising and falling.

Ding Junfeng, and the other three partners, all bowed their heads, afraid to look at Dustin Zhou.

After all, what they did just now can be said to violate Dustin Zhou’s original goal, and it is also against Dustin Zhou.

In addition, in the East China Sea and in Hunan Province for so long, Dustin Zhou’s actions, they could not imagine Dustin Zhou’s response.

“I don’t want to come back, but three people have been following us, making me very upset, so I want to come back and ask you who you know these three people.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

When the voice fell, Niu Chuan pushed all three people in front of him.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou laughed. How could we know these three people? Could it be that you made a mistake?” Wang Wei naturally knew these three people, but he couldn’t tell, he could only say so, thinking Pick yourself out.

“President Wang, you can’t leave us alone.” “Yes, we were sent by you to follow Mr. Zhou. Now we have been found out. You can’t leave us alone.” “Mr. Wang, you can ask Zhuo Zong for a treat. Let us go.”… Hearing Wang Wei’s words, the three of them immediately quit.

, Exclaimed quickly.

And this time, it can be regarded as a direct name for the identity.

“Wang Wei, did you send someone to follow Mr. Zhou?”

Chapter 546

Ye Fang took the lead and slapped the table sharply. After standing up, he pointed at Wang Wei with a sharp tone.

He originally thought Dustin Zhou had acquiesced to Wang Wei to do so, so he did not attend tonight’s celebration banquet.

But Ye Fang did not expect that Dustin Zhou did not attend the celebration banquet, but he simply didn’t want to attend.

As for what Wang Wei did, Dustin Zhou had no idea.

If it weren’t for the three following people, Dustin Zhou might not know what Wang Wei said to their partners in this banquet hall.

“Damn, Wang Wei, I didn’t expect you to be so presumptuous!” “No wonder you are so emboldened to talk to us like this. It turns out that you are taking advantage of Zhou’s absence. Wang Wei, you are shameful!” Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng are both too. He scolded Wang Wei for a while.

They were under great pressure just now.

There is no way to advance, and you fall off the cliff if you retreat.

And this situation was all caused by Wang Wei.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou is back now and can teach Wang Wei a lesson.

“Nonsense! I don’t know these three people at all. How could I let them follow Mr. Zhou? What’s more, why should I follow Mr. Zhou?” “As for what I said just now, it’s just a fact, even if Mr. Zhou is now Standing here, I also want to say, what can’t be tolerated?” Wang Wei resolutely said, his eyes flashed slightly, and finally he became very determined.

He didn’t expect that Wang Wei would find out the person he sent out to follow so soon, and he would return so soon.

However, now he has spoken, and there are four people following him, plus himself, a total of eight partners, he has the support of five partners.

With this alone, he has an absolute advantage in the voice of the Liushi branch.

“Really, you really don’t know these three people?” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and glanced at Wang Wei sideways, the meaning in his eyes was very profound.

“Don’t Mr. Zhou believe me?” Wang Wei asked back.

“That’s not true. Since Mr. Wang said that you don’t know these three people, don’t know them. It’s useless anyway. Let’s go.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly and let the three people go.

Afterwards, he looked at Wang Wei again.

“I just heard Mr. Wang say a lot outside. It seems that he has his own ideas and plans for the Liushi branch. I don’t know, are these all Mr. Wang’s own ideas?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and walked over. Aside, he directly pulled a chair over, sat down straight, tilted Erlang’s legs, and looked at Wang Wei quietly.

He rushed over early and kept listening to Wang Wei at the door.

Face to face.

So Dustin Zhou basically heard what Wang Wei said just now.

That’s why I walked in directly at this time and shouted objection.

Wang Wei’s eyes flickered slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou, his heart kept playing drums.

He knew that everything he did just now was hidden from Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou really knew about it, then Dustin Zhou would probably guess that someone was pointing behind it.

Leaving aside other things, just the 9.9 million can’t be brought out by Wang Wei alone.

This point may not be found by others, but with Dustin Zhou’s energy, it is easy to find out.

What’s more, the branch in Liushi only opened today. Influenced by the well-known company, it has a relatively large reputation in Liushi and Xiang Province, and it can attract many customers.

And if Dustin Zhou catches it strictly, it is likely to affect Wang Wei’s position in the Liushi branch.

“Hehe, nothing, just want to make some arrangements for the future deployment of the Liushi branch.” Wang Wei laughed dryly and said in a low voice.

