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Chapter 283

Arrogant and arrogant, at this moment, the words that came out of her mind.

But he is so charming.

At this time, when it was time for the bodyguards guarding the elevator entrance to change the guard, there was a rustling sound, accompanied by the voice, “It’s really cold outside or warm inside…”

The man was halfway through and stopped abruptly.

The person who spoke, glanced casually and saw Phillip Zong in the corridor…

Then I forgot to speak.

The other three people were puzzled. He looked straight at everything, probably curious, and they all stretched their heads to look here, but…

Ana Lin seemed to feel someone, so she pushed Phillip Zong.


Ana Lin whispered, “Did someone speak just now?”

Phillip Zong didn’t doubt that he turned his head.


They didn’t expect that Phillip Zong would suddenly turn his head. They didn’t know what to do for a while. They were all foolishly afraid that he would be angry. They wanted to explain that he didn’t want to see it on purpose, but they didn’t know how to start this.

Ana Lin’s face was flushed red, as if the fire was roasting, she lowered her head and pulled the corner of Phillip Zong’s clothes.

This is too shameful.

He lowered his head to see Ana Lin’s flushed face, he pulled the person into his arms and said calmly, “All turned around.”

He knew Ana Lin was thin-skinned.

I must be embarrassed to look at these people now.

The four big men stood in a row and turned around as if they had made an appointment.

Ana Lin lowered her head and walked into the room, and when she was placed inside, she immediately pushed Phillip Zong away.

“I blame you.”

Regardless of occasion.

Phillip Zong bends over to look at her, his face is still red, how can he be so shy?

Inexplicably feels so cute, like a young girl who has a new love, shy like spring.

With a smile on his face, he reached out and squeezed her cheek, “I made them turn around, no one saw you.”

“I’ve seen it all.” Ana Lin glared at him bitterly.

He clasped his hands together and held the person in his arms, “I saw it.”

“Start.” Ana Lin pushed him.

Phillip Zong didn’t let go, but instead hugged him tighter and tighter, even molesting him, “I like the way you blush.”

Why is this person so annoying?

“Mum and dad, what are you doing again?” The two children on the bed suddenly stopped frolicking while looking at Phillip Zong and Ana Lin.

Ruth covered her eyes with her hands, showing her fingers, and peeked, “Dad and mommy are going to have a k*ss, shame and shame.”

“Look at no evil, don’t see evil.” Daniel covered her sister’s eyes with one hand, and her own. “You continue, you continue, we will never peek.”

Ana Lin and Phillip Zong looked at each other, then looked at the two children standing on the bed at the same time, not crying or laughing for a while.

Daniel thought silently in her heart, is the relationship between father and mom so good?

But this is fine, and the family of four can be together in the future.

“Mommy, are you giving birth to a younger brother or younger sister for my sister and me.” Daniel’s voice came from his fingers.

Ana Lin, “…”

There were smiles between Phillip Zong’s eyebrows and eyes, and he was satisfied with these words, quite satisfied.

Sure enough, his blood was flowing on his body, so he understood his mind, it was his son.

“Did you hear?” Phillip Zong wrapped her waist.

The blush on Ana Lin’s face that had just dissipated, she climbed up again, and whispered, “You take it seriously as a child?”

“Why don’t I take it seriously?” Phillip Zong was serious.

Ana Lin, “…”

“Don’t make a fuss.” Ana Lin broke away his hand, “taught the child.”

She walked to the bed, took Daniel’s hand, and said solemnly, “Children can’t talk nonsense.”

“Mummy, I didn’t talk nonsense.” Daniel put her arms around Ana Lin’s neck and whispered in her ear, “I want you and Dad to have another baby so that you can be together and you won’t be separated. Up.”

It turned out that the child was afraid that they would separate, Ana Lin stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair, “Children don’t think too much.”

“Then Mommy, you can sleep with us tonight.” Daniel took her hand on the bed.

“I haven’t bathed yet…”

“Don’t wash it, I don’t think you are dirty.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“Dad, you can sleep with us too.” Ruth jumped on the spring of the mattress, and Phillip Zong caught the person because she was afraid that she would fall, “Slow down.”

The little girl was in a good mood and put her arms around him, “I don’t know how to wrestle, dad sleep with me.”

