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Chapter 274

Ana Lin quickly understood Phillip Zong’s intentions.

“Then next, am I going out alone to lure him out?”

“No need to.”

He would not let Ana Lin take this risk, even if he was confident that he could hit it with one hit, he still couldn’t use Ana Lin as a bait.

“I will find someone to replace you…”

“Do you think Rios is stupid?” Ana Lin interrupted him, “We have known him for too long and he is very familiar with me. Even if you can find someone who looks like me, you may not be able to fool him.”

She wouldn’t worry if she didn’t catch Rios He, it was a bomb, and she didn’t know when he would explode.

For the safety of herself and her two children, she wanted to resolve the matter of Rios He as soon as possible.

“Let me come.” She looked at Phillip Zong very seriously, she knew what he was worried about, and she was willing to trust him, believing that he would be able to protect herself.

Seeing him hesitate, Ana Lin deliberately said, “Are you not confident in yourself?”

Phillip Zong looked at her for a moment, and said in a low voice, “Don’t excite me, and be prepared, there will always be unforeseen accidents. I can’t take you at risk.”

Ana Lin leaned in his arms, “I believe you, his presence makes me too uneasy.”

Phillip Zong’s body leaned back, his face hidden in the dark, making it difficult to see his expression at the moment, Ana Lin silently leaned on his chest and let him digest this matter.

After a long time, he suddenly said, “You sleep a little longer.”

She hadn’t slept much in the past two days, so she could fall asleep when she was sitting just now, and the time she had just slept was not long. Ana Lin knew that he must go out to arrange this with Keller Shen, so she lay down very well. under.

Phillip Zong put the blanket on her body, “I will be back soon.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin was no longer sleepy, but for Phillip Zong’s peace of mind, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Phillip Zong waited for her to fall asleep before getting up and leaving the room. As everyone knows, as soon as he left, the person who was asleep opened his eyes. Ana Lin was sleepy, but after learning about Phillip Zong’s plan, she couldn’t sleep again. Up.

She got up and walked to the window wrapped in a blanket. Through the window, she could feel the biting cold wind outside.

Huhu, the treetops swung lightly.


Suddenly the door was knocked, Ana Lin calmed his emotions and said lightly, “Come in.”

When the door was pushed open, Lena Qin stood at the door, hesitating for a moment, wondering how to speak first.

When I came here, I had something to say to her.

Ana Lin came over, “Hurry in and sit down, what are you doing standing there?”

Lena Qin was a little embarrassed, wondering if it was a woman who was a first-time wife who had such an awkward mood.

Ana Lin poured water for her and sat down on the sofa opposite her. She had no experience to share with her.

“My marriage is terrible. I can’t give you experience. I just want to say that since being able to come together is fate, cherish each other well.”

Lena Qin lowered her head and hummed softly.

“I still want to call your sister like I did before.” Alan Su is a good brother of Phillip Zong, who calls Ana Lin his sister-in-law, but she doesn’t want to change her name like Alan Su.

She thought it was the same as Ana Lin before.

Ana Lin smiled, “Of course it can.”

She felt that this was nothing, and it didn’t matter what they called. As long as they were the same, the friendship remained the same, so it didn’t matter what they called.

At this time, the old lady brought Daniel and Ruth in. Seeing Lena Qin was also there, the smile on the old lady’s face became more profound, “Xiao Ya is also here.”

Lena Qin stood up hurriedly, “Grandma.”

The old lady waved her hands, “Sit, sit.” She looked at Lena Qin and felt that everything was fine.

Daniel rolled onto the bed and studied her Rubik’s Cube. Ruth threw herself into Ana Lin’s arms. She didn’t know if she was sleepy or tired, and she lay lazily in her arms.

The old lady sat next to Lena Qin and held her hand, “Xiaoya, we will be a family from now on, if Alan Su bullies you, just tell me.”

Lena Qin pursed her lips, lowered her head shyly, “He didn’t bully me.”

The old lady was happy, perhaps because she was in a good mood and she was energetic when she looked at her. She patted the back of Lena Qin’s hand and said with emotion, “I feel like I am dreaming.”

She thought that this trip would definitely be unpleasant, thinking that Alan Su was the same as before, saying that she was getting married at the end of the year.

I didn’t expect it to be true this time.

