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Chapter 659

“At this moment, Liu Xue knew that she might not have met a good person, and immediately seemed to lose money. “Losing?

Do you know how much Li Shao’s dress is?

“That’s right, do you know how much our dress, Shao Li, is?”

One hundred thousand yuan, if you pay one hundred thousand yuan, we will let you go immediately.

“Hehe, little girl, you are not a rich person. You definitely can’t get the 100,000 yuan. We are not a bad person. Since you can’t get 100,000 yuan, then accompany us to the private room. Go for a drink, and that’s it.

“… Suddenly, several people beside Shao Li laughed and kept approaching Liu Xue. “How could it be possible that a piece of clothing costs one hundred thousand yuan.”

“When Liu Xue heard it, she knew that these people didn’t want to solve the problem properly. Let alone what clothes worth 100,000 yuan look like, she had never seen a waistcoat worth 100,000 yuan. Moreover, on this vest. It was originally contaminated with a lot of vomit. At first glance, Liu Xue knew that this so-called Shao Li had vomited in the bathroom before. As for what his vomit got on Shao Li’s clothes, it was just this. People want to find something. “Huh, little beauty, you are ignorant. Tell you, this vest of mine is made by a well-known master in the country. There is only such one in the whole world. It is worth ten.

Ten thousand is cheaper for you, because you are a beautiful woman, otherwise, it is absolutely impossible without one million.

“Li Shao snorted coldly, and the gaze looking at Liu Xue became more and more evil. “However, today, Shao Li, I am in a good mood. As long as you drink a few glasses with me, the little beauty, I don’t want this one hundred thousand yuan. how about it?

“Speaking, Li Shao stretched out his hand, trying to pinch Liu Xue’s chin. And the little brothers on the side laughed wickedly, and they kept applauding Li Shao, like what Li Shao is doing now. , What an amazing thing. “Let go!

“Please be more self-respect, don’t think that I am a girl, just like a bully!”

“Liu Xue opened Shao Li’s hand in disgust, and said in a deep voice. She is not a person who likes to cause trouble, but this does not mean that she is a person who can swallow her anger. Today’s incident, it is clear that this is Shao Li, As for what soiled his clothes, it was worth more than 100,000 yuan, but it was just an excuse. Without these, Li Shao would have other excuses. The purpose is just to take advantage of Liu Xue. Said to be accompanied. He drinks, but who knows how much wine to accompany? What if you get drunk? These, just thinking about this, Liu Xue feels cold in her back. “Haha, the little beauty has a good temper, tell you, Heng It’s useless, you soiled my clothes today, don’t go have a drink with me, I won’t let you go, come, take away!

Li Shao let out a cold voice, and gave orders to the younger brother who was in hand. Those younger brothers immediately surrounded Liu Xue. “Haha, little beauty, you dare not listen to what we Shao Li said. I think you don’t want to be in the East China Sea.” Mixed up.

“That’s right, I’ll tell you, let Shao Li take care of us, and you will have a big deal in the future.”

The two younger brothers were immediately ready to get started and dragged Liu Xue into the private room. “Let me go!

You let me go.

When Liu Xue was caught with both hands, she felt a little panic in her heart. She knew that she could not be the opponent of these men by herself, and even a person opposite could directly knock herself out and take her away. Now that I went to the bathroom, I just told the two women next to me that others might not know. Therefore, Liu Xue’s classmates probably didn’t even know that she was in trouble here. Xue was almost in desperation. Once she was taken by Shao Li to the private room, Liu Xue could not imagine what would happen. However, the only certainty was that if she was taken away by Shao Li, Liu Xue would be the only one left. The way out may be suicide. “Stop!

” “what happened?

“At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded. Liu Xue was overjoyed, and when she quickly looked back, she saw her monitor Huang Gang, and

Xu Mei came over together.

Just now Huang Gang asked Xu Mei to follow Liu Xue to see what she was going to do.

