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Chapter 292

Liu Feifei was wearing a white down jacket, blue jeans, black boots, and her black hair was scattered, looking as young and energetic as before.

When she said she left, she didn’t even leave a word. He ran to the airport to chase her and asked her a reason for breaking up. She didn’t even show him face to face.

It will be ten years as soon as it disappears.

Alan Su had expected that seeing her again would definitely question her out of control, why she had gone so decisively.

Why, not even give him a reason.

But never thought that when he saw her again, he would be so calm, maybe the time was running out.

He withdrew his gaze indifferently and opened the car door.

The old lady glanced at Liu Feifei as if she hadn’t seen her, holding Lena Qin’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Lena Qin sensed the subtlety of the atmosphere. She looked at Alan Su and just wanted to ask, but Alan Su interrupted her first, “I don’t care, let’s go in.”

“Alan Su, are you angry with me?” Liu Feifei looked at Alan Su.

Alan Su laughed, a bit cooler than the wind of the twelfth winter.

Lena Qin standing beside him obviously felt his anger at that moment.

Her hands shook involuntarily, and the old lady realized that she held her hand, “This is Alan Su’s former girlfriend, and she broke up a long time ago.”

Lena Qin looked at Liu Feifei, and sure enough, this woman had something to do with Alan Su, so Alan Su’s mood fluctuated. Knowing the identity of this woman, her heart became inexplicably uneasy.

The old lady cast a cold glance at Liu Feifei, “Really, a disappointment early in the morning, Xiaoya, go, let’s go in.”

The old lady tugged Alan Su, “You too.”

Alan Su didn’t want to do anything with this woman. In ten years, his feelings for her have long since disappeared. Some, but he was unwilling to do it at the beginning.

Liu Feifei bit her lip, “Alan Su, I left with distress…”

“You and Alan Su have broken up. Now Alan Su is married. Please don’t bother him. I think Miss Liu is not an immoral woman who is a third party.”

The old lady interrupted Liu Feifei.

“Grandma, I…”

“Don’t call me grandma, I can’t afford it.” The old lady’s attitude was very clear, she only admitted Lena Qin.

Alan Su, who was inflicted by this woman at the beginning, has been devastated for a long time, unable to get out of the shadow of broken love, now come back and want to restore the old?

There is no door!

No one would marry Alan Su!

“Alan Su…”

“Ten years ago, we broke up, and now we have nothing to do with each other. I don’t want to ask or mention anything about the past.” Alan Su grabbed Lena Qin’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Liu Feifei frowned. She had inquired that Alan Su was not married at all, and over the years, she hadn’t even had a serious girlfriend by her side. How could it be possible that a woman suddenly appeared beside her and was still married?

Regardless of whether Alan Sujie is married or not, she will win this man this time.

She has chosen the wrong one and can’t lose it again!

Not long after she returned to China, she wanted to come here to pick up some furniture, but now she was in no mood, she turned and left.

After Liu Feifei appeared, the atmosphere of the three of them changed. Lena Qin could feel Alan Su becoming silent. When she asked for his advice, he always used it absently, “You are good at it.” she was.

Lena Qin lowered her eyes, “I think, don’t buy it. I want to go to the clothing store. I have been away for so long and I don’t know what is going on in the store now.”

“I’m here, let’s buy it.” The old lady pulled Lena Qin.

Lena Qin looked at Alan Su, “If the heart is absent, no matter how expensive the home is to buy, no matter how warm the home furnishes, it will not hold people’s hearts.”

Alan Su looked up, met Lena Qin’s clear eyes, and was slightly stunned. This woman married him and didn’t ask for anything. It can be said that he was only able to marry her by coercion and temptation.

He shouldn’t have ignored her feelings after seeing Liu Feifei.

His Adam’s apple scrolled up and down and explained, “She was my first love. We loved each other very much at the time and we broke up. Now, we have nothing to do. My mood fluctuates because of her, not because I still love her, but because , I am surprised at such a reunion, after all, it has been ten years.”

Alan Su was so frank, Lena Qin felt that she was stingy no matter what, and it had been ten years, ten years, more than 3,000 days and nights, no matter how deep the feelings were.

She took the initiative to hold his arm. Even though she thought clearly, she was still a little scared. Her voice was trembling, “You know how much courage I took to marry you. If you still love her, you can just say it, but, No, see her without telling me, or love her in my heart and deliberately lie to me.”

Alan Su’s heart is chaotic at this moment.

