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Chapter 277

Phillip Zong didn’t respond. Alan Su panicked. He wanted to save the old lady, and he didn’t want Ana Lin to fall into the tiger’s mouth. Rios He’s spirit stayed on, just to get Ana Lin. Can she go back?

Rios He had a bomb tied to his body.

If the person held by Rios He is an irrelevant stranger, Ana Lin may hesitate a bit, but it is Alan Su’s grandmother who is held hostage, the only relative of the Phillip Zong brothers. She can’t let this old man suffer because of her. hurt.

Rios He laughed, the chucking sound came from his chest, mocking, sarcasm, “Yes, I said, there is only me, only I love you, only me, willing to give everything for you, you open your eyes and see, He—Phillip Zong, is he concerned about your safety?”

“I’ll come over, you let go of this old lady.” Ana Lin said expressionlessly, she didn’t hear what Rios He said.

Looking at Ana Lin’s calm face, Rios He yelled out of control, “Are you still awake? He is not afraid. I will die together with you and be a ghost couple?”

“Crazy!” Alan Su gritted his teeth, “It’s really possible that he would do this, strapping a bomb on his body, obviously holding the idea of ​​dying together.”

Phillip Zong still did not respond, he was very silent, like a very patient cheetah, waiting for the opportunity to hit the prey in one shot.

Ana Lin continued to negotiate with him, “What you want is me. This is also the grievance between us. It should be resolved by us. If you hold an old man, it will only make me hate you even more!”

Rios He red eyes, “What did you say?!”

He couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t restrain his loss. “You hate me?! Haha…you hate me?!” His smile suddenly closed, revealing an extremely distorted face, “I’m too stupid, I depend on everything. You, you and Phillip Zong are good, isn’t it because he slept with you? Do you love him? You are not, you are just for the sake of two children, you love me and me, if I ignore Your rejection, sleep with you, you will be with me now, in the final analysis, it is low, I am too indulgent and used to you.”

I am afraid that a madman cannot describe the current Rios He. He is crazy and terrifying, and even his thinking logic is very human.

Ana Lin’s hands hung beside him, clenched into fists tightly, “I have come here, you let go of the old lady.”

Rios He bowed her head, the old lady was getting older, she might be frightened, she was shaking all over, and she couldn’t say a word.

Alan Su hurriedly turned around, “Damn it, it’s still a psychologist, it’s more horrible than ordinary people when it’s abnormal.”

“Rios He, what do you want!” Ana Lin said anxiously. She felt that the old lady was not doing well.

At such an old age, it can’t stand the toss.

“Give me a car.” No one wants to die. He does the same. He has a bomb tied to his body to save his life. He will only choose to die with the enemy unless he can’t escape.

He is now hostage, who can make them a hostage with scruples, and he has a chance to escape.

“Give it to him.” After speaking, Alan Su looked at Phillip Zong, but he didn’t say a word, it was tacit approval.

Soon the bodyguard drove over to a car. He was about to go and deliver the key, trying to take the opportunity to rescue the old lady, but Rios He was not stupid, and sternly reprimanded, “Don’t come.”

The bodyguard said, “I can’t come, how can I give you the car key?”

“Tell me.” He pinched the old lady’s neck and looked at the bodyguard warily.

The bodyguard hesitated, it was Ana Lin who came over to take the key.

“You get in the car, you come to drive, don’t think about running away, otherwise, I will kill this old guy.” Rios He threatened.

Ana Lin glanced at him, turned into the car, and started the engine. Rios He dragged the old lady into the car and sat in the back seat. He looked at Ana Lin and said, “Go south.”

The old lady is in his hands, and Ana Lin can only listen to him.

Rios He felt that Ana Lin had deliberately slowed down the car, and he slapped the old lady fiercely. The old lady was unconscious, unconscious, and did not scream.

But Ana Lin could hear the applause, and when she turned around, she saw Rios He’s gloomy expression and the slap print on the face of the old lady.

Ana Lin was very angry. He did not expect Rios He to be so crazy that even the elderly would be abused.

