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Chapter 256

A shock of thunder passed through Yao Qingqing’s heart. She was stunned in place, holding Jenkin Bai’s hand loosened little by little. She was not good enough for him, she was dirty, and her body was dirty.

No longer worthy of him, not worthy of him.

She was frightened, helpless, and kept backing away, for fear that the filth on her body might be contaminated with Jenkin Bai.

She hates, she resents, hates people who ruin her, resents the injustice of this fate.

“I know it’s too late to return.” Jenkin Bai patiently persuaded her for the last time, hoping that she could understand and bow her head to admit her mistake. He thought that Ana Lin’s kindness would definitely give her a chance to reform.

“Ha, ha ha…” Yao Qingqing laughed, the voice of laughter getting louder and louder, her eyes reddened, and she stared at Jenkin Bai’s unbearable disappointment, “It is you who should get lost, you, Bai Yin rather!”

Jenkin Bai closed her eyes, knowing that Yao Qingqing was hopeless.

He has done what he can do, with a clear conscience, and now she is pushing herself to a dead end, and no one can save her.

“I have done what I can do. From now on, don’t blame me, and hope you won’t regret it in the future.” Jenkin Bai took out his mobile phone and called the plateau.

Soon the phone was connected, he didn’t even look up, let alone see Yao Qingqing, “Send people over.”

Yao Qingqing widened a pair of apricot eyes, her pupils protruding outward, looking so hideous, “You, who are you going to give me to?!”

Jenkin Bai was silent, and even less willing to see her.

“I’ll ask you again, where are you going to send me?” Yao Qingqing rushed up again and grabbed him, her skinny hand, her veins violent, “You want to deal with them?”

Jenkin Bai remained silent, even though her arm was sore by her, he never showed her a half expression.

She is not worth it.

She disappointed him too much.

He was thinking about his former love, but she had to cut it off by herself.

There is nothing he can do.

“In order to please that woman, you are going to hand me over to them?” Yao Qingqing was stunned, and wanted to ask him for an answer, an answer that she didn’t want to admit, but was a fact.

“You forgot, that winter, when it snowed heavily, our quilt was very thin. You curled up on the head of the bed. It was me, holding my quilt and holding my quilt with you to keep warm. It didn’t freeze to death. Now you are trying to please one Woman, if you want to send me out, the affection we have known since childhood is not as good as a woman?!”

She felt desperate, she wanted him wholeheartedly, but he ruthlessly wanted to send her out to please a woman? !

Ha, haha…

“Jenkin Bai, am I blind, or have you forgotten our previous friendship?”

Jenkin Bai finally raised his head to look at her, but he didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

Because he knew that even if he continued to persuade, she would not listen.

No one can wake up a person who pretends to sleep.

Click, the door of the study was pushed open, the plateau brought two men in and watched Yao Qingqing grab Jenkin Bai, and the plateau let Yao Qingqing come over.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over—” Yao Qingqing was terrified. She knelt at Jenkin Bai’s feet, clutching his trousers, “Jenkin, I’m all for your good, but you want to push me out is it?”

Jenkin Bai looked at her, he was bitter, never in exchange for her change of heart, blindly accusing him.

He suppressed his temper, “This is your last chance. You apologize to her sincerely and I will protect you from harm…”

“Don’t think about it, don’t think about asking me to apologize to her!” Yao Qingqing shouted hysterically.

“Plateau, take her away.” Without a trace of hesitation, Jenkin Bai made up his mind this time. It was he who was too naive and tried to wake her up.

She had already gone crazy and no one could wake her up.

“No, I don’t want to…” Yao Qingqing struggled to run away, but this house was so big, two tall men easily grabbed her, it was a fantasy to run away.

“Jenkin, Jenkin, you can’t be so ruthless to me…” Yao Qingqing was also afraid, but he was unwilling to believe and admit that Jenkin Bai could sacrifice her for Ana Lin.

She had no idea what she was wrong or where she was wrong.

She thinks she is for Jenkin Bai’s good.

But Jenkin Bai was blinded by the lard, thinking only about Ana Lin.

