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Chapter 259

Yao Qingqing knew it was useless to ask her adoptive mother, so she crawled to the feet of her adoptive father, “You save him, he is your child, you can’t watch him be thrown into the well.”

“b*tch.” Yao Qingqing asked her adoptive father to anger her adoptive mother. She grabbed the baby whose umbilical cord had been cut off and was still in the future. She was naked, still stained with blood from Yao Qingqing’s body. Yao Qingqing’s adoptive mother mentioned him. At that moment, he cried.

The sound of wow is very loud.

Yao Qingqing crawled to grab her adoptive mother’s leg. There was a meander of blood on the ground. She held her adoptive mother’s leg and knocked her head until bleeding, “Please, don’t lose my child, please, I’ll be a cow. Horse, please…”

“I want to be beautiful, you think I don’t know, you want to raise this baby to earn money with your son?” The adoptive mother kicked her away.

Yao Qingqing passed out into a coma.

When she woke up, she was still lying on the bed in the room. The sun outside was very big. She didn’t know how long she had been in a coma, but her mouth was dry and her body ached, and she didn’t even have the strength to get up.

The adoptive father was taken care of by the adoptive mother and would not give her food or drink.

She lay down without saying anything, she wanted to die, and died with her child.

I don’t know if the neighbor heard the baby’s cry and asked. The adoptive mother told the outsider that Yao Qingqing was in disorder at school and gave birth to a baby, but the baby died not long after she was born.

It was the younger brother who said that he had leaked his mouth and was thrown into the well by his adoptive mother. The people in the village knew that they were unwilling to cause trouble because it was the child Yao Qingqing had made by himself, and no one sympathized with her.

She had a fever, burned all day and night, unconscious.

It was a coincidence that I caught up with the top leader and came down for an inspection. He just heard that the family adopted a child and made a contribution to the society. The leader came to the house to give condolences, regardless of whether he gave financial help or not, but did enough to save face.

The adoptive father and adoptive mother had to send Yao Qingqing, who was about to die, to the hospital.

They can’t let the officials know that they abuse Yao Qingqing.

In this way, Yao Qingqing got his life back.

Her eyes are wide, bloodshot like a net, covering her eyes, “I dare not tell anyone, I am afraid, I am afraid they will look at me with strange eyes, I am afraid, I am afraid… …”

She cringed in fear, as if the experience was just yesterday, “I’m even more afraid of you knowing, I’m afraid you will despise me, look down on me, I’m afraid you will hate me like this, I’m afraid, I’m afraid to die.”

As she said, she turned her gaze to Ana Lin, “I saw Jenkin cares about you, I envy, I am jealous, I hate… Ha ha, I deliberately, deliberately, sent my son to you… Haha— —”

Ana Lin’s hand suddenly clenched, Yao Qingqing’s words, like a dangling plumb hammer, hit her heart.

She shivered involuntarily.

Phillip Zong held her hand clenched into a fist.

Yao Qingqing turned his gaze to Jenkin Bai again, “I hate her, I have so many things, and I still have to entangle with you. I envy her and get your favor. I envy that she can raise her own children. She’s so good, I’m jealous of her, why is life so good.”

Jenkin Bai looked at her, unable to say a word.

There are mixed feelings in the heart, and it is uncomfortable. A person’s experience will really change a person.

Once, she was a simple and innocent child, but she was devastated.

“Later I grew up and left home, I thought I was free. I can have a new life, I can start again, but I still live in dire straits, they are like demons, haunting me, threatening me, Ask me for money… I secretly hide and hide, I dare not let you find out, I still have a younger brother who haunts me, because I am afraid that if you know his existence, you will know my past. I don’t want to be Everyone knows, let alone you know.”

Yao Qingqing raised her tied hand and wanted to touch Jenkin Bai, but she didn’t dare because she was unworthy.

In her mind, Jenkin Bai is the best, no one deserves it.

She looked at Jenkin Bai and watched for a long time, “I want to forget, but I can’t. The midnight dreams are all the crying births of my children. Nightmares follow me like a shadow, appearing in my dreams every day, torturing me, I was tired, I wanted to die, and even committed suicide, but I didn’t die. I was rescued. My fate was not good. I couldn’t even die. Sometimes I wondered if I was an executioner who specialized in beheading people in my previous life. It’s so miserable.

