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Chapter 262

When someone interrupted the conversation, Jenkin Bai was very upset. He looked at Xiao Liu with a calm face, “What are you doing, so frizzy?”

Xiaoliu gasped, “There is a man at the door with a group of people, saying what made you hand over his sister.”

Jenkin Bai and Ana Lin looked at each other. Needless to say, they could guess who was outside the door.

“I’ll go out and see, don’t go out in the house.” There are not many people in the villa, and there is only a plateau outside. If there is a conflict, I am afraid of hurting her.

Ana Lin stood up. If there is a conflict, can she escape in the house?

Besides, she didn’t think that Yao Qingqing, the younger brother, came here to’save’ her sister, knowing that her sister knew Jenkin Bai, he might have come to blackmail for benefits.

“As long as you are willing to pay, I believe there will be no conflict.”

Ana Lin ridiculed lightly, ridiculing how there are people like the Yao family in this world.

Jenkin Bai’s face was also very cold, and he had a countermeasure in his heart. He raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin, “I will not let you suffer any harm in my territory.”

After speaking, he rolled his wheelchair and walked out, Xiao Liu silently followed, watching Ana Lin secretly.

She felt that Jenkin Bai was really good to her.

At the door, Yao Bin took more than a dozen pig friends and dog friends who often went around eating and drinking together. He couldn’t find Yao Qingqing. Knowing from his cousin that Yao Qingqing knew Jenkin Bai, he brought these people to Jenkin Bai. VIP.

Jenkin Bai seldom appears in public because of his legs. People in Baicheng have heard of this name and know this person, but few have seen him. Yao Bin also only hears the name of Jenkin Bai and has never seen him. people.

“Tell Jenkin Bai to come out, I just want to ask where he got my sister.” Yao Bin was sitting by the fountain in front of the villa, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and a group of bastards stood behind him.

Jenkin Bai heard this sound as soon as he walked to the door, his face was gloomy, he rolled his wheelchair to the door, and solemnly said, “I am Jenkin Bai.”

Yao Bin blinked his eyes when he saw Jenkin Bai in a wheelchair, but did not react for a while.

“Haha—Jenkin Bai turned out to be a lame. There are rumors about how powerful he is. He turned out to be just a lame!” Yao Bin slapped his thigh and laughed.

Ana Lin frowned, shocked by Yao Bin’s ignorance.

Jenkin Bai’s face was expressionless, and he looked at Yao Bin’s smile. This face was familiar to him, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Suddenly, he remembered where he had seen this face. He came out of Yao Qingqing’s house and met this man in the elevator. He was also a lame man at the time. He was very impressed.

Did he go to see Yao Qingqing that day?

“Plateau, you are becoming less and less efficient in your work now.” He remembered that when the Plateau sent someone to monitor Yao Qingqing, he didn’t notice anything.

Plateau didn’t dare to refute, and silently lowered his head. He only sent people to monitor outside the community. How could he know what was going on inside?

Now Yao Bin finished laughing, “My sister is with you?”

“Here with me.” Jenkin Bai admitted generously, and simply let Yao Bin not know what to do next.

Originally, he wanted Jenkin Bai not to admit it, so he asked him for someone under the banner of Yao Qingqing’s relatives. If he didn’t hand over the person, he would seek some benefits from it. Jenkin Bai opened his mouth and admitted, what else is he doing? Is it good to open your mouth?

“Well, where is my sister? Leave it to me and I will take him back. If you think my sister is useful, I can sell her to you.” Yao Bin bit his head.

The purpose of his coming is to get money. You must know that Bai Yin would rather be rich, the richest person in the entire Baicheng.

Jenkin Bai’s face was gloomy and lingering, and his hands were tightly holding the handrails. Good, good, really good, a big living person, he dared to talk easily!

“Yes.” Jenkin Bai agreed.

Yao Bin was overjoyed. He didn’t expect Jenkin Bai to be so happy and smile openly. “Sure enough, rich people are generous.”

The group of punks behind him also echoed.

“Let’s talk about it, how much do you want?” Jenkin Bai said in a calm mood.

When Yao Bin talked about money, he became more cautious. He rubbed his chin and thought for a while, “My sister looks good and has labor. If you are willing to buy, even if you don’t like her, it will be useful. Well, give me a million, and I will sell her to you, as long as you give me the money, she will belong to you.”

Jenkin Bai pretended to be uneasy, “You say sell it to me, just sell it to me? Does your words work? She is a big living person.”

