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If you are looking for a love-filled Novel to read online and that for free, then Her Eternal Mr Right is the best option for you. The story revolves around the life of Irene, who is the lead female character of novel. After being cheated by her life partner she ends up in a miserable state.

Irene started her life with Edric three years back, they really loved each other but they were deprived of a child’s presence in their lives. Irene was not fertile hence her mother-in-law didn’t like her, she used to call her barren land, fruitless tree and never missed a chance to humiliate her.

Despite of all the odds she faced, she always loved her husband and family. Little did she know that a storm was about to sweep all her happiness.

One fine day, when Irene left the clinic she received a phone from her uncle; he informed her that her husband was seen with a pregnant lady. She was not ready to accept this, because she trusted him more than herself.

After hanging up the call, she called Edric right away, Edric answered the call but he was not the same Edric anymore. She was shocked to her bones after listening to his heartless words and cold response. This was the first time he talked to Irene in such inhumane way.

Her Eternal Mr Right Novel

While she was absorbed in her thoughts, she heard a familiar voice from behind. It was Lily (their mistress). Lily humiliated Irene for not being infertile and then she broke such news that changed Irene’s life forever.

Lily said that she was pregnant with Edric’s child. What Irene heard this time was unbelievable, Lilly kept mocking her and Irene couldn’t control her rage, she pushed Lily and Lily was knocked on the ground with her little baby bump.

What Irene witnessed now was heartbreaking, she has almost killed Lily. The floor filled with blood and Lily was soon taken to emergency room. While Irene was regretting for what just happened, she heard a harsh voice from behind.

Her mother-in-law was standing behind, cursing Irene for making Lily end up in the emergency room. Mother-in-law’s anger was clarifying what Lily just said, that Edric was the father of Lily’s child. Soon, the doctor came out of the emergency room and told them that they couldn’t save the baby.

After hearing about the news, Irene was thrashed by her mother in law and the very next moment she found herself lying on the hospital bed. She was thrashed so hard that she lost her consciousness, now as she regained her consciousness she saw a tall man standing in front of her.

It was Edric’s lawyer, he was holding some papers. As soon as he witnessed Irene opening her eyes, he handed over the papers and explained that Edric doesn’t want her in his life.

Her Eternal Mr Right Novel Read Online

Just a single moment and Irene’s happy world fell apart; she couldn’t believe what lawyer just said. But unfortunately, this was the truth. Edric was not happy with her anymore, and he wanted her to leave his house without taking a penny from his property.

Irene’s mind started rumbling, she was trying to understand if he was the same guy for whom she meant everything, was that just a lie or is this real face of Edric? She had so many questions in her mind but the lawyer insisted her to sign the papers.

Irene knew that, it was useless to ask for mercy so with a heavy heart she signed the divorce papers. Right after getting up from the hospital bed, she left the town and got disappeared for three years.

After three years, she came back to the town with her new boss Jordan. He was a business tycoon and was fond of attractive women. Jordan didn’t like Irene much but he has accepted her as his secretary just because of one of his close friend’s request.

Her Eternal Mr Right Free Novel

The day Irene came back, she accompanied Jordan to a party and there she witnesses Edric with Lily. Being dressed casually, Lily’s friend misunderstood her as a waitress. After witnessing who she was, Lily and her friend started humiliating her and they poured vine on her dress intentionally. She retaliated with bowls of sausages on their heads and Lily’s friend was taken to hospital.

After this entire situation, she ended up in jail but soon she gets out because of her boss. After this day, she kept encountering miserable accidents that directly or indirectly took her to Edric. Was it any sign of something Irene didn’t know before? Was nature trying to reunite her with Edric? She was clueless as she never wanted to see Edric’s face again but fate was taking her to him again and again.

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Her Eternal Mr Right Chapter 12

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While going back home from office, Irene got struck by her Ex mother-in-law’s car. She again ends up in hospital and Edric visits her. Unfortunately, Edric thinks that she is creating this entire scenario for a reason, which was of course not true. The next day, Irene asks Jordan for a leave as she was badly injured but Jordan refuses to believe her.

She goes to office the next day and Jordan calls her to his cabin to check if her wounds are real and she isn’t faking it. To open the bandages he comes closer and for the first time he witnesses her glittering beautiful eyes and the white clear skin.

She looked so beautiful that day, though she didn’t wear any makeup at all. Jordan couldn’t stop starring her and Irene starts getting uncomfortable. Where is Irene’s destiny taking her? Is Jordan falling for her? Does Edric still love her? To know all these answers and to have your hands on the full story, keep reading the story online.

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