“I’m old, I hope you and Alan Su can be well, can you promise grandma one thing?” Suddenly the old lady became solemn.

“You said.” Lena Qin said.

“No matter what happens in the future, don’t leave him, take care of him for me, can you promise me?”

Lena Qin felt that the old lady was very strange, but she couldn’t say how strange. To reassure the old lady, she replied very seriously, “I promise you.”

The old lady opened her eyes and smiled. With Lena Qin’s words, she felt at ease.

In the evening, Ana Lin left the hotel alone. The weather in December has not been warm, and the north wind is lingering at night.

The wind blows on people’s faces like a knife, and the cut hurts.

Ana Lin tightened the down jacket.

Because the New Year was about to come, Phillip Zong wanted to catch Rios He as soon as possible, and then return to City B. This was the first year Ana Lin came back. He wanted the family not to be disturbed.

This is what Ana Lin thinks, hanging like this makes him flustered all day.

In order to get Rios He the bait, Ana Lin pretended to quarrel with Phillip Zong, went out at night, and sat alone on the edge of the flower pond.

In order to be realistic and to confuse Rios He, Lena Qin also came out to persuade her, “Sister Lin, there is no husband and wife who don’t quarrel. I think Mr. Zong is fine. Don’t be angry with him. Look at the two children, we Go back, it’s so cold outside.”

Ana Lin covered his face and said nothing.

Lena Qin continued to persuade, “The two children are waiting for you, let’s enter the house.”

Ana Lin lowered his head, “I want to be quiet, you can go in and help me look after the two children.”

“But I don’t worry about you being outside.” Lena Qin pulled her, “You can follow me in.”

“I don’t want to see him. Go in. I’ll be alone for a while and think about it.”

After several persuasion to no avail, Lena Qin had no choice but to leave first.

She looked back at her from time to time, looking very worried about her.

Entering the hotel, she didn’t know the room, but went to find Alan Su. At this moment, Alan Su and Phillip Zong were monitoring everything outside in a hidden room.

Seeing Lena Qin coming in, Alan Su got up and walked over, “You go upstairs, grandma and Xiao Xi Xiaorui are both upstairs.”

Lena Qin was a little worried, “Can this really lead to Rios He?”

“As long as he hasn’t given up on his sister-in-law, he will definitely show up. This time he won’t work, just twice, he will definitely show up once.” Alan Su felt that Rios He must be paranoid, otherwise he wouldn’t be so persistent.

Lena Qin was also worried, “Will he threaten the safety of the two children?”

Alan Su touched her face, “Don’t worry, Keller Shen is guarding it.”

For Keller Shen, Lena Qin still believes in his ability. Without her business, she can’t make trouble here.

Lena Qin turned upstairs, and Alan Su returned to the room again. Phillip Zong stood at the window without changing his posture. This was three hours. Ana Lin sat in the cold wind for three hours, Rios He There is no shadow.

“My sister-in-law has been frozen outside for three hours. Do you want to come back first and continue tomorrow?”

Every second, Phillip Zong’s face tightened. Ana Lin felt more distressed than anyone else when he was freezing, but at the same time he was also rational.

Even if Rios He is monitoring Ana Lin secretly now, he may not come out, because he is not sure whether Ana Lin really quarreled with him.

If she sits for a while, it will show that Ana Lin is in a bad mood now, and if he doesn’t come out to coax her, Rios He will think it must be a quarrel.

Once Rios He is sure that Ana Lin has quarreled with him, it will definitely appear.

After another two hours, Ana Lin’s legs were numb, and his hands were frozen.

Just when she felt that Rios He would not appear, a little girl appeared in front of her.

Chapter 275

Ana Lin looked up, and the little girl came into her sight. The girl was wearing a red cotton jacket, her face flushed with cold.

“Auntie, what are you doing sitting here?”

Ana Lin looked at the little girl, then looked around, there were no adults, her eyes returned to the little girl, “I am in a bad mood, so here, why are you here, your family?”

“My mother is there.” She pointed to the skewers stall not far away.

Ana Lin looked at the place she was pointing to. There was a barbecue stall on the side of the road. There was a woman, wearing some old cotton-padded clothes and an apron, who was helping guests with kebabs.

