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In this article, we will give you a review of My Precious Lover a novel all the way from China. It tells us that the innocence in this world is both a blessing and a curse. This can give you an angelic nature but at the same time, you are unaware of the shenanigans of the people around you. The innocence dictates blind trust and the person always sees the good in others.

This novel brings a similar story from Miranda. As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy. What would you do if given a chance to go through the same life again, the one in which you faced betrayals only?

The fake attitude of people around us teaches us to not trust them and we act more rationally after experiences of our life. In this Chinese novel story, the lead female protagonist gets another chance.

My Precious Lover

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The good and noble hearts often fail to recognize good or bad. Such people are bad intention readers. This gives the evil minds full control in determining the course of events around them. They can easily trick them and manipulate their minds and actions for their own benefit.

The chain of events resembles this condition. But the twist in the story is that now the protagonist is aware of the sinister plots laid down for her by very blood relative. In the first attempt they have had their day, but now it is time for her to be cautious as she has the timely awareness of all that is to come. Are they going to get a bite of their own medicine?

My Precious Lover Novel

This is the story of a young girl who has just become an adult. In the My Precious Lover by Miranda, this girl is an innocent being. On her engagement day, everyone is happy except her elder sister. She is jealous of her sister’s good luck.

The son in law of the family is not an ordinary man. He is the most handsome and noble young man in the whole city and every girl wants to be his wife. It is not that he is in love with the female lead of this novel.

But the fact is he does not like the company of girls and doing this just to fulfill the desire of his deceased grandmother. The jealous sister would not let her younger sibling get the best man in the city. She believes it is her who deserves his company more than her sister. And she has a plan to make this dream come true.

At the hotel, she gives the bride an aphrodisiac and sends into the room two men. This incident becomes public and brings embarrassment to the two families. In the My Precious Lover novel by Miranda, the man must marry her, there is no other way to circumvent the grandmothers’ wish.

After the failure of the first plot the sinister minded sister kills the brother of the new son-in-law and names her younger sister as the murderer.

Now, who will call a girl their wife who is promiscuous, a girl who smokes and drinks, and she is the one who has killed your brother? This creates a situation totally unbearable for the poor protagonist. She hopes one day the thing will change and her husband will find the reality. But that day never comes in My Precious Lover.

Yet the truth is she is still unaware of the fact that her own sister is stitching these poisonous webs around her. Three years pass and her husband has not come near to her. It is time to give up on it, she decides. Calls her husband to sign the divorce papers.

My Precious Lover Story

He visits her in a restaurant and signs the papers. As she moves out of the restaurant to the road she gets a call from her over the moon sister. The evil reveals her actions from the past and what she did to take the handsome husband away. It is something unbearable for the naive girl and she loses her mind and senses.

At this vulnerable point, she cannot see a truck coming from behind. It hits her and everything goes dark. When she wakes up, it is a new birth for her. It is the exact time when she is getting ready for the engagement function. She is feeling strong urges under the influence of the drug and suddenly some whispers hit her eardrums.

This is her sister talking to two strange men about the next actions. In this second chance, the things would not go according to the plans of her creepy elder sibling. The injustice must not repeat. She has been given a chance and it is time to take swift action.

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My Precious Lover Chinese Novel

Should she stay there and face what is coming next? She decides to flee. Out of the room through the backdoor, she gets into a car with a cosmetic knife in her hand. The car she has embarked is driven by none other than her fiancé to be. Here the action of the drug reaches its peak and she gets out of control.

What is going to happen next? Will this man take advantage of this vulnerable girl? This is his chance to excuse and cancel the marriage arrangement. To find that out you will have to give a read to My Precious Lover PDF or online.

The novel takes us in an immersive way on a journey that seems relatable to the real world. The detailed descriptions make it even more interesting to read non-stop. With unexpected twists and turns, you will never get bored.

If you are looking for My Precious Lover PDF or read online source where you can find the complete novel chapters. This novel is indeed a good and engaging read for all.

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