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Chapter 300

Tanya An looked at the last sentence of English, tears couldn’t be controlled anymore, she didn’t need to think about who did it for herself, her heart was full of infinite happiness and sweetness.

Just when Tanya An was moved, someone suddenly hugged herself from behind, putting her chin on her shoulder.

Tanya An smelled the familiar breath and the warm embrace, relaxing and relying on his arms, hoping that time could stay at this time.

“Do you like it?” A deep, deep, magnetic, nice voice came into Tanya An’s ears.

“Well, I like it very much. It turns out that this is what you said. I was frightened just now.” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s words and turned Tanya An’s body around, and the two looked at each other affectionately.

As everyone knows, the interaction between the two people was seen by a few people not far away.

“Under such a romantic situation, shouldn’t there be a French k*ss?” Gary Mo said.

“Don’t worry, take your time.” Saul Nan said.

Several people were talking with each other, but the next thing made them dumbfounded.

“Have you seen enough?” Alton Ye said coldly.

Several people heard, you take a look at me, I take a look at you, and finally walked out of the flowers with a twist.

“Hehehe, we didn’t see anything.” Andrew said with a smile.

“Neither did I, nor did I see it.” Gary Mo said quickly. “I just came here.” Ivan Han said with a heavy face.

“Look at what I am doing, I am suitable for the second brother to come together.” Saul Nan said.

“I am in a good mood today, you all get out quickly.” Alton Ye said.

Several people heard that they were unwilling to watch their two show their affection here, and left after saying they were going.

Saul Nan just walked a few steps and walked back around, “Hehehe, that Alton, where is Ah Jiu?”


As Alton Ye had just finished speaking, Nan Saul swiftly ran out.

At this time, Tanya An and Alton Ye were left standing there.

“Didn’t Longcheng not allow fireworks to be set off?” Tanya An asked.

“As long as it’s what you want to see, I will do it for you.” Alton Ye said spoilingly.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye’s eyes red. She must have accumulated some virtue in her previous life to have such a man doting on her and loving her.

Tanya An watched her tiptoe and gently kssed Alton Ye’s mouth. Alton Ye turned against the guest, and the two kssed like this.


Some were happy and some were worried. Jennifer Lin was sitting in a sports car looking at the beautiful fireworks in the sky, jealousy and anger in her heart came to her heart.

Longcheng didn’t know how many fireworks were not allowed to set off, but this time he broke the rules. Almost all of Longcheng was set off fireworks.

Moreover, it was a man who let it go to confess a woman. All of this made Jennifer Lin envy and jealous. Why should she live better than her? No one can imagine what she can’t get.

The fireworks were set off for one night and didn’t stop until dawn. Some people stayed up all night to watch the fireworks.

However, every firework is carried with a child, it is a confession, this man is really careful.

Tanya was awake from starvation. She sat up with her hands on the bed, her face blushing as she thought of what she did last night.

“Woke up.”

Tanya An watched Alton Ye walk in, her face turned red unknowingly, and she couldn’t see anyone.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s appearance and couldn’t help but laughed, “Why, is my baby shy?”

“I…I didn’t, I’m just hungry.” Tanya An said.

“Okay, my baby is hungry, then I will cook dumplings for you, and you will get up and wash.”

“I see, you go now.” Tanya An urged.

Alton Ye smiled, bent over and k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead, and then went out.

After seeing Alton Ye go out, Tanya An quickly lifted the quilt and went to the bathroom. Looking at the dense hickeys on her body, her face was about to bleed.

Tanya An put on clothes, washed her face, brushed her teeth, thinking of something in her mind, her eyes widened and looked at herself in the mirror.

Throwing the toothbrush directly in the washbasin, ran to the drawer next to the bedside table in the bedroom, opened the drawer, and turned it over. When looking at the thing, Tanya An flashed two words in her heart: it’s over.

Tanya An walked absently to the living room, and saw Alton Ye busy in the kitchen, walked behind him and hugged his waist.

“what happened?”

“It’s okay, just think you are too kind to me.”

“Of course, you are my baby, an indispensable person in my life, of course I want to be nice to you.”

Alton Ye turned and looked at Tanya An, “Well, you go there and sit there first, and you will be ready soon. I will take you out after breakfast.”


Ten minutes later, the hot dumplings were on the table.

Tanya An picked up a dumpling and ate it absently, and Alton Ye naturally discovered it.

He stretched out his hand and talked softly on Tanya An’s forehead, “Concentrate on eating.”

“Oh, what are you doing.”

“What’s wrong, absent-minded, isn’t it delicious?”

Tanya An heard that she put down her chopsticks and looked at Alton Ye, “Uncle, I will tell you something.”