She was heartbroken.

“You will regret it, you will regret it…”

Jenkin Bai’s face was blue, and the plateau winked, winking at the two men holding her, “Can’t you hear that it’s too noisy?”

The man knows, covers Yao Qingqing’s mouth, ignores her struggle and arrogance, and drags it out.

Soon, Yao Qingqing’s voice disappeared in the study, Gao Gao stood at the door, and asked again, “Send it?”

He was afraid that Jenkin Bai was impulsive.

Jenkin Bai irritably pulled at the neckline, trying to unbutton the button, but somehow, he just couldn’t unbutton it. He lost his patience and tore off, “You don’t understand what I’m saying?”

The plateau did not dare to say anything again, bowed his head and exited the study.


Ana Lin felt hot, so hot. She seemed to be sweaty all over. She twisted her body and kicked off the quilt. Phillip Zong was entangled by Ruth, and he played with her in another room for a while before returning to this room. .

However, as soon as he opened the door, he saw the quilt on Ana Lin’s body, which could cover an important position, with large areas of skin exposed. Phillip Zong almost lost his footing and fell to the door. He stepped in, closed the door and locked it back.

He walked to the bed and just wanted to cover her, but she turned over and rolled away all the quilt. The whole body was almost naked. Exposed, Phillip Zong was stiff in place. He looked at the pair on the bed. With a beautiful body, his eyes were full of blood, and his Adam’s apple was rolling up and down, his mouth was so dry and dry, there was nothing to relieve him, only the woman on the bed could save him.


Ana Lin turned over again, she felt so hot, she was about to suffocate.

“Ana Lin?” Phillip Zong lowered his body, put his hands on her side, and called her softly while looking at her face.

As if someone called her, but she was sleepy and didn’t want to open her eyes, so she moved and continued to sleep.

At this moment, she showed a trace of Chi Guoguo’s body in front of him.

I don’t know if it’s because of taking anti-fever medicine. She sweats a lot. Her body is shiny, white and red, with fine sweat beads, especially her lips, which seem to be soaked and moisturized. Incredible.

Like freshly washed cherries, fresh and dripping, people can’t help but want to have a bite. Thinking that way, Phillip Zong did the same. He lowered his head and gently touched her lips, biting.

In the room, Phillip Zong adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner to a very high level. At this moment, it was very hot. After kssing for a while, he also felt hot. A layer of perspiration appeared on his back. Only this kind of tasting could not satisfy him. His lips slowly moved from her. Removed her lips, went down little by little, and kssed her neck, her collarbone, and her body had a faint scent, like the smell of sweat, and like her unique body fragrance, in short, It smells good and fascinating.

When her lips touched her collarbone, Phillip Zong looked up to see if there were any signs of waking up. She closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep.

The dim light couldn’t cover the face he couldn’t extricate himself, and he was lost in it. He had only one thought at the moment, putting her into his body.

He approached, and her generous palm fell on her face. Her face was small, not as big as his palm. A small outline like a goose egg lay on his palm. He cherished, restrained, and hesitated to touch. , I’m afraid it will hurt her, and I’m afraid it will wake her up.

Possessed and k*ssed her on the forehead, “I am a human…”

He has a lot of emotions, especially after meeting her.

He felt his blood was boiling.

“I will be very light and gentle.” His body slowly covered, interlaced, he k*ssed her earlobe and delicate shoulder.

Ana Lin felt itchy in a daze, crawling between her neck and cochlea like a small bug, and as if there was a big mountain pressing on her body, making her breathless.


She flapped her eyelashes and opened her eyes slowly.

Phillip Zong looked up at her, his voice hoarse, “Awake?”

Ana Lin gave a low hmm, frowned her brows, “I feel uncomfortable…”

“It’s uncomfortable there?” he asked softly.


She lowered her head and realized that she didn’t even have a piece of clothing on her upper body. She opened her eyes wide, trying to move her leg, but found that she was suppressed.

“Phillip Zong.” Her voice trembled and she cried.

How is this going?