Xu Mei did follow Liu Xue, but she also saw Liu Xue being entangled by Li Shao.

Xu Mei knew that Huang Gang’s goal today was Liu Xue, so she hurried back and told Huang Gang the matter.

And this is undoubtedly a classic, and it is not a pre-rehearsed hero to save the United States.

I am afraid that I will be moved by any woman.

In addition, Huang Gang’s own conditions, this hero saves the United States, almost without any sequelae, can get all the favor of Liu Xue.

Therefore, Huang Gang came out without any hesitation.

“What do you want to do?” Huang Gang walked to Liu Xue’s side and glanced coldly at the drunken Young Li and the two younger brothers who held Liu Xue.

“Let go of her.” “Hehe, let her go? Kid, want a hero to save the beauty? Don’t open your eyes and take a look, do you know who you are talking to?” “Yes, tell you, kid, today Your friend touched our Li Shao’s brows. It’s useless for anyone to come here. Don’t get in the way here. We Shao Li handles affairs, idlers, etc., all go!” But, to Huang Gang’s scolding, Li Shao turned a deaf ear, and the two younger brothers looked at Huang Gang with disdain, joking.

“Shao Li?” After hearing this, Huang Gang looked serious, and asked cautiously, as if this so-called Shao Li was a big man.

“Hehe, it seems that you have heard of our Li Shao’s name. That’s right, this is our Li Shao.” A little brother looked at Li Shao proudly, as if he was proud of you.

When Huang Gang heard this, he also looked at Shao Li seriously, the more he looked at, the more solemn his face became.

“This, it’s really Shao Li…” Huang Gang looked at it for a long time, and his heart was already shocked.

He could be sure that the Li Shao in front of him was the Li Shao he knew.

There are many big families in the East China Sea. There are first-rate big families like the Sun family and the Su family. That is high above, no one dares to offend.

However, there are also some other families, although they are not as good as the Sun family and the Su family, there are also supremely majestic families in the East China Sea.

The Li family is such a family.

The Li family of the East China Sea, in the East China Sea, is aloof and ranks in the forefront of the second-rate family. Its strength is only slightly inferior to the first-rate families such as the Sun and Su family, and it is many times stronger than some other second-rate families.

And Huang Gang once knew a big family boy he had met once at a banquet held by Li Shao.

Chapter 660

That is, at that banquet, Huang Gang got a lot of caviar.

Today I also brought half a catty to serve as a face.

He didn’t expect that Li Shao, who was aloof before, was right in front of him at this moment.

And the goddess Liu Xue she wanted to pursue was even the offended Li Shao, who was favored by Li Shao and wanted to take her to the private room to accompany her.

For an instant, Huang Gang was stunned, silent.

“Hurry up and let me go!” Liu Xue saw the situation and found that something was wrong.

This Huang Gang was so hard-spirited just now, but now, he is a little silent, and his face is even more jealous.

This made Liu Xue realize that this Shao Li, I’m afraid he is really not a casual person, and definitely has a status that cannot be underestimated.

“Hehe, boy, Shao Li is here, do you know what to do?” The little brother sneered, and didn’t bother Liu Xue’s yelling at all.

With Shao Li’s status in the East China Sea, even if this is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, he dare not do anything to him.

What’s more, this is the lobby on the first floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. The people here are basically not people with status.

In this way, Li Shaocai was so unscrupulous.

Because of Li Shao’s identity, it was enough to go up to the second floor, and the people on the first floor were not too much for him.

“Yes, I know.” Huang Gang suddenly felt a cold sweat on his forehead.

He could hear that Li Shao’s voice was full of threats.

Moreover, this threat, in Huang Gang’s eyes, cannot be ignored, because it is not a threat out of thin air, without deterrence.

Huang Gang knew that if he really angered Li Shao, it would be too easy to retaliate against him with Shao Li’s status and ability.

