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Chapter 761

(1) Xu You was able to come here at the right time, he must have put eyeliner beside Ren Feng.

Ren Feng was really worried that Dustin Zhou was not Xu You’s opponent, and what Xu You would do to their family when he reached his goal.

After all, this kind of thing happened more than ten years ago.

“Dad, it’s okay, everything is over.” Ren Nan patted Ren Feng’s back lightly, trying to relax Ren Feng.

“Everything is over? No, it’s far from over. Although that Xu You is not a descendant of the Xu family, he is also a martial master at any rate. He still has a lot of energy in the Xu family. Now he has been taken by Dustin Zhou. There will be contact with the Xu family again, the Xu family will definitely be suspicious, and will send someone over again. At that time, the person who came out of the Xu family may not be a martial master.” Ren Feng’s expression was a little ugly. He was not a little bit happy because Xu You was taken down by Dustin Zhou.

But Ren Feng’s words silenced Ren Nan once again.

It is true that Xu You was taken down by Dustin Zhou, but after all, Xu You was fighting against Dustin Zhou’s two martial masters.

Without Xu You, the contact with the Xu family will be broken, and the Xu family will definitely be suspicious and will send someone to investigate Xu You’s traces again.

At that time, I am afraid there will be a big risk.

However, Ren Nan was only worried for a moment in his heart, and looked back upstairs, Ren Qingqing was no longer visible.

She lives incognito in Ren’s villa and lives as a nanny of Wu’s wife, with her father Ren Feng and daughter

Ren Qingqing lives, but has never been able to recognize each other.

And for Ren Nan, it was a huge pain.

However, it was precisely because of Xu’s arrangement this time that Dustin Zhou broke this secret.

Although Ren Qingqing will find it difficult to accept it for a while, it is better than keeping it in dust.

At least, Ren Nan can regain his normal identity and live with Ren Qingqing like a normal mother and daughter.

… After Dustin Zhou and his party left Banshan Lanyuan, they went straight to the Brilliant Hotel.

Right now Dustin Zhou can go to a limited number of places.

Either it is in the villa of Lvjingwan City, or the headquarters of the famous company, or Mira Xie’s house, or the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, or the Brilliant Hotel.

But after all, I brought people like Xu You, and it was difficult for the Xu family to send someone to investigate Xu You again, so I couldn’t go to many places.

There are Zhou Mu and Su Xiaomeng in the villa in Lvjingwan City. It is not suitable. The headquarters of Mingyang Company is crowded with people, and it is even more unsuitable. Xie’s family, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to go at all. As for the Mountain Mist Club, he took them all at once. With so many people going, it’s a bit unsightly, and it’s easy to cause trouble.

After much deliberation, it is better to come to the Brilliant Hotel and go to Huye to deal with Xu You and the others.

“Haha, I didn’t expect Dustin Zhou that you would take down the Xu family all at once, and the injuries on your body are okay.” Lord Tiger suddenly burst out laughing when he saw Dustin Zhou’s four come back.

Brother Pao had already told him what happened at Mid-Levels Lan Yuan.

When I saw Dustin Zhou, he saw Dustin Zhou’s body blue and purple with scars, and Lord Tiger immediately became concerned.

After all, what his Tiger Lord valued was Dustin Zhou, and if he suffered any injuries and left any sequelae, it would be bad.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s all superficial injuries. After two days, just apply some medicine.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, not caring about the injuries on his body.

“However, I still need to borrow Tiger Master this place to ask the Xu family about something.” “Don’t worry, everything is free, I will help you stare at it.” Tiger Master waved his hand and asked Dustin Zhou directly. Xu You arranged this group.

A box in the corner of the third floor of the Brilliant Hotel. This box is not open to the public during normal times. It is a private room reserved by Lord Tiger for friends and some important people.

At this time, in the private room, Dustin Zhouduan was sitting on a chair with Niu Chuan by the side. Opposite them, Xu You and more than a dozen people were tied up with five flowers and could not move.

“Dustin Zhou, I advise you to let me go earlier, or wait for the Xu family to spot something wrong. At that time, even if there are two martial masters by your side, it is not enough to watch!” Although Xu You is tied by the five flowers, he He didn’t give in at all, staring at Dustin Zhou, still

Threatening, and the tone is very arrogant.

“Whether the Xu family will notice something is wrong, will they send someone over again? I don’t care. I want to ask you a few things now. You’d better answer truthfully. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you will be unavoidable. Dustin Zhou shouted coldly, a trace of coldness appeared on his face, and the temperature of the entire private room seemed to have dropped a little.

“Haha, Dustin Zhou, are you worthy of threatening me? Bah!” Xu You had a hard bone and was unwilling to cooperate at all, and even spit in Dustin Zhou’s direction.