“Xiaoya, don’t worry, if he dares to interact with Liu Feifei, I will be the first to break his leg. My Su family will only recognize you.” The old lady said solemnly.

Alan Su patted her hand, “Don’t worry, grandma is on your side.”

“I need to change the bed first.” The old lady entered a home furnishing store that specializes in beds, “The one Alan Su slept in is narrower and out of fashion.”

“What kind of fashion is grandma?” Alan Su came over and asked deliberately.

The old lady thought for a while, and pointed to a European-style bed with a white leather headboard, “I think this is a good one, suitable for you young people.”

“This is liked by young people with no vision.” Alan Su poured cold water on the old lady.

The old lady made a palm towards Alan Su, “You are talking about, which one looks good?”

“Go, I’ll take you to a store.” Alan Su hugged Lena Qin, as if Liu Feifei had never happened, and restored the relaxed atmosphere between them.

“What are you taking us to see?” Lena Qin asked.

Alan Su lowered his head and k*ssed her on the forehead, “You’ll know when you get there.”

Soon, Alan Su took them to a furniture store that occupies a huge area. Their furniture belongs to Chinese style, but it is more innovative than Chinese style.

“This is called new Chinese style. It’s popular now. Go in and have a look?” Alan Su asked.

Lena Qin’s eyes lit up, “Go in and take a look.”

In the new Chinese style, solid wood is indispensable, and the color is calm and dark. With innovative styles, it is extremely durable and tastes more as you look at it.

“I like it.” Lena Qin took a fancy to a solid wood bed, the head of the bed is tall and not too fancy decoration, dark color, calm, and very tasteful.

“If you like it, let’s buy a complete set.” Alan Su gave her a sample picture, “The whole house has it, what do you think.”

Lena Qin took it and took a look, “But the decoration style of the house doesn’t match the furniture.”

“Reinstall after the new year.” The old lady said, this is almost the New Year, there must be no time ahead.

Alan Su thought for a while, “Let’s buy a new house and buy a villa. This place is so big that there will be children in the future, and there will be places to play. There are many memories in the old house, just stay there.”

The old lady stared at Lena Qin’s abdomen and said incoherently excitedly, “Xiao, Xiao Ya is pregnant?”

Lena Qin blushed, turned her face to Alan Su, glared at him, “Look at your nonsense, let grandma misunderstand me.”

Alan Su smiled, “There will still be sooner or later.”

“Yes, that is, I still want to hug the grandson sooner.” The old lady echoed.

Because Lena Qin liked the furniture, Alan Su decided to buy the house again.

Now that I haven’t bought the furniture, I have to look at the house first.

After coming out of the furniture store, Alan Su sent the old lady home, and then sent Lena Qin to the store. When she arrived at the place, Lena Qin drove the door and got off the car. Alan Su looked at her and said, “When you come home from get off work, call me and I will pick you up.”

Lena Qin nodded, “Okay, you drive slowly.”

“Well, I’ll watch you go in, I’ll go again.” Alan Su put his hands on the steering wheel and looked at her.

Lena Qin smiled implicitly, then turned and walked towards the store.

Alan Su watched her enter before driving away.

The firm can run normally without him, and the lawyers in his firm are very capable, but it’s been a long time since he has to come and have a look.

“Boss, a woman is coming to you, now in the reception room.”

As soon as Alan Su walked in, his assistant walked over and said.

Chapter 293


Alan Su didn’t think much about it, let alone think about Liu Feifei. After all, she had just met before, so she probably wouldn’t come here to look for him.

Besides, as a well-known lawyer, many people find him.

“Bring in me a cup of coffee.”

“Okay.” The assistant went to the pantry. Alan Su walked to the reception room and opened the door. Liu Feifei sat on the sofa, looking at the time, she seemed to be a little anxious. She raised her head when she heard the door rang.

The moment Alan Su saw that it was her, he turned his head and left.

Liu Feifei caught up, “Alan Su…”

Alan Su turned around, “Don’t come to me in the future, I’m already married.”

Regardless of Alan Su’s rejection, Liu Feifei came up and grabbed his arm, “I went to your house to look for you when I came back, but I didn’t find it.”

“So, what do you want to do when you are looking for me?” His eyes were slightly cold, and he concentrated on her and grabbed his hand, saying every word, “Is it possible that you want to continue with me?”

His voice suddenly fell cold, “Liu Feifei, we have broken up!”

Why are you looking for him?