“I’m here to help my mother.” The little girl is very well-behaved. Ana Lin touched her hair, “You are a good boy.”

Perhaps because he has children, he is very low guard against little girls.

“Do you want to eat skewers? I ask my mother to give you a cheaper price.”

Ana Lin doesn’t like to eat those, but he took out the cash from him and handed it to the little girl, “I don’t want to eat them. I will buy you some delicious ones.”

The little girl blinked and looked at so much money, she didn’t dare to take it, “Auntie, what are you doing with the money?”

She looked at the little girl, and through her, she saw her former self. When she was in country A with Ida Zhuang, she had a hard time. Just like her, she stayed up all night in the cold wind just to make money. Take some money for meals.

So she felt compassionate when she saw the little girl.

“Because Auntie sees you, as if she saw me and my mother before.”

The little girl blinked and asked, “Did Auntie sell skewers before?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I haven’t sold it, but I have worked for others, helping them to skew meat on skewers.”

The little girl smiled, showing a row of white millet teeth. She took the money from Ana Lin and said, “I’ll bring you the skewers.”

The little girl ran to the skewers stall, Ana Lin looked at her running back and her eyes became gentle.

She thought that she would get better through the hardest days.

“I’m going to call my sister-in-law back.” Alan Su couldn’t help it. After spending a few hours outside in the twelfth winter, everyone was freezing.

Phillip Zong did not let go.

“Don’t you feel bad?” Alan Su stared at him, looking at him strangely.

Doesn’t he love Ana Lin very much? Why is my heart so hard now?

“You said, that little girl, why did she show up?”

Phillip Zong did not squint.

Alan Su barely thought about it, so he said, “Isn’t it just a child? I guess it was because my sister-in-law had been sitting there alone for a long time, curious, so I ran over to talk to her.”

Phillip Zong turned his head and glanced at Alan Su, “He knows her very well.”

“What’s the connection…” In the middle of speaking, he suddenly understood what Phillip Zong meant. This little girl may be related to Rios He.

“Sister-in-law is so kind.” Alan Su said, because he saw Ana Lin gave the little girl money.

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, but his face was not very good-looking. Just now Ana Lin gave the little girl money, her eyes seemed to think of something.

He thought that this little girl must have touched her memory somewhere.

After half an hour, the little girl ran to Ana Lin with a handful of skewers in her hand, “Auntie, here you are.”

Ana Lin looked at the steaming skewers, frozen for a few hours, and really wanted to take a bite, so she took it, took out a bunch of meat, bite off the meat, it smelled of charcoal, it was not fried. Kind of greasy taste.

“Thank you.” Ana Lin smiled, “It’s delicious.”

The little girl took her arm and said, “You gave me so much money. My mother said to thank you, but the stall can’t do without people. Will you go with me?”

“You tell your mother, don’t care…”

“Then I will give you the money you gave me.” The little girl said and took the money Ana Lin gave her out of her pocket.

Ana Lin held her hand and said, “Auntie gave it to you, so you can’t get it back. With this money, your mother can buy you a new cotton coat. It will be very warm. It will be cold.”

“No, I can’t take your money casually, you can accept it, but you have to accept my mother’s thanks.”

The little girl was very persistent. Ana Lin said helplessly, so she had to promise her. At this point, it is estimated that Rios He will not appear.

There were still guests at this time. The little girl’s mother was still busy. Seeing that the little girl couldn’t pull Ana Lin, she wiped her hand on her apron, “Did you give my daughter money?”

Ana Lin raised the skewers in his hand, “Money for skewers.”

“But you don’t need so much money to buy skewers. You are so kind. No wonder the gentleman likes you so much. He has to let my daughter pull you over.” The woman wears a ponytail, looks ordinary, looks like Duty.

Ana Lin was dumbfounded and asked, “Mr. What?”

“It’s me.” A man sitting in front of the skewers stall eating skewers stood up. He turned his head, and Ana Lin could see his face clearly.

Rios He?

She backed away vigilantly.

“Uncle Aunt said he likes you very much, and I like you too.” The little girl said innocently.

Ana Lin looked down at the little girl’s innocent face, and squeezed his hands tightly. He even used the child!

“How did you become like this?!” Ana Lin said angrily.