“Brother Yang, let me come.” Before Dustin Zhou could react, Niu Chuan couldn’t help it. He stepped forward and slapped Xu You’s face severely.

“Pop!” A loud applause echoed in the private room.

And Xu You’s right cheek instantly became red and swollen, and the blood flow on his nose was also very miserable.

When other people saw this, their bodies trembled slightly.

They all know that Niu Chuan is a martial master.

Just a slap, Xu You, who is also a martial master, has become like this. What if this slap was slapped on their face?

The dozen or so people did not dare to imagine, each of them trembling slightly, and their eyes turned away, and they did not dare to look at Xu You.

“Hard mouth? You dare to be disrespectful to Brother Yang, do you really think you are someone?” Niu Chuan shouted sharply, squeezing his wrist, and before Xu You could speak, he slapped it over again.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” After three slaps in a row, Niu Chuan slowly backed away.

At this time, Xu You’s face could no longer be seen clearly, and it was exactly the same as it was at the beginning.

Even Dustin Zhou would not recognize this person as Xu You if he did not identify it carefully.

At this time, Xu You’s face was completely swollen, it was very red, and even a layer of skin was peeled off on it, and some capillaries were faintly visible, which looked extremely oozing.

Especially Xu You’s nosebleeds did not stop, and a small pool of blood stains had fallen on the ground.

“Cough cough…” Xu You couldn’t support it at all after a violent cough and panting. He fell to the ground all at once, his breath also wilted.

“Dustin Zhou, you…” “Hmph, Xu You, don’t forget, you are a defeated man, if you dare to speak up, I would mind letting you eat more flesh and blood.” “However, since you have hard bones If you don’t want to say something, I’d like to ask other people.” As he said, Dustin Zhou’s eyes gradually looked at the faces of a dozen other people, his faces full of thought, as if he was looking for someone to ask later. .

Chapter 762

“It’s just you.” Dustin Zhou saw a man dodge his gaze constantly, and his face was miserable

It was a piece of nothing, and I immediately clicked him.

Dustin Zhou remembered that this man seemed to be a half-step martial arts master. Among Xu You and others, he was strong enough to make it into the top four, and he was considered a core. Even if he didn’t have a lot of You Duo, he should be about the same.

“What’s your name?” When Dustin Zhou asked himself, Xu Fei wanted to bite his tongue and kill himself.

I have tried my best to dodge, try to keep a low profile, just don’t want Dustin Zhou to notice myself, ask myself any questions, or even do it to myself.

However, Xu Fei did not expect that no matter how low-key he was or how to avoid him, Dustin Zhou would still spot himself at once.

When I thought that I could not answer Dustin Zhou’s question, I was likely to be like Xu You. Xu Fei’s heart suddenly felt like crying.

Xu Fei regretted it at this time. Although he was in the Xu family, although he was not a direct descendant, he was still a collateral child, and at a young age, he was a half-step martial master. In the next five years, he will definitely break through and become a martial master.

However, Xu Fei didn’t hold back when he heard that there was something good this time, so he asked Xu You to take a look and show off his skills by the way.

However, Xu Fei did not expect that everything went smoothly before.

It was when he was fighting against Dustin Zhou in the Ren family villa.

Moreover, he was completely planted, even with him, a descendant of the Xu family, the martial master Xu You, all a dozen people were planted.

“My name is Xu Fei.” Xu Fei quickly replied. He didn’t want to make Dustin Zhou angry for any reason, so he shot himself.

Therefore, Xu Fei had already made up his mind in his heart. As long as Dustin Zhou asked about what he knew, no matter what else, he would say everything in one go.

In this way, Dustin Zhou would never be able to attack himself.

“Xu Fei, a good name.” Dustin Zhou smiled, seeing Xu Fei’s first glance, Dustin Zhou knew that this must be a very important person.

Because on the way to the Brilliant Hotel before, Xu You looked at Xu Fei from time to time, and his face was full of annoyance and worry.

A person who can give such a look as a martial master is definitely not a simple person, even if Xu Fei himself is a half-step martial master, he cannot let Xu You be like this.

Then, there is only one possibility left.

Xu Fei’s status in the Xu family is higher than that of Xu You, and it is very likely that he is a child of the Xu family, even if he is not a direct descendant, he is also a very important collateral child.

Such a person must know no less than Xu You.

“Xu Fei, let me ask you, what is the jade you are talking about?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

The Xu family unexpectedly sent so many people out because of a jade that no one wanted at the Changsha auction.

Deal with yourself.

Well, this piece of jade is definitely not that simple.

At least, it is not as simple as Dustin Zhou imagined, and there may be some secrets in it.