I lose faith in life, I live like a walking dead, until I recognize you and your help has made my dark world more light, I want to work hard, I want to live well, because of you, because you let me I saw the hope of life.

In the clothing store, I saw you angry for a woman for the first time. I was sad because I like you. I know that I am not qualified. I dare not show it in front of you or let anyone know.

In order not to be discovered by my brother, I took the opportunity to close the clothing store.

The purpose is just to be afraid of you and to know my past. “

Yao Qingqing hooked her mouth, narrowed her eyes and looked at him carefully, trying to remember his appearance, “Don’t blame me, don’t blame me.”

Jenkin Bai’s heart was set off by a huge wave. Looking at Yao Qingqing, he couldn’t say a word, comfort?

What kind of words can comfort a wounded heart?

What kind of vocabulary can be used to make up for the harm she has suffered?

He muttered, “I didn’t blame you, I always have hope for you.”

Yao Qingqing smiled, “Thank you, thank you, I didn’t dislike me.”

She thought that if she had her next life, she would definitely not be reborn as a human being.


Only a muffled grunt was heard, and blood came out of her mouth.

“She wants to commit suicide.” Keller Shen squeezed her jaw to prevent her from biting her tongue.

Her mouth is full of blood.

“Plateau!” Jenkin Bai shouted, “Hurry up and take people to the hospital.”

The plateau ran over, picked up the people, and walked out of the factory.

A few drops of blood were left on the ground.

Jenkin Bai took out his mobile phone and called the plateau, “It doesn’t matter how much you spend, save her.”

Gao Gao said that he knew, and then he hung up.

His thoughts also hit Yao Qingqing’s last expression of despair and strong smile.

How desperate is a person to bite his tongue and kill himself?

His hand clasped the armrest involuntarily, shaking constantly.

Ana Lin got up from the chair and walked to his side, “You also go to the hospital.”

Jenkin Bai raised her head and looked at her, “Thank you, I apologize to you for her.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I have to leave anyway. I don’t want to pursue what happened before.”

She couldn’t be harsh on Yao Qingqing like that.

No one is willing to be like this. Her life has indeed had a huge impact on her personality and heart.

At the beginning of man, nature is good.

Will change because this cruel world has changed her.

Ana Lin patted Jenkin Bai on the shoulder to show comfort.

Jenkin Bai wanted to squeeze her hand, but as soon as he raised his hand, he put it down again, “I won’t see you off.”

He needs to go to the hospital.

Ana Lin said no.

The driver pushed him away, Ana Lin turned around, not knowing when Phillip Zong stood behind her, she almost ran into him, frowning involuntarily, “Why are you walking silently?”

“It’s not that I walked silently, it’s because you didn’t hear it.” Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to caress her forehead, “Her misfortune was not caused by you.”

Ana Lin lowered her head, she knew, but she felt uncomfortable.

Very depressing.

Keller Shen coughed, “Well, I’m going to the car.”

He left after speaking, obviously he was superfluous here.

“Let’s go.” Phillip Zong hugged her and rubbed her palms up and down her arms. He was not hard-hearted, but in this world, in corners you didn’t know, something more cruel than this happened every second. thing.

He can’t change, he just wants to protect the people he cares about.

Except for Ana Lin’s things, he is rational in everything.

Ana Lin was very silent, sitting in the car and looking out the window all the time, Yao Qingqing’s affairs had a psychological impact on her. An unfortunate childhood can ruin a person’s life.

Back at the residence, she shut herself in the room.

Phillip Zong wanted to accompany her, she said she wanted to be alone.

As a last resort, Phillip Zong couldn’t be in the house either.

“What’s wrong with you, Mommy?” Ruth tilted her head back, and didn’t eat dinner. As soon as she and her brother entered the room, they were hugged and didn’t speak. They just sat in front of the window.

Ana Lin looked down at her daughter and k*ssed her on the forehead, “Mommy is fine, she wants to hug you.”

