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Chapter 265

Alan Su decided that instead of being so forced by the old lady every day, it is better to find a woman to marry.

On the one hand, his ear roots are clean, on the other hand, he has indeed reached the age of getting married. It just so happens that he doesn’t hate Lena Qin, he has a good impression and likes it.

He thinks it is feasible to marry a wife.

“Alan Su, what do you mean, you said that we were in a fake relationship and we broke up after an embarrassing period. Why didn’t you just say it?”

Alan Su took her hand, and Lena Qin shook it vigorously, “You don’t want this one, go in and make it clear now, we have broken up, it’s impossible, just tell the truth.”

“I’m not going to tell you.” Alan Su played a rogue. He settled his mind and wanted to find a way to get Lena Qin. “You sleep with me, you have to be responsible to me.”

Lena Qin, “…”

“Alan Su, are you still a man?!” Lena Qin trembled angrily.

Fortunately, he could say it, and his face was gone.

Alan Su leaned against the wall, his slender figure leaning, “Is it a man, don’t you know?”

Lena Qin, “…”

“Well, don’t you say it, I will say it myself.” She couldn’t let Alan Su succeed.

However, she had only taken two steps, and she was suddenly grabbed by the wrist. She had no time to react. Alan Su’s arm slammed, Lena Qin’s body fell backward and fell into a warm embrace.

“Alan Su!”

Lena Qin was forced, raised her hand and slapped her face to greet him, but Alan Su grabbed her hand. He pushed her hand behind him in the opposite direction and clasped her head with the other hand. , k*ssed hard.


Lena Qin’s eyes became wider and wider, as if the eyeballs were about to pop out, he, he actually…

Alan Su bit her lip, screaming, “If you don’t agree to marry me, I won’t let go.”

Lena Qin wanted to cry angrily, he was too bullying.

Before she knew it, a thin layer of water continued in her eyes, and her voice was hoarse, “Um…Alan Su, you are too bullying.”

Alan Su relaxed a little, but did not completely let go. He bit her ear, “You said you can’t pay someone for buying vegetables? If you sleep with me, you will give me a name, you say is not it?”

Lena Qin cried angrily, really crying, tears rolling down.

Alan Su panicked, hurriedly let go of her hand and wiped her tears, “Don’t look at me before like changing girlfriends, in fact, I didn’t sleep a lot…”

Lena Qin cried more fiercely. It was the first time for her, and of course it was the first time that the person who wanted her was also hoped.

It seems that this is fair.

However, Alan Su has slept with many women.

Alan Su was surprised that he had said the wrong thing, and slapped his mouth, “Don’t worry, I won’t find another woman anymore. I only want you, okay?”

Lena Qin ignored it and cried.

Alan Su was sweating anxiously, “I was wrong, I was wrong, I beg you not to cry.”

Lena Qin stared at him and wiped her tears, “Go and tell everyone clearly, I won’t cry.”

Alan Su, “…”

“Then you cry.”

“Alan Su!” Lena Qin punched and kicked, all greeted Alan Su.

Alan Su stood still and let her be violently treated.

He understood that Lena Qin, a girl who was deprived of him, was forced to marry him now, and that there was resentment and anger in her heart, all normal.

As long as she can calm down, hit a few hits.

At this time, a person came down from the ladder and walked towards this side. Alan Su grabbed Lena Qin’s fist and pulled her into his arms. Lena Qin’s eyes widened. He came again, just about to open his mouth. Scolding him, I heard his smiling voice, “Everyone is in the private room, so you are the only one left.”

Phillip Zong glanced at him and gave a faint hum.

Seeing that it was Phillip Zong and Lena Qin, he swallowed back.

Alan Su hugged her, soft and hard, “Lena Qin, you said, we are all having a relationship, we should be getting married in the first place, don’t you think it is.”

“This is not ancient…”

“It’s the modern age, we have to lead by example.” Alan Su said righteously.

“But I don’t like you.” Lena Qin blinked, thinking this reason is sufficient.

Alan Su, “…”

He took a deep breath, “It’s okay, I will try to make you like me. Besides, I’m not ugly or old. I have confidence.”

Lena Qin, “…”

“What if I still don’t like you?”

“Well—” Alan Su thought for a while, “If you still don’t like me after 80 years, I will let you go free.”

Lena Qin, “…”

“Go, go.” Alan Su hugged her, “Everyone is waiting for us, you can’t be so headstrong and let others wait.”

Lena Qin, “…”

She opened her mouth, only to find that a word could not refute him.

Private room.