“Liu Xue, since you have offended Shao Li, please apologize as soon as possible. I believe that as Shao Li, you will not be embarrassed.” Looking at Liu Xue, Huang Gang said quickly, his face full of eagerness.

“Haha, apology? Boy, I advise you not to be nosy. If this chick doesn’t accompany me to drink and have fun with me today, this matter today is not over.” Li Shao sneered.

“Shao Li, don’t be angry. This person is my girlfriend. She drank too much and ran into Li Shao accidentally. Please don’t blame Li Shao.” “I am Sun Shao’s friend, Sun Shao and Li Shaoye Knowing, please look at the face of Sun Shao, Li Shao calmed down.” Huang Gang still didn’t want Liu Xue to be ruined by Li Shao, so he wanted to move out the big family boy he knew, and wanted to plead for Liu Xue.

Maybe, because Li Shao saw Sun Shao’s face, he would not pursue this matter.

Sure enough, after Huang Gang said Sun Shao’s name, Li Shao hesitated for a moment.

“Shao Sun? Which Sun Shao?” Yes, Li Shao really hesitated.

Because he didn’t know which Sun Shao Huang Gang was talking about.

In the East China Sea, there are many young grandchildren and many grandchildren


If it’s an ordinary Sun family, ordinary Sun Shao, then he naturally doesn’t have to worry.

However, if it were the Sun family, Shao Li would not dare to offend. Maybe, today’s matter, it is really not going to be investigated.

Huang Gang was overjoyed when he heard Shao Li’s question.

“Shao Li, it is the Donghai Sun family, and Sun Haibing Sun Shao.” Huang Gang said quickly. He didn’t expect that Sun Shao really knew Li Shao. When Sun Shao told him that, Huang Gang had doubts.

After all, at Li Shao’s banquet, Sun Shao didn’t attend, just ordinary guests.

“Sun Haibing? Which one is that? Does the Sun family have this number?” Li Shao was surprised and quickly asked his little brother.

“Li Shao, there is no Sun Haibing in the Sun family, but I know that Sun Haibing is a person in his family who specializes in foreign trade work. He calls himself Sun Shao when he is outside. I have also drank with him. I have no great skills and no one. What kind of background?” A little brother sipped his mouth and smiled faintly.

As soon as he said this, it was not just Li Shao who was stunned.

Even Huang Gang on the side was stunned.

Sun Haibing Sun Shao, does he know the same person?

“Made, I dare to fool Laozi, Shao Sun, Shao Sun, he is called respectable, I thought it was a big man, but I didn’t expect it to be a sh*t! Boy, I think you want to die, right?” Li Shao Furious.

He did not expect that the other party would dare to use Sun Shao’s name to bluff him, and he himself was indeed bluffed by the opponent using a little-known Sun Haibing Sun Shao.

If this spreads out, it will surely make others laugh at death. Then, Shao Li, how can he stand in the East China Sea?

“Boy, I think you are impatient with your life? There is no way to save your girlfriend!” Li Shao furious.

“Who is his girlfriend? I and him are just classmates.” Liu Xue hadn’t heard what Huang Gang said, but now she heard Li Shao say that she was Huang Gang’s girlfriend, and she immediately retorted.

Even if this Li Shao threatened herself, she did not want to be mistaken for Huang Gang’s girlfriend.

“Liu Xue, you…” Huang Gang was furious, pointed at Liu Xue, and choked silently for a while.

He originally wanted Liu Xue to be his girlfriend, and coupled with the name of Sun Shao, he might even make Li Shaowang open.

But now, I always thought that he was Sun Shao at the eldest brother level. In Li Shao’s eyes, he was nothing, and Liu Xue actually refuted herself.

This made Huang Gang immediately angry!

“Okay, okay, I don’t care about your business, Shao Li, I have no eyes and offended you. Shao Sun and I went to your banquet before. Please also look at Shao Sun’s face and spare me once. . “Huang Gang immediately ignored Liu Xue, but begged Li Shao for mercy.


