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Chapter 368

The Jiang family’s crisis!

(1) This moment.

Jiang Yan is full of momentum.

Dustin Zhou was astonished. He had no idea that Jiang Yan, a gentle-looking woman, could have such a powerful aura at the moment of the explosion.

All of a sudden, it shocked the Jiang family’s nursing home, making them afraid to move.

“I don’t care about any conflicts between you and Dustin Zhou, and I don’t want to care about it, but I found him today, so you’d better be obedient.” Jiang Yan’s momentum was pressing, and his words were full of threats.

And those nursing homes did not dare to act rashly after hearing this.

After all, they can act hard, but Jiang Yan’s existence has always made them hesitate.

In case Jiang Yan investigates after the incident, with her status in the Jiang family, these nursing homes will probably not have good results.

What’s more, the nurses were not sure that there was no ambush around Dustin Zhou, and they had not seen his bodyguard until now.

If the bodyguard is lying in ambush in the dark at this time, then when they move, it is very likely that they will make the other side angry and attack them.

Such a calculation, no matter what, they are not good.

And the main task they came out this time was to find Jiang Yan.

Now that the people have been found, as long as they bring Jiang Yan back to Jiang’s house safely, they will do a great job.

As for Dustin Zhou, it was not in the scope of their mission at all.

“Yes, miss, disperse!” the leading nursing home said in a deep voice, taking a deep look at Dustin Zhou, and then with a move, more than a dozen nursing homes dispersed.

Feeling the reduction in hostility around him, Dustin Zhou felt helpless, and at the same time he was relieved.

He is not a face-saving person, and he will not put himself in a dangerous situation for the sake of face.

He and Jiang Yan came out without notifying Niu Chuan, so at this time, he was really the only one.

If the opponent insists on doing something to him, then he is most likely not the opponent and is taken by the opponent.

But since Jiang Yan wanted to protect him, Dustin Zhou would not be so stupid to refuse for the so-called face of a big man.

“You’d better go back. It’s your home anyway. Even if your father has any plans, it won’t hurt your heart. You can fight for some things.” After a few words softly, Dustin Zhou watched Jiang Yan leave.

And feel

After a dozen or so nursing homes left with Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou took a long breath, and without hesitation, turned around and headed back to the hotel.

After ten minutes, Dustin Zhou returned to the hotel.

As soon as I stepped into the hotel door, I was taken aback by the scene in front of me.

Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Niu Chuan was the first to rush in front of Dustin Zhou, reaching out and groping up and down Dustin Zhou, with a trace of anxiety on his face.

“Brother Yang, are you okay? Where did you go tonight, why didn’t you call me together?” Niu Chuan’s voice was full of worry, and his eyes were bloodshot in such a short time.

“Dustin Zhou, you are too courageous. Do you know that Jiang Yan from the Jiang family ran away from home tonight. How many people are sent by the Jiang family to look for their lady in Changsha. If they find you alone, you Have you ever considered the consequences?” Enderia Shen ignored Dustin Zhou’s collar and his face was gloomy.

Not only that, Mira Xie’s complexion was a little pale, and the worry in his eyes could not be concealed.

This is even more true for Asher Chen on the side. Su Wei and Sun Yue breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Dustin Zhou appearing and safe.

After all, they had just made a big fuss at the Jiang family dinner tonight and had just returned to the hotel.

Then the Jiang family sent a large army to look for the so-called Miss Jiang family all over the city.

Dustin Zhou knew that the Jiang family was indeed looking for Jiang Yan.

But they Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Niu Chuan, Asher Chen, they don’t know.

They thought this was just a blindfold of the Jiang family, they wanted to use this to cover up, then looked for Dustin Zhou and their whereabouts, and then took revenge.

As a result, when they tried to find Dustin Zhou, they couldn’t find it.

At that moment, there was indeed a trace of panic in everyone’s hearts.

After all, Dustin Zhou was not Niu Chuan, and he hadn’t had the strength of one enemy dozens.

