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If you are bored staying at home, we would suggest you to read the Predestined Marriage Novel online and that for free. The story revolves around a girl who lives with her biological mother and step siblings. They live together at her late step father’s house. Though she lives with her mother but she doesn’t get her mother’s affection because her mother is more attached to her step-siblings.

The tale revolves around Summer and Leonardo. They didn’t choose to be husband wife but fate binds them together. The story starts when the Girl’s biological mother requests her to marry her half-sister’s fiancé.

The novel’s female protagonist sacrifices her life against her mother’s and half-sister’s will. Let’s get into more detail to know the circumstances that forced the novel’s female leading character to marry an ugly and crippled guy.

Predestined Marriage Novel

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The girl’s half-sister was engaged to a guy who is known for his ugly face and for being a cripple. Though these were just rumors about the guy but still the half-sister was not in favor of taking any risk.

The guy was also known for being so powerful and wealthy so the girl’s family was not in position of denying his proposal. Instead of rejecting him they thought of another way that could have saved them from the anger and wrath of the ugly man’s powerful family.

To settle this issue peacefully the girl’s biological mother begs the novel’s female protagonist to marry that guy instead of her other daughter. Seeing her mother begging for help, the leading lady character accepts her request. The girl decides to sacrifice herself for the safety of her family but she didn’t know what she was going to encounter next in her life.

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Predestined Marriage Novel Summer And Leonardo

The story of Predestined Marriage continues when the girl gets married to the guy whom people used to call ugly and cripple. In reality nobody knew this guy. They only know the truth that he was once kidnapped and later disfigured and released.

It was also known that he married many other women but none of them were seen after the day they got married. This was all people knew about him, because the guy never stepped out of his house after being released by the kidnapers.

On the wedding day, while the girl was sitting on her bed, a handsome guy enters her room. After entering the room he starts staring her and all of sudden he utters the following words, “You are ugly!” She was a little confused as she was not sure if he was her husband because she didn’t see him before.

She was absorbed in her thoughts until the handsome guy came up with the following words, “No matter how ugly you are, you are still my girl.” This was when she gets to know that this handsome guy was her partner for life.

Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1

The story of Predestined Marriage continues as the bride plucks up some courage to talk to the groom. She started staring him out of curiosity and asked “Are you not impotent/ crippled?”  As she utters these words, he came closer to her then he started uncovering her camouflage, step by step. She looked so pretty that night so the groom was unable to put his eyes off from her beautiful face.

Looking at her beautiful face, he passes an evil smile and says “It seems that we have misunderstood each other.” This is the point from where the Predestined Marriage Novel takes an unexpected turn. You can read the novel online to know how their lives change after this marriage.

Bottom Line

This was a brief introduction of the novel Predestined Marriage. We would suggest you to read the full story to know all the unexpected surprises that are waiting right at the next turn.

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