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Chapter 280

Lena Qin stomped, “Well, I…”

“Did you hear us talking?” Alan Su’s face was a little heavy. He didn’t want others to know about his past.

Lena Qin wanted to say that she didn’t listen on purpose, but she immediately persuaded Alan Su’s cold face, inexplicably, she was afraid that Alan Su was angry, “I just came back, what did you say? Grandma deliberately gave me a support. Open, did you tell me about me?”

Alan Su’s expression eased a little, “Well, say let me treat you well, by the way, why did you come back without buying anything?”

“I came out in a hurry. I didn’t take anything, and I didn’t have any money.” Lena Qin slightly staggered his direct gaze, still feeling uneasy and ashamed of the lie just now.

But in Alan Su’s eyes, thinking she was embarrassed, the corners of her lips raised slightly, and he handed her the wallet from his pocket, “Here.”

Lena Qin looked up at him, “You just give me a hundred yuan, you don’t need to give me your wallet.”

Alan Su took her hand and stuffed her wallet in, “We are a husband and wife, mine is yours.”

Lena Qin looked at him, her fingers curled involuntarily.

Alan Su smiled, “Is this moved? I haven’t given you all of the family property yet, and you are too good to buy it.”

Lena Qin stared at him, “I’m leaving.”


Alan Su watched her leave, closed the door and turned to enter the ward. At this moment, the mobile phone in his pocket rang. He took out the mobile phone. The caller showed Keller Shen’s name. He picked it up. Before Keller Shen could speak, Alan Su first Asked, “Is that beast alive and dead?”

“I can’t possibly die. How about grandma in the operating room?” Keller Shen made this call mainly to ask the old lady if she was in danger.

Alan Su pulled the chair beside the bed and sat down, “It’s okay, just a little injury. The doctor said that I can go back after observing here overnight.”

“Yeah.” Keller Shen didn’t hang up the phone after speaking, he stopped talking.

“Just say what you want, how come you have gotten boring?”

“Well, my sister-in-law asked me to make this call.” After thinking about it, Keller Shen felt that he still had to talk to Alan Su. “My sister-in-law might think that this is because of her, so she called me for fear of the old lady. I will call you to ask about the situation.”

Alan Su knew that this matter had nothing to do with Ana Lin.

It was an accident that the old lady would appear, and it was also an accident to be caught by Rios He. Besides, Ana Lin was almost in danger to change the old lady.

“This matter has nothing to do with her, I know it in my heart.”

“That’s good, I’ll finish dealing with things here later, go see grandma…”

“No, everyone has been tossing all night. If you have some time, you can sleep. Tomorrow we may have to go. It’s the end of this year. You have been out for so long. You have to explain to your unit when you go back.”

Keller Shen hung up with a hum.

Alan Su hung up the phone and put it in her pocket. The old lady looked at him and asked, “Who called you?”

“Keller Shen, call to ask about your situation. I told him that you are fine.” Alan Su tucked the quilt to the old lady. “The previous things are over. Don’t tell Lena Qin about my parents.”

“She is not an outsider either.” The old lady felt that there was no need to hide it.

“I am embarrassed, I don’t want her to know.” Alan Su’s face is not very good.

As long as the past is mentioned, he is like that.

The old lady didn’t think it was a shameful thing, and it’s not his fault, “Why, are you going to hide it for a lifetime? She is your wife, someone who wants to live with you for the rest of your life, you have to trust her, no matter what She believes it or not, you have to show your attitude, marriage, what is the most afraid of? The most afraid of distrust.”

The old lady is getting older, but she has a clear mind, she has lived a long time, and she can see clearly.

“Let’s talk about it, wait until I’m ready.” Alan Su didn’t want to talk about it again, and deliberately changed the subject, “You are tired, take a break.”

The old lady was worried about his attitude, “You are married, what else is not ready? Why, is it possible that you still have that Liu Feifei in your heart?”

“I didn’t. Why did you think of mentioning her?” Alan Su felt that the old lady was abnormal today. He first mentioned his parents’ affairs, and then he mentioned his first love. What do you want to do?

