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Chapter 286

The surrounding discussion is getting louder and louder, all accusing women.

Regardless of the reason, it is wrong for adults to act on children.

The woman’s face flushed to her neck, and she was ashamed to find a place to sew in. It was too shameful, she turned and wanted to leave.

But he was stopped by Alan Su.

He looked serious, “Want to leave after hitting someone?”

“I said I don’t have to pay, what else do I need?” The woman yelled and was annoyed by being surrounded and mocking her.

“If your clothes are soiled, we naturally have to pay, and you have to pay someone else’s bill!” Alan Su raised his chin.

The woman’s heart was beating suddenly, and her heart flustered so much that she hadn’t expected the situation to develop to this point. She had no choice but to call her husband and ask him to come and solve it.

“Me, I’ll make a call.” The woman quickly took out her mobile phone from her pocket and called her husband.

Soon the phone was connected. Before she could open her mouth, an impatient male voice came over there, “Did you fall into the pit for a meal? Why didn’t you come back?”

“I, I’m on the road in front of the bathroom.” The woman stammered.

The man at that end was even more impatient, “Then you are not coming back?”

The woman shrank, “I was stopped by someone, not letting me go.”

“What?” When the man on the other end of the phone heard the fire, he thought that someone had molested his wife, pushed the car door angrily, got out of the car, and came to the road in front of the bathroom, “Who, who stopped my wife from going? “

“Husband.” The woman was so frightened that she saw her husband as if she had caught the straw.

The man walked towards this side, struck his neck, “Who molested my wife?”

“If your wife grows up like this, who will molest.” The masses don’t know who said that.

The man immediately became angry, and was criticized for his ugly wife, and his face lost face.

“Who said that sentence? There is a kind of stand up for me!” The man pointed at the people in the crowd anxiously.

“This gentleman, don’t rush to get angry. This person is not talking about your wife’s ugly skin, but he means your wife’s ugly heart.”

Said a lively woman standing in the front.

This is not an explanation. This explanation seems to be even more ugly. You must know that ugly face is just skin, ugly, it means to describe this person as having no morals, no quality, or dark heart. In short, it is not a good thing.

The man jumped immediately, pointing at the woman who was talking, “You tell me again?”

The woman who had just spoken said nonchalantly, “It was because your wife had no quality.”

The man raised his hand about to punch the talking woman, his wife pulled it up in time and whispered, “Don’t cause trouble.”

The man just wanted to scold his wife, only to realize that her clothes were dirty, and her face changed again, “You spent more than a thousand on your clothes, why did you make it like this?”

“My daughter did it.” Phillip Zong looked indifferent, neither light nor heavy, Ling Lie’s oppressive gaze shot over.

The man was startled by his horrified eyes, and he didn’t recover for a long time.

“It was his daughter who got me involved. I was so angry that I slapped the child.”

When his wife was talking next to him, the man didn’t hear a word, his mind buzzed for a long time.

When he recovered, he said arrogantly, “Your daughter soiled my wife’s clothes, you have to pay.”

“Where’s the money.” Alan Su kicked the bag on the ground. The red renminbi inside came out of the bag. The man looked down and immediately dumbfounded. How about so much?

Only then did he feel something was wrong.

But no one dislikes money.

He pushed his wife, “How much do you want? Doesn’t everyone lose your money? Why don’t you get it soon?”

Women dare to take it.

“My daughter soiled your wife’s clothes. You will be compensated for the money, but your wife beat my daughter. What should I do?” Phillip Zong’s brows were extremely hostile.

The man looked at his wife for a while, the money on the ground, and the crowd around him, he was stupid.

The woman pulled him, “husband, what should I do?”

The man looked at the woman with a palm facing her face. The woman was caught off guard. She stepped on the instant noodles and fell off her feet. She covered her face and looked at her husband incredible.

“You hit me?”

The man grinned, “Are you blind? Look at people’s clothes, and you also know that they are rich. I can’t control this. You are embarrassed and called me here.”

The people around were stunned. This man was also strange enough.