Especially at the Changsha auction site at that time, the huge floating platform that suddenly appeared, Dustin Zhou could not imagine until now, what method did the other party use to do it.

If it is technology, the power required to support such a large floating platform is definitely not small.

And if you want to use such a big power, there will inevitably be a lot of noise.

But at that time, apart from the sound of people talking, there was no sound of other machines at all.

Combining the situation at that time with the jade that the Xu family wanted now, Dustin Zhou felt that he might have touched a very secret field.

In this field, most people don’t even know, even so many people who were there at the time.

Otherwise, with so many people there, how could no one bid for this jade, but let Dustin Zhou get a bargain.

“I don’t know much. I just heard from the elders in the family that that piece of jade involves a qualification. As for the specific qualification, I don’t know.” Xu Fei took a careful look at Dustin Zhou, and found that after he finished speaking, Dustin Zhou There was not much change in the expression on his face, and he was immediately relieved. As long as he didn’t hit himself, everything was easy to say.

“You don’t know? Don’t you know, or don’t want to say, don’t want to say? Chuanzi.” However, before Xu Fei was happy for a while, Dustin Zhou’s voice rang.

After that, Niu Chuan slowly walked up to Xu Fei, looked at Xu Fei with wide eyes, raised his slap, and seemed to slam his face in the next second.

“I really don’t know. I just secretly listened to what the elders in my family said. It seems to have something to do with a secret realm. But how do I know what secret realm it is? Even the elders in the family don’t know it.” It’s time to start, Xu Fei hurriedly said everything he knew about jade.

This was still a few months ago. At that time, he also occasionally passed by his parents’ room and heard their parents discussing a piece of jade in the room, a key to a secret realm, a certificate, and a qualification, and they must get it.

However, Xu Fei drank too much at the time, and he was confused, and did not hear clearly what his parents said next.

However, when Xu You came out this time, he was ordered by the head of the Xu family to come to Dustin Zhou for a piece of jade.

Xu Fei immediately connected the jade that he overheard the words of his parents at the time, and wanted to come out and have a look with Xu You.

After Xu Fei finished speaking, his nose and tears were horrible.

“I really know this

Some, other things, I don’t know all, I really don’t know anymore, don’t hit me…” Xu Fei immediately knelt down and fell on the ground, begging. Dustin Zhou saw Xu Fei like this. After carefully analyzing what he said just now, he felt that Xu Fei had indeed said everything he knew, and he immediately cast a wink at Niu Chuan. Niu Chuan nodded, naturally comprehending Dustin Zhou’s meaning, slapped up high, and didn’t stop at all. The way he got up. “I ask you, how many people are in the martial arts master realm in your Xu family?

“Niu Chuan asked sternly, his voice as loud as a bell struck, shocking everyone. Naturally, Xu Fei was also very frightened. With the huge slap hanging above his head, he didn’t dare to have anything at all. Conceal. People in the realm of martial masters are already very powerful masters, and they are very difficult to see outside. Normally, a martial master is enough to support a first-class family. Although the Xu family is a hidden family , There are martial masters, but there are not many. “I don’t know the specifics, but there should be more than ten people, less than twenty.

“Xu Fei said quickly. As far as he knows, there are almost thirteen people, plus some elders and worships in the family, together, there may be about twenty. “What I said is true, absolutely no deception. you.

Chapter 763

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, he naturally knew that Xu Fei would not dare to lie to himself. However, the existence of Martial Master Master, even in the Xu family of the Hidden Family, might not be the same. As for Chinese cabbage, it is easily available. As for what Xu Fei said, there are more than ten, Dustin Zhou believes, and no more than twenty, Dustin Zhou is suspicious. The background of a hidden family, how many martial masters there are, absolutely not On the surface, the family will not easily tell the juniors of the family how many martial masters there are in the family. Dustin Zhou guessed that in the entire Xu family, probably only the Patriarch really knows how many there are in the family. Martial Master. As for what other people know, it’s just what the Patriarch wants them to know. It doesn’t count at all. “Xu Fei, let me ask you again, where is your Xu family?

Dustin Zhou’s gaze was torch, staring at Xu Fei. This is an extremely sensitive issue involving the heels of a hidden family. Such a problem must have very strict requirements in a hidden family like the Xu family. Even, it is very likely that once someone in the family reveals the position of the family, they will be killed by the family. However, the Xu family is the first hidden family that Dustin Zhou knows about, and the first hidden family to come into contact with. For Dustin Zhou ,

The meaning of reference is very important.

After all, if there is a hermit family like the Xu family in the East China Sea, there may be a second hermit family. Then looking at the whole country, how many hermit families will there be?