Facing her bewildered eyes, Phillip Zong’s heart tightened and hugged her, “It’s me, it’s me…”

Ana Lin stiffened and looked at everything in the room. At this moment, she had clearly noticed that there was no clothing on her body.

There is no sleepiness, and he is extremely awake at the moment.

“You said, you will respect me…” She clutched the sheets under her tightly, her body trembling involuntarily in his arms.

Phillip Zong stroked her back, soothed and coaxed, “I have waited for a long time. If you let me wait, it will be suffocated. I will be very light and very careful.”

He stroked her forehead, k*ssed the corner of her eye, and held her hand against his chest, “You touch it, you are all inside.”

Ana Lin opened her mouth, but found that she couldn’t say anything. Her body seemed to be roasted by fire. It drained all the water from her body and was almost dry. He fell on top of her and she saw it in his eyes. Fire, a bottomless water, is obviously warm, but it is forcibly restrained.

She knew that he was waiting for her answer.

Her hand tightened little by little, clenched into a fist.

She murmured, “Do you love me? Do you like me?”

“I love you, I like you…” He kssed her nose gently, a little itchy, a little hot, Ana Lin took the initiative to hug his neck, as if to give him an answer, lifted his chin and kssed gently He clicked on his lips, and when she was about to tear it apart, Phillip Zong held her head and pressed her lips violently, forcing her to open it to the largest extent, allowing him to swallow it completely, so deep into the brutal k*ss, Lasted ten minutes.

Ana Lin was k*ssed to hypoxia, her brain was blank, she just wanted to find the air, instinctively held his tongue and ingested his breath.

In Phillip Zong’s opinion, this was her response, and he left no room for it.

Desire is prosperous, with overwhelming possession.

Chapter 257

The world turned over, and the two people in the room k*ssed each other, as if there were only two of them in this world.

Phillip Zong took off his clothes and pressed it down again. Just as he was about to take the last step, the door of the room rang.

“Phillip, Jenkin Bai sent people here.”

Keller Shen’s voice came in, pulling Ana Lin, whose head was blank, back, and she instinctively pushed Phillip Zong on her body.

At this moment, Phillip Zong’s face was hidden in the dark, and his nerves were tense.

“Aren’t you going to try now?” Keller Shen knew that Ana Lin had a fever.

No matter what, Phillip Zong can’t take advantage of others?

So he thought, Phillip Zong staying in the room must be purely accompanying Ana Lin.

Did not think of anything else at all.

Ana Lin felt his tight body and the extremely suppressed emotions at this moment, she shook his hand, “I have promised you, I won’t regret it, next time.”

The dim light concealed his unwilling trembling eyelids, and did not want to give up holding her hand.


The door rang again.

Ana Lin pushed him again and shook his head at him.

Phillip Zong closed his eyes and grabbed the quilt to wrap her up, very tightly, like a silkworm chrysalis.

He got out of bed, buttoned his clothes, and opened the door.

Keller Shen seemed to have thought of something, and was about to leave, when the door opened, he turned his head, just to get nervous at Shang Phillip Zong’s angry face.

I was nervous and didn’t know what to say.

He stood with his hand in hand, his sharp gaze swept across Keller Shen’s stunned face, staring for a few seconds, and finally his tone was calm, “Where is the person?”

“Jenkin Bai’s place.” They are in such a good place with no concealment. Jenkin Bai is willing to go out, so they don’t have to look for it.

“Well, you go to make arrangements first, and I’ll come over later.” After speaking, he closed the door.

Keller Shen was stunned for a moment, and when he recovered, he patted his chest, okay, okay, he didn’t cause trouble.

When Phillip Zong entered the house, Ana Lin was already up and her clothes were all dressed. She stood in the bathroom and tied her hair in front of the mirror. Her long hair was a bit messy and damp. She pulled it back and tied a ponytail. Seeing Phillip Zong coming in, he asked, “Yao Qingqing caught it?”

Phillip Zong came over and hugged her from the back, “I couldn’t run away.”

If Jenkin Bai doesn’t catch it, he will catch it himself.

Yao Qingqing, a woman with no identity background, where can she go?

Ana Lin sighed, “In fact, she is also a poor person.”

