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Chapter 271

The air stood still for a moment.

“I do.”

There seemed to be no suspense, so Alan Su easily said it.

Everyone seems to be expecting his answer, and there is not much expectation.

“Ms. Qin, would you like Mr. Su to be your husband. From today onwards, you will have each other and support each other, no matter good or bad, rich or poor, disease or health, you will love each other and cherish each other until death will separate you, are you willing? “

Everyone was still a little uncertain about Lena Qin’s answer.

Ana Lin also seemed to be very nervous, and clenched his hands involuntarily. Phillip Zong held her hand in his palm and kneaded it lightly. He did not go to the two people who were about to get married on the stand. To him, there was no one. She can attract his attention.

The lines of Alan Su’s face were also tight, for fear that she would suddenly change her mind.

Time stands still.

The old lady in the audience was also anxious, beckoning to Lena Qin, urging her to agree quickly.

Alan Su turned her head a little uneasy, just as Lena Qin turned her head at this moment, her eyes met in the air, Alan Su, who was originally anxious, slowly calmed down in her calm eyes.

He held Lena Qin’s hand, not that promises are better than promises, “I must be good to you for the rest of my life.”

She saw the corners of her lips curled upwards, her eyes curled into a crescent, and water was faintly visible in her eyes. She said, “I do.”

The host picked up the microphone again, “Marriage is the end of singleness, the node of romance, and the beginning of happiness. On this special festive day, I wish you who are married to hand in hand and share love, to share the wind and rain together, to grow old together, sweet and happy. !”


The old lady clapped her hands excitedly, and in the monotonous applause, countless ribbons slowly dropped from the height.

Like a rainbow rain, gorgeous and romantic.

“The groom can hug the bride.”

Alan Su lifted Lena Qin’s veil. Before Lena Qin was ready, he took possession of him and k*ssed him. Lena Qin’s eyes widened, and he didn’t recover for a long time.

“Shame.” Ruth covered her eyes, revealing a gap, and said she was ashamed as she looked at it. Phillip Zong glanced at her daughter and covered her deliberately exposed fingers.

Ruth’s eyes turned black, and she immediately stared at Phillip Zong, “Dad is good or bad, don’t let me watch Uncle Su and Aunt Lena Qin play with each other.”

Phillip Zong hugged her in his arms, “Don’t look at evil, don’t listen to evil, understand?”

The little girl didn’t understand, and blinked, “What does this mean?”

“Just don’t watch what you shouldn’t, don’t listen if you shouldn’t listen.” Daniel said slowly.

Regarding her sister’s innocence and ignorance, Daniel shook her head helplessly, “Mommy should have let you go to school, but she doesn’t understand anything now.”

This is the point. Daniel and Ruth are both five years old. Except for Daniel who entered the AC Academy by strength, Ruth did not go to school.

Children of this age in China have all gone to kindergarten for a year.

Phillip Zong wondered, next year, we should find a kindergarten for the two of them to experience the fun of going to school, not for them to become talents, but for the process at this stage.

It’s not that Ana Lin never thought about letting them go to kindergarten. Daniel doesn’t worry about it. The knowledge in the kindergarten is no longer difficult for him. In country A, she found the kindergarten for Daniel. He didn’t want to go to kindergarten and felt naive.

Later, it was discovered that he had a talent for numbers, so he failed the AC test and he was the smallest student in AC.

As for her daughter, she didn’t have any big demands, because her daughter was relatively small when she was born, so she wanted her daughter to have a carefree childhood and healthy growth is her biggest wish.

In fact, she also advocates Western education. The children don’t teach her anything before elementary school, just play and keep her curiosity about learning.

“Xiao Xi, let’s go to the bridal chamber and ask the bride for a wedding candy.” Keller Shen walked over. He also wore a suit today. In addition to his uniform, he was casual. The first time I saw him in a suit, it looked pretty good.

When I heard that there was sugar to eat, Ruth murmured, “I want to go, and Uncle Shen, I want to go too.”

“Good.” Keller Shen took her out of Phillip Zong’s arms, “I will take them upstairs.”

Phillip Zong confessed, “It’s a little measured, don’t say anything inconsequential in front of the child.”

Keller Shen said he knew, so he took his two children upstairs.