“Since you want to play and disappear, you will disappear completely. Don’t appear in front of me for the rest of your life!”

When the words were over, Alan Su threw her hand away.

“I did not do it on purpose……”

Alan Su did not listen to her explanation. The assistant came over with coffee, and Alan Su drank coldly, “From now on, this woman will not let her in!”

The assistant rarely saw Alan Su making such a big fire, repeatedly saying yes.

Liu Feifei held back her tears, “Well, I will never show up in front of you again.”

After speaking, she ran out. The assistant was holding coffee. She saw it. She deliberately ran over here. With a crash, the cup fell to the ground and smashed, and a hot cup of coffee splashed on her body.

The assistant quickly wiped her, “Isn’t it hot to you? This freshly brewed coffee.”

Alan Su’s hands hanging beside him clenched into fists, as if tolerating something.

Liu Feifei stood still, looking at him, “If you were before, you would definitely come and see me, and if you care about me being burned, you will feel sorry for me, but because I am gone, you hate me?”

Alan Su was silent.

The assistant picked up the fragment of the coffee cup on the ground and stepped back quietly. This woman had an emotional entanglement with Alan Su, so he still didn’t want to make a light bulb here.

“Alan Su, I love you, it has never changed. Believe it or not, since you don’t want to see me, then I won’t show up in front of you again.” She turned around and walked out.

She left without hesitation this time.

Because she was sure that Alan Su would catch up.

He loved her so much before.

Alan Su’s brain buzzed, and there was a voice in his ear that kept saying to him, catch up and ask why she had to go back then, but another voice was saying to him, you can’t go there, you are already married. Don’t get involved with your ex-girlfriend anymore.

In the end, he chased it out, not because he still loved her, but just wanted an answer.

After Liu Feifei walked out of the office, she walked slowly, deliberately waiting for Alan Su to chase him out.

“Tell me, why did you leave back then?” Alan Su stood at the door, the freezing cold wind messed up his hair.

He looked at the figure that he once loved.

Liu Feifei heard it, but pretending not to hear, she quickened her pace.

At this time, there were vehicles speeding up on the road.

Liu Feifei’s eyes darkened, and Alan Su hesitated for so long before coming out, proving that his feelings for her had faded, and now that he is married, he wants to keep him, and only relying on his previous love, I guess, is not enough to make him come back. When she reached her side, she was heartbroken and rushed to the road.

“Feifei——” Alan Su rushed over.


The harsh brake sound seems to pierce a person’s eardrum!

But the car could not stop, and with a bang, Liu Feifei’s body was knocked out.

The driver who was driving was so scared that he forgot to react.

Alan Su ran over, holding Liu Feifei’s head, she passed out into a coma with blood on her forehead.

He patted her face, “Feifei, Feifei.”

No response at all.

At this time, the driver of the car came over tremblingly, stuttering, “No, it won’t die, right?”

Alan Su shot over with a cold eye, “How did you drive?”

“It was her who ran over, not that I was going to hit her, it was not my responsibility…”

“Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and send someone to the hospital.” Alan Su picked up the person, looked at where the driver who hit the person was still, and roared, “Hurry up and drive, do you see what is behind you? Believe it or not, it’s not your responsibility. I can also make it your responsibility?”

The driver who was driving turned his head and saw the law firm behind him, thinking that this person is a lawyer?

He ran to the car door quickly.

The profession of lawyers is also good and evil.

Competent lawyers can speak ficklely and call white as black and black as white.

If it is to help a good person, then of course it is good. If it is to help a bad person, it will only let the bad person get away with it.

It’s better not to offend such people.

Soon the driver drove to the hospital. Liu Feifei was sent to the examination room. Alan Su was waiting outside. The driver was still afraid that Liu Feifei would have something to do. He was responsible and explained, “I was driving normally. She suddenly rushed out. No responsibility.”

Alan Su glanced at him coldly, “People are okay, you are okay, people are okay, don’t want to be alone.”

“You, what do you mean?” The driver in the accident pointed at Alan Su, “Are you bullying?”

Alan Su sneered, took his outstretched finger, and shook it back, “You are so impulsive, it’s easy to be caught by someone, you know?”

The driver who caused the accident withdrew his hands abruptly, and stood aside silently.

After a while, the door of the examination room opened and Liu Feifei was pushed out. Alan Su walked over quickly. The wound on her head was cleaned up, and she was still in a coma.