Phillip Zong glanced at Ana Lin without a trace, then smiled and agreed.

The bed in the hotel is very wide, but sleeping four is still slightly crowded, but the two children are happy, Ana Lin and Phillip Zong do not want the two children to be disappointed, so they squeezed to sleep.

The two of them slept on the sides of the bed, and the child slept in the middle.

The orange lamp glows with warm light, and the room is warm.

The two children didn’t know if they were excited, or because they were in a good mood and couldn’t sleep, they pestered Ana Lin to tell them stories.

Ruth nestled in Phillip Zong’s arms, “Dad, I want to hear the story of Sleeping Beauty.”

Daniel, “…”

My sister is still so naive.

But today it’s rare that the whole family is together, and the atmosphere is still so good, so he just listened.

Phillip Zong pursed his lips, Sleeping Beauty?

Seeing Phillip Zong hesitating, Ruth asked, “Dad, don’t you know how to speak?”

Phillip Zong was embarrassed. He really didn’t know how to tell. He was a boy. When he was a child, no one gave him such a fairy tale. When he grew up, he didn’t have the opportunity to contact him. He would feel naive when he heard it occasionally.

“That one……”

Ana Lin relieved him, “Ruth, can Mommy tell you something?”

Ruth blinked, pouting her small mouth, “Dad is so stupid, I don’t even know Sleeping Beauty.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Is he rejected by his daughter?

Ana Lin rubbed her daughter’s hair helplessly.

“Mummy, let’s talk about it.” The little girl looked back at Phillip Zong, “Listen, father, tell me next time.”

Phillip Zong nodded and said cooperatively, “Okay.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, and said in a deep thought, “A long time ago, there was a castle. On a rainy night, a cry of a baby resounded throughout the castle… The queen gave birth to a princess for the king, and the king welcomed Here comes his first princess, because the king loves his queen very much, so the king loves the house and the princess.

When the princess turned one year old, the king invited humans and fairies to celebrate the princess’s birthday, but did not invite an evil witch.

The fairy casts spells for the princess, and the first fairy gives the princess beauty.

The second fairy gave the princess wisdom.

The third fairy gave the princess bravery.

Just as the fourth principal cast a spell for the princess, a dark wind blew across the castle. The witch was wearing a black head covering and a hat, holding a cane in her hand.

She walked into the castle slowly, because the king didn’t invite the head to attend the princess’s birthday banquet. He held a grudge against the princess, so she cursed the princess, “The princess will be pierced by the spinning needle of the spinning machine and die.”

Before Ana Lin’s story was finished, Ruth was already asleep.

And it was very heavy, Ana Lin reached out to touch her face, she had no signs of waking up, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw her daughter’s cute appearance.

Just when she was about to withdraw her hand, Phillip Zong’s hand covered the back of her hand, and she raised her eyes to meet his eyes.

“Just do whatever you want, just as if I don’t exist.” Daniel pulled the quilt, covered herself, and closed her eyes, as if telling them that he was asleep.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Chapter 284

Because the old lady and Rios He were fine, they decided to return to City B the next day.

The return journey was smooth, and no accidents happened to hinder their journey.

There is not much time left for them, because the New Year is about to come.

Keller Shen wanted to guard Rios He. His car was at the end. Alan Su and Lena Qin took the old lady in a car, and Phillip Zong and his family of four took an RV.

The scenery along the road is a bit sluggish, without the vitality of spring, the verdant green of summer, the fruits of autumn, only the cold wind is left.

The road was very quiet, and they walked halfway in only half a day, much faster than when they came.

At noon they rested in the service area and went down to eat.

Because the New Year’s Eve is approaching, the service area is crowded with people, the parking lot is full of cars, and people of all kinds stand everywhere.

Ruth was going to the bathroom, Ana Lin took her there, Phillip Zong took Daniel to the restaurant, Alan Su and Lena Qin helped the old lady in.

Rios He woke up and couldn’t do without people around him, not to take care of him, but to prevent him from wanting to commit suicide or escape.

Keller Shen arranged for the people watching him, went to the bathroom, and then went to the restaurant to look for them. The old lady was red and recuperating, mainly because she was in a good mood. Alan Su’s marriage was her concern.

Now that Alan Su is married, she has no worries and is naturally in a good mood.

“Grandma is young.” Keller Shen sat down and said.