I know that no one can save Liu Xue here today.

With Li Shao’s reputation, status and identity in the East China Sea, only the children of those first-class families can save Liu Xue from Li Shao’s hands.

However, those people are high above, it is impossible to know Liu Xue.

“Hehe, boy, you know you well, since I have attended my banquet, it is my own person. This time, I don’t care about your recklessness, so I can get out of here!” Li Shao’s mouth raised slightly and he gave Huang Gang a light look. , Said coldly.

“Yes, Shao Li, I’ll get out of here!” Huang Gang quickly lowered his head, not looking at Liu Xue, and directly took Xu Mei, who had been stunned by him, and walked back quickly.

Soon, there was only Shao Li, his younger brothers, and Liu Xue.

Liu Xue suddenly felt helpless.

A wave of despair quietly grew in her heart.

However, soon, a figure appeared in her heart.

If that person was there, with his mysterious status, he might be able to save himself, and that person happened to be in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse today.

It’s just that you are here, and others don’t even know, how can you save yourself?

Moreover, Shao Li’s identity and status seemed very powerful. Liu Xue didn’t know if the person in her mind could be compared with Shao Li.

Chapter 661

“Take it to me.” With a cold drink, Li Shao directly raised his head and walked out.

And his two little brothers also dragged Liu Xue out.

Their destination is the second floor.

The bathroom on the first floor appeared, but it was because the bathroom on the second floor was full.

Shao Li was in a very good mood. He didn’t expect that when he came to the bathroom on the first floor and vomited, he would meet such a big beauty. It was really worth it. After returning to the private room, those people would be very envious of themselves.

Just like that, Shao Li led Liu Xue to the second floor.

When everyone in the lobby on the first floor saw it, they all chose to remain silent.

Occasionally, two people want to go forward to justice, but they are also stopped by their counterparts.

“You don’t want your life, and don’t look at who that person is. That’s the eldest grandson of the Li family, Li Mingfeng.” “In Donghai, no one dares to offend the Li family except for big families like the Sun and Su family. Needless to say, it is Li Mingfeng, the grandson of Li’s parents, but he is regarded by the Li family as the future successor of the family.” … With these warnings, no one wants to step forward to stop him.

But Liu Xue was even more desperate.

She naturally saw that some people wanted to come up to help, but they were blocked by others, and she never dared to look here again.

Liu Xue’s eyes gradually dimmed. She didn’t even think that she would just come to a classmate gathering, how could she become like this.

But go

While walking, Liu Xue suddenly realized that these people had stopped.

Liu Xue, who had long been desperate in her heart, raised her head indifferently and looked forward.

The next second, Liu Xue was stunned.

“Mr. Zhou…” She seemed to see a mining hero who was stepping on colorful clouds to rescue herself.

She did not expect that the person in her mind would appear here, in front of Li Shao, and stop Li Shao.

Liu Xue suddenly burst into tears in her eyes.

She did not expect that Dustin Zhou would really show up here, and she would stop Li Shao.

You know, in front of Li Shao, Huang Gang is like a dog that comes and goes as soon as he calls him, and he dares not have any place and ideas that violated Shao Li.

And these people in the lobby on the first floor are even more like tigers towards Li Shao avoid, for fear of offending Li Shao, they will be implicated.

But in this

Under the circumstances, when Liu Xue herself was desperate and completely resigned.

Dustin Zhou appeared and stopped Li Shao.

“Boy, no matter who you are, dare to block my way, who gave you the courage?” Li Shao looked at Dustin Zhou who was blocking him.

Dustin Zhou appeared on the second floor, and Li Shao knew that this was definitely not like the people in the lobby on the first floor.

The Mountain Mist Clubhouse has three floors.

The third floor is the top floor, and only club owners and the children of super big families can go there.

And in his Li family, although there are people who can go to the third floor, it is not him, but the old man of the Li family.