She didn’t know what was wrong, suddenly she was afraid that they would leave her and be abducted by traffickers.

The news often broadcasts children who are abducted, healthy and healthy, and they will be maimed on the street. Every time she sees such news, her heart will be painful. After hearing about Yao Qingqing, she even more Suffering from gains and losses, for fear of her children being harmed, she wanted to hold them like this and stay at her feet.

Things here have come to an end. Phillip Zong decided to rest here for the last night and return to City B tomorrow.

After dinner, he went to make arrangements for his departure tomorrow. Just now he explained Alan Su and Keller Shen. When he returned to the room, he saw Ana Lin still holding two children. When he went out, she was holding two. The child was sitting there, when he came back, she was still sitting there, not even the posture changed.

He stepped over, took his son and daughter out of her arms, “Go play.”

Daniel was also impatiently hugged by Ana Lin. At this moment, she wanted to be free, holding her sister’s hand, “Let’s go find Uncle Su and Uncle Shen to play.”

“You guys don’t run around.” Ana Lin urged uneasy, got up and wanted to follow, but was stopped by Phillip Zong.

“What are you doing?” Ana Lin looked up at him.

Phillip Zong frowned, “What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m fine.” She didn’t think she was normal.

Phillip Zong laughed, somewhat cold and ironic.

Ana Lin was slightly taken aback, “What do you mean?”

Phillip Zong knew what she was worried about. In fact, she looked strong, but her heart was weak.

He stroked her cheek, “You are not alone.”

In the future, he will protect the three of them, mother and son. She is no longer alone, so there is no need to worry about being discriminated against. She has a husband, a family, and her children are just right.

Ana Lin looked at him for a long time.

Zong Jianghao put the person in his arms and stroked her back.

The next day, they had breakfast and then set off for city B.

The weather was very cold and the wind was a bit strong. As soon as they went out, they were blocked by an old lady at the door of the hotel.

Chapter 260

The old lady was wearing a mink velvet coat with silver wires neatly coiled behind her head, carrying a bag in her hand, and she seemed like she had just arrived here.

Alan Su’s face turned green immediately. He turned his head to look at Phillip Zong, wondering if he saw his joke that day, so he told his grandma about his whereabouts.

Phillip Zong was too lazy to care about him, so he was not so bored to complain.

“Don’t look at it, I said it.” Keller Shen was shocked when he saw the old lady. The old lady called him every day and cried out that Keller Shen had no choice but to give his address here. Having said that, who came to think, the old lady ran up unexpectedly.

“You…” Alan Su tickled his teeth with hatred, how could he tell the old lady whereabouts?

Being caught by the old lady, he has no freedom at all.

“What are you!” The old lady grabbed Alan Su’s ears and pulled it in. “You kid, look at my old lady, is it good to cheat? What about getting married at the end of the year? I want to see what your girlfriend has. kind!”

Ana Lin was bewildered by this sudden scene.

Phillip Zong leaned over to explain her confusion, and whispered in her ear, “This Alan Su’s grandma, his parents passed away early, and grandma brought her up.”

Ana Lin said it clearly.

No wonder Alan Su’s face changed when he saw the old lady.

The first time I saw Alan Su so afraid of being alone.

“Oh, grandma, grandma, I was wrong, I was wrong, give me some face, so many people look at it, and it’s embarrassing to pull your ears.” Alan Su admitted his mistake and begged for mercy.

The old lady glanced here, glanced over Lena Qin, and finally fixed herself on Ana Lin, looked up and down, and smiled, “You are…”

“My sister-in-law.” Without waiting for Ana Lin to answer, Alan Su answered first, for fear that the old lady wanted to get crooked.

She hadn’t heard of anyone getting married either. Her gaze was re-examined, and then she realized that Phillip Zong was standing very close to her. She seemed to understand, but some did not understand. Alan Su’s two good friends, Keller Shen, ZongPhillip knows her all, and I haven’t heard of any of them getting married.

“You got married, why didn’t you invite my old lady to a wedding drink?”

When Phillip Zong and Ana Lin got married, they had nothing but a marriage certificate. Milton Guan took Ana Lin to do it.

Those who knew that Phillip Zong was married were those close to him.