My own wife doesn’t protect her. Although she was wrong, she now only thinks of losing herself because of her.

Alan Su smacked his lips, “Fulfilled the old saying, not a family, don’t enter a family.”

A man is not like a man, he is spineless, a woman, obviously admiring vanity, but also a black heart.

Otherwise, he won’t do anything to the child.

“This matter…” The woman pulled the man’s trousers, still wanting her husband to solve the matter for herself.

“If you provoke yourself, solve it yourself.” The man kicked the woman mercilessly, walked through the crowd and left, cursing, “What do you look at?”

A man is the only backer for a woman, and the woman is terrified at this moment.

“Good is good for evil and evil is rewarded for evil. You still have to be kind.” Someone pointed to the woman and said.

A woman knows that relying on her husband is no longer useful, so look around, don’t say shame, even the face is lost, the man is unreliable, this is not false.

The woman wiped her face, and for a quick resolution, she apologized, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t beat your daughter.”

Phillip Zong didn’t look at her, he was obviously dissatisfied.

His daughter, he couldn’t even feel the pain, but today, he was beaten by this woman. He didn’t want to be rational, let alone just let it go. If he didn’t give him a satisfactory explanation, there was no end to this!

“What do you want?” At the moment, the woman was very embarrassed, her makeup was gone, she was covered with instant noodles, and she was sitting on the ground like a stray dog ​​that nobody wanted.

“Which hand did it, chopped it!” The fierceness of this second shocked even Ana Lin who was standing by.

The woman’s pupils shrank sharply and her body trembled. She was scared and silly. She didn’t care about anything. She crawled over and pulled Phillip Zong’s trousers, “I was wrong, I was wrong, please raise your hand and let me go.”

The touch of the woman made him frown in disgust.

“Don’t do it yet?” His bodyguard stood sideways.

The bodyguard’s reaction was also extremely quick, and the two neatly held the woman’s hands back, making her unable to move.

The woman applied mascara, which is not waterproof. This cry, the black water that ran through, mixed with foundation, and her face was muddy, how ugly and ugly.

How can a woman care about her image at this moment, and she begged for mercy, “I know I was wrong, I really know it is wrong, please forgive me.”

Alan Su said in a cool tone, “Being a human, it’s better to keep a low profile.”

Chapter 287

Otherwise, on impulse, I will pit myself.

Isn’t this woman just because she is too high-profile, wearing a dress of more than a thousand, she feels amazing.

Doesn’t this make yourself miserable?

Phillip Zong never let go.

Women are too scared. If they don’t have hands, they won’t be over in this life?

No, no, no… She can’t be without hands.

But these people look terrifying.

Maybe it was too scared, which inspired the strength in the woman’s bones. She rushed away from the bodyguard’s confinement. Her movements were too fast, and the bodyguard didn’t pay attention for a while.

The woman broke away from her bodyguard and rushed towards Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong thought that the woman was going to hurt Ana Lin, so he strode forward and kicked her close. The woman’s body flew out and hit the tree trunk in the green pond, shaking the branches.

Phillip Zong’s eyes were red, and he trained the bodyguard angrily, “What are you doing to eat, can’t a woman catch it?”

The woman clutched her chest and coughed a few times, and squeezed out the syllables from her throat with difficulty, “How dare I have an idea, let alone hurt her.”

She raised her head to look at Ana Lin. “I think you are also a woman, and I want to beg you to plead for me.”

Ana Lin’s expression is also very cold, not because she is hard-hearted, but because this woman has touched her bottom line.

As a mother, she failed to protect her children. She blamed herself, and she couldn’t blame the past for those who hurt her children.

She is not that great, she is a mortal, just an ordinary mother.

“My daughter is only five years old and grows up like this. Don’t talk about slaps. I haven’t even said any heavy words. Why are you?” Ana Lin’s eyes flushed, “Although you are guilty, you are not going to cut your hands, but a lesson There must be.”

The woman opened her mouth for a long time without speaking.

Ana Lin hugged Ruth and didn’t want her to see the violence, she whispered, “I’ll get in the car first.”

Phillip Zong nodded.

