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Chapter 1

The sky was like a washed blue-black coarse cloth, and the stars were like shattered gold scattered on this coarse cloth.

There was a dark path in front of me, my fingers could not be seen. If no one is walking with him, one would not dare to walk here.

But on this dark night, there was a terrifying song.

“Walking on a small road in the country, the old bull who returned to Mu is my companion, la la la la la… ah, it seems that I sang it wrong again, it seems that I am not for singing.”

This sound sounds good, and it seems to make people feel better in an instant.

“Hmph, damn smelly Milsa, didn’t even send me home, see if I will bring you snacks in the future.” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

Originally, Milsa Ruan sent her home today, but there was a school reunion temporarily, so Tanya An went home by herself.

Tanya bounced forward, facing the dark night, she didn’t feel scared at all.

“La la la, la la la…

“Bang! Ah!” Tanya An’s feet seemed to have stepped on something, and she yelled in shock.

Suddenly, one hand grabbed Tanya’s warm foot.

“Ah ah, who are you, let me go!” Tanya struggled constantly, using both hands and feet to release what was holding her trouser legs.

When Tanya An was struggling, the person who grabbed Tanya An suddenly spoke.

“help me.”

It was a male voice, deep, strong, and full of magnetism, but his voice was cold, like a thousand years of ice, which made people inaccessible.

“You…you are…who are you?” Tanya An asked tremblingly.

“Save me.” The man said as before. After speaking, the man fainted again.

Tanya An slowly squatted down and watched.

In the dark alley, the face of this man could not be seen clearly.

“What to do, do you want to save him?” Tanya An was a little tangled.

“But it’s not good to leave him here alone. Forget it, saving a life is better than building a seventh-level float.” Tanya An said firmly.

Tanya An tried her best to help the man up.

The man seemed to be 1.9 meters tall, while Tanya was only 1.69 meters.

I go, this is the cutest height difference in the legend. Tanya An vomited.

Tanya An didn’t take a taxi back, because she would get home after a few meters.

Her aim has always been to save a little bit.

When she finally brought the man home, all her clothes were wet, and she couldn’t help but loosen her hands.

With a “bang”, the man fell heavily to the ground.

Tanya An looked at the man on the ground blankly, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

With that said, she once again struggled to help the man onto the sofa and ran to get the medicine kit.

Tanya An’s room is not very big, but it is very warm and cleaned regularly, and everything is available, everything that should be there.

Tanya An found the medicine kit and ran to the man.

Only then did she see the man’s appearance clearly.

The man was wearing a mask on his face, a pure golden mask with a dragon carved on it, which looked lifelike.

This makes the man look extremely evil and enchanting, giving people a mysterious feeling.

Although Tanya An couldn’t see the man’s appearance, she already had a brain for it.

She curled her lips and said with some disdain: “With a mask, you looks very ugly.”

Seeing the man’s weakness, she seemed to think of something, patted her forehead, and immediately squatted down to check where the man was injured.

Although Tanya An learned design, she can still deal with these minor injuries.

But when Tanya An unbuttoned the man’s clothes, she was shocked.

Because, the man had a gunshot wound on his abdomen, but fortunately it didn’t hurt to an important position.

“Oh my God, who did I save?” Tanya An said blankly.

She shook her head. Since she brought the person back, she had to help him solve it, thinking that she started to follow the TV show and slowly help the man deal with it.

Although Tanya’s warm hands were shaking very much during the process, it was much better after a while.

After treating the wound, Tanya An used alcohol cotton to disinfect the man’s abdomen again.

Then, she put down the things in her hand and stretched her waist.

“I should be a doctor.” Tanya An pouted, somewhat narcissistically.

Tanya An ran back to the room again and took a blanket to cover the man!

Thinking of the man’s body, Tanya An took out her homework and started doing it!

Although she is only a sophomore, she has to work hard if she should work hard. Otherwise, people like her will still be left behind.

