Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO: Novel Review

Chinese novels are strange for their specificity but one thing is sure, these works of fiction get the readers all hooked up. The same is the case with Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO.

The novel revolves around a somewhat destitute woman who is tricked into marrying someone she has never met and will be unable to see him for quite some time, even after marriage.

Such plots would not be seen figuring in, let’s say, British or American literature, but the same recipe of weirdness is the hallmark of most of the Chinese novels that are available for all to read.

This article is devoted to this novel, Her Bossy Yet Naïve CEO. I will provide you with a snapshot of the novel as well as a review that can make your head clear whether you should peruse it or have something else to read. So let’s begin.

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Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO Novel: Synopsis

A girl from a small town is married off to someone, whom she has never met in her life. She agrees to this married out of desperation.

After signing the contract, she is left in a villa without her ‘husband’ showing up ever. This made our protagonist sad and she would delve into deep thoughts about her life or the possibility of how her life could have turned out had she married someone else.

In the loneliness of the villa, she would also imagine her husband to be someone rich yet having some problems which inhibit him to approach her newlywed wife.

The description provided for the female lead is all flowery. She is smart, beautiful, and young; however, the husband is kept in the dark for most of the beginning part of the novel. This mystery captures the attention of the readers.

Anyway, the female protagonist figures out that her husband is, nothing, but someone who has lived most of his life and is old enough not to perform the functions of a true husband.

In her ambivalence, whether to stay and wait for him or to go and find him, she approaches a soothsayer. The fortune-teller gives her the direction that she should have a baby and her worries would be left behind.

Surprised at this vision, she decides to follow what the soothsayer has said. She goes out to find a suitable man that would grant her a baby which would eventually alleviate her pain and suffering.
Her Bossy Naïve CEO novel takes a new turn from thereon.

Interval of The Bossy Yet Naive CEO:

She decides to go into a bar where she would meet suitable partners that would help her fulfill her wish. She is inexperienced and has never dated men.

Her experience is all over her body and face when she enters the bar. By running her eyes through the bar she finds one attractive person, aging no more than 26. She walks up to him, and with a touch of her finger on his shoulder, she greets him.

The man that she approached, is a CEO and a successful one at that, running his business all around the world. But he was waiting for an escort that his friend fixed for him. When our protagonist meets her, he mistakes her for someone she was not.

They spend a night together. This leaves the man all fixated on the point that she was new to this all. And his fixation grows when he comes to know that she wasn’t an escort but an ordinary girl.

He sets out to enquire about him and to his astonishment, finds out that she is the same woman he married a year and a half ago.

The opening of the Pandora box makes the novel way too interesting to this point.

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