“You forced me.” Rios He thought he was very clever, “You and Phillip Zong are awkward? I told you a long time ago that people who have hurt you won’t really love you, only me, loving you wholeheartedly .”

He patted his chest and grinned when he spoke, looking so hideous.

Ana Lin now knows what’s going on. Rios He is afraid of traps. He used his knowledge of her past to deliberately bring this little girl to her in order to make her think of her past self. Let her relax her guard and follow the little girl.

“Look, do I know you well? As long as I use a little bit of carving tricks, I can get you into the bait?” Rios He was proud of what she knew about her, and was complacent, “Only I know you and love you truly… “

“is it?”

There was a restlessness in the darkness. Phillip Zong, dressed in a black suit and overcoat, walked over surrounded by the bodyguards, and a bright swaying light flashed across his face.

The demeanor he frightened the audience was like a net that entangled everyone’s sight. He ignored everything, walked to Ana Lin’s side, and held her in his arms.

He glanced over Rios He’s stunned face and sneered, “You are finally willing to show up?”

Rios He looked around and found that he was surrounded, his face was gloomy and ugly, “You deliberately?”

At this time Rios He found out that he was fooled.

Alan Su stretched the pockets of his trousers, “Heaven’s sins are forgiven, and you cannot live your own sins. Rios He can’t run away today.”

Suddenly, Rios He laughed.

Chapter 276

Alan Su frowned, “What are you laughing at?”

“Do you think you won? Do you think you caught me?” Rios He smiled more and more wildly.

Alan Su’s brow furrowed deeper and deeper, what did he mean?

Phillip Zong held Ana Lin’s cold hand, and pressed it closer together, narrowing his eyes slightly.

“What tricks can you play? You can’t fly out if you borrow a pair of wings today.” Alan Su looked at Rios He’s frenzied appearance, his face becoming ugly.

“I can’t fly out, you can fly out.” He opened the zipper as he spoke.

Soon Alan Su knew what he meant, because he had a bomb in his arms.

The moment he exposed the bomb, it caused a scream, and the mother selling skewers took her daughter in her arms and hid under the table.

He smiled and looked at Phillip Zong, “Who dare to arrest me?”

Phillip Zong didn’t change his expression, and protected Ana Lin behind him, “What do you want?”

While he was speaking, the bodyguard behind Rios He slowly stepped forward, trying to subdue him in one fell swoop.

Rios He opened his arms, “Give me the words and let me take her away, otherwise, we will all die together.”

Phillip Zong deliberately dealt with him so that the bodyguards had a chance to approach him.

“What if I disagree?”

“I said, everyone will die together, no one can live!” Rios He leaned behind him, “Yanyan, you really want to look at so many people and die because of you?”

Ana Lin turned her head and did not look at him, but her gaze happened to fall on the mother and daughter hiding under the table, her eyes flashed and her hands clenched.

How innocent they are, it is because of her that she has been caught in this danger.

Ana Lin wanted to let them go. It was useless to hide under the table, but he was afraid of attracting Rios He’s attention.

“Yanyan you will go with me. Only I really like you and love you. Only me can I not even kill you and go with me.” He reached out to Ana Lin.

At this time, the bodyguard close to Rios He accidentally touched the chair and made a noise. Rios He turned around and saw the bodyguard sneaking towards him. His face was gloomy for an instant and was discovered by him. The bodyguard chose to pounce hard and wanted to catch him. .

Rios He kicked the chair in front of him and approached as a bodyguard.

“Mom, mom.” The little girl was so scared that he drilled into the woman’s arms. Rios He turned her head and stared at the little girl. Ana Lin didn’t look well, “Hurry up and stop him.”

The bodyguard rushed up, but it was still a step too late. Rios He overturned the table and grabbed the little girl. The woman held her daughter and said, “You let go of my daughter.”

“Give her to me.” Rios He roared, and the woman screamed, “Let go of my daughter, let go of my daughter!”

The little girl was caught in pain and crying, “Mom, mom…”

Ana Lin wanted to help the mother snatch the child. Rios He is now a lunatic and will definitely hurt the child.

As soon as she moved, she was caught by Phillip Zong, “I’ll go.”

