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Chapter 289

“Hurry up and eat the meal, and wait until it gets cold.” Ana Lin urged again.

Phillip Zong stood up and walked to the table. He raised his head to look at her, “Aren’t you eating with me?”

“I only served a bowl of rice, and I went outside to eat.”

“Stay with me here.” Phillip Zong sat down and pulled her on his lap. Ana Lin looked up at him and emphasized, “Just a bowl of rice.”

“Let’s eat together.” Phillip Zong didn’t think it was a problem at all, he took the food to her mouth.

Ana Lin, “…”


Phillip Zong handed it forward again, emerald green okra, touching her lips, “Isn’t you hungry?”

Ana Lin whispered in her heart, she was not a child, and asked someone to feed her.

“Don’t want me to feed you?” Phillip Zong saw through her mind with just one glance.

She lowered her head and whispered, “I am an adult, you treat you as a child.”

Phillip Zong put the food she didn’t eat into her mouth, put the bowl down, “You feed me.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“You can raise me as a child.” He looked up and winked at her, “Feed me.”

The corners of Ana Lin’s eyes twitched, but it was obvious that if she didn’t do it, I’m afraid this man would haunt her endlessly.

In order to get rid of him as soon as possible, Ana Lin picked up the chopsticks and picked up the bowl, and brought the shrimp with a chopstick to his mouth.

Phillip Zong opened his mouth to bite, even the chopsticks, Ana Lin moved twice, but did not take it out, frowned, Phillip Zong let go when he was about to attack.

“It’s delicious.” He smiled.

Ana Lin stared at him, “Yu’s mom has always made delicious.”

“You fed it delicious.” He held her waist, raised his head, and gave her the shrimp Ana Lin had fed him. “You don’t believe you to taste it.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She did not eat, Phillip Zong raised her eyebrows slightly, “Why, dislike me?”

Ana Lin missed his gaze, “No.”

“Then you eat it.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“Can you stop making trouble…well…”

Before she could finish her words, her lips were blocked, and the shrimp was swept into her mouth.

Ana Lin’s eyes widened.

He smirked, “Is it sweet?”

Ana Lin didn’t want to throw up. Phillip Zong noticed her movement and lifted her jaw. The shrimp slid down her esophagus, and the strong flavor spread in the mouth.

“Don’t want to fool around.” He smiled even harder. Ana Lin said not to look at him, and took a mouthful of rice. Phillip Zong was not teasing her. He really got angry when he got angry.

And I don’t know if it can be coaxed.

Because there was only a bowl of rice, the two of them ate all the dishes, Ana Lin took the evening dish out, and Phillip Zong went to the bathroom.

While Wanda was packing her luggage, Ida Zhuang went to give Daniel a bath.

Ana Lin packed up the dishes and chopsticks in the dining room and put them in the kitchen sink, put on gloves, squeezed out the detergent, and washed the dishes.

Mom Yu packed up and walked over, and saw Ana Lin washing the dishes and came in quickly, “Should you be tired after sitting in the car for a day, let me wash it here, you go take a bath, take a good sleep, and relieve fatigue.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Not tired.”

“I’m not tired, and I don’t need you to wash it.” Wanda pulled her away and took off her gloves. “I think the young master seems unhappy, so go with him more.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to enter the house, and would have to be entangled by him later, she simply stood aside, took a washed apple, and pretended to inadvertently ask, “His mother…”

Yu’s mother raised her head and looked at her, seeming a little surprised. She suddenly mentioned this matter, “You mean madam?”

Ana Lin nodded, “Can you tell me about her?”

Wanda was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled and said, “Okay.”

She took the initiative to ask about the young master, is it right? During the time she and the young master were outside, the relationship has made great progress?

“I followed my wife to the Zong family. I used to be a servant of the Wen family. Later, the wife married to the Zong family. The Wen family was afraid that there would be no profitable people to take care of them, so they asked me to follow. The wife and the old man were married. Although they didn’t have much affection at the beginning, they were considered as respectful as guests. Later, with the young master, their feelings improved a lot. Later, the wife fell ill and disappeared. Not one month after her death, Master Zong married the later one. .”

Ana Lin took a bite of the apple and slowly chewed it in his mouth, but he was thinking about it in his mind, and felt that there were many things that could not be explained.

Wen Xian died, but Danna Cheng was saying that she was pregnant, what about the baby now?