How can this be said, it is Alan Su’s bridal chamber flower night, since ancient times, there has been the custom of making trouble in the bridal chamber, and his friend doesn’t seem to be able to make a fuss.

Phillip Zong stood up, “Let’s go out for a walk.”

Ana Lin didn’t have a good rest in these two days, and wanted to go back to sleep, “I don’t want to go.”

Phillip Zong put her down jacket on and got close, “Just stay with me.”

Ana Lin looked at Phillip Zong, why does this man have time to go for a walk?

“What do you want to do?” Ana Lin didn’t think he just went for a walk.

“When the time comes, you will know, just follow me.” Phillip Zong took her hand and this person made a decision. She wanted to refuse, but she couldn’t do it, so she could only follow him.

The wind outside was a bit strong, Phillip Zong wrapped her in a coat, and there was a long road outside the hotel. The traffic flow on this road was very small, even a little remote.

If it weren’t for the hotel here, I’m afraid I wouldn’t build this road.

Ana Lin looked around and found that there were pine trees all around, even though it was winter, they were still green.

Ana Lin couldn’t help it, “What the hell are you doing when you bring me to such a biased place?”

Phillip Zong deliberately sold the door without talking.

This person is just like that. After wanting to get interested, she wants to understand. Just like Ana Lin at this moment, she wants to figure out what medicine Phillip Zong sells in the gourd.

She pretended to be angry and stopped, “If you don’t tell me, I won’t go.”

Phillip Zong leaned over, her lips pressed against her face, “Are you sure you won’t leave?”

I don’t know if it’s because he is too close, Ana Lin feels hot, but she is screaming in her ears, she calmly said, “I’m sure.”

Phillip Zong glanced around. The pine trees in this forest are very dense. If they are Tibetans, they should be able to hide them very secretly, right?

“I’m leaving.” Ana Lin pushed him away. However, before she stepped out, she was stopped and hugged by someone. There was a shadow in her heart so that she was suddenly hugged, her face was white, Phillip Zong Feeling her fear, she said in her ear, “It’s me.”

She only felt a little relieved when she heard the familiar voice, only feeling a hot hand wrapped around her waist, like a flexible and powerful python, firmly entangled her, and the two bodies immediately pressed closer together.

Ana Lin gently pushed him in this’wild countryside’, “It’s cold here…”

In fact, she wanted to say, don’t make trouble here.

“It won’t be cold when I hold you.”

As soon as his voice fell, she was enveloped in her overcoat.

Chapter 272

Ana Lin raised his head and saw Phillip Zong leaning over and pressing him over. The next second, his lips fell on her mouth.

In this cold winter, Ana Lin didn’t feel cold, and his whole body was roasted by the hot fire. He tried very hard, and the entire coat was almost covered on her, only his head was exposed. Ana Lin seemed to understand a little bit. His intention, why did he bring her to this remote place.

“Do you want to attract He Rui…”

His k*ss suddenly deepened, blocking her vague words.

He dragged her tongue and swallowed it in his mouth. Ana Lin felt painful after such a savage k*ss, and he couldn’t help but hiss, but the syllables that came out seemed to be moaning.

I don’t know if her voice stimulated him, Ana Lin obviously felt his body react.

Ana Lin pushed him, but the more she pushed, the tighter Phillip Zong’s hug.

She was strangled and could hardly breathe.

Deep in the woods, a pair of eyes filled with molten iron, red and bloodthirsty.

Rios He’s hand grasped the tree trunk, as if pinching Phillip Zong’s neck, always using force, always using force, to break it before he was willing to give up.

There is no irony of looking at a woman you like very much, in the arms of another man, and loving each other.

He was angry and resentful.

Is his company for so many years less than a man who hurt her? !

Had it not been for the only reason to tell him, rushing out now might not be able to take Ana Lin back, he would definitely rush over and drag Ana Lin out of Phillip Zong’s arms.

Ana Lin is his!

Phillip Zong was endless, Ana Lin was angry, and bit his messy tongue, his eyebrows jumped, and a bloody smell filled his mouth for an instant. He left her lips and pulled out a stick of mucus with blood. Of silk.

