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Chapter 794

Dustin Zhou is not in a hurry, if he wants to go in, he can naturally go directly in to find Shui Bingyue. But in that case, he would have no way of knowing the true thoughts and choices of the Sun family, the Ding family, and the Su family. Instead of that, it would be better to just wait outside like everyone else. Anyway, it took half an hour to wait. , It’s not too short of time. Besides, Dustin Zhou thinks that the Sun family and Ding family don’t dare to delay too long, after all, in case they really irritate these things that don’t look good.

In the case of a family, it can also cause a lot of trouble.

“Hey, here, they are here!” “Who, who came first?” “Hey, looking at the pomp, there should be only the Sun family.” “Tsk tsk, it’s the Sun family.” … Suddenly, everyone was there for a while. The noise, one after another looked towards the end of the road.

Dustin Zhou followed everyone’s gaze, and suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly.

The pomp is really big.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know which family came, but the pomp was enough.

All Rolls-Royce, eight cars in a row, are slowly approaching.

The eight Rolls-Royce parked on the square in front of Avaria House, which immediately caused quite a stir.

Although it is not uncommon to see luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Lamborghini in Avaria.

However, like this, there are eight cars at once, and they are still in the form of a fleet, which makes people have to look at them.

The car stopped, and the people inside got off the car slowly.

Dustin Zhou glanced intently, and felt clear.

Sure enough, it was from the Sun family.

Headed by the second grandfather of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun, and behind him is the eldest grandfather of the Sun family, Sun Tian.

And behind them, there are six people, following each other step by step.

Eight people, eight cars, one for each person, full of ostentation, worthy of the Sun family.

At this moment, not only the onlookers, but even Dustin Zhou had to sigh in his heart that this kind of pomp is indeed in line with the Sun family’s usual style.

“The Ding family is here too!” The eight members of the Sun family just got out of the car, and they didn’t know who shouted, which caused a sensation again.

A convoy came slowly in the direction opposite to the direction Sun’s came.

Although this team is not all Rolls-Royce, it is all Maybach and luxury cars. Compared with Rolls-Royce, it is not much better.

“Although this Ding family is not as strong as the Sun family, it is not weak at all.” “Who can say that it is not. Anyway, it is the family that smashed the East China Sea decades ago. Even if it has fallen a little now, the foundation still exists.” “Tsk tsk, I just don’t know how the Sun family and the Ding family plan to deal with the Xu family, we don’t want to be cannon fodder.” … There are also eight people from the Ding family this time, one for each.

The headed person is a middle-aged man with a firm complexion and a tall stature. He walked up, even with a gust of wind.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know this person, but Dustin Zhou knew the young man next to this man, had a relationship with Dustin Zhou, and met Ding Jia Ding Fan.

All the talents of the Ding family just got off the car, and another convoy came slowly, which once again caught everyone’s attention.

“Who else is coming!” “I don’t know, the Sun family and the Ding family are here. Is it the Su family? But they didn’t have any responsibility before.

How did you express your opinion, why did you come today?

“I don’t know, but it should also be for the Xu family. After all, the birth of the Xu family has a greater impact on a first-class family like them than it has on us.”

“… It’s another eight-car fleet. This time the all-colored Bentley looks very majestic. The Sun family, the Ding family, and the Su family appear one after another. It is natural for those who are waiting for their families. It’s nothing strange. But for those who don’t know it, it’s too shocking. The Sun family, the Su family, and the Ding family are all first-class families in the East China Sea. Almost no one knows their reputation in the East China Sea. No one knows. Ordinary people don’t see the Sun, Ding, and Su family members, but it’s mostly about what activities they are doing, or what activities they’re attending. They are usually alone. But now, More than one person from each family appeared at the same time, there were as many as eight, and the cards that appeared on the field were also full. The all-in-one luxury car team was a bit exciting for the public. The most important thing is that this time, it suddenly appeared. Three first-class families. The Sun family, the Su family, and the Ding family, all of them appeared at Avaria at this time. Is there anything wrong? However, many passers-by don’t even know what happened. They followed the crowd. He kept cheering, wanting to see the charm of the three families up close. However, there were a lot of people around the scene. Under the protection of the three families, passers-by were basically unable to get close, and could only watch from a distance. Fourteen people all appeared at the door of Avaria, keeping a certain distance from each other, and they seemed harmless to humans and animals. The leaders of the three families stood at the door of Avaria. They did not enter, but glanced at each other. Dustin Zhou just checked that the leader of the Ding family was Ding Ming’s father, Ding Zhengyi, the eldest son of the Ding family’s owner, and the heir of the Ding family, and the future owner of the Ding family. Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi had the same eyes. Shushu looked at Su Shiming of the Su family. This time, the Sun family and the Ding family came to Avaria to discuss the birth of the Xu family. They had sent an invitation letter to the Su family before. Now, although the Su family is here, they are not. They know who’s the invitation letter. Both Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi looked at Su Shiming with serious expressions. This is not a joke. If Su Shiming goes in with someone later, it means that the Su family accepted the invitation from that party. , It also means that the Su family agrees with the proposition of that family. Don’t underestimate the Su family’s squadron, it will play a very important role in the situation of the entire East China Sea. Even, it is very likely to cause the other party’s defeat and defeat. Brother, I don’t know whose invitation letter your Su family accepted this time