“Grandma, are you uncomfortable there? If you feel unwell, say, let’s call the doctor to see…”


“You curse me?” The old lady slapped Alan Su on the body.

Alan Su’s voice became quieter, “Then how can you talk about the past.”

The old lady increased her tone, “I am worried about you!”

Alan Su covered the old lady with a quilt, “I am so old, I have a sense of measure, you take care of your body, and you care about me the most.”

The old lady let out a sigh of relief and gave him a vaccination, “Alan Su, let me tell you that I like Lena Qin. No matter what happens in the future, you can’t change your mind if you meet anyone again.”

“I know, don’t worry.” Alan Su didn’t take it to heart, this old lady was just like that.

Like nagging.

Not long afterwards, Lena Qin returned from buying food, she put the things on the table, “I am not familiar with this place, and I only got it after running a little.”

Putting things away, she handed her wallet to Alan Su, “Give it your wallet.”

“Let’s put you somewhere.” Alan Su didn’t answer, took the spring rolls she bought and stuffed two into his mouth. He chewed a few times before swallowing, drank his mouth water and pressed it down, “You are here with me. Grandma, I’ll go out and do something.”

Lena Qin said yes.

Alan Su left, Lena Qin raised the head of the old lady’s bed, then walked over to take out the porridge, sat on a chair, and fed the old lady, “Grandma drinks porridge.”

The old lady squinted and opened her mouth.

She can move by herself, but now she wants Lena Qin to take care of herself.

Lena Qin held the porridge bowl, knowing that the porridge inside would not be hot, and handed it to the old lady’s mouth.

After Lena Qin fed a bowl of millet porridge bite by bite, she took a piece of paper and wiped the old lady’s mouth. The old lady lay still, enjoying Lena Qin’s care.

“What did you say Alan Su did?” the old lady asked.

Lena Qin cleared the table, “I don’t know.”

“Then you don’t ask?” the old lady asked tentatively again.

Lena Qin didn’t care, let alone the old lady’s words, and threw the porridge bowl into the trash can. “Didn’t he say that there is something, it must be something to deal with, he should be measured, don’t worry.”

Lena Qin thought that the old lady was worried about Alan Su, washed her hands and walked over and put the head of the bed down to let the old lady have a good rest, “I’m here to guard you, you have something to call me, now I have a good sleep.”

The old lady was indeed tired, and she felt tired after talking for a while. Lena Qin’s attitude made her very satisfied.

Regardless of Alan Su’s whereabouts, it proved to be trusting him.

But Alan Su didn’t talk about his own affairs, but had reservations about her.

The old lady couldn’t help but sighed again.

Alan Su walked out of the ward and took out his cell phone to give Keller Shen a call.

The call was made soon.

“Where are you?”

“Hospital.” Keller Shen was inexplicable. Didn’t he say he was treating Rios He on the phone before?

“I’m asking if you are in that hospital, I’ll come to you.” At the moment, the old lady has someone to take care of, and he spares time to come to Rios He to settle the account.

Chapter 281

“Renai Hospital.” Keller Shen replied.

Alan Su just walked out of the gate. He turned his head. The neon lights in the outpatient department were lit by the four characters of Renai Hospital. Is this the same hospital as the old lady?

He moved his lips, “Where is it?”

“Operating room.” Keller Shen was a little confused, “What’s wrong with you?”

Alan Su didn’t say, but just said that I came to you and hung up.

Alan Su went back to the hospital and found the location of the operating room according to the instructions. Keller Shen sat on the bench in the corridor with a few bodyguards standing beside him. He strode over, “What’s the situation now?”

Keller Shen saw Alan Su coming and moved his position, “Sit down and say.”

Alan Su sat down.

“The doctor said it was almost impossible to save. It was only two centimeters away from the heart, and he was still in the operating room at the moment.” Keller Shen said.

Alan Su sipped, “Why don’t he die as a tortoise grandson!”

Keller Shen looked at him, “Really dead, Phillip is a murderer, I think my sister-in-law is sober.”

“It’s not an injustice.” Alan Su still felt that Rios He should be killed.

Rich and powerful, why is rich in front?

Just because you have money, you have everything.

When you have money, you have power.

Adding Phillip Zong’s uncle’s house, this matter can be erased.

