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Chapter 268

The moment Ana Lin was caught in a cold sweat.

“Who are you?” Her nervous voice trembled, and she was extremely worried.

Rios He turned his head and pulled down the mask.

When he saw this face, the blood on Ana Lin’s face suddenly disappeared.

He, it’s him, Rios He.

She feared the man who imprisoned her and hurt her.

She reprimanded coldly, “You let me go!”

Rios He grabbed her hand and gritted her teeth, “I won’t let go!”

It took so long before he found such an opportunity, how could he let it go easily!

People come and go here, and when they see the two of them entangled together, someone will stop and take a look.

Ana Lin didn’t want to be taken away again, and shouted, “I don’t know you, please let me go immediately, or I will call the police.”

It attracted the attention of many people in an instant.

Rios He panicked for a moment, then calmed his mind, took Ana Lin and hugged him, “Don’t you just twist and twist? As for making such a big fire?”

He explained to the people who came over, “I’m sorry to quarrel with you, she is my girlfriend and she is arguing with me.”

There was a sigh. Someone thought they were doing good deeds, and came up to persuade Ana Lin, “Little girl, it’s not good to be so capricious. There are so many people here. If you quarrel with your boyfriend like this, your boyfriend will have no face.”

Ana Lin shook his head desperately, “I am not his girlfriend, I don’t know him…”

“I was wrong. I said I was wrong. I won’t annoy you anymore. Don’t make a fuss, okay, come home with me.”

Rios He hugged her and dragged her out.

Knowing that they were’couples quarreling’, no one came up to help.

On the contrary, many people are still helping Rios He, feeling that Ana Lin is noisy and ignorant, and has quarrels with her boyfriend outside, regardless of the man’s face.

No one would help her. Ana Lin clenched her hands, her heart was stern, she sank her body abruptly, and while Rios He was grasping her, she grabbed his arm and bit it down.

Rios He was in pain, and the strength in her hands was relieved. Ana Lin took the opportunity to get out of his control. She just wanted to run away, but was grabbed by the arm, and she turned around as a stranger.

“Don’t be so capricious, look at how your boyfriend hurts when you bite?”

“I’m not his girlfriend!” She growled fiercely every word.

The man was taken aback, his hand released, as if he was shocked by Ana Lin’s angry aura.

“Yan Yan…” Rios He reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Let go of her!” At this moment, the driver ran over here quickly. Rios He didn’t look good, let go of Ana Lin, and ran away quickly.

The driver wanted to chase him, Ana Lin yelled to him, “Don’t chase, there are so many people here, just hide it, you can’t find it.”

The driver walked up to Ana Lin, “Are you okay?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Let’s go.”

“You really aren’t his girlfriend?” The person who just grabbed Ana Lin for Rios He stood there in a daze. He originally wanted to help, but it didn’t seem to be the case.

Ana Lin looked back at him coldly and said nothing.

It is Rios He who is shameless, saying that they are lovers, that will make these people misunderstand and speak to him.

It was not the driver who arrived in time, and she didn’t know if she could run away.

The driver followed her out of the mall without leaving any steps, and only slightly let go of Ana Lin’s tense nerves in the car. He still had lingering fears about what happened just now.

Has Rios He been following her in the dark? Will rush out whenever there is a chance?

She didn’t know, there were many, many speculations in her heart, and many, many anxiety. She didn’t know when he would come out next time.

Rios He’s existence is like a single, untimed bomb, not knowing when it will explode, threatening her at all times.

While she was thinking about things, the car drove back to the hotel.

The driver opened the door for her, “Miss Lin is here.”

It was the driver’s voice that pulled her back to her senses. She bent over and got out of the car. She couldn’t help but glanced back. She didn’t know if there was a shadow in her heart. She always felt that Rios He was hiding in a corner and peeking at her.

“This is our site, he dare not show up easily.” The driver said.

Ana Lin nodded and walked into the hotel with something.

During the journey from the hall to the upper floor, she would unconsciously look around, knowing that there are people arranged by Phillip Zong around her, and she would still feel uneasy.

She couldn’t control herself.

The elevator stopped with a ding sound and she walked out.

“Ruth, don’t you be so naive, okay?” Daniel gritted her teeth and spoke to her sister.

“Where is it naive, I just like to play Plants vs. Zombies?” Ruth didn’t think she was naive, but played with relish.