When Phillip Zong walked in, everyone thought it was Alan Su and Lena Qin, and they all looked over here. Seeing that it was Phillip Zong, Keller Shen curled his lips, “I still want to watch a good show.”

The result was not Alan Su and Lena Qin.

Phillip Zong opened the chair silently and took his daughter into his arms.

Sitting with an empty chair between Ana Lin.

Ana Lin held the hand under the table tightly, and stopped talking several times. This is not suitable for her and Phillip Zong to explain. She sighed, thinking, wait until the dinner is over.

“Sorry, Lena Qin and I have kept you waiting for a long time.”

Alan Su came in with Lena Qin in his arms.

The old lady’s smiling eyes narrowed into a line, and she was happy in her heart, “This will be the end of the year soon. Let the wedding be done as soon as possible.”

Alan Su was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, “Okay.”

Lena Qin struggled, “I am not…”

“Lena Qin doesn’t want grandma to worry about my lifelong affairs, and has already agreed,” Alan Su interrupted her again.

Lena Qin is going crazy. This person is simply…

Alan Su approached her and whispered, “My grandma is too old and can’t stand the toss, do you have the heart to watch her old man worry about me?”

Yes, his grandma seems to be quite young, but she can’t sacrifice her to fulfill his filial piety.

Alan Su took her hand and pressed it to his heart, staring at her deeply, and whispered, “You really don’t feel anything for me?”

Lena Qin didn’t dare to look directly into his eyes. Actually, it wasn’t that she didn’t feel a little bit. She liked being mature and stable, but Alan Su’s slick tongue made people feel very insecure.

Therefore, she repelled.

It’s not completely absent.

“You dare not look at me because you have a guilty conscience. In fact, you like me.” Alan Su approached her ear, using a volume that only she could hear, the two of them whispered’k*ss me to me’ and they seemed to have a good relationship. Look like.

“Alright, alright.” Keller Shen interrupted the two of them. “If you want to show affection, please go back to the room. I want to eat.”

Alan Su’s hand fell heavily on his shoulder and shook it, “I thank you for getting married.”

It wasn’t that Keller Shen helped him break the relationship in front of the old lady. He still didn’t know how to introduce Lena Qin to the old lady.

Keller Shen smiled beautifully, “Yeah, you mean I am a matchmaker?”

“I can’t get married without your wedding wine…” Alan Su was also in a good mood.

“December 18 is a good day. I think the wedding will be held here. When I go back, I will get a marriage certificate.”

As soon as the old lady’s voice fell, the whole private room was quiet.

If I remember correctly, it’s fifteen today, three days from eighteen, or two days to be precise.

Is this too urgent?


Alan Su was interrupted by the old lady as soon as he wanted to open his mouth, “Don’t tell me, that’s it, let the wedding be done first, and then go back to City B to make up the rest.”

Keller Shen approached the old lady and asked in a low voice, “Grandma, will this be too rushing? There are a lot of things to prepare for the wedding. How can it be enough for two days? Besides, relatives and friends are all in city B and we are doing weddings here, right? Not suitable?”

The old lady also leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m afraid Ye Chang will have more dreams, because Liu Feifei is back, I’m afraid he will be sad for that woman again.”

Chapter 266

Because this Liu Feifei Alan Su was once decadent and depressed, and for a long time he could not get out of the shadow of broken love.

The old lady didn’t like this woman who made her grandson sad, so, just in case Alan Su went back and saw Liu Feifei change his mind, she decided to let Alan Su have a wedding here before going back.

Keller Shen’s expression changed, and now he finally understood why the old lady had to ask about Alan Su’s whereabouts, and chased him in the winter.

It turned out that Liu Feifei came back, and she was afraid that her grandson would get better with Liu Feifei.

The old lady was afraid that Keller Shen would tell Alan Su, she took his arm and threatened, “You are not allowed to tell Alan Su, or I will live.”

Originally, Keller Shen was still mentally wondering whether to tell Alan Su or not, after all, the woman he used to like very much has now returned.

Now he really didn’t dare to say it. When the old lady was angry, he was guilty of anger.

Now he regretted asking the old lady this.

Knowing is better than not knowing.

It is wrong to say, and it is wrong not to say.

“Why are you whispering?” Alan Su moved here.

Keller Shen pushed him over, “Ah, uh… uh, I’m thinking about how big a red envelope you can get when you get married.” It took a long time for Keller Shen to pull out a lie that he thought was not looping.

Alan Su didn’t realize that his grandma was so anxious to get him to marry, and there was something abnormal. At most, it was a little tighter than usual. She usually urged him to get married in this way.

“Of course the bigger the better.” Alan Su said happily.

Of course someone is happy to pack red envelopes.


