Melting in Your Sweetness: Chinese Novel Full Story Read Online

Life is not always a bed of roses for us. It is spent like a wave with its own troughs and crests coming one after next. On a monotonous beautiful path, the human mind will lose interest. But rain after the drought is the blessing for all. This is what the Melting in Your Sweetness is all about.

At times the suffering comes from the people we least expect it from. The greedy minds are driven by pure interest and always find excuses to play with the less fortunate, treating them like toys. Their mischiefs and trickeries give us the worst of memories for the story of our life.

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Melting in Your Sweetness

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With every vice, virtue is always there. Some people come to our lives to give us the worst of experiences and others come to make us forget those and have a look at life from a positive and blissful perspective.

These are the ones who melt our hearts, make us feel good and positive about ourselves. Help us change our minds about others around us. Convincing us that not all are selfish and avaricious. Through their kindness, make us feel the warmth of human emotions once again.

This is what this Chinese novel is about. It takes us on the rollercoaster drive of human emotions and feelings. Here the online reader will find the cordiality of love gradually melting away the frozen hearts. Making them capable of feeling the good, the life, and the happiness.

The reader will find how the right dose of emotions can bring a positive change in someone’s life. How empathy can reestablish faith in humanity.

Melting in Your Sweetness Novel

The story of this novel will take us through the journey of a man whose life changes upside down by the entry of a girl. An innocent, beautiful, kindhearted girl, who has nothing good going in her life, but knows for others life could be good.

This seventeen-year-old college girl one night strolling in the outskirts of her hostel finds an injured man begging her to save his life. Injured by bullets he will not live till the dawn if the treatment is not provided. A stalky girl carries him on her shoulder to the room and tends to his injures.

Don’t know when she falls asleep attending this injured man. The next time she opens up her eyes, the man has gone and she comes to know that she has missed her paper at the school. The story of Melting in Your Sweetness gets interesting from here.

She rushes to school to take the paper and get the doze of a speech her teacher has prepared for her. At school, she meets the stepsister who informs her about the family meeting later that day. At the family villa her father, stepmother, and stepsister are waiting for her to introduce the new son-in-law.

When this man enters the home, it is someone this unlucky girl is familiar with. He is her boyfriend who has been cajoled into marrying the step-sister in order to secure the loss-making business. To make the things worse this half-orphaned girl has been betrothed to a fifty-year-old man.

The next month she will have to marry him, to ensure the arrangement of finances for the about-to-be bankrupt family business. The girl is sold to a rich man for the personal gains by her father in collusion with stepmother and sister.

The Melting in Your Sweetness Novel Synopsis will reveal to you that this is not the first time she is getting a treatment like this. It has happened before with her and now it has crossed all the limits for her to bear. She cannot take it anymore and runs out of the home in a downpour. A car hits her on the road, she falls and rolls over with the car breaks screeching, breaching the monotonous rain orchestra.

In the back seat of this car is the man she saved recently. Though he has never been in a relationship with a girl before, since the last incident, he has been thinking about her in the back of his mind. Look at the fate he finds her lying in his arms, unconscious, vulnerable.

Melting in Your Sweetness Synopsis

This man is not an ordinary man. He only knows the emotions of hatred, ruthlessness, and tyranny, but why he has a rose in his arms now? That night when the girl saved him after the fight with the opposite gang members left him to die. Now is equally helpless and in his hands. Has the providence set the scene for him to pay back the good deed?

What is going on in his life? He has never thought of a girl before until the last accident. Now he is getting attracted towards this girl?

For the unconscious girl, are her days of trial and suffering over? Or it is just another sunny day in the perpetual rainy season in her miserable life? To find out where the story takes these two people you will have to give the Melting in Your Sweetness a full read.

Find out whether the poor girl gets saved from a terrible fate. How the man will pay back to someone who saved his life.

Melting in Your Sweetness Full Story

This is the beginning of a love story never told before. The novel will take you through the journey of the combined life of these two souls. The novel’s story is detailed and full of in-depth sketches that never let the reader’s attention falter even for a moment.

The so many details in the story render it a reality-based touch. The reader while going through the pages can find themselves navigating through the story as if they are present in the storyline, viewing it from a vantage point.

The proper twists and turn, at equal intervals, give the story the necessary boost to force the reader to keep reading till the end.

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Melting in Your Sweetness Read Online

Whether you are looking for Melting in Your Sweetness PDF or any other source or option. This novel definitely gives a reason for the reader to go through the tale nonstop. This is why we bring you the complete novel to read online.

Find out how the kindness of a beautiful innocent girl pays her back by bringing her into contact with a person who is in a position to protect her. Learn how the entrance of this girl to a tyrant and heartless man’s life changes him for good. How the existence of one makes their hearts melt in the Sweetness of love and adoration from the other.

As pointed out earlier, life is not a journey on a smooth straight road. The Melting in Your Sweetness nevertheless makes us realize that with love, it is more worth living than the one without it.

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