“and many more.”

Ana Lin just took a step, the little girl lying in her arms raised her head and looked at Ana Lin, “Mummy, didn’t you teach me to be tolerant to others?”

Ana Lin nodded slightly, yes, she had said this to her daughter.

Don’t be reasonable or forgiving, but be tolerant.

But at the moment she failed to do it herself.

She, a mother, saw her child being beaten in the face, she blamed herself and was angry.

Ruth turned her head to look at the woman sitting on the ground in a husky voice, “Do you know what’s wrong?”

The woman’s eyes were sullen and she smiled self-deprecatingly, “You can only see the people around you by making a mistake.”

She talked sweetly when she was always fair. This time, seeing that the other party had power, she immediately persuaded her, not only to leave her behind, but also ashamed of her.

Ruth sighed, thinking that this woman was very pitiful, “Mummy.” Turning to look at Phillip Zong again, “Dad, let her go, my face doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Phillip Zong hugged her daughter, her skin was tender, she was still red at the moment, and five finger prints were faintly visible. He stretched out his hand and wanted to touch her cheek, but he was afraid that she would hurt, so his fingers touched her. On his forehead, his daughter is very kind.

However, this world has an ugly side.

“Are you sure?” he asked his daughter softly.

Ruth nodded, “I’m sure, Mommy also said, you have to forgive others and forgive others, forgive others to be happy about yourself.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, “What else did your mom teach you?”

“People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people, if people offend me, I will pay back twice!” Daniel interrupted.

Ruth looked at her elder brother, “Mummy said this to you, not to me.”

For the two children, Ana Lin’s educational philosophy is different. She does her best to take care of the girl. In the future, she hopes that she will be a self-regulating, connotative, and broad-minded intellectual girl.

Sons are different. Boys must have the courage to kill and decisively, not be afraid of hardships and the future, and grow into a man who stands upright in the world.

So what she said to the two children was different.

“What do you mean by tooth for tooth?” Ruth blinked.

Daniel said without hesitation, “Even if you beat me, I will beat you even if I fight back.”

“But I hit you, you didn’t hit me either.” The little girl said innocently.

Daniel really wants to roll her eyes, is this sister a fool?

“You are my sister. Of course I won’t use the words of a tooth for a tooth on you. Mommy said that we are a female compatriot with the same blood on her hands and feet. No matter what, I will not beat you because you are My sister, because both you and I were born to mommy.”

Ruth tilted her head and thought for a while, as if she understood the truth, “Did she slap me, and I slap her again, so that it is even?”

Daniel put her hands around her chest, resting her chin, “Well, it should be two palms, because she will be punished for the first hand, so that she can remember.”

“Then slap twice.” Ruth looked at Phillip Zong, “If you let Uncle Su slap her twice, we will be even. If you really cut her hand, she won’t be able to eat with chopsticks. It will be miserable. of.”

Phillip Zong looked at her daughter’s innocent and clear eyes, and didn’t know how to refuse her.

When he didn’t speak, Ruth thought she didn’t agree, and put her arms around his neck to act like a baby, “Dad, just let her go.”

In the end, Phillip Zong was relieved by his daughter’s plea, not because he was no longer angry, but he just didn’t want to refuse his daughter.

But Phillip Zong didn’t let Alan Su get started, but let the two bodyguards move. Alan Su’s hand strength is small, and the untrained bodyguard has hand strength.

“Let’s go.” Phillip Zong held his daughter, Ana Lin held his son, and Alan Su walked ahead.

Two bodyguards one catches people and keeps the woman away, the other slaps the face.

They walked a few steps and heard a snap.

Just by listening to this crisp voice, you know that the slap is not light.

Ruth raised her head to look, but Phillip Zong pressed her raised head into his arms, not allowing her to look.

The little girl poked her head out of his arms and blinked her eyes, “Dad.”

“Huh?” Phillip Zong lowered his eyes.

The little girl grinned, “Are you angry because I was beaten?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, “Why do you ask?”

“Because, you are angry, it proves that you care about me, you care about me, of course I am happy.” The little girl seemed to have forgotten the fear caused by that slap.