I had no parents since I was a child, and I was adopted and not loved. I have been very hard in my life.

Phillip Zong held her hand and squeezed it in the palm of his palm, “The poor person must have something to hate.”

He looked up at her, “You are at home, I will go out…”

“I’ll go with you.” Ana Lin knew he was going to interrogate Yao Qingqing, and she wanted to listen.

Phillip Zong was silent for a second, and said, “Okay.”

When Ana Lin was cleaned up, Phillip Zong took her out, Lena Qin, Alan Su and the bodyguards stayed in the hotel to take care of the children, so Keller Shen followed him.

Keller Shen drove the car in front, “Jenkin Bai probably didn’t interrogate anything before handing the person to us.”

Ana Lin looked at Keller Shen in front of him and asked, “Is Jenkin Bai arrested?”


Ana Lin was lost in thought. She could see that Jenkin Bai still cared about Yao Qingqing and cherished the affection from their previous childhood.

This time, if he can hand over Yao Qingqing, he should be struggling.

After a while, the car stopped at the location sent by the plateau to Keller Shen’s mobile phone.

It’s an abandoned factory building. There is nothing else but a mess and some discarded products.

Yao Qingqing was tied up and thrown on the ground, with tape wrapped around her mouth.

The plateau at the door was waiting for them, and when they saw them coming, he said, “My family president Bai is upstairs. He just looks at him and doesn’t participate. People have been handed over to you, so he won’t interfere.”

The underlying meaning is that Phillip Zong would not say anything more about what he wants to do with people.

Phillip Zong was very satisfied with this attitude. He was neither a bad person nor a good person. He couldn’t fail to pursue it again and again. The last time he frightened Daniel, he almost killed Ana Lin this time. Up his bottom line.

Gao Gao made a gesture of asking, “The man is inside.”

Keller Shen walked to the front and explored the way first. Phillip Zong walked behind with Ana Lin’s hand. The ground was not clean and there were debris. Phillip Zong reminded her to slow down.

Ana Lin was pretending to have something in his heart, and did not hear his voice.

Phillip Zong clasped her waist hard, making her feel, “What do you think?”

“Nothing.” Ana Lin pulled his lips.

In fact, she was thinking that if Yao Qingqing was willing to admit her mistake, she could look at Jenkin Bai’s face and let Phillip Zong not pursue it.

When I stepped into the factory, it was obviously colder. The dilapidated windows were open and the roof blocked the sunlight, making it very dark.

Yao Qingqing was tied up with hands and feet, thrown on the ground, and saw Ana Lin staring at her.

Can’t wait to stare her out of a hole.

Phillip Zong’s eyes narrowed slightly, not angry or threatened, full of shock, “Look at her with this kind of eyes again, I dug your eyes.”

Yao Qingqing shrank, not daring to look again, she lowered her head, twisted on the ground, trying to escape from here.

But if she tried her best, she couldn’t move.

Ana Lin glanced at Phillip Zong. This person has this temper. She only hopes that Yao Qingqing will be more interesting and will suffer less.

As a woman, she has compassion.

Even if Yao Qingqing killed her first, she was willing to give her a chance to reform.

The plateau prepared two clean chairs, and Phillip Zong embraced Ana Lin and sat down.

Keller Shen squatted in front of Yao Qingqing and tore off the tape from her mouth, “Let’s talk, is it the doll you gave me, why did you push my sister-in-law?”

Yao Qingqing lowered his head and said nothing.

He looks very stubborn.

Keller Shen licked his dry lips and laughed, “Are you toasting or not eating, and fine wine?”

“If you want to kill, then kill, why ask so much?” She still lowered her head, “This world is originally the weak and the strong. I am an ant. You can kill it, not because I made a mistake, but because you are rich and powerful.”

“Ha.” Keller Shen was angrily laughed. Is this saying that they bullied others?

“Hey, you are the one who messed with us first, right?”

“She seduce Jenkin first!” Finally Yao Qingqing raised her head. She dared not stare at Ana Lin, but at Keller Shen.

Keller Shen was angry again.