Keller Shen felt that Alan Su was too excited now, and it was useless to say anything to him, so he stopped talking and let him calm down first. Keller Shen underestimated Alan Su’s resentment.

The corridor is very quiet at this time, so the quiet atmosphere is a bit subtle.

“How long has this been, why hasn’t it been good?” Alan Su said impatiently.

Keller Shen looked at him for two seconds, “Or, you go back first?”

Judging from his posture, even if Rios He had the operation successfully, he would have to be beaten to death by Alan Su!

“Not going back.” Alan Su made up his mind.

Keller Shen’s brows frowned, why is this person still unable to get in?

“Keller Shen, that kid slapped my grandmother, do you think I can calm down?” Alan Su stared.

It can be seen how angry he is.

Rios He is indeed a bastard, and he is attacking an old man.

“The doctor’s heart is abnormal, and it’s much more terrifying than ordinary people.” Keller Shen said.

At this time, the indicator light in the operating room went out, and it didn’t take long for the door of the operation to slid open, and the doctor and Rios He were pushed out from behind.

The doctor took off the mask and said, “The operation was very successful, but it will take a long time to recuperate in the later stage. After all, the internal organs are injured. Of course, it has an impact on life expectancy…”

“This kind of beast shouldn’t be alive!” Alan Su stopped and interrupted before the doctor finished.

The doctor was a little upset when he was interrupted.

Frowning deep, “Since you don’t want to save, why send people here?”

The doctor was also very happy after the operation was successful, but Alan Su’s words were undoubtedly poured cold water on the doctor.

Seeing that the atmosphere was frozen, Keller Shen came up to complete the game. He took out his ID and showed it to the doctor, “I am from City B. I am tracking the suspect here. This person was in the process of his escape. I shot. Hit him, he is a personal trafficker, so my colleague is so angry that he doesn’t speak well, don’t mind.”

When the doctor heard that he was a criminal or a human trafficker, he immediately lost his joy in the successful operation.

And also very angry, “Human traffickers should die.”

Keller Shen arranged for Rios He a crime that everyone hates and hates,’Human Trafficker’

“Send to the ward first.” Keller Shen waved his hand, letting his staff do it.

Knowing the identity of Keller Shen, the doctor understood their behavior and was very cooperative.

Alan Su walked to the doctor, put his arm on his shoulder, “Are there any precautions?”

“As long as you don’t get involved in the operation, your life will not be in danger.” Knowing that Rios He is a criminal suspect, I didn’t give him a careful explanation.

“Doctor.” Alan Su leaned over and asked in a low voice, “If I slap him a few hands, will I die?”

The doctor took a step back in fright, and felt that his movements were too great. He coughed softly, “Uh, uh, as long as he doesn’t pull out those tubes on his body, a little damage on his skin will kill him.”

“Oh.” Alan Su understood, patted the doctor on the shoulder, “Thanks.”

Alan Su turned around and went to the ward. The doctor shuddered while looking at Alan Su’s back, as if he expected what Alan Su would do when he arrived in the ward.

In order not to cause trouble, the doctor turned and walked away quickly.

Entering the ward, the nurse is recording every index of Rios He’s body.

Alan Su stood by and asked, “When will I wake up?”

“It’s three hours later.” The nurse recorded the last item and explained the precautions. “Now the patient has just finished the operation, try not to move him. If you have anything, you can call the doctor over at any time.”

“I got it.” Before Keller Shen spoke, Alan Su said something first.

The nurse glanced at him and turned to leave with the record sheet.

The door of the ward was closed, and Alan Su walked to the bedside, staring gloomily at the person lying on the bed, his fingers rattling.

When Keller Shen looked down, he came up and held him, “Don’t be impulsive.”

“I’m not impulsive, the doctor said, the skin and flesh wounds can’t die.” Alan Su tried to get away from Keller Shen’s hand, Keller Shen put his arms around his neck, “I am also angry, I can’t wait to give him twice, even dare to beat grandma. Slaps and kills him are all light, but Alan Su, he is still in a coma, does he know it hurts if you hit him?”

Alan Su blinked, “Is there no pain in a coma?”