Thinking about it, she took out her phone and sent a text message to a person on the phone.

However, after waiting for ten minutes, there was no answer.

“Maybe I’m stressing, I’ll study first.” Tanya An comforted herself.


While Tanya An was studying hard, the man lying on the sofa snorted.

Tanya An immediately stood up and checked, and found a lot of fine sweat on the man’s forehead.

Thinking about it, Tanya An knew that the man had a fever caused by inflammation of the wound.

Tanya An was busy again, and took a basin of cold water from the bathroom and put a towel on the man’s forehead.

Tanya An didn’t know how many times she had ran, and she felt that her leg was about to break.

Fortunately, the man’s fever has subsided.

Tanya An was lying on the table to study, and at some point, she fell asleep vaguely.

The morning sun is quiet and elegant, without the noisy atmosphere, which makes people feel calm and relaxed, and I have felt that mood.

The sun shines in a small rental room, reflecting the people and things in the room.

The man on the sofa woke up leisurely, touching his forehead with his slender fingers.

Only then did he realize that he was in a strange place.

Thinking of what happened last night, Alton’s murderous aura was exuded for a moment.

When he heard a sound that did not fit the scene, his brutal murderous aura instantly disappeared.

“Small soup dumplings, shrimp dumplings, hot and spicy, ice cream, delicious. They are all mine. Tanya An was talking in sleep.”

Not only was she talking in dreams, she also had crystal clear saliva flowing out of the corners of her mouth, and she smashed her mouth.

When the man saw this scene, he thought that she had saved him.

Looking at Tanya An’s sleeping face, the sun shone on Tanya An’s face, looking very beautiful.

In fact, Tanya is also very beautiful. Although she is not a great beauty, she is also a big beauty, with big eyes, small cherry mouth, and a tall nose.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An, his cold heart seemed to be beating, but it was only a few seconds.

He looked at the homework on Tanya An’s desk, and then saw that there was nothing on her. He wanted to help Tanya An cover the quilt, but when he got up, Alton Ye couldn’t help leaning forward due to the pain in his abdomen.

Alton Ye wanted to control his body, but due to his injuries, he didn’t control it.

However, Alton Ye was able to hold the tabletop with his hands, otherwise, Alton Ye might fall to Tanya An’s body.

Although he did not fall, Alton Ye’s thin lips touched Tanya An’s pink lips.

Chapter 2

Alton Ye was shocked, and immediately left Tanya An’s lips.

However, Tanya An still slept like a dead pig, feeling nothing.

“It’s delicious, trotters.” Tanya An muttered while licking her mouth in her sleep.

Alton Ye’s mouth twitched a few times when he heard Tanya An’s analogy.

“Sleeping to death like this, I don’t know if I was taken away and sold.” Alton Ye said softly, but even Alton Ye didn’t notice it, and his tone of voice brought a little bit of doting and smile.

“Jingle Bell”

Alton Ye suddenly took out his phone and turned down the ringtone of the phone.

There was a warm handsome face just now, instantly becoming ruthless, and bloodthirsty murderous in his eyes.

“Hello.” Alton Ye said coldly.

When the dark guard on the other end heard Alton Ye’s words, he couldn’t help but sweat from his back.

“Master, we can’t find you, don’t know where you are now?” James Yi answered respectfully.

Although they all have satellite positioning, Alton Ye does not.

Hearing this, Alton Ye turned to look at Tanya An who was sleeping soundly, his eyes warmed.

“I’ll send you the location.” Alton Ye’s tone was still cold.


Alton Ye hung up the phone and turned to look at Tanya An.

Picking up the blanket on the sofa, gently covered Tanya.

Then, holding a piece of paper and a pen, brushed down on the paper his name-Alton Ye.

Then, the tall and tall figure left the rental house, as if it had never appeared before.

When Alton Ye walked downstairs, rows of limited edition luxury cars stopped domineeringly in front of Alton Ye’s eyes.