“The sun, the sun, pick up a lot of sun, I can plant a pea shooter…” the little girl said to herself.

Ignore the naivety of my brother’s’defamation’? Is she childish?

She finds it fun.

Daniel rubbed his hair and couldn’t look at it, but Ruth had to make her voice louder, and he was irritable listening.

“Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin called him at the door.

Ruth was concentrating on the game at the moment, and didn’t realize Ana Lin was back.

“Mummy.” Daniel walked over, frowning deeply at a young age.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand and stroked his brows, “You are a good boy, and I help Mommy take good care of my sister, so I want to give you a gift.”

Daniel’s eyes lit up, “What gift?”

Of course happy to have gifts to receive.

Ana Lin handed him the bag.

Daniel immediately took it and took out the box inside, “Is it a Rubik’s Cube?”

Ana Lin nodded, and deliberately teased him, “It is difficult to hear from the boss, I don’t know if you can finish it.”

Daniel raised her head and glanced at her, and then continued to demolish. He wanted to see how difficult it was. He liked to challenge difficult ones.

After opening and seeing the real thing, Daniel’s eyes straightened. He looked up at Ana Lin, “Mummy, where did you buy it from?”

“I, I bought it outside, what’s wrong?” Ana Lin was confused by his son’s attitude.

“I like it.” Daniel is already eager to try, “Mummy, thank you.”

Ana Lin smiled and touched his son’s head, “You like it.”

“Then I went to play?”

“Go ahead.”

Daniel ran into the room and sat on the sofa, and began to study the Rubik’s Cube in her hand.

Ana Lin straightened up, watching that the two children were quiet, she turned and went into another room.

Phillip Zong is still sitting on the sofa, with a computer on his lap, dealing with company affairs, he looks very busy just like when she left.

Ana Lin’s eyes drooped slightly, and she walked in lightly, carrying something.

Put down the things in his hand, took out the paper and pen from the bag, and walked out gently.

She didn’t want to disturb him.

Phillip Zong, “…”

He has been waiting for her and waiting. He just heard the movement of her coming back. He didn’t know how happy he was. He walked to the door and found that she had bought a present for Daniel.

In order to prevent Ana Lin from discovering himself, he gently walked back to the room and sat on the sofa, pretending that he was still angry and busy.

I was looking at the computer, but I was thinking, where did she go, she bought gifts for Daniel, did she buy them for him?

He waited for Ana Lin to come in with expectation.


The man came in, but he went out again without saying a word.

He put down the computer and walked back and forth in the room, can this woman come to coax him?

Didn’t you see him upset?

Does she care about him?

What is she doing out again?

Phillip Zong had never been so anxious, and finally, he couldn’t help it.

She doesn’t come to him, he can go to her.

He didn’t care about his wife. After persuading himself, Phillip Zong stepped out of the room and saw Ana Lin in the depths of the corridor.

Chapter 269

A floor-to-ceiling window shot a lot of sunlight. She was sitting on the corner of the floor with a drawing board in her hand. She was drawing the design of the wedding dress. She already had a rough outline in her mind. The drawing of Ye went smoothly. Once she started working, She would forget about it, and even the anxiety Rios He brought to her would be forgotten.

Phillip Zong just wanted to walk over, and the driver who went out with Ana Lin today came over. He doesn’t need to personally report to Phillip Zong on such things, but Alan Su and Keller Shen are not there today.

Rios He appeared, he felt it necessary to let Phillip Zong know.

“Today I went to the mall with Miss Lin and met Rios He.”

Phillip Zong’s face suddenly sank, and the lines of his face collapsed into a straight line.

“He wanted to catch Miss Lin, but he didn’t succeed. I don’t know if he has been monitoring us in the dark.”

Don’t think about it, it must be hiding in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to move.

Phillip Zong raised his hand, “I see, you can go down first.”

They are in the light, and Rios He is in the dark. If you want to catch him, you can only lead the snake out of the hole and capture him to avoid future troubles.

He made up his mind in his heart, but now that Alan Su is going to get married, he can only put the plan to draw the snake out of the hole on hold.

The driver just wanted to leave, Phillip Zong stopped him again, “Wait…”

“What did she buy at the mall today?” Phillip Zong pretended to be serious, but thought in his heart that Ana Lin had bought gifts for Daniel, and he must have bought them too.