Ruth blinked and emphasized again, “I’m very happy.”

Because her father loves her, mommy and brother love her, she feels so happy.

With this little hurt, she wouldn’t feel that the sky had fallen.

Because everyone she likes likes her.

Phillip Zong said hoarsely, “Fool, you are father’s child. If you don’t love you, who do you love?”

The little girl smiled, her eyebrows curled in exactly the same way that Ana Lin smiled.

Phillip Zong thought it was good-looking, but touched the traces on his face, that little smile sank again.

He hugged his daughter in the car and sat in the innermost position. No one wanted to watch or talk, so he held his daughter and did not let go.

Daniel rolled over the jackfruit bought by Alan Su, “Ruth, do you want to eat it?”

The little girl shook her head for the first time, “Don’t eat.”

Daniel didn’t react for a long time, and the foodie sister was unwilling to eat today.

Really strange, strange.

Ruth lay motionless in Phillip Zong’s arms, as if feeling Phillip Zong’s emotions, so she wanted to accompany him.

Ana Lin knew that Phillip Zong was still worried about Ruth’s beating, and she blamed herself too.

The car slowly drove out of the service area and got on the highway.

Ana Lin sat in front, and the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

She took out her mobile phone.

Chapter 288

The caller shows Danna.

She instinctively glanced back, Phillip Zong was holding Ruth, fiddled with her hair, didn’t pay attention to her at all, she quietly pulled the curtain down, and then answered the phone.

“It’s me.” Danna Cheng’s voice came from that end.

Ana Lin lowered his voice and gave a hmm.

Danna Cheng would not call her casually, there must be something to do.

“Foster Wen came to the house today. I don’t know where he got the news that Xiangyunsha appeared in Baicheng, so he came to question me.”

Ana Lin frowned, he is so well informed?

Her hands suddenly clenched, could it be that the piece of Xiangyunsha that Roberson Cheng gave to her when she made Lena Qin’s wedding dress was discovered by him…

“I think he will definitely investigate thoroughly. You may come into his sight at that time, I am worried…”

She didn’t want Ana Lin to be involved.

She only wanted her to be safe with Phillip Zong. As for Xiangyunsha, although it was the ancestral property of the Cheng family, it was something outside of her body.

Ana Lin opened the curtain and saw through the gap that Phillip Zong was still holding her daughter. Without paying attention to her, she lowered the curtain and said, “Don’t worry about nothing.”

“Be careful, now…”

“I have something to do, hang up first.” Ana Lin knew what she wanted to say, and she had decided that she would not change it.

She was holding the phone and rubbing her fingers gently on the screen.

I was wondering what kind of character Foster Wen is.

But just listening to Danna Cheng’s narration, you also know that he is a ruthless character, and his status and status cannot be underestimated.

Otherwise, Danna Cheng would not kill Phillip Zong for nothing.

The road was very peaceful, and in the evening they entered the boundary of City B.

When we arrived in the city before dinner, the boats and carts were tired. Everyone was tired. Alan Su and Lena Qin took the old lady back to their homes. Keller Shen had to go back to the unit to arrange Rios He’s affairs before going back to rest.

Ana Lin, they went straight back to the villa.

It should be that Wanda and Ida Zhuang received the news of their return, prepared dinner and waited for them to return.

After getting out of the car, the bodyguard and the driver helped bring the luggage in. Ida Zhuangg thought about the two children. As soon as Daniel walked in, she hugged her and looked up and down to see if she was thin and tall.

“Where is Ruth?” Ida Zhuang looked up at Ana Lin. At this time, Zong Jing came in with the sleeping Ruth, his face was still heavy, and no one said hello, holding his daughter into the room.

Ida Zhuang saw that Phillip Zong was in a bad mood at a glance, and asked his daughter, “What’s wrong with him? Looked in a bad mood.”

Ana Lin didn’t say why, lest Ida Zhuang also feel distressed, “It’s okay, he may be tired.”

Ida Zhuang didn’t believe it very much, but her daughter didn’t want to say so, so she didn’t ask.