The wind broke, Ana Lin felt that his mouth was cold, Phillip Zong licked his lips, swallowed it into his stomach with the fishy saltiness, and reached out to wipe the wet moist remaining on the corners of her lips with a low voice. With a trace of hoarseness, “To me so cruel?”

Ana Lin turned his head and said nothing.

Phillip Zong put her in his arms again, “Go, go back.”

All his overcoats were on her. He only had a thin suit. Ana Lin took off his clothes and put them on his body, “I have a down jacket that is not cold.”

Phillip Zong hugged her upstairs, a coat covering the two people.

Back at the hotel, the two went upstairs and heard Alan Su’s room still sounding. The door was not closed, and a gap was exposed. Daniel held the candy tied with a string in his hand and shook it at Alan Su’s mouth.

I still muttered words, “Uncle Su, if you can’t bite, Aunt Qin wants me to sleep today.”

Alan Su, “…”

This child, from whose family, can he take it away? Don’t disturb him entering the bridal chamber?

After several attempts, Alan Su couldn’t bite at all.

“Change it?”

Daniel nodded easily, “Yes, you can’t bite and let Aunt Qin put my sister and me to sleep.”

Alan Su, “…”

Is it bullying? Does it make a difference?

“I said change the gameplay.” Alan Su suggested.

Daniel still saved face and asked, “How do you want to play?”

Alan Su looked at Daniel with a smile, “Don’t move your hands.”

This time it was Daniel’s turn to be speechless, “If this doesn’t move, you won’t bite it. What fun is there?”

Alan Su glared at Keller Shen, who was sitting aside watching the good show. He was responsible for this bad idea.

Keller Shen’s hands were not spread, and he smiled slyly, “You make trouble in the bridal chamber, make trouble in the bridal chamber, how can you call the bridal chamber if you don’t make trouble? You can only be with your younger siblings for a long time.”

Alan Su made a cut, “f*ck you.”

Keller Shen laughed.

Daniel climbed down from the bed and said, “Why are you so stupid.”

Alan Su, “…”

He was about to yell at you, but he saw Daniel took the candy and ate it by himself, with an apple tied to the rope, and said kindly, “If you get a big one, you will bite it.”

Alan Su walked over and touched his head, “Xiao Xi is better.”

Daniel smiled, climbed onto the bed again and stood there, lifting the apple before his eyes, “Uncle Su, if you can’t bite this time, you will be punished… for Aunt Lena Qin to wash your feet.”

Lena Qin, who was playing with Ruth, blushed inexplicably when she heard Daniel’s words.

Alan Su looked at her and said with a smile.

“Come on then.”

The result was bleak. When he bit, Daniel’s hand shook, and he went wrong. The apple smashed on his face a few times, but he couldn’t bite, the skin was too slippery, and it touched his mouth, just couldn’t bite.

“You kid yin to me.” Alan Su only then reacted, switching from candy to apple, basically uneasy.

“Go and bring foot washing water.” Daniel ordered like an uncle.

“Wash your own wife’s feet, not ashamed.” Alan Su comforted himself, then went to the bathroom to get hot water.

Soon, Alan Su came in with a basin of hot water, put it next to the bed, and shouted at Lena Qin, “Daughter-in-law, come and wash your feet.”

Lena Qin pretended not to hear, she didn’t like so many people.

Daniel pulled her, “Aunt Lena Qin, come here.”

Ruth found it fun, and helped her brother pull Lena Qin together.

Lena Qin was able to refuse an adult, but could not refuse the two children. She sat on the side of the bed obediently, with high heels on her feet. Alan Su picked up her feet and gave her slippers. Daniel covered her mouth and laughed.

“Aunt Lena Qin, I am your patron saint. If Uncle Su bullies you, you can tell me that I will avenge you.”

Inexplicably Lena Qin’s eyes were red because of Daniel’s words, no one said to protect her, Daniel was the first.

While she was moved, she felt that her heart was warm.

She sniffed and touched Daniel’s head, “Thank you Xiao Xi.”

“No thanks, Mommy said we are a family.” Daniel grabbed a handful of candies from the table and stuffed them into her sister’s pocket. “This is Aunt Lena Qin’s wedding candy. We need to eat more.”

After loading the candy, he took his sister’s hand, “We are gone.” Passing by Keller Shen. “Uncle Shen, you go too.”