“Say it.”

“Last night…that…I…you…that is.”

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s hesitation, and couldn’t help but wonder what she wanted to say.

“What’s the matter?” Alton Ye asked worriedly.

“We didn’t bring Tao last night.” Tanya An summoned up the courage to say it.

Alton Ye was taken aback when he heard this, thinking about it last night, it seemed that he didn’t bring them. The two people fought from the garden to the bedroom. There was no time to bring them.

Thinking of this, Alton Ye put down his chopsticks and looked at Tanya An. Now he didn’t know what Tanya An was thinking.

“Are you afraid of getting pregnant?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

When Tanya An heard this, she thought Alton Ye didn’t want it, so she walked up to Alton Ye, and her little hand fidgeted nervously.

Alton Ye pulled Tanya An onto his lap, “After school, if you are really pregnant with a baby, you can do it if you don’t want us. I want your person, not the baby.”

Hearing this, Tanya suddenly raised her head to look at Alton Ye, which was completely contrary to what she thought.

“No, if there really is a baby, I will let her come to this world, because she is your and my baby.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye was excited when he heard that he would be unhappy to have a child with her. “Well, I’ll listen to you. If it’s a boy, we father and son will protect you: If it’s a girl, I will treat you two as princesses, but one thing is that you are the first in my heart.” Ye Ming Alton said softly.

Tanya heard her face blushing, “We are too early to discuss this issue.” “Yes, it’s a bit early, let’s just let the flow go.” Alton Ye said softly.

After talking about this, Tanya began to feast on dumplings, forgetting what had just happened.

Chapter 301

After talking about this, Tanya began to feast on the dumplings, forgetting what had just happened.

“Huh, why didn’t you see Reena?” Tanya An asked, chewing on the dumplings.

“She has something to go out.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.


“Eat quickly.”

After breakfast, Alton Ye took Tanya An to go out and play with her. He didn’t expect to run into a few people from Ivan Han when he was about to go out.

“What are you doing here?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice. “Of course I came here to play with you.” Andrew said with a smile.

“Didn’t you see that my wife and I were going out?” Alton Ye said angrily.

“Oh, I’ll go, I’ll go together for the New Year’s Day. Besides, the fireworks last night were all our credit. Are you planning to cross the river and demolish the bridge?” Saul Nan said.

“Why, didn’t you go to find your Christina Ye?” Alton Ye said coldly.

When Saul Nan heard Alton Ye’s words, his face was embarrassed. He used to look for Christina Ye last night, but Christina Ye just ignored him and looked very cold.

In the end, it was Saul Nan who stalked Christina Ye and let Christina Ye eat the dumplings he made by himself. Not to mention how happy Saul Nan saw it. This incident greatly increased Saul Nan’s confidence.

“He, I don’t know how many times to show off to us along the way, they all said that Christina Ye ate his dumplings.” Gary said contemptuously.

“I think I would like it.” Saul Nan said.

“Saul Nan, then I wish you an early embrace of the beauty.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Look, see, my sister-in-law is kind to me.” Saul Nan said.

“In this case, let’s go out and relax together. It’s been a long time since we relax.” Ivan Han said.

“Go golf.” Andrew said.

Alton Ye turned his head to look at Tanya An, “Do you want to go there.”

“Okay, I haven’t been there yet.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Several people hit it off and drove to the golf course owned by Andrew’s company.

Andrew really likes golf, so he built a golf course directly.

“Sister-in-law, why isn’t your good girlfriend with you?” Andrew asked suddenly.

Tanya An heard the motion of drinking water and turned to look at Andrew with a smile. Andrew was a little embarrassed to be seen.

“Sister-in-law, why do you look at me like this? Andrew asked unnaturally.

“Andrew why do you care about my Milsa so much?” Tanya An asked seriously.

“Wh… no, I’m just asking casually.” Andrew said with a smile.

Several people in the car turned to look at Andrew, their eyes were meaningful, they all wanted to express something.

“Oh, Milsa is on a blind date recently.” Tanya An said calmly.

“What, blind date!” Andrew shouted loudly.

“Say what?” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes, why are you so excited?” Gary Mo smirked.

“Where am I excited, I have always been like this.” Andrew said.

“Oh, Milsa told me that it was not bad, and I want to try to get along first.” Tanya An said.

Andrew didn’t look good when he heard that, “Just like her is a man-in-law, who would like her.” There was an unprecedented sourness in his tone.

“There is no way, they are the heirs of the Ruan group.” Saul Nan said.

When Andrew heard looking at them, he just slumped in the seat without speaking.

Milsa Ruan, who was far away in the United States, couldn’t help but sneezed. Milsa Ruan rubbed her nose.