What about the man who was nice to her back then?

It seemed that Wen Xian died, everything disappeared.

And Wanda knew even less, even if Phillip Zong was not Wen Xiansheng’s.

“What do you think of Danna?” Ana Lin asked again.

Wanda thought for a while, and said pertinently, “Although she married Master Zong at the wrong time, she is not bad, as if she is not very good looking at her health, and she does not criticize or frame the young master. Anfen, the most important thing is that she didn’t have children. I admire her for this. After all, she was still very young at that time, a woman who had no children of her own for a lifetime, and she was sad.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, and the apple in his mouth lost its flavor. Today, Danna Cheng called her to make her give up the re-release of Xiangyunsha.

At the beginning, due to the pressure of the literary family, Foster Wen used the ancestors of the Cheng family in exchange for the marriage with Zong Kaifeng, just to be with his children.

Even if her children do not know her.

If she knew, she couldn’t pretend to be ignorant. She was not qualified to judge when she was right or wrong, but the Wen family deceived people too much.

Her hands clenched tightly, she had decided that she would not regret it.

Ana Lin also wanted to ask Wanda about Foster Wen.

She had stayed in Wen’s house, and she must have known Foster Wen, and when she wanted to open her mouth to ask, she heard Ida Zhuang’s voice.


Ida Zhuang gave Daniel a good bath. He might have been tired from the car, and fell asleep when he went to bed.

Ida Zhuang wanted to talk to his daughter, and when he saw her in the kitchen, he called her.

Ana Lin thought that she had something to tell herself, she put down the apple in her hand and walked out, “Mom.”

“Follow me in.” Ida Zhuangg turned and entered the room.

Ana Lin followed in and walked into the house, Ida Zhuang said, “Close the door.”

Ana Lin closed the door, sat down by the bed, and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Ida Zhuang kept clenching her hands, she didn’t know how to speak, or if she spoke, Ana Lin would definitely oppose her.

“You have been outside this time, are you okay with him?” Ida Zhuang decided to relax the atmosphere before speaking.

Ana Lin knew who Ida Zhuang said he was.

It just so happened that she also wanted to tell Ida Zhuang of her decision, “I was fine with him, and I decided to be with him.”

“Alright.” This is what Ida Zhuang thought. “After all, he is the father of two children. Perhaps your fate was destined from the beginning. You will go back and forth and you will return to the original point.”

He was engaged in a marriage contract since he was a child and gave birth to his child by accident.

Perhaps everything is doomed in the dark.

“Say…” Ida Zhuang stopped talking.

“Mom, just say what you want. I’m not an outsider, I’m your daughter.” Ana Lin held her hand.

Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter and plucked up courage, “I decided to remarry Randall Lin.”

Chapter 290

Ana Lin couldn’t believe his ears. It seemed like a thunderbolt on the blue sky, and as if he had been poured cold water from head to toe, and his whole body was numb.

Ida Zhuang quickly took her hand, “Yes…”

Ana Lin shook off abruptly, stood up, and backed up several steps, shaking her lips, “You forgot that she forced you to divorce, and sent you pregnant abroad, regardless of whether you asked. Regardless of your life and death?! Now you tell me that you want to remarry him?!!!”

“He used to be quite inhuman, but during your absence, he often came to me, and he regrets what happened before…”

“You believe this too?!” Ana Lin interrupted her sharply, and she scratched her hair vigorously. How could this be?

“Mom, how can you trust his sweet words? You know, he abandoned you and Elvira Shen. He is a ruthless person. How can you believe his sweet words?”

Ida Zhuang remained unmoved, lowered his head, “I have already decided.”

Ana Lin leaned against the wall and looked at Ida Zhuang, “So today, are you telling me?”

“That’s true.” Ida Zhuang clenched his hands, and a cold color flashed across his eyes. She felt guilty to her daughter, “I’m sorry, I made you suffer with me…”

“You know I don’t care about this, I’m afraid you will be hurt by Randall Lin again!” Ana Lin didn’t expect that what Ida Zhuang wanted to tell her was such a thing.

“I know.” Ida Zhuang came over, trying to touch her hand, but was thrown away again.

Ana Lin turned his head, unwilling to look at her.

Ida Zhuang curled his fingers and slowly retracted, “I have already decided.”

There is no room for rebuttal, Ana Lin said that she would not agree, she had no choice, “I will move out today.”