Yao Bin was afraid that Jenkin Bai would change his mind, and said quickly, “You can rest assured that my words are sure to be useful. I have the final say in my family. She is just a wild child adopted by my family without a father or a mother. I raised her so much. It’s time to pay us back.”

“You used to ask her for money?” Jenkin Bai asked seemingly inadvertently.

Yao Bin didn’t think too much about it. The spoiled child was also innocent as a bastard. “My family raised her. It’s normal for me to ask her for some money.”

Jenkin Bai sneered and kept her up.

Are they really raised?

He closed his eyes and suppressed his emotions, “You can write me a note.”

When Yao Bin heard the drama, he was very energetic, “I wrote the handwriting, will you give me one million?”

“Yes.” Jenkin Bai said.

“I write.” Yao Bin agreed without even thinking about it.

“The plateau gives him paper and pen.” Jenkin Bai ordered.

Gao Gao turned around and went into the house to take out a pen and paper, and hand it to Yao Bin.

Yao Bin didn’t go to much school. He started fooling around when he was in junior high school. Holding a pen and paper in his hand, he didn’t know what he could write. He scratched his head and said, “How to write?”

“Teach him on the plateau.”

Gao Gao glanced at Jenkin Bai and asked in a low voice, “What should he write?”

Jenkin Bai was calm and gentle, “Buying and selling people.”

Gao Gao knows that this is to leave evidence of Yao Bin selling people.

Gao Gao says let Yao Bin write, and Yao Bin’s heart is the one million, so he writes whatever Gao Gao says.

Ten minutes later, Gao Gao took Yao Bin’s writing over to show him.

The skewed handwriting is not as good as the pupils’ writing, but the content is not bad, so he handed it back to the plateau, “Let him press his fingerprints.”

Gao Gao handed the paper to Yao Bin, “press the hand print.”

“If you don’t give me inkpad, how can I press it?”

Plateau spread his hands, “We don’t have that stuff, so we will use blood instead.”

Yao Bin’s face changed, blood, whose blood?

“You don’t want the one million to leave now, I don’t have time to spend it with you.” Jenkin Bai was deliberately anxious.

Actually compressing their thinking time.

The group of bastards behind Yao Bin persuaded, “One million, don’t you just spot blood? Make a small cut with your finger and you won’t have it.”

Yao Bin stared at the man who had just spoken, “Isn’t it just a little blood? Then scratch your hand?”

In fact, Yao Bin deliberately, he didn’t want to break the flesh, he was afraid of pain.

Knowing that these guys also care about money.

After all, he is rich, and he can also take them to drink spicy food.

“Mine is mine, but if you get one million, you have to give me twenty thousand.”

Yao Bin agreed without thinking, “Okay.”

One million, if you give him 20,000, you have to have 980,000.

The man bit his finger and handed it to Yao Bin, “Here.”

Yao Bin’s index finger was stained with blood and pressed his handprint on the paper, and threw the paper into the plateau’s arms, “Is it all right now?”

“Okay, I don’t have cash for one million now. I’ll make a phone call and let someone deliver it.” As Jenkin Bai had already taken out the phone, he dialed out.

Yao Bin is already planning what he wants to do with money, “When I get the money, I will ask you to go to the restaurant for a meal, and then dark night, I heard that there are so many girls there. I ask you to play the best lady. .”

From the beginning to the end, Ana Lin didn’t speak, and watched the development of things quietly. She knew that Jenkin Bai would not let Yao Bin go so easily.

Soon, the people who sent the money came and surrounded the entire villa with a dozen cars in front and back. The door opened and forty or fifty people came down one after another, enclosing Yao Bin and the dozen gangsters.

Chapter 263

Yao Bin was stunned, he looked at Jenkin Bai, “You, this, this, what does this mean?”

Jenkin Bai raised her eyebrows and smiled, “You seem to like violence to solve problems. I happen to have this hobby too.”

“You!” Yao Bin pointed at Jenkin Bai, “You lie to me!”

Jenkin Bai laughed louder, arrogant and aloof, “Did I say I wouldn’t do it?”

Someone leaned to Yao Bin’s ear to remind him, “He seems to have never said it.”

Yao Bin has a sense of humiliation by being played by someone. He kicked the person who had just spoken, and exclaimed, “When is it your turn to preach about Master?!”

“Yao Bin, are you crazy?” The kicked man covered his abdomen and bent over, staring at him.