However, among the children of the big family who can go to the third floor, there is absolutely no Zhou family, nor is there a person like Dustin Zhou.

Well, in the remaining first and second floors.

Naturally, there is no need to say more on the first floor, and Li Shao will not be concerned.

In the second floor, there are only a few that Li Mingfeng needs to be afraid of, but Dustin Zhou is definitely not.

Dustin Zhou was condescending, just standing at the top of the steps on the second floor, blocking the passage of Shao Li and his party to the second floor.

He is standing here, one husband is the guard, and the man is not open, and the few people in Li do not want to enter the second floor.

“Liu Xue, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou frowned, looked at Li Shao coldly, and then his eyes fell on Liu Xue who was under control.

Dustin Zhou had just been on the third floor, had talked with Asher Chen and Sun Lian, and also solved some of his own knots. He felt better before he left.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect to see an acquaintance when he came down all the way and was about to go downstairs on the second floor.

Liu Xue.

Dustin Zhou was about to step forward to say hello, but suddenly realized that Liu Xue seemed to be under control.

Moreover, he also saw some conditions in the lobby on the first floor.

Those people dare not provoke this person who controls Liu Xue.

Since I knew Liu Xue, and Liu Xue had taken good care of Zhou’s mother during the period when Dustin Zhou was not at home, he could be regarded as someone who was kind to Dustin Zhou.

So Dustin Zhou stopped and wanted to ask what happened to Liu Xue.

If all of this was voluntarily Liu Xue, and wanted to use this to enter the high-end circle, then Dustin Zhou would naturally not stop it.

But if Liu Xue was being coerced, he would naturally not stand by.

“Mr. Zhou, I…” Liu Xue was about to ask for help, but halfway through the conversation, she stopped and did not continue.

Before Huang Gang, as well as these people in the lobby on the first floor, everyone’s reaction was to tell her that this person named Li Shao was not an easy person to provoke.

Although Liu Xue was very curious about Dustin Zhou’s origins, she believed that he was not an ordinary person, and definitely had some identities that she did not know.

But compared with Li Shao, Dustin Zhou, whose status is

High, Liu Xue didn’t know it herself.

Although the boss of Lvjingwan City respected Dustin Zhou, Liu Xue knew that if he changed to Shao Li, his boss might have the same attitude.

Therefore, Liu Xue didn’t want to trouble Dustin Zhou, and didn’t want Dustin Zhou to get into trouble and be held hostage by Li Shao, thus facing danger.

“I’m okay, Mr. Zhou, they are my friends…” Liu Xue shook her head and wanted to deny it.

However, before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Li Shao.

“Shut up to Laozi!” Li Shao snorted coldly, then turned around and gave Liu Xue a cold look, his face full of chill.

“I said you two are acting for me? Boy, you dare to block my way, I don’t care who you are or what is your relationship with this chick, you will never end well, come, give I blasted him down.” With a cold scream, Shao Li shouted to his little brother extremely dissatisfied.

There were four younger brothers beside Li Shao. Except for two controlling Liu Xue, there were two others who also rushed to Dustin Zhou in the first place, ready to blow him down.

To dare to block Li Shao’s way is simply looking for death.

“Boy, get me down!” With a threat, the two younger brothers had already rushed in front of Dustin Zhou and blasted Dustin Zhou with their fists.

And seeing this scene, Liu Xue’s face turned pale.

These two little brothers, at first glance, are tall and big, and their skills are definitely not weak.

But Dustin Zhou looked a little thin, as if he was not the opponent of the two younger brothers at all.

Liu Xue almost thought that Dustin Zhou was not an opponent and would end badly.

“Mr. Zhou, be careful!” Subconsciously, Liu Xue still shouted, wanting to remind Dustin Zhou.

After all, if it were not for himself, Dustin Zhou would not be able to stop Li Shao from going and offend Li Shao.

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