“Are you in such a hurry?” Ana Lin couldn’t figure it out, how could such an injury be easily forgiven.

“Have you forgotten Xin Qi?” Ana Lin didn’t want to mention it, but, faced with Ida Zhuang’s persistence, he wanted to make sense of her.

Ida Zhuang’s heart trembled violently when she heard the name. She didn’t forget, and she won’t forget it in her life. It is precisely because she can’t forget that she wants to remarry Randall Lin.

Her hands clenched tightly, and the death of her son was an eternal pain in her heart. For Ana Lin, she was more guilty.

“Our marriage certificate has already been obtained.” Ida Zhuang continued.

Ana Lin wiped her face and smiled disappointedly, “Is it all decided?” She sniffed, “As your daughter, I have no right to accuse you, but we have depended on each other for so many years, are you? Should I seek my opinion?”

“I’m sorry.” Apart from these words, Ida Zhuang didn’t know what else he could say to her.

“You don’t have to say sorry to me. This is your business. I can’t control it. You can do what you want.” Ana Lin waved her hand. She couldn’t stay here any longer. She was afraid she would go crazy. Or say something excessive to Ida Zhuang.


“Stop talking.” Ana Lin stumbled out of the room.

She could not accept Ida Zhuang’s decision, but Ida Zhuang’s attitude let her know that she could not change this decision.

There was a glass of water on the table, and she poured it down. I don’t know when the water was poured. It was already cold.

She shuddered, and her heart also chilled.

She couldn’t understand Ida Zhuang’s decision.

Knowing that Randall Lin is a fire pit, why did he jump again?

“Why?” Ana Lin supported the table with both hands.

She didn’t know when she was grasped by her broad hands, and she slowly raised her head.

“What’s wrong?” Phillip Zong wiped her tears.

I don’t know why, he wiped her tears more fiercely.

Rolling down one by one.

She threw herself into his arms, shrugging her shoulders.

Phillip Zong stroked her back and comforted her silently. He couldn’t ask why she was like this.

Ida Zhuang opened the door and saw the people in the living room. She lowered her eyes, “She will trouble you to take care of it.”

After speaking, she carried her bag and went out.

“Where are you going?” Phillip Zong asked.

And it’s so late.

Before Ida Zhuang answered, Ana Lin roared, “Let her go!”

Ida Zhuang’s eyes were also red, as if she had cried. She had already decided that she would not regret it, let alone retreat.

“She followed me a lot of hardships, life hardship as a child, if possible, I want to ask you to take good care of her in the future.”

“I don’t need it!” Ana Lin whimpered with tears, “You remember our hardships, and you won’t remarry Randall Lin! Since you want to repair the old with him, and care about my life and death, you just need to be happy! “

Ana Lin was very excited, and she kept shaking all over.

Phillip Zong hugged her tightly, “Calm down.”

“How can I be calm? Randall Lin only has interests in his eyes. Who has he loved? Now he comes to flatter my mother, but because I am married to you, he wants to get into this relationship, but she doesn’t understand it and feels Randall Lin Is it possible to clean up the leather surface?!”

Ida Zhuang looked at the excited Ana Lin, sighed, turned his head and walked out without explaining anything.

When the door closed, Ana Lin cried louder, “Is she blinded by lard?”

Phillip Zong didn’t think it, but he thought that Ida Zhuang did it for her.

Ana Lin is so excited, I’m afraid she can’t listen to what he says.

I can only hug her and give her physical comfort.

“I was ten, ten, how young. He forced my mother to divorce him. He sent my mother and me abroad in order to please the junior third. Regardless of us, she wanted a few words from Randall Lin. After remarrying, has she forgotten all the hardship she suffered before? Did she forget Randall Lin’s love and harm to her?”

“Perhaps she has her thoughts, or something unspeakable…”

“Randall Lin, what can he threaten her? Even if there is, she can tell me.”

“You are so excited.” Phillip Zong wiped away the tears from her face, “First calm down.”

After speaking, he hugged her upstairs and let her sit by the bed. He went to the bathroom to put a pool of hot water. Soon, the bathroom was enveloped by a white mist. He walked out, “Go take a bath, relax After a while, we will go to her again and have a good talk. You are so excited that you have said bad things and hurt your feelings.”

Ana Lin raised his head blankly, with tears on his face, “Did I say something excessive?”