The doctor came out and said, “The person is okay. The minor concussion and bruises have been cleaned up. I prescribed a little medicine for her and went to the pharmacy to get it. People are in the rest room and can leave when they wake up. “

“Ok, thank you.” Alan Su said.

The driver who caused the accident on the side patted his chest, “Thank God, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

The driver who caused the accident was afraid that Liu Feifei would have an accident, and he would spend money.

Alan Su glanced at him and threw the doctor’s order into his arms, “Go get the medicine and bring it up.”

“This money…” The driver who caused the accident looked at Alan Su, “You should have seen it at the time. It was her who walked fast and it had nothing to do with me. I shouldn’t pay this money.”

Alan Su took out her wallet and gave him the gold from the wallet. It was indeed Liu Feifei’s fault at the time. She seemed to avoid him and walked fast. She should have been very angry at the time, so she didn’t see anyone galloping. Vehicle, “Look at the road later.”

“Yes, yes.” The driver who was involved in the accident took the money, and again and again, as long as he didn’t pay for it, he would say anything.

In the afternoon, Liu Feifei woke up leisurely.

The driver who caused the accident has gone, and Alan Su has let him go.

He was not responsible for this, and Liu Feifei was fine.

He stayed and guarded, regardless of the entanglement between them, now that she was injured, he couldn’t leave anyone alone.

“Well, it hurts.” Liu Feifei frowned, reaching out to touch her head.

Alan Su stopped her hand, “Don’t move, there is an injury on the head.”

Liu Feifei looked at him, “Alan Su?-Are you caring about me?”

Chapter 294

Alan Su retracted his hand and said lightly, “We know.”

Liu Feifei grabbed his hand and held it tightly, “No, you care about me, you loved me very much before…”

“That was before.” Alan Su emphasized.

Liu Feifei let go of his hand and pulled her dry lips, “Since you don’t love me, why are you guarding me?”

“You are hurt……”

“This is not an excuse!” Liu Feifei stared at him affectionately, “Alan Su, do you remember the first time you k*ssed me?” She said to herself regardless of whether Alan Su listened or not, “It was a sunny On the eve of college graduation, you came to me and it happened to be showing a movie My Ex]. You bought the movie tickets and we went to see it. Of course, the content of the movie is about the entanglement between love and hatred. Some things break up, you put your arms around me and said, you will never be separated from me in this lifetime.”

Alan Su bowed his head and said nothing.

He remembered that he had said this.

Liu Feifei looked out the window and continued, “The light in the cinema is very dark, and we are sitting very close to the inside. You-kssed me. That was your first kss, and it was my first k*ss.” She turned her head and looked towards it. Alan Su, “Do you remember?”

Alan Su’s Adam’s apple turned up and down, “Tell me why I left.”

Liu Feifei looked relieved and smiled bitterly, “You are already married, what’s the point when I say it?”

She closed her eyes, as if tired, as if her heart died, “You go.”

Alan Su clenched his hands, “I will send you back.”

“No, I will go by myself.” Liu Feifei refused.


“Don’t call me that, you will make me think you still have me in your heart.” She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, tears streaming down the corner of her eyes, “I thought you would always wait for me to come back… I was wrong. I thought that our relationship could span the long river of time. In fact, it was just my wishful thinking.”

“You gave me a reason, I can wait for you.” Alan Su looked straight at her.

Liu Feifei laughed. She didn’t explain why she left or why she came back, treating him as air. She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, put on her coat, and pointed to the medicine on the table, “Is it mine?”

Alan Su said.

Liu Feifei picked it up and walked towards the door. The door opened. She covered her forehead and shook her body.

Alan Su stepped over to support her, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Feifei opened his hand, “I have nothing to do with you.”

“Since you don’t want to have anything to do with me, why do you show up in front of my eyes?” Alan Su was also angry, she was the one who left, and she was the one who didn’t explain, but now accusing him of not waiting for her.

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t have come to you, and I won’t show up in front of you again.” Liu Feifei walked out after speaking.

She looked weak and walked slowly.

Alan Su stood there for a few minutes and chased him out. He grabbed Liu Feifei’s wrist, “If you say go, just go? This time it is not your turn to call the shots!”


Liu Feifei took a breath.

Alan Su hurriedly let go, “Do you hurt you?”

Liu Feifei shook her head.

“Where do you live, I will take you back.” Alan Su said.

Now he didn’t know what he was thinking, only that she was injured and it was not safe to go back alone.

“East Tower Road, No. 118.” Liu Feifei said lightly.