“You left without saying goodbye tonight. You really shouldn’t. Everyone’s worries are right. You can’t be so capricious from now on.” Asher Chen can’t say Dustin Zhou’s identity in front of so many people, but only through such words to persuade Dustin Zhou.

After all, compared to Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou is the master’s existence for him, and its importance is not the same.

The most important thing is that if Dustin Zhou has an accident here, then the Zhou family’s anger, in addition to venting to the Jiang family, will also cost Asher Chen a lot!

These, combined, made Asher Chen’s expression extremely serious.

Dustin Zhou was very embarrassed and touched his nose, a little guilty.

After all, he went out at night, not alone, but hanging out with Jiang Yan for a while.

If Dustin Zhou said all the things that happened at night, it is estimated that he would be killed by the eyes of Enderia Shen and Mira Xie before waiting for Jiang’s revenge.

Especially Enderia Shen,

Dustin Zhou even suspected that he would be cut across by Enderia Shen’s eyes.

Therefore, after making up his mind, Dustin Zhou decided not to tell what happened at night, so as not to make everyone more worried.

“I’m worried about you. I just panicked in the room. I wanted to go out and take a breath of fresh air. I only went out for less than an hour. Nothing will happen.” Dustin Zhou said apologetically, in his tone, The sincerity of the apology is obvious.

And this time, it really reduced the worries and anger of everyone.

However, Enderia Shen still stared at Dustin Zhou with round eyes, as if Dustin Zhou had done something immensely sorry for her.

“I apologized, what are you doing looking at me like this?” Dustin Zhou wanted to reach out and silently sink Bijun’s hair, but she was gently avoided.

“Huh! Dustin Zhou, don’t forget your life, but mine. If you don’t take your own safety as the same thing next time, then I will definitely not let you go!” Enderia Shen sulked Said, stretched out his hand to focus on Dustin Zhou’s chest a few times before turning back to the room with an unhappy expression.

After Dustin Zhou repeatedly assured, everyone also returned to their rooms.

However, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan kept watching Dustin Zhou enter the room and returned to their room for the second time.

Niu Chuan was even more worried, not even closing the door of his own room, just for fear of missing any movement, allowing others to take advantage of it, or allowing Dustin Zhou to leave quietly again.

At the same moment, the Jiang family.

When Jiang Yan returned to Jiang’s house, the dinner was over.

It took more than an hour for the Jiangjia Nursing Home to search for Jiang Yan. The guests had long been unable to bear it and left one after another.

At this time, the venue for the dinner had not been cleaned up, and it was a mess.

Jiang Yan walked to Jiang Xingyuan expressionlessly and stood quietly without speaking.

She knew that Jiang Xingyuan would take the initiative to speak if she did not speak.

Chapter 369

The Jiang family’s crisis!

(2) The entire dinner scene has been empty.

After seeing Jiang Yan’s return, Jiang’s subordinates and nursing home also retreated.

They knew that there must be a lot to say between Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Yan.

And they are not suitable people to listen to these words.

For a while, Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Yan were silent.

“Don’t you have anything you want to say?” The two were silent for a moment. Seeing Jiang Yan’s indifferent and indifferent expression, Jiang Xingyuan couldn’t help asking in a deep voice after all.

Jiang Xingyuan has high hopes for his daughter.

It is not just because Jiang Yan has shown a strong charm since he was a child, she has become quite famous in Hunan Province.

The most important thing is that as Jiang Yan grows up, her appearance is like a fairy.

A woman like Jiang Yan with good looks and talents, and a child of a big family like the Jiang family, has the charm that almost no one in Hunan can resist.

And this time, Jiang Xingyuan was going to use Jiang Yan to draw in a powerful main force for the Jiang family with the eyesight of recruiting his son-in-law.

Because at the moment the four major families are taking action against the Zhang family, it is already a certainty, and no one can change it.

Among the four major families, the Jiang family was only slightly stronger than the Tang family.

Therefore, once they succeed, the interests that the Jiang family can occupy in the subsequent sharing of interests are very limited.

During this period of time, it is especially important to strengthen oneself and to have a greater right to speak in the subsequent sharing of interests.