At this time, in front of Dustin Zhou, he lost his previous momentum, as if he had become an ordinary employee, and could only listen to Dustin Zhou’s words carefully.

“Huh! You didn’t say that, Mr. Wang just now!” However, when Wang Wei said that, Ye Fang wouldn’t let him pass by. After a cold snort, he was very angry and said everything that happened just now. .

At this time, the banquet hall was really quiet.

The eight partners, Ye Fang, Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng, looked at Wang Wei with angrily expressions.

But Wang Wei and the others lowered their heads and their faces were extremely ugly.

Under this circumstance, no one thought that Ye Fang would be so excited and directly shake off all that Wang Wei had just said.

This clearly meant going to war with Wang Wei.

This Liushi branch has just opened, and it hasn’t made any money yet, so the largest shareholder and the second largest shareholder have turned against each other, which is really surprising.

“I see, Wang Wei, I gave you a chance!” Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, and then said softly, but when he looked at Wang Wei, it was a pity.

“The reason why I don’t attend tonight’s celebration is because I want to see if you will do anything unfavorable to the Liushi branch. If you don’t do it, then I will assume that nothing happened before. Believe you, leave the branch to you to manage.” “But unfortunately, you did, and you let me down.” Dustin Zhou’s tone gradually became cold.

“Zhou, things are not what you think…” Wang Wei still wanted to defend.

But Dustin Zhou no longer gave him a chance.

“Enough!” “Wang Wei, don’t you think you are in collusion with Kong Hui, plotting things about the Liushi branch, do you think I don’t know?”

As soon as they fell, everyone was stunned and looked at Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei in surprise.

What does this mean?

Wang Wei colluded with Kong Hui to plot the Liushi branch?

What does it mean?

That Kong Hui was just a little star who participated in the Hunan province draft show a few years ago. Why did Wang Wei collude with him?

Everyone was shocked, Ye Fang looked inexplicable, as if thinking of something, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes became more relaxed when he watched Wang Wei.

Obviously, she was thinking of something.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, what do you mean? I don’t understand. Didn’t Kong Hui be injured by you? After I took him to the hospital, I haven’t contacted him again.” Wang Wei’s mouth twitched slightly, his face was very serious. It’s ugly, it’s even like crying.

What Dustin Zhou said just now really shocked Wang Wei.

His relationship with Kong Hui is a college classmate, but he also knows that Kong Hui is a member of the Confucian family in Liu City, and he is very energetic in Liu City. Even looking at the entire Hunan Province, compared with those super big families, Not letting too much.

However, the Kong family has always been low-key, so most people don’t know.

And he conspired with Kong Hui in this matter because Dustin Zhou shot and injured Kong Hui. Kong Hui held a grudge, so he reached an intent to cooperate with Wang Wei.

In fact, the 9.99 million that was sent out just now was taken out by Kong Hui. The purpose was to get Wang Wei to win over the people, demonstrate his strength, and control the Liushi branch.

But this matter is very top secret, only he and Kong Hui know how Dustin Zhou knew.

Chapter 547

With surprise and uncertainty in his heart, Wang Weiqiang endured the astonishment in his heart, pretending to be calm.

The more this time, the more he can’t panic, and he can’t mess around because of Dustin Zhou’s words.

“Hehe, I’m still holding on, do you think you can’t do anything if you don’t admit it?” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, not caring about Wang Wei’s pretending to be calm.


Wang Wei thought that there was no flaw, and that Dustin Zhou was just fooling him. In fact, Dustin Zhou was not sure and would not say so at all.

“I gave you a chance before. You didn’t want it. I gave you a chance just now. You still don’t want it. If that’s the case, you can’t blame me.” “Bring people over.” He said in a deep voice, Niu Chuan walked quickly. After going out, within a few minutes, he returned to the banquet hall again.

But this time, he didn’t come in alone. Next to him, a young girl walked in with a nervous look. When they saw everyone’s eyes converge on his face, she quietly hid behind Niu Chuan. Just showing a pair of eyes, looking at everyone curiously.

“Mr. Zhou, what does this mean?” Ye Fang was very insightful and said directly, naming the topic.

Other people too

They watched them one after another. They didn’t know what it meant when Niu Chuan went out and brought someone back.

Could it be that this person told Dustin Zhou about the collusion between Wang Wei and Kong Hui.

However, such a thing is bound to be very top secret, Wang Wei and Kong Hui will not let others know, let alone such a girl.

“Zhou, can you just find someone here to show that I have collusion with Kong Hui?” Wang Wei frowned slightly, he didn’t even know this girl, and he felt relieved.