Alan Su was taken aback, this place was about to disappear in his memory.

“Why, why, choose there?”

“Because there are my memories, wonderful memories that I dare not forget.” Liu Feifei looked at Alan Su, “You must have forgotten them?”

Alan Su returned to his senses, ignored the gaze that she was looking straight over, and pretended to be calm, “I will send you back.”

He took the medicine in Liu Feifei’s hand and held her arm.

Liu Feifei did not continue to speak, she knew that she had done enough, enough to shake Alan Su’s heart.

At the entrance of the hospital, Alan Su stopped the car and helped Liu Feifei up, and he sat in front.

Along the way, he was relatively speechless.

Alan Su was very silent, and the driver reminded him when he reached the place, and he recovered from the thoughts of flying away.

He paid, got out of the car, went to help Liu Feifei open the door, Liu Feifei bent down.

Walking into the familiar corridor, Alan Su’s muscles tightened.

This is an old community without elevators. Fortunately, the property management in this community is very reliable, the cleaning is very clean, and the walls have been repainted.

When he arrived at the room, Liu Feifei took out the key to open the door. This is a one-bedroom house. Because the community is old, the rent is cheap. When he was in college, Liu Feifei could rent it with the money transferred from part-time work.

At that time, Alan Su didn’t have much money. After graduating from university, he cheered up and developed after a period of depression after Liu Feifei left. In those few years, apart from litigation, he litigated all the lawsuits, and later became famous. , He opened an office and gained his reputation, and many people went to his office.

After development, it is well-known in the industry and has a good reputation.

The room was still the same as before. When I was with Liu Feifei, he often came here. There was a two-person sofa by the window, beige flannel, not very expensive material, but it was very comfortable to sit up, white curtains, There are wooden bookshelves against the wall, as before, she loves reading.

“Sorry, it may be a little messy here. I went to the furniture store today. I originally wanted to buy some furniture and replace them.” Liu Feifei walked in and poured him a glass of water.

Alan Su asked dumbly, “Why do you want to change it.”

Liu Feifei held the water cup and looked at the sofa, “When I look at it, I think of things that I shouldn’t remember.”

Alan Su’s hand tightened fiercely.

Liu Feifei handed him the water, “Drink the water, go back, I’m home.”

Alan Su did not pick up the water in her hand, but looked at her and asked word by word, “Tell me, why come back?”

Liu Feifei met his gaze and said word by word, “I said it was for you, do you believe it?”

Alan Su said in a deep voice, “I don’t believe it.”

If you really love him and care about him, you wouldn’t be so heartless at the beginning and just leave without even giving a reason.

Liu Feifei turned around and put the tea cup on the table with her back facing Alan Su, “If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it. Actually, if you think about it, I’m impulsive. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe it either. It’s late, you should go back.”

Alan Su stood still.

Liu Feifei looked at Alan Su from the mirror, her lips twitched, “Your wife, are you still waiting for you to go home?”

Thinking of Lena Qin, Alan Su’s heart moved, “Take care of yourself.”

After speaking, he turned and walked towards the door, just to the door.


Alan Su turned and saw Liu Feifei fell and the tea cup fell to the ground. He turned back and went to help her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Liu Feifei shook her head and it was okay, “It just went dark before her eyes, and she fell down without standing still.”

“The doctor said there was a slight concussion.” Alan Su helped her sit on the sofa.

“I’m a little hungry.” Liu Feifei looked at Alan Su, “Can you help me get a bowl of noodles before leaving?”

Alan Su hesitated.

“Well, I was abrupt, I will go down by myself, you go back first.” Then she was about to stand up.

Alan Su held her down, “I’ll go.”

He took off his coat and walked into the kitchen. The kitchen is open, not big, but has everything.


Suddenly the phone that Alan Su put in the pocket of his clothes on the sofa vibrated.

Liu Feifei glanced at Alan Su. He was busy in the kitchen and did not hear the vibration of the phone. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Alan Su didn’t look back, but gave a hum.

Liu Feifei walked to the bathroom, closed the door, took out her mobile phone, and watched the caller call showing the word Lena Qin.

Her eyes darkened, it turned out that his wife was called Lena Qin.

She presses the answer button.

Lena Qin stood at the door of the store, with her coat closed in one hand and the phone in the other. As soon as the call was connected, she immediately said, “Alan Su, where are you, come pick me up, and I will wait for you at the door.”

“Hello, you are Alan Su’s wife, he is cooking noodles for me.”

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