After Jiang Xingyuan finished speaking, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Yan.

There was a trace of surprise in his heart. After returning from abroad, his daughter seemed to be very different from the past.

It seems that Jiang Yan has become more rational and stronger.

Even, being able to leave Jiang’s house forcibly, making Jiang Xingyuan’s carefully prepared dinner party reduced to a joke.

Jiang Xingyuan even believes that even now, Changsha, Hunan Province, I am afraid that this failed dinner tonight has spread.


Jiang Yan didn’t say a word, didn’t even look up at Jiang Xingyuan, even if Jiang Xingyuan was her father.

But he hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and when he came back this time, Jiang Xingyuan couldn’t wait to use Jiang Yan to seek his own interests.

This made Jiang Yan very disgusted.

Therefore, even if she left Jiang’s house directly and stayed in a hotel outside for one night, she didn’t want to look at Jiang Xingyuan’s disgusting face.

“Yan’er, I know you must hate me now, but I have to do this. The Jiang family is in a very difficult situation now. You don’t know many things. Father, I…” Jiang Xingyuan felt helpless in his heart. Lost.

He wanted to explain something, but Jiang Yan interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“I don’t know

, I don’t want to know that, rather than saying that the Jiang family’s current situation is difficult, it is better to say that your own situation is difficult. You want to compete for the position of Patriarch. If you want to compete for yourself, why use my future as an investment?

“Jiang Yan raised his head suddenly, a pair of eyes faintly shot cold light, making Jiang Xingyuan absent for an instant. Such Jiang Yan is strange to Jiang Xingyuan. For a long time, in Jiang Xingyuan’s impression, Jiang Yan has been dead like a lady. Regardless of whether it is speaking or doing things, they are all rules and regulations, and they are also very obedient to the arrangements of their elders. Just like a few years ago, Jiang Xingyuan arranged for Jiang Yan to study abroad. Even if others in the Jiang family objected, Jiang Yan herself was a little unwilling, and she still had a little nostalgia for Changsha. But in the end, she went abroad. However, this time when she returned to China, Jiang Yan first left Jiang’s house silently, so Jiang Xingyuan spent a lot of effort to find it, even more so. Makes such a big movement. Even, let this dinner directly become a joke. This has to be placed on Jiang Yan in front of him, it does not exist at all. Not only that, Jiang Yan will even refute Jiang Xingyuan’s words now, even sternly questioned Get up. Jiang Xingyuan was stunned, and even looked at Jiang Yan with some sluggish eyes. He did not expect that Jiang Yan’s performance would be so strong. “Also, what is the purpose of this banquet tonight, you didn’t tell me before. Have you reached this point, don’t you tell me?

Jiang Yan pursed her red lips. After all, she did not continue to press the question, but asked in a soft voice. She decided to give Jiang Xingyuan a chance. If Jiang Xingyuan could explain to her heartily, Jiang Yan might not do it, but at least it is the father and daughter. The relationship can still be repaired a lot. But if Jiang Xingyuan still hides something from her, thinking that he can control Jiang Yan’s future by virtue of his father’s identity. Then Jiang Yan will definitely not be soft again. “Yan’er, You have to know that the current situation in Xiang Province is very unfavorable to our Jiang family. Not only do we have to face the oppression of the Zhang family, but also resist the pressure of several other big families. And I…” Jiang Xingyuan glanced at Jiang Yan and saw her I didn’t mean to interrupt myself, I was secretly happy, and continued. “Yan’er, to be honest, you are now returning from studying abroad and you are not too young. The young talents from Hunan Province are also very good. I want to find one for you. perfect.

“Jiang Xingyuan said righteously. It seemed that his behavior was all for Jiang Yan’s good. But he didn’t know that after he said this, Jiang Yan smiled coldly in his heart. The words are nice, if she still If she used to have soft ears and a softer personality, then she would definitely believe Jiang Xingyuan’s words. But now she

I’m not what I used to be.