Rios He used brute force to pull the girl out of the woman’s hand. He was about to threaten Ana Lin with the little girl. When he turned his head, he saw Phillip Zong, “You…”

Phillip Zong squeezed his wrist with a thunder and thunder, his hand was so strong, Rios He suffered from pain, and the hand holding the little girl was loosened. Phillip Zong took the little girl into his arms, Rios He was annoyed. Extremely, the blood in his bones was aroused, he touched the bomb in his arms, tried to detonate Jian, and flew away, Phillip Zong kicked him flying.


The table and chair fell over.

Rios He reacted quickly, got up and ran.

The bodyguard caught up.

“Woo…” The little girl cried in Phillip Zong’s arms. He lowered his head and saw that the little girl turned blue with fright. Two small, red hands were holding his collar tightly for fear that he would be caught. Take it away.

“Qingqing, Qingqing.” The woman rushed to hug her daughter, and Phillip Zong handed the little girl to her.

She wrapped her daughter tightly in her arms, k*ssed her crying daughter, soothing, “Don’t be afraid or not, it’s okay, it’s okay, mom is here.”

“Thank you.” The woman held her daughter and bowed to Phillip Zong, not because he didn’t know if her daughter would be killed.

She never thought that Rios He was a lunatic, otherwise, who would have a bomb tied to his body.

“He came to me to eat skewers and said he had a quarrel with his girlfriend, and asked my daughter to bring this young lady over, who knows…” The woman looked at Ana Lin with red eyes, “It almost hurt you.”

The woman knew why Ana Lin gave her daughter money and was willing to eat skewers, but she wanted to make her not feel embarrassed, so she took the money for granted. She is a kind person, but she did not expect that she and her daughter almost harmed her. .

Ana Lin never felt that the mother and daughter were at fault, but the kindness was exploited.

“It’s late, go back today…”


Ana Lin hadn’t finished speaking, but was interrupted by a panic. She and Phillip Zong turned their heads at the same time, only to see the old lady being held hostage by Rios He.

“What’s the matter?!” Alan Su walked quickly over, “How could she be caught by Rios He?”

The bodyguard said, “We chased him, and he ran over here. The old lady came out of the house and just happened to hit him. He didn’t know the identity of the old lady, he was simply taking hostages.”

The old lady was so scared that she shouted, “Alan Su.”

She didn’t know who Rios He was, and no one told her today’s plan was to lock her and her two children in the room. Ruth pestered Keller Shen to find Ana Lin, and the old lady came down to find Lin. Xin Yan, come to Alan Su by the way, he and Lena Qin are still newly married, so she won’t go there so late, she is worried, so Keller Shen didn’t pay attention to her going downstairs.

Going downstairs, the old lady saw Alan Su and Ana Lin outside, and wanted to come out to find them, but Rios He who suddenly rushed over was caught and held him hostage.

“Do you know Alan Su?” Rios He smiled grimly.

The old lady was too old and didn’t realize what was wrong with this sentence, she said casually, “Alan Su, my grandson.”

“Haha.” Rios He laughed, looking at Alan Su for a while, and Phillip Zong for a while, “Are you not letting me go?”

“Buckling!” Alan Su was about to rush forward, Phillip Zong held him, “Don’t be impulsive.”

Alan Su’s chest quickly undulated, “Dare you f*cking touch my grandma’s hair, I’ll take you off and feed the dog.”

“Then you have to have the ability to catch me.” Knowing that the hostage in his hand is Alan Su’s grandmother, he is confident and sure they dare not act rashly.

“If you want to save someone, you can.” His eyes turned to Ana Lin, “You can change it.”

“Bah, don’t think about it!” Alan Su disgusted Rios He.

Rios He pinched the old lady’s hand and slammed hard, the old lady let out a painful cry.

Alan Su said irritably, “f*ck your ancestor!”

“I agree to change, I’ll go over, you let the old lady.” Ana Lin suddenly said, Phillip Zong stood at the mouth of the gale, did not speak, his eyes met her but it was better than a thousand words, Ana Lin smiled lightly. “I believe you.”

I believe you can save me.

After speaking, Ana Lin walked towards Rios He.

Alan Su panicked and yelled Ana Lin, “He is a pervert. He is here for you. If you go, he will be fooled.”

Ana Lin didn’t seem to hear him, and he didn’t hesitate in his footsteps.

Alan Su turned to look at Phillip Zong, “Are you really letting her go?”

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