Keller Shen gave you a silly expression, “How can I feel pain when I am unconscious?”

“But I can’t swallow this breath.” Alan Su breathed quickly.

“When he recuperates, you want to cut his meat, how about I hand you the knife?” Keller Shen continued to persuade.

Alan Su looked at Keller Shen. Suddenly, he understood Keller Shen’s intentions and curled his lips. “Is he afraid of his death?”

Keller Shen, “…”

“At least I can’t die now, but I don’t know in the future.” Keller Shen said to him patiently, “You think, Alan Su originally had a case in him, he belongs to prison escape, the crime is aggravated, go back and be locked in, there is me Now, what can’t you do?”

Think about it carefully.

“If you think about it again, slaps are more humiliating things, do you have to wait for him to wake up before humiliating him?” Keller Shen continued.

Alan Su looked at Rios He, who was in a coma, and now he was scolding and beating him. He didn’t even know it, just like he didn’t fight.

“Okay, I see your face, wait for him to heal.” Alan Su was discouraged, “you let me go.”

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder, “Grandma’s hatred, I remember this.”

He patted his chest.

Alan Su touched his shoulder with his shoulder, “Then I’m leaving.”


After Alan Su left, Keller Shen walked to the bed and glanced coldly at the person lying on the bed who could not move. If this person is awake, without Alan Su’s hands, he has to beat him first!

But thinking that the old lady was fine, he took out his cell phone and gave Ana Lin a call, and by the way told her about Rios He.


Ana Lin just took a shower and put on pajamas for the two children. It was about taking a good bath. Ruth was bouncing on the bed. This time Daniel did not dislike her being naive, and was’crazy’ in the bed with her. After finishing the Rubik’s cube, I feel good and I am willing to go crazy with my sister.

Ana Lin looked at them and raised their lips happily.

When she was about to put the bath towels, the phone on the table rang.

Chapter 282

She walked over and picked it up. It showed that Keller Shen had come here. The smile on her face slowly solidified on the corners of her lips. She glanced at her son, “Don’t be too crazy, you will feel uncomfortable if you sweat after taking a shower. .”

“I know.” Daniel took the time to reply her.

Coming back from outside, Phillip Zong became very strange.

Ana Lin didn’t know what was wrong with him. When he was bathing the two children, his phone rang. It was Milton Guan’s call. It may be a work matter, because he turned on the computer after he answered the phone and sat down. I never got up.

She picked up the phone and said, “Wait.”

Keller Shen replied with a good voice.

Ana Lin took the bath towel in her hand to the bathroom and put it down. She walked to the door and glanced back. The two children were still in bed, and Phillip Zong was still immersed in work. His slender fingers kept tapping on the keyboard. , Did not notice that Ana Lin was going out at all.

Ana Lin squeezed her phone, turned around and walked out of the house, she closed the door.

At the moment when the door closed, Phillip Zong’s hand was knocking on the keyboard and stopped.

Turning his head to look at the closed door, his deep eyes were thrown into stones, and the waves continued.

Ana Lin walked to the end of the corridor. She overlooked this not glorious city, with sparse neon lights at night. She didn’t know what kind of news Keller Shen would bring her.

But she knew that she would face it sooner or later.

She lowered her eyes slightly, “Just tell me.”

“The old lady is okay. Don’t worry. Alan Su is not an unclear person. He will not care about this matter, let alone blame you. Rios He has also been rescued, and you can’t die. You don’t have to worry anymore. “

Ana Lin exhaled, but fortunately, the old lady was fine, and Rios He was not dead either.

Rios He is guilty, and they can’t handle it privately.

“I’m very strange.” Keller Shen suddenly said.

“What’s strange?” Ana Lin asked.

“I wonder if Phillip wants him to die or doesn’t want him to die? He was trained with me, but he didn’t stay because of his family. I know his marksmanship. If he wants Rios He to die, he won’t be divided. Centimeter, if you don’t want him to die, why hit him so close to the heart.”

Ana Lin didn’t know.

“It’s okay, I just hung up.” Keller Shen said.

Ana Lin gave a faint hum.