In addition, after a conversation with Dustin Zhou, she also learned a lot of current things, so she couldn’t flatter Jiang Xingyuan’s so-called kindness.

“Perfect? ​​How do you know perfection? Also, the family pressure is huge, shouldn’t this be your business? Why use me?” Jiang Yan shook his head, and no longer believed Jiang Xingyuan’s words, his face was full of indifference .

“Yan’er!” Jiang Xingyuan’s heart tensed, knowing that Jiang Yan might be separated from herself by a big distance, and her own words might not have any effect on her.

But the current situation, Jiang Yan’s existing value, if you make good use of it, will indeed allow Jiang Xingyuan to take the initiative in this family reshuffle.

“What you need now is to think about things about the Jiang family. As a child of the Jiang family, you have an inescapable responsibility. How can you get out of the room?” Jiang Xingyuan’s tone instantly became stern, with a trace of sullen expression on his face.

“Come here, take the young lady back to the room, don’t let her leave for half a step without my order!” He shouted sharply, and Jiang Xingyuan directly imposed the ban.

Seeing the people taking Jiang Yan away, Jiang Xingyuan frowned, and a trace of haze flashed in his eyes.

He couldn’t figure out why Jiang Yan’s personality changed so much.

Not only is there a significant difference in personality from before going abroad, there is also a lot of difference in personality from when I just came back.

“Come here, when you found the young lady, where was she? What were she doing?”

Chapter 370

The Jiang family’s crisis!

(3) The leader of the nursing home who found Jiang Yan stood in front of Jiang Xingyuan, feeling very entangled.

Jiang Xingyuan asked him directly, but he didn’t know how to answer.

To be honest, when they found Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan was with Dustin Zhou.

If Jiang Xingyuan asked them why they let Dustin Zhou leave.

He didn’t know how to answer.

If he didn’t say anything, he was not the only one who saw Dustin Zhou with his own eyes at the time, and he could not guarantee that everyone could do what he wanted.

After all, in front of Jiang Xingyuan, their nursing homes are always weak.

If Jiang Xingyuan forcefully asks, someone will always reveal the flaws and tell the truth.

“What? Is there anything you can’t tell me? Don’t forget who you are!” Seeing the tangled expression on the Nursing Yuan’s face, Jiang Xingyuan gave a cold sigh, and couldn’t help feeling angry.

In a mere nursing home, when faced with his own inquiry, hesitated and hesitated.

Jiang Xingyuan has already considered how to deal with this nursing home.

“Return to the second master, when we found the young lady, she was by the river, with Dustin Zhou!” The nursing home gritted his teeth and finally said it.

He knew that he would be punished no matter what.

But instead of letting Jiang Xingyuan find reasons to punish him, it is better to take the initiative, which is also beneficial to him.

“Dustin Zhou?” Jiang Xingyuan exclaimed, very surprised, his face was full of shock.

He couldn’t believe his ears.

Jiang Yan was with Dustin Zhou?

What’s happening here?

You know, Jiang Yan has never been out since returning to Jiang’s house for about a week.

And Jiang Xingyuan knew that Jiang Yan hadn’t even been out in the room all the time, and had no idea what happened in Changsha during this period.

Even Jiang Yan didn’t even know that Jiangbei was abolished.

So how did she come with Dustin Zhou?


Or Dustin Zhou’s conspiracy?

Jiang Xingyuan panicked for no reason.

He suddenly remembered Jiang Yan’s change tonight, which was completely different from his previous personality.

“Could it be that this is Dustin Zhou’s ghost! Damn it!” Jiang Xingyuan cursed in his heart, wishing to arrest Dustin Zhou and slash him.

And when Jiang Xingyuan was angry in Jiang’s family, Changsha, and even the entire Hunan province, was already lively.

There was a lot of noise before the Jiang family dinner.

Just inviting almost all the young talents from Hunan Province is enough to attract people’s attention and attract a lot of attention.

At the dinner party, Dustin Zhou made a big fuss. The Jiang family, the Yu family, and the Tang family attacked Dustin Zhou together, and they had nothing to do with him.