Although Dustin Zhou may not be able to reach them at this stage, since Dustin Zhou’s ultimate goal is to return to the Zhou family, it is inevitable to have contact with those hidden families with the size of the Zhou family.

Even Dustin Zhou guessed that on his way back to Zhou’s house, there would be no snipers from the hidden family.

“What, you…I really don’t know about this, I can’t say, I’m going to die, no matter how you hit me, I can’t say.” Xu Fei’s eyes widened, looking at Dustin Zhou with a face Unbelievable.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to ask such a question.

Xu Fei naturally knew where the Xu family was located, but he couldn’t say, even a single word or a single useful information could not be revealed.

Otherwise, according to the rules of the Xu family, anyone who reveals the position of the Xu family to outsiders without authorization will be dealt with.

As for this method of handling, Xu Fei met once when he was a child. On that occasion, one person leaked the location of the Xu family, was caught by the Xu family and executed directly in the family ancestral hall.

That time, Xu Fei remembered this harsh family rule in the depths of his soul.

So now when Dustin Zhou asked, Xu Fei was so scared that his soul would fly out.

Once he said it, even if he was in Dustin Zhou’s hands now, the one who greeted him would eventually be death.

Xu Fei didn’t want to die. Compared with death, even if he was slapped fiercely by a martial master like Niu Chuan, like Xu You, Xu Fei would still hold on to this.

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, and Xu Fei’s performance was in his expectation.

Since the Xu family is a hidden family, the specific location of the family is naturally an extremely secret place, and it is easy to not tell others.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that the Xu family’s rules were so strict that they would really put to death the person who revealed the position of the family.

Looking at Xu Fei’s state, he definitely saw the family execute someone who leaked the position of the family.

That’s why Xu Fei was so resistant, and would rather be beaten by Niu Chuan like Xu You.

Dustin Zhou didn’t really want to know the position of the Xu family. He believed that there was such a rule, no matter how he asked, they would definitely not say it.

However, there is enough information now.

Among other things, Dustin Zhou also knew some clues to the Xu family’s purpose for wanting that piece of jade so anxiously.

Credentials and qualifications of the secrets

And the strength of the Xu family, at least more than ten martial masters exist.

This is a force that I cannot defeat now.

If the Xu family’s desire for this piece of jade is really sufficient, it is bound to be obtained.

Dustin Zhou might really not be able to hold on to Shi.

However, Dustin Zhou has never been an easy person to yield.

Fighting with people is endless joy.

Dustin Zhou has a way now, but it doesn’t mean that he has always been able to kill.

At the very least, the time before the Xu family realized that Xu You had lost contact and sent someone to look for him again was enough for Dustin Zhou to make some preparations.

After that, Dustin Zhou found a few more people and asked some common questions.

It’s basically how they did it during this period of time, how did they get the famous company’s sales store, and who they have cooperated with.

The questions asked by Dustin Zhou were all basic questions, and there was nothing particularly important at all. The people who were asked all spoke out one by one. At the very least, they would not become like Xu You.

… Two hours later, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan walked out of the private room.

As for the ten people, they were all tied up by Niu Chuan, so they were temporarily placed in this private room.

“Let’s go, let’s go to Lord Tiger. This time, we may need Lord Tiger’s help.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, feeling that he suddenly became a necessary person in the eyes of the Hidden Family. There was some surprise for a while, except for this. Besides, there is a hint of pride.

After all, this kind of treatment is not available to other people.

“Dustin Zhou, how is it? You are almost asking, right?” Hu Ye said with a smile when he asked Dustin Zhou to sit down.

Provide Dustin Zhou with a private room, and let Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan go in and ask about it by themselves. Lord Tiger did not arrange for anyone to go in together. This is a respect for Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou naturally knows this, so he has a good sense of Master Tiger.

At the very least, Lord Tiger clearly distinguishes everything, knowing what he can intervene, and only what is not suitable for him to intervene.

“It’s almost all the questions, and there is no trouble right now. However, if we bring Xu You and the others, Xu You will lose contact with the Xu family. When the Xu family realizes something is wrong, he will definitely do it again. If someone is sent to investigate, I am worried that it will be more troublesome then.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said helplessly.

It wasn’t that Dustin Zhou was bitter in front of Lord Tiger. It was really such a thing. It was the first time Dustin Zhou had encountered it. Some people didn’t know how to deal with it.

Dustin Zhou has experience against second-rate families, um, Dustin Zhou has experience against first-class families.

However, this time it was a head-to-head confrontation with the Hidden Family. Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything about his experience. He knew only a little knowledge about the Xu family, or even a little knowledge. He just didn’t know the strength of the Xu family. .

Under such circumstances, Dustin Zhou was a little at a loss for a while, yo such confusion, it is also a very normal thing.

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