“It will make my old lady happy.” The old lady was angry and her face was happy.

“I’m telling the truth.” Keller Shen burst into laughter at the old lady.

The food in the service area was not very tasty, so Keller Shen put a bite of the food in his mouth and said, “This meal will make do, go back to City B, and then have a good meal.”

Alan Su stood up, “I’ll go shopping, Lena Qin, take care of grandma.”

Lena Qin nodded.

“Uncle Alan Su, I think there are jackfruits, buy a box when you come in.” Daniel said.

Alan Su looked back at him, “Do you like to eat?”

Daniel shook her head, “My sister likes to eat, but she doesn’t have any picky eaters. She eats everything that is delicious.”

Alan Su said okay, turned and walked out of the dining room, and glanced at Keller Shen through the glass door. He was talking to Daniel, and the shape of his lips seemed to say; Xiao Xi still hurt his sister.

Keller Shen didn’t pay attention to him, he sighed in relief, put the hat on the down jacket on his head, and walked towards the car wearing Rios He.

When he walked to the car, he glanced left and right. No one noticed him. He stretched out his hand to open the door. Inside were two guards of Rios He arranged by Keller Shen.

I saw Alan Su sitting next to the bodyguard saying hello, “Lawyer Su.”

Alan Su glanced at Rios He who was below, and laughed, “You go to eat, here I am watching.”

“Didn’t Shen team say that he will replace us later?”

“He asked me to come, why, you can’t even believe me?” Alan Su raised his eyebrows and said very unhappy.

The bodyguard waved his hands again and again, “No, no…”

Alan Su abruptly interrupted him loudly, “So why don’t you get out of the car?”

The two bodyguards got out of the car, and Alan Su got into the car and confessed to them by the way, “Hurry up.”


After watching the two bodyguards go, Alan Su closed the car door, sat down, looked at Rios He, who was fixed by him, and smiled evilly. He moved his wrists and said, “We meet again.”

Rios He stared at him, trying to move, but he couldn’t move. His hands and feet were fixed. On the one hand, he was afraid that he would run, and on the other hand, he was afraid that he would commit suicide. He even put a brace in his mouth and made him bite his tongue. There is no chance of suicide. Keller Shen said that if he wants to die, he has to wait until he is sentenced in city B before he can die.

When he does not want to die, Keller Shen will have to make him feel bad.

“Why can’t you move?” Alan Su asked with a deliberate smile.

Rios He knew that he didn’t even have the ability to die right now, that was the meat on the chopping board, and only had it to be slaughtered.

He simply closed his eyes, not looking at Alan Su.

“Heh.” Alan Su sneered. He took out his mobile phone and deliberately pressed it to take a photo. “You said, if I take two nude photos of you, they will be made into large banners and pulled at the entrance of Hejia Company and Hejia Villa. , Will it be fun?”

Rios He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at him. If he could move now, he would fight Alan Su desperately. He died and died. It was his fault that it was his family’s involvement.

“Haha.” Alan Su bent down and looked down at him, “Why are you afraid too? When threatening me, why didn’t you think that you would have such a day? Huh?”

Rios He’s hands were clenched into fists, and the corners of his eyes twitched, which shows that he is also angry at this moment.

Alan Su squeezed his face, patted it, slapped it, and twitched twice, “Why is this face as rough as a dog?”

Rios He’s facial features are twisted together, very hideous.

Seeing him angry, Alan Su was happy, his body leaned even lower, “Hit my grandma? Huh?”


With a snap, the car window glass shook, Rios He’s face instantly swelled, and the corners of his mouth were bloodshot.

Alan Su shook his hand, Zhen’s wrist was numb, “Damn, you will lose money if you hit with your hand. People like you don’t deserve to have a face!”

Rios He’s body was so angry that he kept twitching a few times.

“Does it feel comfortable to be slaughtered?” Alan Su deliberately pinched his red and swollen face.

Rios He made a hissing sound in his painful mouth.


Suddenly the car window glass was knocked.

He turned his head, because the window glass was stuck to the black film, and the inside could not be seen from the outside, nor could the outside be seen from the inside.

He reached out and pressed the car window, and saw Keller Shen half leaning against the body, “I have learned the lesson, go to eat?”