This question stopped Phillip Zong.

If he knew that he had this day, he would have used a grand wedding to marry Ana Lin in, so that everyone would know that he was married and his wife Ana Lin.

“There was no wedding at that time, so…” Ana Lin made a sound to relieve Phillip Zong.

“Oh, so…” At this time, the old lady discovered that there were two little dolls standing beside her. Because of the cold weather, the two children put on down jackets. Ruth was wearing a light green down jacket with a fur collar. Black woolen short skirt, short boots, a ponytail, full forehead, clear and bright big eyes are open at this time, the little guy’s lips are pink, and he is slightly pouted when he speaks, looks cute and cute.

“Good grandma.” Ruth’s mouth was sweet, and she called people with one mouth.

The old lady clutched her chest, thinking that the child was so cute and still so pretty.


As soon as the old lady answered, Alan Su ran over and cut it off, “Hey, it’s messy, you can’t call grandma.”

Alan Su squatted in front of Ruth and tried to help her. “Ruth, look, she is uncle’s grandmother. Uncle and your father belong to the same generation, right?”

Ruth couldn’t figure out what Alan Su was talking about.

She blinked, Uncle Su called grandma, isn’t she also called grandma?

“Ruth.” Keller Shen interjected, “You don’t want to call Alan Su an uncle in the future, you have to call him his brother, so it won’t be messy.”

“Keller Shen!” Alan Su fryed the pan at once. Didn’t he tell the old lady the address, would he be caught?

And let Xiaorui call her brother?

Then, didn’t his seniority drop all at once?

“What are you yelling at? Then frighten the child.” The old lady grabbed Alan Su’s ear again and threw it aside, “Don’t bully Keller for me.”

“Hey, hey, I am your grandson, who are you facing?” Alan Su was hurt by 10,000 points.

“Keller will not lie to me like you, I tell you, it’s the end of the year, if you don’t get married, I will break your leg, look, look…”

The old lady pulled his ears to show him the two children, “How cute, tut…”

When I saw Daniel, the old lady smashed her mouth again and again. The boy was also quite handsome. If she looked closely at Phillip Zong, she really looked like Phillip Zong. The outline of her small face was almost carved out of a mold.

Without introduction, she also knew that these two children must be Phillip Zong’s.

Alan Su also slapped his lips, who could be like Phillip Zong? So lucky to have twins silently? It’s still a fetus of a dragon and a phoenix. The most important thing is that the two children have inherited the advantages of their parents. The boy is smart and the girl is cute. They are all occupied by Phillip Zong. You say that it is not annoying?

“Don’t think about it, even if I marry a wife, I won’t have a baby.”

The old lady’s eyes widened, what, a baby?

She looked at Ruth carefully, and looked at Daniel carefully. It did look like Daniel was slightly taller. Originally, she thought it was a twin of a female compatriot, but she didn’t realize it was a pair of twins. The old lady hated iron and steel. “Look, take a look, I haven’t heard any movement. There are two such lovely children. How many good things have been done in the previous life to have such lovely children at once.”

Alan Su especially wanted to give himself two big mouths. Originally, the old lady stared at him because he was not married. Now that he knows that Phillip Zong has given birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses, she is probably madly envious. I don’t know how to force him. .

Alan Su was in dire straits.

“Phillip, can we go back one day late?” Although Alan Su is dissatisfied with the persecution of his grandma, this is his grandma, his closest person. At such an age and running so far, he wants the elderly Rest.

Phillip Zong was in a good mood and gave a faint hum.

He is the resolute and resolute President Zong in the market, and he is also an ordinary person. He is the father. He will be happy to hear someone praise his child.

I would also like to thank Ana Lin for letting him be a father and giving him the enviable dragon and phoenix children.

He hugged Ana Lin’s waist.

Ana Lin glared at him. They were all people. They looked bad. She withdrew without a trace. Phillip Zong’s hand was empty. He was not reconciled. When he was going upstairs, Ana Lin squatted down and hugged him. Daughter, and moved two steps aside, she smiled, “Alan Su, please accompany your grandma, you probably haven’t eaten when you come here so early. There should be breakfast in the restaurant now.”