Ana Lin seduce Jenkin Bai?

Ana Lin’s eyes are blind, so let Phillip Zong not want to seduce Jenkin Bai?

Is there a pit in this woman’s mind?

Keller Shen finally saw it. Asking like this, he couldn’t ask anything at all. He changed his strategy, “You are an orphan and adopted by a family named Yao. The family who adopted your family can’t have children. It’s not long after you adopted you. My wife became pregnant, and later gave birth to a boy, your brother in name.”

Keller Shen showed him a picture of a man in a leather jacket from the video and showed her, “He is your brother, right?”

Yao Qingqing was completely stunned.

They investigated her, and they also knew that she had a younger brother, so did they also know that she had a baby?

Jenkin Bai knows that?

Chapter 258

“Are you investigating me?” Yao Qingqing jumped up frantically to fight Keller Shen. That was her secret, and she didn’t allow anyone to know it.

Her feet were tied, and the moment she jumped up, she fell back to the ground.

Keller Shen smiled, realizing that this was her weakness, and continued to stimulate her, “You were pregnant when you were 16 years old and you were born, but…dead.”

“Shut up, you shut up!” Yao Qingqing roared, she shook her head, Keller Shen’s words seemed like thunder, and they slashed straight from her top to separate her blood and flesh.

She is sometimes crazy, sometimes like a puppet lying on the ground without breathing.

The second floor.

Jenkin Bai frowned, Keller Shen only briefly said a few words, but these two words shocked him, Yao Qingqing was 16 years old and pregnant? Have a baby?

This is also a bolt from the blue for him.

The 16-year-old girl is underage.

Now, he finally understood what the surprise sentence in Keller Shen’s mouth meant.

He grabbed the handrail and stared at her. He wanted to ask Yao Qingqing about something.

With the help of the driver, he went downstairs.

Yao Qingqing’s head was on the ground, her hair was scattered, blocking her eyebrows, and in the gap she seemed to see Jenkin Bai rolling the wheelchair and walking towards her.

Jenkin Bai?

She suddenly raised her head to look at Jenkin Bai, her eyes widened, is he here?

Did he hear what Keller Shen said just now?


“Tell me, what happened to you? Why didn’t you tell me, how did you have a child when you were 16?” He frowned, and at this moment, he realized that he knew very little about her.

She didn’t want to say that he didn’t take the initiative to investigate.

He thought that she was just a foster father and mother who was not treating her badly, and never thought…

The pregnancy of an underage girl is obviously related to her family.

Yao Qingqing received a huge stimulus, she shrank, trying to hide, she wanted to hide, not to be seen by anyone.

“You speak!” Jenkin Bai growled.

“I can’t say!” Yao Qingqing’s voice is louder than his. She wants to escape and hide. She doesn’t face him, don’t face anyone.

She hurts, don’t force her!

“If you don’t speak, who can help you?!” Jenkin Bai’s face was darker than ever.

Yao Qingqing looked at Jenkin Bai, looked at it, smiled, and looked at it, crying.

“No one can help me, it’s dirty…” Her lips kept shaking, as if thinking of something fearful, her face turned from red to bloodless white, her eyes filled with deathly silence, stunned. Looking at Jenkin Bai, “Do you dislike me very much?”

Jenkin Bai shook his head and said no.

Yao Qingqing knew that he was lying to her.

“Yes, I gave birth to a child, my adoptive father.” Yao Qingqing laughed, laughing, and tears streaming out again, “When I was thirteen years old, he raped me like this. For three years…”

That year, Yao Qingqing had just turned thirteen years old, and his face hadn’t been long open, but his small and innocent appearance was faintly visible. At that time, his younger brother was a few years old and he liked to cry at night. .

One night it rained, and the rain was so heavy that day, thunder and lightning roared, and the scalpers who were tied up in the house were frightened and kicked the wall irritably in the house.

She was scared to hide in thin quilts that smelled bad.

Suddenly, there was a sound of opening the door, squeaking–


It was the voice of the adoptive father. Yao Qingqing showed her head. Usually the adoptive father and mother are not good to her. In the daytime, she is asked to work, feed the cows, mow the grass, wash and cook, and do the work in the field. Need to work.

