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Chinese novels have a didactic element in them. Their stories offer more than just intricate stories. There are lessons to be learnt and moments to be amazed at.

The CEO Ugly Wife is nothing but a strand of this type of writing. In this story, we are met with an amazing girl. As we keep on reading we come to realize that she is the protagonist of this story.

However, her life is not happy enough. This is what we conclude as we start the initial chapters of the novel. In this article, I will provide you with a short summary of the CEO Ugly Bride Novel.

Following that there will also be a review of the novel. Not only that, but I will also tell you about some ways so you can read it online or in PDF.

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CEO’s Ugly Bride Novel: A Short Summary

As the title suggests, this is the story of a girl who is considered not beautiful enough. She has been taunted for her skin color throughout her life. But she seems to not care about the opinion of others.

Otherwise a secure person, she has one insecurity, however. Her mother doesn’t love her as much as her other siblings. She has never known the love of her parents, especially her mother.

Notwithstanding the coldness that her mother directs at her, she has hope that someday her mother will love her. To that end, she tries everything to make her mother like her more. But the more she tries the more her mother is detached from her.

She loses hope at that front when her mother fixes her marriage to a CEO. The CEO is said to be a horror inciting person. He is not only ugly but also is mentally unstable. Hearing this the protagonist is shocked.

In a moment of anger, she decides against her wish to marry this man. If she had not done that, the family of the CEO would have demanded compensation for the breach of trust.

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The CEO Ugly Bride Novel: A Unceremonious Wedding

As she had agreed to the marriage she is sent to the house of the CEO. He lives in a huge mansion that must have cost him millions. Seeing the house she is flabbergasted.

On the marriage night, she is waiting for the agony to come to pass her by. At this moment her preconceived notions have changed for the better. The man who enters the room is tall, handsome, and has innocent eyes.

But the moment the groom sees his bride, he shouts “You are ugly”. This is the interval of the novel and this has made the title of the novel: The CEO’s Ugly Bride. The bride inquires in the wonder of his rumored ugliness.

The CEO replies that there must have been a misunderstanding among both. He confesses that he was anticipating someone beautiful as promised.

Hearing this CEO’s Ugly Bride is surprised. She had a hard time believing the fact that her husband is that handsome. She couldn’t believe her fortune.

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The CEO Ugly Bride: A Review

The novel The CEO Ugly Bride is a read that will leave you in tears on many points. This is the story of an unfortunate girl who hasn’t known love.

She is married to a supposed evil person. But as is with her fate, she is married to a gem of a person. But how can she be this lucky? Or is she really lucky? There are a lot more surprises there. To find out a few you must read the story CEO Ugly Bride Read Online.

Final Thoughts:

The CEO Ugly Bride PDF is also available for all to access. In case you don’t find it online let us know in the comment section given below. Our team will try to help you in this regard.

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