Fortunately, it’s still early, and people haven’t started to go out, otherwise it will definitely be blocked by the surrounding water.

“Master, are you hurt?” James Yi asked worriedly.

“It’s not in the way anymore.” Alton Ye said lightly that Ye didn’t bother when he heard this. He respectfully walked to a limited edition Porsche Cayenne and opened the door.

Alton Ye walked into the car, opened his clothes, and looked at the wound on his abdomen. Can’t help but think of Tanya An’s appearance, can’t help but chuckle.

When I was sitting in the co-pilot, I almost fell off when I saw it.

Who can tell him why his master, who has not had a trace of expression for thousands of years, is smiling now.

James Yi really couldn’t figure it out, but fortunately, the Lord quickly took back his chuckle.

“Go look up someone for me. Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes.” James Yi said respectfully.

When James Yi received the person to be investigated, the whole person was like a bolt from the blue.

It turned out to be a woman. Has his father finally figured it out.

But why the age seems so young, I think about it, I still go to check it carefully.


No one knows the owner of Rockven Company in Svalborne.

Except for his personal guard and a few friends around him, none of the employees in the company have seen it.

Even the most powerful paparazzi didn’t take his real body.

According to legend, no one dared to provoke this man, even the president had to give him three points.

No one knew how Alton Ye did this, and no one dared to inquire about him secretly.

And last night, the person Tanya An rescued was the president of the Rockven Group, who had never seen the end.

The top floor of Rockven Group, the 98th floor.

In the huge office, the decoration is black and white, and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the traffic flow below.

They are just like ants.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, stood a tall man. From his back, he could feel the man’s kingly spirit.

“Boom boom boom!”

“Enter.” Alton Ye’s deep voice sounded, “Master, this is the information you want.” Ye Ming said respectfully, “put it on the table.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes.” James Yi put down the information.

Just as he was about to go out, an angry voice came into the ears of the two people.

“Alton Ye, do you want to survive? Master has worked so hard to heal your old injury, but you ran out to kill yourself again. If this happens again, Master will not save you next time.”

After a while, I saw that the office door was pushed in, and a handsome man came in. The man’s smooth and white face showed a sharp and angular coldness; his dark and deep eyes were full of charming colors; and his thick eyebrows. , Tall nose, beautiful lips, all exaggerating nobility and elegance.

“Master.” James Yi shouted.

“Go out.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Yes.” James Yi stopped in front of the person who was shouting angrily.

“Mo Shao.” James Yi shouted.

“Yeah.” Gary Mo nodded.

James Yi turned around and closed the door respectfully.

Although James Yi was worried about Alton Ye’s body, as a subordinate, some questions shouldn’t be asked too much.

They all came to Alton Ye after many selections.

Only if Alton Ye recognized them, then they could truly become dark guards.

Moreover, they will also be crowned with night nature, night, which represents the Ye family.

“Alton Ye, do you still want your body.” Gary Mo said angrily.

Alton Ye glanced at Gary Mo lightly, then turned and walked to his working position.

When I saw Tanya’s information, the cold expression on his face just disappeared instantly.

Replaced by tenderness and pampering, I don’t know why, for these, Alton Ye really feels that he has changed.

Stretching out his slender fingers, he unknowingly touched his lips. Recalling that morning k*ss, Alton Ye couldn’t help laughing.

When Gary Mo saw Alton Ye’s smile, his whole body was petrified there, his mouth opened to hold a few eggs.

Why does it feel like not seeing him all day, Alton Ye is like a different person.

Could it be that he was beaten stupid, and when Gary Mo was shocked, he felt a burst of cold air rushing into his body!

Gary Mo stopped talking and looked at Alton Ye, who looked down at the information.

At this time, Alton Ye’s face was gloomy and scary. As his friend, Gary Mo couldn’t understand it better.