Sun Qiankun looked at Su Shiming with a smile, a ray of light flashed in his eyes, revealing a hint of danger. Naturally, Sun Qiankun knew that the Ding family had also sent an invitation letter to the Su family, but he didn’t care, as long as the Su family chose to stand there. The Sun family will attract many families to join, so his Sun family’s confidence against the Xu family will be more sufficient. As for the Ding family, in Sun Qiankun’s view, it is just timid and fearful, and it is not worth it. Mention. “Huh, Sun Qiankun, what do you want to do?

Your Sun family is looking for death by yourself, so are you still dragging the Su family?

“Brother Su, the Xu family was born and unstoppable. I advise you not to be like the Sun family and learn the maneuvering arm as a car!”

Chapter 795

Ding Zhengyi gave a cold voice, and stared at Sun Qiankun very dissatisfiedly. He was very dissatisfied with his question of Su Shiming just now. You know, the Su family hasn’t been there yet. As the first-class family in the East China Sea, the Su family has countless people paying attention to every move of the Su family. As long as the Su family can support their Ding family, then their Ding family will not only get a large number of supporters, but also After the birth of the Xu family, plan some benefits. For a time, there was a sense of tension between Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi. The Sun family and the Ding family were also hostile to each other, and they meant to shoot immediately. Everyone was amazed at it, just watching the excitement from the side. “Haha, what are you two doing?

Is there anything you can’t say well, do you have to make the atmosphere so tense?

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded. Everyone was shocked, and after looking at the sound, they saw a young man with four people and five people walking from the square in front of the Avaria gate, coming directly. In front of Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi, there was a faint smile on their faces. “Who is this kid?

So pretending!

“That’s right, don’t look at who they are here, but the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family are all from the East China Sea first-class family. Does this person want to sensationalize?”

“But, why do I think this person is so familiar? I seem to have seen it somewhere!

“Hey, this person, isn’t it…” … The crowd around the audience was surprised when they saw the visitor, but soon someone guessed the identity of the visitor. “Dustin Zhou!

What are you doing here?

When Sun Qiankun saw Dustin Zhou walking, his face flashed with astonishment for a moment, and his face instantly turned cold, and even his voice was cold. Sun Qiankun did not expect that he would meet Dustin Zhou here today. He wouldn’t. Forget about the grievances between myself and Dustin Zhou. When it was the internal struggle of the Su family, he was asked by Su Shiqin to help.

Yang and Asher Chen had a lesson together. They even broke their arm. They took a long break at home before recovering.

Originally, Dustin Zhou returned to the East China Sea from Hunan Province. Sun Tian also told Sun Qiankun that he should find Dustin Zhou trouble.

At that time, Sun Qiankun knew something in his heart, so he didn’t show up.

But Sun Qiankun didn’t expect that he didn’t bother with Dustin Zhou. He actually appeared here today, and looked at the posture as if he wanted to interfere with their affairs.

Is it really impatient to live, or does Dustin Zhou feel that he is already at the top of the pyramid in the East China Sea?

And Sun Qiankun’s words undoubtedly proved Dustin Zhou’s identity.

The audience suddenly became interested.

Originally, the appearance of the Su family, the Sun family, and the Ding family in Avaria one after another was already a major event.

But now, even Dustin Zhou appeared. That must be very important.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s identity is not a secret to many people.

Nowadays, Mingyang’s development in the East China Sea can be said to be booming, and the momentum is strong. Not only the sales volume in the East China Sea is rising, but the number of sales stores in the East China Sea is also increasing.

It can be said that in almost every business district, there will be a well-known cosmetics store.

Therefore, everyone is very familiar with the famous company, and for Dustin Zhou, the shareholder of the famous company, the planners of the two core products are naturally familiar.

“Tsk tusk, do you think that Dustin Zhou came here on behalf of himself or the famous company?” “This is hard to say. I heard that Dustin Zhou’s background is not simple, and it has something to do with the Mountain Mist Club.” Say, Sun Qiankun’s tone of speaking with Dustin Zhou seems very wrong, is there any grievance between them?” “I don’t know, oh, you said, if we write this incident as news, will it be a big fire?” … There was a lot of discussion, and even some reporters had already started writing manuscripts, and even casually used their mobile phones to take pictures of several big guys talking and laughing in front of Avaria.

