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Chapter 303

Andrew pouted his lips and didn’t understand what was going on today. He had never failed to enter one before, but today he did not enter one. It made him too embarrassed.

In the end, Andrew was unwilling and unwilling, so he could only transfer the money to Alton Ye, his ten million, Andrew felt sad in his heart.

Alton Ye put down the cue in his hand, raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. Tanya An had been to the bathroom for a long time.

“You play first, I’ll find Tanya.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Several people nodded their heads and started to continue.

Alton Ye put on his coat and strode towards the nearby bathroom.

At this time, in the bathroom.

“It’s been a long time.” “I hope not.” Tanya An said while looking at Ye Zinuo in a deep voice.

“Really, that’s really unfortunate, this golf course is not yours, I have the right to come over.” Ye Zinuo said with a smile. “I didn’t say not to let you over.” Tanya An rolled his eyes.

Ye Zinuo looked at the clever-toothed Tanya An, thinking about the shirt he gave that time, but he didn’t expect it to pass so simply.

She thought that every woman could not stand such a situation, so she waited for Tanya An and Alton Ye to make a fight, but she didn’t expect that the two would reconcile so quickly.

“Miss Tanya, do you want to know what happened between me and Alton.” Ye Zinuo said with a smile.

Tanya An sneered, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

“I and Alton should be regarded as childhood sweethearts, because we have known each other for a long time. His first love is me. We used to be very affectionate.” Ye Zinuo said with a smile.

Tanya heard the change on his face, Ye Zinuo laughed when she saw it, but continued to fan the flames.

“Also, he said, I am the woman she loves most in her life and will never change.”

Tanya held her hands tightly, emotions appeared on her face, she looked up at Ye Zinuo, but Ye Zinuo looked at her with a smile, thinking Tanya believed it, but the next words made Ye Zi Nuo shot himself in the foot.

“Oh, right? How did I hear that you and Aron Ye were the one who killed Alton, and then you left here with other men.” Tanya An said coldly.

She was immune to these Tanya An, Alton Ye had already explained to her clearly, and now she looked at Ye Zinuo in front of her with an unnamed anger.

Ye Zinuo’s face turned green and white when she heard Tanya An’s ironic words. He didn’t expect Alton Ye to tell Tanya An the past.

“So what, everything you have now should belong to me.” Ye Zinuo gritted her teeth and said.

“Tsk tusk tusk, Aunt Ye, don’t have any more fantasies. Now all his money, house, car, and his people belong to me, Tanya, if you have the ability, you want it.” Tanya Leng Speaking loudly.

For the rival in front of him, Tanya An would not be handled like a soft persimmon.

Ye Zinuo didn’t expect Tanya An to be able to say that. After being stimulated, she took out the dagger she carried with her.

Tanya An looked at Ye Zinuo but didn’t expect to anger her. Looking at the dagger, Tanya An suddenly regretted it. She shouldn’t have said those things. She really lifted a rock and hit her in the foot. do not have.

Ye Zinuo shook the dagger in his hand, “It seems that I was really lucky today. I will deal with you directly with a single blow. From now on, Grandpa will belong to me alone.”

Tanya An looked at Ye Zinuo’s almost crazy look with a hideous face, and kept backing away, her body trembling involuntarily.

“Even if you kill me, Alton will never like you, a woman who is perfidious, always abandoning, and using vicious methods.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“That’s not what you said. Today I will let you disappear in this world, and then no one will snatch him from me, and then everything about him will belong to me.” Ye Zi. Speaking crazy.

“You kill me and he won’t let you go.” Tanya said nervously and scaredly.

Ye Zinuo heard a fierce look in her eyes, and violently raised her dagger and pierced towards Tanya. Tanya opened her eyes and looked at Ye Zinuo in shock.

Tanya An thought she was about to end here today, and closed her eyes abruptly.



Tanya An didn’t feel the pain in her body, and opened her eyes cautiously, looking at what happened before him in disbelief.

I saw Ye Zinuo’s arm being fiercely inserted into her arm by a dagger, and the dagger capital had almost penetrated her arm, which was shocking.

And there was a cold woman standing next to her. Tanya An didn’t know this woman, thinking that Alton Ye had arranged to protect her by his side.

The woman came to Tanya to check carefully, and she was relieved to see Tanya safe and sound.

“Do we know each other?” Tanya An asked.

The woman was asked this question, what should she say.

“I just happened to pass by here, so I tried to help.” The woman said in a deep voice.


“Tanya.” A voice filled with infinite worry came here.