He thought Dustin Zhou had really found evidence, but now it seemed that he was just bluffing, and he didn’t need to care at all.

“Hehe, don’t worry, do you know who she is?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking at Wang Wei with sarcasm.

Before, he was very optimistic about Wang Wei. He was the first to join a few partners to prepare a branch of Mingyang Company, and in such a short period of time, he arranged the opening of the Liushi branch.

This is at the top level among all the people he brought over from the East China Sea.

However, time has passed, and how long has passed since then, Wang Wei has become so ambitious, and still so unscrupulous, coercive and lured.

“I don’t care who she is, do you think everyone will believe it with such a woman?” Wang Weiwei waved his hand and said with disdain.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, although what you said is very reasonable, it is impossible for us to believe it because of this woman alone.” “Yes, we respect you, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own ideas.” “Mr. Zhou, I think you have misunderstood Mr. Wang, right?” “Yes, Mr. Wang is also good for the Liushi branch.” The four partners who were already on Wang Wei’s side said in unison.

“Hehe, don’t worry, this person is a nurse from Liushi First People’s Hospital, Wang Wei, you and Kong Hui’s plan, she has heard, now you should know, how did I know?” Dustin Zhou laughed Then, he glanced at the woman.

The female nurse also relaxed a little bit, not as nervous as she was at the beginning.

“I inspected the ward that day…” The female nurse whispered, saying all the things she heard yesterday.

For an instant, everyone was stunned, and they all looked at Wang Wei.

The female nurse said in much more detail than Dustin Zhou said, and even the specific process and plan of the collusion between Wang Wei and Kong Hui was clear.

Even Kong Hui took out the 9.99 million just now, it was clear.

And at this time, everyone reacted.

The ten million just now was not owned by Wang Wei, but by Kong Hui.

And with Kong Hui’s position in the Kong family, he put out ten million, showing

Of course it is not difficult.

Now, almost all of the partners have believed in the words of the female nurse, and their gazes at Wang Wei have begun to look a little strange.

At this time, Wang Wei’s face turned pale after hearing the female nurse’s words.

He knew that this female nurse had indeed heard the conversation between him and Kong Hui, and she even said something that Dustin Zhou hadn’t said.

Moreover, when he was planning with Kong Hui, Kong Hui happened to be in Liushi First People’s Hospital, and this female nurse had a chance to hear.

“…That’s the way it is, I didn’t lie, I have already told everything I heard, can I leave?” After the female nurse finished speaking, she looked at Dustin Zhou pitifully, thinking in her heart To leave quickly.

“Well, it’s okay, thanks for your hard work.” Dustin Zhou smiled and nodded, and asked Niu Chuan to take her away. Her role was to tell the affairs between Wang Wei and Kong Hui. Now that the story is over, the task will naturally be completed. .

“Now, do you still want to deny it? Or do you need to confront Kong Hui face to face?” Dustin Zhou looked at Wang Wei, his eyes became sharp, and his whole person became extremely serious.

Everyone suddenly felt shocked. They knew that Dustin Zhou was going to suppress Wang Wei now, at least to make Wang Wei admit his mistake.

“Yes, I did discuss this with Kong Hui, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with what I did. This Liushi branch was built by a few of us. From scratch, it was all our hard work. But you, a well-known company, paid almost nothing, just like pointing fingers at the Liushi branch and interfering with the branch’s affairs. Why?” “I just ask, why?” Wang Wei’s emotions suddenly became excited. , His face was flushed, his eyes were bloodshot, waiting for Dustin Zhou, and shouted sharply.

And what he said fell in the ears of several other partners, but it was like thunder, making them all froze in place and began to think.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with what Wang Wei said.

The Liushi branch was built by eight of them from scratch. From the initial fundraising, to the site selection, to the lease of the storefront room, to the decoration and recruitment, almost all of them were eight of them. Personally.

Among them, Wang Wei, as the partner with the most shares, has done the most among all.

But some time ago, during the renovation process of the Liushi branch, a group of gangsters who wanted protection fees were encountered. It was Wang Wei who took the lead to withstand the pressure, and the sky saw the sunrise.

And Dustin Zhou?

What about the famous company?

Almost nothing was done.

But after the Liushi branch opened, Dustin Zhou and Mingyang had to intervene in the affairs of the branch, and even decided on some future business strategies for the branch.

This originally belonged to the power of their eight partners, but now it is divided between Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, which is naturally unreasonable.

“Why? Since you asked so, I will tell you why!”

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