When Alan Su said that he was going out to buy things, Keller Shen knew what he was going to do when he came out, and he didn’t stop him because he knew him.

If you don’t let him out a little, he will keep thinking about it.

Alan Su pushed the car door down and coughed to hide his embarrassment, “Have you finished?”

Keller Shen said numbly, “After eating, I’m afraid that you will kill someone. I’m not going to go back and explain.”

He was able to come out for so long as an excuse to track the fugitive Rios He. If he goes back without taking people back, he will be punished.

Alan Su snorted coldly, “I can’t die.” After speaking, he left quickly and when he entered the restaurant, he bought a jackfruit from the fruit shop.

Daniel was stupid when he walked into the restaurant, didn’t he ask him to buy a box? How did you buy one?

How to strip it when it’s still so big?

Alan Su smiled, “The whole thing is fresh.”

Daniel blinked and asked, “Are you skinning?”

Although this is delicious, it has less meat and a large seed in the middle. The most troublesome thing is difficult to peel.

Alan Su vented his anger on Rios He, and he was in a good mood right now.

“If I peel it, I’ll peel it, hey, where’s your father?” Alan Su put a large jackfruit on the ground, pulled out the chair and sat down.

“Go to my mommy.”

Ana Lin took Ruth to the bathroom. Phillip Zong went to have a look before he came.

At the end of the year, there are already a lot of people in the service area, and they have to queue to go to the bathroom.

Phillip Zong frowned since he got out of the car. He was not used to such a crowded environment. He waited across the road. Ana Lin took his daughter out of the bathroom.

Ruth saw Phillip Zong, let go of Ana Lin’s hand, and shouted, “Dad…”

She ran too fast and ran into a woman standing on the side of the road eating instant noodles. It was probably because the instant noodles in the woman’s hands were not stable. Ruth, a child, hit her and the whole bowl of instant noodles was sprinkled. Unfortunately, it was scattered on the woman.

The woman was wearing a white short wool coat. With this splash, a large piece of red oil stuck to her clothes. The woman’s face changed suddenly and she cursed, “Don’t you walk with eyes long?”

Ana Lin rushed over to apologize.

Ruth also felt that she might be at fault, and apologized, “Auntie I’m sorry…”


Chapter 285

Before Ruth’s apology was finished, the woman slapped it up with a slap. Ruth grew so big and had never been beaten. Her eyes widened aggrievedly, and tears rolled in her eyes.

Ana Lin was also dumbfounded. She didn’t expect a woman to do it. She took her daughter into her arms and glared at the woman, “How can you do it to a child?!”

“She doesn’t have eyes long when she walks. How did you educate as an adult? Look at my clothes. Newly bought, more than one thousand. Will you pay me?” The woman painted her big red lips, rubbing thick like a wall painter The thick foundation, grinning when speaking, is fierce like a market shrew.

Ruth said hoarsely, “I didn’t mean it.”

“Say I’m sorry, isn’t it all done on purpose?” The woman arrogantly.

“How do you want to count?” The low muffled voice seemed to be suppressed by the waves.

He was stern and walked over.

When Ruth hit the woman, he was about to walk over immediately. However, a car passed by and blocked the way, which delayed time, and after such a short time, the woman moved her hand.

The woman heard the voice turning her head.

Phillip Zong wore a black coat and opened it wide, revealing the pure black handmade suit inside, flying around him, with a natural domineering.

The woman flinched almost instinctively, and she didn’t even speak so frantically, “Yes, this little girl hit me first.”

Ruth said it again, with a heavier nasal voice, “I didn’t mean it.”

Ana Lin was holding her daughter and didn’t dare to touch her face. She was so distressed that she was not willing to move a finger. Today, she was slapped.

“How much are your clothes?” Phillip Zong took out his wallet from his inner pocket. Because cash was limited, he signed a check, “One hundred thousand, is that enough?”

He raised his eyes.

The woman subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of water, one mouth is one hundred thousand, frightening her?

“Will you be useful? I want cash.” The woman pretended to be calm.

He really didn’t carry so much cash with him. He took out his cell phone and called Alan Su, “I don’t care what you use, get me 100,000 yuan in cash.”

Over there, Alan Su couldn’t react, so why did he want so much cash for no reason?

“Why do you want so much money…”

“ten minutes!”