“Who is saying bad things about me.”

Ding dong.

Milsa Ruan picked up the phone and saw a voice from Tanya An.

Milsa Ruan clicked and listened to the content inside, her face completely different from the beginning.

Immediately afterwards, Tanya An sent another message to Milsa Ruan, which read: The bud of love has grown.

Milsa Ruan looked at the message with a ripple in her heart, but her eyes were fixed on the voice.



“Come in…Come in.”

“Miss Milsa has everything ready, do you plan to spend the New Year here in America, or…” the assistant asked.

“Return to China, book me a flight ticket to return home immediately.” Milsa Ruan said quickly.

“It’s Miss Milsa, I will go now.” The assistant respectfully said.

Milsa Ruan ran back to the room and began to pack things. For some reason, she wanted to return to Longcheng urgently.


Knock. The knock on the door sounded again.

Milsa Ruan ran to open the door, saw the person coming, and threw herself into the other’s arms, “Brother, why did you come to see me?”

Ruan Qingchen stretched out his hand to push Milsa Ruan away, and rubbed her hair fondly.

“Of course I am coming here. My sister can be alone. I will be right below for today’s signing ceremony. You performed very well. It seems that parents can really trust the company to hand over to you.” Ruan Qingchen said with a smile To.

“Then I don’t have much time to play.” Milsa Ruan said with a pouting mouth.

“You, don’t just know how to play.” Ruan Qingchen said helplessly.

“I know, I know, you sit down first, I’ll go to the room to pack things.” After speaking, he ran back to the room.

Ruan Qingchen walked to the identity and sat down, picking up the original magazine casually.

Ding dong.

Ruan Qingchen heard the ringtone of the cell phone message, turned his head and looked at the bedroom, picked up Milsa Ruan’s cell phone, and watched the rest sent by Tanya, and couldn’t help turning it on.

Milsa Ruan packed up her clothes and walked out of the room, pulling the suitcase, and sat down opposite Ruan Qingchen.

“Brother, let me tell you, I will return home tonight.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Why go back?” Ruan Qingchen asked in a deep voice.

Milsa Ruan looked a little embarrassed when she heard that she didn’t know why.

“When… Of course, you are going back to accompany your parents for the New Year, and you are not going home. Should you let your parents live by themselves?” Milsa Ruan said naturally.

When Ruan Qingchen heard it, she picked up Milsa Ruan’s mobile phone and held it up. Milsa Ruan looked at Ruan Qingchen in surprise, her expression becoming serious.

“What do you think of my mobile phone? Give it back to me soon.” Milsa Ruan reached out to take it.

“You are so anxious to go back, is it for this man?” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“You think too much.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Milsa Ruan, you are my sister, no one knows you better than me, so your mind is clear for me as a brother.” Ruan Qingchen said solemnly.

Milsa Ruan looked at Ruan Qingchen’s serious look, “Yes, I am so anxious to go back for him, are you satisfied.”

Ruan Qingchen watched Milsa Ruan stand up abruptly, looked at Milsa Ruan with an ugly expression, with anger in his eyes.

“I tell you, as long as I am in this world one day, you don’t want to be with him.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

Milsa Ruan heard Ruan Qingchen’s cold words and suddenly felt that Ruan Qingchen seemed to be a different person. He had never been like this before, and she really couldn’t understand it.

Chapter 302

Milsa Ruan heard Ruan Qingchen’s cold words and suddenly felt that Ruan Qingchen seemed to be a different person. He had never been like this before, and she really couldn’t understand it.

“Everyone should have the feeling to chase themselves.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“Yes, except for him, whether other men are good or bad, I don’t care.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“Give me a reason.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“There is no reason, there is one more thing I want to tell you. From now on, except for Tanya, Ivan Han, Gary Mo, Saul Nan, Andrew and Alton Ye beside her, you’d better not interact with them.” Ruan Qingchen is serious. Speaking of.

“Ruan Qingchen, you are interfering with my social circle.” Milsa Ruan said loudly.

“Except for them.” Ruan Qingchen did not back down.

Milsa Ruan looked at her brother, really wondering if they had any hatred with him.

“Is it because Mr. Ye married Tanya?” Milsa Ruan said loudly.

“Shut up, anyway, no matter what the reason is, please listen to me. As long as I am here, you will never want to have anything to do with him.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

Milsa Ruan suddenly laughed when she heard Ruan Qingchen’s firm words.

“I have listened to you since I was little, but I won’t listen to you this time.” Milsa Ruan said.

Seeing Milsa Ruan’s stubbornness, Ruan Qingchen walked to Milsa Ruan and held her shoulders with both hands, with enough strength.