Rios He stared at Ana Lin sullenly, “I said not to play tricks on me, or I will kill this old guy! Drive faster.”

Ana Lin bit his lip and stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.

The moment Ana Lin stepped on the accelerator, the car shot out at the same speed as an arrow on the string.

There was a burst of unpleasant exhaust gas.

“Turn right.” Rios He pointed the way.

Ana Lin seemed to be aware of his intentions, he wanted to go to the high speed, if he went to the high speed, it would be difficult to control him, and the high speed is prone to car accidents.

She calmly negotiated with Rios He, “What you want is me. Put the old lady down. It will only be a burden if you take her and prevent you from running away. It’s the same if you hold me down.”

Rios He didn’t let go, but said coldly, “Drive your car.”

“Don’t you want me, I’m willing to go with you, why are you holding on to the old lady? You see that she is in a coma, so you are not afraid of her death and a life lawsuit on her back?”

“Even if I don’t betray my life, will Phillip Zong let me go?”

Yes, even if there is no life on him, if you catch him this time, you won’t let him go easily.

“Why don’t you speak?” Rios He sneered.

“You don’t let people go, right?” Ana Lin’s voice also became cold. Since he doesn’t eat soft ones, she can only come to hard ones, “There is a steep slope in front, so we can do our best.”

“Are you crazy?!” Rios He opened his eyes.

“Yes, I’m crazy. I was driven crazy by you.” Ana Lin was surprisingly calm. When the steep slope was approaching, she held the steering wheel tightly, “The grievances between you and me, let us be here today. End.”

She turned the steering wheel–

“and many more.”

Ana Lin was waiting for his words.


The sound of tires rubbing against the side of the road, creaking, and a long brake mark on the ground.

Rios He was startled in a cold sweat, “I just throw her down.”

Even if he had Ana Lin in his hand without the old lady, he still had a bargaining chip.

He pushed the car door. In order to prevent Ana Lin from taking the opportunity to escape, he untied his belt, clasped Ana Lin’s hands and held them in his hands. He kicked the old lady out of the car with his feet. Ana Lin was evil by Rios He. She shook the car door and got out of the car. She kicked the car door with her foot. The belt was caught in the gap. Rios He panicked and immediately yelled, “Come up quickly.”

Ana Lin was indifferent, Rios He was annoyed, opened the door and jumped down, he grabbed Ana Lin by the neck, “Do you want to die?”

Yu Guangli and Ana Lin saw someone approaching.

She curled her lips and smiled, syllables squeezed out of her teeth, “I die, and you can’t live.”

The wind was too strong, blowing her voice away.

Rios He still heard, “Haha…”

He laughed wildly, “I won’t let you die, I want you to stay by my side forever, even if you really want to die, I want you to be my ghost…”


Chapter 278

With a muffled bang, Rios He’s eyes widened. He slowly turned around. In the darkness, a tall figure was covered by a road lantern, and he flew away in the violent wind. He stood firm, his feet rooted. When the wind blows, he has never wavered, holding a gun in his hand, arrogant and arrogant.

Rios He’s eyes became wider and wider, and his mouth became more and more fierce, and the corners of his mouth twitched constantly, “You, you…”

Without strength, his legs softened and he knelt down.

Ana Lin watched him fall in front of his own eyes.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and her body shook in the wind. After reacting, she buckled her belt and released her hand, and immediately went to hug the old lady who was thrown on the ground, “Grandma.”

Ana Lin tried to test the old lady’s snort, but still breathing.

“Grandma.” Alan Su rushed over, Ana Lin supported the last bit of strength, “Quickly, send the old lady to the hospital.”

Alan Su glanced at her, picked up the old lady and got into the car, worried that something might happen to the old lady, and angered at the bodyguard, “Hurry up!”

Ana Lin propped on the ground with one hand and wanted to stand up. Suddenly, someone grabbed the other wrist. A pair of shiny leather shoes was reflected in her sight. Her gaze moved up, a pair of slender long legs, and then up. , That angular face.

With Phillip Zong’s hand gently pressing, Ana Lin’s body was lifted, and in an instant he fell into a strong and warm chest.