Keller Shen thought that this little guy would have to toss for a while, but he didn’t expect to let Alan Su go so soon.

He stood up from the chair, “Xiao Xi, this is the only chance to fix him. You figured it out clearly, just let her go?”

“For the sake of Aunt Lena Qin’s face, let him go. If he bullies Aunt Lena Qin in the future, I will deal with him again.”

Alan Su put Lena Qin’s feet in the hot water and raised his head at the same time, “Have you bought that guy? It’s so good to you?”

Lena Qin ignored him.

Lena Qin met two little guys when he followed Ana Lin. After a long time together, the relationship was naturally good.

Alan Su put her other foot in the hot water, “I will treat you well in the future.”

Lena Qin wiped her face, “You have to do what you say.”

Alan Su carefully washed her feet, she was white, and her feet were the same, very small.

Lena Qin felt itchy and shrank, Alan Su grasped and pressed it in the basin, “The bubbles are comfortable.”

When Daniel walked out of the room, they saw Ana Lin and Phillip Zong standing at the door.

Ruth leaped over and held Ana Lin’s leg, “Mommy, I have a lot of sugar in my pocket, give you one.”

She took out a peeled candy paper and handed it to Ana Lin. She bent over and put the candy into her mouth with her daughter’s hand.

Very sweet.

Keller Shen walked at the end, he closed the door.

When Alan Su returned by pouring the footwasher, he saw that the door had been closed. He was worried and walked over and locked the door behind him.

Turning around, he saw where Lena Qin was standing.

Chapter 273

“what are you doing?”

Lena Qin is still wearing a wedding dress. Today she is extraordinarily beautiful, with her delicate little faces wrinkled together.

Alan Su told the truth, she should have seen it anyway, “Lock the door.”

“What are you doing when you lock the door?” Lena Qin’s voice became louder, and she was about to open the door when she walked over, but was pulled by Alan Su, “What are you going to do? Today is our bridal night, why, do you think Let me live alone? I tell you it’s impossible!”


Before Lena Qin had time to say something, she was picked up by Alan Su, Lena Qin punched and kicked, Alan Su stayed unmoved, and threw her onto the soft bed. He was condescending and said while unbuttoning the buttons. “I can’t let people watch my jokes, you can’t go anywhere today.”

Lena Qin is not a little girl who has never experienced personnel. Seeing Alan Su’s posture, she knew what he was going to do, but she knew what he was going to do, so she was flustered.

She moved her body, “Alan Su, don’t be impulsive.”

It wasn’t that she was reserved, but she was still a little unprepared. After all, they both drank too much that time, so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

But this time is different, both of them are sober.

Although I have a good impression of him, I haven’t had any serious contacts.

Alan Su smiled, “Don’t be nervous, I will be very gentle.”

“Alan Su, let me prepare it.” Lena Qin turned over to get up, Alan Su bent over to grab her ankle, wrapped her leg around her waist, and pressed her body down, “We are all married, yet What to consider?”


Lena Qin’s words were drowned in Alan Su’s k*ss.

Outside the room, Keller Shen touched Daniel’s head, “Xiao Xi is too kind today. Alan Su didn’t suffer, so I should make things difficult for him and let him know what is precious.”

Daniel looked up at Keller Shen, “Are you jealous?”

Keller Shen, “…”

He raised his brows, “Why am I jealous?”

“Because you never married a wife.”

Keller Shen, “…”

“Smelly boy, dare to make a joke of me.” Keller Shen made a gesture to pull his ears. Daniel reacted quickly and ran away.

When Ana Lin led her daughter and was about to go back to the room, the old lady came up after finishing the following matters. Seeing Ruth, her eyes narrowed, “This little girl looks so beautiful, like a mother.”

Because she was praised, Ruth said hello with a smile, “Hello grandma.”

Ana Lin hurriedly corrected her daughter. She squatted down and said to her daughter, “This grandma can call her grandma, but you have to call her grandma.”

Ruth seemed to understand and asked, “I want to call Mommy’s grandmother grandma, right?”

Ana Lin nodded, “Yes.”

Ruth turned her head and looked at the old lady, her mouth was like wiping honey, “Good grandma.”