Gary Mo thought it was an employee who did not do his best to make Alton Ye angry, and said casually, “Alton, just an employee, don’t be angry.”

But at this moment, Alton Ye didn’t listen to Gary Mo’s speech at all, staring at those pieces of paper.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s experience with a trace of heartache in his heart.

Gary could not express emotions on his face, so he looked at Alton Ye.

“Hey, you made a squeak.” Gary said helplessly.

Alton Ye raised his head and glanced at Gary Mo lightly. Gary Mo shut up in an instant.

Gary Mo looked at Alton Ye, wondering what Alton Ye was looking at, so he walked to the side of Alton Ye and prepared to take a look.

When seeing the information in Alton Ye’s hand, the whole person looked at Alton Ye again in shock.

Chapter Three Paying the Price

“Alton, you…you…you…you are actually looking at women?” Gary Mo was shocked.

Alton Ye looked at Gary Mo next to him, stretched out his foot, and directly kicked Gary Mo aside.

Normally, he hates people being close to him the most because he has a serious habit of cleanliness.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Gary Mo curled his lips innocently.

“What’s the matter with you?” Alton Ye said coldly.

Gary Mo rubbed his leg, then looked at him jokingly. “You haven’t explained yet, who is this woman?”

“nothing dealing with you.”

“You are my brother, I care about what brother is right.” Gary Mo is bound to break the casserole and ask.

“Get out of here!” Alton Ye put down the information in his hand and began to look at the files.

“Tsk tusk tusk, Alton, I didn’t expect that your taste is like this, and the old cow eats tender grass.” Gary Mo couldn’t help but ridicule thinking about the photo of the woman he just saw.

“Do you think I am the same as you?” Alton Ye said calmly.

Gary Mo touched his nose awkwardly when he heard this.

“You don’t understand this. As a man, without a woman, is this still a man!” Gary Mo said solemnly.

“Huh, the world is so big, it’s not as big as your flower heart.” Alton Ye unceremoniously tore down.

Gary Mo’s mouth twitched when he heard this. “Can you still play well?”

“Look for your woman to play.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“But I want to play with you.” Gary Mo smiled.

“No time.” Alton Ye refused mercilessly.

Gary Mo looked at Alton Ye and pouted innocently.

“It’s okay to roll.” Alton Ye kept a cold face and continued to drive people.

The corners of Gary Mo’s mouth twitched fiercely again. It was because of his kindness that he came to care about his body, but Ren wanted to drive him away!

“Forget it, I have a business deal.” Gary Mo suddenly became serious and put away the hippie smile just now.

When Alton Ye heard this, he put down the pen in his hand, looked up at Gary Mo, and asked calmly, “What’s the matter?”

“Who was the one who attacked you last night? Did you find it?” Gary Mo asked coldly.

“Huh, it’s just that the Black Hawk Gang is too confident.” Alton Ye’s pupils shrank and explained lightly.

Although he still wears a mask, his eyes are full of bloodthirsty and cruel murderousness, and people can’t help but tremble.

“They? How could they suddenly attack you? I think they think they have lived too long.” Gary Mo said harshly.

His eyebrows were dyed with terrible anger, like a beast attacking, people dare not approach.

“They want that batch of goods, but they have to see if they have such a big appetite!” Alton Ye’s eyes were full of ice, which made people shudder.

“What are you going to do this time?” Gary Mo asked solemnly.

“If you dare to provoke me, then you have to pay the price.” Alton Ye’s tone was harsh, and the mask on his face set off his evil charm and pride.

“Don’t worry, I will arrange for someone to do it.” Gary Mo said, as for their little role, he didn’t need to act.

Alton Ye nodded and continued to lower his head to start work.

“You can go now.” Alton Ye said suddenly.

Gary Mo looked at such a Alton Ye, thinking in his heart, how could he be friends with him, a boring and incomprehensible person.

“Kick me when I use it up?” Gary Mo complained.

“You came by yourself.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“I…” Gary Mo was speechless for a moment.