The driver thought for a while and answered truthfully, “Pearl, Rubik’s Cube, Lace.”

He seemed to hear that Ana Lin gave Daniel the Rubik’s Cube, which was considered to be in line with the children’s preferences.

But the remaining pearls and lace were obviously not for him.

In other words, there is no gift from him.

This woman!

Is there him in my heart?

He said calmly, “Go down.”

The driver turned and left.

Ana Lin was immersed in his design, completely unaware that someone was approaching, or even realizing that he was gradually being enveloped by a dark shadow.

The black pencil kept walking on the paper in her hand, the rough appearance of the wedding dress had been revealed, and she was trying to figure out the details.

Phillip Zong leaned down, his eyes fixed on the wedding dress under her pen.

But Ana Lin was immersed in her own world and didn’t notice the existence of Phillip Zong. Suddenly her hand paused, and the pen tip stayed at the end.

What a sacred ceremony to get married.

She once had a longing to wear a white wedding dress, marry a man who can spend the rest of her life with her, and walk through this life hand in hand.


She lowered her eyes gently.

“What are you thinking about?” He leaned very close, his voice was low, and the hot and humid breath when speaking was spilled on the skin between her ears and neck. Ana Lin raised his head to look at the source of the sound.

The moment she raised her head, Phillip Zong caught a quick hidden loss in her eyes.

His eyes moved slightly. When he got married, he didn’t give her anything. She is also a woman, and she hopes to wear a wedding dress.

She stepped away and distanced herself from him, lowered her head, “No, I didn’t think about anything.”

She used the action of tidying up the blueprints to conceal her own steadiness.

Phillip Zong leaned over again, “Where did you go today?”

“Go out and buy something.” She held the drawing board and pen in one hand, and wanted to stand up in the other. When she moved, she realized that her legs had been on the drawing board and there was no numbness from the activities.

“My legs are numb?” Phillip Zong squatted beside her, touched her right leg, and then touched her left leg, “Which leg.”

Ana Lin hesitated and said, “Left.”

He rubbed her left calf. “Here?”

Ana Lin looked at the hand he was kneading on his lap. His palm was broad, hot, and covered with criss-crossing palm prints. A layer of sweat appeared on her, soaking through her clothes silently. Gentle, like a touch of light, poured into her heart, soft and soft.

Before she knew it, her voice became low and dumb, “Yeah.”

Phillip Zong was wearing trousers and squatting uncomfortably. He simply sat down, put her leg on his own, “stretch it out.”

Ana Lin is very obedient.

Phillip Zong lowered his head, kneading her numb legs intently.

After a while, he asked, “Is there nothing you want to tell me?”

Ana Lin thought he was still angry because of Jenkin Bai’s affairs, and explained again, “I really have nothing to do with him.”

Phillip Zong raised his head and stared at her. He wanted Ana Lin to take the initiative to tell him that when he saw Rios He today, he hoped that she would be frank in front of him and her heart would be open.

As for Jenkin Bai.

His voice became colder, “Leave him away from now on.”

Ana Lin nodded and said, “Okay.”

She is so well-behaved that Phillip Zong couldn’t bear to blame her for not telling her about seeing Rios He today. He took the initiative to mention, “See Rios He today?”

Ana Lin suddenly raised his head and looked at his face. How did he know that Rios He appeared today?

Soon she wanted to understand that the driver followed her today, and when he comes back, the driver will report to him what happened today.

“Did it hurt you?”

Ana Lin now recalled the scene where Rios He suddenly appeared and grabbed her, her heart still colliding in her chest, she shook her head, “No.”

Although thrilling was almost taken away by him, but fortunately, she escaped, which was a surprise.

Phillip Zong could see that she was hiding something. Rios He must want to take her away again when he appeared. He took her into his arms, and the two bodies were close to each other. Fortunately, Rios He did not succeed. “From now on, follow me. Where do I go to find you? Where do I find the biological mothers of my two children.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes and said nothing, Phillip Zong pressed her forehead, “Have you heard?”

She remained silent.

Phillip Zong pressed closer, and she could clearly feel the warmth, tangling around her, her body tense involuntarily, and whispered, “I heard it.”

He glanced down, picked up her long hair spread across his chest, untied the entanglement, and put it on her back, “This is good.”