Keller Shen is not stingy, “I will give you a big one.”

“It just so happens that all of your good friends are here, and I think this hotel is also good. That’s it. Your wedding will be held on the eighteenth.”

“That, I…”

“It’s okay, it will be the same sooner or later.”

Lena Qin wanted to say that she hadn’t agreed to the marriage, but Alan Su grabbed her hand. He was afraid of dragging Lena Qin to change her mind, so he said, “Okay, it’s eighteen, the marriage certificate is back. Make up.”

In this way, the marriage of Alan Su and Lena Qin was settled.

After lunch, the old lady took Keller Shen to the person in charge of the hotel here to discuss the venue.

Ana Lin was always upset because of Phillip Zong’s deliberate estrangement. She did not express any personal opinions on the marriage of Alan Su and Lena Qin.

In addition, Alan Su pulled the people away, and she didn’t have the time or opportunity to speak to Lena Qin.

“Mummy, I think you are in a bad mood.” Daniel shook her hand. “Are you in conflict with him?”

Usually Phillip Zong likes to stick to Mommy, but today, not only does he stop sticking to Mommy, he didn’t even sit with her for dinner.

Ana Lin touched his son’s head, pretending to have something in his heart, and was unwilling to tell his son that the child was so delicate that he might find out what he might have to worry about.

But it was obvious that Phillip Zong’s performance was abnormal, so Ana Lin said, “It’s nothing serious, and there is no couple that doesn’t quarrel.”

“Oh, then you guys should make up quickly.” Daniel said with concern.

Ana Lin smiled and said yes.

When he arrived in the room, Daniel let go of Ana Lin’s hand and went back to the room by himself. Recently, he was addicted to games and played games in bed when he had time.

Phillip Zong took Ruth and was not in the room. Ana Lin went to another room to find someone. He was still not there, and the room was empty without a single figure.

When she took out her mobile phone and was about to call Phillip Zong, someone suddenly grabbed her dress. She lowered her head and saw Ruth standing behind her, smiling, she put her mobile phone in her pocket and squatted down to hug her daughter. I looked up and saw Phillip Zong standing not far from her.

She tightened her daughter’s hand slightly.

Ruth touched her face, “Mommy, who did you just call?”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “I didn’t want to make a call. I took my mobile phone to see what time it was.”

“Oh, what about brother?” The little girl blinked.

“in the room.”

“Then I’ll go find him to play.” The little girl hopped to find Daniel in the house.

Seems to have found Daniel, the little guy’s excited voice came out, “Brother.”

Ana Lin stood up from the ground and looked at Phillip Zong, the two were relatively speechless.

It took a long time for Ana Lin to figure out how to speak, “That me…”

Phillip Zong didn’t listen to her, but walked into the room on his own.

Ana Lin, “…”

He took the computer and sat on the sofa to deal with the documents Milton Guan had sent him. In fact, these were all secondary. He was waiting for Ana Lin to explain to him.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Ana Lin, he likes the way Ana Lin takes the initiative to speak to him and take the initiative to explain.

Because she is willing to take the initiative to explain, it proves that she cares about him.

“Lena Qin and I went out to receive a call from Jenkin Bai. He asked me out. After all, we were friends with one meeting, so I agreed. He told me about Yao Qingqing. Later, Yao Qingqing’s brother went to see him. There was a little conflict, and it took a lot of time. He invited me to lunch, but I refused. When I came back, my coat was clipped in the gap in the seat. He helped me get it out, and you saw it. “

Phillip Zong’s face didn’t fluctuate, as if he hadn’t heard her words. In fact, her ears had already heard every word she said clearly. He didn’t speak at this moment, pretending to be angry, and was waiting for Ana Lin to coax him. .

I don’t know if it’s what he thought in his heart, and he would do what he did. He even wrote where he needed to sign; come to coax me.

Milton Guan saw these three words over there, and didn’t come back for a long time.

I tremblingly sent a message and asked; how to coax?

When Phillip Zong saw these three words of information, he was taken aback for a moment. He just wanted to reprimand Milton Guan for not being serious. After a closer look at himself, he shuddered and quickly withdrew.

Ana Lin looked very busy seeing him, did not continue to disturb him, and said, “I am not a casual person, please believe me, you are busy.” After speaking, he turned and left.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Is this gone?

Didn’t it explain?

Shouldn’t you k*ss him, hug him, please him, make him believe in her, don’t be angry or something?

He hasn’t spoken yet, and he hasn’t said whether he is angry, why did he leave?

He put down the computer and chased it out, but Ana Lin was a step late and went down the elevator, just by mistake with Ana Lin.