“It’s a sister-in-law.” Alan Su supported the old lady’s arm, “Grandma is leaving, I must have had nothing to eat so early, I’ll get you some food.”

The old lady smiled and looked at Ana Lin, then looked at the child in her arms, she was happy, not Alan Su’s.

This Alan Su, Keller Shen, Phillip Zong, although Phillip Zong is the biggest, but the three of them are not much different. They are all one year old and two years old.

She pointed to Keller Shen and Alan Su, “You two, you are not as smart as Phillip. Look at this daughter-in-law. If the nose is a nose, if the eyes are eyes, then look at these two children, you two. Let’s take a look at yourself, what is there?”

Ana Lin, “…”

She felt embarrassed to be praised so directly.

Keller Shen grabbed his head, why did this make him talk about it?

Alan Susheng covered his face irresistibly.

Yes, he doesn’t have the skills of Phillip Zong, can he not say it so clearly?

It hurts, okay.

The happiest thing here is Phillip Zong. The corners of his lips are slightly raised, and the corners of his eyes are full of light. What can be more proud of than being praised by his wife and children?

“Grandma, let’s go, let’s go.” Alan Su dragged her, “There is nothing to eat later.”

“You know how to eat. I can’t find my wife and I will peel your skin!” The old lady said harshly.

Alan Su smiled hippiely, “You take my skin off, who will give you the end of your retirement?”

“I want you to raise it, I won’t go to the nursing home?” The old lady was not vague.

Ana Lin smiled. He probably knows who Alan Su’s temper resembles. It’s probably his grandmother.

Happy off.

This kind of personality is good, the hair is almost finished white, but it looks very energetic, more energetic than many young people.

When Ana Lin turned around holding the child and was about to go upstairs, he found Lena Qin standing aside, her expression not very good.

She handed her daughter to Phillip Zong, “Look at them two first.”

She wanted to say a few words with Lena Qin alone.

When Phillip Zong picked up his daughter, he approached Ana Lin’s ear and whispered, “My daughter-in-law is really capable and gave me two children in one go.”

Ana Lin looked up at him, this man…

He withdrew quickly, as if he hadn’t said anything just now, holding his daughter in one hand and his son in the other, “Let’s go.”

“I’ll be with you.” Keller Shen followed. It would take another day to wait. There was nothing more to do. I had to find something to pass the time. “The four of us just made the table together.”

“What are you doing for a table?” Daniel asked.

Keller Shen replied, “Of course I played cards.”

Phillip Zong squinted at him, “I want to play, go out to play.”

Don’t teach his children badly.

Keller Shen smiled, “I’ll just make a joke.”

“Uncle Shen, let’s play Sharpshooter.” Daniel let go of Phillip Zong’s hand and ran to Keller Shen’s side. He recently discovered a fun game, and there is no opponent.

Upon hearing this name, Keller Shen was quite interested, “Okay.”

The two were like-minded and went upstairs first.

Downstairs, Ana Lin walked to Lena Qin, “We two walk outside?”

Lena Qin nodded.

It was windy outside, Ana Lin gathered his coat, and the two women strolled along the roadside.

There was a whistling wind in my ears.

Ana Lin didn’t speak first, after all, it was Lena Qin’s private matter, she didn’t know how to speak.

After a long time, Lena Qin opened her mouth first, “Alan Su and I are fake.”

She confessed, “He and I drank too much, and I was accidentally seen by you. I am ashamed, he just noticed a fake dating.”

When Ana Lin understood, she felt something was wrong. Just now Alan Su’s grandma came over, and Alan Su did not introduce Lena Qin.

“What do you think, I think Alan Su…”

“Fake is fake, he is not the type I like.” Lena Qin expressed her attitude.

Ana Lin didn’t continue. Sometimes she felt that Alan Su liked Lena Qin, but she respected the decision of the parties involved.

Only the person who wears them knows whether the shoes fit.

As friends and relatives, as long as you care about them appropriately, you can’t interfere.

This is respect.

She hugged Lena Qin’s shoulders, “I will support you in any decision you make.”

Lena Qin smiled. She liked Ana Lin because she knew how to take care of others.