“No.” He smoothed her messy hair behind his ears, “Observe, go take a bath to calm down, sleep well, you think she shouldn’t remarry with Randall Lin, let’s talk to her again… “

“She took advantage of my absence to apply for the marriage certificate with Randall Lin.” Ana Lin’s eyes were red again.

“Trust me, if your mother didn’t volunteer, I have a way to invalidate the marriage certificate.” He said softly.

There were still tears falling on Ana Lin’s eyelashes. She blinked and looked at him with her arms around his neck, “Really?”

Chapter 291

He laughed, “I don’t tell lies.”

Ana Lin sniffed, “It’s nice to have you.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her long hair, “Then you want to be nice to me?”

Ana Lin wiped the corners of his eyes, “Well, I’ll take a bath.”

She moved fast, took the clothes to the bathroom, and finished in one go.

Phillip Zong stood by the bed and laughed helplessly. Looking at the situation, his bridal chamber was going to be pushed back again.

When Ana Lin went to take a bath, Ruth woke up, did not eat dinner, and was hungry now.

Phillip Zong hugged her downstairs and called Wanda.

“Yeah, Ruth is awake.” Wanda walked over and took a look. The little girl had just woke up, with two blushing cheeks, just like a ripe apple.

“She is hungry.” Phillip Zong said lightly.

Wanda asked, “What does Ruth want to eat?”

The little girl just woke up, still dazed, just feeling hungry, “Just delicious.”

“Then I will order small wontons with stock?”

“Yeah.” The little girl hummed without hearing clearly.

Phillip Zong hugged her to wash her face, otherwise, as if she hadn’t been awake, she would lose energy.

The little girl didn’t want to come down. Like an octopus, she slapped on Phillip Zong’s body. Phillip Zong k*ssed her cheek pamperingly, “It’s fine if your mommy can stick to me like you.”

“Mommy?” The little girl looked left and right, “Mommy, where is Mommy?”

“Your mommy is going to take a bath.” Phillip Zong wiped her face, “Go and eat wontons.”

Wanda laid the wontons and fried eggs. Knowing that Ruth was greedy, she also made a prawn in tomato sauce.

The little girl’s nose was sharp, and she smelled the scent when she went to the living room, her saliva almost came out, and she smashed her mouth, “I smell the scent.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

This nose.

Today the little girl is very good and wants to eat by herself. Wanda tucked the napkin in front of her, and she took the spoon to eat by herself.

Phillip Zong peeled her shrimps on the side.

“Dad, you give me a bath at night and hug me to sleep.” The little girl said while chewing the food in her mouth.

Phillip Zong said, her daughter was wronged during the day, so she should take good care of her now.

Now as long as it is Ruth’s request, he will agree.

“Shrimp.” Ruth opened her mouth and asked Phillip Zong to put the peeled shrimp in her mouth.

On the other hand, compared to the ups and downs of the villa, Alan Su and Lena Qin are relatively calm, because there is no one in the family, and the old lady likes Lena Qin and they get along well.

However, the two of them got married suddenly and did not prepare a new house.

Alan Su dislikes the old lady’s nagging and does not usually live at home, and his room has not been specially organized.

“Find someone to redecorate, and you have to buy some furniture.” The old lady took Lena Qin’s hand and stuffed her with a card, “Buy whatever you like.”

Lena Qin refused. She couldn’t ask for the old man’s money. Although she was not very rich, she still had some savings in her hand. “I can buy what I want to buy.”

“You got married in a hurry and didn’t prepare for your new house. You don’t have a bride price or a banquet. You don’t want it, but we have to give it.” The old lady was very reasonable, “Alan Su usually gives me the money, and I can’t spend it alone. It’s all there.”

The old lady approached Lena Qin’s ear, “A lot, if you feel uncomfortable living with my old lady, you can buy a house you like and move out to live with Alan Su.”

“I won’t move out.” Lena Qin didn’t know what was wrong. After listening to the old lady’s words, her nose was inexplicably sore. She was so old, but she was always thinking about her. How could she selfishly leave the old lady alone Stay here.

“I think we are a family and should live together.” Lena Qin said sincerely.

“I’m afraid of you young people, I think I’m long-winded…”

“No,” Lena Qin said quickly, “What you say is for our benefit.” She turned her head to look at Alan Su who had put her luggage, “You said so?”

“What?” Alan Su walked over.

“In the future, we will live with grandma.”