“You all come over to eat, don’t let the food get cold. I’ll pack your luggage.” Wanda came over, wearing an apron around her, smiling, she was very happy to see them coming back.

“Let it all here, what should you do and why go.” Wanda waved to the bodyguards and asked them to put their luggage in the hallway.

The door was open for a long time and the wind came in. Ana Lin took off Daniel’s coat and asked him to wash his hands and eat. Daniel didn’t need to worry about her, but went to wash his hands and eat.

Ana Lin took off her down jacket and hung it on a hanger, washed her hands, went to the kitchen to serve the meal, found the tray and placed it on it, and put two dishes on the tray after the meal was prepared, and then carried it. room.

“Talk.” Ida Zhuang stopped her and stopped talking.

Ana Lin looked at her, “Well, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, you go.” Ida Zhuang waved his hand, turned to the restaurant, and served Daniel soup.

Ana Lin felt that Ida Zhuang had something to tell her. He should also talk to her about her situation during the time she wants to come and go out. He said, “Mom, I will go to your room later. I have something to think about. Tell you.”

“Okay, I also have something to tell you.” Ida Zhuang said.

“What’s the matter?” Ana Lin asked.

Ida Zhuang thought for a while, now they have just returned, and Wanda and Daniel are both, it is not convenient to say.

What she wanted to say did not want others to hear. She looked at her daughter and said, “I’ll tell you when you come to my room later.”

Ana Lin nodded, and entered the room with something to eat. Ruth’s clothes were put on the bed. Now the person is still asleep, while Phillip Zong is sitting by the bed, looking at her.

Ana Lin sighed, she walked in and put the food on the table, “You have something to eat.”

She came over and picked up her daughter’s clothes and hung them on the hanger.

Phillip Zong sat still, he didn’t want to eat, he couldn’t eat, and he couldn’t eat even more when he saw his daughter’s face.

Although the traces had almost disappeared, he still cared about his daughter being beaten.

Ana Lin walked over and put her hand on his shoulder. She was happy to see him because his daughter was like this.

Because he cares about their children.

“Don’t blame yourself, this is just an accident.” Ana Lin comforted.

Phillip Zong’s hand covered the back of her hand and held it, and Ana Lin sat down on his lap, facing each other, relatively speechless.

Just looking at each other quietly and looking at his black eyes, Ana Lin impulsively wanted to tell him about Danna Cheng several times.

But she knew that it was irrational.

It would ruin him, and it would make Danna Cheng’s forbearance all these years in vain.

She asked softly, “Still angry?”

Phillip Zong was muffled.

“It’s not your fault.” Ana Lin said.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, “The past six years have been a regret in my life for me.”

He missed the days when Ana Lin needed him most, and missed the growth of his two children.

“We will be together in the future.” Ana Lin smiled. She is a little uncomfortable with him like this.

He was serious, “You have another child.”

Let him watch her pregnant, go through the process of her birth, and watch the baby grow up little by little.

He wanted to make up for the regret that he had missed.

Ana Lin said last time that he was not in good health. It was not a lie to him. It was really no longer suitable for pregnancy, but in order not to disappoint him, he still agreed, “Okay.”

Phillip Zong embraced her waist, chin against her shoulders, and her unique breath filled her nose.

Very low tone, every word is so clear and full of charm, “Will you sleep with me tonight?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Would this person be so straightforward?

Ana Lin put a hand on his shoulder and closed it, “Not tonight.”


“I think my mother is on my mind, I have to go to her room later.”

“I wait for you.”

As soon as Ana Lin’s words fell, he opened his mouth, not sleeping with Zhuangzi, he just waited for a while.

Ana Lin took a sip of water, this man…

She was afraid that Zong Jing would say anything more, “You go to eat first, don’t get cold, I will go to see Xiao Xi, and I am also hungry.”

She hasn’t eaten for a day, and she is really hungry now.

Phillip Zong took her hand and smiled lightly, “I will feed you at night.”

Ana Lin’s face was flushed to his neck, and he pulled away from his hand and glared at him, “No right.”

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