He clasped her by the waist and picked her up from the ground, “Try to walk.”

Ana Lin moved, and her numb legs became sensible. She said, “I can go.”

She tried to push him away and walked by herself. Suddenly, she was picked up by him. She exclaimed, thinking that the two children were in the room and there were bodyguards at the elevator entrance. When she called, she would definitely attract people and immediately cover her mouth.

Phillip Zong smiled.

Ana Lin buried his face on his chest, “You are not afraid of being seen.”

“What are you afraid of?” His face became serious, even with a solemn tone, “Go back, let’s make up the wedding.”

Suddenly, a bunch of soft and astringent cotton stuffed into her throat. For some reason, she sore her nasal cavity, and the water rushed into her eye sockets.

She buried her head lower.

“I will use flowers as the theme at that time, how about?” Alan Su kept chattering in Lena Qin’s ears, Lena Qin didn’t speak up, it seemed that he hadn’t slowed down.

“Ya Ya speak.” A big man Alan Su took Lena Qin’s hand and acted like a baby. Lena Qin shuddered and got goose bumps. She looked at Alan Su, “Can you be more serious?”

“Miss Qin, how do you want me to be serious?” Almost instantly, Alan Su changed his face. He stood upright as if he were going to fight a very serious lawsuit.

Serious enough that Lena Qin was in a trance for a second, is he the Alan Su she knew?

The voices of Alan Su and Lena Qin came from the elevator, getting closer and closer, and they would appear in the corridor in the next second.

Ana Lin looked up suddenly, “You let me go.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late…”

Before Phillip Zong’s words fell, Alan Su and Lena Qin walked over.

Panicked, Ana Lin immediately closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, otherwise, it would be embarrassing for Phillip Zong to hold him in broad daylight and let people see him.

Alan Su looked at Phillip Zong, then at Ana Lin in his arms, and then looked out again. It was still dark, what was this doing?

“you guys……”

Chapter 270

“What are you doing?” Alan Su smiled ambiguously.

Phillip Zong could clearly feel the woman in his arms, her body tight, as if she was holding a hard rock. Knowing that she had a thin face, Phillip Zong ignored Alan Su and turned around and entered the house.

“These two people, when did their relationship feel so good?” Alan Su’s eyes straightened.

Lena Qin glanced at him, turned around and walked into the room without saying a word, Alan Su quickly followed, “Yaya…”

“Stop screaming!” Lena Qin snarled, “Can you be more mature and make me feel safer?”

“Yes.” Alan Su hugged her, “just say what you don’t like, and I will change everything.”

Seeing Alan Su’s serious face, Lena Qin was taken aback.

“Really change?”

“Really.” Alan Su said without hesitation.

He looked at her very seriously, “Let’s get married, let’s try, maybe we are suitable.”

Lena Qin fell silent, just looking straight at Alan Su, after a while, then slowly said, “Okay, let’s try.”

Alan Su smiled and hugged her tighter.

In the evening, the boss who promised to send pearls to Ana Lin, delivered the pearls as promised. There were two kinds of them, one was as big as a bean, and the other was as big as a mung bean. There were more than 800 pearls in total, all of them well-rounded and colored.

Although the boss wanted to make money from it, the stuff was really good. After Ana Lin accepted it, he paid for the pearl and also gave the boss some freight. He was honest and Ana Lin was also willing to give more money.

When the pearl was mentioned to the room, Ana Lin began to sew. After all, there was not much time left for her.

The piece of lace she bought is used to make the veil, and the pearls should be sewn on the edge, because in her design, the veil is six meters long and has pearls on the edge. One is for good-looking and the other is To avoid chaos when mopping the floor.

After dinner at night, Phillip Zong took two children to play. She was sewing, and the two children were asleep. He went to take a bath, and she sat on the sofa to sew.

Phillip Zong frowned, “I will pay for whatever you want for her.”

Hundreds of pearls are about to fall, which will tire people out again.

Ana Lin shook his head, “This is my heart, not money.”

Besides, this is her job, she doesn’t feel tired.

As long as she has time, she will sew clothes for the guests herself, sometimes she can only hand it over to the master to sew.