She raised her head, the wind was too strong, and her long hair was swaying in the strong wind.

Phillip Zong picked up her long hair from her forehead and curled it behind her ears.

Surprised, she smiled, her eyes curled like a moon, and the water was so clear that she squeezed out the water, “It’s okay, thank you for your timely arrival.”

Phillip Zong’s expression did not loosen because of her words, but became harder and harder. He glanced hard and Ana Lin’s body crashed into his arms.

Ana Lin vaguely sensed his low mood, she just wanted to speak, but saw two bodyguards approaching, one by one, and he threw Rios He into the car.

Ana Lin had never seen Phillip Zong’s violent appearance. His voice was a little low. He didn’t ask him why he was robbed. Instead, he asked a question she was more concerned about, “Will he die?”

Rios He is wrong, he should be punished, but this punishment cannot be dealt with privately.

Rios He is dead, he is also breaking the law.

“I don’t know.” Yes, he didn’t know. When he saw Rios He pinching her neck, he lost any sense. When she was resting, he was determined to have a sense of measure, but this time, he lost sense.

Ana Lin sighed and didn’t know if there was anything wrong with the old lady.

“Let’s go back, I’m cold.” She took the initiative to wrap his waist.

Phillip Zong gathered her into her coat and walked towards the car. The bodyguard opened the car door respectfully, and he sat in with Ana Lin in her arms.

The door closed.

The two did not speak on the way, and seemed to have their own minds.

Ana Lin has not recovered from this thrilling soul, and Phillip Zong is still blaming himself. If he comes a step late, will she…

Soon the car arrived at the hotel and Lena Qin went to the hospital. Now the old lady doesn’t know what’s going on in the hospital. As Alan Su’s wife, she should be there.

“I was careless.” Keller Shen said annoyedly.

If he watched the old lady, there would be no such accident.

It is true that he thinks there should be no danger, what kind of waves can Rios He dig out by himself? But he didn’t expect that he would have a bomb on his body and cause so many things.

“This is an accident.” Ana Lin comforted.

“The two children are in the room, I will deal with Rios He.” Keller Shen just wanted to leave, as if thinking of something, he looked at Phillip Zong, “What about the gun?”

Keller Shen has a gun.

Ana Lin learned that the gun Phillip Zong used was Keller Shen’s.

Keller Shen’s guns all have codes, and if they are lost, they will be punished.

Phillip Zong took out from his waist and gave it back to him, then passed him into the house.

Obviously Phillip Zong was not very happy, and Keller Shen wanted to ask what happened to him.

Ana Lin stopped him and shook his head, “He may be in a bad mood, go and try to save people back.”

Keller Shen nodded.

Ana Lin turned around and entered the room. She took off her down jacket and hung it on a hanger. Phillip Zong didn’t take off her coat, so she hugged Ruth. Ana Lin came over, “Take off your coat.”

The room is warm. Besides, he will be hot when he wears it in the room. He put down his daughter, shakes his shoulder, and the coat slid down. Ana Lin held it with both hands, and walked over to hang it on the hanger.

“Dad, where have you been?” Ruth hugged his neck and acted like a baby.

Phillip Zong pinched her little nose, “Dad go out and do something.”

The little girl lay on his shoulders, with a small face buried in his shoulders, and said dullly, “I thought you were going out on a date with Mommy. Can you take me with you next time you go out? It’s okay to be bored in the room every day. Boring, when can we go back?”

Phillip Zong followed her back, “Wait a second.”

Once Rios He’s affairs were over, they could go back.

But the old lady has been sent to the hospital now, and she still doesn’t know what is going on. She must not be able to leave now.

“Then Dad, can you accompany me more?” She pouted, “I miss my grandmother.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed his daughter’s forehead and said, “I will stay with you from now on.”

The little girl was happy, giggled, and k*ssed him hard on the face, and her saliva stuck to his face.

Seeing his daughter happy, he finally had a smile on his face.


The old lady was sent into the examination room, and Alan Su walked around the corridor anxiously.