“Oh, of course.” Alan Su is not afraid that the old lady will talk about his marriage again. In addition, with Lena Qin, it will distract the old lady’s attention and will not stare at him all day.

If you live together, live together, and you won’t be repulsive like before

“I’m tired after doing the car for a day. I’ll go to my room first. You guys should go to bed early and go to the mall tomorrow.” The old lady didn’t want to make light bulbs and bother them.

After yawning, he left, and murmured, “When people are old, they tend to get sleepy.”

“We should sleep too.” Alan Su hugged Lena Qin and returned to the room. It was a standard male room with a dark style and looked a little cold. There was a desk near the window with many books on the law.

“Whatever you like in the future, arrange it according to your preferences.” Alan Su said.

Lena Qin nodded, “This decoration is too cold, I think it needs to be warmer to feel at home.”

“Do you think the old lady is clingy?” Alan Su leaned over.

Lena Qin thought for a while, recalling the scenes of getting along with the old lady these past few days, the old lady was very reasonable, but, indeed, her eyes were always on her and Alan Su.

However, she understood that if a person is getting old, it is normal for a grandson like Alan Su to keep his eyes on him.

“You don’t feel annoying now, you will feel bound and free after a long time.” Alan Su’s hand clasped her waist and moved it into his arms.

Lena Qin pushed him a bit, “Why don’t even grandma dislike it? Believe it or not, I will file a complaint?”

Alan Su leaned on her and deliberately breathed into her face, “What do you want to tell?”

Lena Qin withdrew back, “I’m getting old, it’s just a bit clingy.”

Alan Su smiled, “Is a good wife.”

Knowing to love his grandma.

He leaned closer, “I have a way to make the old lady divert her eyes from the two of us.”

“What, what way.” Lena Qin said incoherently, she had been forced to the bedside by Alan Su at this moment.

He approached her ear, “We have a baby to play with her, she doesn’t care about us anymore.”

“I don’t want…uh…”

Lena Qin didn’t push him away.

The clothes were lost on the ground, and after some rain, Alan Su hugged her and said seriously, “I’m serious, let’s have a baby.”

Lena Qin nestled in his arms, tired now, half-squinted, in a low voice, “I don’t want to give birth.”

At least now is not the time. She knows that the old lady definitely hopes that she will have a baby soon, but the relationship between her and Alan Su is still unstable and it is not suitable to have children.

Alan Su turned on the bedside lamp and turned to look at her, “Why?”

Lena Qin opened her eyes. She can’t say too bluntly about the relationship between the two of them, she can’t always say, we just got married and we have a bad relationship, don’t want children now?

But it seems a bit hypocritical to say this after all.

She deliberately said, “I’m still young, and I don’t want to have a baby so early.”

Alan Su touched her face, yes, this face is very young, he can pinch water out as long as he exerts force.

“Then don’t.” He turned off the light and got into the bed.

“I don’t want Alan Su.” Lena Qin pushed him.

“You don’t want me to.”


A charming room.

There was a servant who Alan Su invited to take care of the old lady at home, and it was almost ten o’clock when Lena Qin and Alan Su got up.

The two were newly married Yaner, who tossed several times at night and did not wake up in the morning.

The old lady fully understood and was very happy when she came over. Seeing that Alan Su and Lena Qin had a good relationship, she was relieved a lot.

“Hurry up and eat. After dinner, we will go to the furniture store together.”

“I have to go to the sanctuary today.” Alan Su has been away for a long time, so he has to visit the sanctuary.

Lena Qin also wanted to visit the store, “Grandma…”

The old lady waved her hand, “You can’t go there today. You must follow me to the furniture store. Lena Qin enters the door. We must change the furniture, especially your room. We must reorganize it. Now, buy something first, and always look like a new house. This is only one marriage. Xiaoya doesn’t choose, but we have to do it.”

Alan Su took a sip of fresh milk, “I listen to grandma.”

He winked at Lena Qin, as if he was talking about it, this old lady is too domineering and nagging.

Lena Qin stared at him, “Eat your meal.”

Alan Su smiled beautifully, “I listen to you.”

After dinner, Alan Su drove the car with the old lady and Lena Qin and went out to the home shopping mall in the center of B.

Alan Su got out of the car and opened the door for them.

“Alan Su.”

Familiar with the sound in his bones, Alan Su paused with his hand pulling the door of the car. When he turned his head, he saw Liu Feifei standing behind him.

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