The elevator next to him didn’t know what was doing down there for a long time. He didn’t respond after pressing a few times. In a hurry, he ran into the stairwell and ran down from above.

Yes, in order to catch up with Ana Lin, he ran down regardless of his image.

When he came down, Ana Lin had asked the driver to leave the hotel.

Lena Qin is going to get married. Ana Lin wants to design a wedding dress for her. Time is running out. She needs to buy tools and accessories to sew the wedding dress. She has a large piece of fragrant cloud yarn that Roberson Cheng gave her, which happens to be white. Yes, she wants to use that piece of fabric as the main yarn, and she also needs a little bit of lace for embellishment.

She asked from the waiter in the hotel that there was a place called Commodity City, where there was everything. She wanted to go and see if she could find what she wanted.

She already had the outline of the wedding dress in her mind, and she was only short of materials.

Make bricks without straw.

After a while, the car stopped at the Commodity City, Ana Lin got off the car, and then the driver came down and followed her in.

There are a lot of cars parked at the entrance, and the large parking lot is full of cars. They are all coming here to buy goods. People who come and go with large bags and small bags are all people.

The driver sighed with emotion, “This place is not big, and a lot of people come here to buy goods.”

Ana Lin nodded, also feeling that such a small place can attract so many people, there must be something extraordinary, she quickened her pace, “Let’s go in.”

Chapter 267

There are really a lot of people, but fortunately, the entrance and exit are not set up in the same position, so it will not appear too crowded to enter in.

The driver followed Ana Lin’s footsteps, for fear of things beyond his control.

He is a driver and a bodyguard. Following Ana Lin, he naturally wants to protect her safety, otherwise he cannot explain it when he returns.

There are three floors, and each floor is very broad. There are rows of store doors, with a wide range of goods and everything, only you can’t think of, there is nothing that is not here.

Ana Lin’s sight was attracted to a toy store, perhaps because she was the mother of two children, and she wanted to go in when she saw toys to see if there was anything her child liked.

Daniel likes brainy toys. He doesn’t even look at the stuffed toys of cats and dogs. On the contrary, Ruth likes fluffy toys.

Ana Lin’s gaze was attracted by a polygonal Rubik’s Cube. She took it in her hand and looked at it. There are nearly fifty modules on one side, each of which is only the size of a small fingernail, with a total of six sides.

Ana Lin turned a few times, and felt it was difficult.

“The average person can’t play it. If you buy them for children, I suggest you buy these.” The owner of the toy store came to introduce him, pointing to the rows of all kinds of Rubik’s cubes on the shelf, with triangles, four corners or square Rubik’s cubes. These are more suitable for children between 5 and 10 years old. How old is your child?”

“Five years old.” Ana Lin still likes this one in his hand.

Daniel’s troubles are too simple.

“This is suitable.” The shop owner took a triangular one, which is more novel than a square one, with fewer sides and relatively simple, suitable for five-year-old children.

Ana Lin smiled and took out his wallet, “I want this. Help me install it.”

The boss also smiled. He will sell whatever the customer wants to buy, mainly if he can sell it.

“I’ll help you get a new one.” The boss went inside to find the unopened package, still muttering, “What a strange person, he thinks his child is a genius.”

There were only two Rubik’s cubes in his shop. They were originally put in boxes, but there were so many people who watched them and no one bought them at all. They thought it was impossible to finish them. Later, he took them apart and put them here for offering. There were many people who came in to play and try it out, but no one bought it.

I sold it today. The boss is still very happy. This Rubik’s Cube is complicated to make and the purchase price is high. He thought it would hit his hand, but he did not expect it to be sold today.

The boss found the Rubik’s Cube and took it with a smile, put it in a bag and handed it to Ana Lin, “Your kids must be very smart, right.”

Ana Lin smiled and did not speak. In her heart, she felt that her son was the smartest.

Like mothers in the world, she feels that her child is the best.

Ana Lin asked, “How much is it?”

“360 yuan.”

Ana Lin took out 400 yuan in cash for him, and the boss found 50 for her, “Let you 10 yuan, the purchase price of my Rubik’s cube is 350. It has been two years and it hasn’t been sold. You bought it today. I am not at a loss.”

Ana Lin took the recovered money and walked out of the store with the bag, and the driver came over and said, “I’ll carry it.”

Ana Lin waved, “No need.”

It’s not a heavy thing either.

The driver guarded Ana Lin and shuttled between various shops. People coming and going were all people, completely unaware. Behind him, there was a man wearing a blue pie, wearing a peaked cap and a black mask. People are following them secretly.