Not only that, but also made Dustin Zhou a powerful and prestigious at the dinner.

Such a thing shocked many people


Dustin Zhou’s name spread all over Hunan province overnight.

And when many people began to re-examine Dustin Zhou in their hearts, they did not forget to see how the Jiang family would deal with follow-up matters.

More importantly, the theme of the Jiang family’s dinner is to recruit Jiang Yan.

But the people who attended the banquet in the end found that Jiang Yan was not at Jiang’s house at all.

In short, the young talents who attended the dinner, no matter what purpose they had, they were all played by the Jiang family and Jiang Xingyuan.

In an instant, almost everyone who attended the dinner was dissatisfied with the Jiang family.

Several big families in Changsha, headed by the Chen family and Ding family, even openly refuted the Jiang family.

You know, the Chen family is even the marriage of the Jiang family.

After Chen Li, the head of the Chen family, personally refuted Jiang Xingyuan, the relationship between the Chen family and the Jiang family broke instantly.

Many people are also aware of this, thinking differently, and constantly inquiring about the current situation.

The Chen Family and Ding Family took the initiative to stand up, and there must be a stronger family backing them.

Otherwise, if the Jiang family dealt with them seriously, they would really not be able to resist.

“The situation in Changsha is treacherous now, I can’t see what the situation is!” “Yes, even the Chen family turned their faces with the Jiang family at this time. It seems that what the Jiang family has done over the years is really unpopular. Ah.” “That’s not it, otherwise, the previous Dustin Zhou abolished Jiangbei, the Jiang family just bluffed, and there was no movement?” “Then what should we do? Should we do something? After all, if the Jiang family really fell The benefits are too great, and we might be able to get a share of the pie!” “Speak carefully, the situation is unclear. I don’t know whether someone will participate in the partition of this cup.” “You said, behind this, will it be possible? Is there a shadow of the Zhang family? I remember, the Jiang family seemed to have done something against the Zhang family before, maybe this is Zhang family’s revenge!” … For a while, Changsha didn’t know how many big families or how many People with sufficient weight and high status started talking.

But even they are a little confused about this chaotic situation.

The Jiang family’s existence is involved, which is also a place that makes them jealous.

Once they act on the Jiang family, success is fine. Once they fail, the consequences are not something that any one of them or a family can afford alone.

However, Changsha is so big and Hunan is so big.

After all, there are some people and some families who like to pick chestnuts from the fire.

Now the situation is indeed very complicated, but for them, it is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity.

Double Happiness Hotel room.

Dustin Zhou called everyone together.

He returned last night

When I arrived at the hotel, I was reprimanded by everyone, knowing that my behavior was indeed a bit dangerous, and I seriously reflected on it.

And now, he knew that the Jiang family dinner had spread throughout Hunan Province.

Many black hands hidden in the dark are already ready to move.

And they, as the leading and planning party, must dare to make arrangements before the black hands hidden in the dark.

“This time I called everyone here because our plan may have to be advanced. The Jiang family dinner yesterday was a coincidence, which made the situation in Changsha less and less clear, and there are many more people who want to fish in troubled waters.” Dustin Zhou Speaking earnestly, when he thought of the protagonist of last night’s dinner, Jiang Yan, he actually stayed with himself for almost one night, and the so-called young talents were still waiting at Jiang’s house, and he was stunned.

“Mr. Sun, I know that you have worked in the media industry for so many years, and you must have your own connections and information source relationships, so now you have to use these relationships to spread our information sources throughout Hunan Province.” Dustin Zhou looked at first. Xiang Sun Yue said seriously.

As one of the three directors of the East China Sea Media Industry Association, Sun Yue himself is the editor-in-chief of a large media company in the East China Sea, and he is a professional himself.

As Dustin Zhou issued an order, many people took their orders and left the room to make preparations.

At almost the same time, not only Changsha, but the entire Hunan Province, seemed to have an invisible force that began to oppress the Jiang family.

For a time, Changsha, the situation will meet.

Jiang family, the crisis is now!

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