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The story of Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid is all about Zeke, a soldier and his journey through life. The story begins by articulating sufferings Zeke faced in his life. At one stage of life he was all alone, left on streets helpless, nobody from his family came forward to help him.

He thought of ending this miserable life plenty of times but one fine day he met a young girl on a street. She handed him a cotton-padded coat and a jade pendant. The young girl asked him to keep it so that the cotton-padded coat will keep him warm and the jade pendant will change his luck. This was the point when he got a ray of hope to change his life.

Right at that moment, he stood up, dusted his cloths and started his struggle to become a soldier. After serving as soldier for just five years he became Marshal of the armed forces. He led various dangerous operations and came back successful.

Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Novel

After becoming a successful Marshal, when he came back, the Colonel Lone Wolf, greeted him on the Airport and informed him about the ceremony they have planned in his honor. Colonel handed Zeke the invitation list.

Zeke requested the colonel to spare three spots for his fiancé (Emily). Till now Zeke’s fiancé didn’t know he has become a Marshal. In Marshal’s opinion Emily is the one who gave him the pendant but there was a secret behind it.

It was the same day, when Zeke and Emily’s wedding was scheduled. As soon as Emily received invitation from the Colonel, all the people sitting in the hall were shocked. Many of them envied the Clemon’s family because it wasn’t an ordinary invitation card. Emily and her mother were so happy because this invitation was going to raise their status. While they were absorbed in their thoughts, Zeke arrived there.

He presented Emily flowers, but she gave him a cold reaction. Zeke exclaimed, “I’m here to marry you Emily” but Emily didn’t accept the flowers. Zeke felt quite embarrassed, soon Emily’s mother demanded for another three hundred thousand as dowry.

He felt upset as he already gave three hundred thousand to his mother-in-law as dowry. This time Emily and her mother thought that the invitation is going to raise their standard in the society hence Emily will get offer from many rich men, without knowing the fact that Zeke was the Marshal who invited them to the ceremony.

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Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Read Online

Zeke did his best to convince Emily but she didn’t consider his requests. While Zeke was begging Emily to marry him, he heard a gentle voice from behind. It was Lacey, Emily’s friend and the Bridesmaid. She addressed Emily saying “EmiIy I think you should get married first.

The guests are waiting outside. If you are going to haggle over the betrothal gifts and make a scene now, Zeke will only become a laughing stock”. Zeke glanced at the bridesmaid graciously, though she was wearing a little make up but she was far prettier than the bride herself.

Emily was not happy with Lacey’s response; she thought her friend is stabbing her from behind. All of sudden she started yelling at Lacey and then threw a pendant she was wearing saying “take you stupid gift along with you and leave”.

Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Full Pdf

Image Of Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Full Pdf

Zeke was stunned to know that Emily wasn’t the one who helped him back then. His brain started running fast and he was mad at himself for loving a wrong woman for five years. After few minutes of pause he gained his conscious back. Lacey was heading towards the door after being humiliated by her friend.

The great Marshal, called her from behind but Emily interrupted him saying “let her go, if you dare to stop her again then you get out too”. Zeke responded to Emily’s bitter words saying, “You will regret this”. She retaliated saying, once I attend the great Marshal’s Grand Comeback Ceremony, then countless rich men will pursue me”.

Little did she know that Zeke was the “Great Marshal” will Zeke be able to express his love for Lacey? Will Lacey accept his proposal? How will Emily react after knowing the real personality of Zeke? To get all your answers read the full story online, without even paying a single penny.

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