At this time, the phone in Ana Lin’s pocket rang, she took out the phone and looked at the caller ID…

Chapter 261

It was Jenkin Bai who came here, her heart tightened inexplicably, for some reason, thinking that Jenkin Bai would even think of Yao Qingqing.

“You answer the phone, I’ll go back first.” Lena Qin thought it was inconvenient for her to be around.

Ana Lin hesitated because she was afraid that Jenkin Bai would talk to her about Yao Qingqing, and she didn’t want to pester this matter anymore.

However, she was very persistent over there. If she didn’t answer, Jenkin Bai would not hang up, and the phone kept ringing.

Finally, she took a deep breath and pressed the answer button. Soon Jenkin Bai’s voice came over, “Have you left today?”

Ana Lin said, “Some things have been delayed and will not leave until tomorrow.”

“Then let’s meet today.” Jenkin Bai said.

Ana Lin stood by the road, looking down at her toes, “I have something, I’m afraid…”

“You will leave tomorrow, won’t you tell me alone?”

Ana Lin was silent.

“I won’t take up a lot of your time.” Jenkin Bai said again.

After knowing one, Jenkin Bai said that for this reason, she couldn’t refuse any more, so she could only agree, “You come to me.”

“I have someone pick you up, I can’t get there now.”

“Forget it, tell me where you are, and I will take a taxi.” It’s too much trouble and waste of time for people to pick up.

“You go to the villa and wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

Ana Lin was silent for a while, “Okay.”

She walked to the side of the road to take a taxi, and waited for about ten minutes before calling the taxi. She reported the address.

After half an hour, the car stopped at the villa, and Ana Lin paid to get off.

Jenkin Bai confessed to Xiaoliu. Ana Lin greeted Xiaoliu as soon as she got off the car. She smiled and said hello, “Miss Lin.”

After getting along with this little girl for a few days, Ana Lin came over, “It’s so cold outside, why aren’t you in the house.”

“Master asked me to wait for you here, saying you will come.” Koyanagi smiled and said, “Go to the house.”

Ana Lin is no stranger here, after all, he has lived for a few days.

Entering the living room, Ana Lin took off his coat and hung it on a hanger. There is air-conditioning and floor heating in the room, which is very warm. Wearing a coat makes it hot.

Koyanagi went to make coffee, “I thought I wouldn’t see you.”

She came over with hot coffee and put it on the table, “Actually, my master is quite nice.”

The two women who appeared next to Jenkin Bai liked Ana Lin better. She didn’t know why, but felt that Ana Lin was kind and easy to get along with.

Yao Qingqing feels dark, she doesn’t like it.

Ana Lin didn’t sit down, but walked towards the fish tank placed in the window, pretending that he didn’t hear Xiaoliu’s words, “This fish is still kept.”

She remembered that she was rescued with a foot injury and was inconvenient to move. Jenkin Bai was afraid that she would be bored, so she let people get these fish for her to play, saying it was to pass the time.

The fish are indeed strange these days, with bright colors and strange looks. She put her hands in the water and fiddled with the fish’s tail lightly. The fish was startled. The fish swam away quickly, making Ana Lin laugh.

Koyanagi stood aside, staring at the fish in the water, “The young man feeds this fish himself every day.”

Ana Lin raised his head, Jenkin Bai is so idle, how many fish can he play with every day? Xiaoliu smiled, “Of course, when he is there, I usually take care of a lot, change the water, and feed more, but as long as he is there, he will come to feed him.”

Because someone was playing around, the fish were swimming happily, and Ana Lin was in awe.

“I heard that the fish only has a seven-second memory. If it is a human, you can also selectively forget some things.” Suddenly a low male voice came from behind. Ana Lin turned his head and saw Jenkin Bai rolling his wheelchair towards this. While walking.

“Have you waited for a long time?” Jenkin Bai asked.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No, I just came.”

Jenkin Bai rolled her wheelchair to the fish tank and waved to Xiaoliu, “You go out first, guard outside the door, don’t let anyone in.”

Xiaoliu looked at Ana Lin and Jenkin Bai. Finally, he said nothing, bowed his head and left, walked out of the house, and closed the door.