Later, people in the village said that her adoptive father and mother would not let her go to school, and only let her work at home, saying that they were cruel, mean and bad words, and they couldn’t listen, so she was allowed to go to school.

But her work hasn’t decreased. She will get up before dawn to feed the cows, wash her clothes, and go to school after all.

The adoptive father treated her slightly better than the adoptive mother.

But she was still scared and asked very carefully, “Dad, why don’t you sleep? Is there any work to do?”

“What do you do at night?” The adoptive father sat down on the bed and said with a smile, “I see thunder and rain, I’m afraid you are afraid, come and see you.”

Yao Qingqing shook her head quickly, “I’m not afraid, dad go to bed.”

The adoptive father’s hand touched the quilt and grabbed her ankle, “You are not afraid, Dad is afraid, or else, you sleep with Dad.”

Yao Qingqing was terrified at the time, and she panicked, “Dad, what are you doing?”

At the age of thirteen, she didn’t know much. She didn’t know what her adoptive father was going to do. In short, she was very scared.

“Your mother is not good to you. Dad has taught her and will be nice to you in the future.” As he said, the adoptive father lifted the quilt and pressed it down.

She instinctively pushed him and kicked him. Her resistance and lack of cooperation angered her adoptive father, and her adoptive father trapped her with a cow rope. The 13-year-old child had little strength and was not an opponent of a middle-aged man.

She was trapped and could only shout, “Mom…”

Her shouts were drowned in thunder and lightning, and his adoptive father had a hideous face and slapped her fiercely, “Give you face, shameless!”

She numbs half of her face, and there is a bloody smell in her mouth.

The adoptive father covered her mouth with one hand and tore her clothes with the other to strengthen her.

After that night, the adoptive father would often sneak into her room at night. When she resisted, the adoptive father would punch and kick her and would not give her food during the day.

Later, she didn’t dare to resist, so it was three years.

When she was 16 years old, she had menstruation. Soon afterwards, she became pregnant. She didn’t understand at that time, sometimes she couldn’t eat enough, her belly was small, and she didn’t have menstruation. She didn’t know that it was abnormal. .

Until noon one day, she suddenly had a stomachache. The adoptive father and mother thought she was sick and cost money to be sent to the hospital, so they left her in the room and let her fend for herself.

She was in pain for more than ten hours, and she gave birth to a child at night.

At that time, the adoptive mother will know about the adoptive father and her.

The adoptive mother was very angry and very angry. The adoptive father was scratched by the adoptive mother. They didn’t even want to raise her. She had food to eat because she was able to work and they didn’t want to raise a child.

And it’s the wild breed of the adoptive father, and the adoptive mother is more reluctant to raise it.

“This girl is underage. If it goes out, you are a rapist. Wait to go to jail.” The adoptive mother used the law to suppress the adoptive father.

The adoptive father did not dare to defy, “Then what do you say?”

The adoptive mother slapped on the adoptive father’s face again, “Now I know that I am anxious?!” The adoptive mother was also very angry. How crippling of her husband’s infidelity?

She sprinkled her anger on Yao Qingqing, slapped, punched and kicked again, rested when she was tired, and continued to fight when she recovered.

Yao Qingqing once felt that he would die like that.

She thought, she would be free when she died.

The adoptive father dragged the adoptive mother who was so angry that she lost her mind, “Don’t beat it, kill it, we will all be finished.”

The adoptive mother gradually extinguished her anger. Now that things have been like this, she wants to solve the current situation first.

“This kid said she fooled around. There is a well at the door, just throw it in. As for her, she has grown up now and is just able to work.”

It is said that it is better to be a mother. This sentence is the same for a 16-year-old underage mother.

She dragged her sorely numb body and hugged her adoptive mother’s legs, “Please, please, don’t hurt my child, I can eat less, leave it to him, you don’t throw him into the well.”

The adoptive mother was offended by Yao Qingqing, squatted down and grabbed her hair, “If you eat less, the rest is for the family. This wild species must die!”

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