Such a thing will definitely be a hot spot in the East China Sea.

There are many first-class families in the East China Sea, but they usually don’t show the mountains or rivers, and they hardly show up in front of outsiders.

It’s hard to show up now, and there are three of them all at once. Once it spreads out, it will definitely catch the eye.

Soon, more and more people were onlookers in front of Cuihu Jumen. Everyone was very curious about how so many people from big families gathered here. Could it be that something happened.

“Hehe, I don’t think everyone wants to be seen here like monkeys, right? If there is something, why don’t we go in together, find a place, and have a good talk. Maybe you have other options.”

Dustin Zhou was calm and unhurried, even facing Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi, his face still had a slight smile.

Taking the lead into Avaria, Dustin Zhou beckoned, and asked Manager Guo to arrange a big box where they wanted to talk about things.

Manager Guo immediately arranged it, and there was no nonsense.

Just kidding, the last time this person came to the boss with a business card of their Avaria boss, and then Shui Bingyue not only met him, but also went out with him, staying outside for two days before returning to Avaria.

Manager Guo didn’t dare to think about what Shui Bingyue and Dustin Zhou did when they went out and what the relationship between them was. He only knew that the person in front of him was their boss Shui Bingyue. The relationship was very good. He was definitely not his little manager. Can be offended.

As long as Dustin Zhou is not going to open Avaria, Manager Guo will not bother.

Arranging a larger private room and letting them talk about things, for Manager Guo, is really a matter of waving his hands casually, not worth mentioning.

“The private room here has been arranged for you, please!” Manager Guo was very polite and arranged a private room in two minutes.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and walked upstairs following Manager Guo.

If he guessed correctly, Manager Guo will arrange a large private room on the third floor for them.

And Avaria has only three floors in total. Shui Bingyue’s office is on the third floor. In addition, there are two Avaria’s largest private rooms on the third floor. The banquets that you want to host are also the highest.

But now, without a word, Manager Guo directly arranged for Dustin Zhou and the others to enter Shenglong Pavilion, one of the two largest private rooms.

Seeing Dustin Zhou walking upstairs with Manager Guo, everyone was suddenly surprised.

Even the Sun family, the Ding family, and even the Su family were all pondering in their hearts what Dustin Zhou came from.

Before, they thought that Dustin Zhou was just a lucky kid. He had a foothold in the East China Sea by virtue of his status as a shareholder of the famous company, and then he didn’t know how to get a relationship with the Mountain Mist Club.

But now it seems that Dustin Zhou still has a lot of things they don’t understand.

Ding Zhengyi didn’t know Dustin Zhou’s situation very well, and he was only slightly surprised, but he didn’t have any other thoughts.

It’s just that he didn’t see the son behind him, Ding Fan looked at Dustin Zhou’s background with a complicated expression in his eyes.

Chapter 796

Ding Fan naturally understood some of Dustin Zhou’s information, otherwise he would not go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to trouble Dustin Zhou last time.

But he never thought that not only was he not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, but now, he couldn’t even distinguish Dustin Zhou’s identity.

This is Avaria. In terms of specifications, it is even more advanced than the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

When did Dustin Zhou mix up here?

Is that open?

Not only Ding Fan, Sun Qiankun, and Su Shiming were even more shocked.

When it comes to understanding Dustin Zhou, Sun Qiankun and Su Shiming have always claimed that they have a better understanding, and they have also investigated Dustin Zhou’s background a lot.

However, they never knew that Dustin Zhou had such a good relationship with the people of Avaria.

The three looked at each other, and they all saw a hint of surprise from the bottom of each other’s eyes.

The three people who had been fighting back and forth, as if nothing had happened at this time, their eyes narrowed slightly, but they followed Dustin Zhou and walked upstairs.

The joint appearance of Sun Qiankun, Ding Zhengyi and Su Shiming also aroused the surprise of many guests of Cuihu Curie.

Although people who can consume at Cuihu Curie are either rich or expensive, not all of them belong to first-class families.

So it’s surprising to see the leaders of the three first-class families appear together.

However, everyone is also a person of identities, and will not rashly step forward to interrupt, so as not to be disgusting.

In addition to the general manager Shui Bingyue’s office and the reception room, there are two large private rooms on the third floor of Avaria.

Shenglong Pavilion, Fengming Pavilion.

Everyone entered the Shenglong Pavilion and was immediately attracted by the style inside.

Even Dustin Zhou continued to wonder in his heart.

The last time he came, he just wanted to see Shui Bingyue, but he didn’t have the mind and didn’t have so much leisure time to appreciate the structure of Avaria.