Phillip Zong came over and wanted to sit next to her. As soon as she bent down and sat down, she was dragged by Ana Lin. She was especially rigorous when she worked, and she didn’t have a smile on her face when she spoke, “You can’t sit,” You go to sleep with the two children.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Looking at Ana Lin’s face, Phillip Zong swallowed the words hovering on the tip of his tongue, and could only climb onto the bed to sleep with his daughter.

He thought in his heart that he might be the poorest husband in the world.

With two children, only once slept with his wife, and still very unconscious, even the memories are very shallow.

Ana Lin looked up to see Phillip Zong so quiet, she was able to work well.

As the night got deeper and deeper, Ana Lin didn’t know when she fell asleep. In her daze, she felt that someone was moving her, but she was too sleepy to open her eyes. Soon, she felt that she was lying soft. Big bed.

She moved and found a comfortable position to continue sleeping.

Everyone was very busy these two days. Keller Shen and Alan Su were busy with the wedding, and Ana Lin was sewing wedding dresses in the room.

In addition to handling work, Phillip Zong is to accompany his two children.

The two days were very short and passed by at once.

Soon it came to the wedding day. It was very cold. Fortunately, the wedding was held indoors. I heard that Alan Su looked for a wedding planner. The scene layout was very dreamy. The whole scene was dominated by purple, which was originally a mysterious color. , Applied to the wedding without losing the sacred, solemn and solemn.

In the lounge, Ana Lin put the wedding dress sewn by herself on Lena Qin’s body, “I have nothing to give you. This wedding dress is just my gift for you.”

Lena Qin looked at the veil brought to her head, her eyes were slightly wet, “You have sewed so many pearls in such a short time, you must have not slept.”

Ana Lin raised his head and saw Lena Qin’s tearful eyes, and quickly took two pieces of paper to wipe her tears, “Today is a good day, don’t cry, there is no makeup.”

“Thank you.” Lena Qin sniffed.

“You call my sister, we are sisters. If you say thank you, we will see you outside.” Ana Lin wiped the tears from her face. Lena Qin has no relatives in China, she is her relatives.

“It’s all spent looking at makeup.”

Ana Lin asked the makeup artist to come in and make up for her.

Soon the makeup was done, Ana Lin squatted behind her and sorted out her wedding dress, “I went to the wedding site to see it. The arrangement was very romantic. I can see that Alan Su is very careful.”

Lena Qin looked at herself silent in the mirror, and she agreed. Now it is too late to regret, only hope that Alan Su will not let her down.

When the time is up, it is time for Lena Qin to enter, because she has no relatives, she can only walk on the red carpet alone.

She stepped on the red carpet strewn with petals and slowly walked into the first arch.

Ana Lin knows Lena Qin well, knows what style of wedding dress she is suitable for, and what kind of design can highlight her advantages. Lena Qin is slim, but the breasts are well developed. The breast wrap is the most suitable and can highlight her. On the sexy side, the fishtail design of the skirt and the fishtail skirt are very selective in the waist size. Only a standard waist can make the fishtail skirt come alive. Ana Lin is very confident in Lena Qin’s figure. Sure enough, when she walked, it really looked like a fish tail was swinging, and her slender waist was fully gripped under the tailored tailoring, highlighting it vividly.

The pure white veil is like a white peacock display screen, blooming behind her, and the large and small pearls dotted on it, like shining stars, set off her like a fairy descending from the sky.

This wedding was simple and solemn, without many guests and no locked process.

Alan Su, dressed in a black tuxedo, stood at the end of the red carpet, looking at the woman walking towards him slowly.

For a moment of trance, his eyes suddenly became firm.

This is a very simple and very special girl, a girl who makes him want to pester marriage.

The corners of his eyes are slightly pressed down, and the corners of his lips rise.

In the melodious wedding march, Lena Qin slowly walked to him, and Alan Su reached out to her.

Lena Qin hesitated, and finally put his hand in his palm.

At this time, the host’s voice sounded, “Today is the happy day of Mr. Su and Ms. Qin, please applaud the new couple.”

The old lady was dressed in a bright red cheongsam with mink shawls wrapped around her shoulders. At the moment, tears were streaming down, and she clapped her hands vigorously to be happy for her grandson.

She looked forward to this day for a long time.

Now Alan Su is finally married.

“Mr. Su, would you like Ms. Qin to become your wife. From today onwards, you will have each other and support each other. No matter good or bad, rich or poor, disease or health, you will love and cherish each other until death will separate you. Are you willing? “

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