“Walk slowly, don’t send it.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Hmph, just leave.” He turned around and left.

But just after taking two steps, he stopped again and turned his head to look at Alton Ye jokingly.

“Alton, the girl you just saw…who is the girl?” Gary Mo asked curiously. He originally wanted to talk about women, but when he saw that he was a little bit small, he changed to a girl!

“I think you are very free. I remember that Andrew has been in Africa for three months. I think someone should be…

“I have something to do, so I will withdraw first.” Gary Mo interrupted Alton Ye and ran out like the wind.

How could he forget, just because Andrew said something wrong, he was sent to Africa directly by Alton Ye. How could that place where birds don’t shit suit him.

Alton Ye looked at the back of Gary’s escape, shook his head, and continued to work.

After Gary Mo ran out, he saw James Yi walking towards this side with something!

Pulling James Yi directly to his side, staring at him.

“Mo Shao, if you look at me like this, I will think you like me.” James Yi said blankly.

“f*ck you.” Gary Mo pushed James Yi.

James Yi looked at him and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“James Yi, I found a problem.” Gary Mo put his hands around his chest and touched his chin with his right hand.

“What’s the problem?” James Yi asked.

“I just found out that Alton was actually looking at a picture of a girl and smiled. It’s just that his age is too young.” Gary Mo’s tone was meaningful.

“Mo Shao, this is my master’s emotional life, I can’t get in.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

When Gary Mo heard this, he couldn’t help but patted James Yi’s head, and said, “You are stupid, your father has eaten 26 vegetarian food. It’s time to change his taste.”

James Yi looked at Gary Mo with a sullen expression. He hated other people slapped him on the head most.

“Mo Shao, I think you have nothing to do now, how about practicing with me.” James Yi suddenly said coldly.

Hearing this, Gary Mo took a few steps back quickly.

“No!” Gary shook his head repeatedly.

He had never won against James Yi, and was always the one who was beaten horribly.

Although James Yi was a subordinate of Alton Ye, he was born to death with them, like his brothers. I usually discuss things with Gary Mo and others!

Jingle bell, James Yi’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Broken.” James Yi’s expression changed.

“Hey, Lord.” James Yi said respectfully.

“Did you die on the road?” Alton Ye said loudly.

“No, Mo Shao grabbed me.” James Yi told the truth.

When Gary Mo heard it, his face changed drastically.

“James Yi, you help me tell Mo Shao, let him replace Andrew tomorrow.” Alton Ye finished speaking and hung up the phone neatly.

James Yi hung up the phone and looked at Gary Mo with a smile.

Looking at James Yi, Gary Mo suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart!

James Yi’s tone was full of schadenfreude, and he said, “Gary, the Lord said, let you replace Andrew tomorrow.”

When Gary Mo heard this, it was like a bolt from the blue.

“I’m not going.” Gary Mo shouted loudly, still thinking of going to Alton Ye.

“If you don’t want to come back for a year, you can go in and look for my father, you don’t know, my father doesn’t like others to delay his work, you still hold me back.” James Yi said with a smile.

Chapter 4

“Damn, why didn’t you say it earlier?” Gary Mo said.

“Didn’t I tell you a long time ago, my grandfather still has something to look for me.” Ye once said, turned around and left.

Gary Mo looked at James Yi’s back and stomped his feet angrily.

At any rate, he was also the helm of the Mo Group, and he was actually called by others.

But is there any way he can’t beat others.

Gary Mo had no choice but to go back first, and wait to come over at night before interceding, not to let him go to the place where the bird does not shit.

“Master, I’ve checked it all out, Miss Tanya is going to school in the Imperial Capital University.” James Yi said respectfully.

“Well, I see.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“What do you need to eat today? You are injured now and need a light meal. I will let Kimber arrange it.” James Yi said respectfully.


James Yi and Alton Ye reported their work, then took the things and withdrew.