If the big living room quieted down instantly.

Ana Lin looked at the closed door and raised an eyebrow, “Do you have any secrets to tell?”

Otherwise, Xiaoliu will be taken away and no one will be allowed in.

Jenkin Bai said calmly, “Yes, I have something to tell you.”

But it is not a secret matter.

“what’s up?”

“Sit down and talk.” Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair and walked towards the sofa.

Ana Lin followed and sat on the sofa. Xiaoliu’s coffee was still steaming. She picked it up and took a sip. When she put down the cup, she heard Jenkin Bai say, “It’s okay, but I don’t want to talk. see me.”

Ana Lin paused when she put her hand on the cup. She didn’t speak up. She knew who Jenkin Bai was talking about. At this time, she would rather be a listener.

“I know, she feels ashamed to see me.” Jenkin Bai said to himself. Now he really wants to talk to someone, otherwise he is very depressed. “The doctor said that she is not in good spirits, and I am going to treat her Take it to the nursing home.”

He hoped Yao Qingqing could live like a normal person in the future.

“I asked Yao’s family to collect evidence of her abuse. I thought that soon, the bad guys will eventually be brought to justice.”

Jenkin Bai was very calm when she said this, and after a night of digestion, his emotions have stabilized.

“I believe you can do well.” With Jenkin Bai’s identity and status here, it shouldn’t be difficult to punish two bad guys.

Jenkin Bai looked at Ana Lin, “You believe me so?”

Ana Lin smiled, “I don’t believe you, but you have this ability.”

Jenkin Bai smiled bitterly, “Do you really draw a line with me?”

Ana Lin turned the coffee cup on the table, “If I had to draw a clear line with you, I would not come today.”

How can it be possible to draw a clear line of acquaintance, without grievances and grudges?

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Yes.”

Ana Lin raised his eyes, “You just want to tell me this?”

Jenkin Bai looked straight at Ana Lin for a few seconds, feeling tangled in his heart, but he still asked, “You see that the process is Danna, right?”

Ana Lin was surprised, because Jenkin Bai’s topic changed too quickly. He was clearly talking about Yao Qingqing. How could he suddenly talk about Danna Cheng?

Moreover, he also knows Danna Cheng.

But thinking that Bai Hongfei was his adoptive father, he knew some things, so he was not confused.

“She is in City B, how could I have met her?” Ana Lin looked down at the coffee in the cup, and she agreed to the process.

She didn’t even tell Phillip Zong about this, and naturally she wouldn’t tell Jenkin Bai.

Jenkin Bai looked at her, “Be tight-lipped to me?”

Ana Lin looked at him, “How about I have seen her? What if I haven’t seen her?”

“I want to know what she said to you.” Jenkin Bai said his purpose.

Without waiting for Ana Lin’s answer, he first told what he knew, “The master who taught you how to make xiangyunsha is Danna Cheng’s brother Roberson Cheng. Danna Cheng is my adoptive father’s first love. It was because of her that he never married in his life. My adoptive father was chopped off his finger. I will not hide it from you. I am now investigating the person who chopped his finger.”

Ana Lin’s hands were violently held, Bai Hongfei was chopped off his finger?

Her thoughts moved quickly. At that time, Danna Cheng only said that Foster Wen used Bai Hongfei to threaten her to call Zong Qifeng, but did not say that Foster Wen used cruel methods to intimidate her.

So, Foster Wen chopped off Bai Hongfei’s finger to threaten Danna Cheng’s call?

“He raises me and passes the family business to me. I always want to do something for him.” Jenkin Bai stared at Ana Lin’s face. He knew that Ana Lin must know what happened back then and who it was. Cut off his adoptive father’s finger.

Ana Lin’s heart is also very contradictory. The literary family is not simple, and it is related to the Zong family.

If she said it, Jenkin Bai would go to the Wen family to avenge her, would she shed light on what happened back then?

At that time, Phillip Zong’s identity, I am afraid, will not be able to hide it.

No, she can’t take risks.

“I do not know–“

Suddenly the door was pushed open, Xiao Liu ran in in a panic, “It’s not good, someone is making trouble at the door.”

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