“Huh.” The old lady’s heart was melted by the little girl, holding her hand, “Ruth, can I ask grandma to sit in your room?”

She is getting older. Although she doesn’t need to do anything for the wedding, she still has to worry about it a lot. Just after dealing with the scene, she is tired and wants to rest, but in this strange place, she wants to find someone to talk. Everyone is very busy. She sees the little girl as cute and wants to stay with her for a while.

The older the person, the more afraid of loneliness.

“Yes.” Ruth said without hesitation. She pulled the old lady into the house, and Ana Lin followed in. At this moment, Daniel and Keller Shen didn’t know where to go to play. Phillip Zong, in order to get a better look at Ana Lin, followed in. .

Ana Lin poured water on the old lady, “Is it tired today?”

The old lady smiled, Alan Su can get married smoothly, it doesn’t matter if he gets tired, “It’s useless when people are old.”

“Grandma’s body is very good and she’s not old.” Ana Lin put the water glass in front of her.

The old lady took Ana Lin’s hand, “I heard that Lena Qin has a good relationship with you?”

Ana Lin nodded truthfully, “We have known each other for a few years, like family members.”

The old lady nodded, “Alan Su is not a bad boy. He has been injured. After a long time, he has been sluggish. Sometimes women have appeared around him, but they have not taken it seriously. This time, I am very happy that he can get married. , I also like Lena Qin’s child very much. It looks very kind. I hope that Alan Su will not be muddled and can live with her. After a year or a half, I will give birth to a child who can be like Ruth. Such a child, then I will be satisfied.”

Ana Lin didn’t notice that there was something in the old lady’s words, only when she was sighing, comforted her and said, “They will be fine, and they will have children. Then, grandma will be busy.”

The old lady laughed, “According to you.”

Phillip Zong sat aside and used his mobile phone to scan financial news. He was not interested in participating in such topics.

The old lady talked to Ruth, “How old are you, Ruth?”

“Five years old, six years old after the Chinese New Year.” The little girl answered truthfully.

The old lady laughed, “It flies so fast.”

I haven’t heard anything before, but they have grown so big.

Ana Lin leaned on the sofa and watched them talk.

Ruth talked a lot, and asked the old lady a lot of questions, and they were all weird, such as, “Grandma, what does it mean to get married?”

Then the old lady patiently explained to her, “Marriage means that a boy and a girl form a family. This is called marriage.”

The little girl’s eyes rolled, “Have the grandma ever been married?”

The old lady replied with a smile, “Of course it’s over.”

“Then who are you married to?” the little girl asked again.

“Then of course I will marry Alan Su’s grandfather.”

“Then can I get married when I grow up?”

When the little girl asked what she said, Phillip Zong, who had been looking down at her mobile phone, raised her head and looked at her daughter, her eyes darkened. Because the daughter was still very young, he had never thought about her daughter marrying.

He thought, no one can be worthy of his daughter, he must keep raising.

Ana Lin’s eyelids were heavy. Later, she didn’t know why she fell asleep on the sofa, and she still heard her daughter’s voice in a daze. In short, they were all strange problems.

She didn’t know how long she had slept, but when she woke up, Ruth and the old lady were not in the room.

“Wake up?” Phillip Zong came over with a glass of water.

The air conditioner was turned on in the room and it was very warm, but the air was dry and her throat was very dry. She took two sips of water and her throat became more comfortable. “How long have I slept?”

He looked down at the time. “Two hours.”

Ana Lin put down the water cup, rubbed his eyes, sat up, thinking about the fact that he deliberately took himself outside, and asked, “Did you take me out to get Rios He to show up? But he is not stupid, so he jumps easily. come out.”

Phillip Zong sat on the sofa, Fushun her long hair messed up from sleeping, “Because I want to irritate him.”

It is certainly not accidental that Ana Lin met Rios He in the mall. Only by keeping track of her whereabouts can he show up in time when she is placed in the order and try to take her away again.

So, this shows that he is monitoring Ana Lin at all times.

Rios He wholeheartedly wanted to take Ana Lin away because he liked Ana Lin.

Then, he deliberately let Rios He see that Ana Lin was very close to him and angered Rios He.

Rios He wanted to take Ana Lin away quickly.

At this time, if Ana Lin is alone, will he appear?

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