This floor was full of toys and accessories. There was nothing she wanted, so she went up to the second floor. When taking the elevator, Ana Lin felt that someone was looking at her. She turned her head and found no one looking at her.

“What’s wrong?” the driver asked.

Ana Lin shook her head, she glanced back again, and indeed no one was looking at her.

She turned around with suspicion, and soon the elevator reached the second floor. She found that there was something she wanted on this floor, so she quickened her pace and left behind her thoughts that someone was spying on her.

She ran on the second floor and found the lace she wanted. The texture was delicate, soft and thin, which she wanted.

“This is a bit expensive.” Ana Lin was pleased to find what she wanted, and when she was fascinated, the owner of the store walked over and said.

As a fashion designer, Ana Lin has a broad knowledge of fabrics and can understand the price. She calmly asked, “Is this a Lunzhi for sale?”

The boss nodded, “Yes, 1880 a foot.”

Ana Lin looked up at the boss, smiled, “Can’t it be cheaper?”

“This is the cheapest price. This whole mall is only available in my house, and there is absolutely no second one. Because it is expensive, no one wants to sell it.”

Ana Lin squeezed it in his hand and rubbed it, “This material is woven from silk, so it is light, light, and transparent, and delicate to the touch, but the price you said is a bit more expensive.”

As soon as the boss heard that this is an expert, he knew the ingredients by touching it with his hands, and he didn’t dare to increase it. “Um, how much do you want, I’ll be cheaper.”

“I might need a few meters.”

As soon as the boss heard of the big customers, it was a few meters away from the shot. The corner of the boss’s mouth was raised, and he grinned, “I’ll give you a discount.”

Ana Lin is not reluctant to pay, but the boss said at the beginning that the price is too high, the material is expensive, not so expensive, “1080 a foot.”

“This can’t be so much less.” The smile on the boss’s face gradually pressed down and sank.

“You don’t lose, 1080 a foot, you earn 80 yuan per foot, I want six meters, three feet per meter, that is 18 feet, you can still earn 1440.”

The boss is really dumbfounded. She actually knows that his purchase price is really an expert, not a bargaining tactic.

“You did this too?” If it weren’t for the fabric, it would be impossible to know the price so clearly.

“That’s it.” Ana Lin didn’t say specifically what he did.

“Okay, I’ll sell it to you.” The boss is also a good speech, earning a little is a little bit, such expensive materials, not many people buy it.

Buying Jimmy at once is also a major customer.

There are many imitations, which look very similar to this one, and the price is low, which makes it hard to sell the authentic products.

The boss gave Ana Lin a thumbs up, “You still know the goods.”

The size was cut, the boss neatly stacked it in a delicate box, put it in a bag, and handed it to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin took out his wallet and took out a bank card and handed it to him, “No password.”

She doesn’t have that much cash.

“Good.” The boss took the card with both hands and went to the counter to swipe it. After the receipt came out, the boss took the card and the receipt and handed it to Ana Lin, “I have other materials here, do you need it?”

Ana Lin took the card and put it in his wallet, shook his head, “No need… By the way, boss, do you know where there are pearls?”

Ana Lin is unfamiliar here. In the past, she had her own purchase channels and all the accessories on her clothes had sources. Mainly now, she is not in country A and no longer in city B, so she can only get what she wants. Ask them these locals.

“If you just want to buy one or two, go to the jewelry store. If you want more, you have to go to the farm. You can choose and the price is affordable.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, she really wanted a lot, “Do you know where there is a breeding farm?”

“Do you want a lot?” the boss asked.

Ana Lin nodded. “

“In this way, you give me your address, what do you want to tell me, I’ll get it for you…” The boss smiled, “In the middle, I make a little bit, so you can save trouble, how about? “

Ana Lin thought for a while, and agreed, “Yes.”

It was a waste of time for her to buy it herself. Someone got it for her. She would save a lot of time by paying some money. Ana Lin wrote down the specifications she wanted on paper, as well as the address, “It’s better to give it tonight. I delivered it, I was in a hurry.”

The boss promised, “Don’t worry, it will be delivered to you at night.”

The driver took the initiative to carry things and bought everything he wanted. Ana Lin and the driver went back to the house.

When he took the elevator to the first floor, Ana Lin gave the driver everything, “You go to the car and wait for me.”

The driver saw the people coming and going here, afraid of being unsafe, and said, “I’ll wait for you at the door.”

Ana Lin nodded if it was difficult for him to go to the bathroom.

She followed the instructions to find the location of the restroom, and when she came out after going to the restroom, and was about to go to the door to find the driver, she was suddenly grabbed by her wrist.

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