Alton Ye would suddenly raise his head, his thin red lips, gently spit out two words.

“Tanya An.” Alton Ye said with a chuckle.


Tanya, who was far away in the rental room, sneezed fiercely.

“Who is talking about me?” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

Jingle Bell!

“Hello.” Tanya An said vaguely.

“Tanya An, take a look at what time it is now. Today is the extermination teacher’s class, so you dare to miss class.” her friend Milsa Ruan said loudly.

“Oh, ah!!!” Tanya An recovered, and began to flustered not knowing what to do.

“Now that I know it’s anxious, what did you do earlier, what’s the matter with you?” Milsa Ruan said with an aversion to iron.

Hearing this, Tanya An thought about saving someone last night, turned around and looked around, but the person on the sofa was gone, as if it had never happened.

“gone.” Tanya whispered.

“What did you say, what’s gone?” Milsa Ruan was unsure.

“A kitten.” Tanya lied so that she would not be so stupid to tell the truth.

“You hurry up and come to school for me, the exterminator is too sure to spare you.” Milsa Ruan still shouted over there.

“Good, good. I know, I’ll be there soon.” Tanya An said with a good temper.

After hanging up the phone, she started to pack things in a hurry!

“I blame the man yesterday. If it weren’t for him, why would I be late? I will definitely be scolded by the exterminator later, why is so unlucky.” Tanya kept moving her hands and complaining in her mouth.

It was already ten o’clock after Tanya An had cleaned up, and she hurried to the Imperial Capital University with her schoolbag.

Tanya An was admitted to the University of God and studied jewelry design. This has always been what she wanted to do.

When she arrived at the school, she was directly called to the office by the exterminator in her mouth.

“Old… teacher.” Tanya An shouted with a guilty conscience.

The extinct teacher mentioned by Tanya An was a woman in her forties, wearing glasses, a little thin, and wearing a professional suit.

“Hey! Tanya An, just look at how many maths you have tested. It doesn’t matter if you have a few tests. You even missed the math class. Tell me what you should do.” The extinction teacher Li Meifeng said harshly.

Tanya An looked at Li Meifeng with big innocent eyes, and wanted to explain: “Teacher, I have a reason.”

“For whatever reason, call the parents.” Li Meifeng didn’t want to listen to her explanation at all.

When Tanya An heard this, she couldn’t help but smile. “Teacher, they are not available.”

“Then tomorrow, Tanya, I am also doing this for your own good. If you don’t learn mathematics well, you will regret it in the future.”

“I know the teacher, I will let my family come over tomorrow.” Tanya nodded helplessly and agreed.

“Well, you go out first, and all this test paper is corrected.” Li Meifeng said.

Tanya An walked out with the test paper. When she was about to go to find Milsa Ruan, she saw someone she didn’t want to see.

A woman wearing a light yellow dress, stepping on high heels a few centimeters on her feet, with her hair spread and falling underneath, wearing red lipstick, anyway, nothing on this woman is below three digits.

Tanya An watched, turning around and leaving without even thinking about it.

“Sister, wait for me.” Jennifer Lin’s voice rang behind her.

Tanya couldn’t help shaking the goose bumps on her body, but she still didn’t stop and continued to walk forward.

“Hey, you stop, haven’t you seen your sister calling you?” a woman in a white dress called.

“That’s why you are so impolite.” The girl in fan clothes also spoke.

Hearing this, Tanya An seemed to have heard the most ridiculous words in the world.

She doesn’t know how to be polite, haha, since she was little, as long as she likes it, Jennifer Lin will fight her.

When she was a child, it was obvious that she stole things from others, but she cried with rain, saying that she framed her by herself and was beaten by her father.

Tanya An really didn’t understand. She obviously didn’t want to oppose people. Why did those people come over to provoke her?

“Lorene, Sheila, don’t do this, my sister must have something.” Jennifer Lin choked up.