After talking about Phillip Zong, he hung up the phone. At this moment, there were a lot of people around, and watching the excitement is never too big a problem.

The whispered discussion is endless.

“This dress is only more than 1,000 yuan.” Someone whispered, “My best friend also has one that is exactly the same as hers. I really dare to ask for 100,000 yuan.”

“Yes, that is, a kid in this family, who didn’t mean to, why should he be bothered?”

“You don’t know, this woman beat other people’s children.” The two who spoke before were later, and the situation was not very clear, the informed interrupted.

“Even children?”

“Yes, you see that the kid is blushing.”

“Yeah, how can she go down with such a beautiful child?”

The woman has a guilty conscience, and she feels that this person seems to be uncomfortable. Look at the man’s aura, it is not something ordinary people can have.

“Dirty is dirty, I don’t care about it, it’s over.”

Phillip Zong didn’t even lift his eyelids, “You’re done after you finish?”

The woman was a little flustered, her face was strong and calm, “I don’t care anymore, why do you still want to hold it?”

“What’s going on, what’s going on?” At this moment, Alan Su was carrying a bag and leading Daniel under the path of the two bodyguards, squeezing through the crowd, and walking to Phillip Zong, “What do you want cash for?”

Alan Su felt that he was very smart.

There is no bank in the service area, and I want to get a lot of cash. There is only one place, and that is the gas station.

Sure enough, the gas station has cash. He made a bank transfer and got 100,000 yuan in cash from the gas station.

Phillip Zong raised his chin, “Give it to her.”

Alan Su turned and looked at the woman, looking at the greasy dirt on her body and the instant noodles under her feet, as if she understood what was going on, but the clothes on this woman were not worth 100,000 yuan.

“How much did you buy the clothes?”

Before the woman had time to speak, someone in the crowd was talking, “The clothes are more than 1,000, and my girlfriend’s is exactly the same as hers.”

“You need one hundred thousand for more than one thousand clothes…”

“Give it to her!” Phillip Zong interrupted Alan Su in a deep voice, and endless darkness was brewing in his deep eyes.

Alan Su noticed something was wrong and handed the money to the woman.

The woman did not dare to answer, “I, I, I…”

Woman I haven’t spoken for a long time.

“My daughter soiled your clothes. As a father, I should pay you.” Phillip Zong threw the money in Alan Su’s hand in front of the woman. “You beat my daughter, how do you calculate this?”



The former is Alan Su and the latter is Daniel.

Ruth was beaten?

My sister was beaten?

Daniel trembled with anger, dare to hit his sister?

Alan Su is also very angry. Someone even beats children?

“I, I didn’t mean it.” The woman shivered with fright.

“You didn’t mean it, is this all over?” Before Phillip Zong could speak, Alan Su asked angrily.

“I don’t want the money, and I don’t have to lose the clothes…”

“You dirty clothes, we should pay you, but you beat my sister, you have to give us an account. My sister grew up so big and vomited blood from me, I have never touched her hair. She was held in the palm of her hand by my mommy when she was born. Today, you beat her? This matter, if you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation, this matter will not be over! My father said, although we are rich and powerful, We don’t bully others, but we can’t be bullied either!”

Daniel is young and has clear language logic. Standing next to Phillip Zong, that aura, that appearance, is like a reduced version of Phillip Zong.

But Phillip Zong was looking at him with his eyes down, and the phrase Dad was still echoing in his mind.

Although Daniel admitted his identity, he never took the initiative to call his father.

Hearing this sentence, my father felt a pain in his heart.

“I won’t be allowed to pay for my clothes, what else do you want, why do so many of you want to bully me a woman?” The woman swallowed and took two steps back, fearing that they would do it.

At this moment, her intestines are all regretful.

Why is she so impulsive.

But at the time, she was very angry. The newly bought clothes were about to go home beautifully for the New Year, but they were soiled and she was really angry.

“Who is going to bully you? You are an adult who hit the child first!” Daniel retorted, never allowing her to beat him up.

“Yes, with so many people, someone must have seen what happened?” Alan Su asked when he looked at the people around him.

“I saw it.” A woman in the crowd came out, “I saw it. I came out of the bathroom. I just saw the little girl running and accidentally bumped into the woman, but the little girl apologized and said sorry. The woman came up with a palm.”

“An adult who beats a child is not good enough.”

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