Tanya An turned around and saw the person coming, her eyes flushed, and she threw herself into the other’s arms.

“Uncle.” Tanya An buried his head in Alton Ye’s arms.

Looking at Ye Zinuo, who was standing there with her arms clutched, her eyes were fierce, with a violent aura on her body, and the killing intent was full.

“Ye Zinuo, if you don’t rush to kill you, will you never stop? If this is the case, you shouldn’t survive.” Alton Ye said harshly.


At this moment, there was a loud noise in the bathroom again, and then a smoke bomb came, and no one could see clearly in the whole bathroom.

When he recovered again, Ye Zinuo had disappeared. Alton Ye cursed and called James Yi to let Ye Zinuo find Ye Zinuo quickly.

“Tanya, I’m sorry, I should have come with you if I knew it.” Alton Ye said.

“You don’t need to say I’m sorry.” Tanya An turned to look at the indifferent woman next to her, “Uncle this person saved me. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be standing here properly.”

Alton Ye looked up at the woman standing there, if it wasn’t for Tanya An to remind: Ye I haven’t noticed a person standing there.

When she saw the woman clearly, her face was serious, “Thank you for saving my wife. What do you want?”

Alton Ye has always been the emperor of the world. He would not bow his head to anyone or say thank you, but today he said thank you, nothing else, because she saved the person in his heart.

Chapter 304

Alton Ye has always been the emperor of the world. He would not bow his head to anyone or say thank you, but today he said thank you, nothing else, because she saved the person in his heart.

“Whatever I want?” the woman asked in a deep voice.


The woman glanced at Tanya, “I want to stay by your wife’s side to protect her. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her. I’m just alone and want to find a stable place.” The woman’s voice was pleading. .


“Okay, yes, yes.” Alton Ye was interrupted by Tanya An before he finished speaking.

“Tanya.” Alton Ye shouted.

Tanya An turned her head and looked at Alton Ye pitifully, “Uncle, promise her to be good or not, I believe she is not a bad person, and she also saved your beloved baby.” Tanya An said the last sentence. At that time, selling Meng pouted and looked at Alton Ye.

Alton Ye’s heart softened as he looked at Tanya An’s appearance, and he seemed unable to refuse her request.

“Well, I can promise you, but as long as you make a little mistake, I will let you leave.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Thank you sir!” the woman said gratefully.

Tanya An smiled and looked at Alton Ye after hearing it, and knew that she would definitely not make a mistake in what she proposed, because she was the one he held on top of his heart.

“My God, what’s the matter…! An anxious voice came in.

“What’s wrong? I just heard the waiter say that something went wrong in the bathroom. Do you want to be so powerful and make my golf course like this?” Andrew complained.

Hearing Andrew’s complaint, Alton Ye looked at Andrew with a green face.

“I was almost killed just now. Your golf course is too bad. I decided that this golf course doesn’t need to be opened again.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Several people had their jaw dropped when they heard that they didn’t know what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” Saul Nan asked.

“Huh!” Alton Ye snorted without saying a word, but took Tanya An and strode away.

The woman standing there watched as she wanted to go out.

“Stop!” Ivan Han said loudly.

When the woman heard Ivan Han’s words, she turned and looked at her coldly.

“What tricks are you going to do?” Ivan Han said coldly.

“Insane.” The woman cursed Ivan Han and left quickly.

Ivan Han stood there looking at the woman’s back with a pale expression.

“Qiu Linrui.” Ivan Han gritted his teeth and said.

“What the hell is going on?” Gary Mo asked.

“I don’t know.” Ivan Han left this sentence behind.

“Xiao Wu, don’t take care of others, your beloved golf course will be gone.” Saul Nan kindly reminded.

“Ah, yes, yes, no, I have to go to the Lord to intercede.” Andrew ran out after speaking.

Saul Nan and Gary Mo glanced at each other and shrugged, indicating that they didn’t know anything.

Alton Ye took Tanya An and walked to the lounge, followed by Qiu Linrui and Ivan Han.

“What’s your name?” Tanya An asked.

“Mrs. Hui, my name is Qiu Linrui.” Qiu Linrui said respectfully.

“Qiu Linrui, a nice name.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye turned his head and looked at Tanya An, “Tanya, you go out and wait for me first, I have something to tell her.”

“Okay! Then I’m going out first. Tanya An smiled at Qiu Linrui and went out.

After Tanya went out, Alton Ye looked at Qiu Linrui with a gloomy expression of hostility.

“Let’s talk about it, who are you?” Ivan Han asked coldly.