Tanya An was used to seeing Jennifer Lin like this, so she didn’t speak.

“Oh, Jennifer, you are too kind to be bullied by your sister.” Lorene said.

“Yeah, if you talk to her kindly, she ignores you.” Sheila said.

When Jennifer Lin heard what they said, she was very proud of her. In the place where they hadn’t seen, a successful smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and then she started to talk again.

“No, my sister must be in a bad mood, so don’t blame her.” Jennifer Lin said.

“Jennifer Lin, have you said enough?” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Tanya An, what is your attitude? Your sister is so kind to you, why don’t you know the report?” Lorene said dissatisfied.

“Sure enough, she is a mean lady.” Sheila said sarcastically.

“Who scolded for neurosis?” Tanya An asked in a cold voice, calming down.

“Insanely scolding you.” Sheila said.

“Oh, you turned out to be a neuropathy.” Tanya An suddenly realized.

Only then did Sheila react, looking at Tanya An with a distorted expression.

“Bitch, dare you scold me!” As she said, she was going to pull Tanya’s hair.

Lorene and Jennifer Lin watched the show there. Now Jennifer Lin is very happy.

“Tanya, I will ruin you no matter what.” Jennifer Lin said coldly in her heart.

“Stop!” an angry voice came.

Tanya and Sheila only let go. Tanya had a bruise on her neck, and Tanya’s face was scratched several times by Tanya.

Chapter 5

Milsa Ruan ran to Tanya An’s side to check Tanya An’s injuries.

“You just bullied others!” Milsa Ruan shouted loudly.

“She was the one who scolded me first.” Sheila was irresponsible.

“Milsa, please don’t get me wrong. Thousands of mistakes are my fault.” Jennifer Lin said softly.

“Jennifer, why are you apologizing?” Lorene was not convinced at all.

“Jennifer Lin don’t want cats and mice to fake mercy, Tanya has moved out, what else do you want, I tell you, if you bully Tanya again, I will definitely not let you go.” Milsa Ruan said coldly .

Sheila and Lorene couldn’t help feeling guilty when they heard it.

Everyone in the school knows that there is the Nguyen clan behind Milsa Ruan, and the Nguyen clan is not easy to mess with. Although the two of them also have a company at home, they are not comparable to the Nguyen Thi Group.

Looking at Milsa Ruan, Jennifer Lin had scolded Milsa Ruan hundreds of times in her heart, but she did not dare to show it.

She wants to show everyone the best and tenderest side, and the school flower must also be hers.

Although every year’s school flowers are won by Tanya An.

“Milsa, let’s go.” Tanya said calmly.

“Yeah.” Milsa Ruan nodded.

Jennifer Lin watched Tanya leave, and immediately said, “Tanya wait a minute.”

“What else are you doing?” Tanya An didn’t look back, she didn’t want to pester this hypocritical woman anymore.

“Daddy asked you to go home today, saying that it has been a long time since I had dinner with you, and that my fiance will also come over.” Jennifer Lin looked shy.

Milsa Ruan pulled Tanya An’s clothes.

Family? Tanya An hasn’t gone back for more than two months. Now, does Dad finally want her to go back?

“Okay, I will go home tonight.” Tanya An finished speaking, and took Milsa Ruan away.

After the two people left, Jennifer Lin showed a meaningful smile on her face.

“Jennifer, isn’t your fiancé an Tanya An’s boyfriend? Tanya An probably doesn’t know it yet.” Sheila was a little gloating.

“I don’t know what Tanya’s mood is like tonight, being played in the palm of my hand.” Lorene said triumphantly.

“Although Paul chose me, I think I still feel sorry for Tanya.” Jennifer Lin’s white face was full of guilt, but her eyes were shining.

“Jennifer, how can you think like this? Since Paul Yan chose you, it means that he loves you.” Sheila quickly persuaded her.

“Yeah, don’t think too much about it. Don’t be so good to Tanya An in the future. It’s not worth it.” Lorene also shook her head, her face full of disgust for Tanya An.