“Who is Master afraid of?” Yao Bin looked terrifying, pulled out a dagger from his waist, and stabbed him at Jenkin Bai.

The opponent’s person is not good either, he was grabbed by his wrist as soon as he moved, pulled his backhand, and the dagger fell.

Jenkin Bai is going to go through legal procedures to make those who bully Yao Qingqing be punished, but before that, he has to make Yao Bin suffer.

“You can do it, as long as you don’t die, I will carry everything.”

With Jenkin Bai’s words, those people had no scruples. They copied out the baseball bat and aimed at the people who Yao Bin brought. It was a crazy fight. It was not Yao Bin’s people who didn’t want to fight back, but Jenkin Bai’s people too. Many, a few people beat one person, there is no room to fight back at all.

In this’war’, Jenkin Bai beat Yao Bin’s people to beg for mercy.

Someone in “Ghost Cry Wolf Howl” begged for mercy, “Don’t fight, we dare not.”

They were beaten lying on the ground holding their heads, curled up like a hedgehog.

“That’s right, we didn’t come here to find the fault on purpose, it’s Yao Bin, all Yao Bin…”

“A group of counsellors!” Yao Bin hates these spineless guys, begging for mercy after only two blows. If they are willing to fight with all their strength, they still have the hope of winning.

The old god Jenkin Bai was sitting there and instructed Xiaoliu, “Move a stool for Miss Lin. Such a scene is not often seen.”

Ana Lin frowned, so violent, so cold-blooded Jenkin Bai, Ana Lin saw him once.

“These people, they just owe a lesson. They thought I sent them in for a few days and they were fine when they came out. After that, I will do all the bad things. Today I will take care of their parents and discipline you, how to behave!”

“Miss Lin.” Xiaoliu put the stool behind Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t want to see such a scene. The dozen or so small gangsters had already lost their voices, and could only hear the muffled sound of the bat hitting people.

Jenkin Bai turned to look at her, “Do you think I am cruel?”

Ana Lin pursed his lips and said nothing. There are so many good and evil in this world, she is so small that she can’t judge.

She subconsciously agreed with Jenkin Bai’s approach, but she was unwilling to look directly at it.

The plateau came over and asked, “What should I do now?”

Jenkin Bai looked at the plateau and was very dissatisfied with the questions he asked. After being with him for so long, don’t he understand his thoughts?

The plateau suddenly realized, “Send to the police station.” After saying that, he went to clean up those unconscious punks who had been beaten.

“Mr. Bai.” A thin-looking man walked over as he watched as a gentleman.

This person is the leader of those dozens of people, and these are the same a**holes, but they seem to know Jenkin Bai very well.

“Tell you two masters, I’ve written down this favor, and I will come personally next day.” Jenkin Bai said to the man.

The man smiled, “I must tell, I’ll leave it to Mr. Bai here, and I will take the people away first.”

Jenkin Bai nodded.

About ten minutes later, the front of the villa was cleaned up. Jenkin Bai glanced at the time, “It’s almost noon, let’s have a meal together.”

Ana Lin resolutely refused, “Xiao Xi and Ruth are still waiting for me, I will go back first.”

Speaking that Ana Lin had already walked towards the gate of the villa, the breeze was blowing, and the blood remaining in the air could be vaguely smelled, she gathered her coat and speeded up her pace.

The location of the villa is not easy to take a taxi. She walked out of the door of the villa and walked along the road to the main road, where there was a lot of traffic and it was convenient to take a taxi.


A flashlight flashed, and Ana Lin walked aside.

“I see you off.”

Ana Lin turned around and saw Jenkin Bai lowered the window and looked at her, “It’s not easy to take a taxi here.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Why are you afraid of me abducting you?”

He drove over, but Ana Lin continued to refuse, and got into the car.

“You refuse me so, are you afraid that Zong will be jealous?”

Ana Lin heard Jenkin Bai’s voice as soon as he sat down.

She looked up at him.

Jenkin Bai thought she would deny it, but she didn’t want to hear her say, “He is my husband, I always have to take care of his feelings.”

Jenkin Bai’s heart suddenly lacked a hole, and said with a strong smile, “You have such a good relationship with him.”

Ana Lin smiled and did not answer.

Soon the carriage calmed down. Ana Lin looked out the window and didn’t take the initiative to speak. Jenkin Bai didn’t say any more, he was afraid he would be even more uncomfortable.

There is no kind of pain that is the deep feeling of looking at the person you like, the heart-wrenching feeling of another person.

The two of them are most afraid of being quiet for a moment.