So this time, it was the first time that he saw the internal structure of Avaria, and he couldn’t help but be amazed, thinking in his heart, this is indeed Avaria, worthy of the work of the Zhou family in Beijing.

The area of ​​the Shenglong Pavilion is very large. Dustin Zhou inspected it at random. He estimated that it was nearly a thousand square meters. Sixteen giant cylindrical stone pillars stood among them. The surface of the stone pillars was covered with golden dragons leaping. It looked extremely majestic.

“Mr. Zhou, if you have any needs, just ask me directly, and I won’t disturb you.” Manager Guo is very insightful. He naturally saw that there was something wrong with the atmosphere between these people, so he left without disturbing you. they.

Soon, the Sun family, the Ding family, and the Su family sat down, and some families who received the invitation letter from the Sun family and the Ding family also sat down.

For a moment, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Everyone is watching what I do. I came today, but I was actually a little uninvited. However, I was very curious about what choice you have to make today.” Dustin Zhou shrugged, laughed softly, and sat down directly. Then, it formed a quadrangle with the three major families.

Sitting opposite each other, there were only four people beside Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, Zhou Feng, Xu Fengli, and Xu Fengfan.

And whether it’s the Sun family, the Ding family, or the Su family, besides the people of their respective families, there are many others.

A member of his family.

Those are small families that depend on the three major families to survive.

What they came to discuss this time actually determined the fate of their respective families.

“Dustin Zhou, you surprised me. I didn’t expect that I haven’t seen you for a while. You have changed so much.” Sun Qiankun said with a chuckle, looking at Dustin Zhou’s eyes full of inquiry, as if he wanted to see Dustin Zhou through.

“Haha, we haven’t seen each other for many days. Second Master Sun is still so overbearing. I am curious about the attitude of your Sun family. I dare to hold on to the Xu family. I don’t know where your confidence comes from.” Dustin Zhou smiled. Speaking, just open the topic.

He doesn’t know what everyone is still holding back, what is the purpose of everyone here today, does anyone else know?

Hidden and tucked, just don’t speak, do you still expect others to speak first?

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the atmosphere in Shenglong Pavilion became tight.

Many members of the clan with average strength turned their eyes to the Sun family, the Ding family and the Su family.

The reason why they gathered at Avaria this time was because the Sun family and the Ding family issued invitation letters at the same time, inviting everyone to discuss how the major families in the East China Sea should face things after the birth of the Xu family.

This is related to the interests of the major families in the East China Sea, so no one will take it lightly.

“Yes, Sun Qiankun, outsiders call you the second grandfather of the Sun family. Do you really think that in the East China Sea, your Sun family can’t cover the sky with one hand? No matter how powerful your Sun family is, can you still be like a hidden family like the Xu family? Than?” “Huh, I didn’t say, I’m afraid that as long as the Xu family makes a small move, your grandson family will cease to exist. If you insist on the Xu family, you have to say it!” “Everyone, you have to think about it, Xu What kind of existence is the family? The hidden family is even higher than our first-class families. But you must carefully weigh and don’t make the wrong choice. Then, there will be no place to regret.” Ding Zhengyi is here. Dustin Zhou’s words were straightforward, and he did not forget to ridicule Sun Qiankun, and also warned those families who intend to form an alliance with the Sun family.

Sure enough, Ding Zhengyi’s words really made everyone fall into contemplation.

Apart from other things, first-class families such as the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family were so cautious in the face of the Xu family, let alone those families whose strength was not as good as the three first-class families.

If they had to fight with the Xu family, they wouldn’t have to guess at the end.

Sun Qiankun dared to do this, perhaps he had the confidence, but it was also based on the Sun family’s first-class family and rich heritage.

And they?

At best, they are only second-rate families, and there is still a big gap between them and the first-rate families, but they don’t have this confidence.

“Huh, old Ding, what do you mean by that? You Ding

If my family wants to be a tortoise, do they want everyone else to be a tortoise like you?

“Huh, although the Xu family is a hidden family, more than ten years ago, there were internal fights within the Xu family. Now the strength is greatly reduced. As long as we are united, there may not be no chance.

Sun Qiankun was very dissatisfied with Ding Zhengyi’s demolition of the platform. After all, Sun Qiankun glanced at everyone, his eyes were full of warnings. Before coming today, his Sun family had contacted many families, and they had reached it before. They agreed that today, we must form an alliance to fight the Xu family. However, just after Ding Zhengyi’s words, many of these people actually retreated, which made Sun Qiankun very unhappy. “Su Shiming , It seems that your Su family hasn’t expressed its position yet, right?

I sent you an invitation letter before, specially inviting you to discuss this matter, anyway, your Su family must at least make a statement!

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