“I’m just an ordinary person, turning myself into a killer for my livelihood.” Qiu Linrui said in a deep voice.

“Ordinary, you know how to say that ordinary assassins will be hunted down.” Ivan Han said harshly.

“That I was also forced to helpless.” Qiu Linrui said in a deep voice.


“Alright.” Alton Ye interrupted Ivan Han.

“Alton, what are you interrupting me for?” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“I think I saved my wife once today. You can stay in Yuwan, but don’t let me find anything, otherwise…”

“Understood, I will definitely not let Madam have anything.” Qiu Linrui said in a deep voice.

Ivan Han looked at Alton Ye in surprise, and didn’t understand Alton Ye’s judgment at all. If Qiu Linrui came here to assassinate or something, it would not be too dangerous.

Alton Ye reached out and patted Ivan Han on the shoulder, indicating that he didn’t need to worry too much.

Ivan Han looked at Alton Ye’s resolute appearance, and said nothing.

“Let’s go out.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.


After Alton Ye, Ivan Han and Qiu Linrui went out, Tanya An walked to the side of Qiu Linrui.

“You can protect me by my side in the future.” Tanya An said.

“Thank you, Madam.” Qiu Linrui said.

“It’s okay.”

“In this case, I will go back and pack things first.” Qiu Linrui said respectfully.


Qiu Linrui left the golf course, took a deep breath, turned and walked to the car, the look in Alton Ye’s eyes really made herself scared.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Hey!” Qiu Linrui quickly picked up.

“How is it?” the other person asked.

“Sir, don’t worry, I can already stay by her side and take care of her.” Qiu Linrui said respectfully.

“it is good.”


After saying a good word, he hung up the phone decisively.

Qiu Linrui turned her head and looked inside, then started the car and left here.

“Lord, I beg you, don’t sell my hard work, or I won’t live.” Andrew said loudly.

“Not alive.” Alton Ye said these three words softly.

Andrew looked at Alton Ye’s expression, thinking that his sincerity moved him, but then Alton Ye’s words made him fall into the abyss.

“Dagger, poison, rope, choose one yourself.” Alton Ye said blankly.

Alton Ye just saw the scene in the bathroom, and his whole heart was gripped severely. Could this guy not deal with it well, let that Ye Zinuo come in, how could Tanya almost get hurt, thinking of this Ye Ming Alton is stingy.

In a word, let Andrew’s wash face freeze on his face.

“Uncle, don’t make fun of Andrew, you see you scared him a lot.” Tanya An said.

Alton Ye turned around and stretched out his hand to pinch Tanya An’s nose, “Oh, how can you also put the blame on me? Didn’t you just say that you let me scare the old fifth? Why do you regret it now?”

When Alton Ye said something, Andrew and several people turned their heads and stayed in Tanya An. Now they finally know what is called, “women sing with husbands”, this is a typical example.

Chapter 305

When Alton Ye said something, Andrew and several people turned their heads and stayed in Tanya An. Now they finally know what is called, “women sing with husbands”, this is a typical example.

“f*ck, you two are too much, you are going to scare me to death.” Andrew said, patting his chest.

“Is it too much? I can go a little bit more.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Andrew heard a quick wave of his hand, “Not too much, not too much, I am too much, I shouldn’t let that crazy dog ​​in.”

“Alton, who was that woman just now?” Saul Nan asked in a deep voice.

“A woman of unknown origin.” Ivan Han said coldly.

“Ah! Then you let him stay with the wife like this, don’t you worry?” Gary Mo asked.


“Are you making such a fuss? I don’t think she looks like a bad person, and she just saved me.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.


“Master, Ye Zinuo is out of tune.” James Yi asked cautiously.

“I see.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Oh yes, there is a charity party tonight, and you still need to attend.” James Yi said respectfully.

“I see.” Alton Ye hung up after speaking.

“What’s the matter?” Ivan Han asked.

“It’s okay. There will be a charity party tonight. I will take Tanya to attend. Let’s play, let’s go back first.” After speaking, he left with Tanya.

“Hey, this is going to go.” Andrew said.

“Hey, it’s really boring.” Saul Nan took a cigar.

“Let’s go to the night and I will treat you.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“That’s great, go now.” Gary Mo said.

Then a few people felt bored and went to the night bar to go hi.


the other side.

Ye Zinuo and Wuhen returned to the hotel, and Wuhen began to bandage Ye Zinuo’s wounds.

I have to say that Qiu Linrui’s technique is really vicious, the wound is very deep, and it may leave scars.