“Thank you.” Jennifer Lin said with a smile.

Milsa Ruan helped Tanya wipe the wound and looked at her seriously.

Tanya An’s eyes were open, her mouth pouted, her eyes flickering and she looked extremely cute.

“Do I really doubt that you are an adult?” Milsa Ruan looked cute.

“I was not an adult, and my birthday hasn’t passed yet.” Tanya pouted.

“But seriously, are you really going back tonight?” Milsa Ruan asked worriedly.

Tanya An nodded and said, “Well, it’s my father after all.”

“It’s strange, when did Jennifer Lin have a fiance, do you know?” Milsa Ruan asked curiously.

“How would I know? Anyway, I won’t know when the time comes.” Tanya didn’t care.

“Oh right, how are you doing with your face recently?” Milsa Ruan asked with a smile.

“He’s a bit busy lately, I didn’t go to find him.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Milsa Ruan raised her hand and bounced on Tanya’s forehead!

“What are you doing?” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

Milsa Ruan was very happy to see Tanya An pouting her cute mouth.

“Well, let’s go back to the classroom first.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Good.” Tanya An nodded.

Time flies quickly, and night is already in the blink of an eye.

Tanya An returned home as scheduled and stood at the door of the villa, as if she was a little out of place now.

This is a noble private villa, you can see that it is the residence of the rich family. The tall fence is surrounded by glamorous roses and thorns; expensive sofa seats are placed in the yard, and the sunlight is slanting down, and the mottled light and shadow reflect the luxury of the yard.

Opening the door decorated with hollow reliefs, you see a more luxurious hall. The magnificent design and the gleaming gold decoration further highlight the value of the owner of this villa.

“Miss, you are back.” The butler said happily.

“Li Bo.” Tanya An shouted in a waxy voice, “Hey, come in, come in.” Li Bo smiled.

Tanya An walked in and saw her father and Jennifer Lin talking and laughing.

“Tanya, you are back.” Jennifer Lin said with a smile.

“Come here quickly. Your sister’s fiancé is coming.” Stepmother Juliana He said with a smile.

Hearing what they said, Tanya An walked over the two of them directly to her father Conner Lin.

“Dad.” Tanya An shouted.

“Tanya, why are you so rude, wouldn’t you call your mother and sister?” Conner Lin said solemnly.

When Tanya An heard this, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Dad, I only have a dead mother, and my mother didn’t give birth to me a sister.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“You b*stard.” Conner Lin yelled.

Tanya An heard such words, not once or twice.

Juliana He, who was standing on the side, winked at Jennifer Lin, and Jennifer Lin understood in an instant.

“Dad, it doesn’t matter, mom and I won’t mind.” Jennifer Lin said gently and generously.

“Did Tanya see it? You must learn more from your sister in the future.” Conner Lin said, pointing to Jennifer Lin.

“Sir, the eldest lady’s boyfriend has already come.” The butler walked in quickly.

“Please come in soon.” Conner Lin quickly ordered.

Jennifer Lin walked to Juliana He’s side, and both of them looked at the visitor tacitly.

“Uncle and Auntie have been waiting for a long time.” A gentle voice came into the ears of several people in the living room.

Then a handsome man walked in.

His complexion is fair, his facial features are handsome, and he is handsome with a touch of gentleness! The temperament that he exudes is so complicated, like a mixture of various temperaments, but in those gentle and handsome, he has his own uniqueness. The ethereal and handsome!

Let any woman see it, she will be tempted.


When everyone heard the sound, they turned their heads and looked back. The cup in Tanya An’s hand fell to the ground at some point, and she was also looking at the man in front of her in shock.

Jennifer Lin looked at Tanya An and walked slowly to Paul Yan, holding Paul Yan’s arm affectionately.

“Tanya, this is my fiance.” Jennifer Lin introduced happily.

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