“I have a guess.” Suddenly Jenkin Bai said.

Ana Lin asked, “How to guess?”

“Phillip Zong, may be Danna Cheng’s daughter.” Jenkin Bai just guessed, based on the information he knew.

“My adoptive father Bai Hongfei said, let me marry Danna Cheng’s daughter. That is to say, he knows that Danna Cheng has given birth to children and she married Zong Qifeng. Then where did you say her children went?”

Ana Lin didn’t expect Jenkin Bai to guess this relationship. Her heart was turbulent, and she finally returned to peace. Her face was extremely calm, “Zong Bai has a big brain hole.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Am I wrong?”

Ana Lin also laughed, dripping water. “You said you guessed it, but there must be no evidence. If you ask me, how would I know?”

At this time, the car stopped in front of the hotel, and Ana Lin opened the door, “I’m leaving now.”

When she got up, the coat got stuck in the gap in the seat, and Jenkin Bai helped her pull it out. “My car has been specially modified. This place shouldn’t be done well, otherwise there won’t be such a big gap.”

His special car was modified because it had to get on and off the wheelchair.

Jenkin Bai leaned over. The distance between the two was very close, especially when they came in from the outside, it seemed that the two were looking down and whispering, saying something secret, very intimate.

“Okay.” Pulling out the corner of the clothes caught in the gap, Jenkin Bai said with a smile, “Do I have to pay you a coat?”

Ana Lin said lightly, “President Bai is polite.”

After speaking, she got out of the car.

However, as soon as he turned around, he saw a man standing in the doorway full of anger.

Ana Lin, “…”

Chapter 264

“What are you doing?” The voice that seemed to come from his chest was dull.


After being quiet for three seconds, Ana Lin pretended to be calm and said, “He sent me back.”

Phillip Zong laughed, his pupils were pitch-dark, he thought he was calm, and he said not calmly, “Send you back, it takes you to be so close. It’s because I’m dazzled, or someone has other thoughts.”

Ana Lin’s eyelids twitched when he heard these words, this person has a small heart.


“You go in.” He interrupted Ana Lin who wanted to explain.

Ana Lin felt a little in his heart, and Yousi walked into the hotel in a hurry.

“Mr. Bai, come down, let’s talk.” His voice was surprisingly calm, and this calm was limited to the surface.

Jenkin Bai got out of the car with the help of the plateau. Phillip Zong didn’t look at him, and walked towards the green area outside the hotel. Jenkin Bai followed behind.

“Zong, what do you want to tell me?”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped abruptly. He turned around and grabbed Jenkin Bai’s collar with a strong hand. Jenkin Bai’s body left the wheelchair.

“My warning, don’t you understand?”

Jenkin Bai’s neck was tightened, and the words squeezed out of her throat, “I don’t have it, I think Zong Zong misunderstood. I saw Miss Lin, but I wanted to ask her something.”

Phillip Zong sneered, obviously not believing it, Ana Lin had no thoughts, but Jenkin Bai’s thoughts were clear.

“Regarding the previous things, I think as long as Miss Lin Ken said, everything will be clear, and we don’t have to spend time and effort investigating. It is not easy to investigate such a long matter…”

Phillip Zong’s strength in his hands is a little bit stronger. He is slightly possessed, condescending and menacing, “I am interested in Danna Cheng’s affairs, but I will never force her to say something she doesn’t want to say, you touched me As for the bottom line of cooperation, this is the end, we all rely on our ability.”

After Phillip Zong released his hand, Jenkin Bai fell into the wheelchair, and the shaking wheelchair shook a few times, as if it were falling apart.

Jenkin Bai was not reconciled, “Has Zong Zong ever thought about how much we can find out if previous things were concealed intentionally? Or, how long will it take to find out?”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused, and his lips curled coldly, “What if I can’t find it?”

He is different from Jenkin Bai. Jenkin Bai wanted to find out what happened before because he wanted to avenge his adoptive father’s finger-cutting, while Phillip Zong was simply interested in Danna Cheng.

Why did she hide her surname, did Zong Qifeng know this?

He knew that Danna Cheng must have a secret, he wanted to know, but he would not force Ana Lin to speak.

In fact, in his heart, he was afraid to know the truth of the secret. He felt that Ana Lin’s change of attitude towards him was related to the secret.

A secret that can make her change her attitude, he knows, it must not be simple, I am afraid, it also involves himself.

He was contradictory, wanted to know, and afraid to know.