She was standing in front of the French window with her mobile phone, thinking about what Keller Shen had just said, she understood what Keller Shen meant. If Phillip Zong wanted Rios He to die, that shot would kill him.

What was his mind at the time?

She couldn’t think of why, Phillip Zong’s thoughts she couldn’t figure out.

Sometimes I feel that I know him well, and sometimes I feel that I don’t know him at all.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps, turned her head, and saw Phillip Zong standing deep in the corridor. The suit on his body wrinkled because of sitting for too long, but it did not affect his good-looking appearance, but added a bit of mature man. Charm.

Ana Lin didn’t know what was going on, and his heart felt like a stone fell.

“Who called?” His expression was indifferent to words, as if he was asking a stranger.

Ana Lin frowned and replied, “Keller Shen, he told me that the old lady is fine, and Rios He is not dead.”

He gave a faint hum, then turned around.

“Phillip Zong.”

Ana Lin stopped him.

He stopped, didn’t look back, didn’t ask her what was wrong, just waited for her to speak.

Ana Lin clenched his hands tightly, “I heard Keller Shen say that your marksmanship is very good, and you have the ability to shoot him to death. Why…”

“Mistakes, I want him to die.” Yun Danfeng lightly explained.

It is true that his marksmanship is very good, but when he saw Rios He pinch Ana Lin, he was panicked, so he missed two centimeters.

Ana Lin watched his back come little by little, “Are you unhappy? Did I make you angry?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes drooped slightly, his long thick eyelashes covered his emotions, and he was silent for a while, “No.”

“Then why are you…”

“I am angry with myself.”

Before Ana Lin finished speaking, he intercepted her.

Ana Lin walked up to him, wrapped his hands around his waist, raised his head, pretending to be relaxed, “Are you prone to masochism, mad at yourself?”

His eyelashes trembled, he stared at her clear eyes, and laughed at himself, “I have never been so embarrassed.”

Ana Lin’s heart trembled inexplicably, and she felt Phillip Zong’s loss.

She couldn’t help but hugged him tightly and pressed her entire face to his heart. Such Phillip Zong made her uneasy and afraid. She didn’t know how to comfort him or why he had such emotions.

“Did I make you feel embarrassed?” She was a little flustered, at a loss.

Phillip Zong’s lips pressed tightly.

Rios He had a word he heard, Ana Lin was with him for the two children, because he always knew that Ana Lin suddenly accepted him because of external reasons.

He has been deliberately ignoring, not thinking.

But listening to others speak out, he didn’t feel like it.

He had never had such a sense of frustration at this age.

Just like now, Ana Lin takes the initiative, he will wonder if she is also trying to force herself for the two children?

Ana Lin is extremely uncomfortable with him like this. She is accustomed to his entanglement, his intimacy, and such alienation, she is very afraid.

“What’s the matter with you, tell me, can you?” She hooked his neck and saw her uneasy herself in his pupils.

“You said, a person will do things that he doesn’t like to do for his own children?”

Ana Lin was slightly stunned at first, and then quickly reflected the meaning of his words.

“Have you taken his words to heart?”

He was silent, as if tacitly.

Ana Lin said very seriously, “No.”

“I don’t want to admit it, but the truth is, I really have a good feeling for you, I like you a little bit.” She said this is true, she doesn’t want to lie to him, and she doesn’t want to lie to herself, “If you want to ask me, yes I don’t know how much I like and how much I love. At least I am used to you being by my side and living with you like a normal couple.”

A gleam of light flashed across Phillip Zong’s sad eyes, “Really.”

Ana Lin deliberately ignored him, “Fake.” He left after he let go.

Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist and pushed with a backhand to press the person against the wall of the corridor. He supported the wall with one hand, “No, if you say something, I will not allow you to shame.”

“Why are you not sure?” Ana Lin raised his head, his little appearance was incredibly proud.

“Hmm—” He deliberately pulled out a long ending, inexplicably ambiguous, he chuckled, “Because you are my wife.”

As his words fell, the k*ss fell on her lips.

Ana Lin stiffened.

His kss went down, skipped her delicate neck, and finally kssed her collarbone, with a light bite, and did not hurt her, and said vaguely, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t love, I will let you fall in love with me. “

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