Lena Qin was dizzy, knowing he was anxious and worried, but he couldn’t make people okay even if he dangled like this, she walked over and held his hand, “Don’t worry too much, grandma will be okay.”

Alan Su barked his teeth, “Rios He that bastard, I must kill him…”

Lena Qin hurriedly covered his mouth. There were people here, and people heard that the influence was not good. People who didn’t know thought he was a bad crowd.

“I know you are angry…”

“Can I not be angry?” Alan Su shouted, and after yelling, he realized that he was too impulsive and shouldn’t shout at Lena Qin, “Sorry, I was too anxious.”

He turned and sat on the bench, covering his face with his hands, “I am the only relative, she is very important to me.”

Lena Qin came over and hugged him, “I know.”

He hugged Lena Qin with his face buried in her abdomen. Lena Qin was standing. He was sitting at this position. His voice was low and trembling, “My parents died early, it was her who raised me. ,It is my fault……”

Lena Qin touched his head, “This is not to blame you, no one expected it. This is an accident.”

Alan Su hugged her and said nothing.

The surroundings gradually calmed down.

After a while, the door of the examination room opened and the nurse walked out with the examination sheet in her hand, “Are the patient’s family members there?”

Alan Su stood up from the bench and walked over quickly, and Lena Qin followed, fearing that there would be bad news, she and Alan Su held hands tightly.

“How is my grandma?”

Chapter 279

When asked this sentence, Alan Su’s hands suddenly closed, he was afraid of hearing bad news.

Lena Qin’s hand was a little painful, but she didn’t say aloud to remind Alan Su who knew this time was very nervous.

“That’s the case. The patient is very old, frightened and unconscious, not life-threatening, and some bruises on his body have been treated, and there is no major problem.”

Alan Su was at a loss with excitement and didn’t know how to describe his feelings. He held Lena Qin’s face and k*ssed her lips firmly, smiling like a child, “My grandma is all right.”

Lena Qin had never seen him like this, like a child who hadn’t grown up yet.

“Don’t be eager to be happy. The old man is getting older, so she should avoid mental stimulation.” The nurse interrupted coldly.

Alan Su was shocked to realize that he had just been impolite, he coughed lightly and gave a serious hmm.

The nurse looked up at him, and her voice was still cold, “The old man can no longer be stimulated in the future. Such an age is easy to’pass over’. You may not be able to wake up next time. As a junior, you must be kind to the elderly.”

Alan Su nodded heavily, “I see.”

“Wait here, the patient will be pushed out soon.” After speaking, the nurse turned and left.

Alan Su was a lot calmer this time. He stood at the door and waited. Soon the door of the examination room slid open. The old lady was pushed out. The person was awake. Alan Su bent over to hold it when he saw the grandson and the old lady stretch out her hands. Touching the old lady’s forehead and getting close, Alan Su found a slap print on the old lady’s face.

During the process of sending her to the hospital, he was too anxious to see the palm prints on her face.

His face suddenly sank, Rios He that beast!

Only now did he know why the nurse was so indifferent because he must have thought he was abusing the elderly.

He k*ssed the back of the old lady’s hand, “It’s okay, your good grandson is here.”

“Smelly boy, who is that?” Now the old lady seemed to want to understand that the person who kidnapped her seemed to know Alan Su.

“I’m just a lunatic, he has been arrested by the police, don’t think about it, we need to recuperate.” Alan Su coaxed the old lady.

Lena Qin helped the medical staff to push the old lady into the ward. She didn’t need to be hospitalized, but she had to be observed in the hospital overnight and could leave tomorrow.

After arriving in the ward, Alan Su took the old lady to the bed, and Lena Qin helped the medical staff to send the bed out, “Thank you, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“We should.” The medical staff said to Lena Qin with a smile.

Lena Qin closed the door, turned and walked in.

“Xiaoya, come, come.” The old lady waved to Lena Qin, and Lena Qin came over.

The old lady took her hand and placed it in Alan Su’s palm, “This kid Alan Su, who grows up so old, has done such a reliable thing and married you.”