In the hotel, because Alan Su’s grandma came, Alan Su arranged a meal to pick up the wind and dust for her grandma, and called everyone together. The largest private room in the hotel was crowded, except for Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin held her daughter and touched her hair for a while to conceal her inner anxiety. She didn’t know if Phillip Zong would conflict with Jenkin Bai.

“Let me introduce to everyone first, this one, my grandmother, pissed and raised me.” Alan Su grandly introduced.

The old lady didn’t cooperate with him at all, “Who doesn’t know that I am your grandmother, do you need an introduction? There are no outsiders here, just tell me, you said you got married at the end of the year, and your girlfriend is there!”

Alan Su’s expression stalked, and the whole person wilted in an instant, like a frosted eggplant.

This old lady is like the devil. Where is your girlfriend in three sentences? Are you sure to get married at the end of the year?

I asked it back and forth several times, and it was only one morning.

He felt like he was going crazy.

Now he can’t wait to find a woman to get married right away, so that the old lady will stop talking about it.

Keller Shen watched the play silently. Lena Qin’s attitude was irrelevant, without interrupting or expressing opinions, and occasionally chatted with Daniel who was sitting next to her.

Ana Lin was obviously worried and not emotional.

The old lady glanced around on the table, Ana Lin said she couldn’t think about it anymore, now it’s Lena Qin, “What’s your name?”

Lena Qin looked at Alan Su for a while, and the old lady for a while, “My name is Lena Qin.”

“Lena Qin? Your surname is Qin, the single word Ya?” the old lady asked with a smile.

Lena Qin nodded, “Yes.”

The old lady asked again, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Before Lena Qin could speak, Keller Shen answered her, “Yes.”

The old lady’s face drooped immediately, thinking why not waiting for her family Alan Su to find her boyfriend so early?

Hey, hey, the old lady sighed in her heart.

Lena Qin turned to look at Keller Shen.

Keller Shen smiled and spread his hands, “Didn’t you and Alan Su announce to us that you are in love?”

Alan Su, “…”

The old lady’s eyes lit up, Lena Qin was in love with Alan Su?

In other words, does her grandson have a girlfriend?


With a slap, the old lady slapped Alan Su on the back, grinning complainingly, “Why don’t you tell grandma?”

Alan Su took a deep breath and looked at Lena Qin silently, not even daring to breathe out.

“Ouch.” The old lady was so happy, she stood up from her position and walked to Lena Qin, and looked left and right. Although she stood with Ana Lin, she was not so outstanding, but she took a closer look. He looks good, with a melon seed face, big eyes, white, and very young.

The old lady grabbed Lena Qin’s hand and held it in her hand, “Why don’t you tell me when you are in love with Alan Su, is he bullying you? I tell you, if Alan Su dares to bully you, you just tell me, I beat him.”


“Grandma, grandma, don’t scare my girlfriend.” Alan Su came over and interrupted, “I dare not tell you, just because you are agitated.”

“Alan Su…”

“Grandma, sit down.” Alan Su just refused to let Lena Qin speak, as long as she spoke, he would deliberately interrupt.

Lena Qin’s face flushed red, isn’t this person a rogue, she had clearly told him before.

“Okay, okay, okay.” The old lady looked at Lena Qin, and the more she looked at it, the more satisfied she became. She said three good times, showing how happy and satisfied Lena Qin was.

This is deceit, this is kidnapping, she must not let Alan Su use her to deceive the old lady.

“Alan Su, come out with me.” She must make it clear.

Alan Su patted the old lady on the shoulder, “Lena Qin and I went outside and said a few words, and we will come in soon.”

“If you have anything to say, why go out?” The old lady wanted to talk to Lena Qin to understand her family situation.

Alan Su’s face turned straight, “Why, do you want to listen to our whispers?”

“Don’t listen, don’t listen.” The old lady waved her hand quickly.

The grandson is so old, it is hard to find a girlfriend, and I can’t divide it because of her.

Then the gain is not worth the loss.

When Lena Qin passed by Alan Su, he pulled the corner of his clothes, “Hurry up.”

Alan Su calmed the old lady, “She is embarrassed and thin-skinned, so I am afraid she is embarrassed. I didn’t tell you that she is my girlfriend. I will comfort her.”

“Go.” The old lady waved her hand to coax her girlfriend. She raised her hands in favor.

So comforted the old lady Alan Su before walking out of the private room, and seeing Lena Qin standing in the corridor angrily, he took a deep breath and walked over.

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