“Milsa is obedient. My brother did this for your own good. Those people are not as simple as you think. They don’t know how to touch their hands…”

“Enough!” Milsa Ruan interrupted Ruan Qingchen loudly.


Milsa Ruan broke off Ruan Qingchen’s big hand, did not speak, picked up the phone and called the assistant.

“Hey! It’s me, have the tickets been booked yet.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Miss Milsa just ordered it, because it’s New Year’s time, so it’s nine o’clock today.” the assistant said.

Milsa Ruan heard raising her wrist and looking at her watch. At nine o’clock, there was still an hour and a half before the plane took off, which was enough.

“I see, you go to the airport and wait for me first, and I will arrive later.” Milsa Ruan said.


Milsa Ruan hung up the phone and walked to the suitcase, pulling up the lever to prepare to leave.

“Milsa Ruan, who is important to him and your brother’s family?” Ruan Qingchen said loudly.

“For me, mom, dad and you are important to me, but I have grown up now. I hope my brother will give me some personal space and I have the right to chase my own happiness.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

Ruan Qingchen watched Milsa Ruan leave like this, slamming his fist on the glass table.


The glass table was shattered in an instant, and Ruan Qingchen stared at the ground with scarlet eyes, ignoring his injured hand.


the other side.

Those playing in the golf course are happy.

“Uncle, you’re so good at golf.” Tanya An praised it without hesitation.

“Really?” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Of course.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Hey, hey, I said you two are enough, come out to play, don’t forget to show affection here.” Gary Mo couldn’t help complaining.

“I’m happy, you can control it.” Alton Ye retorted unceremoniously.

“You… Forget it, I can’t tell you, I’ll go there to play with them.” Gary Mo said.

Tanya An looked at Gary Mo’s back and couldn’t help but sigh, “Isn’t there a lot of women around people like Uncle Gary Mo, why do you find someone who can promise a lifetime?” Tanya An asked curiously. Tao.

Alton Ye raised his eyebrows when he heard, “You want to be a matchmaker.”

“No, look at him changing women every day like changing clothes.” Tanya An said.

“Tanya, although Qiu changes women like changing clothes, they are just acting on occasions and never touched them.” Alton Ye said.

“What!” Tanya An looked at Alton Ye in surprise.

“Don’t be surprised.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Aren’t you surprised, why did he do this?”

“Hey, this is a long story. You will know later. It looks good. Let’s go find them over there.” Alton Ye avoided the topic.

“Oh alright!”

Alton Ye took Tanya An to Ivan Han and the others, watching them play golf.

“Why don’t we have a match.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“Okay, what is the bet if you lose?” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“Ten million.” Alton Ye said.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye in surprise, and it turned out that rich people are wayward.

“Ok.” Several people said in unison.

For this little money, it is just pocket money for a few of them.

“Then you play first, I’ll go to the bathroom.” Tanya An said.

“I’ll be with you.” Alton Ye said.

“If I go to the bathroom, what do you do with you, I can do it myself.” Tanya An said.

“Well then, be careful.” Alton Ye said.

“I’m not a kid, I’m going. Tanya An left after speaking.

After Tanya An left, Alton Ye started their game.

“You guys get the money ready, I’m a golf master.” Andrew said confidently.

“Who gave you this confidence?” Gary Mo said.

“Who loses and who wins is not necessarily true.” Saul Nan said.

“So much nonsense.” Alton Ye said.

Several people stood looking at each other, standing there, Alton Ye’s tall and tall figure stood there, posing for the ball, raising his arms and hitting hard, the ball flew in an instant.

Several people’s eyes moved with the ball, watching the ball enter the hole.

Alton Ye walked to Andrew, “It’s your turn.”

“Relax, I will definitely not lose to you.” Andrew said confidently.

Andrew took aim. When he thought the ball was about to enter, he didn’t expect the ball to stop halfway and land one meter from the hole.




Alton Ye patted Andrew on the shoulder, “I’m too confident, pay for it.”

“Impossible, I have bad luck. I haven’t played for several days, so I’m a bit rusty. I beg to do it again.” Andrew said.

“Okay!” Alton Ye did not say bad.




three times

I don’t know how many times he played, and Andrew was so angry that he directly slammed the cue on the table and slammed it to the ground. The good cue was destroyed.

“Hey, this child is sick.” Gary Mo said, not forgetting to point to his head.

“Don’t be scorned by the fifth, it seems that you didn’t read the almanac when you went out today, so hurry up and give the money to Alton.” Saul Nan said.

Andrew pouted his lips and didn’t understand what was going on today. He had never failed to enter one before, but today he did not enter one. It made him too embarrassed.

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