Lena Qin was embarrassed and lowered her head.

Alan Su held Lena Qin’s hand, “Grandma, why, if you have a grandson, you don’t want a grandson?”

“What you want you to do will anger me.” The old lady pretended to be angry.

Alan Su immediately convinced him, “I won’t be angry with you anymore.”

The nurses have said that the old lady is too old to be stimulated, and he has to follow the old lady’s wishes.

“I’m hungry,” the old lady said suddenly.

“I’ll buy it for you.” Alan Su stood up hurriedly, “What do you want to eat?”

The old lady winked at him, but Alan Su didn’t realize the purpose of her winks, and asked, “Is it uncomfortable for you to draw something?”

old lady,”……”

She rolled her eyes in her heart, wondering if the child was stupid, why is she so wink?

Lena Qin realized that the old lady was going to spend her, so she took the initiative, “I’ll go buy it, grandma, what do you want to eat?”

“Get me some porridge.” The old lady said.

“Anything else?” Lena Qin asked again.

The old lady waved her hand, “No more.”

“Then I will buy it, Alan Su, take good care of grandma.”

Lena Qin walked out the door, and Alan Su understood the intention of the old lady. He glanced at the old lady, followed Lena Qin and explained, “My grandma may be sick. I want to whisper to me, don’t you Mind.”

Lena Qin smiled, she could see that Alan Su and the old lady’s relationship was very good, she understood.

“I won’t mind. Go in. I’ll buy something to eat. If you want something to eat, I will buy it together.” This Alan Su has been busy most of the night, and he should be hungry now.

“I want to eat spring rolls.” Alan Su was also polite.

Lena Qin said yes.

“You go in, grandma waits alone, don’t worry.” Lena Qin waved her hand and walked away.

Alan Su looked at her back and curled his lips unknowingly.

She is very understanding.

Alan Su turned back to the ward and closed the door.

He walked over to the bed and sat down, “What you want to say, you have to take her away. She just doesn’t care about her temper. If she changes her temper, she will be angry.”

The old lady smiled, “Are you complaining about your wife?”

“No, no.” Alan Su waved his hand quickly, “If you have a daughter-in-law, you can’t forget the kindness of grandma’s nurturing.”

The old lady sighed, “I’m getting old.”

“Grandma is not old.” Alan Su leaned over and acted like a baby in front of the old lady.

The old lady was amused, and soon her smile sank and she put on a serious face, “I think this kid Lena Qin is very understanding, reasonable, and good-looking, you treat them well.”

“I know, you have said it several times.” Alan Su reminded her without being impatient.

The old lady sighed again, “When you were a few years old, there was no mom and dad. I was the one who raised you with sh*t and piss…”

Speaking of the previous events, Alan Su’s stubborn energy was gone, as if he had changed.

“Don’t blame your mother…”

“Why don’t I blame her?!” Alan Su’s eyes were red. Even after so many years, he never let go.

On the way to buy things, Lena Qin found that she didn’t have any money. She came out too quickly. She didn’t bring her mobile phone or money. When she returned to ask Alan Su to get the money, she heard their conversation outside the door.

“It’s not her, would I not even have my father? She just wanted to be happy for herself, right?” Alan Su said, the more excited he became, and after a while he felt that he shouldn’t be like this. After so long, he should let go , But can’t restrain the inner anger.

The old lady’s muddy eyes were dripping with water, and her hands trembling while holding Alan Su, “It’s because my grandma is not good, so I shouldn’t mention the previous things.”

“What does this have to do with you?” Alan Su smiled bitterly. If it’s not good, it’s just that his life is not good, and he puts on an unscrupulous mother, and also put his father in.

Lena Qin was stunned, what did they mean by this?

Alan Su’s parents?

But then I thought about it, she was rude to eavesdrop, so she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Alan Su took a breath to calm his emotions, stood up, and went to open the door.

The door opened and he saw Lena Qin, Alan Su said, “You buy things so quickly…”

Sweeping her eyes down, she realized that she had nothing in her hands.

Brows frowned involuntarily.

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