“Miss, let’s go to the hospital,” Wuhen said in a deep voice.

Ye Zinuo looked at him coldly when she heard Wuhen’s words, “If you want to bandage, just bandage, where is so much nonsense.”

“Yes, miss, you bear the pain.” Wuhen said.

Looking at the shocking wound, the flesh and blood turned out, looking very scary.

Ye Zinuo’s painful face turned pale, the sweat on her forehead kept wafting out, her teeth biting her lips tightly.

After the dressing was finished, Ye Zinuo slumped directly on the sofa, looking at No trace.

“Will there be scars?” Ye Zinuo asked in a deep voice.

Wuhen’s face turned awkward, Ye Zinuo saw it, picked up the cup next to Wuhen and slammed it directly at Wuhen’s shoulder.

“Hurry up.” Ye Zinuo roared.

“Miss, your wound was pierced too deeply, so there will definitely be scars.” Wuhen said carefully.

Wuhen knows clearly that Ye Zinuo loves her skin more than herself, and never leaves anything on her body.

Ye Zinuo would leave scars when she heard that, the anger in her heart had reached the extreme.

“Walk and see.” Ye Zinuo gritted her teeth, a vicious look burst out of her eyes.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Hey!” Ye Zinuo said.

“From now on, Ye Zinuo, I will withdraw all the assets you own, including your shares in the company.” The other party said coldly.

Ye Zinuo stood up abruptly when she heard it, and couldn’t believe what she had heard, so she withdrew everything, what a joke, then she would really have nothing.

“Madam, why is this?” Ye Zino asked cautiously, but his face showed a terrifying and hideous look.

“Why, you disobeyed my order, I don’t need a person who disobeys the master’s order by my side, so from now on, you will have nothing.”

“Mrs. I…”


Ye Zinuo hadn’t finished speaking, but the other party had already hung up the phone. Ye Zinuo looked at the phone and slammed it out.

“Ahhhhh! I won’t let you go, I won’t let me get better, you guys don’t want to get better too.” Ye Zinuo said loudly.

“Miss, what happened?” Wuhen asked in a deep voice.

“That dead woman withdrew all my things, including my shares in the company, and now, I really have nothing.” Ye Zinuo said coldly.

“How could this be?” Wuhen asked in shock.

Ye Zinuo raised her head and looked at Wuhen, “I have nothing now. You can go anytime if you want to go.”

Wuhen looked at Ye Zinuo, “Miss, you saved my life, and I will always follow you.” Wuhen said firmly.

Ye Zinuo heard nothing, but just sat there.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell. The phone rang again.

“Hey! Count Bernard, I’m really glad you called me.” Ye Zinuo said with a smile.

Wuhen, who was standing by, heard a strange light across his face, which was fleeting.

“Baby, I just ask if you think about it?” There was a rough voice on the phone.

Ye Zinuo heard the voice on the phone, and couldn’t help feeling nauseated. He raised his head and glanced at Wuhen, and Wuhen agreed to leave the room after arriving.

“Of course I thought about it, Earl Bernard. In fact, I wanted to agree to it when you just told me, but I don’t deserve you.” Ye Zinuo pretended to be pitiful.

“Where is it, baby, you are the best in my heart.” The man said with a smile.

“Really?” Ye Zinuo asked with a smile, but there was ridicule in her eyes. She didn’t expect that Ye Zinuo would fall into such a situation.

“Of course it’s true, baby, where are you, I’m going to look for you.” Bernese said.

“This can’t be done, let me go.” Ye Zinuo said with a smile.

“Well, I will wait for you at 502 in Rose Paradise.” Bernard said with a smile.

Ye Zinuo hung up the phone, threw the phone aside and went into the room to change clothes. Even if her arm hurts, she had to endure it.

Bernard is now the only person she can rely on, and she must be close to this big tree.

Bernard is the earl of country s. Because he saw Ye Zino at a banquet, he always wanted to marry Ye Zino into the earl’s mansion, but Ye Zino had no interest in Bernard at all.

Although Bernard’s status is admirable and enviable, he is not complimented by his appearance. He has a fat body and many pits on his face.

After Ye Zino changed clothes, she drove straight to Rose Paradise.

“Hello! Is there anything you need?” the front desk asked.

“Oh, no, I came here to find someone.” Ye Zinuo said in a deep voice.


Ye Zino clutched the bag tightly in her hand, not because of nervousness, but because of the thought of the Earl Bernard, Ye Zino had a disgusting urge to run away, and Ye Zino gritted his teeth and went to Room 502.

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